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    I remember reading this rather weird kids book way back in 2005/06. It's about this boy who apparently is very special and has to be returned to his long lost parents. Some weird creatures have to help him get back as there are a lot of 'forces' [I don't know exactly who] who are trying to kill him. Now this next part I remember really well : So there's this quiet old lady knitting something by a fish pool. You know she's evil when she silently stabs one of the fish with her needle. I really hope it's part of the same book. Oh, and at the end, the boy instantly recognizes his parents and runs so quickly towards them, his feet barely touch the ground. I, as a kid, had tried running in such a manner because of this. Reply

      Discreetly bumps

      The part with the fish lady doesn't fit, but everything else sounds like "The Forgotten Door" by Alexander Key.
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    So it was a book (possibly a series of short stories?) where there was a story about a time machine. The guy is coming back to see his machine (the machine needed to be repaired) but sees himself coming out the machine and panics and shoots him. He then jumps inside the machine and takes off. It is essentially a time loop. He reflects on his relationship with his dad and talks with the AI voice and they look through his memories. If he steps out he'll get shot by past him and die. Finally he accepts his fate and forgives his dad and steps out. It turns out he didn't die from the shot. It's sci-fi obv. Reply

      I FOUND IT! It's "How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe" by Charles Yu.
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    Pulled this from Magic Misfire:

    • There is a children's book once about a boy who found a magic book, and learned to juggle out of it and do magic. Eventually he is called upon to stop a dragon and save the kingdom, but he can't use any of the spells correctly. The first spell, to create a wall makes a giant paper fan. Against a Dragon. The second spell makes an army of Snowmen. Again, Fire-Breathing Dragon. The third spell Summons a massive, massive group of butterflies which tickle the dragon into submission. It Makes Sense in Context. What was the name of that story...?

    Anyone recognize it? I don't. Reply
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    I'm trying to remember a book I read in my youth, the title of which escapes me. All I remember is a scene in which one of the main characters is put through a grueling series of ethical and moral situations to determine if he is suitable to be king. One of the first is set up as follows:

    Two people are affixed to a scale, which is set up in such a way that if you save one, the other will be lowered into the ocean, drowning them before you can get the first to safety and then return. He manages to bypass the situation by using the scepter he carries as proof of kingship to jam the scales, allowing him to save both people. Reply
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    Does anyone remember this children's book (80s or 90s?) about these two little bears siblings (90% sure they were bears). Their parents went out for the evening and then the bear children got really scared because they thought there was a monster outside, and they couldn’t wake up their babysitter who kept sleeping on a comfy chair.Eventually, their parents came back and they found out the monster was just a kite that got stuck in a tree and then they all ate cookies. I'm pretty sure the big babysitter bear says "me three" when the parents ask who wants cookies. It s driving me absolutely insane trying to remember. Please ease my pain. Thank you. Reply

      It wouldn't have been one of the Berenstain Bears books, would it?

      Nope. Not Berenstain Bears. I had a bunch of those, but this one was a little square book I think. I am almost certain the cover was bordered in a light blue.

      Is it a Little Bear book, perhaps?

      its not Little Bear...

      Now it's driving me up the wall too. I clearly remember this book, but my brain keeps remembering it as a Berenstain Bears one. But it's not, and I have no clue what book it is.

      Are you dead certain it's not the Berenstain Bears In The Dark? I remember this book too, i know I've read it, and I could swear it's this.

      I am certain that it isn't the Berenstain Bears. I had tons of those, including the "In the Dark" one, and that isn't it.

      Does it even have the word "bear" in the title or no?

      Was it perhaps one of the Little Critter books, by Mercer Mayer?

      i don't know if "bear" is in the title. I really wish I did. I'm fairly certain it was not a Little Critter book. We had those too, but this was not that. This one feels like some off-brand type of book
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    I'm looking for a children's novel I remember reading a few times as a kid. It had two sisters who weren't twins but had the same birthday, then one year I assume for their birthday they both got a puppy. The older sister's puppy was energetic and playful and she called it Zac but the younger sister's puppy was quiet and shy so she called it Nobody or No one. One day something happens which might have been Nobody running away so the little sister goes out, finds nobody and is promptly attacked by a rabid Great Dane (the book called it an Alastian). Nobody goes completely beserk on the Great Dane, barking his little head off and then someone called William on a bike comes and saves them and in the end the sister names her dog William and he's much more lively after that. Anybody remember that book? Reply
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    Hi. Firstly I'm looking for a children's book that I read as a child. It is a chapter book that I would have gotten from a library, likely no earlier than 2006 or 2007.The title was "The Kazillionth Wish", or some other numerical word similar to "kazillionth". I think it was probably a made up number.

    It featured at least one kid, probably a brother-sister duo, considering how books tend to go, trying to find a new wife for their dad through the format of having made a wish for it to happen. If I recall correctly:

    At least part of the book took part in space (space-western-type space). The children were required to do some sort of legwork to make wish happen, since the involvement of interpersonal relationships made it into a very high-level wish (a kazillion wish).

    They visited some sort of bar or cafe or other establishment in space where one of the menu options was a "ladybug smoothie", with the spots of the ladybugs represented by chocolate chips.

    At some part during the book the text switched over to white on a black page to indicate how dark the area they were in was.


    Secondly, and not as seriously, I'm looking for what was probably a teen or young adult book. A boy had been transported into another world or dimension, and then later found himself stranded in a desert area.

    As part of his plans for survival the boy considers the fact that people in deserts can conserve water by drinking their own urine. He drops his pants, pulls a few poses, and concludes that it seems doable - provided he can get a steady stream going. Also it was an audiobook. Reply

      First book could be The kazillion wish by Nick place.

      That's exactly what it is. I have no idea how it didn't turn up on google for me before now. Super weird.

      Anyways though - thanks, man. It's been bugging me for a while.

      You're welcome.
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    I found this request on another site (which was not English language), and it was never answered, but it caught my attention and now I'm looking for this as well.

    This book was surely published before 2013-2014. It was most likely young adult novel; the author was compared to Hitchcock apparently? The story revolved around a teenage girl who was an only child. One day, when she was walking in the woods, she saw a wall (or maybe a mirror). Then she met a girl who looked just like her. Some time later, the girls switched places. One of them wanted to change clothes, and entered the other girl's house, because she was running away from something. In the end, it turned out that the main character had split personality (??) and the whole thing was just in her head.

    Already checked the pages for Twin Switch, Tomato in the Mirror, and Split Personality - I don't think anything there was fitting. Reply
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    There's a work where humanity is an experiment of a robot intelligence in the center of the galaxy, said intelligence one day decides to move humanity to other planets, where warlike civilizations emerge, and few people that weren't moved develop ability of interstellar travel without tools or machines or anything. There are also Christian robots who've taken the mantle of humanity to believe in God. The book ends with one of the believer robots having a faith crisis over aforementioned intelligence. I'm especially interested in author's name. Reply

      Could it be Isaac Asimov, "Reason"?
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    In fact I feel more certain I dreamed this first one than not, but hey, might as well give it a shot. I don't remember anything about this book'd plot except that, at the very end, the main characters had build some sort of platform/tree house living area high above the ground after running away from somewhere? I think the trees were exceptionally large, which made it possible. I can't remember if they were trying to escape something (maybe an evil AI supercomputer who wouldn't be able to harm them way out in the jungle/forest?) I THINK the main characters were a young boy and girl and they may have had an older male companion, and maybe it was the first part in a series... Not sure.

    The other book I know existed and that I read it, but I mostly just remember the cover... It was a scifi book, the cover was (i think) of a girl's face, and all black and green and matrixy. It kind of reminded me of the Uglies/Pretties series but it wasn't that. I think it had glitchy effects. I think it was about a teen girl and an older male, and i THINK the girl was like... the key to an uprising against the evil high tech overlord or (again?) supercomputer, and I THINK she was really, like, crabby with the main guy before warming up to him. Also she may die at the end/turn into binary code? Or maaaybe was a robot? Not sure. It was out when I was in middle school, but I have no idea if it was new, but it would have been made sometime before 2008.

    I think these are wayyyy too vague to get any for sure answers, but I appreciate it if anyone does have a guess :P Reply

      Shot in the dark on the second one, maybe Heir Apparent?

      No, it doesn't seem to be that one. I think it was literally just the girl's face on the cover. And half of it was glitchy computer error looking stuff. Thanks, though

      I know this was a while ago, but was the second one Hex by Rhiannon Lassiter? It looks like this: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51RVJME7Y0L.jpg

      And from what I remember it fits the plot you describe.
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    I don't remember much, but:

    A boy lives with his father, something happens (an altercation between the two, pretty sure father was abusive in some way...... I think he was a drunk?) and he accidentally kills his father when he pushed him and the father bashed his head on the mantle. He doesn't know what to do, doesn't tell anyone until he befriends a new neighbor girl. When he finally admits to her what he's done, (this part I'm hazy on) I'm fairly certain she convinces him to get rid of the body. Something happens something happens and the girl and her mother end up stealing everything of value from the boy and disappearing, and it's implied they've done this before, at hints on their 'acting abilities'.

    If I remember the book cover correctly (and I could be wrong on this), it was a photograph of a boy, dark hair and dark clothes, lying in the middle of a street, arms out to his sides, head turned to the side. Thanks for any help!! Reply

      Possibly something by F. E. Higgins?

      Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks.
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    I'm looking for a comedic book series (written with cartoon illustrations interspersed) about a teenage girl. Here are some really specific details I remember:

    - She had a best friend with short hair and big, round glasses - Her pet was a really ugly, sausage-shaped beagle - Her nemesis was a blonde popular girl who had a special technique of using "scent zones" in her hair; she could flip her hair a certain way to send certain scents at guys - In one book, she had a crush on a teacher - There was a plot line in there about a wedding in the family; the main character had to wear wooden clogs and an ugly brown dress for a bridesmaid's outfit because the bride thought clogs were in fashion - In one book, the nemesis's class project was to put up pictures of everyone alongside pictures of their pets, to test the hypothesis that owners usually look similar to their pets (this was a point of contention for obvious reasons)

    If anyone recognizes this, let me know! Reply
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    I read this book a few years back, and I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME OF IT, which is driving me crazy! I remember that the majority of the people in the book lived in this land which was pretty much medieval-style farming, slummish cities, etc. There was something called The Wall, which was guarded by laser-turrets and behind which lived a more technologically advanced group that generally kept to themselves, and they didn't let anyone near. The two main characters are (I think) a boy and a girl, one of whom lives in the medieval land, and the other lives in this place called The House, which has some tech, although they've mostly forgotten how to fix stuff. The one in the medieval land is being followed by things called Walkers, which are these radioactive robots sent by one of the faction leaders in The House. People in the medieval land remember the last time Walkers came - it wasn't pretty. The Walkers kill nearby plants and stuff if they stay in one place for too long. One of the main characters is crucial to getting a spaceship, held at The House, to work. There's something to do with a space station that will give the bad guys something like ultimate power, but they get sent off into space instead. I will be eternally grateful to someone who can tell me what this book is called :) Reply
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    Looking for a 2000s children book where an old lady or old man (don't remember) with big grey curly hair would paint multicolored flowers on her walls and outside her balcony. The flowers would then become real, so whatever she painted became real (I think). I don't remember if the book had words or if it was a picture book, but the colors were bright and beautiful through the book. Thanks! Reply

      Not sure, but it reminds me of part of the snow queen.
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    Okay, so when I was a kid, my dad used to get my books on tape from the library constantly. There's 1 book I listened to about 15+ years ago that I SWEAR is real but I have not heard about ot since despite constant googling. So the book is about this boy called either Jeb or Jed, but I'm pretty sure it was Jed. The book is a diary in the style of Go Ask Alice but it's not a true story and as the days go by Jed is revealed to be suicidal (my dad didn't realise this when he gave it to me and confiscated it shortly after I finished it) and the rest of the book is him documenting his suicide plan and getting things in order. He buys his sister, who is an Elvis fan and a bit of a free spirit, some apple seeds and blue suede shoes for her birthday a few days before he goes through with his plan. He kills himself by taking a large dose of sleeping pills and jumping off a bridge into running water. As it turns out, he survives and the last pages are narrated by his little sister. The most vivid memory I have is the last line being "Instead you picked a rotten apple, you didn't see the blossoms. Maybe someday you will." Is anyone thinks this sounds remotely similar, please let me know! I know this book exists but I can't find it!! Reply
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    My teacher read us this in middle school in 1996. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the cover or much else of the book, but I remember a baseball boy team, I cannot remember how old the boys were. I think they were just playing baseball, not at a stadium just on field. The new guy was being made fun of by the rest of the team, and one of the guys was helping the new guy out, trying to fit in, but he later made fun of him as well. I cannot remember why. I know this is very vague, but I cannot remember much else. Does this seem familiar to anyone? Thanks. Reply
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    Each fairy 'belongs' to a particular season and manifests powers related to it as they grow up. Naturally, the protagonist doesn't know what season she is until the end of the book, when she creates fire to scare away a snake and realizes she's a summer fairy. Reply

      The Rainbow Magic fairy books?

      No, the protagonist was fae or at least part-fae.

      oh my goodness you're thinking of the Stardust series by Linda Chapman!!! i love those books so so much they were my life :')

      That's it! Thanks.
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    This was a novel around the early '80s, I heard it during story time in primary school. There's this city full of magicians and this new arrival does magic tricks. The other magicians can't figure out how he does the tricks, and he doesn't understand what there is to figure out since unlike the others he is doing real magic. I think it was a Christian novel because I was at a Christian private school and I think the point of the story was to believe in miracles, not deceitful trickery. Reply

      Could it be The Man who was Magic, by Paul Gallico?

      Sorry to be late. I forgot to check back. That sounds very much like what I was looking for. Thank you.
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    I remember reading a story about a guy going to this facility with his girlfriend and getting turned into an anthro lion inflatable toy. He stripped down and spread around this cream on his body that caused the transformation, and the first thing that appeared was the nozzle. There was a focus on how his skin turned cream colored and seams started appearing. He was really afraid of getting deflated because they told him that if he deflated he would become a inanimate pool toy. I remember that they said he should stay out of pools because chlorine would make him want to be a pool toy forever. He fell asleep with his hand on his nozzle. I also remember that his girlfriend had some of the inflatable stuff rub off onto her and she became inflatable too, but not an animal, just herself. Eventually the guy got into the pool and became an inanimate toy, and the girl dropped a knife on her foot and deflated. At the end it said the girl was converted into a lioness pool toy to match the guy. Does anyone remember this story and where to find it, maybe the name or the artist? I can't find it for the life of me, and I really want to read it again. Reply
  • 6 Aug 2nd, 2012 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th May, 2017 06:13:33 PM
    Two stories I remember reading but can't find:

    1.!FOUND!I asked this before. A story I read with my grandma so it's 1999 or older. There's a boy and a girl sitting by a river and the girl starts singing the word Arroyo. The boy gets annoyed with her singing and calls her a wetback, triggering her Berserk Button. A lizard was also involved, can't remember if it was the boys pet or a wild lizard. May have been part of a story compilation.!FOUND! It's "Just Call Me Stupid" by Tom Birdseye!

    2.!FOUND!A scifi furry/anthro story I read in 2002 so its 2002 or older. No yiff, as I was a religious Safesearch user back then. There was a ferret who at one point was described as "boring" and he was crying his eyes out over his friends dying in a building of some sort and saying "My liege, I could have been them!" At one point he and this anthro dog got in a car and the dog consoled the ferret. Sometime later in the story, I remember a fight scene in an office with an Action Girl. Flamethrowers and Ridiculously Cute Critter may have been involved. At one point, I think the ferret guy complimented how cute the critters were. I remember the URL said something like "Neoterrestrials" or "Neoteddestrials" somewhere but that's all I have to work with. Anyone?!FOUND! It IS Neoterrestrials by mogwai toejam AKA Akktri. Reply

      I think the Arroyo one was being searched for in YKTS at one point. No idea if it was found, but you're not the only.

      I wish I could help you with the second, it sounds interesting.

      I MIGHT have found the 2nd one after Google searching. Sadly, it was hosted on a now dead Geocities page. It is indeed called Neoterrestrials and it is by Chris Wagner aka mogwai_toejam aka Akktri. I sent him private message on Furaffinity and emailed him as well. Now I have to wait for him to confirm or deny. I asked him to reupload the story but I read something about it maybe being a roleplay so what I was reading could be roleplay excerpts fashioned into a story. I'll have to wait and see.

      EDIT: Chris Wagner confirmed it, he did write the Neoterrestrials story. Sadly, it is dead now.

      Bump, still need to find out what the Arroyo story was.

      Bump, still need to find out that Arroyo story.

      Bump for Arroyo story.

      Finally found the Arroyo story via Reddit! It's called "Just Call Me Stupid" by Tom Birdseye!
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    Okay, so it's a book set in "The Land of Illusion, where the impossible is possible, the unreal is real, and upside-down and inside-out are downside-in and outside-up" which is ruled by a wizard named Mistry who wears a magical (blue) garment called the Cloak of Illusion. Then, he sets tasks to determine a successor because he's too old to rule, but says that everyone who fails gets put in a cold, invisible jail called the Cage of Illusion. And one day, this young wizard named Whispar (in a red suit) comes to do the tests (each test has a puzzle) and I remember some details.
    • In a garden, he has to "find all of Mistry's cats and knock on the door with a rat-a-tat-tat".
    • He gets one question wrong, but avoids getting jailed by answering a bunch of impossible questions like "Where does the water flow uphill?" and "Who has a slice of deepest night?"
    • He had to find out which musician was the tallest at one point.
    • There was a guy who was selling illusions and said, "Good morning, evening and afternoon!"
    • He has to find the "Umpteenth" floor of an apartment where there's a bossy black bunny.
    • He has to find the end of a set of stairs that go in a circle.
    • The ending always made me sad. It showed a flower aging and dying and said, "And now the years have passed. Whispar has become old and he too needs a successor. Will it be you?"
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    I remember my 5th grade class talking about good opening sentences. One of them was about this man on a small boat in handcuffs. The title was more than one word. I'll probably recognize it when I see it. Reply




      That's a little vague, do you remember anything else about it, length, plot details, age of the man etc..?

      Title was a phrase, about 4 words I think. I only know the opening sentence, which was very mysterious. I think the title had something to do with nature. It came out before 2011. I think it takes place in America




      Could it have been Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen?

      That looks like it's the right one. I thought one of the characters might have been American Indian before, but our class read so many books like that that I thought I could've gotten it mixed up. Thanks!
  • 2 May 10th, 2017 at 7:07AM
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    I read a book in middle school that was part of a series. In the story, the protagonist teenager kept glimpsing a supposedly abandoned station on the subway that was lit up and everything like it was still operational. No one else could see it, though. Eventually, he snuck down into the tunnels and found the station, where he was greeted by his missing father. Apparently, the weird station was a portal to another world - a world called Earth. I distinctly remember that the narrator was confused by a sign that said "us open" and his father explained that it was the U.S. Open, then they went to Earth, which, according to the narrator, is a weird name for a planet because it sounds like a burp noise. The cover was gray. Reply
  • 5 Apr 9th, 2017 at 10:10PM
    Lastest Reply: 11th May, 2017 07:20:50 PM
    Short story written by a male author, told from POV of the father. I believe there is an animated version in the works, last time I checked (about a year ago)?

    The family first starts to experience misfortune. A black cat shows up, which they take in. Their luck suddenly gets better, but the cat shows up with increasingly worse wounds every morning. Worried about the cat, the father takes the cat into the basement to heal for two days, during which the family suffers misfortune again. When they finally let it out, the father watches the cat to discover that it has been fighting some sort of shapeshifting demon at night and protecting the family. However, the cat is becoming increasingly injured, and there's no telling how long it will be able to continue the nightly battles.

    Any idea as to the title would be much appreciated! Reply

      The story makes me think of "General" from Cat's Eye

      Scratch that, it might be "The Price" by Neil Gaiman

      Seconding "The Price".

      (I've been following the progress of the animated version. The previews are looking pretty good, but it's proceeding slowly because it's basically a one-man operation.)

      Yep, it's the Neil Gaiman story. It was included in the M is for Magic story collection, probably a couple of others too.

      Yes, it's The Price! Thank you everyone!
  • 2 May 9th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 10th May, 2017 08:04:08 AM
    So this is a sci fi book I read when I was young but I cant remember it. The first story in the book was about a new threat where the federations ships started colliding with eactother due to enemy jammers. Old spaceships mothballed are brought into action instead. They go to the source of the enemys activities and find out that they live in cities that also are spaceships buried under the planets crust. When the fighting starts these cityships travel to earth to attack for some reason. The jammers are taken out and the cityships descend into earths atmosphere. Most are shoot down or melt during descent but the last one hovers over the federations hq and threatens to crash into it. It ends with the enemy surrendering after negoitiations.

    The book also contained shorter stories about haunted planets where a three headed dog can be seen in one of the accompaning pictures, two miners getting into a feud and attacking eachother with enormous mining machines or a club of bored rich guys setting up a club where they are paired up for a battle to death against eachother. The book contained alot of pictures and was bigger than a normal book.

    Sorry if this post is messy it was such a long time ago but it really hooked me (especially the pictures which showed the cool starships and other sci fi machines). Would be glad if someone know what book this is. Reply