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    Anyone know what song this is? I'm pretty certain it's a Hollywood Undead song but I don't have the patience to go through their discography.

    A few months ago I heard a song on Youtube and was surprised it was by Hollywood Undead (if I'm remembering right). It was a lot tamer than their usual fare. I can't remember much else though. I thin it was from one of their newer albums. Reply

      Is it I'll Be There?

      No. It was more slow and acoustic-ish. Maybe it wasn't HU then.
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    By a female pop/rock singer, probably solo. The album it's from is red (or a similar colour), with her picture on it. The song is about being yourself/empowerment, and includes a line(s) about hands being tied. Reply

      I think this may be the song Nuclear Seasons by Charli XCX, a British pop singer. The intro has a line that I think is really "yeah let's die together" but I hear it as "hands tied together". The album it's on is True Romance and the cover is a picture of her with red lighting.

      If it's not that one, there is also a song of hers on the same album called Grins which samples the vocal intro from the first song.

      Fiona Apple, one of her earlier albums? I forget the name, but should be really easy to find.
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    I was watching MTV Classic a few days ago when a song came up from cica 1999-2003. It seemed like a Misattributed Song to me and I was going to example it, but I shoved it into the back of my head and can't remember the song. Reply
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    These should be easy to find but I can't find them. I remember watching the animations circa 2011-2013.

    The first one has Miku (?) is an asylum. I think she wore a straightjacket. The second involves a scary circus, Reply

      Don't know the first one but the second one might be Dark Woods Circus.

      The other might be Wide Knowledge of Late Madness.
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    Alright, so I feel very, very dumb for not being able to place what song this is from. But at the same time, I have a feeling this will be hard to find from what I can describe, even if it is a giant hit classic. I just know there is some song I've heard a lot, probably a famous one, most likely '70s or '80s pop or rock that has a big breakdown with drums. I think it sounds a lot different than most of the song. There is also a saxophone or horn that starts not long after the big breakdown/solo thing. This is just driving me crazy, and might sound like a lot of songs. I should know it when I see the title, hopefully. Thanks. Reply
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    I need some help with the music at 19:00 on this video https://youtu.be/2AWGXx8H79g?t=19m Is probably from a PS 1 game according to the channel Reply


      The music when he aims the gun, or the music after he jumps down? The latter sounds like carnival music.

      The music when he aims the gun

      Don't know, wish I could help.


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    Saw this song a bit ago without subtitle, and the title is in Japanese so I can only go with my interpretation of the vid, sorry.

    The MV depicts Miku and several other Vocaloids adventuring together in a ruins or some sort collecting emblems (symbols?). I remember there are several emblems with different colors, and Kaito gets a blue one, Gumi gets gold (yellow?) others each get one, and I don't remember exactly who gets what color, but there is also yellow, gold, green, and orange, and at the end, only Miku didn't get the emblem. The end of the video has Miku crying, and all the other Vocaloids smile at her.

    Ideas? Reply
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    So, I remember hearing this song in the opening of a movie once. Unfortunately, I forgot what movie it was, and all I remember about the song is that it was really fast and started with a line that sounded like "am I wasting my time". Anyone know what I'm talking about? Reply
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    So I've been watching Mark Cousins' documentary Story of Film: An Odyssey, and there's a particular piece that plays at the end of the first episode (1895-1918) that I'd love to know the name of/where it's from. It sounds a little like something from a later Sergio Leone film, or some sort of Epic. I don't have access to apps like Shazam or Soundhound - else I would do it myself - and I can't find anything from googling. Therefore any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Reply
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    I was in Spencer's (that store that's like Hot Topic but with more of a focus on gag gifts and sexual items) today and I heard this amazing song, but sadly I have no idea how to find it. It was electronic sounding, and the most distinct thing I remember was a repeated phrase in another language by a female, I think it was Japanese but I may be wrong. There weren't any other lyrics aside from said phrase, and I'm sure it was a sample rather than actual lyrics. I remember it continuing while the instrumentation faded. It was kind of mid-tempo, it wasn't loud and fast like rave or drum and bass, but it wasn't really ambient either. I want to describe it as "pop". The voice was very soft and soothing. I really hate not posting any lyrics, but I didn't understand any of it, and even if I did, I'd have no idea what to write. Reply
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    I remember hearing some song on the radio after the wreck it ralph song when I was in the back of a car. I think the station was either radio disney, or kids place live. I don't know who it was, but I think the main lyric was: "good ideas" followed by "saw/do ____" something like that. It was fairly slow, and I'm not sure what genre it was, but it sounded like a mix of pop, and a chill trap song or something. Does anybody know what it was? Reply

      "A Good Idea" by Sugar?
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    Can anyone identify this song? (circa 2003)

    http://tindeck.com/listen/idsym Reply

      I couldn't get the song to play from my iPad.

      I couldn't get the song to play from my iPad.

      It works for me but I tried it on my computer.

      posted a better clip

      Sounds familiar, but I can't place it. I tried soundhound on my phone, no luck



      No luck for Shazam either. Must be a live performance.

      Not live was on the radio





      You don't have to bump it every day. Maybe every other week, sure, or whenever it falls off the page, but once a day, or once every other day, dumping is quite excessive.

      ok to bump now?



      Someone must know!

      It sounds like a Dj Mix from a House Show. Doesn't really feel like an actual song, just a bridge.

      It was a whole song I heard on the radio. The clip isn't the whole song just the most important part



      New Years bump

      One more bump then leaving it for now.


      tried this with an app called Music ID. The early part of the tune triggers nothing. The latter part finds 5 or 6 different songs depending on where you start the listening. anyways, here is the closest thing it found to your soundbite.



      Bump with fresh upload since the old file expired




      Long time bump with fresh link.
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    Hi all! So this particular scene has been in my head for years and it's driving me crazy not knowing. It is either a movie or tv show for children and it's live action. All I can remember is the opening scene which is as follows: basically it's a group of children that are all in a playground and I remember the camera panning to them with a name and the child somewhat posing (but not really—nothing like the Full House intro) but it's got like them going down a slide and climbing on things and swinging and running? I don't even know anymore. I vaguely remember the children working together/interacting as far as the content of the tv show or movie but does anyone have he slightest inkling as to what this may be? I can also remember the way the picture looked so it has to be at the earliest, late 80s and at the latest, late 90s Reply
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    Once upon a time, when YouTube still had a five-star rating system and 360p was considered HD, AM Vs (anime music videos) were a big thing. You can count that any action-y video (Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, or whatever shounen series was out there) had a Linkin Park or Breaking Benjamin song in the background, or the famous "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. Angsty videos had Evanescence's "My Immortal". The shipping videos had either:

    • Kiss the Girl - The Little Mermaid
    • I Won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules
    • Everytime We Touch - Cascada

    I'm looking for one of those popular song choices for shipping AM Vs back in the early days of YT that's not one of those three. All I remember was that it's sung by a woman, and there's a piano in the instrumental (it's not the acoustic version of Everytime We Touch). Not much to go by, I'm sorry, but that's really all I remember about the song. Reply

      Nvm, found it.

      Might telling us what song it was? Your query got me curious about it.
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    I heard this song 'Bthankful - Beressi" that I believe contains a sample of some vintage song, although I'm not too certain as to what it is. I've looked up the lyrics that I thought I could make out and tried to slow it down to Shazam it. Neither worked - so I resorted to asking on here. Here's the track containing the sample: https://youtu.be/T1_mzfEAP4c Thank you! Reply
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    I have been looking for this song and commercial for awhile now, so I decided to ask you all. I think it was either advertising a car or headphones, I'm not sure. At the end of the commercial two halves of a picture are slowly spinning on rope and eventually line up to form a picture, maybe of a crocodile. I tried to remember was many details as I could, I just really want to find this. Reply
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    This has actually been haunting me for a while now but I never paid much mind to it. I've heard this piece of music in a PC game and a TV show and not once could I figure out what the music was... And now that I have heard it for the third time - this time in a local TV show in my language - I've finally decided to ask here what it is.
    Basically, it's a short somber musical piece (or perhaps just a part of a longer musical piece) whose main melody is played by a wind instrument (I think it's a flute?) and is accompanied by a set of strings. Fortunately enough, I still have the copy of the game that features said music and I was able to actually record it, so to save you the trouble of trying to figure out how it goes you can listen to it here directly. Based on the instruments it uses and the fact I've heard it in at least two or three completely unrelated works, I assume this is a piece of classical music that sits in the public domain right now but I don't know for sure. I've heard it in the following media:
    • Atlantis Adventure: Coral's Quest - it plays during cutscenes
    • Power Rangers - This is the scene where it plays
    • Najbolje Godine (eng. The Best Years) - Just a day or so ago I actually heard this very melody play in a single episode I happened to watch, multiple times even, and during one of those times I've also heard several notes beyond what I initially remembered and was able to record
    If there's anything else I should mention, please do tell me. I hope there's someone with just the right ear for music who could help me figure out where this melody is from and/or what's its name. Thanks in advance! Reply


      I know a lot of dubbed shows make heavy use of stock royalty-free music, so the fact that it showed up as background music in a Power Rangers show and in a small game makes me think that it's a piece of royalty free-music instead of a classical piece.

      I looked up the composer for Power Rangers Mystic Force, and found this page: http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wiki/Bruce_Lynch

      It says that "Many musics used during those seasons weren't actually composed by Bruce Lynch, but were stock musics, many of them composed by Dick DeBenedictis. You can find them on the Associated Production Music search". The page has a link to https://search.apmmusic.com/.

      So my best guess is that it's a piece of royalty-free music, possibly composed by Dick DeBenedictis. If the wiki page I found is accurate, then I think your best hope would be to search through the APM archives and hope you come across it.

      If it helps with your search, the main instrument in the melody sounds like an oboe or english horn to me. I also found another place the piece is used through a SoundHound search: https://youtu.be/hHGwj6-0-As?t=6m50s (although there's a voice singing over it, so it must have originated somewhere besides that song).

      Thanks mate. The song you linked to is actually a suggestion that someone else gave me when I asked some other people about the melody snippet (although I didn't get to adding it to my OP), so it's not new to me. Another person who tried to help me tried Shazam and got Amnesia Steps by Jens Buchert, which also features the snippet but has a dubstep beat playing over it instead of voices like in the song you linked to, so chances are that they're indeed not where the melody originates from.
      Dick DeBenedictis appears to be a likely candidate as the composer of the song. According to Wikipedia his (only) album containing numerous production music pieces was released in 2006 and what I found in that album sounds like a place the melody could certainly belong to, although I haven't found the melody itself in the album. However, according to this page about the game's company on GameFAQs, the aforementioned game that features the melody was released in January 2005 - which predates the release of Dick's album by about one year - and that further indicates that either the melody was composed by another person or Dick DeBenedictis had released/leaked the track outside of the official album and labelled it as royalty-free/public domain (especially since it doesn't seem to be featured in the album as I had said). I'll keep on looking and see whether I'll come across it or turn to some more people if I don't find where it originates from.
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    Some time in the mid-90s I stumbled upon a college radio station playing a fast, loud song with extremely repetitive lyrics. The singer had a somewhat high, nasally voice and could have been male or female. The Looped Lyrics still get in my head occasionally, and they were something like "You really shouldn't have told me that you didn't like it, 'cause now I'm gonna do it all the time / You really shouldn't have told me that you didn't like it, 'cause now I'm gonna do it all the god damn time". The other thing is that either the DJ made some sort of slip-up or I misheard things, because at the time I swore they said it was Dinosaur Jr., which I now know it couldn't have been because I've heard most of what they'd have released up to the mid-90s and nothing sounded anything like that. Reply
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    There's a bit of music that I think is for strings and sopranos that gets used a lot in movies to convey decadence (or spring. Or innocence, but not so much anymore). I think it's a waltz. It's very repetitive. Reply

      Look up Humoresque, Tales from the Vienna Woods, or waltzes by Johann Strauss.

      Check Standard Snippet, it might be listed under "The Classics" or "Setting the Scene"
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    I'm looking for this 80's rap music video featuring two African American rappers and a a plot about these Moral Guardian women (irl men in drag) who are protesting the rappers, and towards the end, one of the women gets pulled on stage. The women look inside a bunch of vans saying that the people in them are doing immoral things because the rappers promoted it, but they turn out to be wrong. The song itself is a cover. Reply

      Nevermind, I found it. It's Run DMC's "Mary Mary"
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    This may be hard to due a complete lack of lyrics, but I've had this song stuck in my head for the past couple days and it's driving me insane. It's just this one part that won't go away, if I were to spell it out it would be something like "doo doo duh-doo doooo (this one lasts for about four seconds), doo doo duh-duh dooo". As for the artist, I believe it's one of the following; The Police, Tears for Fears, A-ha, U2, A Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Psychedelic Furs, Billy Idol, Supertramp or Styx, that last one especially, though it could be none of them, they're just suggestions. However, it might also be an alt rock/grunge song, but I doubt that. I believe it's from the eighties or nineties, has a somewhat uptempo vibe, and was fairly popular. I remember the lyrics were something like "take me/ taking/taken away" or just "something away" or "something to me". And finally, the part in question sounds somewhat similar to the part from KMFDM's Looking for Strange that starts at 0:56. Reply

      The first thing I thought of when I heard that was "Mr. Roboto" by Styx. Maybe try that? I'm thinking it might be the part that goes "somewhere to hide".

      no, wasn't that one. I'll keep searching though, I have this strange feeling it's a song I listen to often.

      Take On Me by A-ha?

      no, definitely not that one.

      It's probably not this, but wild guess: "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin?

      no. it wasn't that either.

      Actually, after analyzing it more, I think it was Mr. Roboto. Thank you for your help, and sorry for not being able to recognize it at first.

      could it have been The Police 'De do do do'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v2GDbEmjGE

      "Same Old Madness" by Ministry?

      No, it wasn't either of those, and I am certain that it's Mr. Roboto. Again, thank you all for your help.

      The first thing that popped into my head was Toto-Africa....but you probably don't need to know that now.

      finally found it, in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas of all places, probably where I heard it in the first place, stupidly enough... Two Tickets to Paradise by Eddie Money, specifically the part that goes "waited so long". Many thanks to all who helped, some of those suggestions were actually pretty cool songs I had not heard before. Also, sorry to the guy who suggested Mr. Roboto. It must have been really confusing, but I guarantee, this was the song, though I will admit that one part of Mr. Roboto sounds like it. Again, many thanks.
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    So I got some notes from a song stuck in my head but I can't remember where they are from. It's possible I just dreamed it but I doubt it because it sounds really familiar. Here is a link to me "singing" it: http://tindeck.com/listen/oiqai Reply


      Can anyone confirm the download works?

      It works fine. I vaguely recall the song, but I might be incorrect and don't know what it is called.



      bump. It might be from a video game instead of "real" music

      bump someone must know



      I couldn't listen to the song, I clicked on 'Download' and it downloaded as an HTML page. I could have been doing something wrong.

      works fine for me weird


      It's super hard to give an idea, as the tune is just one repeating note followed by another repeating note - it could be anything...

      If it helps at all I think the original notes were on a guitar.


  • 9 Apr 7th, 2015 at 12:12PM
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    Can someone tell me where the guitar riff sampled in this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmut3whTFXs comes from? I know I've heard it before but can't place it. Reply

      starts at the 1:31 mark. its is reminding me of some part of Pink Floyd's Division Bell but i can't place it. Also contrast of the guitar to the music is reminding me of one of those groups like Enigma. but i'm kinda wondering if this guy just did it himself. but i agree, there should be something somewhere which sounds just like it.

      enigma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmut3whTFXs at the 2:44 mark is one i was thinking of.

      edit: ugh... there are one or two tangerine dream albums i'll check which i don't have access to at the moment.


      Almost sounds like the theme to Deal or No Deal to me.

      long time bump

      Edit: Sorry, nothing

      I've heard that somewhere too. Can't place it. Closest I can get is perhaps a looped segment from the beginning of this, re-recorded on another instrument. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vST6hVRj2A



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    I'm looking for an electronic, alternative-rock type song. It reminds me a bit of "Somebody Told Me" by the Killers. I only ever hear it at my workplace, where I can't use Shazam, and the only lyrics I can remember from the chorus are "you and me", "tell you how I feel", and "what is real". Googling these lyrics has given me nothing so far. Reply