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    So i have really brief memories of a music video that aired on VH-1. It was Video game styled and it was about a big yellow bird with no arms and purple legs, who went through levels rescuing portraits of various celebrities and there was a giant spider boss, who when defeated turned good and became rainbow colored and then they went to the beach together. Reply
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    I remember hearing some time ago a cover of some song. Sadly I don't know the original song's title, but I recognized the melody. It was sung by a chorus of kids and the lyrics were "Kids are special" over and over for most of the song. Reply
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    I need some help with the music at 19:00 on this video https://youtu.be/2AWGXx8H79g?t=19m Is probably from a PS 1 game according to the channel Reply


      The music when he aims the gun, or the music after he jumps down? The latter sounds like carnival music.

      The music when he aims the gun

      Don't know, wish I could help.
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    TV Tropes please delete *, I want to create a new thread. Reply

      Thanks for your help guys. As if no one ever watched TAC ads before.

      In case you're a newcomer to this forum, I will note that it is not uncommon for a query to sit around for a few days before it's seen by someone who knows the answer. Complaining about slow service when your query has only been up a few hours just makes you look rude and entitled.

      I will also note that, regardless of how long your query has been up, snide comments about how unhelpful you think the community is being are unlikely to motivate the community to be more helpful.


      Maybe I should ask on Yahoo. Only if IMDB still had their message boards. I know someone here must know at least one.

      You could also try asking on Reddit, there's a sub for these sorts of questions and the solve rate is pretty good: https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmytongue/

      I wouldn't say anyone's "entitled" to be assisted though. The people who browse this board and reply to queries are doing it in their spare time out of kindness and curiosity and do not have any obligation to help anyone. I've had queries that didn't get any replies, that's just how it goes sometimes, and plenty of people have to bump for days or weeks before getting the answer they need. Please be a little more patient, though it is a good idea to post your question elsewhere to increase the likelihood someone will help you.

      I just asked on Reedit, thank you for the suggestion, only valuable reply I have received.

      I can make out some, but some are unidentified.

      Someone from Reedit responded with an answer. I will add that to my list.

      You can at least recommend places I can ask if you are not going to be helpful.



      Maybe the reason no one's helping is because you're acting like a spoiled child? I'm not sure why you expect people to take the time out of their day to help you after you repeatedly insult them.

      Some here who have asked queries have been very rude, yet they receive many respectful answers. What makes me any different? Perhaps I am not the one who is being spoiled and childish.

      Bump! Thanks guys, I knew I could count on you.

      Yeah no, you are being very passive-aggressive, snotty and rude. You asked a very obscure question. Not every question here gets answered right away. My last query took weeks to answer. Try again and ask more nicely and more users will want to help you.

      Look, I am sorry. I truly am. I was rude and childish, but my queries have been answered here before and within merely a few hours. I created a new thread on this, because I think this thread should be closed. If you still do not want to help, then fine, but I will figure them all out somehow. I understand that not everyone may know the answer, but only one person responded on Reedit (as someone here suggested) and no one replied on Yahoo Questions, I even asked in the comment section for the You-Tube video, nothing, that seems a bit suspicious to me. Now, please, help. My new thread on this has all the ads that I saw, but some are still missing from the video.
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    I saw a music video circa 2003. It was on a compilation VHS of European music videos. The blonde female singer kept screaming something along the lines of "C'est Le Rock!" while a group of teenagers tore through a brick wall with their bare hands. And no, it is most definitely not the Ebonys song with that title. Or the Plastic Bertrand one. Does anyone know what this song was called, or who was singing it? "C'est Le Rock" may or may not be the title, but if I knew the name of the artist, I would probably be able to find the song. There are an awful lot of songs with names similar to that phrase. Reply

      It might have had something to do with the Eurovision Song Contest, but I can't remember anything else.

      The tape may have been bootleg or stolen. It was in an unlabelled white cardboard sleeve, and I think the tape itself had a hand-written label. I did not own it, otherwise I would just watch it again, because each music video was accompanied by the name of the song and the artist. I am also no longer in contact with the owner.

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    So I got some notes from a song stuck in my head but I can't remember where they are from. It's possible I just dreamed it but I doubt it because it sounds really familiar. Here is a link to me "singing" it: http://tindeck.com/listen/oiqai Reply


      Can anyone confirm the download works?

      It works fine. I vaguely recall the song, but I might be incorrect and don't know what it is called.



      bump. It might be from a video game instead of "real" music

      bump someone must know



      I couldn't listen to the song, I clicked on 'Download' and it downloaded as an HTML page. I could have been doing something wrong.

      works fine for me weird


      It's super hard to give an idea, as the tune is just one repeating note followed by another repeating note - it could be anything...

      If it helps at all I think the original notes were on a guitar.

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    Can someone tell me where the guitar riff sampled in this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmut3whTFXs comes from? I know I've heard it before but can't place it. Reply

      starts at the 1:31 mark. its is reminding me of some part of Pink Floyd's Division Bell but i can't place it. Also contrast of the guitar to the music is reminding me of one of those groups like Enigma. but i'm kinda wondering if this guy just did it himself. but i agree, there should be something somewhere which sounds just like it.

      enigma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmut3whTFXs at the 2:44 mark is one i was thinking of.

      edit: ugh... there are one or two tangerine dream albums i'll check which i don't have access to at the moment.


      Almost sounds like the theme to Deal or No Deal to me.

      long time bump

      Edit: Sorry, nothing

      I've heard that somewhere too. Can't place it. Closest I can get is perhaps a looped segment from the beginning of this, re-recorded on another instrument. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vST6hVRj2A

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    So this song came to me in a dream and I can't figure out if it's a real song or just something my mind made up. It feels real to me.

    I suspect it's a pretty old song, maybe 40s or 50s or earlier. The singer in the song is a woman lamenting the fact that she can't marry another woman - like, all her best friends are women, she does everything with women, but she regrets that she can't do this ONE THING with them. The line I remember is "but you can't give a woman your hand" or something like that. It's the kind of refrain that would have been meant as just a sad lament, but would later be appropriated as anti-gay rhetoric by somebody or other. Does any song out there fit the description? Reply
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    I heard a song on the radio years ago, during an NPR folk song program. I think it was about old people in a nursing home asking a fiddle player to play for them because they are sad. Does anyone know the title? Reply

      The refrain/chorus has a line something like 'Play us a tune/So we can forget'

      Oh hell, I know what song, but I can't remember it. If you ask round at http://mudcat.org/, they'd know for sure.

      I asked there six days ago, and have yet to receive a response of any kind. Is that normal?

      Now it's been 9 days. Does anyone here know the title of this song?

      It has now been three weeks. Does anyone here know this song?

      Piano man - Billy Joel?

      Definitely not. I know every word of that song, and they aren't the same.

      Is it Bruce Molsky Is Not Fiddling Around- Mother Jones

      Nevermind, but u found a NPR link with 100 listed songs that played


      I don't think it was any of those. The lyrics might have contained the phrase 'play 'Tom Dooley', though.

      Still nothing. Anyone?
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    This is kind of an odd one but: can anyone tell me what the sample at the beginning of this song is saying and what language? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhTHryBdcSo Reply


      No idea what it says, but it definitely sounds like Chinese.

      Good day, I guess it's Hokkien (not sure, I guess she is asking questions). Maybe there are chinese people in Yahoo answers!

      Bump. I know it's NOT Japanese as I asked somebody who speaks it and he said maybe it's Mandarin

      I am 99% sure it's Mandarin, but I can't tell you what it says. I have no idea where Hokkien came from. Maybe ask a Chinese language forum?

      It does sound Mandarin, but aside from a few words/phrases, I couldn't understand what was being said. Probably due to the accent and weird style of speaking.
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    Just a quick one, I am inquiring about the song that plays at the very end of this video. Given the name of the channel, the topic of the video and just the sound of it, I'm one-hundred percent certain it's a Nine Inch Nails song. It starts at 3:51. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjFGXnKG3Rs Reply

      'Jack's Smirking Revenge' by The Dust Brothers from the Fight Club soundtrack; both they and Nine Inch Nails have David Fincher in common. What initially threw me is that the phrase in the video doesn't appear until about 2:25 in on the track.

      many thanks, I'm just surprised. Everything pointed at it being NIN... whatever, and thanks again.
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    An alternative synth pop song. I'm not sure about the period but could be any time from 90s-2000s. The chorus contains the words 'The Machines' or 'We're Machines' sung by a male singer. The chorus has notes played on something like tubular bells, but a duller sound intended to evoke hammers on to metal. Reply

      Could it be How Much is the Fish? by Scooter? It's sung by a male singer, it's a 90's techno track, and there is a melody repeated throughout the song that sounds like it is played using some kind of bell. The "machines" part, however, is only in the second verse of the song ("We're breaking the rules/Ignore the machine").

      I'm afraid that's not it. The one I'm thinking of had a slower tempo and was more pared down old style synth pop rather than techno. I also remember the vocal was in a kind of monotone. Thanks for the suggestion though Gitaroo Hero, much appreciated.

      Sounds like a song by "Die Krupps", of course I don't the title right now. Most of their songs are in German, but they have a few translated into English.

      Edit: Found the song - try "Machineries of joy", the lyrics are part German, part English

      Sorry Bernd, that's not it either. IIRC it wasn't quite as 'heavy'. Thanks for letting me know about 'Die Krupps' though - I hadn't heard of them before, I'll check some of their other stuff out.

      Probably not it but Kraftwerk- The Man Machine?

      Not that either I'm afraid. Thanks though Bootlebat.

      A long shot; The Robots, maybe?

      Welcome To The Machine?

      "Machines" by Lothar & the Hand People?

      Lothar and the Hand People - that's it! 60s psychedelia - I was way off with the time period. Thank you so much Bananaquit, I haven't been able to get the tune out of my head for days. Thanks to everyone else for your suggestions.

      Well, having a head full of useless information does come in handy sometimes.
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    I saw this music video a while back, on Much Music I believe, but cannot remember what the song or band was. The video featured the band in a large, outdoor plant sort of area, with raised passageways (though I may be wrong, I remember one of the final shots of the video was them either ascending or descending stairs, either that or walking away from the area). It was at night, and I don't remember the band playing any instruments. It also went into slow-motion often, or perhaps the whole video was. The most memorable feature though was that either fire or lightning was coming out of the structure, either that or something else bright, perhaps several lights. I remember the brightness being distorted or "stretched out", sort of like when you squint and look at a light. I want to say it was lens flaring, but I don't think it is. Though I doubt this will help, the cover for Propellerheads "Decksandrumsandrockandroll" reminds me of it. The song itself I remember being electronic in someway, though it could've been anything, and being that I only ever watch Much's "Throwback Thursday", I'm willing to bet it was from the 80's or 90's. Also, a quick clarification, I know several of the clues hint towards The Vines Get Free, but it definitely isn't that. Reply
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    I'm looking for a band they released an album that's kinda soft metal? I don't know how describe it, very depressing emo style music though, released in the 2000s guy singing, the album cover had red seats that were all stuck together, like what you'd find in a bowling alley or train station or something. They weren't very popular at all, I know this is all probably in helpful but of you could just name some bands that this fits, I'd appreciate it, thank you. Reply
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    Can someone tell me what the sample starting at 2:04 is saying and what language (I think it's Spanish but can't make out any words) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id4splHS8vM Reply
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    From a Let's Play of an old Fisher Price computer game, the background music triggers my memory. I can't connect it with any specific lyrics, but more like the rhythm of how lyrics that go with the song would go. It just feels like a song that I've heard before. Reply
  • 4 May 2nd, 2017 at 3:03AM
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    Need help identifying this song/music used a lot in Game Theory videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_ZiyhR1DfI&feature=youtu.be&t=298 Reply
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    I recognize the tune but can't think of the title or the words. Thank you!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBNMjY8u5dw Reply
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    This may be hard to due a complete lack of lyrics, but I've had this song stuck in my head for the past couple days and it's driving me insane. It's just this one part that won't go away, if I were to spell it out it would be something like "doo doo duh-doo doooo (this one lasts for about four seconds), doo doo duh-duh dooo". As for the artist, I believe it's one of the following; The Police, Tears for Fears, A-ha, U2, A Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Psychedelic Furs, Billy Idol, Supertramp or Styx, that last one especially, though it could be none of them, they're just suggestions. However, it might also be an alt rock/grunge song, but I doubt that. I believe it's from the eighties or nineties, has a somewhat uptempo vibe, and was fairly popular. I remember the lyrics were something like "take me/ taking/taken away" or just "something away" or "something to me". And finally, the part in question sounds somewhat similar to the part from KMFDM's Looking for Strange that starts at 0:56. Reply

      The first thing I thought of when I heard that was "Mr. Roboto" by Styx. Maybe try that? I'm thinking it might be the part that goes "somewhere to hide".

      no, wasn't that one. I'll keep searching though, I have this strange feeling it's a song I listen to often.

      Take On Me by A-ha?

      no, definitely not that one.

      It's probably not this, but wild guess: "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin?

      no. it wasn't that either.

      Actually, after analyzing it more, I think it was Mr. Roboto. Thank you for your help, and sorry for not being able to recognize it at first.

      could it have been The Police 'De do do do'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v2GDbEmjGE

      "Same Old Madness" by Ministry?

      No, it wasn't either of those, and I am certain that it's Mr. Roboto. Again, thank you all for your help.

      The first thing that popped into my head was Toto-Africa....but you probably don't need to know that now.
  • 9 May 5th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 30th May, 2017 04:44:13 PM
    Heard a song while in Home Depot the other day, it was playing on some sort of classic rock/adult contemporary station. I couldn't make out full lines, but I think it was about the world changing and trying to become a better person. A line would be sung by an English (or possibly some other British accent) man (who sounded exactly like Neil Tennant, but I couldn't find any Pet Shop Boys song that sounded like this), then another line would be song by a chanting crowd, and it kept going on like that. There were breaks between the verses, but it didn't sound like there was any sort of chorus. It wasn't very upbeat/uptempo, but it wasn't super slow either. Kind of had the melody of the verses to the song Rasputin by Boney M, not exactly but similar and the same sort of speed? This is super vague, sorry, but I need to figure this out. Reply
  • 0 May 15th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    It was a fast-paced metal song featured in the arcade game MTV Drumscape, but as that game doesn't seem to have its tracklist documented anywhere on the internet, I figured I'd come here. I remember a few things. The first is that instrumentally, it sounded a lot like the heavier System of a Down songs. I remember there were male and female vocals. The female ones were mostly clean, and made up the bridges, and the male was more like a scream/growl, and sang the chorus, which was somewhat repetitive. It was a short song, only about two and a half minutes, though it might have been shortened for the game. I listened to several Lacuna Coil songs thinking it was them, and it might still be, but I wasn't able to find one from them that sounded like it. Reply
  • 1 May 12th, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th May, 2017 04:16:30 AM
    I heard this in kindergarten or first grade several times, and I only remember the lyrics being "One-two-three-four-five....seventeen-eighteen-nineteen-twenty! Let's go!", and the rest is either incomprehensible or I could not remember it. Reply

      The first thing that comes to mind is the legendary Mambo no. 5 by Lou Bega. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK_LN3XEcnw The counting fits, but the second line is "everybody in the car, so come on let's ride". Though to a kindergarten brain that might sound similar.
  • 5 May 11th, 2017 at 6:06PM
    Lastest Reply: 13th May, 2017 01:14:48 PM
    There is this popular indie rock (possibly pop) song that I hear a lot today that ends with "Woo hoo (Woo hoo) Woo hoo (Woo hoo) Woo hoo (woo hoo)". Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Reply

      Can you be more specific please? That could be a lot of songs. What is the tempo/what does the singer sound like/roughly what year did it come out?

      My first guess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR6qvkDDBCg

      The year is pretty recent like at the very most 3 years old would be my guess. The "Woo Hoo" part near the end is acapella. It's NOT the Kill Bill song or the Blur song.

      Okay, is it one singer or are there backing vocals? Is the singer's voice high or low? Does it sound male or female? How fast is the song? How long does this section last for? Do you remember anything else about the song?

      You are going to need to answer all of the above questions before we can help you, there are probably thousands of songs that have "woo hoo" in them.

      FINALLY FOUND IT! Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJtK14ffgEM

  • 15 Feb 18th, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 12th May, 2017 12:31:53 AM
    I'm looking for a song that may be from the 80s or just had a retro kind of sound. I can't make out the lyrics but the chorus had a repeated phrase that sounded kind of like "hold it on the line" or "holding on tonight" or something like that (I could be way off but it definitely had five syllables). This was followed by a catchy synth line and also vocals like "oh-ohh ohh ohh". The singer was male but it was sung in a falsetto. Before anyone says it, it was definitely NOT "Hold the Line" by Toto. Reply

      A bit of a stretch, but Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money?

      Also a stretch, but what about "Your Love" by the Outfield?

      Peter Gabriel San Jacinto?

      It was none of those, sorry. The Peter Gabriel one was way off. The Eddie Money song was closer but it had more of a pop sound than rock (I don't think there was any guitar, just keyboard) and I think it was in a minor key.

      I just realized that the singer's voice sounded a lot like The Weeknd so it may be a song by him. I think it's more likely to be contemporary than really from the 80s.

      Any ideas?

      "Tired Of Towing The Line" by Rocky Burnette?

      No. The tempo is too fast and it was synthpop. It did not have horns.

      might be Jack& Eliza hold the line? maybe? idk kinda sounds like what youre describing

      No. This song was synth-heavy and sung by one vocalist. It also had drums, or at least a drum machine.

      Probably a long stretch, but could it be Died In Your Arms Tonight by The Cutting Crew?

      Does the part right after the "oh-ohh" part say "I know this much is true"? That song is called "True" but I don't remember who sang it.

      Could the five syllables be "Love is In the Air"?

      I'm gonna guess it's "Holding on for Life" by Broken Bells.

      YES. Thank you! It was the song by Broken Bells. I have had that synth riff stuck in my head for literally months. I'm so glad I finally found it.
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    What was this show where there were musicians in a house and this blonde girl played the cello/violin I think and I think they owned a camper van. Reply