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    A webcomic where the protagonist is an android boy that works on coal. Has dark skin. There's a smoke pipe that comes out his back. He travels with a big guy who was wrongfully accused and seperated from his daughter.

    It was colored. Had a cartoony visual style. Probably wasn't Japanese or American, but I might be wrong on this. Reply
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    Man rescued from a drifting by a pair blue skinned, yellow freckled alien sisters. I believe humans are suppose to be extinct, hes at least the 'Token Human' of the comic through what I've read

    The later get find a furry (cat derivative) stowaway, which they drop of on the next planet. The might have been a squid/octopus alien in there too, but I'm not sure.

    Haven't see in in two years, don't remember the name. It wasn't very long at the time, I say under a 100 pages, but fairly detailed art Reply
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    The main thing that sticks out about it in my mind was a character whose "your interests include" panel said he liked post-apocalyptic fiction and survival tactics, and originally thought that SBURB would let him live out the fantasy of surviving After the End, then got super-*** that he rescued from it by another player.

    A routine Google search pulls up nothing, the older version of the MSPA forums has been gone for a while now, and mspfanventures.com currently has no search function, if they ever did. Does anyone remember this one? Reply

      Mspfanventures does have a search function, its at the top in between "Log" and "My MSPFA". The tag-based searching only works for adventures that the authors of are still around for, so it probably won't work on the older ones, but you can still search the title.
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    The main character wakes up in a hospital with amnesia, finds the world is in the middle of apocalypses. Yes, plural apocalypses. There's a robot uprising, plant monsters eating people, zombies, vampires, there might be aliens, but I don't remember. Oh, and the main character, the chosen one, is an idiot. Reply
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    A webcomic with a specific strip in which a guy is at a karaoke. His thoughts are along the lines of "If I keep singing, someday a music producer will notice me and my life of stardom and musical fame will begin". Everyone else's thoughts are along the lines of "Good god this guy sucks", and the last one is thinking "In my entire career as a music producer I've never heard anyone so bad". Reply
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    Sometime around 2009 or so, I recall reading this possible furry/anthro webcomic where there was this one character who was a kinda young, cute and naive. He talked about hearing news of an "Arcade Fire" and wondered if anyone survived it. Keep in mind that The Arcade Fire is the name of an actual band. I think the character was either some sort of canine (likely a dog or fox), a cat or maybe a ferret or raccoon. Also, for some reason I'm associating the strip with the word "laundry" subconciously. Can anyone help me find it or does anyone know what I'm talking about? Reply
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    I'm looking for a webcomic, animated i think in flash. it involved magic and was a mystery comic. there was a mysterious character named robin who always had one eye covered- (i think his eye was eventually reavealed to be all ruined or something i dont remember v well) and i think he worked in a bar? if anyone knows thanks Reply
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    As the title says, I've recently remembered parts of a web comic I'd read as every update happened. Hopefully someone else might be able to answer what it is/was(if it was removed). The basics of the story would revolve around some new potion a mysterious company had produced or that had some connections to the company being sold to people, one case was a love potion that men ended up buying so that the women they wanted would love them, until the most desired loved everyone. A second example being the superhero potion, it caused extreme rage, and bestowed powers on the users, the heroes formed a league to balance out the villains, who grew tired off being relentlessly beaten up so they quit. Hopefully someone can decipher what I wrote to help answer the question of which web comic it is/was. Reply
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    This webcomic had each of the years of the Chinese zodiac incarnated in a person, & although all of the other years knew who they were, he had lost his memories of being the Rat. It was set in modern times. It ran during the early & mid oughts, & I remember reading it all through when it finished but I can't for the life of me remember the name. The author used lot of sharp angles. I remember that. Reply

      Strings of Fate by Jen "Tochi" Wang?

      Yes! Thank you!
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    At the time I read it, it was very short, around 60 pages, and still unfinished. The premise is that a TV-head guy takes a kid, who is some sort of a chosen one, to a mysterious land. I don't remember what happens in their travels, though. The comic is very beautifully drawn and imaginative.

    Thanks in advance. Reply
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    Doing a search for two webcomics.

    The first one I'm almost certain has been featured on TV Tropes before but it must've vanished from the archives or something. Anyway, the webcomic is a comical superhero genre parody comic but it's set in a superhero/supervillain school setting. Some characters from the comic I remember are a nerd who becomes a Lex Luthor expy ( except with hair and glasses ) and an average joe ( I think he was dumb or naďve too ) who gains Superman's powers. There's also a Supergirl/ Power Girl expy whose a brunette and wears a black costume. I also remember the nerd and average joe have a physical altercation, that ends with the average joe dead ( The nerd uses a power armor and a kryptonite like mineral ) A particular line from the comic : " From the shadows, I leap/dive at thee ! " ( ...Or something like that )

    The only things I can remember about the second comic is that one character seemed to be a female caucasian cop or dominatrix. While another female character was African-American, wore her head in dreads, had an EXTREMELY stripperific outfit and seemed to love the colors green and purple. In short, she made Nicki Minaj's sense of style look tame.

    Special Notice : Sorry if I don't have the trope names right . Reply

      The first thing sounds like a Superman version of the cancelled "Gotham High" show. But I have no idea what it could actually be though.

      Hmmm, another thing I remember about the first webcomic is that it had a page on here or at least it was used as an example for a specific trope. I think it was the " Expy " trope. The line said " Blank girl is a Supergirl/ Power Girl expy. " ( I can't remember the Supergirl/ Power Girl expy's name at all )

      Something else about the second comic :

      The "Nicki Minaj clone " wore bright green lipstick, had a nose or mouth piercing, and colored her dreads with green and purple. I know that's super random but I thought that might help since you can't possibly miss someone like that even on the internet.

      Bumpity Bump

      I'm pretty sure the first one is Bad Guy High, if so it can be found here since Drunk Duck is now the Duck


      Noice !!!!!! Thnx man.

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      No problem

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      Something else that could help with the second webcomic is part of the description used for the " Nicki Minaj Clone ". It reads : " Because she is a star. " That's the last line of it or part it.

      Bump-Bump-Bump-Bump-Bump-Bump it Up !
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    It's about a brother and sister that has mental problems, the brother can't die and the sister sees things.(I know ... it's odd) Reply
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    Hi, I'm looking for a Masters of the Universe parody comic in which a Skeletor expy tries to get his totally normal teen daughter into the family villainy business. When she blows him off to hang out with her boyfriend, he becomes so angry he accidentally kills his He-Man-ish rival, and then decides her boyfriend is his new arch nemesis. Does anyone know the name of this webcomic? Reply
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    I cant recall with website its from, but it they did a comic one day about making a case for space exploration. Saying that lots of civilizations make the finanically sound decision to not "waste" money on it. And the ruins of those dead civilizations will be documented by the ones who made the financially unsound decsion to explore and colonize space. I thought it was xkcd, but i have been clicking through the archive and not finding it.


      It's xkcd; you couldn't find the joke because it's in the alt-text, not in the comic itself.
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    I've been going crazy trying to remember the name of this webcomic I read once. It started out in the normal world, and I think some girl and her friend found a weird object in a second-hand shop that gave her some sort of black mark on her body? There was a demon type character who had horns and, despite being huge and very violent, was kind of goofy. I think this demon guy was supposed to be guarding the shop where they bought the object? Sorry if this is really vague; I've been looking for it for about a week with no luck. Reply
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    I'm trying to remember the title of a webcomic, relatively lushly drawn, that takes place in a universe populated by anthropomorphic dragons where the Internet is just starting out but cars are contemporary anyway. I know it's not *Dragon City*.

    A little help? Reply
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    I remember seeing one of my Korean friends reading this in the school library. Of course, I forgot the name, but I remember seeing a crudely-drawn drawing of Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Reply
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    I remember around /co/ on 4chan, I made a thread for this exact thing and I posted a panel from a webcomic and I got my answer (but because I was a idiot at that time I didn't save the thread and now I can't find it.

    It was this comic about some guy and I believe his daughter??? The guy had a robotic arm. the daughter had a catchphrase which was always something like "Well THAT was ____" (Ex: The panel I posted was the guy going to the dentist and the last panel had "Well THAT was embarassing.." I believe here name was Beans but I can't remember. BTW, this webcomic has a page right here on TV Tropes. Reply
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    About a 16/17 yo boy with an amulet around his neck from which he could summon a creature like in Pokémon. there was another head character, older, man and pretty sure the name of the show had to do with his name or how the creatures were called. it took mainly place in Prague I think.

  • 1 Apr 20th, 2016 at 10:10PM
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    I remember reading a comic that wasn't hugely popular that was about a family (a mom, a dad, a sister, and a song- who is the main character) of monsters with vampire-like characteristics (fangs, bat-like transformations, hypnotism.) They're forced to hide in a cave because the outside world apparently hates and fears them.

    It started out with the son exploring the cave, getting close to the entrance because he's curious about the outside work. But he gets caught by his sister, then he gets in trouble with his dad. His dad gets fed up with him, then hits the mom for trying to defend the son. And then the father decides to banish the son into the outside world, and that's where I stopped reading because it when on a short hiatus and I lost the link.

    If anyone could help me remember the webcomic, it would be really nice. Please and thank you. Reply
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    Looking for a particular comic (or even just the artist who created it) that's about the birth of the Brigadier from Doctor Who. What I remember about it is that the baby Brigadier had an adorable moustache, and that the whole thing was drawn in a sort of sepia tone way. For whatever reason, I can't seem to find it. Reply
  • 2 Dec 29th, 2016 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 1st Jan, 2017 10:47:50 AM
    http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Iratu_Hic_3323.png Know where this is from? Reply
  • 2 Dec 15th, 2016 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Dec, 2016 04:32:53 PM
    Someone posted link in comment section on a site, looked funny and i like the artwork. Trying to find creator/site/webcomic/etc that it came from: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxbEb29XEAAHkSA .jpg Dont know how to format link properly, need remove the white space between SA and .jpg Reply
  • 5 Dec 18th, 2016 at 9:09PM
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    It was a webcomic that took place in space (I think), and it's one of the page images. Somewhere in the comic the protagonists stole a car from "pop". That's all I know. Reply

      could be vaguely related to an early Freefall arc.

      Yup, that's Freefall

      Double post

      Yup, freefall, thanks

      Yup, freefall, thanks