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    Good evening. I had a couple of questions about creating tropes. Where can I suggest an idea for creating a new trope, and does it make sense if this "trope" is limited to Japanese pop culture?


      Good evening. The Trope Launch Pad is the place to make new tropes.

      Tropes limited to Japanese pop culture often aren't actually limited to Japanese culture. So I'd be careful.

      We have loads of tropes which are primarily Japanese, such as Four Is Death and Kotatsu.

      Thank you for your help. I just wanted to test my abilities in the context of such purely anime-related things like "Incest Bait" or "Best Girl" newer win, but I was confused that they hardly have any examples other than anime or visual novel.

      I dont think we want "Incest Girl Never Wins" ANYWHERE near our trope catalogue.

      And where I proposed to create such a trope, lol? The terms Incest Bait and Best Girl Never Win are not connected in any way. Moreover, the history of imouto-titles suggests that the "trope" you invented simply does not make sense.

      ^^ you mean the trope where the main characters younger sister (always Not Blood Siblings) likes him but he doesnt like her because he thinks of her like a sister? ive seen that one. its mostly in anime but make it anyway in the Trope Launch Pad and other people can find examples for you.

      In this case, I meant works where incest is fetishized and used as a bait for audience, but it seems to me that this is a too broad concept, which includes both pseudo-incest work and taboo plays directly. So I'm still wondering if this trope is possible at all.

      Well, the best way to find out is to make it on Trope Launch Pad and see what people think. Thats what TLP is for

      Well, okay, I'll try. While I already rejected 2-3 tropes, when it turned out that despite the description and examples, I just could not imagine how this trope will be added to the page: D

      Um, I don't want to be rude, but I can barely understand anything you've said here. I would recommend running any TLP proposals you have by the [[Get Help With English Here http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=b9tcd2k65789p1pglrd92nvr&page=122#3044]] thread first.
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    So this is now a redirect to Glitter Force... Why? Glitter Force isn't a 1:1 dub of Smile Pretty Cure. It'd be like redirecting Card Captor Sakura to Card Captors.

    I hate to sound like a weeaboo about this, but I wanted to know if this was approved by anyone. Reply

      I don't know about "approved by anyone", but...

      From Administrivia.How To Create A Works Page

      What if it's a foreign work with a non-English title?

      TV Tropes is an English-language wiki, so we prefer to use the English titles where applicable. So if the work has an official localized title, use the English title for the page and add the non-English title as a redirect. However, if the work doesn't have an officially-translated English title, you can use the non-English title for the main page and make the English translation into a redirect instead.

      So, really, we should be redirecting Card Captor Sakura to Card Captors, or Shokugeki no Soma to Food Wars, or Detective Conan to Case Closed , unless the works are so drastically different that they warrant two separate pages.

      My personal thought on why we haven't is it's a case by case thing with the determining factor being "is it worth the trouble and potential grief involved?"

      I always thought this only happen when the original title wasn't already in English. Since "Pretty Cure" was already in English, it wouldn't have its title change to Glitter Force.

      It's not often an issue because a title in English will typically carry over, making the whole thing a moot point, anyway. If the title changes, however, Official English is the rule. That's probably why it's worded as "official localized title", now that I think of it.

      I was the one who changed it. And yes, I did ask in ATT about it first and was told that it should be changed, so it was indeed "approved by someone".

      ^^^^ "Cardcaptors" is AN official English title for Cardcaptor Sakura, but it's not the most recent—the manga and anime were released under the "Cardcaptor Sakura" name AFTER Cardcaptors stopped being a thing. So no, at the very least, that title is correct and shouldn't be changed.

      So... by that logic, we should make Macross a redirect to Robotech?

      Absolutely not, because Macross and Robotech are only tangentially related, enough so that both works have separate pages—Robotech used footage from Macross (among other mecha anime), but otherwise, they're essentially totally separate series with their own distinct canons and spin-off works. We wouldn't have Super Sentai redirect to Power Rangers just because the latter uses footage from the former, no?

      Because the works are so drastically different that they warrant two separate pages.

      Plenty of anime and manga pages don't seem to have been changed to their proper names. I've seen a lot of them but they're too much of a hassle for me to move, so I ignore them.

      Would the Precure stuff need to be renamed to Glitter Force? I know there's a new Glitter Force coming out soon. Afaik, for example, the Tokyo Mew Mew works aren't under Mew Mew Power.

      Tokyo Mew Mew was only dubbed halfway through as Mew Mew Power in the English version.

      Glitter Force is a dub of one specific Precure season, so only that season should have that title. The rest should have their official Japanese title until they get an official localization.

      ^ Glitter Force Doki Doki is now also a thing.
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    I have noticed that there are a lot of issues with the most recent edits in Anime and Manga of the Ship Tease page, based on its History, specifically with the most recent edits for Naruto and One Piece. There are very long-winded entries, non-neutral wording employed, adding information that has long since been firmly denied by the original creators themselves, showing shipping bias towards ships that aren't canon and against ships that are canon, grammar issues, not ending the entries on a clear definitive concluding note, and overall initiating an Edit War.

    The reason why this all concerns me is because *I* displayed those very same issues myself before I got banned, and now that I know everything that I did wrong, I feel that these edits really do show everything that I just explained, the things I had problems with previously. These most recent edits display the problems as shown in these Administrivia articles: Sink Hole, Conversation in the Main Page, Righting Great Wrongs, Word Cruft, How to Write an Example, Edit Reasons and Why You Should Use Them, and Handling Spoilers.

    Personally, I want to revert those edits back to how they were originally written most recently before they got ruined, because those previous edits didn't add excessive information that really didn't need to be added. All of those previous edits didn't display any shipping bias or at least showed as little as possible, gave evidence to back up what was written, and each entry ended on a clear definitive concluding note. However, I don't know how to do that without causing an Edit War myself. How would I go about reverting all of those edits back and explaining that "I am reverting back to the original edits because the most recent edits caused an Edit War and showed a lot of problems that violated proper editing etiquette," in a concise neutral Edit Reason, without causing an Edit War?

    Please know that I am not trying to pick a fight, and this is the first time I'm using Ask The Tropers, so I'm not completely familiar with ATT just yet. However, I do know that asking for this troper to be banned is not the right answer, and that is not what I am asking anyways. My main point is, I just noticed that the most recent edits done by that troper showed those very same problems that I myself had before I got banned, and because those are big warning signs that I did not know about until I got banned, those edits need to be dealt with or fixed/reverted as a result.

    Lastly, as a side note, I still see links to scanlations in that trope page. Those need to be deleted because links to scanlations are not permitted. They are illegal and therefore need to be deleted. I plan on getting rid of those myself, though, since I made that same mistake myself and am in the process of getting rid of all the links I've ever inserted, so the main issues I have with the edits in this page (issues which I wrote about above) are what I'm more focused on here. Reply

      You can nuke the scanlation links full stop. They're completely against policy.

      Random X made a lot of the most recent edits. I think that third-level bullet may count as natter.

      For everything, use lots of detailed edit reasons when fixing, and if anyone reverts the edits (or gets nasty with you), report it here.

      Edit: also, send notifiers where appropriate.

      @Candi, don't worry, I do plan on nuking those scanlations. And even without the third-level bullets (which aren't necessary I think, since they were written fine before he/she messed it up), that person did employ Natter, because he/she started to use the trope as a forum, which is bad editing etiquette.

      Report it here...? You mean, make another post about it and call them out (in a nice neutral way, of course)? Again, I'm new to ATT, so any friendly advice on how to go about all this is much appreciated!

      Lastly, Candi, what are notifiers? Or is that just P Ming the tropes? How does that work?

      Thanks so much for your help Candi, and any further help you can offer to help this noob here (me)!

      You can make a new post or bump this one. Name the troper and provide links.

      If you go into the edit history, you'll see a link under the editor's name that says 'send a message'. Clicking that leads to the list of notifiers for various issues. Pick the necessary one(s) to send a PM to that editor about that issue.

      Nasty or rude behavior over P Ms is also reportable, as is ignoring them and continuing to make mistakes.

      @Candi: Bump this post? As in, reply to this post again? And name the actual troper's name? (In this case, @Random X)? Again, I still don't know all the lingo on TVTropes, so I'm not sure what "bumping" is.

      Thing is, how would I report nasty/rude behavior over PMs? Would I come back on here and post about it, possibly citing "cyber-bullying"?

      And if this person pretty much undermines my edit (I plan to revert the edits back to the original ones, and I already got a good Edit Reason to back up why I'm doing so), I can report them on here too?

      Replying to an existing thread kicks it to the top of the current list. We call that bumping.

      Yes, report the user name.

      First rule of TV Tropes is 'Don't be a dick.' Violating that in PM's is as reportable as anywhere else. You would come here (or PM a mod) and report the troper's name and an outline of what happened. Don't copy paste the text; it's against the rules and the mods can look inside the PM's when needed anyway.

      If the person reverts your edit again, come back here and report again.

      Also, spend some time reading pages in the Administrivia namespace. :) Rules, policies, and how we do things here.

      @Candi: Ohhhhh, okay, now I get it. I've seen some tropers just say "Bump." in their original post and that has usually worked.

      Right, being mean online is horrible no matter what or where, yet people do it anyways. :/ Sadly, we can't stop people from acting like trolls, whether it was intentional or not (most likely intentional).

      Oh believe me, I've looked through a lot of Administrivia pages since I got my ban lifted; I'm taking that ban seriously and am trying to correct my previous errors and any other errors I see based on the editing rules, with just enough detailed Edit Reasons to back up my edits. No worries there :) Some of the ones I've paid particular attention to are Sink Hole, Conversation in the Main Page, Righting Great Wrongs, Word Cruft, How to Write an Example, Edit Reasons and Why You Should Use Them, Handling Spoilers and Spoilers Off.

      I just noticed that there's that "Watch" button at the top of each trope page, no matter what type of page it is. How does that work exactly? If someone makes an edit on a page that you're "Watching," you'll get a notification about the edit? If that is indeed the way it works, that would be really helpful in finding out whether someone messed with my edit in a bad way, that very clearly shows bad editing etiquette, then come back here and report it.

      @mouschilight; yeah, that's how the watchlist works. When someone edits a page you're watching, it'll get sent to the top of the list with a little red circle next to it until you look at the page again.

      @Crossover-Enthusiast: Thank you! I didn't notice it for the longest time, and then I didn't know exactly what it did, though I had an idea and you confirmed what I thought. I'm definitely going to use the Watch list from now on.

      Looking at the page's history counts for a watch as well.

      @Malady: Wow, I had no idea that you could "Watch" not just any trope page, but even any trope page's History. This just makes "Watching" an even more helpful feature than it already was!

      However, when you're "Watching" a trope page's History, do you get notified the same way as when you get notified for "Watching" a trope page? Or are the notifications between "Watching" a trope page and "Watching" a trope page's History different?

      Also, in general, are there any differences between "Watching" a trope page and "Watching" a trope page's History? I feel like there aren't any differences between "Watching" both pages, but since I don't know, that's why I ask: are there any differences? And also, what are the benefits to "Watching" both a trope page and its History?

      Sorry for the questions, but I've only been a troper since March, so I don't know how all these extra features work yet, and I'm the type who gathers all the information before I go ahead and do something, especially for anything on the Internet where everything lives forever.

      On a different note, I've been thinking that the Naruto part, or maybe all the folders, should have their own subpages. I know Naruto has a Die for Our Ship page.

      @Pichu-kun: You make a very good point. I think all of the longer entries on Ship Tease's Anime And Manga page should be put in their respective works trope page. It would make editing those individual entries a lot easier.

      However, I still want to revert those edits to how they were originally written before that can happen. I haven't gotten around to doing that just yet because I'm still editing other things first.

      @Candi, @Crossover-Enthusiast, @Malady, @Pichu-kun: How does this look for an Edit Reason, for my reasons for reverting Ship Tease (Anime And Manga, at least Naruto's entries), back to the earlier version? Let me know what you think:

      "Restored to earlier version. Links to scanlations are not permitted. Pot Holing in the spoiler-tag is not proper editing etiquette, as described in Handling Spoilers. Sink Holes are not allowed. Third-bullets are not legitimate, as described in Example Indentation in Trope Lists. Got rid of Natter, which includes shipping bias. Got rid of Word Cruft, including long-winded entries and biased wording. Got rid of false information that has been repeatedly denied by the original creator. Fixed the spelling and grammar issues."

      My problem here is, that's 81 words, according to WordCounter.net. I need to reduce it to 50 words or less, as described in Edit Reasons and Why You Should Use Them. How should I shorten this Edit Reason, guys?

      Personally, when making an edit based on stuff on ATT, I just link to the query. ... Also, hollers don't work in ATT. I think?

      @Malady: "Link to the query"? Uh... I'm so sorry, but I don't understand what that means. I know I sound like such a noob, but I don't want to do something wrong :(

      Also, what's a holler?

      Again, I'm such a noob! I apologize, but I would really appreciate if you helped me understand, @Malady.

      I call them hollers, but others may have other names for when you call someone to take a look at things, when you go ~mouschilight, as said in the second-last folder of Text Formatting Rules.

      Every ATT has a link to the thread itself, as the title at the very beginning. Like, A lot of issues with the most recent edits on ShipTease/AnimeAndManga. And every such entry on ATT and stuff, I call a query, 'cause the URL says "query.php..."

      A edit reason allows the formatting of normal edits, and so, you can put links as them, like in my recent edit to Technicolor Eyes, as seen in its History page.

      TTY Tomorrow!

      Ah, got it. Yeah, I noticed that hollers or notifiers don't seem to work on ATT, but I still put the "@" sign to ensure that the person I'm talking to knows that I'm addressing them.

      So, Malady, you're saying that if I really wanted a more simple Edit Reason, I could merely put the link of this thread itself in the Edit Reason box? And that should be good enough?

      If that is indeed what you meant... well... the thing is, I liked Candi's idea of writing a detailed Edit Reason (see their very first post to my inquiry at the very top), and I personally like to explain in my Edit Reasons why I edited the entry and specifically describe the Administrivia articles, to show that I was following the editing rules and to lessen the chances of an Edit War from happening. Although, I'm well aware that someone is always going to start an Edit War, unintentionally or intentionally, no matter what. But, I am aware now that if an Edit War does end up happening, I can report it back here, either in this post by "bumping" or writing a new post.

      This is getting overly lengthy. As it's now primarily editing/wiki tips, please take this to PMs.
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    I found a couple spoilered entries on Anime.Pokemon The Movie Black And White. Specifically The Bad Guy Wins and Earn Your Happy Ending:

    I am asking if the examples should be reworded or if the markup should be removed (On the one hand, Its canon status is dubious at best and it could be considered independent of the anime, a Non-Serial Movie. On the other hand the movie itself is a decade old at this point)? I will move the Fridge Brilliance bullet to the YMMV page once I edit these entries. Reply

      I still need some answers on this...

      The Bad Guy Wins is Spoilered Rotten trope, no point in hidden anything once you list it. However, if the character make Heel–Face Turn then he's no longer a Bad Guy, so this is more of misuse.

      The second bullet has to be removed for being bad Example Indentation in Trope Lists.

      Earn Your Happy Ending is ZCE. It just say it is example without tell the reader how is it an example.

      So the whole The Bad Guy Wins should be burned to ground, and Earn Your Happy Ending need either expansion or comment out.

      I moved the FB example to the YMMV page, commented out the EYHE example and removed the The Bad Guy Wins example (Though I am wondering if that could be reworded into the context for the EYHE example.

      Regarding the more general question about all-white entries, see Handling Spoilers, where it pretty much says not to do that.

      Were the listed example actually an example, you'd want to unspoiler certain parts so that people could tell if they wanted to read it or not anyway: "All of Damon's goals are accomplished successfully..." etc. Assuming there are other character's whose names are about as long as that character's (because otherwise it would be a Self-Fulfilling Spoiler.

      Then you include a few words around it in the spoiler, as as it looks tidy. :p

      When in doubt, remove spoiler tags.
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    Does anyone get what happened to the image for the main Shokugeki no Soma page? I sure don't. Reply

      I still see it.

      Odd. On my end, it just comes up as the word link.
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    A troper AgentSkyblueM7, seems to have deleted about 3/5 of Characters.One Piece The Four Emperors. Whether accidental or vandalism I couldn't say, though a quick edit history skim suggests his edits are normally fine otherwise. The way histories work now I'm not sure I could put everything back the way it was without missing anything, so I think a revert from AgentSkyblueM7's last edit will get the job done. I'll PM them about what happened.

    EDIT: Yeah, I took a crack at fixing the damage but I'm not entirely sure where one deletion ends and the other begins, so I think a revert'll be better.

    EDIT 2: Tried again and I think I got it this time. Reply

      That happens sometimes, usually because of a crappy or interrupted connection. It bites, but there's no malice. (In the case of known crappy connections, though, it's wise to be very careful when editing.)

      Yeah, I don't think there's any malice. I got a reply to my PM and learned something similar happened on Aluminum Christmas Trees, though in that case they were able to fix the damage by the looks of it. My own attempt makes me fear I'm doing more harm than good though, hence the revert request

      I took another crack at it and think I got everything, so maybe the revert isn't necessary after all.

      A mid-word cutoff generally indicates connection issues.

      Yeah. It didn't seem like it was intentional.

      In any case, barring some issue with the repair work, the page seems back I'm working order so this issue is essentially resolved.
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    What's the name of that Anime were there's an anthromorphic groundhog or gopher boy who lives in a forest with a yellow duck who wears blue striped socks, a pink seal girl with a flower on her head and a blue monkey looking alien. Reply
  • 1 Jul 29th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 29th Jul, 2017 08:19:36 AM
    (Sorry for bad english) I remember this show where it was this robot i think that was white and blue. He could turn into a bike by transforming. I think he had a owner. They helped other robots. I remember this scene where there was this dog looking robot under a terrace. Sorry for really bad descripton. I dont remember much of it Reply
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    I have a question for those who've read or watched One Piece. In certain arcs like the Enies Lobby arc, the Marineford arc and now the Whole Cake Island arc, this involves our heroes launching a rescue mission for Robin and Franky, Ace and Sanji. They have a limited time frame to rescue them from either their sentencing by the World Government to Impel Down (Robin and Franky), public execution (Ace), or an Arranged Marriage (Sanji). Would what happens in these situations be considered a true Race Against the Clock? Reply

      • You could definitely make a case for Enies Lobby in general, and the CP9 fights in particular, since they're given the specific time frame of "Robin passing through the Gates of Justice".
      • There's also the Alabasta time bomb.
      • The Ace and Whole Cake ones I'm not so sure about. Whole Cake island saw them intentionally waiting for the clock to reach its end to implement their plans, so there's no urgency.
      • Maybe with Ace, though the only time sensitive element there was the Marines' willingness to keep to a schedule.

      What I might suggest is submit your would-be examples to the Is This An Example? Thread and see what they say.

      Got it. Thanks.
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    Because it's on my Watchlist, I recently found that Eddy 1215 had removed the content on Characters.One Piece The Four Emperors Crews in favor of splitting it up into five separate pages. I PMed them about it, got confirmation that was the idea and there was no plans for the original page (said they originally wanted to rename it as one of the five subpages but found they couldn't), so I submitted it to the cut list.

    Only after doing so did I realize there was a whopping 7106 inbound links. Given that, would be preferable to undo the division of the page into give pages some by another troper, Eddy 1215, set up some kind of redirect, or follow through with the cut?

    I added a discussion topic in case it's checked but also wanted up post here to try and get ahead of what I only now realize may be a Premature Cut Request.

    There's also YMMV.One Piece The Four Emperors Crews but content there only related to one of the five subpages. I've migrated it accordingly but am not otherwise touching it until this is sorted out. Reply

      7,000 inbound links sounds like it should redirect to the main characters index for One Piece.

      Yeah. I certainly never expected it to be quite so robust.

      The cuts been declined so I'm going to take crazysamaritan's suggestion turn it into a redirect to the main OP Character sheet
  • 0 Jul 22nd, 2017 at 6:06AM
    In this page Chef Failure is causing editing mistakes in his work such as adding too many spaces next to coding making the page look odd and when I fixed them he put it like how it was before I changed it. This really needs sorting out because it's messing up how the page looks. I did send a PM.

    EDIT: He apologised. Reply
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    Lastest Reply: 21st Jul, 2017 06:02:01 AM
    Good evening. If Brother–Sister Incest is almost never played directly in Harem Genre (for obvious reasons), but is very common in works, then can I add it to the page of this genre as a commonly used trope?


      What do you mean by "played directly"? Played straight? Because a trope can be present but played in a way other than straight (subverted, inverted, parodied...). If it's, say, parodied often in the genre, then you can list it on the genre's page saying it's often parodied and almost never played straight.

      Yes, I'm talking about this. In that case, should I make a note that this trope is almost never played straight from censorship considerations? I wanted to do so initially, but there are no explanations in the section of common tropes.

      Is it, though? Not Blood Siblings is played commonly, but Brother–Sister Incest doesn't pop up that much, as far as I know.

      Literally almost never, for obvious reasons. But last time I was told that even if the trope is not played straight, it still needs to be added. And in this case it occurs quite often, for example, the recent Eromanga Sensei. Therefore, this raised my question.

      If it doesn't occur, it doesn't occur. You'd need to give more context.

      Are we talking about a genre page or an examples list? You should never put "occurs in this genre" as an example in a trope article; that violates our rule about Examples Are Not General.
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    Lastest Reply: 15th Jul, 2017 10:44:52 AM
    I want to create a TV Tropes page for the Japanese publishing company Alphapolis, who's famous for popularizing and publishing web novels featuring the Isekai genre (Trapped, transported or reincarnated to another world stories). But i'm not sure where should i put the Alphapolis page. Reply


      No. That is not what i'm asking. I know how to create the TV tropes page. I just want to know where should i put the company in which TV Tropes Index like Japanese companies or something

      well, you should have asked that. We have the Index-Index for you to find some.

      Creators is a good index to start with.
  • 6 Jul 12th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 13th Jul, 2017 06:22:48 AM
    I don't get why there needs to be two separate character pages. Reply

      Length of page means breaking the content into pieces. This prevents server borking, page crashing, sluggish browsers, and aids in ease of editing.

      I get that, I just don't get why it repeats.

      Oh, you're referring to the individual character pages for the anime characters being listed on both Characters.Pokemon, and Characters.Pokemon Anime.

      ...That's a good question.

      It looks like it's for organization and indexing. The Fire Emblem character pages are laid out in a similar fashion so you don't booted to the franchise-wide character index when you're just trying to see the character tab for a single game (like Fire Emblem Awakening).

      Speaking of which, I don't remember there being more than 1 page per region on the anime, is were these made to day (and did they have anything to do with the site's temporary going offline)?

      I doubt they had anything to do with the server being offline; maintenance or tiny emergency is more likely.
  • 10 Jul 8th, 2017 at 3:03AM
    Lastest Reply: 10th Jul, 2017 07:09:13 PM
    I'm not sure is this the right place to ask, but here goes.

    There's a hidden note in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. While I can see why it's here, it doesn't follow the style of any other notes on this very site as it's pretty demanding.

    Now here' s my question, can I alter it or do I need a permission? I removed a hidden note before as I felt it was unnecessary, only to get called out by a user.

    For those who are curious, here's the note.

    !!Fellow tropers: TV Tropes is a wiki dedicated to compiling story and character tropes, not attesting your fiery hatred for every single aspect of a particular show. So before you add yet another complaint about Gundam SEED Destiny, take a closer look at the list; aren't there enough complaints already? Complaining isn't going to make the show better. Instead, why don't you just pour yourself some chocolate milk, pop a few anti-depressants, and re-watch Gundam SEED or another Gundam series of your choice until your crippling rage subsides.!! Reply

      I find that hilarious, but it can't possibly be kosher. I'd check with a mod before altering it, though.

      The note has existed for as far back as the article history goes (2011). I would assume it was put there by moderators in the long distant past, but I have no particular opinion for or against its retention.

      I'm not entirely sure a TVT mod would write that. The last sentence particularly rather thoroughly violates Don't be a dick.

      A polite but firm commented out note saying to take complaining to the relevant Darth pages, or to just not post it, makes sense, but the current one just comes across as rude.

      Move that it be written to be politer and more... professional, I think would be a way to put it.

      I'm for rephrasing it. I'd like to think that the Gundam fan base's vitriol for that series has subsided, but I've been on the Internet long enough to know that warning is probably necessary. Still, it could be written more "professionally", as it were.

      Frankly, it reads almost exactly like something Fast Eddie would have written.


      As for Internet and subsiding, what's that Final Fantasy game number again? The one that's still locked because of shipping?

      So how should we reword this?

      ^ I would reword it to "Please do not complain anything about the show." or something like that.

      The standard "We're here to catalog tropes, complaining is not welcome"? I don't think people still actively complain about GSD now.

      But I like the message, maybe we should adapt it for another hot topic, like YMMV.Death Battle?

      Oh jeez, Death Battle. Yes. Mostly so tropers can point out it's there.

      The Superman/Gohu and Cloud/Link page debacles still make me twitch.

      Seems really passive aggressive.
  • 7 Jul 10th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 10th Jul, 2017 05:55:13 PM
    Tropers/STRX just uncommented some ZCEs on Characters.Kira Kira Precure A La Mode. While they did add context for some tropes, three of them did not receive any new context. Specifically, Badass Baritone, Badass Cape, and Cool Mask; the former two added nothing whatsoever whereas the latter added stuff that didn't explain how the trope is applied.

    I am also reporting them on grounds of rudeness from their edit reason. Reply

      He might want to add some context to the three you mentioned, but his edit reason isn't exactly cool.


      I tend to perceive comments like the edit reason as not quite comprehending different people like different things, and getting snotty about it.

      It's not just Characters.Kira Kira Precure A La Mode; they also uncommented ZCEs] from Characters.DokiDokiPrecurePrettyCure and [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=Characters.NarutoTheNewEra one from Characters.Naruto The New Era.

      Their edit reasons seem to be them wanting people to actually watch the series in question. From their Naruto edit: "Watch episode 14. She was clearly being her scared self when the other classmates showed up to help after her, Mitsuki and Boruto escaped"

      From their Doki Doki edit: "Why are most of the Zero Content Examples zero content examples when most of them are filled with Content? I'll return to fix this page up."

      Here is the rest of their edit history.


      I request permission to re-comment out the ZC Es they uncommented; if I do it now without permission, then I fear it will constitute an edit war since I was the one who originally commented them out.

      Go for it. It'd be a good idea to link this ATT thread for future reference.

      Will do!
  • 7 Jul 10th, 2017 at 2:02AM
    Lastest Reply: 10th Jul, 2017 05:09:10 PM
    Good afternoon. I wanted to ask if I can use Wimpification on the pages of the work, if the fans are very fond of changing the personality of the character for fan art or fan fiction? For example, many fans turn a heroine into Memetic Molester and Psycho Lesbian to justify her harassment of her own sister. Or are there other tropes on the subject?


      If the trope occcurs in fan art and fan fiction, but not in the original work, the trope should be listed on the work pages for the fan works, and not on the original work page. The original work's pages should describe what happens in the original work, and not what fans like to do in fan works.

      It wouldn't belong on the main works page, but instead would go on any pages for the fan works.

      And, to answer the question about which tropes apply: I don't really think turning somebody into a Memetic Molester or a Psycho Lesbian would count as Wimpification. This sounds more like Ron the Death Eater, but there are a number of other tropes that could apply.

      But, whichever trope it is, it goes on the page of the fan work and not on that of the original work.

      Well, I only counted on the fan reaction pages. But I do not know in what form this trope is used.

      What do you mean by "Fan reaction pages"? The YMMV page of the original work? That's for more direct fan reactions, not for fan reactions expressed in fan works (fan works are troped as separate works, not on any subpage of the original work).

      Yes, about it. That's why I'm asking, because I have not seen the use of this trope anywhere.

      You'll find it on the fan work pages of works that do that, since it's about changing a character, not reacting to one.
  • 1 Jul 7th, 2017 at 3:03AM
    Lastest Reply: 7th Jul, 2017 06:25:52 AM
    Anime on this current decade seems to be divided into "seasons" whenever a show is expected to air on that date. Is it discouraged now to index anime by season, since I noticed that it started in 2011? Who started this thing? Is it because there's been a lot of anime produced in the current decade? I'm asking since I've been out of the loop since I kinda stopped watching anime in mid-to-late 2010 (the year Animax Southeast Asia started showcasing Korean shows.) Reply

      We're already talking about this a different ATT topic. Locking this one as redundant.
  • 1 Jul 4th, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 4th Jul, 2017 04:47:05 PM
    The YMMV.Pokemon Anime page seems to be heading for another edit war, as Isaac_Heller has deleted some positive Sun/Moon examples (one said it, the original series, and X/Y were considered the best, whcih they took out and replaced with D/P) and said everything about the S/M series is contested. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=YMMV.PokemonAnime Reply

      Did you message them regarding the edit?
  • 9 Jun 30th, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 2nd Jul, 2017 05:36:05 AM
    Goodnight. I wanted to ask if Supporting Harem and Unwanted Harem overlap each other? Especially in a situation where the main guy and the girl are already in love with each other and the guy never considers other girls as Love Interest and does not find it interesting.


      easily yes.

      I'd actually expect it to be quite common :)

      In that case, which of the two trope is best left on the page? Supporting Harem, since the main characters are already in love with each other?

      If the work fits both of them, then they both belong on the page (with sufficient context to explain how they apply, of course).

      Well, the protagonist never showed that he was annoyed by other girls. He simply does not view them as Love Interest.

      well, does the definition at Unwanted Harem say that he needs to be annoyed, or just that he isn't interested. If the latter, then put both on.


      It's better to ask this type of question on the Trope Talk forum, which includes talking about comparisons or interactions between tropes.

      Make sure you stick to one trope per line only also.
  • 14 Jun 22nd, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 2nd Jul, 2017 05:29:07 AM
    Evil_gekko left inflammatory comments in his edit reasons for YMMV.Armed Girls Machiavellism Reply

      There's IP overlap with a user banned for something related, and was created when that account was banned.

      Bounce time!

      Revert any of his edits?

      I'll see what I can do for that.

      Edit: Revert done on the YMMV page. If you want to look through their edits, here you go.

      Is Hanzawa_naoki possibly another sockpuppet? The edits seem similar.

      It's definitely them. Good catch; bounced.

      Could I get a revert please?

      Also, I simply looked at how many edits were on the page mentioned earlier... and lo and behold, that person has one edit. Felt obvious. I already got the page on my watchlist to make sure I can keep an eye on it, especially if it gets targeted constantly.

      Reverts done.

      Back as ginga_victory. I think some of those articles can be reverted via the system, but others might need a dedicated person to fix. Fairly clear it's just a bunch of targeting specific articles at this point.

      And bounced, again. Sigh...

      Edit: And edits reverted.

      This one is odder; Same entry by chucknormie, however they've clearly been here longer. That said, it's the same trope being edited, so I'm weary. Might be a coincidence for once.

      And if it is a coincidence, which it likely is, then muteki_gamer, a new account, is probably our ban evader?

      Could be both, for all I know. Regardless, the second one is editing the same articles. Jeez. :/

      And there we go again.

      http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=the_athlethers is another sock, I think. Needs cleaning.

      And the user is back. Persistent little bugger, that.

      Yep. They're gone.
  • 3 Jun 28th, 2017 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 29th Jun, 2017 12:21:22 AM
    Hello , I was watching a 3d animated series in my childhood (1995-2002) where a team of astronauts travel through the solar system from planet to planet and their space ship splits in to parts when they want it to if anyone have any idea about this series give me some names pls it would bring back my childhood memories ty Reply

      Please ask in You Know That Show... oh wait, you already did.

      desperate to know it ...

      Please be patient. You'll question will get answered in the proper area in time. No reason to post another query here when it's only going to get locked for being in the wrong area.
  • 0 Jun 27th, 2017 at 1:01AM
    EDIT: Moving query to TRS. Reply
  • 1 Jun 26th, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 26th Jun, 2017 11:15:46 AM
    NULL Reply
  • 3 Jun 25th, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th Jun, 2017 05:27:19 PM
    Just a note: This user keeps adding Stoic Woobie to the Yu-Gi-Oh Main Characters character sheet. I've edited it out several times and explained that zero-context YMMV tropes don't go on a character sheet, but they keep returning once every few months to add it again. Reply