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    I remember a few things about the anime ; It aired on the Anime Network on demand service in about 2011-2012, it involved aviation, two of the main locations in the show was an (aviation?) academy, and an old aviation museum. It took place during WWII, I think. Another thing I remember was one scene where a character who was thought to be dead by his two siblings is sitting by his mothers grave, putting down flowers, whilst his siblings plot to kill him for inheritance. Somebody on Yahoo Answers suggested 'Pumpkin Scissors', but I vaguely remember the opening for this show, and it didn't match. Any ideas as to what it could be? Reply

      I hardly ever go on here, so if you know, can you tell me on my email, Torterrafan5676@Hotmail.com?

      i remember seeing it in about 2011.


      Does anything on either of these two lists ring a bell?



      @ragecheer Nothing in particular. I remember the show had an odd name. I think it started with the letter Q or something.

      I hate to keep bumping this up, I really do... But I REALLY wanna find this show.



      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Was it one where the characters turned into planes ?

      No, not that I remember.

      Here's a list of all the anime in the "aviation" tag on anime-planet.com. Perusing the list might help?

      Someone suggested that earlier. None of the names sounded familiar.

      I was thinking possibly Strike Witches?

      No, wasn't Strike Witches.


      I doubt it's this, as all it has in common is that it takes place in WWII and I seem to remember it had a scene with the main character in an aviation academy, but worth a shot, I guess. Do you think maybe it could be The Wind Rises?

      No, this was about 2012 or 2013. It wasn't a movie, I had several episodes of it on my old DVR. It at least made it to about 7 episodes.







      I asked a friend who likes anime a lot and this is what he said:

      "The Princess and the Pilot? Allison and Lillia? The Sky Crawlers? Fractale?

      Yeah I was thinking Strike Witches as well originally"

      I know almost nothing about anime but I kept seeing this here and I figured he could possibly help you.

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    I am pretty sure it is either an anime or a manga, but which one? All I remember was this quote, it is a bit paraphrased, but the point still stands.

    "We are nothing but minds trapped inside a game called life."

    That, and it was said by an antagonist. But I really forget the rest, not even the villain's appearance. Reply

      No idea at all about any of the plot, any character designs/setting details at all? When did you see it?

      Likely wrong, but maybe Sword Art Online? It seems like something one of the anragonists would say.
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    Me and my friend recall American TV series we used to watch when we were kids. It was probably in middle 90s but we both lived in Poland so show could be few years old already. What we know for sure is that there was an episode in which someone was murdered at some kind of hotel or maybe country club and the only witness was trained dog. Detective(s?) knew about it so he was talking to the suspects with dog by his side (it was supposed to bark when sees the killer). At the end of the episode detective accused a women who showed up few times earlier in the episode. Dog wasn't barking when it saw her because she used trick that it was trained - everytime she was in the same room with the dog she was holding something in her hand (like a tennis ball) - the clamped fist was a signal to stay calm and don't bark for the dog. Can anyone help me please? We tried to look it up but we can't recall any names... Reply

      I'm pretty sure this is a Columbo episode !
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    Western Animation
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    I cannot find a trace of this show online and it's driving me insane. Basically it was this animated TV show that I think might have been either animated over live action or like a 2D CGI. (It was kind of a unique style. Like if you took A Scanner Darkly, made it ghetto and mixed it with Reboot, but then made everything 2D with static textures and patterns on clothing, for example.) It was some time in the late 90s/early 2000s, either Canadian or American. I thought it would have been on YTV or Teletoon, but I've searched both of their show lists and nothing is twigging my memory. It was something about this group of friends (2 guys, 2 girls, I think), and they had some sort of ability to leave their bodies and project themselves into ... I want to say dreams or alternate realities? I think they had some sort of memory loss that was a big part of the plot. And there was some sort of shady organization after them. I hope that's enough to go on. It was kind of for teens and adults, I'd say, rather than younger kids. Please help! Reply

      The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest? Dunno...

      Delta State?

      By the way, the animation used in A Scanner Darkly and Delta State is Rotoscoping

      I second Delta State. Someone else was looking for this a little while ago with pretty much the same description you gave.
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    Web Original
    It involved badly drawn art, bad grammar, Mario going to get Shine Sprites to have sex with a Toad (represented as a picture of a naked woman with a Toad head crudely pasted on) that at the end was some kind of monster in disguise and a flying Bowser pooping on everyone's head (with the narrator box saying "BOWSER GO SHIT" every time). Also at a certain point the video stops until the user doesn't click on a Shine Sprite Mario is unable to see for some reason. Reply
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    I remember this TV show. It was live action but there was a disembodied CGI head that was green and had a tongue that looked like a spring, which had an eye on. It spat eyes. I remember that I was about 6, but im 12 now. It was creepy but wasnt intentional. Also, I think the head spun around. He was a reoccurring villain too. That's all I remember. Reply

      That's definitely the Problem Blob from Numberjacks. For a Cbeebies show, the villains were scary as hell. I had a friend who was scared of that blob and one time I had a nightmare inspired by that man in the white suit and hat.
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    Live Action TV
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    I remember watching an educational children's program from I want to say the early 90's. It had a live action robot with a female voice, and some kind of purple gas cloud that would fly around the screen. I seem to remember the robot's name just being, "robot" and the purple gas cloud was named "imagination". In the intro song they kept repeating, "look up!" then I remember, "Have you got questions? yes you do!" It was mainly about space I think.... Can anyone help me? Reply

      Woah dude I haven't thought about that show until I saw this. You brought back a flood of memories, especially the theme song "Look up! (Space!) Look up! (Flight!) Look up! (Weather!)" etc... "Have you got questions?" "Yes we do" "Well here's Robot (she knows everything) and here's Imagination (heh that's me!) AND THEY'LL ANSWER THEM ALL FOR YOU" I've been googling these phrases for an hour but I can't find a trace of it anywhere online. Did this show even exist?

      Yes! That's it! I think we must be from a different dimension or something because I can't find ANYTHING about it, at least I know I'm not crazy now that I know someone else knows what I'm talking about

      Can anyone help with the name of the show?

      Another person that remembered thought it was called "Look Up!" : http://walkingtheshoreline.com/10-random-tv-shows-i-enjoyed-growing-up/

      Wow. I have found quite a few people looking for this show, but no one remembers the title. https://m.facebook.com/Robotandpinkimaginationcloud EDIT: The Other Wiki's page 1992 in Australian Television mentions a Canadian show called Look Up on ABC. This could very well be the show, but there is no article to accompany it. The anonymous editor that added it also had no source.

      It was definitely called Look Up. I think it aired on TV Ontario, though it may have been created elsewhere.

      Apparently you can get it on VHS from the National Library of Australia.

      haha! Finally some closure. I can die fulfilled now that I know the name of that show. Thanks guys! It's just strange because there is almost zero information about it on the internet.
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    Dating sim, eroge, possibly visual novel.

    One of the love interests is the protagonist's (older?) sister, who has blue hair (usually in a ponytail), a striped shirt, and possibly striped underwear. Think Akihisa's sister from Baka & Test, only athletic. Looks like an actual young adult (somewhere between 18 and 25), not the generic 14-year-old look many dating sims use regardless of character age.

    99% sure it was on Windows, so it was either a Windows or an in-browser game.

    May take place at a boarding school or a college (if so, some of it takes place in off-campus housing). Reply

      I know which one you're talking about, but I can't for the life of me remember its name. The guy was assigned to investigate "strange things" (IE students getting massively horny), and the story goes from there. Couldn't play much, but it was good.
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    I am trying to find an anime I remember watching awhile back. Most of it is vague but it was about some kind of gang I think with all members being forced to where their symbol on either a earring or necklace. The symbol was half the yin yang like a ball with a curvy tail there was also a hole in the middle of the circle. it started off with a girl returning home to them or something. Thanks so much and I hope to get an answer. Reply
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    Hi Tropers! You all are freaking awesome! Happy I found such a cool thing!

    Know this MOVIE?

    A young man adds up (for his girlfriend) the days remaining in a normal lifetime... Then they go on to live a more free lifestyle.

    The movie centers around a sort of underground gang of children, all controlled by an older man. Drugs, homelessness, sewers, petty theft..

    In the end the pair are snow-sledding with kayaks in Iceland or someplace like that.

    May be European or American... Probably later than 1999, and earlier than 2008.

    It wasnt a Countdown or Deathwatch or grim trope at all... More of a "Snap out of my own apathy, stop hanging around losers wsting my time" kind of trope.

    It always stuck with me.

    Thanks for your help!

    PS... If I'm 35, and I can fully enjoy life until im 75, then I only have less than 15000 days to GET ON WITH IT. Merry Christmas. Peace be with us all. Reply
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    Back in the 90s there was this kids' show I watched a couple of times. The show is most likely fully animated, though it could possibly be a live action show with animated segments.

    I only really remember one thing about it. One episode had a character ask the "What goes "ha ha plop?" riddle. After the answer is given ("Someone laughing their head off"), it cuts away to a scene of someone's (a kings'?) head popping of while robotically saying "ha ha plop."

    I can't tell you much else about it. It probably used a very cartoony and simplistic art style style, similar to 2 Stupid Dogs, at least for the scene I described above. I also remember it having an educational show sort of vibe, but I might be wrong about that. I traveled a lot in the 90s so I can't even tell you the country it's from, but it was definitely in English. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I remember seeing this cartoon. It starred this girl and her pet cat. They ride in a limo. I saw an episode about mummies and Egypt and stuff. The girl was definitely POC. I think the cat was blue. I only saw a little bit of it, but then the channel was changed. What cartoon is this? Reply

      If the girl was actually white and it was just a lighting thing, it could be Peg + Cat. Did you see this cartoon recently, or is there a year/time frame you could give us for when you saw it?

      Its probably Tutenstein.

      Lily the Witch!


      Not sure about the cat, but it sounds like Tutenstein.
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    Live Action TV
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    I am looking for two shows that I remember watching when I was very young, but I can't remember what they are for the life of me.

    1) An American sitcom (sometime between the 1960s and 1990s) with one episode involving a woman in a blue dress accidentally falls in water (possibly a fountain) indoors at a mall or at a party somewhere. UPDATE (thanks to Eastopatra): two women friends at a party with a snobby woman and then they 'accidentally' push her into the fountain (which was in a courtyard in the middle of a house, so it was a patio type area), it was at nighttime but really bright as if lit by moonlight as well as the lights of the house.

    2) A 2001 short-lived kid's TV show somewhat similar to Sesame Street (I think it was on either PBS, Nickelodeon) with puppets (both hand puppets and life-size puppets) and 2D animation. One episode includes kids (in pajamas, I think) dance-sitting holding a toy (possibly teddy bears) in a classroom, while two life-size puppets in front of a blue tarp or sheet. NOTE: the whole song is played the first time; the second time is the same thing, but the video quickly fades to black and the credits roll while the song is still playing.

    I have been searching for these topics for my entire life, and I still can not find anything. I remember watching them when I was in Gadsden. This is bugging me ever since, and I want to know what these two shows are. Reply

      Number 1 has been asked before, though no one's had any luck finding it. I wish you luck!

      Regarding number 1, are you certain it was a sitcom, and not a movie from around that time?

      I ask this because there is a movie which does have the sort of scene you've described in your inquiry. The movie is called "License to Kill" and it was made in '89.

      In it, Carey Lowell ends up in an indoor pool/fountain at some sort swank function. I think she may have been wearing a blue dress as well, but I wouldn't swear to that.

      That's not it. I think the water was shallow, not deep. Number one could probably be a soap opera, not a sitcom.

      Could it have been this scene from Dynasty?

      I watched a lot of PBS around that time and I can't seem to recall any shows like the one you mentioned in #2. So Nickelodeon might be your best bet.

      I think during that time, I have watched some shows on Nickelodeon also. So, that may be a possibility.

      Also, that fight in Dynasty was outdoors not indoors.


      Is number 2 Tweenies or Bananas in Pajamas?

      Is #2 Elliot Moose from the PBS block the bookworm bunch?

      The kids I mentioned earlier are real, as in human.

      if the woman going into the water was the result of a klutz bumping her in there, i have an impression of something like that happening in a movie "the party" with peter sellers. it may even have been a pond/water fountain deal.

      Bump. Also, someone questioned the woman after the incident. Therefore it was not The Party. Good try though.




      Also if I remember, the puppets are a combination of both traditional puppets and life size walk-around puppets.

      re: the puppet show - can you eliminate the shows in this list?


      several there I totally forgot about… eureeka's castle for one...

      I saw it in 2001, but I'm not sure what season it was.



      Maybe wait a couple weeks (or months) before bumping again?

      Bump. I know it's early, but I can't handle the wait.

      If you know it's early, don't bump. It will actually end up driving people away from your query. The more you tell people to do something, the less they will be willing to do it.





      Bump once again.

      Bump. It's been so long since this trope was up, and I still can't find answers. Either that, or I was imagining things the whole time. If anyone can help me out, that would be great. Thank you.



      can't help dude

      could the first one possibly be Sabrina the teenage witch? because I believe libby falls into a fountain in a courtyard wearing a blue ball gown during the episode where everyone is so dramatic that it's kinda like a soap opera


      Bump. I know it's been a really long time, but I still need to know these two shows.

      Priscella, do you remember what episode of Sabrina it is?

      Priscella is talking about the "As Westbridge Turns" episode

      I just checked it out. Unfortunately, that's not it.


      Bump. After many years, I'm still trying to remember these two shows and it still bugs me. Can anyone help he out please? Thank you.




      While searching for another lost work, I came across a movie called Picture This. It definitely does not fall within the dates you described, but I read that there was a scene where the main character falls into a fountain.


      I think I know the water fountain one, but also cannot remember it. I can remember a sitcom, two women friends at a party with a snobby woman and then they 'accidentally' push her into the fountain (which was in a courtyard in the middle of a house, so it was a patio type area), it was at nighttime but really bright as if lit by moonlight as well as the lights of the house.

      Sorry if that sounds weirdly detailed but now that will bug me till I find it.

      I think that's the one! Thanks Eastopatra.

      One question. Did the snobby woman dress in a blue dress and a blue hat?


      My apologies for bumping twice the same day.



      Bump. Even though I found some clues for the first one, I have yet to find anything for the second one. How long is this going to take?

      Another bump.

      56 replies later, and I've only found some info about the first show but none for the second show. If anyone does remember these two shows, please let me know. Thank you.

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    Does anyone else remember this old computer game where you draw textures that end up going onto 3d shapes that bounce around on a chosen background while music plays? I remember playing it in school as a kid, but I can't remember what it's called. I also remember that there were some preset options such as a clown ball with circus music and a ballerina ball in what I remember to be some sort of ruins. Can anyone help? Reply

      I played that game at my cousin's place all the time as a kid. It's called Thinkin' Things 2, and the game you described was one of five mini-games in it. If you want to watch it on YouTube, there's a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJP-VOC7IDM Go to 3:27 to watch the game you're talking about.

      That's it! Thank you!
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    It's an early 2000s to programme from the uk, (real life) there is a gang of boys ,whose base is in a big hangar with lots of graffiti, the boys are putting their dads against each other and they make them do challenges ( for example dads will have to drink a disgusting drink or do an assault course whilst getting eggs and other things thrown at them). The final had something to do with the losing dad having to jump off of a bridge in his pants. Reply
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    I'm trying to find this show, and I think it was a teenage sitcom that aired probably in the late 90's or early 2000's. I don't remember who the main character was, but I remember one episode involved a shop teacher that all the students loved. The episode opened with the teacher in class commenting on all the students' work, and joking around with them. Before they leave class he announces that he is getting a sex change, and that he'd like to be called Debbie from now on. The next day the teacher comes to school with make-up on and a dress, and all the students and teachers are appalled by Debbie. They think it's unnatural, and eventually Debbie announces that she is leaving the school. Eventually the main character comes to terms with Debbie's transition and attempts to stand up for her, but Debbie still decides to stick with her decision of resigning because the stress has been too much on her and her family, and in the end she leaves. Reply
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    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 3rd Mar, 2016 06:13:24 AM
    I'm looking for an old Tv show that ran late at nights on (I believe) Disney channel they were short and involved two girls (One had glasses I think one was blonde) investigating a bunch of monsters and mysteries. I distinctly remember two episodes one where they go into a sewer and find crocodiles and one where they meet the headless horseman. I'm 16 so it couldn't be older than 13 years old and it was definitely like gravity falls in the story idea. If anyone knows what this is called I would love to know I've been looking for this show for 10 years and have yet to find it. P.S. I saw this show in Australia 13-years ago so it could be older in its original air date. Reply

      A long shot, but maybe Mona the Vampire? It's got two girls (one blonde) and a boy (with glasses) investigating monsters/mysteries. Apparently it originally aired in Australia from 1999-2004.

      The Spooky Sisters - the sewer episode could use an entry on the Sewer Gator page if I don't do it first

      jormis29 YES After so long I found it thank you-you are a true hero and also thank you to the other person who commented I love this community

      No problem, glad you found what you're looking for! :)
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    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 2nd Mar, 2017 09:49:19 PM
    I can't remember if this show is more '80s or '90s. I saw it in the US and I think it may have been regular network tv - but I'm not sure. A music band of adults in outrageously loud and crazy costumes sang educational songs. It was kind of like a Wiggles-predecessor and for a slightly older audience, I think. I think they sang about all kinds of educational concepts. They reminded me of the B-52s, which makes me think the show was probably more 90s than 80s. The single episode that really stands out, or maybe the show's intro, involved them wearing cliche Egyptian costumes (think King Tut and Walk Like an Egyptian). I'm pretty sure it was the same band/cast week after week. It did not run many seasons, as far as I can remember. Thanks! Reply



      The Electric Company?

      Skinnamarink TV?

      Imagination Movers?

      Singing kettle ???

      They Might Be Giants did some educational songs here and there (like Roy G. Biv for example). I'm not sure if they did anything on network TV though, but I am pretty sure they had a whole album of songs for kids about educational stuff.

      Parachute Express, maybe?

      I wanna say maybe the doodle bops? But not sure.
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    It has been killing me for about 5 years. I was watching this show in early 2000's but im not sure when was it made. It's about some kind of DETECTIVE. I believe he had a GREEN JACKET and some kind of a HAT (maybe kangool, its popular in great britany, hooligans use to wear them). I was about 5-6 years at the time and i can't remember any kind of details anymore so i understand if no one can help. Have a good day Reply
  • 0 Apr 12th, 2016 at 3:03PM
    This has been bugging me for ages. I seem to remember this cartoon. The quality was not great, it was a kinda badly drawn cartoon thing with dull colours. The episodes featured a different type of animal in each one I think? I seem to remember the animals having quite funky hairstyles. For example, I remember this one episode about two frogs. One was female, I think she was yellow with blue curly hair? She had this husband and they had loads of babies, the tadpoles had little dances and stuff that they did. I also remember one with dogs or elephants visiting this salon, I swear they covered themselves in mud? And I remember a really squinty-eyed animal in one of the episodes... It's a tough one haha. Reply
  • 4 Apr 29th, 2016 at 12:12PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 14th May, 2016 11:22:09 PM
    Okay, I'll try my best to relay my memories of this childhood favorite of mine. I remember the opening really well: It showed a hilly, grassy area (all CGI'd very cheaply of course, I mean come on, it was the 90's,) and the intro song was sung to the same tune as the Howdy Doody theme. As the children began singing the song, a big top circus tent (I believe it was blue) began to inflate like it was hooked up to a bicycle pump, along with the appropriate sound. The song ends when the tent finishes inflating and the camera zooms through the door. I don't remember much of the program itself, but I DO remember a segment where two disembodied, gloved hands (think Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Smash Bros.) would show the steps to a simple task, like squeezing orange juice. I also think the show is where 64 Zoo Lane came from, but I can't confirm it. Reply

      it's itsy bitsy time! ?

      Definitely "It's Itsy Bitsy Time". I used to watch that show all the time.

      THANK YOU! The name has evaded me for friggin' YEARS, man!

      I do remember that I used to think up a parody of it when I was 8: "It's Jews and Antisemitism Time!" ...I was a strange kid.
  • 0 May 2nd, 2016 at 2:02AM
    I saw this show as a kid on ADULT SWIM, and I have been trying to find it since and I've had no luck. The scene I remember was a fight between a large muscular man with a crew cut vs. a swift moving man in a trench coat(I think) with hair that came down to about neck level. The man in the trench coat ends up disarming the larger man of his pipe he aquired earlier and shoves it through the larger mans shoulder and the wall behind him, leaving him stuck. The man in the trench coat now proceeds to commend his foe for there duel and says something along the lines of "you may have even won had my ability to not feel pain not given me an edge" or something to that effect. The screen then cuts to a girl(I think) and a robot that moves on wheels that seems to be a pet like creature... I really need to know what this show or movie is! SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!! Reply
  • 5 May 3rd, 2016 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Jul, 2016 07:51:53 PM
    I've asked this a whole bunch of times by now, but I do wait a while before asking again so I feel like it isn't bad. Besides, I do really want to know. There's a song by Johnny Cash, When the man comes around, that is redone by a woman with a beautiful voice. I believe she was British, but. It's entirely possible that I'm wrong. My phone had a picture of her from the chin down on the (album cover?) t came up every time I opened the song anyway. T was the single greatest song I've ever heard. Reply

      Only gonna bump this once

      ^ Even if you don't bump again, please do bookmark and keep an eye on this topic. I've been looking around for this version quite a bit since you posted (because I really want to hear it for myself—it seems right up my alley), and real life is going to put the search on hold for a couple of weeks now, but I do mean to come back to it.


      Maybe Norwegian Band "Come Shine"?

      If you google "The Man Comes Around cover" there is a site called Secondhand Songs that lists all the covers of the song. Come Shine is listed on there, but in case that's not it then you can look at the other listings anyway and find your one.
  • 2 Jun 14th, 2016 at 7:07AM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Jul, 2016 07:03:06 AM
    The characters in the tv show were monsters (or dinosaurs??) and the count was 5 or six of them. The costumes were life-sized puppets and they played in a band together. The main monsters was orange and I think his name started with an "R". There was an old grey monster who looked kinda like an eagle almost and he was very wise. Also there were a few kids who lived in the city and were friends with the orange monster. Time period I think is during the 90's or 2000's and I remember watching it along with Nickelodeon Jr with the moose and his bird friend. Also, the ending credits was the band playing "Ain't no stopping us now" up on a stage. Any ideas? I would really like to know if this show is real or not. Thanks! Reply