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Shrinking Violet Jerkass Gonk, no heart of gold evident. Slowly developing into a Libertarian, in spite of hating politics.

Speaking honestly, it's getting so he can't stand to be around himself lately. He'd break up with himself and move out of himself, but the rent's cheap and packing's always a hassle. Plus his name's on the lease. If a cute girl or two would move into himself and have daily pillow fights, that would be...hum. Wait, the metaphor broke down.

One of problems is a complete lack of focus and difficulty in taking things seriously. I also tend to drop fandoms and communities when I get too involved with them, so I'll probably just stay on the fringes.

Age: Too damn old. I wanted to stop at twelve, but time wouldn't let me.

Likes: Anime. Girls with Glasses. Girls with Guns. Girls with knives. Short girls. Tall girls. Slightly older women. Slightly younger women. Women who are pale. Women who are tanned. African women, Asian women, white women, Spanish women. Women with or without accents. Women whose eyes have some sort of color. Freckles. Sleeping. Eating fast food. Making people laugh. Getting on people's nerves. Going into random editing jags. Researching stuff at random. Painting.

Hates: Renames. Talking. Going outside. Time and how it doesn't stand still. Never being happy. Never understanding people. Falling in love. Scaring cute girls away with my looks, opinions, etc. The way other people smell. The way I smell even after a shower. Getting interested in things and losing interest in them just as quickly.

Wins: 4

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