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    (2/2) On the cover there was a distance picture of the female mc from behind I believe, the title had a lady's name in it I think that name begins with G,B,J,or E (it's not the Bell Jar), the color was tan off white for the outside of the book with Violet purple for the text on the back that possibly described her as being more cheerful or morose than Holden Caulfield only she was older. My library had it for sale but when I went recently it wasn't there. It's one of those books I'm not sure it was a memoir and I would instantly know if it was the book I'm looking for as soon as I see it. When I looked at the front it gave me a Catcher in the rye/Scott Fitzgerald feel kind of. The time frame it might've taken place is 1920-1970. Well a reviewer compared the main female character as Salinger's Holden and there might've been mention of jazz and drums on the back for something, either to describe a character and her likes, or the time period. Reply
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    A book of paintings, mostly (or entirely) of anthropomorphic (but not cartoony) animals. Probably mid-90s. The picture that sticks in my mind is a scene from the film M with the characters as cats. The killer has four mouse-tails sticking out of his pocket, forming an "M" to match the one chalked on his coat.

    Also, I think there was one of a lion and an elephant on a see-saw? Reply

      Sounds like Animalia by Graeme Base (I think that's his name)

      Not Animalia, because iirc Animalia has animals starting with the same letter on each page (and the lions in that book were all in a library).

      There's another Graeme Base book called The Eleventh Hour, which I distinctly recall featuring animals acting human-like. I'm not positive about any scenes like the one described, though.

      Sorry to have only negative info; the Eleventh Hour only had one cat., and it doesn't have any M homages.

      Damn... I just read about this one recently. Don't remember where, though.

      It doesn't seem to be Graeme Base, but he's a good example of the sort of "realistic anthro" art I'm talking about. (Alan Aldridge is another, but it's not him either.)

      Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry about the five year bump, but I just remembered about this.

      Just remembered about it again, and it occurred to me - I realise it's a bit of an ask after nearly five years, but Fuzzy Boots, do you remember anything else from the thing you read? Pretty much anything could help at this point, I think.

      Following some random searches of book catalogues, I've learned that someone called Stéphane Poulin had an art book called Bestiarie, and some of the pictures that are on the net look a bit like the kind of thing I remember, although nothing that makes me think "Yes! That was it!"

      So, two long-shot questions:

      1) Does anyone know if the book had pictures like the ones I describe?

      2) Does anyone know if the book was translated into English, because the one I saw wasn't in French?
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    I could have sworn I added it to Queer Romance but I don't appear to have had. I've forgotten the name. It's [x] and [x]. I remember it's about two women in a relationship during the 1800s where one is Disguised in Drag. Reply

      I think it may be called Patience and Sarah? Edit: That is almost certainly the book you're thinking of, and no, it's not on the Queer Romance page yet.
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    I remember reading this book that featured these teenagers finding an abandoned shack on the beach, and inside the shack was a door that would send you back in time. I'm pretty sure the 80s were involved- either as the time period the book was set in or the time the door sends you back to. I don't really remember the plot, but it featured a guy tying a girl to a post in the middle of the ocean with a slashed wrist , so that sharks would smell the blood and kill her. A girl survives this treatment after getting rescued by fishermen, and uses the door to get revenge. This is all revealed in an expositional monologue/through flashback chapters , though- the main characters didn't know about that backstory. Any ideas on what this book could be? Reply


      i remember reading a book with a door inside a cliff that sent these 3 kids back in time, Ulysses Moore and the Door to Time. it was a series, but i dont remember if those specific events occurred. hope I helped

      It sounds like one of the Point Horror range I read in the 90s. Quite possibly #22, Beach House (RL Stine).
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    I'm looking for a fanfiction of supernatural I read months ago and can't get out of my head. It all happens in sams pov while he is unconscious and dean is taking care of him. Tbh the only thing I remember is dean washing him and changing his boxers and giving him medicine. It was probably on livejournal or fanfiction.net but I'm not 100% sure. Please help Reply
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    I read a story in Russian once, I believe it was a translation. A man is playing a computer game, apparently a third person shooter with a cowboy protagonist. Some people who played it were found shot at their homes. Suddenly, the cowboy starts speaking to the player, criticizes his playing skills, and points a gun at him. I don't know the year, but I remember the game was stated to be enormous... took up eight whole diskettes. Reply
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    When I was about 5-6 in 2003 I was given a book catalog, probably the Scholastic one, and got in trouble for wanting this one book(could have been just for sounding like boy stuff), now I really want to know what it is. It was probably a picture book, but I honestly don't know. Maybe being for older kids is why my mom acted shocked and said no. So it was either picture book or kids chapter book. The cover showed colorful dinosaurs flying away into the sky, with kids waving to them or something. The book had something to do with some kids knowing secret dinosaurs, and trouble happening with them after some mean girl comes along and ruins it. Maybe that's pretty off, but all I know is vaguely remembering the summary being read to me. I'm very curious what this was, and hope it's not too vague. I have a strong feeling there is probably a lot of books this sounds just enough like to be suggested, and could be hard to find. Thanks. Reply

      Was it Dinotopia?

      "Dinosaur Cove" was a Scholastic series about two boys who knew a secret cove full of dinosaurs.

      Thanks, but I can tell for sure it wasn't the first one, and was highly unlikely the second one. I remember the cover had colorful(possibly pastel) dinosaurs flying away in the distance, with kids watching them. I think it looked less realistic and more cute than the Dinosaur Cove covers. Gosh I hope I'm remembering well enough. The picture was small, but I thought it was something with pretty and cute flying pastel things.

      I guess it wasn't Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs ?

      Thanks, but I am very sure it wasn't. I've known of that series for years. Whatever this was, I think it might have felt a bit older kid, but not much? Gosh I'm sorry that this is so hard for me to describe well. Knew it probably would be, since I already searched for quite a while before making this. I also read the page of dinosaur media, and am pretty sure it's probably not on there.
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    Four questions:

    1) A short book that was in my grade 2 classroom in 1998 (though could be older) about a boy who gets a microscope and is obsessed with it. I remember it has picture of what things like hair and skin look like under a microscope.

    2) A book of poems for children that I got in about 2000 (2001?). I remember it had a picture of a dark-skinned, dark-haired girl in a blue shirtdress on the cover, and she kept appearing throughout the book. All of the poems had something to do with nature or discovery. I remember one poem about apples and another about seeing rainbows in oil slicks.

    3) A middle-grade novel that I think I read in 2000. Again, could be older, since I took it out of the library. It's about a boy who starts fifth grade and has a notoriously tough teacher, and he's forced to do group projects with the smartest girl in the class and two "loser" types. I always thought the book was called "The Loser's Club" but when I search that, I never find the right book.

    4) A gigantic book of science experiments for kids. I remember that it was large both in size and volume, and the cover was a dark purple with a picture of a guy in a labcoat on it holding a lizard. There were lots of experiments divided into themes, illustrated with line drawings. I can't remember all the sections, but I know the first section dealt with simple reactions and involved things like folding paper to show how triangles are good for support and the trick where you put soap on your finger and put in a bowl of pepper.

    All four of these have been driving me bonkers for years. All help appreciated! Reply
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    Another one from me, I'm afraid.

    I read a book when I was younger- probably mid-late 90s. I'm not sure when it was published.

    There was a young boy who visited his grandfather, and whenever he visited, they talked about physics. They may or may not have travelled into experiments, but they definitely performed them. I think (but I may be getting mixed up) that one of the chapters involved the pair sitting on a train, and the boy wasn't sure whether it was the train he was on that was moving or the one at the next platform.

    The grandfather may or may not have actually been his uncle. I think his name began with an A.

    The paperback cover of the book had a very detailed illustration of the boy and his grandfather, and the title of the book was encased in a blue box (a very similar blue to the 'submit' box right here on TV Tropes)

    This is all I remember, I'm afraid. But I'd really like to read it with my son when he gets older if I can find it. Reply
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    I'm not talking about We Remember it For You Wholesale. It was this novel about a tv show host whose wife and daughter were murdered and he was bashed. When he returns to consciousness, he can't remember what happened to him. Reply

      "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said" ?? Both from PK Dick

      No. it's not by philip k dick. it's called total recall
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    Some kids started a religion worshipping a water Tower and then it started getting out of control, at one point they broke into the water Tower to babtize themselves? Reply
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    I don't remember much, but:

    A boy lives with his father, something happens (an altercation between the two, pretty sure father was abusive in some way...... I think he was a drunk?) and he accidentally kills his father when he pushed him and the father bashed his head on the mantle. He doesn't know what to do, doesn't tell anyone until he befriends a new neighbor girl. When he finally admits to her what he's done, (this part I'm hazy on) I'm fairly certain she convinces him to get rid of the body. Something happens something happens and the girl and her mother end up stealing everything of value from the boy and disappearing, and it's implied they've done this before, at hints on their 'acting abilities'.

    If I remember the book cover correctly (and I could be wrong on this), it was a photograph of a boy, dark hair and dark clothes, lying in the middle of a street, arms out to his sides, head turned to the side. Thanks for any help!! Reply

      Possibly something by F. E. Higgins?

      Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks.

      That's it! Thank you!!!
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    So I've looked on several Y/A dragon-themed book lists and can't seem to find this. > I think I remember reading it in middle or early high school, so it couldn't be written 2012 or after. > I remember that the dragon shapeshifts and the process of shapeshifting is described as disgusting and horrifying to watch. > The protag girl's home life is pretty bad and this contributes to her leaving. Her caretaker (uncle? dad?) gets drunk often. > I think I remember there being a black market for dragon organs? Reply

      The part about girl protag and organs made me think of Garden of The Purple Dragon (and their 2 accompanying books). I don't think shapeshifting plays a major role, though. It's been a while since I read that.

      I may have mistaken the shapeshifting thing from a different book, but this is definitely it. I wonder what book the shapeshifting dragon would be from then? It shapeshifts to human form in order to disguise itself, I thought. But yes, this is it!

      A bit more researching did reveal that one dragon named Kai does shapeshift in the second book. Not into a human though, into an object, in order to escape detection. The first book Dragonkeeper also feature dragon organs (meat or kidney I think) being turned into pickle
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    There's this Young Adult novel that came out pretty recently, that is, in the last eyar or so I think. It's about a girl who's got some weird disease which means that she can't be with people that much. There are drawings or diagrams or something to illustrate her condition too, I think. I don't remember too clearly, so feel free to mention books that don't fit this description absolutely perfectly. Reply
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    I remember a series with four books in it that had some kids travel through different dimensions/worlds. One book had a girl creating miniature people with four arms instead of two and she tries to help them but it doesn't turn out very well. There's a shortcut to avoid the long way around, but you need to be the setting's equivalent of a Christian to survive the shortcut due to it being through Heaven essentially. Reply
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    help me find it Reply
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    I remember reading this book as a child, but I don't remember what it's called. So, basically, a family decides to go on a picnic today. During lunch, the thunderstorm comes in. The dog is aware and tries to alert the family, but they just think he's just making useless noise. When they are ready to go on a picnic, they find out that their beloved canine has hidden and they search everywhere. When the dog has been found, the son finds out that it's raining. The family waits and then goes to the picnic happily.

    This may have been a guided reading book, which are pretty hard to find. Reply

      Where's Rufus?

      Thank you! That was exactly the book I was remembering.
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    Sometime around five years ago, I read a book that had fifteen different short stories intended for either kids or teenagers. However, I can't remember whether or not the book had Sci-Fi stories or Horror stories. I do remember that the book was hardcover though.

    There's only one story I really remember from the book and the reason for that is that it was really weird. The basic plot was that this girl and a boy in her neighborhood were having a competition as to who could leave something in the fridge for the longest time while it was expiring, which I believe was illegal in wherever they lived. She leaves a yogurt in her fridge for a month and then some Men In Black style people show up. I believe they may have been called the Expiration Police. Around the same time this weird monster shows up and the girl thinks that it was because of the expired yogurt, but I don't think that was the case.

    Sorry for the long-winded crazy summary. This story has been bothering me for a long time and it's driving me crazy trying to figure out what book it was in. Reply

      I don't really recognise this, but it sounds like something from a Goosebumps book.

      Thanks for your help, but it was a group of short stories, so I doubt it was a Goosebumps book. I also don't think it was from any of the other books R.L. Stine had written, because I think I've read almost all of them.

      I also remember there being a story about water that attacked kids after they went swimming in some water hole. The book also might have been older when I read it, as I got it from my school library that had lots of old books.
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    Can't recall the title. The Protagonist was (as I recall) the child of a romance author and wanted to follow in her mom's footsteps. The book alternated between her life at school (including entering her work into a school writing contest) and pieces of her work. She actually wins the writing contest, as everyone took her stuff for comedy rather than romance. A fact that she learns to deal with and enhances the cliche and parodic elements of her own work. In the bits of her writing that we see the heroes always have an eyepatch, the women as always swooning, purple prose abounds. In the main novel within a novel we are treated to the hero is a Native American whose name changes every chapter, starting with something like "Killed 2 bears" and ending with a bear body count over 200.

    The cover is one half stereotypical romance cover cheese and one half teenage girl imagining the cheese. Reply

      My Angelica?

      Thank you! Yes. That's the one. My Angelica.
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    I remember specfic details from this book

    • The girl entered a typewriting contest
    • The family was really poor
    • The oldest sister could turn into a jackal
    • There were two twins (the brothers of the kids)
    • The book opens with one of the boys falling out the window of a hotel
    • The villain has a manifesto which includes changing the way christmas trees are drawn (he want them drawn with the branches pointing up)
    • it has a Lemony Narrator

      The Fall of Fergal?

      thats the one, thank you!
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    Okay, so when I was around 11-12ish I was browsing the fantasy and sci-fi section at my old local library, the middle grade section of course (i.e. books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson), and I picked up a book that had a kid looking up at a gigantic statue of a superhero-esque person. The book cover was reddish and brown (though that detail is debatable), and I remember it was about this orphaned kid that the people who ran the orphanage didn't like because he read comic books rather than novels/novellas etc, but is one way or another whisked away to a magic city where people with powers and aliens and other species converge and meet, but the cities super secret so no one else can know about it.

    I don't remember any other details other than there was a council within the city, there was a quarter full of viking-like people, there was a power trio with the main character, and there was this evil virus-thingy that was the big bad. Reply

      The Accidental Hero from the Jack Blank series?

      @jormis29 Yes! Thank you, it's been bothering me for a while.
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    Yes, this is a children's' book, no matter what the title says. The female protagonist lives a normal life, albeit with an absent father. She then turns thirteen, and discovers she has psychic abilities. She meets a group of 4 or 5 others, who then reveal that this is the result of alien intervention, and hen each of the children turned thirteen, their blood turned silver. Yup. It's weird. I swear there was someone named Willow or something with a W who could breathe underwater and communicate with sea life, such as dolphins. There was also a boy with... powers of electricity? At the end, they were trying to do something with an old man and a tower.At the end, the girl finds an alien ship, and sees someone she thinks is her father. However, the man turns, and is in fact an alien who taker her to the ship. Throughout the book, she has abilities of astral projection, but only for a limited amount of time. In describing it, she says something along the lines of: "Flew through the forest, or more accurately, the forest flew through me," when describing her ability to dematerialize. The book was dark, and I believe there was an eye on the cover. I would swear the book was called Psychic, but I have found no trace of it. I read it about 5 years ago, and it's still killing me. Reply

      One of the Mindwarp books?

      I believe so... it turns out I did NOT read the first book... but still. Wow. That was fast. Thanks! :D
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    I'm trying to remember a book I read in my youth, the title of which escapes me. All I remember is a scene in which one of the main characters is put through a grueling series of ethical and moral situations to determine if he is suitable to be king. One of the first is set up as follows:

    Two people are affixed to a scale, which is set up in such a way that if you save one, the other will be lowered into the ocean, drowning them before you can get the first to safety and then return. He manages to bypass the situation by using the scepter he carries as proof of kingship to jam the scales, allowing him to save both people. Reply
  • 0 Aug 2nd, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Edit: Nevermind, found it. Reply