Awesome / Happy Feet

  • The movie has multiple instances of hundreds of penguins dancing at once in rhythm. Sure, it's CGI so it's pretty easy to make for a halfway skilled animator, but it still looks and sounds awesome.
    • And then there's Mumble, the Adelies, and Ramon braving a windstorm.
    • And the scene where all the male penguins are tending to their eggs and braving the snowstorm. Also Truth in Television.
  • Back-flipping Emperor Penguins. Enough said.
  • Originally, Mumble would have lost his fluffy down when he was falling down the ice cliff to chase after the fishing boats. It was such a last-minute decision to keep him fluffy in the final cut that, thankfully, the storybooks for the first film still keep the original storyline. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  • Mumble swam from Antarctica to Florida without resting once. He nearly died of exhaustion, but he still made it.
  • Gloria calling out Noah when he rails on Mumble for leading the "aliens" to them, after having vehemently denied any such possibility up until now. Even his cohorts do a double take at this apparent crack in his convictions, a moment where Noah is almost at a loss for an excuse. And then the so-called aliens finally do appear, finally confirming everything Mumble's been telling them.