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    This is probably super obvious but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. It's a German language film, a secret police guy crushes on the girlfriend of a guy he's spying on so he tries to get rid of the guy somehow. Reply
  • 0 Sep 19th, 2017 at 2:02PM
    There was a kids VHS I had when I was really young, I can't remember what it is, all I remember was it was a cartoon about one man who lives in the woods and there was loads of animals, one scene sticks in my head of the animals making a home in a huge tree.. :S Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I'm trying to remember the name of this show that I used to watch years ago, I remember it was on very early in the morning and was a cartoon about a little girl and an adult male who I think was a fireman, and in each episode they'd go to different places and they would do multiple choice questions. I only remember two very tiny parts of two episodes, one where they went to see sugar cane fields (but I don't remember where), and one where there was a man outside possibly hypothermic and one of the answer options was to put him over a heater grate and one was to give him a strong alcoholic drink such as whiskey Reply
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    i can't remember the name of the show/ movie but i remember the line "how could i be upset, i'm having a baby girl" Reply

      That seems too vague. Do you remember anything else?
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    there was this one show that was on netflix that had a love story in it and it had to do with a band, maybe a boy band, but now its off netflix and i cant rember it Reply

      Do you remember what any of the characters looked like? Was the main character a boy or girl? Off the top of my head, I know that Nana has been on Netflix, and it features romantic subplots and a character in a punk rock band.

      EDIT: I didn't think of it before because I figured you would've mentioned if it was a same-sex romance and I didn't think the show had been on Netflix, but from your description it could also be Gravitation.

      That does sound like Gravitation.
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    I've got this vague theme stuck in my head recently, and I just cannot remember what is it from. There's a girl (aged 8-12), her parents died (probably in an accident). After their death, she was adopted, but her new parent(s?) also died after a while (a year? two years?). Following that, the girl doesn't want anyone to adopt her anymore because she has a huge fear that her next guardians will also die.

    I can't remember where I read it (I'm 90% sure it was a written medium). I read it a decade ago or more. It could've been a book, but could have been just as well a magazine article (in the latter case, I'm probably not ever going to find it again; but I'm asking this query in case it was a book/story after all...) Though, it's also possible that I was reading about a TV show/movie's plot. Also, it was NOT horror or thriller, nor did it have anything supernatural going on; the tone was more of a heart-wrenching drama thing. Does anyone know any book or story with a plot like this? Reply
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    Oh boy, will this ever be a long shot. It's been long since I last saw this, so excuse me if my memories are vague. Also, yes, I'm trying to find a work that isn't a foreign TV show or cartoon of some sort for the first time.

    So, back when I was younger, I saw a YouTube video of some kind of a video game. For starters, the video game was possibly a Japan-exclusive game, which probably explains why I can't find it. The game is a 2D platformer, and the levels looked like the insides of anthills, or ant farms, or something similar to those. I'm not sure what the player character looked like, but he/she/it could climb up walls in these anthill-like levels, so he/she/it was probably an ant. The only other thing I can remember is that there was also a world map, which was a big island, I think. As for what console this game was on, I certainly have no idea, but I think it's an arcade game.

    Again, sorry for the extremely vague info, but that's all I can really remember of it. I really can't confirm if this was just a dream I had, but who knows? Happy searching either way! Reply

      The PC character being an ant and crawling around inside an anthill sounds like SimAnt, which is certainly not a Japan exclusive- not exclusively a platformer either, because the overworld takes place in a top-down perspective. But it does have a world map, though it's a backyard instead of an island.

      Nope, it's not SimAnt. Like I said, the levels were platformer levels that resembled the insides of anthills or ant farms, but now that I think about it, the player character may not have been an ant. If this helps, the levels in the game I saw were probably much more colorful than an actual anthill's interior, and the game graphics had a "kawaii" feel to them, if I remember correctly; hence, the game is very likely from Japan, if not Japan-exclusive.


      Earth worm jim ?

      No, it's not Earthworm Jim. I'm familiar with that series, and would've recognized it if it were what I'm looking for.
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    It was an incredibly old Disney computer game starring Mickey Mouse - we're talking floppy disks, MS-DOS, Mario is Missing era. It was set up sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure game, except that everything was really mundane - it was just Mickey going through an incredibly normal day, doing things like getting up and brushing his teeth and going to the park for a picnic with his friends. No combat. You had these menus where you could pick a list of words, and that was how you made choices about how his day played out. Reply

      I looked it up, and it's called Follow the Reader by Disney Software for DOS, published in 1993.
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    ı cant remember the name of a sitcom which contains an old mom and dad and their 2 daughters one is blonde one is brunette and their husbands. Please help if you know this show!! Reply
  • 2 Sep 18th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    You know the movie "In Time", with Justin Timberlake? When I first saw the trailer my first thought was "sweet, they're doing a remake". I distinctly remember watching (on Eurochannel, so it's probably European) a short movie (half-hour-ish) with pretty much the exact same premise - time is a currency, the wealthiest people have centuries of years' worth (and regularly do live for centuries), people whose time ran out are shown dying suddenly, and so on. The main differences (other than it being old, i.e. 90s at most, possibly earlier) is that people have a card with their time account (rather than it being on the forearm), and it shows the ceremony all newborns go through where they get 30 years to start with. There's also a sad scene with a young woman at a bar where she keeps swiping her card to hear her balance, which is ticking ever closer to zero.

    I can't find any information about it ANYWHERE (starting with In Time's IMDB page of course), and nobody else seems to have heard about it. Anyone know what I'm talking about and can verify I'm not *completely* crazy? :-P Reply

      The Price of Life (1987) or Logan's Run (1976)?

      Yes, that's The Price of Life. You can watch it here.
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    Live Action TV
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    There's some kind of 00s TV commercial that was advertising some kind of toy/product for kids (kinda like moon sand, floam, blendy pens, etc), and all I remember is the male voice saying "Water!" and kids saying "Whoa!" Then again, "Water!!" "WHOA!!" I remember laughing at that as a kid, ("they're so excited of water!") but I cannot remember what it was. Reply


      Dangit, I think I might have heard that one...

      I made an account purely to answer this question! It was a commercial for Water Wow! pens, where you color on a picture with water, let it dry and the picture fade, then color again. https://youtu.be/J-3rPHwhWVU skip to 3:23!

      late reply but Thanks a bunch!!! Also, same, I initially made an account just to answer a question on here!
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    Western Animation
    I can't remember what show it was a part of but I remember an episode that involved the characters investigating the suspicious new teacher at their school. In the end I believe it was the gym teacher was using the students to complete a spell that used math and the kids heads ended up exploding. They stopped it but not after a bunch of kids had died. What show is this I believe it's a recent show Reply
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    Live Action TV
    Does anyone know the name of the kid's TV show that had an elf living on a bookshelf? One of the main characters was an old grandfatherly man who was very soft-spoken and gentle. The show had children's level mysteries and personal setbacks, etc., which the elf would solve by the end of the show.

    The actor who played the elf looked *exactly* like David Krumholtz, but I see no mention of such a show on his IMDb profile.

    Thanks. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I thought this was a Twilight Zone episode, but it must be something similar because it isn't the 1963, 4 or 5 years.

    There is a dystopian world where everyone is really living in ramshackle homes with card board furniture and dirt floors (maybe not accurate, but definitely run down furniture). There is only one man who can see the world for what it truly is. Everyone else is in bliss and through their eyes, it's like they're in a Leave it to Beaver episode. Reply
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    A book of paintings, mostly (or entirely) of anthropomorphic (but not cartoony) animals. Probably mid-90s. The picture that sticks in my mind is a scene from the film M with the characters as cats. The killer has four mouse-tails sticking out of his pocket, forming an "M" to match the one chalked on his coat.

    Also, I think there was one of a lion and an elephant on a see-saw? Reply

      Sounds like Animalia by Graeme Base (I think that's his name)

      Not Animalia, because iirc Animalia has animals starting with the same letter on each page (and the lions in that book were all in a library).

      There's another Graeme Base book called The Eleventh Hour, which I distinctly recall featuring animals acting human-like. I'm not positive about any scenes like the one described, though.

      Sorry to have only negative info; the Eleventh Hour only had one cat., and it doesn't have any M homages.

      Damn... I just read about this one recently. Don't remember where, though.

      It doesn't seem to be Graeme Base, but he's a good example of the sort of "realistic anthro" art I'm talking about. (Alan Aldridge is another, but it's not him either.)

      Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry about the five year bump, but I just remembered about this.

      Just remembered about it again, and it occurred to me - I realise it's a bit of an ask after nearly five years, but Fuzzy Boots, do you remember anything else from the thing you read? Pretty much anything could help at this point, I think.

      Following some random searches of book catalogues, I've learned that someone called Stéphane Poulin had an art book called Bestiarie, and some of the pictures that are on the net look a bit like the kind of thing I remember, although nothing that makes me think "Yes! That was it!"

      So, two long-shot questions:

      1) Does anyone know if the book had pictures like the ones I describe?

      2) Does anyone know if the book was translated into English, because the one I saw wasn't in French?
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    I will be amazed if anyone knows what I am talking about. My mum bought me a VHS from a kida soft play thing in what was probably 1992ish. It had a weird name and had a few short films/animations on it. All I can remember is the first 'film' being an animated tiger and the one that really stands out is non animation with a boy and a witch? And he ends up in the witches house in the woods? It used to scare me to death. Thats all I can really remember, very obscure indeed.

    the front of the vhs might have had a moon on it. id know it if i saw it. im sure the vhs haa a very strange title

    thanks Reply
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    When I was younger I used to watch a friend play a game on his PC. The game was a detective game where you had to find a bad guy inside a building (school or something), but the bad guy was disguised as one of several robots that roamed the halls of the building. These evil robots were all designed as giant sentient paintbrushes, and they would attack you if they came across you. You search the building for clues, and when you have enough clues you can choose to accuse one of the robots as being the bad guy. If you get it right, he is unmasked (and if you do it quickly enough, he gets a custard pie thrown in his face).

    If anyone can identify this game based on this description, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks. Reply
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    There was a game on the Xbox Live Arcade about an alien girl that was a prisoner on a ship, and there was also a blob creature, and they paired up and the blob creature slowly grew and became stronger? It was a 3D game. I forgot the name. It was cool. Reply
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    I remember them glowing green in the film and something to do with fireflies. Maybe they rubbed the glowing substance from the bugs on themselves or ate them. It was slightly scary of I remember right. Can anyone help? Reply
  • 6 Sep 8th, 2017 at 11:11AM
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    I'm looking for a tv show I used to watch when I was younger. I think it was British but could possibly be American. It was a show which had a team of archeologists. One of the team could touch the bones and find out there story of how they died and such. It was really interesting but I cannot remember the name Reply

      Time Team?

      Time Team had both UK and US editions, each with different teams and presenters - but they were both documentaries and neither featured super powers or fantasy elements.

      To be clear, when you say "touch the bones and find out the story of how they died" was this a magical ability or were they merely performing a scientific examination while touching the bones in order to find out how the person died (like on "Bones")?

      Could it have been Bonekickers?

      It definitely wasn't time team but I did used to watch that. What I meant by touching the bones was like a superpower of some sort. It could be bonekickers but I'd have to watch it to be sure.

      Relic Hunter or The Librarians ?
  • 2 Sep 17th, 2017 at 11:11AM
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    I'm looking for a anime tv show that aired on Cartoon network in the 2000's maybe the 90's it was a tv show Where they World have these cards and a thing on their arm Where they Would sjove the card on top or in the thing on the arm and they would transform into monsters and there were also gold form/edition of the monster they were Reply
  • 4 Sep 17th, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Web Original
    Lastest Reply: 17th Sep, 2017 07:56:00 PM
    I'm trying to find the name of a series of short (3-15 minutes) web videos I remember seeing about nine years ago. They were about two human-ish people with bunny ears and buck teeth; the series was about their daily lives I think. One was pink and one was green; they only spoke in gibberish.

    I'm pretty sure the title of the series was their names- I think it was something like "___ and Yoyo"? Reply

      Long shot but Usavich?

      Could you be thinking of Hoops and Yoyo from Hallmark cards?

      You're probably thinking of the Hallmark's cards characters Hoops and Yoyo, but for the record they don't speak gibberish, they don't have buck teeth, and one of them has cat ears, not bunny ears. Everything else seems to fit, though.

      Yeah, it was Hoops and Yoyo! Thank you so much! I think I was getting my memories of them mixed up with Happy Tree Friends.
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    Live Action TV
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    I remember watching a tv show where there were two aliens in a park inside a spaceship. I think they had something like a milkshake maker. I also remember there being a game online where you could make your own milkshake.70% sure they went to sleep at the end of the episode. One was pink and the other one was blue. Please help me. Reply

      Small chance but could it be The Wot Wots?
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    I saw it in an AMV years ago (like 2008-2011) but can't find the original anime or the video. It's a 2000s anime about a girl and a feathered monster. I remember it having a Tvtropes page.

    I remember the bird was in a cage and the girl befriended it. It attacked her for some reason. Later on it escaped (?) but died by falling (?). Reply
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    When I was little, I had this CD of songs for children about safety. For instance, one of them was about using 911 and one of the verses went "It's only for emergencies, not for play". Another song was about stranger danger, where a man would speak, pretending to be a child-snatcher, and kids would answer back in song "No! Stop! Go away! No, no, no!". Reply