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    its around the 0:30 second mark of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtpz7FteGNk its a clip of what appears to be a tiny girl getting stabbed vertically through her entire body by giant hands. i saw this video sometime in 2015 and that particular scene has been bothering me ever since i watched it because despite countless searches i couldnt find the anime or clip, no matter what search keywords i put in. wondering if anyone knows what anime this is from. //i also have to apologize for posting so frequently on this, im so sorry Reply
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    I vaguely remember watching some video when I was around 4 or 5, it must have been on a DVD meant to be viewed by young children. I have a very very very slight feeling it was from Sesame Street, i honestly dont really think so but its entirely a possibility. There was a song in it about the hands of a clock, and i remember it went something along the lines of: "The big hand is for me and the little one's for you" anyone know what i'm talking about? Reply
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    I remember when I was around 8 or so, there was a CGI animated show that aired on a local television station in my area. I only vaguely remember the details of it:

    There were probably around 5 kids, i think 2 boys and 3 girls maybe, and one of the girls may have been in a wheelchair, but I don't remember it clear enough to be sure. They had meetings in some sort of room, and there was a talking orb that always told them the problem that they needed to solve or something like that. I can remember the orb possibly having an accent of some sort. There was some sort of group or cult of people/creatures that always caused problems, and if i remember correctly they MAY have been called "Them" or "It", Im not entirely sure, but its a possibility that thats what they were called. In one episode, if i remember correctly, one of the people/creatures were human-like entities that were tan in color and had completely blacked out eyes. I can remember the show having really dark undertones now that i think of it. I remember in one episode, the kids went to some kind of pyramid or ancient structure, and they were talking about measurements of the place or something that'd help them escape or fix the structure. I'm pretty sure the show was about math, but a higher level math, maybe about 8th through 12th grade level math if i can remember correctly. I just remember barely understanding the math since i was in 3rd grade and the math level was higher than mine at the time.

    Someone please tell me they know what this show is. I've been reminiscing about it a lot lately and i genuinely can't remember what it was called, and its been bothering me a lot. Last week i finally found the local channel the show was on, and looked at the guide for the shows that would be airing on that channel for a week in advance, and, to my dismay, i couldn't find the show. I'm certain that it stopped airing, since it didnt seem like a show that many people would want to watch since it seems like a show that'd freak out the kids that watched that channel at the time of this show's airing. As i mentioned before, from what i remember it seemed to have a ton of dark undertones.

    I very desperately want to know what this show was. Please, even if you only have a very slight idea of what I'm talking about, please tell me it. Anything that could lead me to finding this show would be very helpful. edit: the local channel it was on is called Becon TV, if that helps. ANOTHER EDIT: i explained this show to my mom, and she remembered it a little bit. She told me she thought it was possible that it was called something along the lines of "Science Kids", but i honestly cant be entirely sure. I thought the show may have revolved around mathematics, but my memory of this show is kinda really vague and fuzzy and etc., so its entirely possible that the show wasnt entirely about mathematics. I also suddenly got the slight feeling that one of the voice actors may have been called Michael or something, but i feel like that may be way too specific and minor of a detail to help me find this show. why did i type it here. Reply

      this is. important


      bump. pLease tell me someone knows what im talking about


      Could it be Cyber Chase ?

      @scoobydoodles no, its not cyber chase. I'm pretty sure it was entirely CGI animated, and now that i think of it, the show may not have been centered around mathematics.

      Your mom might be thinking of Sid the Science Kid, but that can't be it (it is 3D animated, though). It sounds much more like Cyberchase, even if that's not it.

      bump! this has been bothering me for the past year now
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    idk what this show is called but i think it was only up for a little while.. maybe in the 2005-2010 era?? it was either on cartoon network or nickelodeon. i just remember that it was kinda ugly and the art style was similar to Flapjack. i remember that the main character was a female who was always bitter and was fairly short. i think she had a twin but i'm not too sure. i remember one episode where she sang a song about how much she loved eating onions.. the fact that i can't find this show anywhere is killing me! please help! Reply

      Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi? Art style's not exactly what you described, but it's the only thing I can think of at the moment.


      no thats not it. it had a very grunge vibe to it. i'm not even 100% sure about the evidence i gave you but I'm trying my hardest

      is it chowder?
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    Western Animation
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    1: A VHS we had in the early noughties. An old man and his dog go to the north pole. Possibly based on a true story. I think the dog was a brown greyhound-y thing that had a short name that reminded me of another animal (I'll add it if I remember). There were penguins despite being in the wrong hemisphere. They mentioned ice cream a lot. There wasn't much dialogue, so I'm not sure where it was from.

    2: A series shown on CBBC (or maybe CITV). I think it was Australian. At least, everyone had an Australian accent. It was set one a spaceship or something, and one of the characters was named Hobart. Not much to go on, I know. Reply
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    I watched this show when i was a toddler. The tv show is somewhat educational. It always starts with a camera zooming into a feces puppet in some kind of a museum. I only remember one of the section/skit of the show is a full red skinned/painted guy in a red suit always fighting with a blue skinned/painted guy. The show is live action with mostly the use of puppets and the two humans fighting. That is all i can remember. Reply
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    I remember this hack and slash action rpg for Apple devices. It was played in landscape mode and had a touch d-pad in the lower right, and an attack button in the lower left. The story was something about a princess and a crystal I think. The world map was based around a tower north of town that you have to climb. It had several circles on the screen for special skills that depended on your class, which you could choose from warrior, mage or rouge i think. The sprites resembled something from gba or early ds. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I can't remember the name of a tv series in which a person receives a bracelet and gets teleported to a medieval realm. Reply

      Back to sherwood?

      No. The person receives the bracelet as a parcel in his office and gets trapped in the medieval land. Then he tries different methods to return. The tv series is mainly set in a pub. The medieval land is ruled by fairies and all magical objects are banned and confiscated by them. There is a fat female fortune teller who predicts that the protagonist would lead an army and she has a crush on the protagonist.

      When did you see it?

      Last year. Or maybe in January this year.

      I think that's Zapped.

      Yes. That's the One. Thank you. I've been searching for it for quite a while.
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    Hi, hope someone can help. I remember growing up and watching a spy type show with an Australia Brother and sister in a Bark (hidden) and with communication devices to speak with children all around the world to help fight evil. (some reason i have salvatory) in my head Reply
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    I don't know why but I remembered this game that was based off of a show where a teen and his teacher discover living "bugs" or whatever they were called that fought each other and "leveled up" soon after they develop devices that they can use to control the bugs, the teacher tells the teen to keep it a secret but 2 more people end up finding out anyway It's more of a show than a video game I originally found the show on youtube if anyone could help me remember the name it would be great :D Reply

      Can you describe what type of show it was? cgi, 2D animation, live action, etc

      That sounds like it might be one of the Digimon series.

      It was cgi and it wasn't Digimon (I'm actually a fan of digimon too though)

      Idk if this is true or not but I think the name of the series started with "nano" or something like that

      I was not cartoon or CGI, it was a brother and sister who were Australian in a farm type building hidden underground who could spy on bad guys around the work and communicate with other children around the world trying to stop evil, They also had a super computer that gave them the information. etc.. Not sure but think it was either BBC or ITV

      ^ for those wondering about dgoodrid response, it looks like they are responding on behalf of their own inquiry here
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    Live Action TV
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    This one's going to be really obscure, but here goes. I'm looking for a failed pilot for a game show. The central concept was that the contestants would take turns directing the lovely assistant around a grid. Each square would light up when she stepped on it, white was good, red was bad (think Minesweeper without any numbers). The rules did vary slightly between rounds; I seem to remember that some rounds would feature the occasional green square which gave the contestant a bonus.

    The thing is, it might have actually been a game show parody, rather than an actual game show:
    • When a contestant was eliminated, they would use a Star Trek-like transporter effect to remove them from the game. The contestants uniformly reacted as though they were actually being beamed away. (Although, they could have been coached to do that.)
    • At the end of the game, the host himself tried to play, just for kicks, hit a red square, was eliminated (complete with transporter effect), and they had a new host ready to go. (Although, that could have been a scripted part of the show because the existing host couldn't stay for the full series.)
    • There was no pattern at all as to where the red squares were, and no clues, so it playing was obviously %100 luck.

    Then again, despite all that, it did run for the full half-hour, so I don't really believe that it was a parody skit. Still, just wanted to point that out.

    Anybody remember it? Reply



      This sounds a lot like the BBC series The Adventure Game, which wasn't a failed pilot - it ran for four seasons.

      In the final round, contestants had to be guided across a grid avoiding the square that contained the Vortex, which they could not see. But if they'd done well in the previous rounds, they had a limited number of cheese rolls that they could use to test a square before stepping on it.

      The penalty for failing a game was being "evaporated". In the early rounds, this sent the contestant to the Black Hole, and the others got a chance to rescue them later. In the later rounds, it was permanent.


      That's kind of close, but not what I remember. For one, there wasn't nearly as much variety, it was just one lovely assistant moving around a square grid, that lit up either white or red, in a generic '80s game show set.

      I remember thinking that there was a lot more banter between the host and contestants than was usual for a game show, and theorizing that they had underestimated how hard the game was, so everybody got eliminated quickly, so they had to insert a lot of banter to pad out the timeslot (which is another reason to believe that it was a failed pilot rather than an actual series).
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    Live Action TV
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    the protagonist was a little boy who had a clockwork pocket watch that could stop time and it used to help people or do stuff like playing as goalkeeper on soccer, the watch was gifted to him by some kind of mailer or some other kind of uniformed worker that's all i can remember as of this question Reply
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    It Had Some Kid Trying to Defend a House from a Guy in a Beanie and His Dumb Friend Reply

      You mean Home Alone?

      That's the best description of Home Alone I've ever heard.

      That's the best description of Home Alone I've ever heard.

      it has to be home alone
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    I don't remember much about the show I just know it was very creepy and mysterious and it was about kids who went to a boarding school and in every episode the head of the school would say "it is now 11:00 and i should hear nothing but pin drop silence" and then he would drop a pin. I remember in the very first few episodes a girl would wonder what was behind a closed door that she could not go into and she would have dreams about black feathers ?? Reply
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    the only thing i remember from this series was some kids-teens wake up in a college or something an enclosed school . and the kids have something like special gifts they find hiden stuff below of the school i think it was a hotel once and they are trying to find a way to go away from the school-college or what ever. sry for my bad english Reply
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    It's a show from a kid's channel, possibly Cbeebies. it has a dog who is a rapper/singer and he is read stories by random celebrities Reply
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    I'm trying to identify a TV show from the 80's (possibly late 70's) were this man was able to freeze time with a "magic" stopwatch. When frozen everything was still and lit in red and he could move around and manipulate things. He could then re-activate the watch and everything would start again. I have had a few people say they have a vague recollection of this show, but can't remember any details. Reply

      The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything, starring Robert Hays (Airplane) and Pam Dawber (Mork and Mindy). Based on a 1962 novel by John D. Mac Donald. There was also a sequel film, The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Dynamite.
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    Okay, this is a little vague, but I need help with this! So the book has a baseball theme to it, and the main conflict arose because of some kid on an opposing baseball team (as I said, baseball theme) took the protagonist's little brother's statuette that he got at Disneyland? It's very vague. The title was something like "The x street y's" or something like that. It was probably published in the mid-late 80's. I don't know if it had illustrations or not, but it did have chapters if that helps anyone out. I would really like to know this please! Reply


      Not a novelization of one of the Bad News Bears films?

      No, I don't think that's it.

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    Web Original
    I remember watching this cartoon about a yellow, shaggy haired boy, with shiny blue eyes, and a blue-green outfit, who looked somewhat like beaker, as a child sometime in 2011. I swear one of the mario characters was in it.

    Once, when I was little, I saw this show on treehouse with a lady, and a raccoon puppet, making crafts out of things like, cups, paper, and other things you'd find around your house.

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    Western Animation
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    I've been looking for an animated show I watched as a kid. It's about an underwater princess that looks human and then there is a frog army as well. It's quite old, I think maybe from the 70's and the intro song sounds a lot like the sage by emerson lake and palmer. Anybody know what I'm talking about? Reply

      Probably The New Adventures of Ocean Girl (the cartoon sorta based on Ocean Girl)
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    Live Action TV
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    Aired around 10 years ago in Canada. Involved a teenage boy who finds this giant metal egg which is some kind of ship. He uses it to travel and have adventures with a teenage girl and some alien side kicks. He has something kind of special power that he used to change parts of his body into weapons and such. Reply

      Galidor. There was a LEGO tie-in, too.
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    Live Action TV
    There was a show on during the early 2000s, as reruns or new episodes I'm unsure of, but there were different rooms that the characters would interact with. There were around 5-6 hosts (male and female) and a few children with them. One of the rooms was full of drawers that they would pull different toys out of (it's the only room I can remember clearly). At the end of every episode, they would have a play that all of the hosts would take part in, such as an episode that had a character playing a dog that could only see in black and white, and the other characters (playing different animals) were trying to get her to enjoy that she saw only these colors. It was very similar to Out of the Box. Reply
  • 20 Jan 13th, 2017 at 2:02PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 25th Mar, 2017 07:44:20 AM
    I remember seeing a little bit of this cartoon where there were a bunch of kids playing soccer outside of a building. A younger boy tries to get the ball, but is overtaken by an older boy and made fun of for his size. They're about to argue but are called inside to the building, which I think was some kind of library or school. I think the kids that went into the building were going to listen to a story or something, or maybe listen to a lesson of some kind. The teacher/storyteller might have been some kind of animal, but I'm not sure. The setting looked almost like the Australian outback: a flat rocky plain wih red dust for the ground, and sparse trees. Any idea what this could be? Reply




      Okay, prooobably the least helpful answer ever, but I suppose you could try the "All CGI Cartoon" page if you haven't already.

      Bump. Okay, I'll check that out.

      Bump. I checked the All-CGI Cartoon page but I couldn't find anything that looked like it.

      All of the characters were people and not animals, but could it be Ivan the Incredible?

      Around what time/where did you watch this show?

      I saw it years ago. Probably around the early 2000s.

      Definitely not Ivan the Incredible; the style was completely different.



      It was airing in the United States, if that helps. I'm not sure what the cartoon's country of origin was, though.





      Hi, could it possibly be Outback (movie)?

      "In the outback of Australia, the coward white koala Johnny is bullied by the other animals because of his color. When Johnny meets the Tasmanian devil Hamish and his friend, the mute photographer monkey Higgens, he is invited to join a traveling circus and Johnny leaves the wilderness to be an attraction in the sideshow. While traveling to Precipice Lake, the wagon car of Johnny, Hamish and Higgens releases from the train and they crash in the desert. They walk together to the new location and stumbles with an oasis with a billabong, and they see a pack of dingoes attacking the animals. Johnny accidentally frightens the wild dogs that return to their boss, the evil crocodile Bog in Precipice Lake and Hamish introduces Johnny bragging that he is hero The Koala Kid. They are welcomed by the locals and Johnny is worshiped by the little Charlotte despite the disbelief of her sister Miranda. But when Charlotte is wrongly kidnapped by the dingoes, Johnny has to prove to himself that he can beat Bog and rescue Charlotte."

      No, I checked out Outback, but the CGI is very different from what I remember, and the characters I remember were all human. The CGI animation kind of reminded me of early RWBY if that helps (except that it came way before RWBY) if it was cel-shaded. Or maybe like Burka Avenger (again, the cartoon I saw was before that came out), but with not as good CGI. The clip I'm thinking of aired in the United States, and was probably on Playhouse Disney if I had to guess what channel it was, but I could be wrong.

      Probably a stretch, but there's a library in a desert in an episode of Avatar the Last Airbender, and the librarian looks like a giant owl. Could that be it?
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    Western Animation
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    I remember watching this old TV show as a kid. I think the formula was that every episode, we'd be on some sort of CGI roller coaster, which took us to three of many different CGI themed buildings. In each house, was a live-action adult, who would do something like show an arts-and-crafts project or sing a song. The only song I remember was about moving, and the chorus went something like this:

    Moving, moving can be a scary thing

    Not knowing where you're going

    Can leave a-wondering (?)

    How long it takes for you to drive

    What you see when you arrive:

    Scary ghosts

    Or smiling eyes

    Or dinosaurs that fly!

    Also, the last words of the song where "Really really...cool!"

    Does anything like this exist? Reply

      It's a bump

      Another Bump

      Bump the Third

      Could it be Dinosaur Train? I don't think it would stop at different buildings, but every episode would start on a train ride and there'd always be singing involved. Plus, the end of each episode had a live-action adult in it.

      No, that's not it. There might have been a non-human animated character (like a robot or ghost or something), but it's not Dinosaur Train. Thanks for trying though.

      If it helps, I remember the CGI roller coaster part being a POV shot.