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    Lastest Reply: 17th Mar, 2018 11:44:44 AM
    Hi, Tyrakathe Dragon Fan here. Also known previous as Tyraka 628. The sheer reason I made an account to sign into this website with is to ask you guys to please...PLEASE...take down the page regarding an very old and very crappy fanfiction of mine called Return to Atlantica. The page's mere existence is a constant and painful reminder of the mess of a story I created during my youth, and the last remaining traces of it ever existing. Here's the link to said page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/ReturnToAtlantica

    Please, for the love of GOD, delete this page for good. I NEVER want to be reminded of that part of my life again. Reply

      See The Fic May Be Yours, But The Trope Page Is Ours.

      Tyraka, sorry but we won't take down a work page because the author of the work doesn't want us having one.

      You're not the first with an Old Shame on here, and I can sympathize, but we don't retcon history.

      Well, the article has many ZCE, but after comment them out there're still four good entries.

      Technically it can be deleted if the work itself is no longer available, IIRC?
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    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2018 10:33:53 PM
    I've noticed that there is a Fanfic tab under Literature.A Wrinkle In Time. Said Fanfic tab is a Manga.Naruto fanfic, which has nothing to do with the 1959 book.

    I do feel that something needs to be done to differentiate the two works. Shall a Fanfic.A Wrinkle In Time Naruto Fic page be made and transfer all relevant information to it? Reply

      That's what namespaces are for. As long as YMMV and other subpages explain which work they're referring to it's fine.

      Still, differentiation by year or format is preferred, I think, precisely to avoid crashes like this.

      Fanfic.A Wrinkle In Time Naruto is more concise, and doesn't duplicate the type of work within the wikiword.

      Shall I transfer the relevant information to that page, then?

      ^ please

      The rule is work disambiguation applies to all the works.

      The information has been transferred and indexed. I will now cutlist the original page.

      Should the wiki word be customized into something like A Wrinkle in Time (Naruto)?

      ^ Exactly what I was thinking.

      Took the liberty of setting up the request
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    So I'm planning on starting to write a diary novel series chronicling the change from his last year in middle school to his last year in high school. I'm planning on writing about 5 books, maybe more, to show his experiences. I like to describe my first draft as Freaks and Geeks meets the Catcher in the Rye meets Diary of a W Impy Kid. I'd like to develop a separate plot in each on of the novels, but since the books are supposed to take place over a single school year, I'm wondering if it'll be boring to develop one plot, in the course of a year, through journal entries. Are there any limitations, and ways to make it not suck that I should consider? Reply
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    Back when the trope "Dangerously Genre Savvy" was still a thing, someone added an example on the Fan Works sub section of the page. The example was of a Redwall fanfic, but I don't remember who entered the example. Can somebody please tell me who it was so I can ask them where I can find that Redwall fanfic? Reply
  • 2 Feb 26th, 2018 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 27th Feb, 2018 12:27:17 AM
    I was checking out Fanfic Recs.Coco and noticed a lot of fics have two links, one to Ao3 and one to Fanfiction.net, while others don't even though multiple links do exist. I was wondering what the policy is for which link to use; is it first-come-first-serve or should multiple links be used where applicable?

    I had wanted to add the original forum link to a Star Wars fic as well as the Ao3 link but wasn't sure if that was okay, so that's also why I ask XD; Reply
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    Lastest Reply: 25th Feb, 2018 02:10:24 PM
    A Christmas Carol has hundreds and hundreds of adaptations, but also fanfics, some of which have specific plots.

    I added "* Fandom-Specific Plot: Many fanfics tend to revolve around freeing Jacob Marley of his chains or setting Scrooge up with Belle after his reformation, usually by having her husband die. Other common fics have Scrooge/Marley as a pairing, in life or after death."

    to the book's page since it was fandom-specific and many of the ones I've read are based on the book as opposed to a movie. jamespolk then removed it saying it should go on an adaptation page, but many fics are nonspecific about which version they follow so most people assume they're book-based unless said otherwise. Where should it go, if anywhere?

    Also apparently Fandom-Specific Plot itself isn't a YMMV trope, but its related page shows it on tons of YMMV pages. Reply

      Any advice?

      The removal was correct; tropes related to fanworks do not belong on the main work's page. Also, general examples are not allowed. If any of the relevant fanfics have a page on this wiki, you can add the trope to that page (and if you find non-YMMV tropes on YMMV pages, remove them).

      The thing is, Fandom-Specific Plot is one of the Tropes in Aggregate — it's the pattern of use over multiple works, not the situation in any single work, that makes it a trope. It's not possible to describe a Fandom-Specific Plot without making what looks like a general example (look at all the example descriptions on the trope page, for a start).

      I noticed that FandomSpecificPlot.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is indexed on the YMMV page instead of the main page, which might be responsible for some confusion given that MLP:FIM is one of those works that really ought to respect the troping guidelines absolutely perfectly. At least, this mix-up made me assume that Fandom-Specific Plot was YMMV until just now.

      Would the MLP page have indexed it as non-YMMV somehow?

      EDIT: Nevermind, misread XD;

      The Literature page for A Christmas Carol does have a section for tropes found in adaptations, down at the bottom of the page. "Fandom" tropes might go down there. Where they definitely should not go is in the main section dedicated to the actual book.

      Ok, thanks! I'll put it there.
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    Because the Redwall series is known for having a new cast in almost every single book, the Characters page has been split into subpages for each book in the series.

    There is another subpage, Characters.Redwall Multiple, which is meant for characters who appear in more than one book. That's good and all, but there's only one character on the page, Martin the Warrior.

    Since his entry is really well documented, I would be fine with just renaming the page to make it about him, but... there's a book in the series that shares his name, and it already has a subpage here.

    So... what do we do? Reply

      Characters.Redwall Martin The Warrior Character and Characters.Redwall Martin The Warrior Book?

      It seems wrong to have separate character pages for individual books in a series before you have separate pages for the individual books themselves. If you started by making pages for the books, the whole problem would seem to solve itself.

      (Note that character pages are only supposed to be used when a work page gets too long. Before that point, character tropes can just go on the main work page. In this case, I suppose the page for the series was probably getting too long—but still, pages for the individual books is really the most appropriate next step.)
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    Doing a Wiki Walk and discovered rutabaga2732 created a stub page for Characters.The Water Margin, initially creating a few tropeless character entries before almost blanking the page completely.

    What should we do? Send notifiers? Try to add on or cutlist the page? Reply

      Put it on the cut list. There was nothing salvageable prior from blanking.
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    I'd forgotten about this book for years, but then it suddenly came rushing back to me a few minutes ago, because, while it's totally presented as humor: it was kind of T Vtropes Reply
  • 3 Feb 11th, 2018 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 11th Feb, 2018 07:51:35 PM
    Should we recreate this page? The book itself is more like a historical curiosity than a classic in Iraqi literature since it was written by Saddam Hussein (under the not so clever pen name of S. Hussein). Reply

      ...how does being an author not make someone a dictator?

      There is nothing stopping you but your sentence in this query is a bit hard to understand, you might want get some help in this thread

      edit since the op has edited their post, this made sense in context

      1) That is not a Pen Name.

      2) There Is No Such Thing as Notability

      3) Does the work exist, and can we collect three or more tropes from it?

      It exists. It's available for sale. The two synopsis I read sound rather Mary Sue-ish, so anyone who makes the page should probably be prepared for cringing. (/humor)
  • 8 Jan 25th, 2018 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 26th Jan, 2018 06:36:09 AM
    A page exists for a series of books. Also, individual work pages exist for most (but not all) of the books in the series. The series grows fairly long, reaching double digits.

    How does one index the works in the series, either on main pages like Literature of the 2000s or genre sub-pages like Historical Fiction Literature? List the overall work page and then all the individual works after it? (Character Series, Character Book 1, Character Book 2, Character Book 3, etc). Or list every work the way it should go alphabetically on the index? Reply

      Looking at series on that page, we start with the top entry, and the sub entries below it.

      The main entry in question is the Erast Fandorin series.

      So to make sure I understand correctly, on any index, I should put the main entry under E, and the individual novels under that.

      ...and so on, with the understanding that only novels from a particular decade would go on the index for that decade.


      As the person who created almost all of the Literature of the XXXX pages (and hand-populated them over the course of several weeks), I was torn about that, and finally decided to do it the way most of the literature-of-genre pages did it. But reflecting back, I think I may have made a mistake. It makes sense for literature-of-genre, since all the books in a series will be the same genre, but, as you note, they may not all be the same decade...

      To put it another way: the reason we do it that way now is because one person (me) was lazy, and I'm willing to admit it may not have been the best approach.

      This might be a topic for the Wiki Talk forum.

      The thing is, if you do that, all the indexes below are going to be the same. This particular series can be indexed in Russian Literature, Mystery Fiction, Detective Fiction, and Historical Fiction Literature, as well as the master index for fiction by decade. Pretty much the only thing that would change as one clicks through the books is when you switch from one decade to the next. So you'll see the same books on every index. Is that desirable?

      I'm not sure I understand why all of the works in Russian Literature are also going to be in Mystery Fiction, or vise-versa.

      ^All the books in this series will. So you go to any work page for one of these books, and you'll see like five indexes, and they'll all show The Winter Queen...The Turkish Gambit...Murder on the Leviathan...

      Yes, that is desirable.
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    On Space Whale:

    • Cassie could be called this, or the air whale variant, albeit briefly, in at least two Animorphs books, although perhaps it's more of a falling whale...

    I smell shoehorning, but I'm not familiar with the series. Am I correct? Reply
  • 5 Jan 16th, 2018 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 17th Jan, 2018 12:20:19 AM
    I have a story that I am planning on making a page for. I currently have drafts of the first five chapters on deviantart, but things in them are subject to change in the final product. I ask if I should put it in the Darth Wiki because of this, or if it is okay to post it as part of the main site while acknowledging the posted chapters are not the final versions? Reply

      We require that unpublished works be put in Darth Wiki. Once your story is actually published it can get a page on the regular wiki.

      I'd also recommend that you review The Fic May Be Yours, But The Trope Page Is Ours to clarify the wiki's position on creators participating in troping.

      Thanks for the link. Still the point is that with the five chapters i have on deviantart as drafts, is it considered published or not?

      It can go on the regular wiki if you ‘’only’’ trope what’s on Deviantart. If you trope parts of it that aren’t available to be read by the public, it belongs on Darth Wiki.

      So I can essentially have both an official tvtropes literature page and a Darth Wiki page... Good to know. Thanks to both of you.

      For the same work? No, I think it should be in one place only.
  • 8 Jan 15th, 2018 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2018 03:52:46 PM
    cookingwithwildgame's page name doesn't use wikiwords. How can this be changed? Reply

      The page will need to be cut and remade.

      Copy the contents to a sandbox page. Cutlist the page (explain what you're doing). Then after the cut, remake the page.

      Does the same apply to it's attached character page?

      Yeah. Same process.

      OK, thanks.

      Did you copy the content on the page? The cutlist will wipe out the content (and the history), so you'll have to remake the page from scratch.

      Yes, both of them are preserved.

      Good to cut this, then?

      Works page is fixed, characters page is not cut yet.
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    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2018 08:50:29 AM
    ftl-capable Space whale/living ship/alien species female protagonist merging consciousness with whaleshipalien (too long for title)

    Sooo I've been through many of your tropes that rang with what I'm looking for. The only one I haven't found (that's in the title) is the merging cousciousness. Looking for the book for a friend, but I'll definitely read it myself when I get the title, because it sounds pretty awesome.

    So then the somewhat vague description I have is:

    A book about a girl and a strange alien species that are ftl capable. Humans ride the alien species by entering them and merging their consciousness. In the end the girl completely lets go of her consciousness and becomes one with her spacewhale. Yes, so I spoiled it for me too. The human society doesn't know of the transformations pilots undergo and it was found catalogued under juvenile/childrens book in a library.

    Well it's vague, but thanks for hearing me out. If you have any clarifying questions, please tell me and I'll pass them on. My friend read the book when she was young, so maybe the answers won't be as clear as you are hoping for. Reply

      Please ask about works in You Know That Show. :) It applies to all works.

      Wait a minute... damn damn damn. I think I know exactly what work it is, but I can't remember the title either!

      I have, thanks and apologies :-) in the seconds after I posted, my mind caught up with me and pointed it out. So can/should I remove the post? And if you would come up with the title, there's some eternal gratefulness in it ^^
  • 15 Jan 13th, 2018 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Jan, 2018 07:37:52 PM
    Can we?

    I was thinking about making a work page for the Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, still regarded as the best book ever written by an American president. But I am not sure if a memoir is subject to troping. Reply

      I wouldn't think so, but I'd like a mod's opinion.

      Probably not. Memoirs are (presumably) nonfiction, so it would be problematic vis-a-vis the "troping real people" issue.

      That's pretty much just real life stuff. There's barely any information about their lives we even put on their actor page, and this goes well beyond that.

      All righty then.

      There's still writing tropes, and choices of what to include and what not to include that affect the narrative. As long as you're aware of the issues (and you must be or you wouldn't have asked), I'd think you could probably do it. Though it might require a little extra effort.

      Pretty sure there are some memoirs or at least similar works already troped, actually.

      It's classified as creative nonfiction so I see no reason for it to not be tropeable. It is not "troping real life persons" so much as it is troping RL public personas. If they were offended by the tropes in their memoir then they wouldn't have written it.

      Make sure to trope the memoir itself and not the events described in it.

      We trope documentaries; I think this would be sort of the same thing. There's a list at Documentary.

      There will still be at least narrative tropes, since it's telling a story about something that happened, instead of being a live record of the thing as it happened.

      Memoirs are heavily personal. An event described in a memoir is not the same as an event described in a newspaper even when it's the same historical event. This is basic memoir writing: you leave information out when that info distracts from your message. Thus, not RL per se.

      This is contrasted with autobiographies, where the information is piled on (in order to justify decisions the writer had made).

      Memoirs may - and perhaps should - be non-fiction, but they're still supposed to be literature, and are usually subjective. So they will use tropes and literary devices.

      Memoirs also tend to be subjective and sometimes more fictional than they purport to be: they show us somebody's public persona rather than their true self.

      I'd say memoirs can be troped as long as you're careful to trope the work and not the real person behind it. For example, if the memoirs of a retired general describe how heroic his actions were, you can give examples of how the author is applying hero tropes to himself, as long as you keep this apart from the general actually being those tropes (which may of course be true, but would be troping a real person).

      EDITED: I don't mean to imply that Grant (who is probably more famous as a general than as the 18th president) was applying heroic tropes to himself - I haven't read his memoirs and don't know if that's a fact or not.

      Memoirs can still be troped. Compressing someone's career into a book is always going to entail some fictionalization and storytelling.

      Yes, please do! More great literature is needed on Tv T.

      ^^^It's actually quite the mixture with Grant. He admits that he had to write the memoir because he was swindled out of all his money; he admits making a tragic mistake when ordering the frontal assault that led to a horrific bloodbath at Cold Harbor. He does not however say much of anything about the drinking that led to his quitting the Army.

      It's a remarkable book. Dunno if I will make a work page, other stuff to do, but it's good to know that I can.

      He was also dying of cancer when he wrote it, so being explicitly honest wouldn't come back to bite him much.

      I think this can be locked.
  • 1 Jan 3rd, 2018 at 10:10PM
    Lastest Reply: 4th Jan, 2018 12:41:24 AM
    There is a novel in the After The End literature section called The One which has a small amount of detail on the plot but no information on the Author or any means to find out more on it. Any reason for this? Reply

      Presumably the person who added the entry didn't think to add that info.
  • 1 Jan 1st, 2018 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 1st Jan, 2018 10:16:32 PM
    It seems pretty unnecessary for Tsuyokute New Saga to have two main pages for Light Novel and Manga. Wouldn't it be better off to just have these combined? Reply

      If the two works are not sufficiently different, then yes. I think the priority goes to whichever was the original form, so if the light novel came first keep it as light novel and either cut the manga page or make it a redirect. If the manga called first, flip the directions accordingly.
  • 2 Dec 29th, 2017 at 10:10PM
    Lastest Reply: 30th Dec, 2017 01:53:12 AM
    Should a mystery novel that could go in the Mystery Literature index also go in a larger general index like Literature of the 2010s? Reply

      Yes. More indexing is always good. (Well, as long as they're relevant.)

  • 5 Dec 27th, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 27th Dec, 2017 03:49:47 PM
    Are we allowed to create pages for internet literature works, like original Wattpad books and etc? Reply

      Yes, though I'm not certain what namespace they'd be in.

      Oh... So this doesn't fit in normal literature? Someone create Web Literature PLEASE

      I checked- according to the Web Serial Novel page (which looks like what you're talking about), they do go in the Literature namespace : ) .


      Keep in mind that examples for such works go in Literature, not Web Original. I remember there being some trouble with Worm in that regard.
  • 1 Dec 22nd, 2017 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 22nd Dec, 2017 09:56:36 PM
    I want to try to turn it into a manga at some point as I like the way the story is headed. I want to know what category of manga it would fall under. Here is the summary:

    There are four main characters that are followed closely. They are best friends. The story takes place in the 26th century, a planet and star join the solar system as a binary set of solar systems, the lone planet is colonized and given "edenic" conditions, people live over 300 years now on the planet. There is incredibly complex technology, cryostasis, multi solar system humanity splitting into empires.

    -The 1st MC, he is a Chaste and Idiot Hero, becomes a Master of the Mixed Message, Oblivious to Love and one who falls victim to the Dulcinea Effect. He also develops an Unwanted Harem. -The 2nd MC, she is a Tsundere because of a bad childhood, she will turn slightly Yandere after getting with 1st MC also from bad childhood, she becomes an Action Girl by the third book. -The 3rd MC, he is a child genius, he is crafty and witty, he becomes the Token Evil Teammate by the second book, and he is a More Dakka type of problem solver. He runs into a very Moe character in the third book who is an Action Girl, still don't know what I'll do with her. -The 4th MC, also a child genius, very thorough planner, inventor, and is Blessed With Suck, causing Contrived Coincidences to happen to the inseparable 4 M Cs. -A 5th MC is introduced, he is an evil man who has a Hidden Heart of Gold, he has a Heel-Face-Turn in second book, becomes the Anti-Hero by the end of second book, and considers Even Evil Has Standards, being a bad guy fighting like a bad guy for the good guys.

    The 4 M Cs are revealed in a 4th novel, to be made before the second novel, the prologue book, to have built a space worthy ship and flown into an anomaly that stranded them on an enemy empire's planet where they serve to build ships and weaponry for them. The 1st, 3rd and 4th M Cs, the boys, they create an intelligent AI companion that stays with them all the way, giving them scares along the way by sacrificing her bodies multiple times, making the M Cs believe her to have been destroyed. In the first novel they escape eventually after being able to confide in a high ranking commander of their army forces, but not after 2nd MC has a character breakdown, an out of her control tsundere rampage where she tries to literally kill the 1st MC with a giant war mech. She almost dies, and the first two M Cs have a romantic moment after she tries to commit suicide by the end of her character breakdown.

    I hope someone understood the spiel I put out, and I know I am new here, but I'd really like for someone to help me categorize the three books and their genres and types. I'm new to manga, anime, and novel writing. Any help is appreciated greatly :D Reply
  • 2 Dec 18th, 2017 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 18th Dec, 2017 03:22:09 PM
    So Yen Press just released the English translations of the Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? light novel and its manga adaptation, and they titled both "So I'm A Spider, So What?". Since it can be presumed that this is the official title of the series as a whole in English-speaking countries, and Kadokawa mutually agreed on that name being used for any other potential further English media releases, I propose renaming the article to Yen Press's English name, with the romanized Japanese name (currently in use by this wiki) being used as a redirect, just to make things easier on new English readers.

    If there are any agreements or objections, let me know. Reply

      That's usually the rule that if there is an official term for English speaking release, we go with that. Though, some pages havent fallow suite.

      That's because no one's done the work.

      When moving the pages, you'll have to manually move all the pages; just remember to copy, not cut, the content when moving it.
  • 4 Dec 16th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Dec, 2017 05:28:26 PM
    Need a revert on Characters.The Stormlight Archive Alethkar. Data vampires ate the page when someone tried to edit from his phone. Reply


      Sent a PM to the person who attempted to add a trope to the page, stating it's been reverted and that maybe he should drop by here. May readd his example once I figure out where it goes.

      Hey, it's the idiot who messed up the character page. Thanks for the revert, Fighteer!

      You put the entry back as well. OK.

  • 4 Dec 14th, 2017 at 12:12AM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Dec, 2017 01:42:24 AM
    I was looking at a fanfic page for South Of Oz and noticed it provides the page quote for Cue the Flying Pigs. Upon checking said page out I noticed said quote has a spoiler tag in it and the troper who replaced the original quote curates the Oz page pretty faithfully.

    The original quote was:

    "Holy crap!! They TALKED! They actually TALKED! The Apocalypse has finally begun! Pigs are learning how to fly! Satan is skating his way to work, and I'm pretty sure that I just became a monkey's uncle!"
    The Nostalgia Critic, upon hearing Tom and Jerry talking during his review of their Big Damn Movie.

    The new quote is:

    Ozma: Did any pigs fly when you came back?
    West: No, Suprisingly enough.
    South Of Oz, when West and Glinda safely freed their mother from Isolation Island.

    Is it kosher to change a page quote without asking? Reply

      I dont think so. But Im not a mod so....

      The General Page Quote Discussion tread would be the best place to bring this up.

      That's using spoiler markup in the "description" part (the part above the example list) of a page, which IIRC is a no-no. Even leaving that, and the one-sidedly changing of a page, aside: the Nostalgia Critic quote seemed to better illustrate it, really. The South of Oz one is dull. Vote to revert.

      Anyone can change page quotes. If there is disagreement the aforementioned Quotes thread is where to settle it.