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    If we were to add an example regarding an e-sports team in a trope page, under which folder would it best fall under (if not its own seperate folder)? Reply
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    The maximum title length was expanded during the site overhaul, but it seems there is still a limit. I'm trying to create the page Recap.Star Vs The Forces Of Evil S 1 E 19 St Olgas Reform School For Wayward Princesses, but it refuses to save. Is there a way to circumvent this limit? (This title is 65 characters long, I would guess the max is 64?) Reply
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    Doing some edits on Ed Sheeran and did a double take on the filename of his photograph. A bit of digging in the history got me this little gem:

    "5th Sep '14 12:31:58 AM creekery Is there an issue? Send a Message

    Added Diff Lines:

    [[quoteright:283:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/anuscocknigger_5477.jpg]] [[caption-width-right:283:The guitar guy himself.]]

    Reason: Sorry for the filename, nothing else was working because everything was already taken."

    Not cool, regardless of how you might feel about this artist. The N-word is especially nasty. Can someone address? Thanks. Reply

      There really isn't a way to forcibly delete an image filename in our system. You can replace the article image with a different one, but I'll have to speak to the admins about the other problem.

      Thanks - I've already replaced the file. I'll leave the rest to the admins - while the edit was from 2014, the troper has been active as recently as January 2017.

      Well, he did apologize for the filename ahead of time. It goes back a while, but should we give him a PM to come here and talk to ATT?

      And for the record, that file has been changed.
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    Ferot_Dreadnaught just cutlisted Andrzej Sapkowski after blanking it. Not that the cut reason wasn't sound (all NRLEP tropes and no YMMV items), but they definitely need a tap on the shoulder for the illegal blanking. Reply

      Maybe adding a line in the cutlist page about how "You don't need to 'prepare' the page for cutting," or something is a good idea?

      A PM should be sufficient.
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    I'm was going to cut this, but I'd like a second opinion; Codebox42 posted a long-winded Jerkass Ball entry on YMMV.Dexters Laboratory that kinda sounds like first person Dee Dee bashing. It should be cut, right? Reply

      A.) It has rather bad grammar, first-person, and sounds like pointless complaining.

      B.) Jerkass Ball isn't even YMMV.

      So yes, I think it should be cut. Might want to send them a PM about it as well.

      I've edited that out.

      And sent the PM.

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    Western Animation
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    Chris 116 made an edit here regarding Arthur's (and PBS as a whole's) future. I'm wondering if its an appropriate thing to add given it involves a certain president. Reply

      Removed it. Should check other shows under the PBS umbrella to see if he's doing it there too.
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    A new account made a spam page

    They also uploaded an image Reply

      I put a cutlist request for it. It has 25 inbound links for some reason.

      Edit: And there's grammar errors in it, too.

      @jameygamer to get technical, it hasn't got 25 inbound links (that would have been listed as "found in: 25 articles"), but it has "brought 25 people to [this] wiki" - whatever that means (it's probably the spammer theirselves clicking the page up).

      Anyway, let's get rid of it, so great to have Cutlisted it.

      LB: Jamey is right. The "brought X people to this wiki from a non-search engine" is the "inbounds". ("On X pages" is the "wicks") What it means is somewhere out on the web on another site or sites, is a link to that page. 25 people have followed that link to our site.

      Anyway, the page has been cut and the spammer bounced.

      Ah OK thanks for clearing that up
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    As of today, The Secret World is dead and has been replaced by the pending Secret World Legends. From what we know, the primary change is that SWL is Free To Play and is using more traditional MMORPG trapping like Character Levels, it's otherwise the same game. TSW players have to start over in SWL—existing characters aren't compatible with the new mechanics and those characters will remain on TSW legacy servers that will no longer be updated.

    Funcom has changed the name of the game's Facebook page to Secret World Legends, same with the game's listing on Steam.

    So, what do we do in this circumstance? Is Secret World Legends now the current page and the existing one needs to be moved? Is SWL a redirect for TSW or visa versa? I think that technically TSW still exists as a separate title, just one with no future.

    Not planning on taking any action right now, still waiting on more details. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Just one look through the The Big Bang Theory dethroning thread, and it's just crazy to see that some of these examples just seem to go on forever. Reply

      The lengths are not the biggest problem with that page that I see. The biggest problem is that most of them appear to be Dethroning Episode, rather than "Moment".
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    What trope is it where the main antagonist is cooking and it's close to being affably evil? Reply

      First, this shouldn't be private. I'll unprivate it.

      Second, this belongs in Trope Finder.
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    I dont think it does. I like the entry itself, but its NOT Germans Love David Hasselhoff. They are from the SAME country? Why was it put there.

    Its on Germans Love David Hasselhoff People. Reply

      Isn't that troping real life anyway?

      Please give a courtesy link. There are a lot of subpages.

      The Indian Nations are their own thing. "Indian Nations in the United States" from the National Congress of American Indians has a lot of information on this subject.

      That said, Group X liking a RL person does not seem kosher regardless of "Group X is a part of the same country as [the RL person]."

      EDIT: Rather, "Group X liking a RL political actor." If this is just a book author or an actor, I don't think it would be that concerning, but with politics there's even more of a need for ROCEJ.

      I think its civil enough to stay, I just had problems with that one example. But I dont own TV Tropes so Im fine with whatever the mods decide.

      But could you please link to the subpage directly?

      I cant I dont know how.


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    On YMMV.Power Rangers 2017 Eagal deleted a misused Broken Base example leaving behind "Broken Base is not People are upset about thing" as an edit reason. 1dominatio has re-added the example back leaving "Broken Base is about people getting upset" as an edit reason. Reply

      Well, that sounds like he knew the example was gone and put it back with a "justifying" attitude.

      I don't know, I don't like that attitude.

      So, is Broken Base about people getting upset? Sounds more like a disagreement in the base to me.

      Should that reedit stay or go? Since it looks like it was put back in an Edit War, I think we should get rid of it and put a discussion reminder if someone else wants to put it back.


      Looks like Larkman pulled it, telling them to go to discussion to work it out. Let's see where it goes from there.

      Broken Base is about a divide between two clear sides of an issue on a work or the work as a whole. It's not for the reason 1dominatio listed.

      Update: 1dominato readded the contested example back onto the page again, without taking it to discussion as per Larkman's edit reason. He's also now linking to image boards on 8chan(?) to prove his case.

      Dealt with.
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    AthenaBlue turned the Ax-Crazy entry on Characters.Star Wars Emperor Palpatine to Axe Crazy. I know that redirects exist for a reason, but mostly for gender/group reasons. Is this change encouraged? Reply

      The original trope title should always be used in trope lists. Redirects are only for searches.

      Not really. That kind of like the whole center/centre idea on tropes.

      It's a minor issue, but I'm glad you brought it up.

      There's about 2300 wicks to Axe Crazy. Sounds like a wick clean-up effort if you really think it's a big deal. But since it's just a spelling variety issue, I don't think it's worth it.

      The mod says use the original trope name, guys. It does matter.

      Changing the wicks is a thing that should be done.
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    Is FanficRecs.Video Games supposed to be a thing? Reply

      Umm, no. Cut it.

      There's also FanficRecs.Literotica which had just "No porn for you!" on it. Added it to the cutlist since it's technically blank and has been apparently abandoned since it was created.

      I think it's meant to be a locked placeholder (it was made back in 2012 to drive home the then new content policy, iirc. But yeah, it's pointless now.
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    Troper DodgerJ25 seems to have trouble with basic English grammar and sentence structure. Looking through his history, up until very recently he stuck to adding voice actor information to character pages and other minor edits that don't require complete sentences and so it wasn't a problem, but in the past week he's been adding trope entries that are completely unreadable. Many of the voice actor edits had to do with Latin American dubs, so I suspect English is not his first language. Reply

      We'll have a talk with them.
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    Why was Troper IRC Channel PRLC'd? Just curious. Reply

      It's not perma-redlinked, as far as I'm aware. It's just redlinked.

      It was cut by Fast Eddie a long while ago. Cut reason is "Fast Eddie: Can't have this look like it is sponsored by the wiki."

      We used to auto-lock cut pages. It was locked and cut, yes, but it's not necessarily "a member of the Permanent Red Link Club." That said, if this was made a perma-redlink, I would imagine it's because the Wiki doesn't want to make it look like the IRC channel is officially a part of the Wiki — given Fast Eddie's cut reason.

      Whatever the reason it was cut, there's really no reason to have a page about a random IRC that's not officially affiliated with the site. There'd be nothing to trope but users, and we don't do that.

      I see your point. Plus, from what I can tell, IRC is just another form of forum, so it'd be redundant. Not to mention the fact that inevitable bad apple IRC sites have given the whole phenomenon a bad name, much like Image Boards being stereotyped as 4chan (ie, people assuming they're all wall to wall DDOS/hacking/piracy/cp).
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    Recently, ajbit26 re-added some real life material to Creator.Babe Ruth that had been previously removed, with the wording tweaked in a way that makes it look like they are dancing around edit warring accusations. Can a mod step in? Reply

      Ambiguous. Might PM them on it first.
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    Lastest Reply: 29th Mar, 2017 11:27:27 AM
    24 mar, contrafanxxx put an example in Disney Death. In the same day, i removed this with "disney death is when a character looks dead but is not, this sounds as an actual ressurrection" as edit reason. 29 mar, contrafanxxx put the example again. Reply

      Suspension issued.
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    Why does the Trope Launch Pad use a very different fontstyle in their texts while the rest mostly uses Helvetica, Arial, or Roboto when using Mac, Windows, or Android, respectively? Reply

      ...Maybe because it's about content that hasn't been committed to the site yet?

      If it bothers you that much, in Firefox there's an option under Preferences —> Content —> Advanced where you can UN-check to allow pages to choose their own fonts, to make it all the same.

      In Chrome there's no such option in the standard settings, but if you look into the settings there's a browser extension mentioned that can further tweak font options.

      Not even that's necessary for Chrome.

      Go Settings > Show Advanced Settings, scroll down to Web Content, click Customize fonts, go wild. Doesn't affect edit boxes, either (or I'd be screwed). Of course, you see the edit boxes in the site set font, but everything else displays nicely.

      I have everything set to Arial, and Courier New where it insists on a Serif font.
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    As Baked Index has been launched, I hesitate if should Have Your Cake and Trope It Too should be redirected, as for me, the index is too short and too stock phrasey, even though the index was made in 2010. What do you think? Reply
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    There was a post in TLP that made it sound like the creation of new YMMV tropes has been outlawed or at least deprecated. Is this true? Courtesy link (see Dragon Quest Z's comment of 24 Dec 2015 [!] ) Reply

      Popular with Furries was launched in February and didn't get cut. As far as I know, creating new YMMV items is discouraged, but not outright banned.

      We'd rather TLP focus on objective tropes. There are only so many ways that fan opinion can be documented before it gets stupidly redundant.
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    Is there a requirement for a single person's page to be considered Music/ instead of Creator/ (a la the "3 separate mediums" rule for Franchise/ pages?) Or is it just a catchall namespace for actors, directors, writers and so on? Reply

      • Creator/ is (A catch-all for actors, writers, directors, artists, networks, studios, distributors, companies, videogame publishers and developers, etc)
      • Music/ is (For bands, individual artists, music albums, and certain songs/music videos.)
      It is possible for someone to have both a Music page (to trope their music works) and a Creator page (to trope common elements of their works in general), but usually they have one or the other.

      I don't think there's a reason for a musician to have both a Creator and a Music page unless they work in more fields than music. For example, a singer who is also an actor may have a Creator page troping his thespian work and a Music page about his music, but for someone who's only known as a musician to have both seems like overkill.

      I agree with Samaritan. If the musician also has some books or is also an actor or has other works, then they could have a Music/ and Creator/ page. Where I disagree with Gnome Titan is that if a fan wants to make a separate Creator/ page for the thespian work, then I don't think that's a problem. I just think there shouldn't be overlap between the Music/ tropes and the Creator/ tropes — they should be focused on the correct content for those namespaces.

      Correct. Most frequently, the issue arises when a particular musical artist is best known for being part of a group rather than having a solo career. The Music page might be for the group, while a hypothetical Creator article might cover the individual's career outside of that group, or in other media such as film or TV.

      Water Blap: I Think you misunderstand me. I was saying basically the same thing as you, viz. that if a musician is also known as an actor, I don't see a problem with having a Creator page for the thespian work and a Music page for the Music.

      Thank you for clarifying. The "unless" part and the but-clause got me turned around as to what you meant, but I see what you meant now.