Korodzik's Recent Edits

3rd Oct 15 04:15:10Everything Is Online
30th Sep 15 04:28:36Awesome.Fight Club
30th Sep 15 04:27:24Awesome Music.Pixar
27th Sep 15 08:54:39Follow The Leader.Webcomics
27th Sep 15 05:17:43Image Source.Live Action Films
27th Sep 15 12:54:49Cute Kitten
25th Sep 15 04:20:38Long Title
24th Sep 15 06:47:01Series Of The1990s
24th Sep 15 06:46:26Kid Com
24th Sep 15 06:46:09Completely Different Title
24th Sep 15 06:46:04Credits Montage
24th Sep 15 06:45:57The Most Dangerous Video Game
24th Sep 15 06:44:34YMMV.Ship To Shore
24th Sep 15 02:27:58Everyone Is Satan In Hell
23rd Sep 15 11:01:14Video Game.Hacx
23rd Sep 15 11:01:08Easy Level Trick
23rd Sep 15 11:00:55Video Game.Hacx
23rd Sep 15 11:00:38Easy Level Trick
23rd Sep 15 10:57:32Good Bad Bugs.First Person Shooter
23rd Sep 15 10:56:07Simultaneous Warning And Action
23rd Sep 15 10:55:40Simultaneous Warning And Action
23rd Sep 15 10:52:58Ladder Physics
23rd Sep 15 10:51:23Noob Bridge
23rd Sep 15 10:48:37Noob Bridge
23rd Sep 15 10:20:09Old Shame.Fan Fiction
23rd Sep 15 03:52:43Monkeys On A Typewriter
22nd Sep 15 05:16:11Too Soon
22nd Sep 15 05:15:57Harsher In Hindsight.Video Games
22nd Sep 15 05:07:49Awesome.Fight Club
22nd Sep 15 04:59:42The Reveal.Live Action Films
22nd Sep 15 04:02:19No Matter How Much I Beg
22nd Sep 15 03:52:09Franchise.Sherlock Holmes
22nd Sep 15 03:45:01Offscreen Teleportation.Film
22nd Sep 15 02:20:58Poes Law
21st Sep 15 04:58:52Summary.Live Action TV
21st Sep 15 04:57:37Australian Television Shows
21st Sep 15 04:57:14Creator.ACTF
21st Sep 15 04:56:34YMMV.Ship To Shore
21st Sep 15 04:55:24Series.Ship To Shore
21st Sep 15 04:48:27Credits Montage
21st Sep 15 03:10:36Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
20th Sep 15 11:37:19No Matter How Much I Beg
20th Sep 15 01:55:57Tropers.Korodzik
20th Sep 15 10:39:41Escapist Character
20th Sep 15 10:29:50Brown Note
20th Sep 15 10:21:12Cosmic Horror Story
20th Sep 15 10:20:38Comic Book.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
20th Sep 15 09:18:46Alternate History
18th Sep 15 02:42:30Costumes Change Your Size
18th Sep 15 07:18:05Website.Wayback Machine
18th Sep 15 04:21:01Character Blog
18th Sep 15 04:20:15Website.Formspring
18th Sep 15 04:19:30Other Sites
18th Sep 15 04:18:17Website.Formspring
17th Sep 15 06:44:48Gambit Roulette
17th Sep 15 05:44:03Polish Media
17th Sep 15 04:06:52Headscratchers.Death Note Rules Of The Death Note
17th Sep 15 02:25:49Headscratchers.Death Note Rules Of The Death Note
17th Sep 15 01:55:13Narm.Death Note
17th Sep 15 01:53:34Funny.Death Note
17th Sep 15 01:34:36Heartwarming.Death Note
16th Sep 15 12:55:31Nightmare Fuel.Death Note
16th Sep 15 12:50:24Awesome.Death Note
9th Sep 15 11:46:37Colbert Bump
9th Sep 15 01:39:13Play By Post Games
9th Sep 15 01:38:44Roleplay.Objection
9th Sep 15 01:35:43Chandlers Law
9th Sep 15 01:34:44Chandlers Law
9th Sep 15 01:34:42YMMV.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
6th Sep 15 09:21:22Hidden Object Game
6th Sep 15 09:18:32Great Detective
4th Sep 15 05:00:16Image Source.Webcomics
4th Sep 15 04:49:33Heartwarming.Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth
4th Sep 15 04:47:53Heartwarming.VG Cats
4th Sep 15 04:46:39Heartwarming.VG Cats
3rd Sep 15 05:32:20Technology Marches On
3rd Sep 15 05:29:31Spice Up The Subtitles
2nd Sep 15 11:18:29Mermaid Problem
31st Aug 15 12:10:30Abandoned Info Page
30th Aug 15 06:52:48Memes.Video Games
30th Aug 15 02:06:49Bathroom Break Out
30th Aug 15 01:53:03Griping About Gremlins
29th Aug 15 01:39:12Image Source.Animated Films
26th Aug 15 03:37:38American Kirby Is Hardcore
26th Aug 15 09:56:24Obviously Evil
26th Aug 15 09:53:16Animated Actors
26th Aug 15 09:48:34Literature.The Invisible Man
26th Aug 15 09:46:35Literature.Ra
26th Aug 15 09:44:37Present Tense Narrative
25th Aug 15 02:28:32This Was His True Form
23rd Aug 15 02:21:43Self Deprecation.Video Games
22nd Aug 15 10:35:25Extra Turn
22nd Aug 15 10:13:07Videogame.The Bridge
22nd Aug 15 10:08:26Completely Different Title
22nd Aug 15 10:00:38Close On Title
20th Aug 15 01:06:16YMMV.The Bridge
20th Aug 15 08:58:15Website.GOG Dot Com
20th Aug 15 08:50:38Video Game.Unlimited Adventures
20th Aug 15 08:50:15Video Game.Unlimited Adventures
16th Aug 15 07:14:06Character Blog
16th Aug 15 05:00:31Refugee From TV Land
15th Aug 15 11:22:57Trivia.Rear Window
15th Aug 15 01:44:22Instructive Level Design
15th Aug 15 01:42:11Teaching Through Accident
15th Aug 15 06:33:39Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Film
15th Aug 15 05:35:55Breakable Power Up
15th Aug 15 05:32:01Voluntary Shapeshifting
15th Aug 15 05:29:40Who Wants To Live Forever.Literature
15th Aug 15 05:28:37Wild Child
15th Aug 15 05:26:50Wolf Man
15th Aug 15 05:25:29You Cant Fight Fate
15th Aug 15 05:23:43Your Vampires Suck
15th Aug 15 05:22:33Zeppelins From Another World
15th Aug 15 05:20:26Webcomic.Deverish Also
15th Aug 15 05:19:51Video Game.Devil Survivor
15th Aug 15 05:19:00Literature.Sixteen Thirty Two
15th Aug 15 05:17:13Anime.Cross Ange
15th Aug 15 05:13:54NPC Roadblock
15th Aug 15 05:09:13YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
12th Aug 15 01:34:36Awesome.The Wall
12th Aug 15 01:58:45YMMV.Machinarium
11th Aug 15 07:18:17Adventure Game
11th Aug 15 07:10:20Eating Machine
11th Aug 15 07:08:23Stomach Of Holding
11th Aug 15 05:33:09Only Smart People May Pass
11th Aug 15 01:09:31Religious Robot
10th Aug 15 11:47:30Funny.Courage The Cowardly Dog
10th Aug 15 11:36:58YMMV.The Wall
9th Aug 15 02:33:05YMMV.The Wall
8th Aug 15 12:51:09Bathroom Break Out
8th Aug 15 12:46:58Mook Chivalry
8th Aug 15 12:35:22Cuckoo Nest
7th Aug 15 05:35:30Roleplay.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
6th Aug 15 10:36:22BLAM.Film
6th Aug 15 10:33:13Not On The List
6th Aug 15 10:31:45YMMV.The King Of Comedy
5th Aug 15 11:30:48YMMV.The Shining
5th Aug 15 11:21:10Nightmare Fuel.The Shining
3rd Aug 15 12:30:43Awesome.Psycho
3rd Aug 15 12:24:02Nightmare Fuel.Psycho
2nd Aug 15 11:38:19Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane
2nd Aug 15 11:35:00Occult Detective
2nd Aug 15 11:17:32Useful Notes.National Film Registry
2nd Aug 15 02:28:43Nightmare Fuel.Batman Arkham Asylum
1st Aug 15 04:04:31Funny.This Is Spinal Tap
1st Aug 15 01:59:32Awesome.Batman Arkham Asylum
1st Aug 15 01:17:54YMMV.Batman Arkham Asylum
1st Aug 15 01:17:50Video Game.Batman Arkham Asylum
31st Jul 15 01:26:49Ear Worm.Advertising
31st Jul 15 01:24:21YMMV.Inside Out
31st Jul 15 01:23:04Ear Worm.Disney
30th Jul 15 11:36:20Magic Versus Science
30th Jul 15 11:33:49Language Equals Thought
30th Jul 15 11:33:29Language Equals Thought
30th Jul 15 11:29:25Impaled With Extreme Prejudice
30th Jul 15 11:28:08In Series Nickname
30th Jul 15 11:26:46Immune To Fate
30th Jul 15 11:24:34Language Barrier
30th Jul 15 11:22:28Invisibility
30th Jul 15 11:13:04Cell Phones Are Useless
30th Jul 15 11:12:33Super Cell Reception
30th Jul 15 11:11:57The Web Always Existed
30th Jul 15 11:11:27Otherworld Tropes
30th Jul 15 11:10:36Phone Tropes
30th Jul 15 11:09:47Sudden Lack Of Signal
30th Jul 15 11:03:25Shockingly Expensive Bill
30th Jul 15 10:59:11Funny.Blazing Saddles
30th Jul 15 10:53:51Hotlinked Image Switch
29th Jul 15 11:54:01Awesome.Inside Out
29th Jul 15 11:46:57Awesome Music.Pixar
29th Jul 15 11:43:04Nightmare Fuel.Inside Out
29th Jul 15 11:40:16Western Animation.Inside Out
29th Jul 15 11:39:59YMMV.Inside Out
29th Jul 15 11:39:12Faceless Eye
29th Jul 15 11:38:43Video Game.Catacomb Fantasy Trilogy
29th Jul 15 11:31:08Impossible Task
29th Jul 15 11:30:45Snipe Hunt
29th Jul 15 11:27:39Helpful Hallucination
28th Jul 15 10:43:33Reality Ensues.Web Original
27th Jul 15 07:58:21Funny.Awake In The Night Land
27th Jul 15 04:00:28Video Game.Evil Genius
27th Jul 15 03:25:00Narm.Live Action TV
27th Jul 15 03:15:37Series.Przygody Psa Cywila
26th Jul 15 03:15:08Poirot Speak
24th Jul 15 05:40:44Video Game.Evil Genius
24th Jul 15 02:09:14Video Game.Evil Genius
23rd Jul 15 12:08:39Immortality Hurts
23rd Jul 15 11:56:59Complete Immortality
23rd Jul 15 11:56:52Complete Immortality
23rd Jul 15 11:50:18I Am Who
23rd Jul 15 11:47:59Hope Spot.Literature
23rd Jul 15 11:45:47His Name Is
23rd Jul 15 11:42:40Healing Factor
23rd Jul 15 11:40:03Heel Face Turn.Literature
23rd Jul 15 11:39:08Happiness In Slavery
23rd Jul 15 11:36:52Flipping The Bird
23rd Jul 15 11:35:40The Fatalist
23rd Jul 15 11:34:23Evil Tower Of Ominousness
23rd Jul 15 11:32:00Dope Slap
23rd Jul 15 11:29:38Multiversal Conqueror
23rd Jul 15 11:28:02Literature.Somewhither
23rd Jul 15 09:03:36Quotes.For The Evulz
23rd Jul 15 07:55:13Image Source.Internet
23rd Jul 15 07:55:04In Vino Veritas
22nd Jul 15 01:54:00Didnt See That Coming
22nd Jul 15 01:50:39Cephalothorax
22nd Jul 15 01:48:56Cool Mask
22nd Jul 15 01:47:58Cool Gate
22nd Jul 15 01:46:24Cool Boat
22nd Jul 15 01:45:11Big What
22nd Jul 15 01:44:01Bavarian Fire Drill
22nd Jul 15 01:41:14Badass Boast.Literature
22nd Jul 15 01:40:47Badass Boast.Literature
22nd Jul 15 01:37:25Arbitrary Skepticism
22nd Jul 15 01:36:27And I Must Scream.Literature
22nd Jul 15 01:34:30All Myths Are True
22nd Jul 15 01:33:52All Myths Are True
21st Jul 15 02:32:47Quotes.Review Ironic Echo
20th Jul 15 03:11:01Literature.Somewhither
20th Jul 15 03:03:48Literature.Somewhither
20th Jul 15 03:03:18Literature.Somewhither
20th Jul 15 02:45:53Funny.Awake In The Night Land
19th Jul 15 05:51:57Depraved Kids Show Host
19th Jul 15 05:44:13Quotes.Game Over
19th Jul 15 05:36:41Literature.Awake In The Night Land
17th Jul 15 10:27:39Useful Notes.Romani
17th Jul 15 02:31:23Fantasy Literature
17th Jul 15 02:29:48Literature.Somewhither
17th Jul 15 02:07:43Dramatic Unmask
17th Jul 15 04:32:14Roleplay.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
17th Jul 15 04:22:18Literature.Somewhither
17th Jul 15 04:21:23Literature.Somewhither
17th Jul 15 12:26:08Website.The Daily WTF
15th Jul 15 04:01:07Not My Driver
15th Jul 15 01:25:04Literature.Somewhither
15th Jul 15 01:13:32Literature.Somewhither
12th Jul 15 02:22:17Real Men Love Jesus
12th Jul 15 02:20:50Doorstopper
12th Jul 15 02:15:02Voodoo Doll
12th Jul 15 01:53:39Sympathetic Magic
12th Jul 15 11:39:18Super Strength
12th Jul 15 11:33:30BLAM.Literature
8th Jul 15 06:30:53Sword Drag
8th Jul 15 02:36:53Creator.John C Wright
7th Jul 15 03:41:49Devolution Device
6th Jul 15 01:01:10Fiction As Cover Up
5th Jul 15 11:44:44Alien Arts Are Appreciated
5th Jul 15 11:33:30Quotes.Glory Road
5th Jul 15 11:32:09Quotes.Glory Road
5th Jul 15 11:17:08Kaizo Trap
5th Jul 15 05:41:27Video Game.The Black Cauldron
5th Jul 15 05:23:14Episodic Game
5th Jul 15 05:20:08Episodic Game
2nd Jul 15 03:41:12Super Cell Reception
29th Jun 15 02:10:48Quotes.Smart People Speak The Queens English
24th Jun 15 10:57:18Carnivore Confusion.Real Life
24th Jun 15 02:35:12As You Know
24th Jun 15 02:32:51Attack Reflector
24th Jun 15 02:31:29Deflector Shields
24th Jun 15 02:25:08Single Specimen Species
24th Jun 15 02:22:58Strong Family Resemblance
18th Jun 15 10:51:21You Cant Get Ye Flask
16th Jun 15 02:35:16Literature.Oliver Twist
15th Jun 15 03:06:40Becoming The Costume
15th Jun 15 01:58:47Quotes.Xanatos Gambit
12th Jun 15 04:07:38Offscreen Moment Of Awesome.Fanfiction
12th Jun 15 03:54:32Fanfic.A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies
12th Jun 15 03:51:43Dead Fic
11th Jun 15 04:06:30Awesome Music.Doom
11th Jun 15 01:21:56Image Source.Internet
11th Jun 15 12:56:54Caustic Critic
11th Jun 15 12:30:55Funny.Doom
11th Jun 15 12:02:12Mirror World
10th Jun 15 11:32:53Bleached Underpants
10th Jun 15 10:07:05Most Annoying Sound
10th Jun 15 10:05:31Most Annoying Sound
10th Jun 15 03:43:33What Do You Mean It Wasnt Made On Drugs
9th Jun 15 04:06:38Bread Eggs Milk Squick
7th Jun 15 03:03:27Cutting The Knot
7th Jun 15 01:32:06The Unmasqued World
5th Jun 15 10:30:39Ear Worm.Music ABC
3rd Jun 15 11:11:06Dead Fic
3rd Jun 15 11:09:29Dramatis Personae
3rd Jun 15 11:07:03Alien Arts Are Appreciated
3rd Jun 15 11:02:05Laconic.What Cliffhanger
3rd Jun 15 10:55:05Cliffhanger.Video Games
3rd Jun 15 10:49:40Instant Win Condition
3rd Jun 15 10:44:13Klingons Love Shakespeare
3rd Jun 15 10:37:53An Astral Projection Not A Ghost
3rd Jun 15 10:28:18Last Minute Reprieve
3rd Jun 15 10:24:28The Tourney
3rd Jun 15 10:04:16Heroes R Us
1st Jun 15 02:04:58Trailers Always Spoil.Literature
30th May 15 05:20:49Inherited Illiteracy Title
30th May 15 05:10:40Awesome Music.Electronic
28th May 15 03:08:53No Ending
28th May 15 01:53:17Quotes.Instant Win Condition
26th May 15 12:36:27Dramatic Gun Cock
24th May 15 05:24:09So You Want To.Write Loads And Loads Of Characters
23rd May 15 02:12:45Meaningful Name.Literature
20th May 15 12:49:03No Name Given.Literature
20th May 15 12:44:15Everyone Calls Him Barkeep
20th May 15 12:42:08No Name Given
19th May 15 12:34:57Fanfic.The Rise Of Darth Vulcan
19th May 15 12:34:12Knight Of Cerebus.Fan Works
17th May 15 11:46:00Literature.Monster Hunter International
17th May 15 10:28:42Ear Worm.Music JKL
17th May 15 10:19:18Ear Worm.Music UVW
10th May 15 02:28:42Using You All Along
10th May 15 05:10:05Unsound Effect
3rd May 15 12:36:27Fictional Mystery Real Prize
3rd May 15 12:34:50Literature.Kit Williams Masquerade
2nd May 15 02:34:33Harsher In Hindsight.Video Games
30th Apr 15 09:49:56Literature.Skylark Series
27th Apr 15 03:31:33Doorstopper
26th Apr 15 11:10:15YMMV.Diary Of A Camper
23rd Apr 15 11:55:27Theatre.Faust Second Part Of The Tragedy
22nd Apr 15 07:02:29Fanfic.Flash Fog
22nd Apr 15 07:00:29Creator.DGD Davidson
22nd Apr 15 02:13:55Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic General
15th Apr 15 09:38:44Comic Strip.Knights Of The Dinner Table
15th Apr 15 09:37:50The Big Bang Theory.Tropes A To E
15th Apr 15 09:37:10Series.Frasier
15th Apr 15 09:36:26Series.How I Met Your Mother
15th Apr 15 09:35:48Film.Casino
13th Apr 15 11:38:44Competition Index
13th Apr 15 11:37:33Fictional Mystery Real Prize
12th Apr 15 09:38:10One Word Title
12th Apr 15 09:35:02Protagonist Title
12th Apr 15 09:32:54Completed Migrations.Namespaced Works With Less Than 15 Wicks
12th Apr 15 09:31:22Game Mod Index
12th Apr 15 09:31:18Survival Horror
12th Apr 15 09:31:05Work Pages In G To I
12th Apr 15 09:30:25Harvest
12th Apr 15 09:30:24Video Game.Harvest
12th Apr 15 09:23:40Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Crossover
12th Apr 15 09:22:29Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Humans
12th Apr 15 09:16:32Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic General
12th Apr 15 08:57:08Phoney Call
12th Apr 15 08:56:08Phone Tropes
12th Apr 15 08:55:52Escape Call
11th Apr 15 09:36:51Fanfic Recs.Homestuck
9th Apr 15 12:28:48Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic General
9th Apr 15 12:15:35Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Authors
9th Apr 15 12:11:20Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Humans
9th Apr 15 12:05:39Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Crossover
8th Apr 15 09:54:00Foreign Language Title
8th Apr 15 09:48:21Fan Fic.Arddun Lleuad
8th Apr 15 09:47:53Fanfic.All American Girl
8th Apr 15 09:47:52Foreign Language Title
5th Apr 15 02:51:56Floating Head Syndrome
4th Apr 15 03:38:20World Limited To The Plot
4th Apr 15 11:27:06Translation Yes
4th Apr 15 02:06:33Least Rhymable Word
3rd Apr 15 12:59:26Humans Through Alien Eyes
3rd Apr 15 10:37:49Robinsonade
1st Apr 15 01:33:34Quotes.No Hero Discount
29th Mar 15 06:15:20Sneeze Of Doom
27th Mar 15 06:25:22Awesome Music.PC Only
27th Mar 15 06:12:36Awesome Music.PC Only
25th Mar 15 11:18:09Mistaken For An Imposter
24th Mar 15 01:44:12Website.Things Of Interest
24th Mar 15 01:42:54Website.Things Of Interest
22nd Mar 15 06:27:04Film.Jaws
22nd Mar 15 06:26:11Mahou Sensei Negima.Tropes S To U
22nd Mar 15 06:24:42Western Animation.Humphrey The Bear
21st Mar 15 01:19:43Threatening Shark
21st Mar 15 01:17:09Aquatic Animal Tropes
21st Mar 15 01:16:36Shark Fin Of Doom
19th Mar 15 03:09:29Monster Clown
19th Mar 15 09:46:15The Illusionist
18th Mar 15 03:19:52Genie In A Bottle
18th Mar 15 07:33:09Madwoman In The Attic
18th Mar 15 07:29:06Tom The Dark Lord
17th Mar 15 04:02:10Wishing For More Wishes
15th Mar 15 03:42:03Commercial Pop Up
15th Mar 15 03:11:36Screw The Rules I Have Money
12th Mar 15 12:49:48Administrivia.YKTTW Plug
12th Mar 15 12:11:39Coat Full Of Contraband
11th Mar 15 10:06:50Literature.A Study In Scarlet
11th Mar 15 10:06:13Literature.A Study In Scarlet
11th Mar 15 07:58:10Plato Is A Moron
10th Mar 15 03:19:38Camera Fiend
8th Mar 15 11:13:41Video Game.Adventure Ponies
8th Mar 15 12:37:33Ear Worm.Music ST
7th Mar 15 01:12:37Informed Deformity
5th Mar 15 11:34:20Incongruously Dressed Zombie
5th Mar 15 11:13:07Locked Room Mystery
5th Mar 15 11:10:11Locked Room Mystery
5th Mar 15 08:40:39April Fools Day
5th Mar 15 08:05:31April Fools Day
5th Mar 15 01:52:39Boobs And Butt Pose
4th Mar 15 05:52:54Designated Villain
4th Mar 15 05:23:23Recap.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
4th Mar 15 05:06:08Recap.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
3rd Mar 15 12:43:35Recap.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
1st Mar 15 07:55:42Image Source.Video Games
1st Mar 15 06:40:21One Book Author
1st Mar 15 06:37:24Translation With An Agenda
1st Mar 15 06:00:48Tyop On The Cover