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    This one is pretty vague. Its probably 80s, but im not sure if its film or live tv. The details i remember are a man enters some kind of cave and encounters someone inside who he unknowingly sets free. It was an evil character. Probably the devil or maybe the anti christ. Does this sound familiar to you? Reply
  • 23 Jun 16th, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Live Action TV
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    What are the ads used in this montage from this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2mf8DtWWd8? Thanks. Reply

      Bump. Please help.

      You've edited it out now, but the list you had before of all the ones you've already identified would actually be really helpful to post again for anyone that wanted to try their hand at searching! Since you've already found so many, someone could end up spending a lot of time tracking down ones that you already know about.

      Girlfriend; Beach Road; Tracy; Car Crash Nightmare; Joey; Gravel; Bones; Country Kids - "Darren!"; Mum in a Hurry; Young Cops; Don't Get In; Christmas Accident; 12 Days of Christmas - Monday, Wednesday; 12 Days of Christmas - Thursday, Sunday; 10km less; Vice Versa; Haunted; Blame; Never; Powernap; Drowning; Blood Test; Little Bit Dead; HELP - version 1; HELP - version 2; Levels; Swap; The Ride; The Pub; Curtain Airbags; Want Some?/The Cell; Pinball; No Accident & the Wife; We'll Catch You Before Someone Gets Hurt - version 1; We'll Catch You Before Someone Gets Hurt - version 2; Double Bus; Reconstruction; Nightshift; Prison; Pictures of You; Fireball; Glasses; See the Light; Don't Tempt Fate; Bush Telegraph; Slo-Mo; What Hurts Most; Motherless Child; When? (Metro version); Snap; Courtroom

      I saw all these ads, I contacted TAC a few days ago, I also asked on Reedit (only one person responded) and Yahoo Questions (nothing), and I even asked on the You-Tube video comment section. I know if you saw my other thread, you are not particularly fond of how I acted, but please. I do not know if TAC will respond and I really want to find out the other ads. I know some are still left.


      Bump. Still no response from TAC, it has been about six days. No ideas at all?

      In case, anyone cares, TAC responded to me last night. TAC gave me a list of all ads that are available to watch on You-tube. Many are on the channel, but I do not have time to watch them all. I did not tell TAC which ones I already could identify, but that could help solve things faster.





      Bump, come on. Does no one know? I will just keep on bumping until someone helps.

      I mean, given that you bumped eight times without a response, we kinda figured as much. I'm sorry that nobody has been able to help you yet, but being impatient may make those who do know feel less willing to lend a hand. I hope you do find what you're looking for eventually.

      I am sorry for being rude and for being impatient, but it is quite surprising to me why no one is at least trying to help. I asked this on Yahoo questions, nothing. I asked this on Reedit, only one responded with an ad. I even asked in the comment section for the You-tube video, nothing. I emailed TAC about one or two weeks ago, and all they could do is refer to me a link on their You-tube channel of their ads, which are too many that I have time for, so only few days ago I responded to them with the ads that I could make out, doubt they will respond though. I already identified most, but some are still left. If no one knows, I understand, but I am sure at least someone here can help me out.

      if someone knows, they'll chime in. they're not deliberately ignoring you.

      Well, someone will respond eventually. They are TAC ads for Pete's sake, they can't be that unidentifiable.



      Don't know why I'm bothering, but bump.

      Can anyone please help? I asked this again on Yahoo questions, nothing. Only one person responded on Reedit, and TAC responded, but just directed me to their You-Tube channel where I could see every ad by them or promoted by them, there are tons. I responded with all the ads I could identify, have not heard back, and this was weeks ago. I even asked under the comment section for the video, no answer at all. Please I should ask which moments of the montage I am trying to identify, the ads from:

      1:12-1:17, 1:36-1:37, and 3:25-3:27

      Please, I do not know who else to ask, and the IMDB unfortunately closed their message boards down.

      Comparing the wikipedia descriptions of TAC ads with the segments you are asking for, they may or may not be any of: "Six O'Clock News," "Speed Cameras," or, "Courthouse." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Accident_Commission#Television_advertising Unfortunately I can't find those ads anywhere, so I can't verify whether those are the ads you're looking for or not.

      I can see that all the segments you are trying to identify predate 1999, as the same footage is present in the 1999 version of the same ad montage at 1:02-1:08, 1:24-1:28, and, 3:07-3:09: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45oV6PssNu4

      You may have already known all this, and I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I do not know specifically what ads they are. Hopefully I have at least narrowed things down for you. Maybe you want to contact the TAC asking for those three ads I suggested at the beginning? Though, again, they may not even be what you're looking for.

      I hope you find what you are looking for, at any rate.

      Well, I appreciate the help. I will search those ads. I already contacted TAC, but did not ask about those specific ads. I will try again. Thank you again.

      Bump, for the meantime.

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    The animation is similar to A Cowboy Needs a Horse, the animated Disney short, so this could very well be another Disney animated short. All I remember is seeing this sorcerer, I think a warlock, similarly dressed as a traditional witch, singing, and being in what I think was a barn. He was singing about gold. My folks recorded a bunch of shows on a VHS tape that we have, so I will try to the tape to identify more, but that could take a while (we are moving soon and put things away), but hopefully someone here will remember this. I know it is not much to go on, but please help, thanks. Reply

      The Smurfs? Gargamel had this habit of breaking into a short song about how he'll use smurfs as spell ingredients to create gold.

      No, but thanks. I will try to search for the vhs tape but I do not know where it is.


      Bump. I remember the sorcerer wearing a robe and speaking in a deep voice. If that helps.

      Could it have been an adaptation of the old fairytale "Rumpelstiltskin?"

      No. He was not short, he was tall. I am pretty sure he was a warlock or wizard. He looked like a male witch, but it has been a while since I saw it. He had a deep voice, not scary though, and I remember him sprinkling dust on the ground singing about a gold while outside a barn. I cannot remember any other characters. The entire short was a song. I saw this in the early 90s. It was not the Smurfs.

      O-k, I browsed through all our VHS tapes and did not find the video this was recorded on. Here is all I know. I saw this in the early 90s. It was in color. The animation is quite similar to A Cowboy Needs a Horse, a Silly Symphonies Disney short, it might be another Silly Symphonies cartoon. It is not the Smurfs, but the main character is a singing wizard or warlock (wearing a black robe), I do not think he had warts, probably did, he was obviously a male witch if not similar to one. He was singing about gold, sprinkling stuff onto the ground. It was outside a barn. I cannot remember any other characters or anything else. It was night time in the cartoon not day, and it was a short, musical short. Please help, thanks.

      I looked through a list of Silly Symphonies cartoons and didn't see anything that sounded like this. Was the entire cartoon about the warlock, or was it just one scene?

      It was the entire cartoon, if I remember correctly, but it has been a while since I last saw it and as said, I cannot locate the VHS tape. The tape was just recorded shows. It might not have been a Silly Symphonies cartoon, but as pointed several times, the animation is quite similar to the Silly Symphonies short, a Cowboy Needs a Horse, same musical style, same animation. I am not entirely sure if it was Disney though,

      If this helps. The warlock/wizard sounds much like the Ace of Clubs from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. I was listening to Disney songs on a CD to work today, Painting the Roses Red, and when I heard the card sing, "in fact, they will soon be dead", it made me think of the voice of this character, a deep monotone. The short was not sinister, and was definitely for kids.

      Bump. I am still trying to locate the VHS tape. I asked this on Reedit, two responded, but neither the right answer. I appreciate the help. Unfortunately, I cannot remember much of the warlock/wizard, but he was brown with a black robe. I cannot remember if he had warts. As he sprinkled dust, he did not use a wand, but his hands.

      Someone suggested the Sorcerer's Apprentice (not Fantasia) and someone else suggested a Wizard of Oz short, but neither is what I am searching for. I cannot remember if the male character as a warlock or a wizard, but it clearly looked like a male witch, his clothing, his evilness, his voice. Does this ring no bells to anyone?

      bump, saw it in 1993-1996, though the short was most likely from much earlier in the U.S. if that helps
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    Not really a "what show is this" question, but I'm really curious to know if all the songs in the movie version of LSOH are actually sung by the actors. I know the beginning of the "Skid Row" song is sung live by the woman, but is anything else? Reply
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    a comedy tv show about a woman who married fireman when she was drunk.. she try to divorce him but he refuse i need the name of the show Reply
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    There's this girl who buys a necklace from a shop, and becomes haunted/stalked by some ghost boy. Only she can see the ghost because of the necklace. She goes back to the shop to return the necklace, but the shop isnt there anymore. She also has a crush on her senpai, who's her neighbor or something? It's colorized, so I think it's probably a Korean webcomic, but I'm not sure. Reply
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    This was an animated movie about a dog. He stood up and worked at a factory with his best friend. She was a female dog. It was snowing, but They went out for ice cream and then I believe she went home and set up a vacation/paradise for the boy dog. She invited him over and they sat in a baby pool with palm trees. Reply
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    I watched this movie as a kid. Not really sure when it came out. It was the 80s or 90s. The movie starts with a black boy and white girl. They go into the computer to help this world solve math problems. One of the problems they solve is a about pizza and fractions. When they solved all of the problems, they go back to their home out of the computer. Reply

      The premise sounds like the show Cyber Chase, although the characters in that show are a white boy, a black girl, and a girl with glasses that could be read as white (I don't know offhand what her race was).

      No, not cyber chase :(
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    I can't remember this cartoon that I watched when I was a kid (born 2000.) I don't remember what the show was about but I remember a part where the boy was swinging on his swingset and he swung really high and disappeared. Does anyone know this show? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Ok so im fairly certain this was live tv. It was probably 90s, but it could of been 80s. Theres a bunch of people sitting in some diner and a man goes to the entrance and opens the door to reveal they are in outer space. Do you remember what this was from? Reply
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    two boys and one girl in a singing competition where zach efron comes in and the contestants sing Unwritten by natasha bedingfield wjere the girl was sitting on a bench in front of a water fountain and the boy came in Reply
  • 5 Jul 20th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    can anyone tell me an episode or two of an an anime, cartoon or live action show where a female is knocked out or faints the has a dream sequence Reply
  • 5 Jul 19th, 2017 at 7:07PM
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    I remember reading (probably on this very site) about some series with a material that is like, literally nothing, but it reacts to thoughts and if someone gets near it it becomes whatever that person is thinking about. Any idea what story that's from? Reply

      So I'm assuming not, but sometimes it does turn out to be the Big Obvious Thing and the OP just wasn't familiar with it— it's not the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter?

      Nah, it's not Harry Potter.

      Sounds like the substance Stuff, which features in The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway.

      It could have been Ever-So-Much-More-So, which comes from one of Robert McCloskey's Homer Price books.

      Red got it, it was The Gone-Away World. Thanks, Red!
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    Hi. This was a British or Australian fantasy children's TV show in the late 1960s. It was set in a woods,and garden. The children were stranded there, and they had to avoid a huge floating pumpkin, maybe 2-3 metres in diameter and slow moving. I am a bit hazy on what happened if it touched you, possibly swallowed you? Reply
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    Does anyone remember this children's book (80s or 90s?) about these two little bears siblings (90% sure they were bears). Their parents went out for the evening and then the bear children got really scared because they thought there was a monster outside, and they couldn’t wake up their babysitter who kept sleeping on a comfy chair.Eventually, their parents came back and they found out the monster was just a kite that got stuck in a tree and then they all ate cookies. I'm pretty sure the big babysitter bear says "me three" when the parents ask who wants cookies. It s driving me absolutely insane trying to remember. Please ease my pain. Thank you. Reply

      It wouldn't have been one of the Berenstain Bears books, would it?

      Nope. Not Berenstain Bears. I had a bunch of those, but this one was a little square book I think. I am almost certain the cover was bordered in a light blue.

      Is it a Little Bear book, perhaps?

      its not Little Bear...

      Now it's driving me up the wall too. I clearly remember this book, but my brain keeps remembering it as a Berenstain Bears one. But it's not, and I have no clue what book it is.

      Are you dead certain it's not the Berenstain Bears In The Dark? I remember this book too, i know I've read it, and I could swear it's this.

      I am certain that it isn't the Berenstain Bears. I had tons of those, including the "In the Dark" one, and that isn't it.

      Does it even have the word "bear" in the title or no?

      Was it perhaps one of the Little Critter books, by Mercer Mayer?

      i don't know if "bear" is in the title. I really wish I did. I'm fairly certain it was not a Little Critter book. We had those too, but this was not that. This one feels like some off-brand type of book

      UPDATE: Ok— so my mom thinks that the same book involved messages of fire safety: the little boy bear used matches and burnt his fingers and had to have bandages. The scary tree outside scraped at the window. It MAY have been a fire safety book.

      Might it be Teddy Bear Tales? https://www.amazon.com/Book-Five-Minute-Teddy-Bear-Tales/dp/1843228890

      I remember the Bubbles series of books, which featured a monkey (not a bear) and his brother who got into similar hijinks, including one in which Bubbles burns himself.

      Nope, not those...

      This sound familiar to me, but I don't quite remember it either. It's not one of the "Rupert Bear" books is it? https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjDhZvs1ZnVAhWJS7wKHflTC8AQFggoMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FRupert_Bear&usg=AFQjCNE7YmHixFgqNiuf8qWh9-gYT1Yumw
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    I'm trying to find a kids tv show probably from the 90s or 80s that had three main characters that where colored one was orange one was blue and the other color I don't remember... they would be on a set that had a boor that was slip going across a top and bottom door... they would play games and stuff and when they leave they say see you later alligator in a while crocodile Reply
  • 2 Jul 20th, 2017 at 2:02PM
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    Trying to find a book for my mom. She said she read it while she had the flu, so the details might be a little fuzzy, but essentially, she thinks it took place in 1900s, Ireland, and depicted real events. It was about a young girl who was accused of being a witch by her family, and one of the things they did to "test" whether she was a witch involved throwing her into the fireplace, and if she burned, she was a witch. Of course, she burned, but they let her leave the fireplace, and she started having convulsions from being horribly burned, and the family claimed this was more proof that she was a witch. She emphasized that this was extra disturbing because, again, it depicted real events. Reply

      The real-life case that it's based on may be that of Bridget Cleary - she died in 1895 rather than in the 1900s, but perhaps it's close enough. There have been a few books about the case - two which I can find are The Burning of Bridget Cleary by Angela Bourke and The Cooper's Wife is Missing by Joan Hoff. I can't guarantee that either of those is right, though.

      Thanks so much! I'll have to check with my mom to see if that's who she was thinking of, but I'll let you know if you're right. I really appreciate it. ^^
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    My cousin and I were trying to think of the name of this life lesson type film that our elementary school showed us and it had a blue dinosaur looking puppet but we can't think of the name of the show or the dinosaur...? Reply
  • 2 Jul 20th, 2017 at 7:07AM
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    I'm trying to find the name of an old TV show I think from the 70's I believe it was on Friday nights. The series didn't last long. it was kind of on the order of the Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. I don't k now but I think it was on ABC. Anyway in one particular episode (different episodes all the time) as best i can remember there was a little boy always dressed as a little girl. He might have lived with his grandparents. He thought he was a little girl until he saw a book with a picture of naked little boy in it. That's all i can remember. My memory is fading. Any help would be greatly appreciated It's been driving me nuts trying to think of it. Reply

      That sounds like the series Journey To The Unknown: I think the episode you're describing is "Miss Belle".

      Thank you so much I read the description and that was kit Thank you very much
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    I'm desperate to know what show this audio clip is from: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yj8xcz1oppa5vfa/where+is+this+from.mp3 I've been looking absolutely everywhere, tried the exact script used here and found nothing.

    (the audio was from an old youtube video clip that itself had nothing to do with the show, however it was published to youtube in 2012 so its safe to say that the show this audio is from is old)

    what I'm getting from this clip

    - it has a child character named Juli/julie(?) whose mother committed suicide and she tried to stop her - english drama tv show/movie(?) - the scene overall sounds very 'heavy', dunno what genres would fit for this. Reply
  • 2 Jul 5th, 2017 at 10:10PM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 20th Jul, 2017 03:37:16 PM
    Back in the late 1990s (or maybe 2000 at the latest) there was a kids show that aired in the US on the weekends featuring two "monsters" — a brother and a sister, which were actually people dressed in costume. Everything was live action and the monsters were the hosts. The sister was bright pink and the brother bright blue. Both were fluffy and cute, and I think had large pointy ears...they looked a bit like Fennec foxes, actually. The show was educational. Reply

      Were both monsters small? I think you are referring to Kidsongs.

      kidsongs it is
  • 0 Jul 20th, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Print Comic
    I got a copy of Yen Plus a long, long time ago and there were three manga/manhwa series that really stuck out to me. One of which was Pig Bride, but I can't remember the names of the other two.

    The first one was about a monster hunter of some kind. The chapter was about a flashback, involving a beautiful young woman found by a mother and her adult son. The beautiful woman has amnesia, and the mother and son welcome her into their home. The mother makes cloth, and soon the beautiful woman wants to learn how to make cloth too. It is revealed that she can make the most beautiful cloth but needs to be locked away in private in order to do so. Two monster hunters enter a store where the cloth is being sold and reveal to the owner of the store that the cloth has been sewn with human body parts such as blood vessels. The son enters the weaving room to see the beautiful woman at the loom, with a scary face and possibly monster hands, and his mother's head is in a basket nearby (the beautiful woman killed her to sew her body parts into the cloth). It ends with the man having the flashback reflecting that the beautiful woman had not considered it "wrong" to kill people to make cloth since she didn't know anything else.

    The second one I remember a bit less about and was cutesier. There is a contest to cook pancakes with shaped wire so that the pancakes come out in that shape perfectly. Some kids try with hearts, stars, etc. but fail. A man wins the contest after successfully using a complicated castle shaped wire to make a perfect pancake and he wins a giant teddy bear. The teddy bear has a person inside and it's implied that the man won the contest to save the person inside the bear. Then the man meets a girl who has a parasol, and she is scared of stepping into the sun because she feels like it splits her soul into two (or something). The man says that he avoids the sun because he sunburns a lot. The bear does comic poses and stuff throughout. Reply
  • 3 Jul 19th, 2017 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Jul, 2017 12:29:31 PM
    OK, so I’m going to try my hardest to explain this show, I literally only remember tiny bits of it, and it been irking me to find it and watch it because i know I loved the show. I don’t know if i remember watching it on Netflix or on something else but heres what i do remember. I remember one part where it was this blonde woman and she could play the guitar. i think… i also remember a garage being a huge part of the show. i don’t know if she sang in the garage and if that was her thing. I think she was a mom. i remember she had a baby in her arms at one ending of a episode and the song unwritten was playing. For some reason i can remember a mailman… i remember some more little things, if anybody had a clue or idea, please tell me. and if you need to know more let me know. Reply

      According to https://www.tunefind.com/artist/natasha-bedingfield, versions of Unwritten have been used in the tv shows Medium, Pretty Little Liars, and Cold Case. (I have not watched any of those shows, so I can't vouch for whether or not those are what you're looking for.)

      It might help if you can add a little more detail about what year (approximately) you watched the show and whether it looked contemporary or like something from the 90's, 80's, etc...

      Rita Rocks?


      OMG, thank you guys for your help. Its Rita Rocks!!!
  • 2 Jul 19th, 2017 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Jul, 2017 12:28:12 PM
    This show where either this girl wants to become a singer and she ends up either with a job at a record label or she is signed to the record label. I guess she was considered a rookie around the studio and people made her do stuff like get coffee and babysit other artist. I remember at some point she was either hiding somewhere or she fell. I remember this boy he was either a solo artist or in a band and he like played a guitar. i think she fell in love wth a boy. not sure if there was a romance. I think somehow she got famous by her singing and was a popular artist. i hope someone can help me Reply

      Long shot, but part of Pitch Perfect has the main character working at the college radio station...

      Its not a movie, i believe it is a show. But i see where you get pitch perfect from. but its not that
  • 1 Jul 20th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Jul, 2017 10:31:31 AM
    I am trying to remember the name of a film I sae a long time ago. What I can remember from it is that s woman fets kidnapped from a castle by boat then she is taken by horse to the camp of her kidnappers. On the way she tears her dress so that those at the castle can find which way she was taken. When she gets to the camp the man who took her takes her to the leader. He sees that her dress os torn and so smacks his man with his armoured hand saying that no harm was to come to her. She is then taken to this cave where she is put on a stone column which can only be accessed by this bridge which get lowered. Please help me Reply