Personal Space

This dramedy webseries will premiere in 2016 on ShareTV. Unbeknownst to the crew of a generation ship, their therapy sessions are being broadcast on Earth as a reality show. From the creators of the TVTropes series Echo Chamber. Welcome to Personal Space.

CharacTour (website)

CharacTour is a new social network for entertainment fans that matches you with the best kind of characters and users - the ones most like YOU.

Twisted Tropes (web comic)

A weekly webcomic produced by Mike Howland using tropes as the theme for each comic.

Stereotropes (Website)

Bocoup utilized data visualization techniques to analyze and evaluate language commonly used in tropes categorized as "Always Male" and "Always Female." The Stereotropes website provides visitors a method of exploring the use of language within these Always Male and Always Female tropes and many interesting patterns are visible.

Periodic Table of Storytelling (Website)

Adequate description coming soon.

On The Rocks (Podcast)

Whether it's Goldeneye with Vodka Martinis (shaken, not stirred) or Skyrim with a frosty mug of Mead, On the Rocks is the only podcast that pairs video games and other pop culture with its perfect drink! Join hosts Kyle, Dave, and Nathan as they review video games, films, books, booze and the tropes that bind us all.

On The Tropes (Podcast)

Almost thirty years ago, the governments of the world banded together to enact a secret plan: to study and catalog storytelling conventions and motifs. The goal was to discover certain patterns, the so-called "tropes." In controlling story-telling itself, these corrupt governments would control the world. And so "On The Tropes", a term coined by project head Professor Gary Goldstein, was born.