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No Song for the Wicked
Many villains, especially from musicals or Disney animation, have impressive songs in which they boast about how good it feels being evil, or that use to expose their Evil Plan.

But there are also villains that don't have a song. While The Hero and his or her companions have their own musical numbers, the villain doesn't sing a single note. This choice can be made for various reasons: to show that the villain is a Serious Business individual, to highlight his or her scary nature, or maybe because the villain has a bad voice. It could also have happened that the villain was originally meant to have a song, but for various reason it ended up being cut.

Remember: this trope applies when there's the lack of a Villain Song in a work in which such a song would be expected.

Could overlap with Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor, but not always. Evil Is Cool and Evil Is Hammy have less chance to apply to a villain who follows this trope.

Contrast Villain Song.


Film - Animated

Film - Live Action
  • Singin' in the Rain: Lina Lamont has no singing number, not counting the few lines of "Would You" she can be heard singing as Kathy overdubs her, since her voice is really awful. This is averted in the Screen-to-Stage Adaptation, which gives her a comic song, "What's Wrong With Me?"
  • In the movie version of Oliver!, Bill Sykes never sings, although other people sing about him. In the stage version, instead, he does.
  • In the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch doesn't get to sing. It's worth noting, however, that her counterpart in The Wiz does have a song.
    • And then there's Wicked, where the Witch gets buckets of songs and her antagonist the Wizard gets to sing as well.
    • Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote some new songs for the stage version of "The Wizard of Oz", including a song for the Witch called "Red Shoes Blues". The song is better than the title suggests and it basically opens the second act.
  • Inverted in Labyrinth — It was Jim Henson's idea to have a singing villain, and from there the filmmakers hired a performer who not only filled the role but also wrote all the songs. Jareth gets three on-screen musical numbers, and the only other characters who sing are a menacing Wacky Wayside Tribe.
  • Prudy, Penny's mother in Hairspray doesn't get to sing, although Alison Janney has a musical background.

Live Action TV
  • There are many fans of Buffy who see the appeal of both the Musical Episode "Once More With Feeling," and the villainous activities of the Trio of Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan. Such fans would, no doubt, have loved for the episode to have a Villain Song by the Trio. The writers surely could have come up with something good, and of course the actors were all guest stars who were probably completely available for an episode in that season. No doubt, though, it would have been too difficult, and involved sacrificing too much of the screen time used for other stuff, to rewrite the episode in such a way that it included the Trio. But the magical effect that caused everyone to burst into song was operating throughout Sunnydale, so of course there must have been some such song that happened off-screen, which was not recorded by the TV show—but that's exactly the kind of thing Fan Fiction is for...

  • In The Book of Mormon, the General doesn't get a Villain Song, and only gets to sing after he converts.
  • Finians Rainbow plays with this in an amusing way: Senator Rawkins doesn't sing and outright refuses to do so until his heart is magically lightened.
  • In Rose-Marie, the only singing parts for Emile and Hawley are buried in ensembles, usually quite short ones.
  • In Strike Up the Band, Sloane, "the villain of the play," has no song of his own.
  • While Show Boat doesn't really have a villain (not counting the character from the Show Within The Show, who is quite affable offstage), the most antagonistic characters in the first act, Parthy, Pete and Sheriff Vallon, don't sing at all.
  • In Tenderloin, though many lively musical numbers are put on by the "evil" Red Light District, the real villain, Lt. Schmidt, has a purely speaking part.

Western Animation
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has quite a few musical numbers, and while the majority of the songs are sung by Pinkie Pie, everyone else has gotten in on the action at least once — if not a solo number, then during a Crowd Song. However, neither Discord nor Trixie nor Nightmare Moon, three pretty hammy villains, has any song. King Sombra doesn't have one either (makes sense, since he barely says anything at all anyway). The Flim Flam Brothers do have songs in seasons 2 and 4 (although they're more antagonistic than evil), and Queen Chrysalis has her songnote  during the finale. And it is just awesome.
    • May not apply toDiscord as of S4 E11 with his song "A Little Glass of Water." He is considered to be "reformed" from his previous villain status at this point and never did sing while he was considered one. But he does remain rather morally ambiguous.
  • Squiddy from Team Umizoomi, other than the fake fanfare.

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