Korodzik's Recent Edits

1st Mar 15 07:55:42Image Source.Video Games
1st Mar 15 06:40:21One Book Author
1st Mar 15 06:37:24Translation With An Agenda
1st Mar 15 06:00:48Tyop On The Cover
1st Mar 15 05:57:38One Scene Wonder.Literature
28th Feb 15 01:39:17Talking Pest
28th Feb 15 01:33:53Gossip Evolution
28th Feb 15 01:28:32Fun For Some
26th Feb 15 06:49:27Blatant Item Placement
26th Feb 15 03:47:02Shout Out.Duke Nukem
26th Feb 15 03:46:29Shout Out.Duke Nukem
23rd Feb 15 05:03:51Names To Run Away From.Notorious Killers
22nd Feb 15 12:14:30Word Salad Horror
22nd Feb 15 12:06:46Chekhovs Gun.Video Games
22nd Feb 15 11:57:39Converse With The Unconscious
22nd Feb 15 11:54:04Fan Fic.Zenith
22nd Feb 15 11:52:17Fan Fic.Zenith
22nd Feb 15 09:01:09Literature.The Man In The High Castle
22nd Feb 15 07:58:04Fan Fic.Zenith
22nd Feb 15 07:37:59YMMV.Zenith
21st Feb 15 03:11:00Visual Novel.Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth
21st Feb 15 01:21:09The Computer Shall Taunt You
21st Feb 15 01:19:21Heartwarming.Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth
19th Feb 15 11:27:26One Word Title
14th Feb 15 05:11:50The Undead
13th Feb 15 05:07:47Improvised Weapon.Real Life
13th Feb 15 03:18:38Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
13th Feb 15 03:15:56The Nineties
13th Feb 15 03:14:48Time Travel Tropes
13th Feb 15 01:47:42Heartwarming.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
12th Feb 15 03:30:31Playing With.Steven Ulysses Perhero
12th Feb 15 02:03:30Western Animation.Scooby Doo Where Are You
12th Feb 15 02:03:08YMMV.Scooby Doo Where Are You
11th Feb 15 11:39:27Captain Obvious.Western Animation
3rd Feb 15 11:53:01Characters.Orange Is The New Black Main Characters
3rd Feb 15 11:52:50Characters.The Wire Other Characters
3rd Feb 15 11:50:51Literature.Wasp
3rd Feb 15 11:49:36Propaganda Machine
3rd Feb 15 11:47:17Pardon My Klingon
3rd Feb 15 11:44:42Nicknaming The Enemy
3rd Feb 15 11:43:12Modern Stasis
3rd Feb 15 11:41:22Kick The Dog.Literature
3rd Feb 15 11:40:32Spider Sense
3rd Feb 15 11:36:12Guile Hero
3rd Feb 15 11:33:24Follow That Car
1st Feb 15 11:27:00Magnum Opus
1st Feb 15 02:26:54Nightmare Fuel.The Sims
1st Feb 15 01:04:13Literature.Wasp
1st Feb 15 01:03:52Rubber Forehead Aliens
1st Feb 15 01:02:28Translation Convention
1st Feb 15 01:01:10Verbal Tic.Literature
1st Feb 15 01:00:12You Got Murder
31st Jan 15 03:40:21Nonstandard Game Over
29th Jan 15 01:39:44The Red Stapler
28th Jan 15 04:47:08Long Title
28th Jan 15 02:34:29Enemies List
28th Jan 15 02:31:57Dressing As The Enemy
28th Jan 15 02:29:31Chromosome Casting
28th Jan 15 02:27:48Black And Gray Morality
28th Jan 15 02:25:09Bavarian Fire Drill
28th Jan 15 02:24:10Asshole Victim.Literature
24th Jan 15 02:53:34Race Lift
24th Jan 15 02:50:44Spy Literature
24th Jan 15 02:50:04Science Fiction Literature
24th Jan 15 02:49:48Literature Of The1950s
24th Jan 15 02:45:48Literature.Wasp
24th Jan 15 01:21:15La Resistance.Literature
24th Jan 15 01:19:28Creator.Eric Frank Russell
21st Jan 15 11:48:56Verbal Tic.Real Life
21st Jan 15 11:23:54Agent Provocateur
21st Jan 15 11:04:35Doorstopper
21st Jan 15 04:04:15Ear Worm.Video Games
21st Jan 15 12:06:57Website.It He Software
18th Jan 15 09:10:32Recap.Tintin Cigars Of The Pharaoh
18th Jan 15 09:09:45The Simpsons.Tropes S To Z
18th Jan 15 09:08:30Western Animation.Jonny Quest
18th Jan 15 06:19:36The Powerpuff Girls.Tropes R To Z
18th Jan 15 06:17:34Video Game.Aladdin Virgin Games
18th Jan 15 06:17:00Tabletop Game.Dungeons And Dragons
18th Jan 15 06:13:19Comic Strip.The Far Side
18th Jan 15 06:12:20Film.The Lair Of The White Worm
18th Jan 15 06:11:55Disney.The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
18th Jan 15 06:10:35Animation.Podroze Kapitana Klipera
18th Jan 15 06:02:42Recap.Asterix And The Magic Carpet
18th Jan 15 06:02:22Comic Strip.Nero
18th Jan 15 01:46:58Snake Charmer
18th Jan 15 01:45:56Snake Charmer
18th Jan 15 01:45:16Mind Control Music
18th Jan 15 01:43:46Reptile And Amphibian Tropes
18th Jan 15 01:42:31Mind Manipulation
18th Jan 15 01:42:14Music Tropes
18th Jan 15 01:41:01Magical Flutist
18th Jan 15 01:40:42Sim Sim Salabim
18th Jan 15 01:39:51Snake Charmer
16th Jan 15 02:12:51One Word Title
16th Jan 15 02:04:17One Word Title
15th Jan 15 02:46:12It Will Never Catch On
14th Jan 15 12:52:08Driver Faces Passenger
14th Jan 15 12:19:15Appeal To Worse Problems
12th Jan 15 11:17:40Designated Hero
12th Jan 15 04:08:46Severed Head Sports
11th Jan 15 11:10:24Image Source.Western Animation
10th Jan 15 10:27:53Better Than It Sounds.Game Mod
10th Jan 15 10:23:42Better Than It Sounds.Fan Fic
10th Jan 15 10:20:43Better Than It Sounds.Fan Fic
9th Jan 15 03:13:48Hellevator
7th Jan 15 03:16:30No Damage Run
5th Jan 15 04:19:20Pink Girl Blue Boy
3rd Jan 15 09:44:33Nightmare Fuel.Amnesia The Dark Descent
28th Dec 14 01:58:48Cut Lex Luthor A Check
25th Dec 14 01:56:18Completely Different Title
24th Dec 14 04:03:52Useful Notes.Black Holes
23rd Dec 14 01:20:14Not So Fake Prop Weapon
23rd Dec 14 11:18:21Breather Level
23rd Dec 14 08:49:16Wham Line.Video Games
23rd Dec 14 08:21:16Ear Worm.Video Games
22nd Dec 14 03:39:59Who Names Their Kid Dude
22nd Dec 14 02:51:01Rhetorical Question Blunder
21st Dec 14 10:15:45Its A Wonderful Failure
21st Dec 14 10:14:23Ass Pull
21st Dec 14 07:11:31Ass Pull
20th Dec 14 03:14:53Fanfic.Austraeoh
20th Dec 14 03:14:08Sudden Name Change
20th Dec 14 01:45:33Didnt See That Coming
19th Dec 14 02:48:43Pity The Kidnapper
18th Dec 14 03:52:04Villainous Harlequin
17th Dec 14 10:56:45The Faceless.Real Life
17th Dec 14 06:38:10Title Drop.Video Games
16th Dec 14 07:36:01Loads And Loads Of Characters.Literature
16th Dec 14 07:16:50Loads And Loads Of Characters
16th Dec 14 12:06:39Repetitive Audio Glitch
15th Dec 14 11:48:21Interface Spoiler
15th Dec 14 03:26:19Video Game.Unlimited Adventures
14th Dec 14 11:34:20Bread Eggs Milk Squick
14th Dec 14 05:53:26Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Literature
10th Dec 14 02:56:34Old Shame
10th Dec 14 02:48:18Fan Fic.Reality Checks Nyxverse
10th Dec 14 07:15:16Doorstopper
10th Dec 14 07:06:08Doorstopper
10th Dec 14 06:59:48Fan Fic.The End Of Ponies
10th Dec 14 06:39:08Doorstopper
10th Dec 14 01:09:29Doorstopper
10th Dec 14 12:51:13Doorstopper
10th Dec 14 12:30:12Guide Dang It.First Person Shooter
9th Dec 14 02:44:27Polly Wants A Microphone
9th Dec 14 11:11:58Doorstopper
9th Dec 14 12:18:12I Read That As.T To Z
7th Dec 14 12:38:35Forbidden Fruit
7th Dec 14 06:22:39Broken Base.Other
7th Dec 14 06:14:47Website.GOG Dot Com
7th Dec 14 06:03:15Website.GOG Dot Com
5th Dec 14 12:02:36Motor Mouth
3rd Dec 14 10:13:23Tyop On The Cover
3rd Dec 14 10:01:14Quotes.Game Over
29th Nov 14 02:14:32Video Game.Action Doom 2 Urban Brawl
29th Nov 14 02:11:34Nintendo Hard.Game Mods
29th Nov 14 01:57:57Astral Checkerboard Decor
26th Nov 14 11:56:43MST
26th Nov 14 11:45:20Pac Man Fever
26th Nov 14 02:47:30Ear Worm.Video Games
26th Nov 14 02:37:45Awesome Music.Doom
26th Nov 14 02:28:27Awesome Music.Doom
25th Nov 14 03:08:39Eternal Sexual Freedom
20th Nov 14 02:58:08Awesome.The Mask
20th Nov 14 02:49:38Animated Adaptation
20th Nov 14 02:45:43Character Title
19th Nov 14 03:14:36Literature.Time Machine Series
18th Nov 14 04:10:38Laconic.Absurdly Long Stairway
18th Nov 14 04:09:38Stairway To Heaven
18th Nov 14 04:09:16Endless Corridor
18th Nov 14 04:08:25Architecture Tropes
18th Nov 14 04:08:23Dangerous Heights
18th Nov 14 04:07:21Absurdly Long Stairway
13th Nov 14 12:04:55Hammer Space
10th Nov 14 05:37:58Website.Wolfram Alpha
9th Nov 14 03:54:54Cross Over.Western Animation
6th Nov 14 02:00:25Image Source.Comic Books
5th Nov 14 08:15:56Sheet Of Glass
4th Nov 14 05:23:40Never Trust A Title
4th Nov 14 12:41:57Double X
2nd Nov 14 06:06:35Anti Advice
2nd Nov 14 01:23:38Loading Screen
2nd Nov 14 01:22:28Loading Screen
1st Nov 14 05:50:00Living Polyhedron
1st Nov 14 05:45:34Living Polyhedron
1st Nov 14 05:44:35Living Polyhedron
28th Oct 14 10:35:33Fanfic.Fanfic Is Crapsack
28th Oct 14 10:34:09Useful Notes.IBM Personal Computer
28th Oct 14 10:31:39Polish Media
26th Oct 14 09:54:35Artistic License Physics
24th Oct 14 03:28:50Goomba Stomp
23rd Oct 14 01:46:05We Are Not Going Through That Again
23rd Oct 14 01:45:36It Tastes Like Feet
23rd Oct 14 05:27:34Summary.Comics
23rd Oct 14 05:16:20Creator.Ralph Hayes Jr
22nd Oct 14 09:49:11Video Game.Within A Deep Forest
22nd Oct 14 09:49:09Uncommon Time
22nd Oct 14 09:49:00Truck Drivers Gear Change
22nd Oct 14 09:48:50Video Game.Stargunner
22nd Oct 14 09:48:48Similarly Named Works
22nd Oct 14 09:48:28Video Game.Open Arena
22nd Oct 14 09:48:25Short Titles
22nd Oct 14 09:48:21Sequel Song
22nd Oct 14 09:48:17Sampled Up
22nd Oct 14 09:48:14Rearrange The Song
22nd Oct 14 09:48:05Orchestral Version
22nd Oct 14 09:47:34Video Game.Epic Pinball
22nd Oct 14 09:47:32Epic Rocking
22nd Oct 14 09:47:28Everything Is An Instrument
22nd Oct 14 09:47:22YMMV.Fire And Ice
22nd Oct 14 09:47:20Heavy Mithril
22nd Oct 14 09:47:14How Video Game Specs Work
22nd Oct 14 09:47:09YMMV.Jazz Jackrabbit
22nd Oct 14 09:47:05Video Game.Jazz Jackrabbit
22nd Oct 14 09:46:59Video Game.Mantra
22nd Oct 14 09:46:54Tear Jerker.Music
22nd Oct 14 09:46:44MIDI
22nd Oct 14 09:46:38YMMV.One Must Fall
22nd Oct 14 09:46:35Names The Same.Music
22nd Oct 14 09:45:49Useful Notes.Amiga
22nd Oct 14 09:45:45Dummied Out
22nd Oct 14 09:45:39Demoscene
22nd Oct 14 09:45:35Video Game.Death Rally
22nd Oct 14 09:45:25Cyber Punk Is Techno
22nd Oct 14 09:45:22Cut Song
22nd Oct 14 09:45:15Chiptune
22nd Oct 14 09:45:05Video Game.Battle Girl
22nd Oct 14 06:22:28Controllable Helplessness
22nd Oct 14 06:13:53Expository Gameplay Limitation
22nd Oct 14 06:01:58Murder Water
22nd Oct 14 05:47:58Incredibly Durable Enemies
22nd Oct 14 05:43:44Completed Migrations.Useful Notes
22nd Oct 14 05:41:50Ambiguity Index
22nd Oct 14 05:41:02Rearrange The Song
22nd Oct 14 05:40:19MOD
22nd Oct 14 05:36:50Useful Notes.Amiga
22nd Oct 14 05:36:41Chiptune
22nd Oct 14 05:36:19Cut Song
22nd Oct 14 05:36:07Everything Is An Instrument
22nd Oct 14 05:35:06Epic Rocking
22nd Oct 14 05:34:56Video Game.Epic Pinball
22nd Oct 14 05:34:51Dummied Out
22nd Oct 14 05:34:30Demoscene
22nd Oct 14 05:34:24Video Game.Death Rally
22nd Oct 14 05:34:14Cyber Punk Is Techno
22nd Oct 14 05:34:01Heavy Mithril
22nd Oct 14 05:33:54YMMV.Fire And Ice
22nd Oct 14 05:33:50How Video Game Specs Work
22nd Oct 14 05:33:45Sampled Up
22nd Oct 14 05:33:22Russian Fashion
22nd Oct 14 05:33:08Video Game.Mantra
22nd Oct 14 05:33:01Video Game.Jazz Jackrabbit
22nd Oct 14 05:32:51YMMV.Jazz Jackrabbit
22nd Oct 14 05:32:30Video Game.Within A Deep Forest
22nd Oct 14 05:32:24Light Is Not Good.Video Games
22nd Oct 14 05:32:08Uncommon Time
22nd Oct 14 05:31:53Headscratchers.Twenty Eight Weeks Later
22nd Oct 14 05:31:32Truck Drivers Gear Change
22nd Oct 14 05:31:24Useful Notes.The Modern Day Rambo
22nd Oct 14 05:30:49Video Game.Stargunner
22nd Oct 14 05:30:38Similarly Named Works
22nd Oct 14 05:30:21Short Titles
22nd Oct 14 05:30:12Sequel Song
22nd Oct 14 05:30:00Rearrange The Song
22nd Oct 14 05:29:43Orchestral Version
22nd Oct 14 05:29:35Video Game.Open Arena
22nd Oct 14 05:29:27YMMV.One Must Fall
22nd Oct 14 05:29:15Names The Same.Music
22nd Oct 14 05:29:06Tear Jerker.Music
22nd Oct 14 05:28:48MIDI
22nd Oct 14 05:27:22Video Game.Crusader
22nd Oct 14 05:26:06Video Game.Battle Girl
22nd Oct 14 05:24:50Useful Notes.MOD
21st Oct 14 02:56:08Roleplay.Trol Seasson
21st Oct 14 09:22:44Polish Media
21st Oct 14 09:21:15Fan Works.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
21st Oct 14 09:19:53Fanfic.Fanfic Is Crapsack
21st Oct 14 05:31:42Awesome.Literature
21st Oct 14 05:31:14Awesome.Monster Hunter International
20th Oct 14 12:35:02Damn You Muscle Memory
20th Oct 14 04:01:33Ear Worm.Web
20th Oct 14 04:00:14Trivia.Sherlock Holmes
20th Oct 14 03:54:24Vomit Indiscretion Shot
20th Oct 14 03:53:21Video Game.Hexen
20th Oct 14 03:52:35Quotes.Hexen
20th Oct 14 03:51:38Shout Out.Video Games
20th Oct 14 03:50:35Wizard Needs Food Badly
20th Oct 14 03:49:42Wizard Needs Food Badly
20th Oct 14 03:48:27Trial And Error Gameplay
20th Oct 14 03:47:14Interchangeable Antimatter Keys
20th Oct 14 03:45:57Gotta Catch Them All
20th Oct 14 03:44:09Protagonist Title
20th Oct 14 03:43:24Video Game.Hans Kloss
19th Oct 14 11:57:05Maze Game
19th Oct 14 11:56:42Platform Game
19th Oct 14 11:54:21Useful Notes.Atari 8 Bit Computers
19th Oct 14 11:54:05Useful Notes.Commodore 64
19th Oct 14 11:53:38Video Game.Hans Kloss
19th Oct 14 11:46:04Useful Notes.Amiga
19th Oct 14 11:45:27Game Boy Advance
19th Oct 14 11:44:42Game Gear
19th Oct 14 11:44:07Useful Notes.IBM Personal Computer
19th Oct 14 11:42:39Useful Notes.Atari Lynx
19th Oct 14 11:19:08Older Than They Think.Video Games
19th Oct 14 01:26:21Programming Game
19th Oct 14 01:25:01Adventurer Outfit
17th Oct 14 01:53:30MST
17th Oct 14 01:42:51Take That Critics
16th Oct 14 05:22:37Empty Room Psych
15th Oct 14 06:09:50Monster Clown
14th Oct 14 11:01:47Idle Game
13th Oct 14 05:50:42The Alleged Steed
13th Oct 14 05:49:46The Alleged Steed
13th Oct 14 04:26:07Stock Shout Outs
12th Oct 14 08:26:40Memes.Bio Ware
11th Oct 14 03:17:05Damn You Muscle Memory
8th Oct 14 07:47:21Heartwarming.Amnesia The Dark Descent
8th Oct 14 07:14:39Polish Media
8th Oct 14 07:07:00Polish Media
8th Oct 14 07:05:18Polish Media
8th Oct 14 07:01:35Films Of The1980s
8th Oct 14 06:59:57Films Of 20002004
8th Oct 14 06:59:34Films Of The1980s
8th Oct 14 06:55:00Polish Media
8th Oct 14 06:19:52Useful Notes.IBM Personal Computer
8th Oct 14 06:15:40Useful Notes.IBM Personal Computer
8th Oct 14 06:01:11Useful Notes.IBM Personal Computer
8th Oct 14 05:30:42Summary.Video Games
8th Oct 14 01:45:53Title Drop.Video Games
8th Oct 14 01:42:15Down The Drain
7th Oct 14 12:05:08Magazine.Top Secret
5th Oct 14 02:30:09Headscratchers.Amnesia The Dark Descent
5th Oct 14 02:29:46Headscratchers.Amnesia The Dark Descent
5th Oct 14 01:18:27Nightmare Fuel.Amnesia The Dark Descent
5th Oct 14 09:54:06Shame If Something Happened
5th Oct 14 09:52:07Shame If Something Happened
5th Oct 14 09:49:27Digital Piracy Is Evil
5th Oct 14 09:42:20Nintendo Hard.Uncategorised
5th Oct 14 09:31:28Nintendo Hard.Uncategorised
5th Oct 14 05:05:37YMMV.Wolf
4th Oct 14 11:56:33Acronym Confusion
4th Oct 14 11:55:46The Alleged Steed
4th Oct 14 11:55:38Your Costume Needs Work
4th Oct 14 11:54:39Broomstick Quarterstaff
4th Oct 14 11:54:33Got Volunteered
4th Oct 14 11:46:30Comic Books
4th Oct 14 11:45:52Comic Book.Tytus Romek I Atomek
4th Oct 14 11:45:51Trivia.Tytus Romek I Atomek
4th Oct 14 11:44:50Comic Book.Tytus Romek I Atomek
4th Oct 14 11:29:21Breakable Weapons
4th Oct 14 11:28:17Franchise.Alone In The Dark
4th Oct 14 11:26:42Compulsory School Age
4th Oct 14 11:25:48Facial Horror
4th Oct 14 11:22:35YMMV.Amnesia The Dark Descent
4th Oct 14 11:21:54Hell Is That Noise.Video Games
1st Oct 14 09:02:04Comic Book.Tytus Romek I Atomek
1st Oct 14 08:54:37Black Box
1st Oct 14 08:53:03Black Box
1st Oct 14 08:44:26Literature.The Night Land
1st Oct 14 08:44:05Fantasy Gun Control.Literature
1st Oct 14 08:32:01Fingerless Gloves
1st Oct 14 08:30:53White Gloves
1st Oct 14 08:28:01Nothing But Skin And Bones
1st Oct 14 08:08:13Gratuitous French
1st Oct 14 08:06:24Starfish Aliens
1st Oct 14 08:01:13Your Mime Makes It Real
1st Oct 14 07:59:51Enemy Mime
1st Oct 14 07:39:12Damn You Muscle Memory
1st Oct 14 03:04:28Western Animation.Dilbert
1st Oct 14 03:03:20Archive Panic
1st Oct 14 03:01:35Magazine.Amiga Power
1st Oct 14 02:55:43YMMV.Tytus Romek I Atomek
30th Sep 14 10:51:47That One Level.Adventure
30th Sep 14 01:34:45Shut Up Hannibal.Real Life
30th Sep 14 01:26:11I Thought It Meant.G To I
30th Sep 14 10:26:01So My Kids Can Watch
30th Sep 14 10:19:31Archive Binge
30th Sep 14 10:14:08I Read That As.A To F
30th Sep 14 05:17:15The X Of Y
30th Sep 14 03:33:42Older Than They Think.Video Games
30th Sep 14 02:45:08Vehicle Title
30th Sep 14 12:02:15Summary.Video Games
29th Sep 14 02:14:05Damn You Muscle Memory.Video Games
28th Sep 14 02:36:07Clown School
28th Sep 14 05:14:02The Place
28th Sep 14 05:13:33One Word Title
28th Sep 14 03:56:39Damn You Muscle Memory.Video Games
28th Sep 14 03:45:27Damn You Muscle Memory.Video Games
28th Sep 14 02:53:27In Case You Forgot Who Wrote It
28th Sep 14 02:52:31Job Title
28th Sep 14 02:47:14In Case You Forgot Who Wrote It
28th Sep 14 02:45:19Video Game.MDK
28th Sep 14 02:43:43Initialism Title
28th Sep 14 02:43:14Protagonist Title
28th Sep 14 02:42:06The Place
28th Sep 14 02:41:27The Place
26th Sep 14 05:36:02Apocalyptic Log
26th Sep 14 05:29:11Diary
25th Sep 14 12:15:08Colbert Bump
25th Sep 14 12:14:53Colbert Bump