Korodzik's Recent Edits

6th Dec 16 01:51:33Victorian London
6th Dec 16 01:43:53Street Urchin
6th Dec 16 02:27:24Solid Clouds
6th Dec 16 02:25:59Solid Clouds
6th Dec 16 02:24:50Solid Clouds
4th Dec 16 10:39:30Temporary Platform
4th Dec 16 10:32:58Mercy Invincibility
3rd Dec 16 02:22:08Hearts Are Health
3rd Dec 16 01:56:56Temporary Platform
3rd Dec 16 01:49:30Super Drowning Skills.Video Games
2nd Dec 16 11:29:48Animal Motifs
2nd Dec 16 07:03:41Trailers Always Spoil.Literature
30th Nov 16 01:04:56Video Game.Brandish
30th Nov 16 01:03:12Gratuitous Russian
30th Nov 16 01:16:36I Thought That Was.R To Z
29th Nov 16 02:10:25Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
27th Nov 16 03:09:09Completely Different Title
27th Nov 16 08:33:14Video Game.Space Harrier
27th Nov 16 08:32:49Video Game.Space Harrier
26th Nov 16 07:54:10Bully Hunter
26th Nov 16 02:16:28Deus Ex Machina.Comic Books
26th Nov 16 02:03:38Conspiracy Theories.H To N
26th Nov 16 02:03:15Conspiracy Theories.Other
26th Nov 16 01:58:08Reality Ensues.Web Original
25th Nov 16 10:40:34Just For Fun.Come For The X Stay For The Y
20th Nov 16 10:06:33Infant Immortality.Video Games
20th Nov 16 10:03:16Never Say Die
20th Nov 16 06:30:05Hyper Destructive Bouncing Ball
18th Nov 16 01:28:22Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
14th Nov 16 01:27:59Funny.Real Life
13th Nov 16 05:30:25Reality Ensues.Video Games
13th Nov 16 04:02:44Virtual Soundtrack
13th Nov 16 04:01:44Virtual Soundtrack
11th Nov 16 08:36:59Artistic License History
11th Nov 16 08:33:47Watch It For The Meme
10th Nov 16 09:05:32Fourth Wall Portrait
10th Nov 16 06:12:10Eternal Sexual Freedom
8th Nov 16 08:28:53Useful Notes.The New Tens
6th Nov 16 10:45:51Video Game.Warcraft
5th Nov 16 10:11:19Battle Theme Music
4th Nov 16 02:20:58One Hit Wonder
4th Nov 16 05:07:38Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
26th Oct 16 12:10:49Funny.Johnny Bravo
26th Oct 16 12:04:08In Which A Trope Is Described
26th Oct 16 12:01:39In Which A Trope Is Described
26th Oct 16 11:13:31Video Game.Colossal Cave
25th Oct 16 04:56:22Pandering To The Base
24th Oct 16 02:24:48Fan Nickname.Harry Potter
22nd Oct 16 10:47:58Video Game.Colossal Cave
22nd Oct 16 10:13:55Unwinnable By Design
22nd Oct 16 09:51:12Video Game.Colossal Cave
22nd Oct 16 09:47:31Video Game.Colossal Cave
22nd Oct 16 06:27:50A Rare Sentence
21st Oct 16 03:08:38Scunthorpe Problem
21st Oct 16 02:37:40Addressing The Player
21st Oct 16 02:34:09Colour Coded For Your Convenience
21st Oct 16 04:35:15The Place
21st Oct 16 03:22:09Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
20th Oct 16 07:27:20Its Popular Now It Sucks
17th Oct 16 07:44:18Oh Crap.Comics
17th Oct 16 07:37:04Pop Culture Isolation
17th Oct 16 07:21:32Museum Of Boredom
17th Oct 16 07:16:47Last Minute Project
17th Oct 16 07:05:40Subliminal Seduction
16th Oct 16 04:47:17Trailers Always Spoil
15th Oct 16 08:01:22Man Eating Plant
14th Oct 16 03:36:06And You Thought It Was A Game
14th Oct 16 03:18:03The Ludovico Technique
14th Oct 16 03:13:12Literature.A Clockwork Orange
14th Oct 16 03:05:44Comic Book.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
14th Oct 16 02:28:18Strictly Formula
13th Oct 16 04:46:15Deadpan Snarker.Literature
12th Oct 16 02:43:22I Thought It Meant.A To C
12th Oct 16 02:41:09Foreign Language Title
12th Oct 16 02:27:44The Namesake
12th Oct 16 02:23:25Invisible To Normals
12th Oct 16 02:18:43Invisible To Normals
10th Oct 16 05:20:54Divided For Publication
10th Oct 16 01:39:40BLAM.Literature
9th Oct 16 12:06:37Shout Out.City Of Lost Characters
7th Oct 16 10:07:18What Do You Mean Its For Kids
5th Oct 16 02:23:44Trope Name
5th Oct 16 12:02:18Awesome Music.Death Note
4th Oct 16 03:02:30BLAM.Anime And Manga
4th Oct 16 07:18:32Interface Spoiler
4th Oct 16 03:24:41Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
4th Oct 16 03:23:26Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
2nd Oct 16 09:49:18Sugar Wiki.Visual Effects Of Awesome
1st Oct 16 03:25:18Creator.Jacek Dukaj
30th Sep 16 04:05:31Omniglot
30th Sep 16 01:48:57Western Animation.Dennis The Menace
30th Sep 16 01:47:27Translator Microbes
30th Sep 16 01:41:23Author Filibuster
30th Sep 16 01:32:09Characters.City Of Lost Characters
30th Sep 16 01:14:52Drool Hello
29th Sep 16 11:42:35Translator Microbes
29th Sep 16 03:33:05Quotes.Acrofatic
28th Sep 16 11:57:45Literature.A Clockwork Orange
26th Sep 16 12:21:30Depending On The Artist
25th Sep 16 01:40:56Big Yes
25th Sep 16 01:24:11Black Hole Belly
22nd Sep 16 12:27:16Strategy Guide
18th Sep 16 06:29:05Overly Narrow Superlative
18th Sep 16 06:28:41Overly Narrow Superlative
18th Sep 16 06:22:01Batman Gambit.Comic Books
15th Sep 16 05:01:28Cultural Translation
15th Sep 16 04:57:14Names Given To Computers
15th Sep 16 04:45:19Textbook Humor
15th Sep 16 04:37:13Running Gag.Literature
15th Sep 16 04:33:35Broad Strokes
15th Sep 16 04:28:18Back For The Finale
15th Sep 16 03:55:18Heavy Metal Umlaut
15th Sep 16 12:21:12Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Western Animation
10th Sep 16 12:17:55Unusual Chapter Numbers
4th Sep 16 08:17:33Roofhopping
4th Sep 16 05:04:16Reality Ensues.Comic Books
4th Sep 16 04:27:46Sudden Lack Of Signal
4th Sep 16 04:20:54Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
2nd Sep 16 10:11:03Reality Ensues.Video Games
2nd Sep 16 05:48:56Recap.City Of Lost Characters
1st Sep 16 10:29:42Forum Role Plays
1st Sep 16 10:18:48Roleplay.Special People
1st Sep 16 10:13:52Role Play.Rise Of The Alterverse
1st Sep 16 10:09:33Role Play.Bay 12 Dragon Ball ZRPG
1st Sep 16 05:43:08Roleplay.We Are Our Avatars
1st Sep 16 04:27:32Title Drop.Literature
1st Sep 16 04:23:32Omniglot
1st Sep 16 04:09:05Roleplay.Battleworld
31st Aug 16 03:01:49Crossword Puzzle
27th Aug 16 12:55:26Western Animation.Neds Newt
27th Aug 16 10:49:48Funny.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
20th Aug 16 11:30:22Flock Of Wolves
20th Aug 16 09:54:16Darth Vader Clone
20th Aug 16 09:51:58Deus Exit Machina
18th Aug 16 06:07:16Funny.City Of Lost Characters
17th Aug 16 04:52:33Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
16th Aug 16 04:03:42Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
15th Aug 16 12:39:56Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
9th Aug 16 05:18:39Other Sites
9th Aug 16 05:14:54YMMV.Drawception
9th Aug 16 05:14:38Website.Drawception
9th Aug 16 05:08:02Phony Degree
7th Aug 16 11:34:39The Backwards R
7th Aug 16 11:33:50The Backwards R
6th Aug 16 11:33:09Mistook The Dominant Lifeform
5th Aug 16 10:31:14Awesome Music.Doom
3rd Aug 16 02:52:40Shout Out.City Of Lost Characters
3rd Aug 16 02:52:09Shout Out.City Of Lost Characters
2nd Aug 16 02:37:33Title 1
31st Jul 16 08:21:27Continuity Cavalcade
31st Jul 16 08:01:40Older Than They Think.Technology
31st Jul 16 08:00:21Augmented Reality
31st Jul 16 07:55:12Establishing Character Moment.Comic Books
31st Jul 16 07:11:53Stylistic Suck.Video Games
31st Jul 16 07:11:15Stylistic Suck.Video Games
29th Jul 16 02:16:04Slow Paced Beginning
29th Jul 16 12:44:51Scrappy Mechanic.You Tube
26th Jul 16 09:57:18Insane Troll Logic
23rd Jul 16 09:53:06Mercy Kill
20th Jul 16 08:42:57Wham Line.Video Games
19th Jul 16 03:49:57Clock Punk
19th Jul 16 03:44:06Marathon Level
19th Jul 16 01:56:52Comic Book.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
18th Jul 16 12:59:49Quotes.Strife
18th Jul 16 12:52:12Herald
18th Jul 16 12:46:50Batman Cold Open
18th Jul 16 12:44:11Action Prologue
17th Jul 16 03:51:08Game Breaker.Other
17th Jul 16 02:46:36Literature.Jake And The Dynamo
17th Jul 16 02:38:29Spinning Out Of Here
17th Jul 16 01:26:13Doorstopper
15th Jul 16 01:57:58Anime Hair
13th Jul 16 07:28:19The Backwards R
12th Jul 16 12:45:55Poes Law
10th Jul 16 01:02:00Artificial Gravity
10th Jul 16 11:33:27Fantastic Legal Weirdness
10th Jul 16 11:29:34Morphic Resonance
10th Jul 16 11:26:55Morphic Resonance
10th Jul 16 11:24:26Baleful Polymorph
6th Jul 16 04:41:02Video Game.Prehistorik
5th Jul 16 12:07:27In Which A Trope Is Described
4th Jul 16 03:36:16Trivia.The Game Of Life
3rd Jul 16 08:41:34Bowel Breaking Bricks
3rd Jul 16 08:27:47Ascended To Carnivorism
2nd Jul 16 10:14:22Title Drop.Literature
2nd Jul 16 10:04:49Finale Title Drop
2nd Jul 16 10:01:36Title Drop.Video Games
24th Jun 16 12:05:22Lost In Translation
23rd Jun 16 09:01:46Power Levels
23rd Jun 16 09:00:51Portmanteau Couple Name
23rd Jun 16 08:59:53Musical Assassin
23rd Jun 16 08:58:39Web Serial Novel
22nd Jun 16 06:42:54Massive Multiplayer Crossover
22nd Jun 16 06:26:45Massive Multiplayer Crossover.Fan Works
22nd Jun 16 06:24:41Massive Multiplayer Crossover
22nd Jun 16 01:55:59Un Canceled
22nd Jun 16 01:50:19Funny.City Of Lost Characters
22nd Jun 16 01:46:42Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
22nd Jun 16 01:44:01WMG.City Of Lost Characters
19th Jun 16 08:50:42YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 6 E 12 Flutter Brutter
19th Jun 16 08:46:20The Cameo
19th Jun 16 08:46:13Western Animation.Dexters Laboratory
19th Jun 16 08:41:30Western Animation.The Powerpuff Girls
15th Jun 16 08:38:03Literature.Jake And The Dynamo
15th Jun 16 08:25:25Sdrawkcab Name
15th Jun 16 05:08:45Sanity Meter
15th Jun 16 04:29:15Heartwarming.City Of Lost Characters
14th Jun 16 04:06:35Omnidisciplinary Scientist
12th Jun 16 07:38:15The Song Remains The Same
12th Jun 16 07:33:23Voiceover Translation
12th Jun 16 07:27:23Clean Dub Name
9th Jun 16 07:27:02Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
5th Jun 16 09:40:47Creator.DGD Davidson
5th Jun 16 09:37:07Name And Name
5th Jun 16 09:36:38Literature.Jake And The Dynamo
5th Jun 16 09:36:18Web Serial Novel
5th Jun 16 09:35:09Literature.Jake And The Dynamo
5th Jun 16 05:05:23Raiders Of The Lost Parody
31st May 16 02:16:09Creator.Vox Day
29th May 16 07:52:40Video Game.Mad TV
29th May 16 07:51:58Video Game.Mad TV
29th May 16 07:51:39Video Game.Mad TV
25th May 16 11:09:04I Thought Everyone Could Do That
25th May 16 07:29:52Memes.Tumblr
24th May 16 11:57:12Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
23rd May 16 04:28:38WMG.Web Original
23rd May 16 04:28:04WMG.City Of Lost Characters
18th May 16 08:10:36Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
16th May 16 06:23:22Empty Room Psych
15th May 16 02:19:03WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting Ponies
12th May 16 01:37:27Stillborn Franchise.Video Games
12th May 16 06:55:23Sliding Scale Of Film Obscurity
12th May 16 04:45:18Long Title
10th May 16 02:41:13Parody Of Evolution
10th May 16 12:06:01Lady Mondegreen
8th May 16 01:16:54Shout Out.Video Games
7th May 16 11:45:08Stock Animal Diet
5th May 16 09:07:36Names The Same.Real Life
3rd May 16 02:37:55Useful Notes.Hugo Award
2nd May 16 08:04:04Game Breaking Bug.First Person Shooter
1st May 16 03:28:52Animated Actors.Western Animation
1st May 16 03:25:08Villain Protagonist
1st May 16 03:24:51Karma Houdini.Western Animation
1st May 16 03:24:36Useful Notes.Looney Tunes In The Forties
1st May 16 02:09:48Useful Notes.Hugo Award
30th Apr 16 11:41:54Awesome Music.PC Only
29th Apr 16 10:17:53Useful Notes.Hugo Award
28th Apr 16 12:00:54Image Source.Internet
28th Apr 16 04:22:37Just For Fun.I Thought That Was
28th Apr 16 04:22:34Just For Fun.I Read That As
24th Apr 16 02:49:36Series
21st Apr 16 10:05:33Western Animation.Il Etait Une Fois
21st Apr 16 08:04:33Values Dissonance.Literature
21st Apr 16 02:43:45Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
21st Apr 16 02:42:55City With No Name
21st Apr 16 02:14:11Funny.City Of Lost Characters
21st Apr 16 02:12:21Hand Wave
21st Apr 16 02:09:54Traveling At The Speed Of Plot
21st Apr 16 12:42:42Screamer Trailer
20th Apr 16 07:11:40Values Dissonance.Western Animation
20th Apr 16 06:41:15Unintentional Period Piece.Turn Of The Millennium
20th Apr 16 06:34:29The Catch Phrase Catches On
19th Apr 16 01:32:17Audience Participation
19th Apr 16 01:23:13Roleplay.The Official Unofficial Ouendan EBA Formspring RP
18th Apr 16 01:41:57Summary.Fan Works
17th Apr 16 09:40:59Fanfic.Until The End Of Time
17th Apr 16 09:36:11Fanfic.Until The End Of Time
17th Apr 16 09:11:53Title Drop.Fan Works
17th Apr 16 09:11:18Fanfic.Until The End Of Time
17th Apr 16 06:36:38Awesome Mc Coolname.Literature
16th Apr 16 01:44:25Signature Line
16th Apr 16 01:39:06Fanfic.Until The End Of Time
16th Apr 16 01:39:01Heroic Second Wind
16th Apr 16 01:38:59You Can Barely Stand
16th Apr 16 01:34:15Fanfic.Until The End Of Time
16th Apr 16 01:31:14Title Drop.Fan Works
16th Apr 16 01:29:57We Didnt Start The Fuhrer
16th Apr 16 01:29:25Title Drop.Fan Works
16th Apr 16 01:28:03Hilarious In Hindsight.Other
16th Apr 16 01:27:09YMMV.The Legend Of Koizumi
16th Apr 16 01:25:56So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
16th Apr 16 01:25:10Crack Fic
16th Apr 16 01:24:00So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
16th Apr 16 01:23:13Troll Fic
16th Apr 16 01:22:48Intercontinuity Crossover
16th Apr 16 01:22:09Crossover Ship
16th Apr 16 01:19:46Crack Pairing
16th Apr 16 01:19:06Memes.Fanfic
16th Apr 16 10:36:00Fan Works.Dragon Ball
16th Apr 16 10:32:12Fanfic.Until The End Of Time
16th Apr 16 10:01:08Reference Overdosed
16th Apr 16 09:55:52Unintentional Period Piece.Turn Of The Millennium
16th Apr 16 09:46:25Unintentional Period Piece
9th Apr 16 01:13:27Disney.Fantasia
9th Apr 16 12:58:19Disney.Fantasia
9th Apr 16 12:07:02Nightmare Fuel.Fantasia
9th Apr 16 09:37:22Weird Crossover
9th Apr 16 09:07:43YMMV.City Of Lost Characters
9th Apr 16 09:05:38Heartwarming.Play By Post Games
9th Apr 16 09:05:18Heartwarming.City Of Lost Characters
9th Apr 16 09:04:34Heartwarming.Play By Post Games
9th Apr 16 09:04:30Heartwarming.City Of Lost Characters
8th Apr 16 02:20:51Recap.City Of Lost Characters
7th Apr 16 12:19:34April Fools Day
7th Apr 16 12:13:55Awesome.Play By Post Games
7th Apr 16 12:13:03Awesome.City Of Lost Characters
4th Apr 16 04:19:05Dropped A Bridge On Him.Literature
4th Apr 16 04:17:02Literature.The Mysterious Island
3rd Apr 16 11:05:56Funny.City Of Lost Characters
3rd Apr 16 01:16:24Franchise.Sherlock Holmes
3rd Apr 16 01:00:40Utility Magic
28th Mar 16 04:04:05Generation Ships
27th Mar 16 09:59:40Lyrical Dissonance.Indie
27th Mar 16 12:34:13YMMV.SCP Foundation
26th Mar 16 02:10:48Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Web Original
24th Mar 16 10:53:30Magazine.Amazing Stories
24th Mar 16 10:52:34Magazine.Weird Tales
24th Mar 16 10:50:41Magazine.Weird Tales
12th Mar 16 01:50:54Red Herring
12th Mar 16 11:57:02Terminology Title
12th Mar 16 11:24:42Written Sound Effect
12th Mar 16 11:17:46Periphery Hatedom
12th Mar 16 11:13:46Long Song Short Scene.Video Games
10th Mar 16 05:08:46Deus Ex Machina.Western Animation
8th Mar 16 03:29:33Nightmare Fuel.Wiki Sandbox
8th Mar 16 03:29:15WMG.Wiki Sandbox
8th Mar 16 03:28:17Funny.Wiki Sandbox
8th Mar 16 03:28:06Heartwarming.Wiki Sandbox
8th Mar 16 03:27:35Darth Wiki.Wiki Sandbox
8th Mar 16 03:27:20Awesome.Wiki Sandbox
8th Mar 16 03:23:37YMMV.Wiki Sandbox
3rd Mar 16 02:05:20Gainax Ending
1st Mar 16 05:15:20I Do Not Own
1st Mar 16 01:02:03Quotes.Magic A Is Magic A
29th Feb 16 11:40:43Deader Than Disco.New Media
29th Feb 16 11:22:50Absurdly High Stakes Game
28th Feb 16 09:41:32Speculative Fiction Creator Index
28th Feb 16 09:37:12Creator.Vox Day
23rd Feb 16 01:31:27Copy Protection
23rd Feb 16 01:23:41Eye Scream.Fan Works
23rd Feb 16 01:20:58Sanity Slippage.Web Original
23rd Feb 16 01:20:37Ax Crazy.Web Original
23rd Feb 16 01:20:17Forum Role Plays
23rd Feb 16 01:20:04Eye Scream.Fan Works
23rd Feb 16 01:19:46Roleplay.NEWGAME Plus
23rd Feb 16 01:19:35Play By Post Games
23rd Feb 16 01:19:09Funny.Web Original
23rd Feb 16 01:17:37Funny.NEWGAME Plus
23rd Feb 16 01:16:54Funny.New Game Plus The Rpg
23rd Feb 16 01:16:11Funny.NEWGAME Plus
23rd Feb 16 01:15:33Roleplay.New Game Plus The Rpg
23rd Feb 16 01:14:21Roleplay.NEWGAME Plus
23rd Feb 16 01:10:37Doorstopper
19th Feb 16 02:39:50Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
17th Feb 16 06:17:50Funny.City Of Lost Characters
12th Feb 16 01:11:52Press Start To Game Over
10th Feb 16 09:31:15SCP Foundation.Tropes E To M
10th Feb 16 09:17:40Were Still Relevant Dammit
10th Feb 16 09:14:09Artifact Title.Magazines
10th Feb 16 04:12:39Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Technology
9th Feb 16 10:53:04Zombie Apocalypse
9th Feb 16 09:17:08Artifact Title.Magazines
8th Feb 16 03:56:03Funny.City Of Lost Characters
7th Feb 16 10:13:21Video Game.Thief Deadly Shadows
7th Feb 16 10:00:34Funny.Thief Deadly Shadows
6th Feb 16 02:38:01Deader Than Disco.New Media
4th Feb 16 12:16:50YMMV.At The Mountains Of Madness
28th Jan 16 08:04:11Early Installment Weirdness.Web Comics
28th Jan 16 07:55:12Early Installment Weirdness.Web Comics
26th Jan 16 07:22:15WMG.Yume Nikki
21st Jan 16 04:49:16April Fools Day
20th Jan 16 01:12:57Older Than They Think.Video Games
13th Jan 16 12:23:20Nintendo Hard.Uncategorised
11th Jan 16 04:06:00Lets See YOU Do Better
11th Jan 16 02:27:23Roleplay.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
10th Jan 16 03:03:17Stealth Run
10th Jan 16 11:44:52Funny.Scooby Doo
10th Jan 16 11:26:19Awesome.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
10th Jan 16 11:21:03The Place
10th Jan 16 11:20:19Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
10th Jan 16 11:20:18The X Of Y
10th Jan 16 11:19:20Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Web Original
10th Jan 16 11:16:12Recap.City Of Lost Characters
10th Jan 16 10:59:53Roleplay.City Of Lost Characters
10th Jan 16 10:44:05Characters.Thief
10th Jan 16 10:42:17Video Game.Thief The Dark Project
10th Jan 16 05:48:11Recap.City Of Lost Characters
10th Jan 16 05:37:11Funny.City Of Lost Characters
10th Jan 16 02:47:30Periphery Hatedom
7th Jan 16 02:15:53Wrong Turn At Albuquerque
7th Jan 16 02:07:02Running On All Fours
7th Jan 16 02:02:17Contemptible Cover
6th Jan 16 10:37:51Recap.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
31st Dec 15 10:25:09Orphaned Series
31st Dec 15 10:17:01Orphaned Series.Webcomics
30th Dec 15 11:14:53Wizard Needs Food Badly
30th Dec 15 07:06:07Horror Tropes
27th Dec 15 06:11:37Reality Changing Miniature
27th Dec 15 06:09:08Synchronization
27th Dec 15 06:08:46Synchronization