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    I'm trying to remember the title of a webcomic, relatively lushly drawn, that takes place in a universe populated by anthropomorphic dragons where the Internet is just starting out but cars are contemporary anyway. I know it's not *Dragon City*.

    A little help? Reply
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    I remember seeing one of my Korean friends reading this in the school library. Of course, I forgot the name, but I remember seeing a crudely-drawn drawing of Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Reply
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    I remember around /co/ on 4chan, I made a thread for this exact thing and I posted a panel from a webcomic and I got my answer (but because I was a idiot at that time I didn't save the thread and now I can't find it.

    It was this comic about some guy and I believe his daughter??? The guy had a robotic arm. the daughter had a catchphrase which was always something like "Well THAT was ____" (Ex: The panel I posted was the guy going to the dentist and the last panel had "Well THAT was embarassing.." I believe here name was Beans but I can't remember. BTW, this webcomic has a page right here on TV Tropes. Reply
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    About a 16/17 yo boy with an amulet around his neck from which he could summon a creature like in Pokémon. there was another head character, older, man and pretty sure the name of the show had to do with his name or how the creatures were called. it took mainly place in Prague I think.

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    I've been going crazy trying to remember the name of this webcomic I read once. It started out in the normal world, and I think some girl and her friend found a weird object in a second-hand shop that gave her some sort of black mark on her body? There was a demon type character who had horns and, despite being huge and very violent, was kind of goofy. I think this demon guy was supposed to be guarding the shop where they bought the object? Sorry if this is really vague; I've been looking for it for about a week with no luck. Reply
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    I remember reading a comic that wasn't hugely popular that was about a family (a mom, a dad, a sister, and a song- who is the main character) of monsters with vampire-like characteristics (fangs, bat-like transformations, hypnotism.) They're forced to hide in a cave because the outside world apparently hates and fears them.

    It started out with the son exploring the cave, getting close to the entrance because he's curious about the outside work. But he gets caught by his sister, then he gets in trouble with his dad. His dad gets fed up with him, then hits the mom for trying to defend the son. And then the father decides to banish the son into the outside world, and that's where I stopped reading because it when on a short hiatus and I lost the link.

    If anyone could help me remember the webcomic, it would be really nice. Please and thank you. Reply
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    Looking for a particular comic (or even just the artist who created it) that's about the birth of the Brigadier from Doctor Who. What I remember about it is that the baby Brigadier had an adorable moustache, and that the whole thing was drawn in a sort of sepia tone way. For whatever reason, I can't seem to find it. Reply
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    http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Iratu_Hic_3323.png Know where this is from? Reply
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    Someone posted link in comment section on a site, looked funny and i like the artwork. Trying to find creator/site/webcomic/etc that it came from: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxbEb29XEAAHkSA .jpg Dont know how to format link properly, need remove the white space between SA and .jpg Reply
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    It was a webcomic that took place in space (I think), and it's one of the page images. Somewhere in the comic the protagonists stole a car from "pop". That's all I know. Reply

      could be vaguely related to an early Freefall arc.

      Yup, that's Freefall

      Double post

      Yup, freefall, thanks

      Yup, freefall, thanks

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    I think it was a webcomic. I didn't actually read it but I remember there was a tropes page for it. I don't remember the title. There was a red fox named Vulpe. I think he was skilled at hacking. He fell in love with a wolf. Yes, it was a gay interspecies romance. I think there was some prejudice too, against the foxes or wolves or inter species gay romance, I don't remember. I think it was nsfw at parts too. Search for it turned up nothing. Edit: found Reply

      What was the name of it, in case someone else is looking for it?
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    • set on an island of winged people — the wings were feathered but magical, not biological
    • there was a cold open featuring a blue-winged female character falling through a dark void as her wings dissolved, and eventually landing; no context was given as far as I read
    • most characters wore red, spotted facepaint along their cheekbones
    • the main character was a teenage boy who had been born without wings, who was very scientifically curious?
      • this was some kind of rare, unlucky event; there was a special name for wingless people (that I can't recall)
      • it was implied, right at the point where I lost track of it, that this kid was going to be subject to some kind of ritual as part of a festival — maybe sacrificed? it was left ominously vague
    • there was an interlude to a group of wingless characters on a ship, I think it was a flying ship? they were headed to the island and their intentions seemed suspect, but very little was explained

    • it updated really infrequently, like, twice a month or something
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    It was a Fancomic about a warden from Dragon Age: Origins. I don't remember too much, but I know Alistair and Morrigan were in the party, and the Dog was also named Alistair. the Protagonist was a girl with white hair, and her father used blood magic to force her hand to slay her mother when she was a child. I think it was on deviantArt? Reply
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    It's a finished webcomic, it was beautiful, the main character was human and living in SLC, UT, and had some fire-background: her house had burnt down or something when she was younger? There were ghosts in it, and the Fae, and they could travel to Faerie via water, and near the end they used the Reflecting Pool of the Salt Lake temple to do so. Thanks. Reply

      I think it was "The Locked Maze" by mleiv (Real name Emily Ivie). The site is long since gone ( mleiv.com ) however her deviantart has a handful of strips ( http://mleiv.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=%2F&q=locked+maze ). Main character hunted by evil spirts/fae. House burns down as kid. Take place in SLC, Utah, main character i think was wiccan or something. Falls in love wiht a fae. There was some kind of maze with a ranger/hunter/guard in them. the main character and him strike up a relationship. Art was gorgeous. I vaguely recall the front sidewalk outside the Temple was major plot point/event. I bought the book of it when it was still online and its some where in storage but i couldnt find it to confirm the fire and fountain things. But they sounded familiar.
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    Trying to remember the name of this webcomic I read a while back. I remember the main character was a werewolf or some sort of shifter and landed up living in a tower with what was either a witch or some qizard I can't quite remember. And there was some small children who lived in a nearby village that would come by. Reply
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    looking for a Webcomic, fairly recent. It's a fantasy webcomic that has a article on this site. The setting is fantasy and follows the usual lines. However all roles are gender-swapped (queens rule kingdoms, princesses save princes from towers, etc.) The story follows a princess rescuing a prince from a tower and attempting to get him back to her kingdom to prove she is capable. The princess is tomboyish, but I can't find the works listed in any articles. Reply
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    I found a Pokémon fancomic series a few months ago that told stories using only Pokémon Amie screenshots. I recall one comic where Arceus falls asleep. Giratina, Yveltal, and Mewtwo try to throw a party, only for Xerneas to stop them. Another comic joked that a Furfrou (I don't recall if they were named) could safely eat the chocolate cupcakes in Pokémon Amie because they were made from fake chocolate, which a chocolate-loving Dewott (I think his name was Miju?) does not take kindly to. There was also a subplot that delved into the relationship issues that a Meowstic (Mao) has, which he argues with a Buizel (Bui Bui) about. Reply
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    This is probably the wrong place to ask, but I'm searching for this particular OOTS strip in which Durkula searches Durkon's memories for a happy memory shared with Belkar to convince him he's still Durkon, but gets an error message instead with things like 'did you mean: physical altercations with Belkar...'. I remember the content (ish) but not the name or approximate number and was wondering if any of you had a link or any idea of number? I'm asking because all the 'he's my friend/So was I' marketing for Civil War reminds me of this strip every time it comes up and I find it amusing. I tried to find it myself but looking at the archive didn't throw up any likely names in the right period (and the ones there were were not the right strip) Reply
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    The story stars with the spawning/creations/purchase of a expensive princess unit, and continues mostly from her world view for the first major arc. The country is a city-state. First part of the story arc 1 is her proving she worth the resources, Secondly it deals with the troubles of City-State. Her country eventually does fall, while she is out on a mission with a few other units. She can feel the status changes.

    and the second arc continues after a longtime (very large amount rounds) later to follow a new cast, that after a lot of adventure, happen to find and capture the old capital from arc 1, with a small weak force. Not being able to hold it they raise the capitol for the resources. They also found a note from the old king's fortune teller, address to them. Not long after they run into the former princess who is still alive an operating a a rouge/wild/barbarian unit

    This is a mostly text based similar in format to Paul Gassis's "R-505 Flying Cloud". http://airships.paulgazis.com/001/FlyingCloud001.htm

    The setting is Fantasy, so weapons are magic, beasts, bows etc. In arc two one of the parties had flying animals (griffins I think). The characters taking in terms of rounds, turns and movement.

    Arc one Characters are all movers-and-shakers for the city-state, the the issues they have. Arc two hints at larger world troubles but the characters are more adventure level feel (ie not the top government types) Reply

      Erfworld fits this, I think — in particular, the "Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower)" storyline (which is a mostly-text prequel to the main storyline, which started mostly as a comic and now seems to alternate between the two forms). It's here.

      yep that's it, Thank you.
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    the ones with the guys who do hte things,,, with the ashes and the glowy thing and the explosion Reply
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    found a image on my computer from a webcomic but have no idea which one.


      Search results search suggest that it has something to do with Archipelago

      Thanks. Hopefully I can find out which page it is. I've really got to get better labelling things.
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    Sorry for the less that helpful title. I am trying to remember the name of a webcomic I had started reading a fair while back. The main characters were a hero (I think?) and a guy from a family of super villains who live together. I could be totally off but I could have sworn it was something and sangrede or something of that sort. Reply
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    I stumbled across this no more than 4-5 years ago. The gist is that it is a webcomic that takes place after the hero (might've been a prince, can't remember) awoke the princess from her curse and they married. It should be noted that her name wasn't actually Snow White, but the comic obviously was taking its own spin on the tale. It featured the two trying to get to know each other, how mysterious she was and questioned whether or not the marriage was really a good idea. I remember a scene where the princess gets upset at the sight of an apple on her plate, and the hero apologizes. I also remember the last page of the comic I read where the hero realized that the forest he rescued the princess from was angry that she left and the animals were attacking the castle in revenge. (Or something similar to that.)

    My google fu has failed me utterly here. I do hope it hasn't been deleted off of the internet. Reply
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    This was a one-off webcomic. I remember hearing that it disappeared from one site but was saved and put on another, either by the artist or a fan. The way it was set up, you could only view one panel at a time. The style reminded me of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

    It was about the writer's childhood fears in the late Seventies and early Eighties. The comic was him telling a psychiatrist about it all, and his narration continued through a series of flashbacks. The flashbacks ended with an incongruous sex dream. The frame story ended with a lame gag where the psychiatrist was really an alien. Reply

      Halloween Bump!

      It turns out it's "Terrors of the Night" by Patrick Farley.