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    so there was this radio ad I only heard once on KISS 102.3 a couple weeks ago and it was an It Can Wait thing. i didn't hear all of it but it went along the lines of this: this is disguised as a funny country song where some guy writes tool instead of pool and becomes the typo fool or something. they then (presumably) keep texting and run into an oncoming train. the music drops and a guy says "car accidents aren't funny. it can wait." and i was fucking terrified. Reply
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    Has there been any discussion or definition of a "Mysterious Radio Broadcast" or "Ghost Radio" Trope. I mean this as a broadcast from a non existent station or from a given channel from an unknown source. This could cover things like Radio Free Death from the White Wolf game Orpheus, the random alien (?) broadcasts in the podcasts Wolf 359 and Archive 81, or an urban legend about a short lived transmission that can only be heard at a certain time of night? This could stretch to TV broadcasts as well, such tings like seeing ghosts in the static of an (now old, non-digital) TV screen at midnight. Reply
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    True Capitalist

    The description is a full-length novel and almost entirely about audience reactions and trolling the guy. Anyone familiar with it up for cleaning?

    I've never heard of the show but I am wondering if the page needs a lock after cleaning — I'm getting an Anne Coulter/CWC vibe here. Reply

      Don't know that show, but reading the description on its page:

      1. I've never read a text with so much instances of the word "Troll". Gah.

      2. I still have no clue what this this show is about.

      Needs some serious fixing.

      I'm getting the impression he's Glenn Beck with a cowboy hat.

      It reads like a random stream of consciousness of someone possibly on drugs.

      To make a counter-argument though, is it possible that that page was trying to be a Self-Demonstrating Article in any kind of way, without making that clear?

      I don't think so. It's not bombastic enough to match what I'm assuming his tone is like.

      Should this go to the crash rescue thread?

      I'd say not. it seems too old for that.

      From what I remember, the show was the target of frequent trolling from bronies due to the host lambasting the show. I'm not sure if it escalated beyond that fandom to the general 4chan userbase, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

      I'd say it's a Real Life Websites thread issue. And that it risks running afowl of the No troping real life people rule (for the host as well as the trolls)
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    How can you adapt a nursery rhyme for radio while using all elements of radio? For example, say, Jack and Jill. Reply

      This isn't the place for those sort of questions, it would be better asked in the Forums, maybe in the actual Radio forum. link to the forums

      More easily than most other things, I expect, as nursery rhymes are already an audio media. You could just read one out on the radio with a few sound effects and you're done.

      I don't follow. I'm not even sure if any of TVT's Radio tropes are applicable to this. Either way, I don't think this is the place to ask that- Ask The Tropers is for queries about the wiki itself. I suppose you could try the Radio subforum instead?
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    Errr... (red face). I think I understand why the article on Michael Bentine was closed and locked. I was more intent on getting some sort of article there on this seminal comedian and Goon Show founder, if only so that all four Goons could be represented here and all the other articles referencing Bentine could have something about the man to link to. To my shame and justifiably busted for it, I leant far too heavily on the existing Wikipedia article with only minimal changes and additions. (Although it doesn't officially say anything on the Locked Pages list, and nothing was said to me at the time advising me the page had been pulled and I was in breach of the site rules.) If I promise to make it far more original this time, could I be allowed to have another go, if the page could be unlocked? Reply
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    Some pages have an Audio (audio plays etc.) folder, some have Radio. Because there's a lot of overlap between them - Big Finish is almost always Audio Plays, but some of its stuff premièred on radio - I'd like to standardise it as Radio & Audio or perhaps Audio & Radio. Does that seem okay?

    (Very tiny thing, I know. But I'm terribly finicky and I don't want to hurt the feelings of the other five audio fans.) Reply

      Having a Radio folder being more common, it should stay at the same place, so "Radio & Audioplay" would be fine. Either folder are rarely full, so merging them wouldn't be bad, I guess.

      I'll go with that, then.

      Alphabetical order: Audioplay & Radio

      No, in this case, the more common first: Radio And Audioplay. Of the relatively few pages that have that folder, a minority will have audioplay content.
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    Need to have AudioPlay.Star Wars Radio Dramas cut. I started the work page in that namespace but I'm told it belongs under the Radio namespace instead.

    I already moved the work and am repointing the indexes. Reply
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    I think I have the right place to ask this. I thought about "Trope Talk" in the forums but that's about the tropes themselves, the alternatives given here don't match either, and there's no activity in the Discussion page for one of the two works (the other doesn't have a trope page/discussion at all). If I'm wrong I'll take it where it should go. Anywho:

    Trying to figure out which trope a particular situation comes under. I originally added it in Never Learned to Read but now wonder if it's better suited to AcCENT Upon the Wrong SylLABle.

    The example refers to a character used in sketches on the Mark & Brian Radio Program / The Brian And Jill Show. The character is an out-of-work voice over artist where the gag is that, while he otherwise speaks fine, once he starts reading the scripts he mispronounces the hell out of everything. An example, quoted in Never Learned to Read, is below.

    This month, we're proud to offer the 1960 Oscar winning film Spar-tackus. Spar-tackus, from leggendary director Stanley Kubbrick, is the story of a glad-ai-ator who leads a violent revolt against the Romulan empire. Starring Kirk Deglaze, Laurence Oliviary, and Tony Curtis. It will make you stand up and say "I am Spar-tack-us."

    Never Learned to Read, given the premise, seems the better fit. But the guy can read. He just stinks at it (found a version of the sketch that lampsahdes this in fact). Accent seems to fit, but at the same time seems to be about mispronouncing the word by just stressing the wrong syllable, which this character cranks up to absurd levels.

    Wondering about a possible 2nd opinion. Reply
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    I'm having problems editing/creating the Elvis Duran Show character page. I'm follwing the editing guidelines, but the folders aren't showing up- ot simply appears as it does in the editing page: for example as [[folder: Main characters]] Reply
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    I created a new page for the "Elvis Duran Morning Show" and now I need to know how to create a character page.

    Also, where are all the morning show fans?! If anyone out here is a fan of Elvis, Skeery, Danielle and the rest, welcome yourself to help editing the page! If there are any tropes or examples I've forgotten to add, fell free to add them! Notify others that the Morning Show has its own page! In the words of a great president: "Spread the word. Get on the line to every squadron around the world." Reply

      To create a character page, just edit the page's URL to change the namespace (the part that says "main/" in the work page's URL) to "characters/" and edit the page that comes up (as soon as you've saved the first draft the wiki'll automatically add the button on the work's page for you and put the page in the Character Sheet index).

      Thank You!
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    Warning: This question regards controversial political commentator Glenn Beck. Please maintain a level-head and proceed with caution.

    There's been a bit of a tussle over at Glenn Beck's Crowning Moment of Awesome page. One troper added Beck's "exposing" of Van Jones as a radical and Jones' subsequent removal from his position at the White House as an example. Another troper removed the entry, saying that Beck's accusations were false and the incident does not belong on the wiki. I messaged this troper, telling him that the page is YMMV territory and that he should avoid it if he doesn't like what he sees. I re-added the example and said (in a private message) that he could make a post to the forums if he disagrees. He removed it again.

    Should the entry remain? Reply

      Putting aside any controversy over Glenn Beck, if he was speaking the truth and he got Van Jones canned then especially since it's a YMMV page I vote that it stays.

      But it's not really a vote is it?

      Um, why are we collecting tropes on a real person when we don't do that?

      Well they're sort of more guidelines.

      Seriously, if we're not meant to do it...can we argue that as a performer we are discussing a work rather than the person?

      ^I asked about Real Life people's tropes pages a few months back, and what I recall is that I guess we don't catalog tropes about them, but rather tropes about how they are portrayed in fiction. But then I also remember something about how Adolf Hitler had to have have Complete Monster taken away even though that's how he's almost always portrayed, and then Theodore Roosevelt has tons of gushing... man, now I'm even more confused.

      I think he gets by because most of the tropes relate to him on his radio and television shows, not just him as a person.

      Much like The Undertaker. He gets a pass on a few real life tropes that apply for the guy who plays him rather than the wrestler.

      Nobody "gets a pass" on RL troping. We are not concerned with Beck as a person; we are strictly and solely concerned with the tropes employed in his show. If this leads to edit warring over a YMMV page, that page gets locked.

      In that context, I'm not sure how to proceed with the CMOA in question. My stance is that, regardless of the validity of Beck's statements, he did make them and they did have the stated effect. If somebody thinks that's awesome, then they should be able to add that as an example. But if we limit the YMMV page to only things that related directly to Beck's shows, then I'm not sure if it qualifies.

      I thought that for Real Life people, we only rarely had tropes for em, and YMMV even less often. Political things usually are right out.

      In all honesty, I can see a CMoA page for a lot of real life people... but some people are just too controversial. I wouldn't expect to see one on a Glenn Beck page, nor on a Barack Obama or Bill Clinton page.

      The only time I even think we could get away with that is if it's universally agreed by a lot of people, no matter what their politics or beliefs, that it was a CMoA. This is totally likely to happen. Unless it's a case like Glenn Beck rescues puppies from burning building. Or Penny Arcade authors sending in that check for Jack Thompson (is that one on the Permanent Red Link Club? It should be). There's not many incidents like that, and even fewer when it comes to politics.

      The issue I and others have had...well, it's a confirmed lie that cost someone his job. Something under YMMV should at least be TRUE even if the issue is left up. If you think lying about someone and having the 'desire effect' is awesome, sure, but to call it 'exposing' them?

      So when Mark Callaway (the guy who plays The Undertaker) confronted Vince Mcmahon over the Montreal Screwjob, should all examples of that be deleted?

      Isn't that Pro Wrestling? I don't know much about it, but that's mostly scripted with a lot of Kayfabe, right?

      This is Real Life, with real people being affected. And especially since PolitiFact at least says that his statement was "mostly false", there's more than enough grey on this for the example to be struck from the page. And once again, I still don't like the idea of CMoA for real life people, at least when it comes to politics.

      Even if you don't believe PolitiFact is correct or you think it's biased, that doesn't change the fact that at least one group who's entire purpose is fact checking thinks it's bogus (mostly). When in doubt...

      Okay, a little background for those unaware. The Montreal Screwjob was a real life event that took place when Vince Mcmahon (not Mr. Mc Mahon the evil corporate man he plays) had the WWF Championship (which is fake, but Bret Hart, or the real life Brett Hart, treated as recognition of his accomplishments) taken off Brett and handed to his in story and real life arch nemesis, Michael Hickenbottem (Shawn Michaels).

      As one might expect, the likes of Mick Foley (then wrestling as Mankind), Brett's brother in Davey Boy Smith (the British Bulldog) and Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) were angry at what took place. Callaway saw fit to hunt down Vince (not Mr. Mc Mahon, the real life Vince) where he was hiding in his office and Callaway, as a legitimate tough guy, told him, "If you don't open this door and get your ass out here I'll knock the door down and kick it." Vince did answer, and Mark told him, "If you still want to have a company tomorrow you better apologize to Brett." This wasn't staged, this wasn't worked, this was real, something a lot of fans would give their left tit to see.

      Now my question is, if Real Life is not to be applied should examples of Mark Callaway's handling of the Montreal Screwjob be removed?

      I don't know wrestling too well, but in this case...it seems incontrovertible that Vince Mc Mahon screwed Bret Hart over hugely. And Callaway standing up for Brett Hart....it doesn't seem something many people will really DIFFER on. That's not exactly the same.

      How much Brett is to blame (refusing to lose to Shawn, fears he'll leave with the championship), or Vince (for enacting the screwjob), or Shawn (for saying just take the belt off him) or even Triple H (Shawn's friend who said Brett was being selfish and expressing fears of Brett dropping the title in the garbage on the competing Nitro) is debated to this day. If you'd like the details head over to the trope page and Wikia, they can explain it probably better than I could.

      As a side note to show how real this was, not only did Brett legitimately punch out Vince, Triple H was cussed out by Brett's wife and Mick Foley was going to leave. The WWF praised him and he was given a surprisingly large payout for the show he didn't go to, and Brett was really grateful for what Mick did.

      The discussion over The Undertaker should take place in that page's discussion page.

      Indeed. We need to resolve this first. Bolding For Mod in the hopes we can get some weighing in or at least a "we're discussing it."

      Okay, if this is so much trouble, do you want to nuke that CMOA page?

      Since it's only two examples, it might be a good idea. As I've said before, we might have CMoA in fiction, but in real life politics?

      I don't find the other two nearly as controversial, so I could live with just removing this particular one. It's just that by having this on the wiki, we're saying "Good job Glenn Beck! We're glad you cost that person his job and possibly his reputation and career!"

      Regardless of whether or not he was wrong or right (hell, there might be a shrine to Stalin in that guy's basement, who knows) it's just an area I really don't think we should tread into. If there are similar cases on other politically active people (general term, since I don't know the actual one <_<) then those should probably be pulled as well.

      GB is on record multiple times saying that he regrets that his reporting got Van Jones fired. He just wanted to get the truth out and feels Jones is more dangerous outside of the limelight a White House position provides. As Beck himself is not happy about this, it's probably just as well that it's been removed.

      I cut the Awesome.Glenn Beck page. There is no content that could be added to it that would not start an argument, there being a contingent of people who are pretty sure that an action can either be awesome or it can be something done by Glenn Beck. There is no overlap.

      How can you say "no content...that would not start an argument" when the argument was over one particular entry?

      The Restoring Honor rally, for instance, was very-explicitly AGAINST being political and mainly spoke about country and faith. The only "controversy" one could associate with it was that Al Sharpton was angry that Glenn Beck took "their day"(note: Sharpton was speaking about how 8/28 is the anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech and that it was somehow "Their day", 'they' being unspecified) and used it "to promote an agenda of hate."

      It was only after the fact that the rally was seen as rather innocuous and, overall, positive that Sharpton was forced to eat crow by Bill O'Reilly .

      Other than that, there is nothing to suggest that listing the Restoring Honor rally would stir up controversy on the wiki.
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    I was wondering why there isn't a page for the Elvis Duran Morning Show? They are a nationally broadcast show in Miami, NYC, Philly, etc. and have millions of listeners. Howard Stern has one, and they (jokingly) mention him as a competitor often. They are already listed as examples on distinctive laugh and butt monkey. I'm just running thru a list in my mind of tropes they qualify for: big applesauce, chivalrous pervert (Skeery), Dumb-ass DJ (which they often (lampshade and subvert), spicy Latina, Brooklyn rage, wacky Americans have wacky names, and any and all drinking tropes (they love to talk about their drinking) Reply

      If there isn't a page here, you can go make one.

      Work Pages Are A Free Launch. The reason there's not a page is that no one has yet taken to time to write one up. You're more than welcome to create one if you want to.

      Because no one has made one yet. Feel free to make a page. I've never heard of the show, but as we have no notability standards, we'll trope anything. See Work Entry Template for the template. Radio.Elvis Duran Morning Show would be the page to edit. Just click the link and mage the page.