Tropers: Korodzik

Fascinated with: graphic design, data preservation, and old stuff in general.

The TV Tropes Archive - bunch of stuff archived from before their deletion.

This list will grow; check back often.

The order is pretty much random right now.

The whole enchilada

Cut pages

Deleted examples

Big stuff

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Other stuff

  • My review of All-American Girl. I had it removed because I was greatly dissatisfied with how it turned out (oh, these bizarre and arbitrary "word limits"...) I may sit down to write a longer review someday, but I'll publish it elsewhere.

Special Feat: Completist. As characterised by his attempt to Archive Binge tvtropes, Korodzik, if presented with a large array of information, must attempt to process all of it. He is, however, immune to Archive Panic, and he processes it at double speed.
— A very accurate assessment by Made Of Axes.