Awesome / Happily Ever After

  • While a bit odd (not to mention unnecessary to the plot), Mother Nature had her moment to shine when she shot down Lord Maliss in his One-Winged Angel form with a bolt of lightning. That and basically telling him to get off her property.
    Mother Nature: Now be gone, before I get mad!
  • Throughout the entire film, Thunderella's been unable to control her powers. When she does finally get control of her lightning, it's just in time to throw a lightning bolt at Maliss, distracting him and giving Snow White an opportunity to petrify him with his own stone-transforming cloak! Sunburn sums this up later: " really came through!"
  • The dwarvelles Big Damn Heroes at the climax of the film. I loved how they just stormed right up to Maliss, then fought him physically, even pulling on the guys' hair, and bitting him! Very badass one and all.
  • The Shadow Man's attempted rescuing Snow White during the climax was really impressive to watch.
    • Actually, this film (cheesy as it is) really goes out of it's way to show Snow White's Prince is infact a badass.
    • Even Maliss kicking the Shadow Man's ass is pretty awesome. It proved he was a threat to be taken seriously.
  • Snow White has few Action Girl moments, but they're there. For example, her striking Maliss across the face after he pins her down.