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    I remember hearing some song on the radio after the wreck it ralph song when I was in the back of a car. I think the station was either radio disney, or kids place live. I don't know who it was, but I think the main lyric was: "good ideas" followed by "saw/do ____" something like that. It was fairly slow, and I'm not sure what genre it was, but it sounded like a mix of pop, and a chill trap song or something. Does anybody know what it was? Reply
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    One of my friends is looking for a song:

    "This is probably gonna sound pretty weird but i need help! There is a song, sung by a white female, seems like she was a little on the older side maybe in her 30's. Im pretty sure i saw her sing it as a guest appearance on a show (maybe american idol, americas got talent, xfactor) about 4 to 6 years ago. As i remember it she was wearing a poodle skirt and dancing around a 50's style set. It was a very catchy girl-power type song. Seems like she yelled "OHHH!" multiple times throughout the song. It was so catchy i was singing and OHH Hing right along with her. I played it many times for the family and we all really liked it. Ive been trying to remember the name for almost a year now. Please, in the name of sanity, can anyone tell me the name of that song?!"

    He also says that it's not All About That Bass or Firework, and that it was sung by a brunette. Also, he's never heard the song on the radio, so it might be obscure. Can anyone help? Reply
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    I remember a kids' show on NPR where it was a bunch of kids on a train who would solve mysteries using science. They had a computer that would speak to them and help them out. The only character I remember was a side character with a French accent named Claude Clueless (pronounced kloo-LAY) who hated it when people pronounced it the English way. Reply

      More info...they had a website that had cartoon pictures of the cast. The computer was depicted as a talking head on a screen that looked sort of like a cross between Max Headroom and Egon Spengler. Anyone remember what show this was? I think it aired sometime in the mid- to late-90s, like around 1997 or so.


      The time frame and the Egon-looking face on the computer makes me think of Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego, but none of the other details really seem to match up.

      I think you're talking about the Kinetic City Super Crew

      Kinetic City Super Crew looks like it's the right answer. Thanks, Pseudosyne! But do you or anyone remember what the name of the computer was?

      Further searching reveals that the computer's name was ALEC. Thanks again!

      Kinetic City Super Crew had a cartoon? I thought it was just on radio.

      I don't think it was a cartoon, I only said that the website had cartoon drawings of the cast.
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    I've watched this series awhile ago I vagly remember it but I really wanna watch it again I remember it being about a mom and a boy and this boy (probably around age 12-15) goes to school and I think he had a problem bc I rember the mom helping him when he has almost like regular asthma or panic attacks. The main part I remember of the series is when the boy meets this goth girl and she is mean to him at first but he follows her I think and they are in her backyard and she kisses him. I also remember that he goes to this I think toy shop a lot, Which I believe the goth girl introduces him to. The mom could or could not of been struggling with drug addiction too.I honestly can Bearly remember it but I really wanna know what it was and it driving me crazy. Reply

      Might help if we knew the real media category. You put this in radio, but then say you watched it. I would guess it's live action television though, since you can try to guess the kids age which would be near impossible to do for a cartoon character. Also, can you remember when you watched it and/or what channel it was on (assuming it was TV)?
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    Alright, so this is probably kind of an unusual YKTS, but bear with me. I live in the greater greater Los Angeles area area in Southern California, specifically Pasadena, and a while back I had a rental car that had the radio preset to this really weird Christian radio station. The signal was pretty weak, so I don't think it was a Pasadena station, but I was able to receive it, so it can't have been that far away.

    The preacher on the station was giving this long schpiel about how Jesus fulfilled the Jewish messianic prophecy, but the Jews still didn't accept him (repeatedly reminding the listener how small the chances of the prophecy being fulfilled so exactly were, never going into any detail on why the Jews don't accept Jesus but also never directly condemning them, and also never saying much else about Jesus apart from that he fulfilled the prophecy), but he never seemed to be nearing any sort of point or message or conclusion, making the whole sermon seem kind of pointless, and every couple minutes would circle back around to the beginning of his schpiel and give you the same information he'd already told you again, but with slightly different wording. The sermon wasn't trying to be inspirational. It wasn't warning anybody about hell or damnation. It wasn't working towards any sort of message about God or morals or faith or whatever. It was just sorta... there, ya know?

    After every sentence the preacher read, a different voice with different audio quality would say a sentence in Spanish (I don't speak Spanish, but I assume the second voice was translating) in a tone completely devoid of emotional inflection (it's possible the second voice was synthetic, but I'm not sure). The English speaking preacher, the first voice, didn't really seem to have any accent I could identify, or even much character besides having something that almost sounded like the typical radio preacher enthusiasm, but without any of the energy.

    Honestly, it was a pretty awful and terribly dull station, even as radio preacher stations go, but the station's bizarre idiosyncrasies made the overall experience just so goddamned surreal that I kinda want to mine their broadcasts for audio clips to include in some later project. Reply


      Bumping because I'm curious.

      I seem to remember that the Southern Poverty Law Center (an organization that tracks what it considers to be hate groups) talks about anti-Jewish fundamentalist Christians, so maybe you could check there?
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    I was trying to find a good station in a new city and discovered a weird Christian radio show. Usually it just plays music but there were two "story" episodes. One was about George Washington Carter. Two white people took him in when they found him in a barn, and he pretty much acted like a servant for them (making them breakfast, doing chores, etc.) and when the white people had to move, they left him at the house because they couldn't take him with them. It was pretty racist, with a white woman obviously doing the voice of young Carver. At one point they let him go to a "colored church". The other show was about a modern day family. The mother was talking to her kids about sacrifice, and how they should make sacrifices for God. The kids said they'd gladly sacrifice anything for God, and started talking meanly about a rich man in the neighborhood who didn't donate money to the local preacher for a mission trip or something. The rich man later offered to buy the kids' beloved dog, and the mom said they had to sell the dog and give the money to that preacher, since they promised to make sacrifices for God. The kids were really upset, so the rich man told the mother that he wanted to give their dog back, but the mom said they would have to do chores for the rich man to earn the dog back or else the sacrifice they had made was empty, or something. I was pretty horrified by that one. I am pretty sure both of them were part of certain series of radio broadcasts that this station would play. Anyone know the name of either series? Reply

      It could be a Key's for Kids episode or We Kids, but I can't recall any episodes.

      If you can remember the day and time you heard the stories and if the radio station has a website you can look up and see if they have the name of the program that was airing at that time.

      I tried looking it up but couldn't find anything. I think they said that the Carver one had been part of something called "Good Christians of History" but I can't recall the correct name and the website for the station wasn't helpful. The one with the kids ended and then these pirate-sounding guys (like pirate characters) came on and said that it was the end of their segment and be sure to tune in again, but I tried tuning in the next day at the same time and got nothing. I'll try Keys for Kids and We Kids.
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    I just remembered something I'd meant to Worthless Foreign Degree a while back, but I only heard a clip of it on the BBC listener-response show Feedback, and now I can't even remember how long ago it was to find the right episode of Feedback. I'm pretty sure it was some time in the past couple of months, though.

    A radio play about immigration, possibly based on true stories. The clip I heard has an Afro-Caribbean woman trying to apply for a job as a teacher at a UK school, and the headmistress bluntly telling her that, as far as she's concerned, a certificate from a Caribbean teacher's college is completely worthless. When the woman questions this, the head assumes (perhaps sarcastically) she's having difficulty understanding, even though she clearly speaks perfect English. And that was the end of the clip. Reply
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    Dubbed the "deep-jungle soap opera saga". A series of audio-only stories with a similar airing pattern with the early WordGirl episodes, where we only got to hear a few minutes of the story before the narrator launched into the "find out next time" speech. You could always hear it on the radio station 101-QFL (which, unfortunately, doesn't exist anymore) in radio host Darren Marlar's morning show each weekday. The plot revolved around one of two sets of characters and settings. Half the time we joined the animals Gruffy Bear, Sully the Aardvark, Racket the Skunk, etc in the jungle. The other half, we caught up with the escapades of one Marty Snuffleson on Razzeflaben (I probably botched that spelling to kingdom come). No matter the cast, the characters—and by extension, the listeners—always learned a Sunday School lesson by the end of the story.

    But since QFL went off the air around a decade back, I haven't found any traces of As the Jungle Turns at all. Believe me, I've spend many hours searching the internet for even the mere MENTION of it. With no luck. I just want to relive part of my childhood and listen to a few of the stories again... *all the drama* Reply
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    There was this commercial and the radio and I forget what it was for but it had the message of "not having a choice sucks" and took place in some high school where instead of asking who you want to the prom, the school would decide for you and announce it on the P.A system like "Bob Johnson you're with Christina Ericson" or something. Reply


      You may want to state where (and if possible when) you heard that ad. Some advertisements, particularly radio ones, may only play in a specific area.

      Northern California

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    I remember listening to this NPR interview with a particular singer back in August of 2012 or 2013, but I can't seem to remember who she was.

    She was telling a story about providing vocals for an album back in the 1960's or 1970's. She wasn't a member of the band or even a trained singer at the time, but a guy in the band liked her voice and wanted her to sing one of the new songs for the album. She was really nervous and self-conscious about her voice, to the point that everyone else had to leave the recording studio before she'd sing. After the story they played the song in question. Her voice was somewhat on the softer side, and I vaguely remember that the song was about a beach or something like that.

    I know it's not much to go on, but any ideas about who this could be/what song this could've been? This has been driving me nuts for AGES. Reply
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    This was around ten years ago, maybe a little less. My mom always put these cassettes on in the car (think 'Adventures in Odyssey'). They had stories about this kid who for whatever reason didn't have a great life at school or in his family, and he would dream about this land filled with talking animals that taught him lessons about whatever. He always reached this place by having some water-filled object in his room suddenly overflow (I remember the author explicitly using the word 'gushing' excessively) and his room filling up with water. He would wake up on his bed on a beach in this animal land. I don't remember much about the characters but one of them was a coyote who was insistent on his name being pronounced 'koy-oh-tay'. They would also always read the phone number at the end of the tape and had some jokes about the number ending with '0000'. It may or may not have had a religious slant. Reply
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    So I just heard this radio-drama show tonight. It was sci-fi/horror, and it sounded like it was from the fifties, sort of like Twilight Zone. I only listened for a few minutes, but this is what I understood of the plot:

    There were three people (a man, a woman, and another man, who was referred to as a captain) who had been in some accident or a car crash. Then, they had found themselves in a world where insects were giant-size, and kept humans as slaves/cattle. The woman and the captain decided to stay in this world, because they were smart, (and I guess wanted to fight the giant insects?). The other man, though, really wanted to go back home, and began to repeat to himself "I'm not dead, I'm not dead". He then woke up in a hospital or something (like the Wizard of Oz) where he was informed that the captain and the woman had died in the accident.

    It seemed like an interesting show, and I have no idea if anyone knows what it might be. Reply

      Where do you live and were you surfing AM or FM?

      wrong spot
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    I don't have much hope for finding this, because I've been looking for it for years and years now. Essentially, I'm pretty sure it was something I heard on Radio 4 because I used to listen to a lot of that. Drama, or play, or show, which was about a concert that some rock band did many many years ago, and it follows the lives of people who were at that concert and how they sort of revolved around it afterwards. I think maybe one of the people ran away to see the concert, and it was broadcast from 2005-2009. Could've been a dramatization of an audiobook. Sorry I can't remember more Reply

      I saw in the 90s a play for teens called "Who?" which was about people who were at The Who Concert Disaster [1]. I think the lead ran away in order to see it, against his parents' wishes. Can't seem to find any info on the script, since it's not an easy title to Google.

      I heard a couple of episodes of this. It was a five episode series on Radio 4 called "One Chord Wonders". It was part of their "Friday Drama", and was broadcast in 2008, and it looks like it has never been rebroadcast.

      "One Chord Wonders" is also the name of an album by the punk rock band "The Adverts". The premise of the series was that someone was trying to reunite all of the people who attended a particular Adverts concert in 1977. We eventually find out that the person who is organizing the reunion is actually looking for their child who ran away.

      KEVP, you're absolutely right, I'm 99.999% that's what it is and I remember the revelation being about a child running away.

      I can't thank you enough, this place is brilliant.
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    This is a reverse YKTS, so I hope Tropers forgive me.

    I'm looking for a pair of audio clips that used to be hosted on this site:


    As you can see, URL is Geocities, and Archive.org didn't archive the clips.

    If anyone knows if/where they got rehosted, I would be thankful. I did try emailing the old webmaster at his last known email address, but Mailer Daemon just returned a Delay Mail message. Reply

      Have you checked the Reocities archive?

      Yep, and it's non-extant there. This is basically a last ditch plea for help, and I can accept if it doesn't exist. (Email just returned as delayed again.)
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    I heard a really enjoyable song on the radio, but I can't remember enough of the lyrics to find it with Google. The lyrics aren't very good. All I remember is something about flipping a switch, and a countdown to "ignition!" or "blastoff!" The music, on the other hand, is awesome. It sounds like something Foreigner would have done, but I don't think it's actually them. Reply

      Sounds like it's very similar to "The Final Countdown" by Europe. It might be easier to find the Glee sing-off soundtrack.

      I know that song, and this wasn't it. This song was more arena rock than synthpop, although I think there were keyboards somewhere in the mix.

      Total shot in the dark, but is it by any chance Peter Schilling's "Major Tom (Coming Home)"?

      No, I also know that song and it isn't it. I think this song was just using machinery as a metaphor for love/sex.

      ... which brings The Final Countdown back to mind. Maybe Rocket by Def Leppard?

      It's not "Rocket." It's also not "Pre-Ignition" by Voivod or "Flip the Switch" by the Rolling Stones (just to anticipate a couple likely suggestions).

      "Space Oddity" by David Bowie?

      LOL. Well thanks for anticipating my random guessing!

      (what's weird is that I actually have a playlist of "machine songs")

      WAIT! "Lovin' Every Minute of It" by Loverboy?!


      That's it, I'm almost sure. Thanks!