Korodzik's Recent Edits

17th Jan 18 12:49:34Scenery Porn.Video Games
17th Jan 18 12:46:44Party In My Pocket
17th Jan 18 07:06:58YMMV.Dilbert
12th Jan 18 02:24:32Literature.Childe Cycle
12th Jan 18 02:23:54Literature.Riverworld
12th Jan 18 02:21:41Literature.Line Of Delirium
12th Jan 18 02:20:29Film.Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle
12th Jan 18 11:00:25Video Game.Planetfall
11th Jan 18 10:31:56I Thought It Meant.A To C
10th Jan 18 12:27:02Fanfic.The Many Deaths Of Rainbow Dash
10th Jan 18 12:23:33Resurrection Tropes
10th Jan 18 12:22:45Destructive Teleportation
10th Jan 18 12:20:58Respawn Point
10th Jan 18 12:19:07Resurrection Tropes
10th Jan 18 12:18:24Resurrection Teleportation
10th Jan 18 12:15:30Resurrection Teleportation
6th Jan 18 01:36:43Dead Weight
4th Jan 18 02:35:40Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
2nd Jan 18 11:07:29Older Than They Think.Other
30th Dec 17 04:17:32Dummied Out.First Person Shooter
28th Dec 17 06:14:35Keep Circulating The Tapes.Magazines
24th Dec 17 05:33:26Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Web Original
19th Dec 17 02:23:55Quotes.Artificial Stupidity
14th Dec 17 03:47:36Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
11th Dec 17 03:27:43Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels
7th Dec 17 03:17:56Pl.Glowny Indeks Motywow
7th Dec 17 03:17:51Pl.Inwazja Obcych
5th Dec 17 11:14:32Roleplay.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
3rd Dec 17 03:37:37Quotes.Parrot Exposition
3rd Dec 17 03:22:10Awesome Music.Batman Arkham Series
2nd Dec 17 05:31:43Mirror Monster
2nd Dec 17 04:57:05Sabotage To Discredit
1st Dec 17 03:43:07Famous Last Words.Video Games A To G
1st Dec 17 05:46:15Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Web Media
1st Dec 17 01:11:21Mook Debut Cutscene
1st Dec 17 12:48:43Manual Misprint
25th Nov 17 08:24:53Awesome.Pulp Fiction
23rd Nov 17 10:08:24Feelies
22nd Nov 17 11:09:53MST
20th Nov 17 04:50:35Awesome.The Man Who Was Thursday
20th Nov 17 04:36:56Heartwarming.Literature J To M
20th Nov 17 04:36:29Heartwarming.The Man Who Was Thursday
19th Nov 17 10:13:05Shes A Man In Japan
15th Nov 17 04:36:04One Scene Wonder.Video Games
15th Nov 17 04:29:15Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
15th Nov 17 04:17:05Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
14th Nov 17 03:43:46Quotes.With This Herring
14th Nov 17 10:56:31Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels
14th Nov 17 07:50:45We Will Spend Credits In The Future
13th Nov 17 02:22:37YMMV.Doom 3
13th Nov 17 06:55:01Player Death Is Dramatic
13th Nov 17 06:49:13Image Source.Video Games M To Z
13th Nov 17 06:48:43Image Source.Video Games A To L
13th Nov 17 06:35:27Hopeless Boss Fight.Role Playing Games
13th Nov 17 06:26:03Unwinnable By Mistake.Other Video Games
13th Nov 17 01:22:36Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
12th Nov 17 06:20:59Unique Enemy
11th Nov 17 04:21:45Title Confusion
7th Nov 17 12:02:51Training Dummy
3rd Nov 17 03:56:49Video Game.Final Fantasy V
2nd Nov 17 06:43:34Underused Game Mechanic
1st Nov 17 01:04:53Wunza Plot
1st Nov 17 05:34:15It Wont Turn Off
1st Nov 17 05:13:53Unusual Chapter Numbers
28th Oct 17 02:55:43I Just Write The Thing
28th Oct 17 12:08:52Awesome Music.Final Fantasy
28th Oct 17 10:34:21YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 7 E 25 Shadow Play Part 1
28th Oct 17 09:10:47YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 7 E 25 Shadow Play Part 1
23rd Oct 17 03:54:21Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 7 E 21 Once Upon A Zeppelin
20th Oct 17 02:00:45YMMV.My Little Pony The Movie 2017
20th Oct 17 01:59:29Characters.My Little Pony The Movie 2017
20th Oct 17 01:48:01Useful Notes.George W Bush
20th Oct 17 01:47:15Useful Notes.George W Bush
19th Oct 17 06:01:43Invisible President
18th Oct 17 12:36:37Review Ironic Echo
18th Oct 17 12:34:47Review Ironic Echo
17th Oct 17 08:31:58Comic Book.Aria
16th Oct 17 12:29:27A Winner Is You
15th Oct 17 04:40:52So Long And Thanks For All The Gear
12th Oct 17 12:15:28Video Game Long Runners
12th Oct 17 12:15:08Video Game Long Runners
12th Oct 17 12:14:07Video Game.Wolfenstein
11th Oct 17 01:39:21Recap.City Of Lost Characters
11th Oct 17 12:42:47Bite The Wax Tadpole
11th Oct 17 12:41:52Bite The Wax Tadpole
10th Oct 17 12:52:09Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Web Original
8th Oct 17 07:45:27Genre Shift.Literature
8th Oct 17 04:12:35I Just Write The Thing
8th Oct 17 04:09:19Daydream Believer
6th Oct 17 10:57:01Signature Style
3rd Oct 17 04:52:06Interface Spoiler
1st Oct 17 04:11:30Shout Out.City Of Lost Characters
1st Oct 17 03:38:47Doorstopper.Fan Works
28th Sep 17 07:31:16Goggles Do Something Unusual
28th Sep 17 07:27:21Sabotage To Discredit
28th Sep 17 06:51:15Daydream Believer
28th Sep 17 06:42:04I Just Write The Thing
28th Sep 17 01:41:42Luck Based Mission
27th Sep 17 05:48:39Tulpa
26th Sep 17 04:13:18Take That Critics
26th Sep 17 03:58:42Take That Critics
25th Sep 17 03:33:57Talking Is A Free Action
23rd Sep 17 11:50:58Never Say Die
23rd Sep 17 11:31:48Everythings Better With Monkeys
21st Sep 17 01:38:05Fix Fic
17th Sep 17 11:11:11Theatre.A Midsummer Nights Dream
15th Sep 17 02:45:40Video Game.Hiveswap
15th Sep 17 08:15:31Webcomic.And It Dont Stop
15th Sep 17 07:41:17Creator.Andrew Hussie
15th Sep 17 03:29:32Its Popular Now It Sucks
15th Sep 17 03:27:41Its Popular Now It Sucks
15th Sep 17 03:20:48Its Popular Now It Sucks
9th Sep 17 04:01:50Gangsta Style
9th Sep 17 03:59:52Video Game.Hacx
9th Sep 17 03:17:52I Want My Jet Pack
8th Sep 17 04:00:20Trivia.City Of Lost Characters
8th Sep 17 03:37:45Literature Of The2010s
8th Sep 17 03:37:09Web Serial Novel
8th Sep 17 03:34:51Science Fiction Literature
8th Sep 17 03:34:02Creator.John C Wright
8th Sep 17 03:33:00Literature.Superluminary
8th Sep 17 02:23:51Video Game.Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar
8th Sep 17 02:13:44Minsky Pickup
8th Sep 17 05:55:41No Such Thing As Wizard Jesus
8th Sep 17 03:23:46Save Scumming
8th Sep 17 03:21:31Continuing Is Painful
7th Sep 17 08:55:05Superlative Dubbing.Tropers
6th Sep 17 03:39:30Awesome Music.PC Only
6th Sep 17 03:24:29YMMV.Vampire The Masquerade Redemption
6th Sep 17 02:51:25Video Game.Vampire The Masquerade Redemption
6th Sep 17 02:50:05Vendor Trash
6th Sep 17 02:25:29What Happened To The Mouse.Video Games
6th Sep 17 02:23:23Video Game.Vampire The Masquerade Redemption
3rd Sep 17 09:19:43YMMV.Warhammer 40000
1st Sep 17 07:18:21Quotes.Four Point Scale
1st Sep 17 07:08:37What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Video Games
1st Sep 17 06:21:25Image Source.Internet
1st Sep 17 06:19:36Administrivia.Images Without A Source
1st Sep 17 06:19:18Thumbtack On The Chair
31st Aug 17 04:23:40No Fair Cheating
31st Aug 17 06:54:43Villainy Free Villain
28th Aug 17 01:15:37Ascended Fanfic
28th Aug 17 12:45:39Useless Useful Non Combat Abilities
28th Aug 17 12:44:26Dump Stat
25th Aug 17 03:07:56Conspicuously Selective Perception
24th Aug 17 09:05:08Four Point Scale
24th Aug 17 09:01:54Referenced By.TV Tropes
24th Aug 17 08:56:47Referenced By.TV Tropes
24th Aug 17 08:32:38Administrivia.Images Without A Source
24th Aug 17 08:27:19Fanfic.The Many Deaths Of Rainbow Dash
24th Aug 17 08:26:31Immortal Life Is Cheap
24th Aug 17 08:24:33Power Incontinence
24th Aug 17 08:22:24Feel No Pain
24th Aug 17 08:19:42Resurrective Immortality
24th Aug 17 08:11:44YMMV.Aladdin Virgin Games
24th Aug 17 08:03:34Video Game.Aladdin Virgin Games
24th Aug 17 08:01:26Angry Eyebrows
24th Aug 17 04:18:33Straw Loser
21st Aug 17 04:33:01Least Rhymable Word
20th Aug 17 04:27:57Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 7 E 12 Discordant Harmony
19th Aug 17 01:49:30Not So Fake Prop Weapon
19th Aug 17 01:42:10Fatal Method Acting
17th Aug 17 01:21:20Fanfic Recs.Doom
16th Aug 17 04:24:50Indecipherable Lyrics
16th Aug 17 04:23:12Memes.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic General Memes
16th Aug 17 04:23:01Ear Worm.Music PQR
16th Aug 17 04:22:55X Meets Y.Music
16th Aug 17 04:22:47Conjoined Twins
14th Aug 17 09:30:09What Do You Mean Its Not Political
13th Aug 17 01:38:15Awesome.Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number
13th Aug 17 08:43:53Older Than They Think.Film
12th Aug 17 01:28:45I Thought It Meant.S To T
6th Aug 17 03:23:15Fan Works.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
6th Aug 17 03:21:51Fanfic.The Many Deaths Of Rainbow Dash
6th Aug 17 03:25:26Retconning The Wiki
6th Aug 17 03:13:36Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
5th Aug 17 12:31:46Saved From Development Hell
4th Aug 17 08:16:55Trivia.City Of Lost Characters
4th Aug 17 12:21:54What Do You Mean Its For Kids
3rd Aug 17 04:13:07What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Western Animation
3rd Aug 17 03:56:18What Do You Mean Its For Kids
3rd Aug 17 04:05:43Older Than They Think.Video Games
2nd Aug 17 02:34:23Content Warnings
30th Jul 17 03:22:29Fan Fic.Rhyme And Reason
29th Jul 17 08:22:47Freeze Frame Bonus
29th Jul 17 02:26:11Zeerust
28th Jul 17 05:32:30Female Misogynist
28th Jul 17 02:54:04Recap.Batman The Animated Series E 41 Jokers Wild
28th Jul 17 02:53:42Comic Book.Ex Machina
28th Jul 17 02:48:02Web First
28th Jul 17 02:47:18Fantastic Legal Weirdness
28th Jul 17 02:47:01Blog.Law And The Multiverse
24th Jul 17 02:34:02Roleplay.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
24th Jul 17 02:20:48Funny.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
24th Jul 17 02:14:33YMMV.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
23rd Jul 17 10:45:55Fridge Horror.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
22nd Jul 17 10:10:22Older Than Radio
22nd Jul 17 10:06:11Ruins Of The Modern Age
22nd Jul 17 03:12:20Engineered Public Confession
22nd Jul 17 02:34:50Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
20th Jul 17 11:12:11No More For Me
16th Jul 17 11:01:44Just For Fun.The Tropeless Tale
16th Jul 17 11:01:38Film.Roundhay Garden Scene
16th Jul 17 11:01:31The 50 Greatest Cartoons
16th Jul 17 11:01:13YMMV.Allegreto
16th Jul 17 11:00:40Western Animation.Allegreto
16th Jul 17 11:00:29Western Animation.Allegreto
16th Jul 17 10:59:10YMMV.Allegretto
16th Jul 17 10:58:37Western Animation.Allegretto
16th Jul 17 06:24:59Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
12th Jul 17 01:00:23Non Fiction Literature
12th Jul 17 12:59:52Literature Of The1900s
12th Jul 17 12:58:17Literature.Professor Challenger
8th Jul 17 12:26:10Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
8th Jul 17 02:22:22Funny.City Of Lost Characters
7th Jul 17 11:22:42Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
7th Jul 17 11:21:57Action Girl.Video Games
7th Jul 17 11:14:53Abnormal Ammo
7th Jul 17 11:09:18Thanking The Viewer
7th Jul 17 11:07:41Too Awesome To Use
7th Jul 17 11:04:46Ugly Cute.Web Original
7th Jul 17 10:53:34Non Mammal Mammaries
7th Jul 17 08:54:06Nightmare Fuel.Webcomics
7th Jul 17 07:52:46Poison Mushroom
7th Jul 17 06:36:52Slow Paced Beginning
7th Jul 17 12:47:24Funny.City Of Lost Characters
5th Jul 17 06:40:29Shattered World
2nd Jul 17 12:57:28Useful Notes.The Longitude Problem
2nd Jul 17 12:49:52Literature.Time Machine Series
2nd Jul 17 12:44:36Before My Time
2nd Jul 17 12:39:58What Are Records
2nd Jul 17 03:07:21Video Game.Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number
1st Jul 17 12:02:30Most Annoying Sound
1st Jul 17 02:57:55Thanatos Gambit
1st Jul 17 01:54:26Referenced By.TV Tropes
26th Jun 17 02:32:06Star Scraper
26th Jun 17 02:27:11Tower Of Babel
26th Jun 17 02:24:18Translation Yes
26th Jun 17 02:21:23Void Between The Worlds
26th Jun 17 02:16:06Squishy Wizard
26th Jun 17 02:14:50Spikes Of Doom
26th Jun 17 02:13:24Retraux.Video Games
24th Jun 17 11:20:33Lovecraft On Film
23rd Jun 17 12:56:59Wham Episode.Video Games
23rd Jun 17 12:41:17Hint System
22nd Jun 17 02:03:03Check Point Starvation
21st Jun 17 12:20:43Driven To Suicide.Video Games
21st Jun 17 07:12:30Level Editor
20th Jun 17 04:42:56Awesome Music.Doom
20th Jun 17 01:36:04Inner Monologue
20th Jun 17 01:30:33Literature.Odd John
20th Jun 17 01:17:56Awesome Music.MOTHER
20th Jun 17 01:06:56Chekhovs Gunman
20th Jun 17 12:40:51Troubled Production.Other
20th Jun 17 03:27:51Indecisive Medium
17th Jun 17 05:34:08Signature Scene.Video Games
17th Jun 17 01:07:53Wham Line.Roleplay
16th Jun 17 12:09:08Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
16th Jun 17 10:12:28Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
16th Jun 17 07:49:42Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
16th Jun 17 03:07:05Heartwarming.City Of Lost Characters
16th Jun 17 02:52:39Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
16th Jun 17 12:19:20I Just Write The Thing
14th Jun 17 02:43:23Do Not Do This Cool Thing
13th Jun 17 09:43:18Fanfic Recs.Doom
12th Jun 17 09:31:47Quotes.City Of Lost Characters
12th Jun 17 04:56:07The Multiverse
12th Jun 17 04:44:34Morph Weapon
12th Jun 17 04:35:59Evil Versus Evil.Literature
12th Jun 17 04:06:15Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
12th Jun 17 04:04:41Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
12th Jun 17 03:55:33Untitled Title
12th Jun 17 03:52:51Multiple Reference Pun
12th Jun 17 03:50:18Terminology Title
12th Jun 17 03:50:08Ominous Legal Phrase Title
12th Jun 17 03:35:57Tertiary Sexual Characteristics
12th Jun 17 03:34:35Speaking Simlish
12th Jun 17 03:31:58Shut Up Hannibal.Video Games
12th Jun 17 03:30:22Shout Out.Video Games
12th Jun 17 03:26:39World Of Funny Animals
12th Jun 17 03:24:20World Shapes
12th Jun 17 03:21:43The X Of Y
12th Jun 17 03:21:11Your Head A Splode
12th Jun 17 03:18:34Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
12th Jun 17 01:33:04Transplanted Character Fic
12th Jun 17 01:31:34Transplanted Character Fic
12th Jun 17 01:23:45In Name Only
10th Jun 17 03:57:03Vegetarian Carnivore
10th Jun 17 03:52:15Video Game.Snake
10th Jun 17 03:41:39Snakes Are Sexy
10th Jun 17 01:26:47Canon Illustrations
9th Jun 17 03:34:27Self Destruct Mechanism
9th Jun 17 03:28:14Post Kiss Catatonia
9th Jun 17 03:25:01Save The Princess
8th Jun 17 07:08:18Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
7th Jun 17 01:28:29Retraux.Video Games
7th Jun 17 01:26:03Rewarding Vandalism
7th Jun 17 01:25:16Punny Name
3rd Jun 17 11:42:27Switching POV
3rd Jun 17 11:02:54Outrun The Fireball
3rd Jun 17 11:01:45A Nazi By Any Other Name
3rd Jun 17 10:59:10Must Have Caffeine.Video Games
3rd Jun 17 10:58:08Laughing Mad
3rd Jun 17 06:20:44Worse Than It Sounds.Video Games
28th May 17 11:05:04Level In Reverse
27th May 17 01:29:46Land Mine Goes Click
27th May 17 01:27:38Hyperactive Metabolism
27th May 17 12:56:22Gimmick Level
27th May 17 12:52:23Gasshole
27th May 17 12:51:07Die Chair Die
27th May 17 06:35:17Fanfic Recs.Hotline Miami
27th May 17 05:16:26Awesome Music.Hotline Miami
26th May 17 08:50:30Bald Of Evil
26th May 17 08:45:57Beam Me Up Scotty.Real Life
26th May 17 08:35:48Hotlinked Image Switch
26th May 17 01:45:40Grand Unified Timeline.The Late Nineties
20th May 17 02:28:20Degraded Boss
20th May 17 02:28:01Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
20th May 17 02:25:48Cool Shades
20th May 17 02:23:57Cats Are Mean
20th May 17 02:22:28Bling Bling Bang
20th May 17 02:19:17Zero Effort Boss
20th May 17 02:13:23Foregone Conclusion
20th May 17 02:47:06Videogame.Doom
20th May 17 02:46:43Game Mod Index
20th May 17 02:46:02Video Game.Shadow Of The Wool Ball
18th May 17 02:35:09Overly Long Name.Fan Fiction
13th May 17 08:00:39Nightmare Fuel.Sesame Street
4th May 17 01:57:10Awesome Music.Lazy Town
27th Apr 17 01:51:31Recycled Title
26th Apr 17 05:36:57Signature Sound Effect
23rd Apr 17 07:45:55Conspiracy Theories.H To N
23rd Apr 17 07:33:28Limited Sound Effects
22nd Apr 17 07:10:17April Fools Day
17th Apr 17 07:32:13Not Christian Rock
17th Apr 17 06:23:04It Will Never Catch On.Real Life
17th Apr 17 05:01:08Historical Detective Fiction
14th Apr 17 06:05:13Renamed Tropes.F To K
14th Apr 17 06:01:13Comic Book.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
12th Apr 17 08:31:52Mundane Made Awesome.Other
11th Apr 17 11:04:59Acceptable Breaks From Reality
11th Apr 17 10:46:52Gateless Ghetto
11th Apr 17 10:33:36Real Dreams Are Weirder
10th Apr 17 06:25:07Funny.Johnny Bravo
10th Apr 17 06:11:10Signature Scene.Live Action Films
10th Apr 17 03:46:37The Three Certainties In Life
10th Apr 17 03:08:11Fanfic Recs.Doom
10th Apr 17 03:07:45Completely Different Title
10th Apr 17 03:00:54Hotlinked Image Switch
10th Apr 17 02:26:44Even The Subtitler Is Stumped
10th Apr 17 01:31:43Portable Hole
10th Apr 17 01:28:11Bottomless Pits
10th Apr 17 01:16:10Visible Invisibility
10th Apr 17 01:14:03Invincibility Power Up
10th Apr 17 12:58:50Trivia.Portal
10th Apr 17 12:58:38Trope Namers.Video Games
7th Apr 17 08:31:31Banging Pots And Pans
7th Apr 17 08:29:21Previously On
6th Apr 17 03:28:53Awesome.The Gmod Idiot Box
6th Apr 17 03:25:02Offscreen Moment Of Awesome
6th Apr 17 10:41:11ET Gave Us Wi Fi
6th Apr 17 05:52:28April Fools Day
6th Apr 17 03:19:07Loading Screen
4th Apr 17 05:15:22Everyone Is Satan In Hell
3rd Apr 17 05:52:12Literature.A Game Of Thrones
3rd Apr 17 05:34:53Characters.City Of Lost Characters
2nd Apr 17 07:37:30April Fools Day
2nd Apr 17 07:36:24April Fools Day
31st Mar 17 09:48:41Renamed Tropes.A To E
31st Mar 17 02:46:49Sequel Displacement
30th Mar 17 08:21:42Early Installment Weirdness.Web Sites
30th Mar 17 04:55:44Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Western Animation
29th Mar 17 06:19:18Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Music
29th Mar 17 02:46:21Narration Echo
29th Mar 17 01:23:26Trailers Always Spoil.Literature
29th Mar 17 01:20:17Oddball In The Series
27th Mar 17 06:29:59Eastern European Animation
27th Mar 17 06:15:25YMMV.Nu Pogodi
27th Mar 17 06:10:13Circling Birdies
24th Mar 17 09:17:29Awesome.The Gmod Idiot Box
24th Mar 17 09:17:19Awesome.The Gmod Idiot Box
24th Mar 17 07:11:13Termite Trouble
24th Mar 17 07:07:48Reentry Scare
24th Mar 17 02:57:03Fashionable Asymmetry
24th Mar 17 02:48:37Works Needing Tropes
23rd Mar 17 03:28:45BLAM.Video Games
23rd Mar 17 03:15:33Gainax Ending
23rd Mar 17 03:00:15BLAM.Video Games
22nd Mar 17 07:13:25Straw Loser
22nd Mar 17 06:06:57Black Dude Dies First
22nd Mar 17 02:58:30Fan Fic.Hitman Miami
22nd Mar 17 02:37:02Fanfic Recs.Quake I
22nd Mar 17 02:36:46Fanfic Recs.Doom
22nd Mar 17 02:35:06Fanfic Recommendations
22nd Mar 17 02:34:25Fanfic Recs.Doom
20th Mar 17 08:51:54Chekhovs Gunman.Video Games
19th Mar 17 06:24:51Funny.City Of Lost Characters
17th Mar 17 07:20:18Local Angle
17th Mar 17 02:47:57Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
15th Mar 17 09:37:00Inferred Holocaust