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    I remember a yellow slime/goo character with 3/4 eyes that hung round with a group of humans that (I think) would fight green slime/goo monsters.. I think the show got cancelled but I cant find it anywhere.. Reply
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    I wish this game wasn't rotting at my brain because I had it saved a while ago. But I'll try to remember as much as I can.

    First of all, this game is going to sound a LOT like Nevermind. It's not Nevermind. It's not Ether One, either.

    This was a free to play first person PC game that put you in the role of a psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist who could go into the mind of their patient (may have been in a coma). Your task was to go through memories of this poor woman and solve puzzles to collect photographs. These were out of order and needed to be placed on a large tree in the 'backyard of her mind' to figure out the cause of her trauma. One of the rooms was a study with a dark atmosphere, a moose's head over a fireplace, an owl statue near a window and lots of books. The puzzle was collecting pieces to form in the shape of a star of David or something similar that connected with colorful light lines. This was inside her childhood home and outside of a room you couldn't enter, you could hear her parents arguing pretty loudly.

    In the kitchen area of this same house, the area would fill with milk as you were trying to go through memories (AGAIN I can't stress, this is not Nevermind! I've never touched Nevermind, never paid for Nevermind, never played Nevermind, or watched a Let's Play I'm confusing with it either. There was also no ongoing narration.)

    You'd go out the door into the backyard to put these pictures up on a tree. As you got deeper, the surrounding got scarier. Until finally you were in a tall room with a lot of disfigured faces and trees (the graphics weren't polished but they were alright). The last photograph you found told the story of your patient who was traumatized from her parents fighting and then seeing a truck crash into their car and explode it into a fireball, which is where her fears came from.

    It was really well done and with a lovely soundtrack too. I just can't remember the damn thing's name. (Once again, with feeling: NNM!)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Reply
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    I remember seeing this black and white film, horror I think, with a skeleton wearing a jester outfit. Search 1998 Illusive Concepts Catalog jester skull in Google image. I cannot provide a hotlink. Please help, thanks. Reply

      Is anyone seeing the image on the catalog?

      I found the image you mentioned, but have no idea what movie you're talking about.

      Thank you for your response. Can anyone else make this out?


      What country was the movie from?

      Are you thinking of the part in Phantom of the Opera when the phantom arrives at the costume party dressed as the Red Death? It's easy to find this iconic image in google.

      That was what I first thought, but that is not it. I think there is a skeleton jester in Hamlet, but I cannot recall any horror adaptation of the play. Thank you for trying to answer.
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    So its a show that the main character is a red head guy with a red sweater usually and they find monsters and get rid of them its like archies mysteries and like scooby doo ive been trying to find it but i never could and it was a cartoon that would scare me but it was soo good. Reply
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    Western Animation
    The main characters were a kid and a police robot about the same size as the kid. The robot was under the command of a guy whose head was a literal smiley emoji. Reply
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    Western Animation
    I have in my head a cartoon I used to watch. I can't remember if it was movie length or not, but it was about a little girl in a safari outfit who had a little adventure, befriending a bunch of talking animals. Then, at the end of it, a lion eats her and the rest of the animals act very disappointed in the lion. In fact, I think the lion eating her might've even been off screen, but I can't really remember. That's as much of it as I recall, I don't remember what happens next, or if that's just how it ends. Does anyone know the cartoon I'm talking about? I have been racking my brain on it for years, it's killing me. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Does anybody know about a show that aired in the late 2000s to early 2010s about an Indian family with a male lead likely British, it aired in Australia as well and the only episode I remember was about the importance of healthy eating where the main character tries to get his family to eat healthy (and non-Indian) food in order to win a competition, his family react badly to the idea. His father eats food out of the bin and he introduces bland healthy food before appealing to his neighbours for help and they make sushi. The episode ends with the wrong tape being sent in and it showing all of his families failed attempts to eat healthy. It's not much to go on but it was an okay show and I would very much appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks Reply

      Could it have been All About Me? It starred Jasper Carrott as the (step) father of an Asian family, and IIRC their neighbours were stereotypically clueless hippy types who would have probably liked sushi. The main character was the eldest son on the mother's side, who suffered from cerebral palsy and mostly "spoke" in voiceovers.
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    Live Action TV
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    All I remember is a show where the MC has a heart condition that he/she (think it was he) took medication for, but the high heart rate was some kind of ability that the character needed to learn to use. Reply

      Bill Harken from Alphas?

      Not a tv show, but that sounds like the main character in Wanted

      That's it, thanks Daefaroth. I wasn't even sure if it was a TV Show.
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    Live Action TV
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    I am desperately trying to identify something I saw as a kid. This is everything I remember. This would have aired on local TV (not cable/satellite) in either the late 80s, or early 90s (not after fall of 1992). A man is near or at a railroad. He's offered a place to stay for the night and is taken to a house. In front of the house are three crosses, one smaller than the other two, I believe it is said a family was killed there. While the man is staying there overnight (I think I remember a deck of playing cards for some reason?), two ghosts, possibly one white and one red, appear and fly towards the screen. This is all I remember. Scared the shit out of me, and I would kill to find out what this is. Major thanks in advance. I listed it as "live action TV" but I can't rule out it was a movie. I know it was on at least twice. Reply

      Bump (if that's allowed). Desperately trying to identify this... never got to see the end.

      Not exactly what you described, but there could be a slight chance that it was "The House of No Return" from Goosebumps.

      Not Goosebumps, sorry. This was before that. Thanks though.


      Bump again...




      shit wrong ask sorry XD


      Bump yet again.


      Star fleet

      Sorry wrong post lol


      Can you remember anything else? Right post.

      I have been trying to find out what this is for years! I can't believe that someone else is too. I remember the cards, because I believe he was trying to make a deal with them for his life. I also remember another show (that I think is part of the same series, maybe?), where a man is trying to win the heart of a rich man's daughter, but the father says no, so he performs magic or tricks to win her over. I remember it having an all black cast. I watched both of these around 96-97. Believe it or not, I watched this in school, so it had a vhs release



      Last desperate bump

      It might have been an anthology series,like the Twilight Zone or Tales of the Unexpected, where there's a different story per episode. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls000520791/ This is a list of some well known horror/suspense anthologies. Hope this helps!

      The red room riddle?

      Unfortunately not the red room riddle. Thank you for the list of anthology series, I'm looking through it now. I figured it was probably from something like that too, just didn't know where to start. Thank you both for your input.
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    two characters going to fairy tales Reply
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    I believe it was a special on Christmas Day, a few years ago and I watched it in the UK. I kinda want to find it again because of how tragic it was. I can't remember what channel is what sadly. It first started out sort of like a 3D animation, with a daughter, grandfather and mother I think in the garden and maybe putting out clothes on the peg line? I think the grandfather was trying to tell his granddaughter a story and the mother butted in with her own one. It then changed to a 2D animation as she told the story. It was of a poor, old man who didn't have a lot. There was this man, who was in some ways, rich and treated him not so well. It was around christmas in this story as well. The rich man's daughter was dreadfully ill and the doctor was out of town. The old man, poor decided to walk all the way there (in bare feet) as the snow and wind came his way. He found the doctor and let him know of the girls illness. The doctor asked him if he wanted to ride on his horse with him, but the man declined and started to walk back again. The weather was getting worse and he fell off the road/cliff and died. When it came to his funeral, the rich man wanted to take one side of the coffin, stating that he was a good friend of his. (lies) Anyway thats all I remember. Reply
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    So I've got this show stuck in my head and I was hoping you could help me out. Thanks in advance. It starts every episode off with a carriage ride, which has two young children (a boy and girl) and a man in all black telling them a story. It then goes onto a completely new story from the last, usually parodying old fairy tales. A few that I remember are the toy soldier's story, a story about a tree that gets cut down and then burned later on, the jumping (or dancing) flea and a story about a wine bottle (something like that). It was a 2D animated show from around the 2008's and in Australia. And thanks again :D Reply

      The Fairytaler?

      You just made my heart skip a beat. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That was exactly it! I have no idea how I wasn't able to find it before. Thank you so much!
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    It was an animated show don't remember if it was an anime or cartoon though the main character has time powers and he has an orc friend I think he was an orc he might have not been one anyways there was some villain trying to steal his power and this is set in a fantasy type of world where there's magic and spells and what not Reply

      Do you remember when and where did you watch it?

      Idk couple of years ago I remember it was on abc3

      Idk couple of years ago I remember it was on abc3

      the orc btw becomes good because of a spell and the spell breaks in one of the episodes and they try to bring him back to normal

      Then you are looking for Lanfeust Quest, the series loosly based on Lanfeust

      Thank you soo much :3
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    Whats the show with the characger that draws something and it becomes an object that he can use, and Im pretty sure theres a bee or ladybug or something that flys around with the character Reply

      There is a bunch of shows I've heard of with the "drawings coming to life" premise. Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings (both the 70s and 2000s versions), Penny Crayon, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and Chalkzone. I don't know if any of them had an insect character though
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    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 11th Dec, 2017 04:01:51 PM
    Hi guys. Years ago i saw this cartoon (not CGI), it was a beautiful fable but I don't know the who draw it. Here's the plot, I remember the whole thing: A young man wander in a church at night and there he sees two ugly mugs trying to pry open a coffin: he asks what they were doing and the criminals tell him that the dead inside was someone who owed them a lot of money, so they will take everything valuable is still on his corpse. Out of pity the boy give them the satchel with all of his money to compensate the robbers. In the morning he meets a tall stranger with a goatee that become his traveling companion. He seems to be some sort of warlock because, seeing a dead swan, he states that while he cannot help the creature there is still something he can do, and make the corpse disappear leaving only its wings (then he takes the wings and puts them away); later he repairs a tiny puppet that represent a princess with a salve that even makes the marionette become alive. The two arrive at a castle where the boy fall in love with the princess, a girl with black hair and a cold stare: indeed the old king himself warns the boy that his daughter is cruel and merciless, and that she executes all the pretenders who don't pass her trial (guessing what she is thinking). Nevertheless the young man is determined to complete this quest and the king, accepting his will, gazes sadly from a window a large field behind the castle, completely covered by the tombstones of the killed pretenders. Long story short: the stranger use the swan's wings to follow the princess and discovers that she is mind-controlled by an evil troll (the monster looks like a tall and muscular greenskin orc) that tells her an item for the pretenders to guess. Thanks to the stranger the boy wins two of the three trials, so the enraged troll orders the princess to think of the troll's own head: she departs and the stranger approaches the monster, unsheating a sword and grinning. The next day the boy give to the princess a burlap sack with the troll's head inside, winning the last trial and breaking the spell. So the stranger congratulates the couple and bids farewell to the boy, revealing to be the grateful spirit of the man inside the coffin and than vanishing. Reply

      H C Andersens The Travelling Companion for sure

      Thanks man, you're awesome!!!
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    Print Comic
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    I read a comic way back that I'm trying to find again. I believed it had a brother-sister team who used to be rulers before they were overthrown by the villain. They were going someplace and ended up in a cave of sorts where they got separated and had to deal with representations of the zodiac. I don't know how old it was. Reply
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    I'm looking for an anime that I saw an episode of sometime back. It had a boy and a girl that seem to be competitors. The boy seems to have a crush on the girl. The bit that I saw had them chasing a monster that was kinda like a porcupine. They set up some barriers to defend themselves, but the monsters attack pierces through it. The boy tried to set up more, but was stopped by the girl who helped him make a reflecting barrier. The boy tries and eventually manages to replicate it back at home base. The barrier sent a boulder up into the air which came crashing down and broke some pieces off that showed that it looked to be made of metal under the rock. One of the people there asked someone about it and they said that they would tell them later. Reply

      Betting Kekkaishi (specifically "A Day in the Life of Yoshimori")
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    ok so in this show, a specific scene is a guy in a small car with a acoustic guitar. The room goes dark and hes on a track and he moves around a stage meeting different creatures such as a troll, and a big goofy looking mechanical dragon/crocodile with googly eyes and has a goofy voice which a spotlight shines on the different creatures and when the car starts moving the guy sings something like I think we better get out of his way after every encounter. Its not a animated show its on a stage or small studio but it was meant for kids Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Okay, this is a real long shot. I was in Japan in April and I happened to be flicking through TV stations - I remember one of them was NHK but I have no idea if that's what this show was on. It was a live action show that seemed to be set in a high school; I think it was a brand new show. The main character was a nerdy girl who, if I remember correctly, at one point got into a fight and had a nosebleed which prevented her from attending a dance.

    It's really silly but I'd love to find out what this show is! Reply

      I found it! "It's All About the Looks". Wow.
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    I remember in one of my books from middle school some short stories that I presume came from collection of sci-fi/horror stories, but I can't remember the titles.

    First story features a family getting some kind of hi-tech house with holographic walls that can change each room's appearance when asked. It's all fine and dandy until the father asks to make the story of Aladdin appear in his bedroom and it doesn't happen. He then hears some weird noises from the kids room and discovers that they asked for a savannah setting before the house's hologram system broke down, with a hologram lion becoming real and eating the kids.

    Second story is about a kid writing letters from camp to his parents. He tells that apparently there is a T-Rex roaming in the woods, but it's obviously a tale told to scare people. Then, some days later, he writes them another letter stating that the T-Rex is real and is chasing him, who is now closed in a hut writing the letter so that they can hurry and get him back home, and then the letter stops in midwriting, implying the kid was eaten by the T-Rex. It's followed by a letter from the camp organizators, informing the parents that their special program to get rid of disobeying kids was indeed successful. Reply

      Well the first is probably a misrememberd "The Veldt"

      (The holographic lions eat the parents)

      Yeah, it's that. I forgot who the lions ate.
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    The only thing i remember is that it started in a car. It was driving through a tunnel and there were lights flashing on both sides, then it drove out of the tunnel and turned to the left. On the right there were barriers and behind them a forest i think. You could not see them but in the car there was a child and his parent(s), they were talking and the parent(s) started to tell the kid a story when they got out of the tunnel. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, write them! Thank you. Reply


      Please, I really need to know!


      Sounds like the beginning of Spirited Away.

      Was going to say Spirited Away also.

      Thank you very much for trying, but sadly, thats not it. Im sure that it was not an anime. But please keep trying, because I really want to know.







      Bumpity Bump

      What year did you see it? Was it CGI or traditional animation?

      I saw it around the year 2008 or so, but it was probably older than that. Also Im pretty sure it was not CGI. Anyone got a clue?

      Hey everyone, just another bump.

      A totally hopeless bump.





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    Children's show with giant green airships, and I believe they either used some kind of mech or summoned some kind of avatar that looked like one. Reply
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    There is this one children show i remember which there was 3 main characters. One blond kid who always got in trouble. and his friends were a boy and a girl. In this one i remmember he was over at his friends house and there was some girls there and suddenly the light went off and he tought he kissed this one girl but instead it was his friends mom or something like that. Do anything ring a bell for someone? Reply
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    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 11th Dec, 2017 06:47:23 AM
    I have a cartoon stuck in my head about 3 villains, one of them had a bucket on his head, and the military that was trying to stop them. It was CGI and was made in the early 2000s. The show was very dark in aesthetic and was on Netflix at one point. And the show was NOT Monsters vs. Aliens or like it in any way. Reply

      Were the villian's human?

      Probably off, but this sorta reminds me of the show League of Super Evil.
  • 5 May 15th, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Web Original
    Lastest Reply: 11th Dec, 2017 06:44:44 AM
    I remember I found this really funny animation on youtube which took place in an RPG style world. It was about these heroes for hire. There was a nerdy mage I think, an edge lord kind of guy maybe, and also a fighter who had two moms apparently. The only job they could find, however, was from this sort of valley girl type person i think? And they had to get her cat out of a tree, I'm fairly certain. Then they end up meeting this girl who's also a fighter type character. She wants to join, but they don't want another fighter. That's all I remember from there. I also remember it being really funny I guess. But that's subjective. I just liked it more than some other rpg based youtube animations, and I wanna see if the series was ever continued. It came out around 2015-16 or something

    -karda4124 Reply