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    From cruel twist ending trope page:

    'An awareness campaign about child dyslexia showed a young boy sitting listlessly through a prizegiving ceremony at school, aware that he hasn't done well enough in any of his classes to receive a prize. Suddenly, his name is called, and he discovers he's won a prize for art and design (the only subject that involves little reading and writing) - then finds out his prize is a book token.'

    Does not sound that cruel, but has anyone seen this campaign before? I want to find it. I tried searching it up, but found nothing. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I remember this show about kids in a fantasy-ish world from around the 2000's where kids could summon creatures from rocks, and each of them had elemental powers, and there dark versions of other creatures... All in all, the more I think about it, the more it makes me think of a Slugterra prototype, except it was in traditional animation. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    There was an old kids tv show that was about a box of toys/antiques that I think were either sentient or gave you special powers. The TV show had big Doctor who / Sarah Jane adventure vibes about it and it was out in the 2000-2015 time period Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I believe its a french animated tv series. It was about the staff of an airline company: the protagonist was kind like Jim Phelps, both physicaly and on the role of leader of the team, i remember a blonde flight attendant who kinda fell in the dumb blonde trope and a flamboyant black guy who was the comic relief. I think the intro was similar in style to that of Spielberg's Catch me if you can. I guess the show was a bit adult oriented 'cause i remember some sexual innuendo on some episodes. The designs of the charaters and the animation was kinda like the show 6teen. Its probably from the early 2000's. Does anyone knows the show i'm talking about? Thanks. Reply
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    So there was this game I played on Facebook were you are an army leader and you have to balance food and people. You combat other leaders in multiplayer I think it was 2d and at the end your leader fights if your army is all dead. Both leaders will fight at the end if both sides are wiped out. I think there is orcs humans maybe a few others. I've been looking for a year and can't find it. I don't think its Facebook exclusive just was on Facebook. And I remember on one page there was a half nude drawn woman and I played the game in the kitchen so my mom was in there and I would try to hide it lol, it was a fun game though. Oh, also a lot of grunts when soldiers were hit. Reply
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    A late 90s or early 2000s game, most likely a shareware program, that's basically Mr. Potato Head but with fruit. I also remember the facial features being animated once you put them on. Reply
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    Recall time. I'm trying to find this obscure sitcom from the late 70's. All I can remember is that the intro had young girls doing various activites. The song that played was sung by a female and I remember the main phrase being "Girls, girls, girls!" No, it wasn't Motley Crue. Any ideas? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    the gyu was a solider then erased his id to become like a secret agent he works with this old guy and this blonde lady in government helps them sometimes, one time they almost caught him but clearing an image of the reflection of his face on a van Reply

      That sentance is kinda hard to understand, you might want to put it a different way

      Could it be The Player?
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    This was a short film circa 80s-90s that I think I saw as filler on HBO. In it, there's a dinner party somewhere in France, and this pretentious American lady goes on and on about how she loves it in France because everyone's so progressive, not like those backward, Puritanical Americans, etc. etc.

    Then she excuses herself to use the bathroom, which is just a toilet with a big, transparent glass door. The rest of the short is just her trying to devise a way of using the bathroom without anyone seeing her, trying and failing to cover the glass. Meanwhile the dinner party goes on, and nobody pays any attention to what is going on right behind them.

    Anyone else know this one? Reply
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    The last time I remember playing this game was several years ago. The game revolved around a mansion where you were supposed to find monsters and defeat them. The way you moved was tile based (like Habbo, I think) and the monsters were hidden throughout the mansion. I think the first monster you encountered was a mummy and you either needed a key, or it gave you a key after the mummy. There were around ten monsters. You could pick between being a male or a female. I think the home page for the game was purple, and it had the faces of every monster in the game. I also remember there being a blue ghost in the attic you needed goggles to see, and a skeleton in a closet. The game is probably a decade old and I doubt anyone will be able to find it, but on the off chance that anyone else remembers it, I'd like to know that it existed. Reply
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    Im pretty sure it was animated it was an old tv show prolly 90s bc I remember watching it as a kid and i was born in 99 it had a bunch of good monsters like big and hairy .... can anyone please just help me Reply

      Or it may have been a book I cant remember that well

      Can you remember anything else? There's lots of things that have monsters in them, especially since you're not sure whether it was a TV show or a book. What did the characters look like? Were there humans in it, or just monsters? Can you remember anything about the plot or premise?

      If not, um, Where the Wild Things Are maybe?

      Yes omg thank you so much I’ve been looking for so long I hate trying to remember stuff 😂 it’s where the wild things are
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    Live Action TV
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    Its a show about two or three witches, and i think it was aired in the 2000s. Because of the clothing and production. But it was about theses women who had just discovered they were witches, one of them had brown auburn hair and had a daughter, the other i think was asian, im not sure, but she had black hair and glasses. Im not sure which episode this is, but one of them, i think the one in glasses, is captured by a gypsy like woman and they have to escape her grasps. And a quote that i remember from it is the brown haird woman replying to her love interest in the story. Guy: how do you keep your garden so neat ?? (Or something along the lines of him questioning how all of her flowers are still in bloom) and she replies "magic". Thats all i remember . If you know what it is, i would be very greatfull. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    In the early '80s there was a one-time TV comedy show featuring Randy Newman's pop song "Short People Got No Reason." I don't remember any special characters in the show. This was not a series, but a single show with no future. I watched the whole thing, and it was very funny, but the humor was largely slap-stick, which is one of my favorite types of humor. One of the scenes was a 'public service announcement.' It showed a man running down the street. He turned away for a second, and ran face-first into a road sign, and his feet flew up and he landed on his back. A voice-over then said "Don't do this." This could have aired in the late '70s, but I'm thinking more like '81 or '82. I would love to see it again. So many shows are lost. Aired once, and forgotten. Reply
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    All I can remember is that they were anarchists or something along those lines. In the first episode one of the main characters pushes a shopping cart through a store window for fun, and that he and his friend would trip skateboarders with their canes while they sat on a park bench. Came out around 2015 I think. Comedy. I've searched every possible phrase to find it for the past few hours. Reply
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    Is there any other DCOM about a kid whose uncle is younger than them? I could only find Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board but I thought there was an earlier film like that too from 2002-2005. Reply
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    I have a recollection of a scene in which two people are talking across a table and one pulls a gun on the other under the table, who responds by pushing the gun to the side, person A then pulls another gun in the other hand which is again pushed aside. They then deploy either a gun or knife from their shoe which the other person is also able to push away. Weirdly I remember them face to face by the end of the scene so I don't know quite how it works with the table in the way. I first thought of Indiana Jones, but it doesn't seem right, it may be from a comedy/parody thing instead? Trying to google this seems impossible, so hopefully the explanation is clear enough. Reply
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    I watched half of it on Netflix several years ago. I remember reading on Wikipedia that it's an adaptation of a play, or something to that effect.

    I think it was about a baby being the Sole Survivor of a royal family and being raised to kill his parents murderer. All I clearly remember was this scene where a guy kills a newborn by throwing him on the floor. Reply
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    Hi. I am trying to remember an old tv cartoon in which a man, while playing the piano, hears a sound from inside it and goes INSIDE the piano to investigate. Once inside the piano, he goes on different adventures. I believe it was a silent cartoon with just music and sound effects. Saw it some time in the 80s. I have googled it to no end and can't find it. Can someone please help, Have been thinking about this for days but not been successful. Reply
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    i remember having a pin as a child and it had a cartoon blue sofa on it. My gran told me it was a tv show but couldn't recall which one. I no longer own the pin however i have always wanted to know this show!!! Reply

      there's a blue sofa in Molly and the Big Comfy Couch

      In your subject line, you said "blue sofa character"— does this mean that the sofa was alive in some way?

      Pee-Wee's Playhouse has a blue talking chair, not a cartoon though. It might be what the other poster suggested, though I do not remember that being a cartoon, but if not, then perhaps Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
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    i am struggling to remember a tv show where these cartoon characters are above surface but then they go underground to a sewer. thats all i remember, think it may be oscars orchestra but i have no way of watching that?/ Reply

      That is a terrifically vague description. Have you checked the page Absurdly Spacious Sewer?

      I've never seen "Oscar's Orchestra". The picture on the following page looks like they're in a sewer though so it's possible, https://au.pinterest.com/pin/490822059362408927/

      Of course, based around this description it could be a lot of different shows. "Futurama" has the characters primarily above ground but there was a civilisation in the sewers which they'd sometimes visit. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" spent most of their time above ground and also spent a lot of time in the sewers. "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" would frequently venture above ground but also spent time surfing in sewers sometimes. There are a lot of shows it could be.
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    I used to have a pin of a cartoon sofa which was animated into a character (like items in beauty and the beast) i no longer own the pin yet i have always wondered what the show/film may be? Most likely early 00s or 90s. Reply
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    their was a tv show I can't remember if it was a Netflix original but anyway the plot was there were these kids and they were in detention on either Saturday or Sunday and basically a virus broke out I know it was a smoke and I'm pretty sure it was yellow but can you PLEASE help me find it? Reply

      Freakish. And it's on Hulu, not Netflix.
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    cartoon about kid who moves to a new town and finds a robot in his garage and he brings him and fixes him to be with other robots and I think the robot he finds is. White and he has different colours on him and he might be made out of squares I think it was a 3D animated show Reply

      Found it it was called cubix weird little show I watched when I was younger probably on some dogey DVD from the pound shop 😂