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    I saw part of a series of books at a yard sale. Each book was just named after on of the sins. They had simplistic covers that depicted the sin. I believe they were all by different authors. They each talked (I believe) about the sin and examples. They were not christian books, just show how the sin manifests today (I think). They were not YA novels, but that's all I get when I google for them. Reply
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    When I was young I used to read a book with my mom about a mad scientist lady. She ordered Frankenstein's Monster but it came disassembled. The rest of the book is her putting the monster together wrong. I don't remember if or how she figured out how to put it together. My mom remembers this but doesn't know the name. Reply
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    I remember reading a (Fairly short) book about a girl that could burp on command. I believe it had illustrations. The girl's older brother can burp on command, and the girl asks him how. He tells her and she starts burping really well. Her burps are super powerful and near the end she either knows down the plane of keeps it afloat (She is in the plane). When she first learns how to burp, she either burps her teddy bear or herself off her bed. Reply
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    I’m trying to remember the name of a children’s novel that my class read in the third grade (around the year 2000). I believe the cover had an illustration of a boy opening a treasure chest. The boy lived in an apartment building in a city. One of his neighbors made miniature artworks.

    I appreciate any help you can give! Reply
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    I’m thinking of a picture book that was probably published by the mid-2000s. It contained a similar cast of characters from page to page, but the setting would change drastically (like from a jungle to outer space to a desert in the Old West). The characters would have different adventures in each location. I believe one of the characters was named Professor Fuzzy Logic. The writing may have rhymed.

    Thank you! Reply
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    I recently remembered a scene from a book but have no idea what book it was. It would have been a novel for kids or teens that was published by the mid-2000s. In the scene I remember, a girl learns the phrase “pregnant with possibility” and says it to herself while she is near her bedroom window enjoying the night air. A neighbor boy hears her say it and asks what she’s talking about. She feels embarrassed.

    Thanks for any help you can give! Reply
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    I would have read this in the 90's but it quite possibly dates from much earlier! It was the thoughts of a man trapped in a time loop, conscious but with no control of his own actions. He played out the same day over and over again whilst being watched by an audience of aliens that he could barely make out around him. He seemed to be part of some kind of recording the aliens used to show what Earth life was like. He was trapped in a repeating hell and presumably so was everyone else he interacted with during that day. Reply
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    This was an illustrated children's book with a blue and orange color palette. A child sees everything in their room as a monster but a lion saves the day. Not The Night Lion but a similar premise. A pile of linen may have been mistaken for a blue giraffe. Reply

      Also, as with The Night Lion, the lion was a toy that came to life.

      Got it. Not surprisingly it's called "Lion". The blue giraffe is definitely from something else though.
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    I remember reading about a novel in a Dutch newspaper sometime between 2009 and 2015. I remember that it sounded interesting, but I never got around to reading it and now I can"t find it. What I remember is:

    • I think it was written in Dutch, but it might have been a translation.
    • It was about male astronauts, who end up having sex in space as a form of Situational Sexuality.
    • I seem to remember Dutch astronaut André Kuipers having had a hand in the book, but I can only find non-fiction books under his name.
    • A quote in the review involved comparing one astronaut swallowing sperm to being swallowed up by a black hole.
    • It was a serious novel, not erotica.
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    This is so frustrating because I remember the series that this is from, but I can't remember which specific entry it is...

    I believe it was one of the Rolie Polie Olie books, but it may have been an episode of the cartoon. Or maybe both.

    Anyway, all I really remember is that there was one part where Olie and his friends are travelling through space, and they have to escape from the North Wind, who is portrayed as a giant, ghostly space creature that tries to swallow them up.

    Does anyone know what this is from? Reply

      Bump. Any ideas?

      I think it's the book Snowie Rolie.
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    When I was a kid I read a book from the local library, and I haven’t been able to remember the name of the book for years and it’s really bugging me. So in the book, two warrens of rabbits? live in a Valley which gets flooded to make a reservoir? The ‘good’ warren prepared for it and built a boat, but the ‘bad’ warren just lay around, and ended up getting rescued by the good warren when the valley floods. The ‘grandmothers’ of the two warrens end up becoming friends. Two kids on the shore of the new reservoir see the little boat and I think they threw a stick at it, but they ended up getting shrunk and stuck on the boat. The boat ends up in a parallel world where the valley isn’t flooded, but the two kids are sad because they are stuck in a parallel world and can’t get home. I think they do manage to get home at the end. Reply


      I am literally 999999999 percent sure I'm DEAD WRONG here, but the only thing I can think of that involves a warren of rabbits having to move because of human construction is Watership Down, but I don't think it includes much of the stuff you're describing. Hope you do find it, and sorry if I wasn't any help!

      It’s not Watership Down, but thank you anyway.
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    I found this book around 7-8 years ago (and it's probably been around a couple years before that). I remember some specific pieces from it.

    The main character had been imprisoned and made to work in a diving bell (I assume mining underwater). In the diving bell is a guard meant to watch the prisoner so they don't escape. The main character overpowered the guard and they both came to some sort of agreement that the main character would teach the guard how to fight better and in exchange the guard would help the main character with his quota.

    The main character also got some favors/special treatment from the warden (or somebody) in exchange for giving him ideas that the warden gave to his superiors. One of the main character's inventions being the 8 shot revolver.

    There was a character in the prison named "Numbers" because he would always talk in numbers. The prison is supposed to not have any blind spots but Numbers had found one. It's mentioned he would hide there and jump out scaring guards while shouting specific numbers each time. The main character figured out that the numbers that Numbers shouted, when he did this, were steps on how to get to the hiding place (which the main character used to escape).

    After a while, the main character escaped the prison by making wings out of wax and feathers (like Icarus) and flew to freedom. Reply


      Short of finding it and reading it (which is now on the todo list), it seems like the right book. Did you just remember the name or did you search something?

      A book search for prison "call him numbers" got me the book with a paragraph talking about the prisoner and a word search for revolver and diving bell yielded results that fitted your description

      I think you’re looking for Airman, by Eion Colfer
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    So, it's a children's book, and this teddy bear falls from somewhere and lands on the letter "S". He likes it as he thinks "S" is for "special" but then these mean teddy bears point out that it also starts negative words such as "scruffy" and "stupid". Reply
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    So as the title suggests, I'm trying to remember the name of this book that's sort of like Goosebumps but not. I think it came out in the late 90s/early 2000s and from what I can remember, it's about the main kid going to Germany or Switzerland (some European country where it's cold, snowy and the house is near a forest) to visit relatives and I think it had something to do with a haunted grandfather clock and I feel like the title was "The Clock of Doom" or something to that effect but I could be wrong, it's been nearly 12 years since I read it. Reply

      goosebumps? coockoo clock of doom?

      No, it's not Goosebumps, I think I might have found it, it was actually called Clock of Doom under the heading of Usborne Spinechillers.
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    This is a Dr. Seuss story I'm trying to remember the name of. I never found it as a book but I know it from being the first half of a tape that also included the 1972 version of The Lorax. The plot involved a man being given a choice between being born as a human and living as a human or becoming a creature of fantasy, with the narrator walking him through the pros and cons of being a human being. In the end he chooses to be born as a human. Reply

      You're thinking of "The Hoober-Bloob Highway." It's an animated special from 1975.

      That's it. Thanks.
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    I'm trying to help my brother find something. He thinks it may have been one story in a larger book, possibly one that mixed prose and comics, or not. Here's his description: Man joins design team finding a brand for google-like corporation

    I remember it was in an anthology of the best American works of fiction or something similar. It may have been the best american nonrequired reading anthology. I read it in the last two years and I believe it was published in the last five, but am not positive about the latter. The story is somewhat dystopian - the corporation has become a huge player in world affairs.

    The main character is a young man who joins a design team creating a new brand and logo for a google-out-of-control like organization.

    During the story the man is afflicted by a mysterious cold-like sickness supposedly cause by plants on the property. He gets medicine from a semi-sinister doctor at the company, which helps him. They tell him that the sickness is due to allergies, but we never get the full explanation.

    The main character goes for a swim each day and sees a woman sitting by the pool that he lacks the courage to talk to. During his last swim, he looks up and she is no longer there. He wonders whether he imagined her entirely.

    The design team is led by a man who is somewhat obsessed with primality. He leads the team to break in to the headquarters of their rivals in the final act of the comic.

    The last scene is the main character looking at a bloody handprint after injuring himself during the break in. He decides that this will be the new logo of the corporation. Reply

      Any takers?



      Names? hair colours? Publishing company?

      Any small detail helps
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    When I was around five or so, I remember reading a book that was kind of like a North American Paddington, only it was about a porcupine instead of a bear. I don't remember a lot about it since it was so long ago, but I recall at least one scene where he climbs a pine tree and looks out over the island (I think it was an island). I also remember that sticks were his favorite food.

    Another book I read when I was slightly older was about a detective pig. It was a part of a series, and the book I read involved Robin Hood as a plot point - it was the first place I'd ever heard of quarterstaffs. When I tried to find it via google, I found a series called Freddy the Pig - if anyone has read the series, could you tell me if this is the one I'm thinking of? Reply
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    I borrowed it from an eBook library, but my loan expired and I forgot the title! From what I read, it was in the POV of Hel (Loki's daughter, corpse legs) from Norse Mythology. Pretty sure it was about the myth that Odin brought all of Loki's kids to Jotunheim. Anyway, it was in 1st person and I wanna find it again. Anyone know it? Reply

      Could it be Francesca Simon's The Monstrous Child?
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    As it says in the title, there was a group of orphan boys who escaped an Orphanage of Fear in Nevada shortly after WW 3 and found some dirt bikes. I remember they used a lot of Future Slang-for example, calling gasoline Gojuice. Typically for a kids series, they fell pretty close to Idealistic on the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism. Reply

      The Turbo Cowboys series?

      Yeah, that's the one.
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    My grandma used to own a bunch of reader’s digest condensed novels, and I remember this one thriller where the villain was a woman, possibly a psychiatrist, who would hypnotize people into swallowing their own tongue, and once they died, would pull their tongue out of their throat and back to normal so there was no obvious cause of death. It was so ridiculously bizarre I want to find it just to see what the rest of the book’s like. Reply

      Googled "thriller novel hypnotist patients swallow tongue" and found The Visitor by Lee Child, which is apparently the fourth in the Jack Reacher novel series.
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    What's the name of the book by Dean Koontz that has a couple of sisters drive home only to discover that everyone in town is missing? Reply
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    i cant for the life of me recall the name of this novel; buts its like this. 16-17 year old teenaged male is home alone watching tv and sees his parents on phillipiean television. finding this funky he looks around his home looking for other funky things all the while the family dog tries to distract him. when the kid finds some evidence he gets a call from one of his parents co-workers and he passes himself off as his father. long story short the kid is a descendant of a knight and his parents are part of a secret organization (men in black but for cryptids). Reply
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    so when I was like six I went to the library and found this awesome book with beautiful painting-esque illustrations. it was about a little fairy who somehow ended up with a coin that the 'queen' (official tooth fairy I think I dont really remember) had forgotten and therefore wouldnt be able to give to a child who lost their tooth. the only scene I really remember was that at one point the coin was stolen and put on the crown of a (evil? just mean? idk) mermaid queen and the little fairy had to bargain to get it back. it was old-timey painting style, like those old rosey cheeked santas and stuff from what I remember. I've been looking for this book since forever because after getting it at the library that once it vanished off the face of the earth. Reply
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    A series of adventure novels, probably aimed at... 12-15-year-olds?... about a group of kids who got the power to shapeshift into fantastical creatures. One girl became a "hellhound", which could spit fireballs; the token jock/bully of the group became some giant troll-like thing (subtle characterisation, right?).

    They got these powers from a humanoid eldritch/alien creature who acted as their mentor. I think he might have looked exactly like a Lovecraftian fish-man, or I could be making that part up.

    So yeah, basically a darker-and-edgier Power Rangers, in book form! In the '90s, or possibly very very early '00s.

    Literally all the proper nouns have flown out of my head. Anyone have any ideas? Reply

      Maybe see if you can't find anything from the tropes associated with Animorphs, since it shares a lot in common with the books you're looking for?

      Undrave: I never would have thought of that! Thank you for the idea :)

      I hope you find it because I'm curious about it now. It sounds cool.
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    This is a short story I read sometime between 2005 and 2011. I want to say it was assigned reading or in an English textbook, but I have no idea what sort of teacher would assign a story as "out there" as this to a bunch of kids.

    Body horror warning, I guess?

    In the story, a grade school boy finds there is a small burrowing insect under the skin of his arm. It's been there for a few days/ weeks, and it's traveling around in a a spiral, so there's a pattern on his skin "like a burn from a hot stove top." He's not allowed to have pets at home, so he comes to think of the insect as a sort of pet. His class goes on a field trip (to either a museum or a botanic garden) and he meets a girl from another school. They have a conversation about growing up and emotions - the girl has a teenage sibling who doesn't have a handle on their emotions, and the sibling sometimes get so bitter and angry they can't say anything nice or see the beauty in the world around them. The boy sees this as a reflection of his own difficulties in growing up. Then he takes a pen and digs the insect out of his arm, leaving it in a nasty bloody mess on the carpet before rejoining his school group.

    Any idea what the hell it is I read? Reply


      This sounds really familiar, but I couldn't find it either, sorry.

      ^ Good to know I'm (probably) not alone in my recollection of this weird story. Let me know if you remember anything.

      It sounds like a Paul Jennings book tbh, he writes twisted things that for some reason adults allow teenagers to read

      One year bump.

      Sounds kind of like a botfly (i think), but I'm not familiar with the story itself? Maybe you could try googling "Botfly Short Stories" or something?