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    Who is this character and where is she from? Reply
  • 1 Nov 27th, 2010 at 1:01PM
    Live Action TV
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    I am vexed and you will help me. Early 1980s, British television; not so much a TV show as a guest spot on something like Tomorrow's World. A small chamber strings orchestra made of players who dress in classical-style outfits but with featureless silver facemasks, as if they were robots. They play a haunting piece of classical music, and there is an animated film in which Big Ben, various landmarks sink beneath the waves. What was it? Did I dream it? I can still hum the music - dah, dah-dah-dah-dah-dah, dah-etc - but you can't hear me. Reply

      Sounds like this - "La Serenissima (Venice In Peril)" by Rondo Veneziano.
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    All I know about the movie I'm thinking of is that it was a comedy involving college kids vs vampires. Reply

      Um. Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The Lost Boys?


      Do you know if the main character ws male or female? Was there a particular vampire or group of vampires or was it a bunch of random vamps? Do you recall about what year it was when you saw it? 90's 80's?

      Could potentially be Once Bitten

      It's not Monster Squad, is it?

      "You kicked Wolfman in the nards!?" lol

      seriously, it's probably Transylmania:

      Transylmania(2009) is a spoof horror in which a group of college kids do a semester abroad in Romania and realise that if the partying doesn't kill them, the vampires just might!
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    Okay, so I remember watching this movie when i was a kid. I remember it being kind of full of Nightmare Fuel, though in retrospect, what little I can remember makes it seem like it was just plain bad. Anyway... There's something about a kid brings home a videotape he wasn't supposed to, and because he played the tape in the player some bad guy inside the TV (who is trying to steal every shade of every color, for some inexplicable reason) kidnaps his little sibling because the color of their eyes is one of the few shades of color he hasn't collected yet. So the kid has to follow their sibling into the TV to rescue them. And so the kid travels through different channels, and there's like, a sci-fi channel, and a yeti (I think), or something, at one point. And as the kid gets to higher numbered channels eventually they reach channels that are all black and white because the bad guy stole all the color. To be honest, I don't remember liking the movie, I just have this weird memory of it and I want to know what it was because it's bugging me that I can't really remember such a strange movie. Reply
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    Does web-pages fall under YKTS?

    I'm currently looking for a website that showcased the "awful" of the internet. I'm pretty sure I found it on tvtropes, but I'm not sure about the name or anything. Reply

      The only thing I can think of here is Mirsky's Worst of the Web.

      There used to be a shitload of sites like this. Portal of Evil and Something Awful were the two most successful.

      Oh Internet? or possibly Encyclopedia Dramatica (warning, nsfw)

      darthwiki so bad it's horrible?

      Something Awful?
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    So here's what I remember: There was this caveman that had a hammer with a face on it, and I think he could use this hammer to absorb powers from his enemies. I think he also traveled through time, but I'm not sure. Reply

      My money's on Flint the Time Detective, though you may already know that if there are older replies missing at the time of writing this.

      OMG, I KNEW I wasn't imagining this. I was totally about to post a query about this. Thanks for letting me know I'm not nuts!
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    Alright. This show was also airing back in the 90s. It was half liveaction/cgi cartoon. Basically these 3 teens(18-25) could actually transform in cars. Yup. They transformed into vehicles, and I think one teen was a black guy with dreads who turned into a green car. It sounds weird but was a pretty cool show. They fought bad guys with car fu. probably had missiles of some sort. Reply
  • 12 Dec 23rd, 2010 at 4:04PM
    Western Animation
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    A very hazy memory from my distant youth, so it could be a total fabrication, but it was an animated film, or possibly series, which featured an anthropomorphic mouse, who I think might have been some kind of noir-ish detective. The one distinguishing feature I recall is that he had some kind of compartment in his chest that he stored things in, possibly clues, despite being wholly organic. That's the part that stuck in my brain anyway. Was it all just some strange fever-dream? Reply

      Don't know if this is right, but outside chance it might be Dangermouse?

      First off - never assume your memory is a total fabrication. You wouldn't believe how much stuff from way back simply doesn't hold up and gets forgotten. Tex Tinstar, that Ripley's Believe It or Not cartoon, Creepy Crawlies, Toonsylvania, etc.

      That said, I'd say either Danger Mouse or Secret Squirrel (Secret pulled gadgets out from under his coat regularly, which may be what you're remembering vis a vis a compartment in his chest).

      This did get an answer, before the glitch that junked all the old replies, and it was something more obscure than either Danger Mouse or Secret Squirrel. I can't remember what, though.

      It might be Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.

      I'd agree with Danger Mouse apart from the chest cavity, which is probably from somewhere else.

      If the chest cavity is from something else, this "something else" could be Cat City / The Cat Trap.

      It did get answered! It was Cat City, chest compartment and all. It certainly was obscure, and I have no idea what I was doing watching that as a four year old. It had slutty rats and guns and everything.

      Then the "despite being wholly organic" was false, because I remember the hero taking photographs of a microfilm with a camera in his eye.

      I did notice that too, because that triggered my memory when I saw it, but I think that must have been some kind of animation quirk because apart from that he appeared to be a perfectly normal, if outrageously competent James Bond parody. I was confused because he doesn't actually open up his chest, just a little pocket in the front of his t-shirt that makes it look like he is.

      Ah, finally. I answered this originally with Cat City, but then for some reason it all disappeared, glad someone else answered it. by the way, he did seem to take pictures with his eyes (the film of which he later hidden in his chest compartment) so he seems to be at least partly bionic in a darth vader-sort-of-way

      oh sorry, I now see that his has been mentioned just two replies above me. any of you perchance from hungary? (cat city is hungarian)

      No, it just happened to be shown someday on French TV.
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    I was at the store recently and on the display T Vs they had a movie on, and I'm curious as to which one it was. There was a man and a women in a forest, and a dragon, the dragon got its neck stuck between two trees.

    Later they came across a knight with a long, white beard. Reply

      If the girl was wearing red tights, and the guy punched the 'dragon' on the nose, and the knight with the long white beard was acting rather strange, then I believe you're talking about the Syfy two part miniseries 'Alice' and the dragon was actually the Jabberwock. It's an interesting modern take on Alice in Wonderland and I highly recommend it. This video clip has part of the scene I believe you're referring to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72TLRa5KB8s The pertinent scene starts at about 2:59.

      Yeah that's it. Thanks.
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    Hello, I remember (badly) a trailer of recent film in which a boy meets a magician in modern city, than they ride a cool car and a challenger appears. Can't remember anything else.

    Thanks in advance. Reply
  • 1 Dec 24th, 2010 at 1:01PM
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    I think it was anime but it could have been western animation (it's been a while)

    the show has a robot ninja on rollerskates with 3 arms

    it also has sports robots that throw/bat/kick explosives at their enemies

    I think the protagonists was a kid and his sister Reply

      • Hums the theme tune*
      "My name is Ziv Zulander, ZZ for short! You know I fight the 'corp I'm the BOTS MASTER!"

      Bots Master is so totally awesome. Youtube has some great footage.
  • 2 Dec 24th, 2010 at 2:02PM
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    A friend explained this one to me a while ago and now I'm having a really difficult time remembering.

    It's a webcomic with human-like 'aliens'... or maybe just one of them is an alien. It's a young adult/university student/teenager setting, not much in way of plot that I remember. I think the main characters were mostly girls, but there was a guy or two in there as well. In terms of how it's drawn... possibly something like questionable content?

    Sorry I'm so horrible with memory and unspecific. Reply

      This reminds me of El Goonish Shive. Art-wise, well... It has changed as many times as QC's art.

      Could it have been TAP Comics? It was mostly girls, some whom weren't human, and at least one guy. There wasn't much plot, either. It looks like all the links are gone, though- that's a shame.
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    I've been looking for this movie, I think it was originally Italian, a sort of horror-comedy about a priest who find out that the Antichrist will be born in a few days, and decides to become a Satanist to gather information so he can find and kill the infant Antichrist. He teams up with a big bearded biker-type dude and a smarmy TV occultist. There's a scene in the beginning when the cross on an altar in a church falls down and crushes someone who's praying for guidance, and a scene where the priest and biker are performing a ritual in a circle and lots of bugs and rats swarm around and a black goat walks up to the circle and stands up on its hind legs. The climax of the movie takes place at the construction site of a building built in the shape of the 'mark of the devil,' which looks like this: / I want to say that the movie had a name like "Adversary!" or "Antichrist!" or something like that, but I really don't remember. Has anyone else heard of this? Thanks in advance. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I'm looking for a specific iCarly episode: They're invited to some kind of convention, and Spencer cosplays as a character from a World Of Warcraft parody. This episode had Jack Black. More specifically, I'm trying to find the scene where Spencer and Jack start singing at each other. :p Reply

      The episode is "I start a fan war"
  • 5 Dec 26th, 2010 at 1:01PM
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    I remember watching this on YTV back in the 90's... it had two genies (father and daughter), one (the clumsy father) could be summoned by sneezing, and the other (the mischievous daughter) by yawning. They would grant wishes to a boy named Joey, but almost all of them quickly turn into disasters. There was also this weird, cartoonish old man with an umbrella who would appear during scene changes... Anybody know which series this was??? Reply

      This one's on the tip of my brain! Were the genies Australian and the other characters not so Australian?

      That was Genie from Down Under, and it was a father and son on a homestead with a British girl. Sorry I can't be any help with the original question though.

      The anime I'm talking about was from the 60's or early 70's, but the dub was fairly recent (1990, or so)... I'm now remembering an bulldog character that always tormented two of the main characters (the father genie and Joey)... Any help?

      The Genie Family

      Yes, that's the one! Thanks!! :)
  • 3 Dec 26th, 2010 at 7:07PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 31st Dec, 2010 05:27:42 PM
    Recently remembered this one, and trying to pull out details from my memory is like catching trout barehanded.

    Animated series from late 80's or early 90's, featuring a preteen/early-teen kid who could become a big manly superhero by covering himself in some sort of goo. I remember the goo because one of the villains, a ghost or vampire, I think, once got to sample some of it and drew power from it.

    The superhero was a variant on the Flying Brick, but I don't remember too much on that; I do remember that he was keeping his identity as a kid from his teammates; there was a funny scene where he was gorging himself on junk food and disguising his voice over the communicator, and barely managed to get his... ecto-suit up and going before they teleported him in.

    Any ideas? Reply

      Don't know whether it was ever animated, but the character sounds an awful lot like Prime from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse line.

      That's it! Thanks. Ultra Force was a short lived TV series (13 eps) back in '95.

      Aw, damn. Why am I never here for the only ones I know?
  • 4 Dec 27th, 2010 at 12:12AM
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    Only saw the end of this film on TV more than a decade ago, maybe even 2 decades ago, and my memories of it may have changed. It was about a kid who seemed to be trained to be as an escape artist. When I got into the show he is apparently making his escape from some kidnappers. I remember him contorting his body to get off his cuffs. By the end he gets out and is being chased by the crooks. He hides inside what seems to be a public mailbox. A suspicious crook drops a knife inside and the kid gets hurt, but does not shout. Once the crook leaves the boy comes out and goes his way, dropping what seemed to be some origami or small artifacts on the road. And that's how it ended. Anybody knows this? Reply

      It sounds like a Jackie Chan movie, but other than that I'm not sure.

      It's actually more of an artsy-European film.

      "The Escape Artist", 1982?

      Yes that's it! Thanks korejora! Someone uploaded the film in youtube and there's the ending! Thanks!
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    Live Action TV
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    I'm looking for a dorama about an otaku in the fully negative sense of the word - he can't even afford the high-quality stalkery cameras the other otakus use - who falls in love with a fairly respectable woman. I believe at the end of the second episode, he sends her teacups or a sweater or something, and it's played as very sweet and redemptive. There's a parody of an anime involving a Magical Girl with phallic symbols popping up all around her. The opening credits have the "domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" song. Reply

      That would be Densha Otoko. She actually sends him the teacups.
  • 0 Dec 27th, 2010 at 7:07PM
    A while ago I was reading a thread and while I'm not quite sure I think it was Raw Power who linked to a shoujo manga, the poster stated that the protagonist looked like Lelouch and the heroine had glasses and a high ponytail, I can't find the thread or posts again and the name escapes me.

    A later post also linked to the same manga stating that the page was "Cullen-Like" but still enjoyable. Reply
  • 5 Dec 27th, 2010 at 10:10PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2015 02:38:13 PM
    avatar: Durtal Okay, this might be a long shot, but: does anyone remember a series of science fiction guidebooks from sometime before the early 90s (possibly from the 70s or 80s) that were written as in-universe scholarly books about near future space wars and space ships? There were at least two of them, both hardcover. They had a lot of old-fashioned science fiction pictures, some of which featured spaceships in bright colors like pink and blue.

    I used to take them out of the library when I was a kid in the early 90s but never knew why they were written as if they were true, because they didn't seem to be based on any preexisting franchise. I remember I liked the one that seemed to detail the war ships used in a recently ended war among factions in our solar system more than the one that focused on trade routes in a time of peace. I think the universe of the books focused more on our solar system and lacked any aliens or interstellar travel, but I could be wrong.

    I'm going nuts. Maybe they really were reference books from the future. Reply

      I definitely remember these books too, especially the cool pictures of spaceships. I read them as a kid in Finland in the 1980s, so apparently they were popular enough to be translated into Finnish. They were hardcover, came in B4 (or at least bigger than A4) size, and had detailed (almost photorealistic), painted pictures of spaceships and space phenomena. I don't remember them having aliens either, and like you said they didn't seem to be tied to any other sci-fi franchise. That's all I can remember, but I'd be interested to learn more about them.

      I wonder if one of these is the book I encountered when I was a kid; it also talked as if the events depicted inside were real. However I do recall a picture of a space babe riding a land dragon, sort of the kind Boris Vallejo would draw. And the clearest in my memory was a close up picture of some monocled guy being shot in the ear by some pencil-thin laser, with the title saying this was the assassination/death of this political figure.

      While I don't know the book, the description reminds me of something that David Weber or John Ringo would write. Both of them try to deal with humans in a fantsey/hard sci-fi way. David Weber deals more with the space aspect, while John Ringo has more of the fantsey.

      sounds like the TTA series, Terran Trade Authority, by Stewart Cowley.

      That's definitely them. The author took a whole bunch of random sci-fi art and just stitched it together into a setting.
  • 2 Dec 28th, 2010 at 8:08PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 29th Dec, 2010 11:11:04 AM
    It was a show I saw when I was very young so bear with me. I recall it being about dragons. I remeber several wizards who were kinda color coded, and each one had a dragon. The main good wizard was green and the bad one was red. I think the main character was sucked into this fantasy world. I think I saw dice so maybe it was a dungeons and dragons cartoon.

    And this is the only scene I remember clearly...ish. A red head strangter dressed a bit like robin hood appears. There's a short conversation and he takes of his hat, and there's a bunch of sparkles as a bunch of red hair cascades down and we see he is a she. Maybe I was the only one confused as to her gender but I think the character(s) who saw this had the same samus is a girl reaction as me.

    Thinking back the art style kinda reminds me of the Last Unicorn and the old animated Lord of the Rings Movies. Am I just lumping a bunch of shows together or was this real? Reply

      The Flight of Dragons

      Thank you that was driving me nuts. Didn't recognize Harry Morgan's voice at the time. Might have to give it another watch.
  • 4 Dec 29th, 2010 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 10th Jul, 2011 06:44:24 PM
    A movie I remember from a while back about a blonde boy (possibly played by Hayley Joel Osment). All I really remember about the plot is the kid's mother dying and there being some sort of custody battle over him. Reply

      Kramer vs Kramer?

      not Kramer vs. Kramer, this one came out in the early nineties

      The best I can offer is the Imdb search results for keyword "custody battle"

      In future, if you want to provoke more discussion on a query you've already made, please bump the original query, don't post it again in a new discussion. That way, people can see what suggestions have already been made.

      (If it's fallen off the bottom of the page, you can still get to it to bump it by using the "Find queries" box at the top of the page, and searching for, e.g. Osment.)
  • 10 Dec 29th, 2010 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 27th Jul, 2011 12:46:34 PM
    A movie I remember from a while back about a blonde boy (possibly played by Hayley Joel Osment). All I really remember about the plot is the kid's mother dying and there being some sort of custody battle over him. Reply

      There are two Haley Joel Osment movies I can think of that you may be talking about. Bogus where his mother dies in a car wreck and he goes to live with her foster sister, and if there's a chance the mother was just a worthless person who we don't see for most of the film it could be Second Hand Lions.

      He might even be talking about Forrest Gump! Forrest, Jr. is played by Haley Joel in his first ever role, and his mother dies. OP could simply be misremembering the custody battle thing.

      it definitely wasn't Forrest Gump, since I've seen that movie more than thirty times...I'm starting to think it wasn't haley joel osment in the movie.

      could it be Pay it Forward?

      It couldn't be Pay it Foward. The boy dies at the end. I would have said Secondhand Lions, but the mom doesn't die in that either.

      Since you mentioned Haley Joel Osment, I looked it up and found a list of Movies, TV Shows and other stuff he acted/voiced characters in.

      In future, if you want to provoke more discussion on a query you've already made, please bump the original query, don't post it again in a new discussion. That way, people can see what suggestions have already made.

      (If it's fallen off the bottom of the page, you can still get to it to bump it by using the "Find queries" box at the top of the page, and searching for, e.g. Osment.)

      Long shot here, but could it have been August Rush? The boy in the film looks a little like Haley Joel Osment, and his mother dies early in the film, leaving him orphaned.

      I...don't think August Rush's mother died. He was orphaned because his mother's father didn't want anything getting in the way of her music career, so when he (August Rush) was born, his grandfather put him up for adoption and told his mom that she miscarried or something.

      definitely not august rush... this movie came out in the early 90s. An opening scene is at the mother's funeral, where his aunt starts to tell the boy she will be adopting him. Also, the boy was definitely blonde, and I'm now quite sure that it wasn't Haley Joel Osment.
  • 9 Dec 30th, 2010 at 1:01AM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 28th Feb, 2011 07:41:09 PM
    I remember watching an educational puppet show that teached kids how to speak French or Spanish, it was called rigolicol or something like that and there was a fish creature in it. Reply

      Telefrancais, perhaps? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay92dXQtXjE

      nope sorry

      Was it Muzzy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xgl0CP-em4


      BUMP! I remember this show too but don't remember what it was called, just the theme song, which was in french!!

      I too remember this, can someone please shed some light on this??

      I've never heard of this show, but I Frenchified "rigolicol" to "Rigolécole" (combination of "laugh" and "school") and Googled it. Yup, there is a series by that name with a character called Poisson. Seems pretty obscure with so few hits!

      Search for it here. Page 25 or so.

      Yes that's the one!! I don't know how a canadian show ended up in Ausralian after school TV but that's definitely it! Thanks muchly Embryon!!

      Hahaha, well, I remember watching Round the Twist after school, so it goes both ways. ;-)
  • 1 Dec 30th, 2010 at 7:07PM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 23rd May, 2011 02:03:01 PM
    Uhm, not sure if this is the right section, but I'm trying to recall an ADVERTISMENT.

    It was about a girl who was painting a picture of a guy and that guy sculpting a statue of the girl. The two could not exist at the same time and took turns painting/sculpting each other day and night in an endless loop (one of them turned into the respective medium). I dont even know what the ad was about. If i have to guess it was something about a vitamin pill or something i dont know.

    I hail from the Philippines btw (not sure if the ad is international), and I saw this ad like over 10 years ago if that helped. Any ideas? Reply

      Hmm... There's only a few guesses for that ad: It's either Clusivol, Enervon, maybe?