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Welcome to my page! I've been visiting TV Tropes since 2009, thanks to Sonichu of all things. I'm pretty much an addict here. Some tropes that apply to me:

In terms of franchises that I'm a fan of?

I also contribute a lot to the Trope Pantheon. Here's my workshop. To adopt things or find stuff with writer's block, go here. Down below, a list of all I've given

Pantheon work

  • Houses I contributed to: Ambiguity(3), Beast(11), Betrayal(4), Celebration(3), Combat(5), Commerce(8), Costumes(8), Craft(5), Crime(8), Emotion(12), Faith(7), Family(11), Food(7), Friendship(2), Gaming(7), Hatred(7), Health and Diseases(6), Heroes(10), Justice(6), Knowledge(6), Leadership(7), Life And Death(10), Love(12), Luck and Fortune(3), Magic(7), Mentalism(7), Music(5), Nature(17), Narrative(22), Otherness(23), Personal Appearance(16), Personality(11), Philosophy(6), Popularity(7), Power(9), Profession(6), Prophecy(3), Royalty(4), Quirks(7), School(6), Science(5), Shape(6), Slaughter(7), Technology(7), Theater(3), Time And Space(11), Travel(6), Vengeance(2), Villains(15), War(5), Weapons(7)
  • Franchises I've done: 8-Bit Theater(2), ASOIAF(15), Atlus(7), Avatar(3), Baccano(3), Back to the Future(4), Berserk(4), Cartoon Network(17), Cthulhu Mythos(2), DC Comics(28), Death Note(3), Despicable Me(2), Disney(13), Doctor Who(12), Dragonball(13), Dreamworks(3), Fnaf(2), Fullmetal Alchemist(9), Futurama(9), Gainax(4), Harry Potter(5), Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(10), MacFarlane(3), The Matrix(2), Marvel(11), Mega Man(17), Nickelodeon(18), Pokemon(35), Rayman(2), Sin City(4), SCP Foundation(9), Sonic the Hedgehog(2), South Park(3), Spyro the Dragon(2), Star Wars(7), Sunshine(2), Terminator(4), The Simpsons(7), Tolkein's Works(4), Yu-Gi-Oh(7), Mythology(10), Real Life(8), Other(20)
  • God list: 330 original, 15 adopted, 39 reworks, 10 restorations, 3 elevations, 18 Dominions, 17 Treasures, 59 sub-houses
  • Ideas: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (came up with it), the Law Reformation (contributed to)

Sub-Houses created:

Gods I've made