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Western Animation: Happily Ever After
Looks like Snow White got a tan and hair extension.
Happily Ever After was an unofficial sequel to Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, produced in 1988 and released in 1993 by Filmation. As the studio had actually gone under in 1989, the movie was also Filmation's last project. As with most Filmation productions, it featured low budget animation and a typical high fantasy/adventure setting, though to get away from the Disney setting, it took some serious plot detours.

The movie opens literally as the previous story ends with Snow White and The Prince are off to go get married after the death of the wicked Queen. Unfortunately, just as this is taking place, the Wicked Queen's brother Lord Maliss pays a visit at his sister's home and gets caught up on the state of events. Naturally, he vows revenge on Snow White. He kidnaps the Prince but loses Snow White. She ends up back at the house of the seven Dwarfs, who are actually absent for the film as instead their cousins, the seven elementally powered dwarfelles have moved in. This leads to one big girl posse chasing down Lord Maliss to rescue The Prince. Along the way, they are followed by a hooded individual named the Shadow Man.

As you might be able to tell from the plot summary, the film takes more than a few liberties with the fairy tale's setting.

The movie was critically panned upon its release due to its rather cliche story and the low quality of the animation. Despite bombing hard at the box office, the film did manage to develop a cult following on VHS.

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