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Greater Gods

Bowser, God of Evil Reptilians and Princess-Kidnapping Dragons (King Bowser Koopa, King of the Koopas, Big-Bow)
  • Theme Song: King Bowser Koopa (Final Boss Theme) from Super Mario Bros. 3. Alternatively, Bowser's Road from Super Mario 64.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Spiky Shell, or the Koopa Troop Insignia, a stylized version of his head
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Veteran Villain, Unstoppable Tenacity, Kings That Are Powerful in a Fight, Turtle-like Dragon, All-Powerful Fists, Nigh-Impenetrable Shell, Giant Monster, Blitzkrieg Mobbings, Hijacked By Bowser Evil Reptilian Creatures, Dinosaurs (Dragons?), Villainy as a Side Job, Fiery Breath, The Dreaded Clown Copter, Diminishing Villain Threats Then Coming Back and Kicking Butts.
  • Domains: Scalykind, Bestial, Dragon, Fire, Strength.
  • Allies: Bowser Jr., King Boo, The Koopalings, Ganondorf, King K. Rool, Dr. Eggman
  • Opposed By: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Antasma
  • Friendly Enemies: Wii Fit Trainer
  • Followers: His minions, of course, especially the Koopas in his army.
  • Bowser is forever opposed to Mario, but at the same time, realizes that without him as an arch-nemesis, he'd be out of a job, as there isn't much of a market for kidnapping princesses anymore.
    • He has attempted to create a chain of hotels, but could not help but kidnap the princess while doing so. Granted, it wasn't exactly the Mario Bros. who came to the rescue, but Fat Mario and Gay Luigi. He has not acknowledged the events since.
  • Bowser's induction in the House of Villains has been an utter roller coaster in and of itself. The King of Koopas was always a viable candidate for a seat, the opinion torn over whether he would serve as an asset or a liability. While his ferocious temperament was appealing, his bumbling tendencies turned others away from the notion.
    • Upon Bowser's induction into the Beast house, the higherups and more influential of the Villain Pantheon decided to put him under observation. Due to the ways his actions always tipped the scales over the events of the Mario & Luigi titles, they came to notice something: Bowser was insanely powerful on his own. Come Fawful's takeover, Bowser's true potential was shown for all to see—however, as he'd unwittingly had assistance from the Mario Bros., it was settled that the case could not contribute to his nature as a villain.
    • Come Bowser's sudden blitzkrieg on his home universe, more began to stand and take notice. With a sudden attack and a pinch of ruthlessness, Bowser had nearly brought society to its knees on a galactic scale. The end result went even further, in that his actions resulted in a black hole that consumed the universe before a last-ditch attempt from the Lumas of the Comet Observatory revived it. While it was noted this had not been his intent, the simple fact he was so readily capable of such destruction under the right circumstances was astonishing within itself.
    • Bowser's final accomplishment that earned his entry was due to the events of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. While at first it seemed Bowser would end up being used once again, an astounding event occurred: Bowser kicked the Bat King Antasma to the curb, declared he'd simply been awaiting the right time to take full control, and left him to the mercy of the Mario Bros. This cold-blooded act of ruthless objectivity was on the level of even the likes of Ganondorf, and so Bowser was finally contacted to be inducted into the villainy pantheon. Bowser even refused at first, restating he's not a fan of being a team player, which even more enticed his addition. Eventually, he finally cooperated, and gained his second position among the divinities.
  • His castle is sometimes left unlocked by his minions to his extreme agitation. This was furthered when one of them dropped the keys and it was picked up by Klefki. Klefki's attempts to trick him into defeating himself as others had done by using swagger didn't work. Bowser's attempts to take greater care of his keys have still failed though.
  • Bowser quickly made contact with both Dr. Eggman and Ganondorf once he'd been added, forming alliances between the two of them. While he and Ganondorf openly have made clear they both expect the other to be planning to stab them in the back, his interactions with the mad scientist in past Olympic events have led theirs to be a much more friendly partnership.
    • That isn't to say however that their partnership was without its complications. During one GUAE joint operation with Eggman to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, the first time they worked together (without Ganondorf), the mad scientist made the mistake of taking command from the Koopa King. Given his personal vendetta with the realm, Bowser wasn't all too happy with this and the two exchanged blows. Bowser came out on top, and dropkicked the doctor (and his mech) skyward for good measure. Eggman made sure to "stay at the backseat" next time.
    • The two have been known to often arrange playdates between Bowser Jr. and Metal Sonic, who for some reason get along remarkably well. This has led to many incinerated ice cream stores and destroyed playgrounds.
  • He's pretty grateful to the Wii Fit Trainer for helping whip him into shape for the fourth Smash Bros. Tournament.
  • Though King K. Rool is his ally, the Kremling monarch contests Bowser's seat and would claim it for his own if he ever got the chance. However, his power is so inferior to Bowser's that the Koopa King doesn't even recognize him as a threat. The on-and-off alliance of Donkey Kong and Mario usually results in K. Rool putting aside his ambitions to Bowser's seat to work with him to eradicate their respective archenemies first.
  • Upon learning of Bowser's retaining of the abilitiess the Mario Bros. released in his body, including growing gigantic under his own sheer might, it was decided he should be tested to discover just what the ceiling on his power is. Natural titan Hades stepped up to the bat, and the two engaged in a battle in the Underworld. However, when the tide turned against Bowser, Kamek was called to his side, resulting in an astonishing revelation: Giant Bowser's already-huge form itself could be made giant. The now Giant-Giant Bowser promptly punched the God of the Underworld through a mountain, causing Melkor to intervene. He forced their bout to end a draw, not wishing to attract attentions outside the Villain House.
  • Samuel L. Jackson once visited his House, but got appalled and never visited it again because he has had it with those muthafuckin' snakes in Bowser's muthafuckin' house. They still maintain a decent relationship, though.
  • He once sang this.
  • He once stated that Bowser Land was the happiest place on earth. Some villainous Gods do agree with this.
    • That turned out to be something started by The Runaway Guys. Not only that, they really hate Bowser Communism.
  • Previously used his Dry Bowser form to great effect in battle against the GUAG, until he made the mistake of going up against Faust VIII, who succeeded in not only controlling his Dry Bones troops but also himself as well. It took the combined efforts of several high-ranking members of the GUAE to wrestle control of Dry Bowser from Faust VIII and revert him to his mortal form to bring him back.
  • With Princess Peach in the Pantheon, Bowser's been up and running trying to capture her. Again. Luckily (or unluckily, from Bowser's perspective), Peach has gained some allies of her own, so it's made being captured by him a bit more difficult.
  • Bowser's Temple is his castle. And no, he'd like to remind certain people, it is NOT a Neon Castle or a Coney Island Disco Palace.
  • Being a proud father himself, Bowser opposes the Child Abuse Supporters, declaring war on them. While he supports the rest of the House of Family, he's still angry at them for having the Huckebein be the Gods of Evil Families.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Villains.

Sobek, God of Crocodiles (Sebek, Sochet, Sobk, Sobki, Suchos, God of the Nile)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A set of Crocodile jaws.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ruler of the Crocodiles, Not-So-Bad Vicious Gods, Super Thick Skin, River Control, Care For His Animal Deities, Wielding Axes If He Needs To Walk With Two Feet, Stone Wall.
  • Domains: Beasts, Reptiles, Water, Death.
  • Allies: Anubis, Steve Irwin, Inori Yamabuki. Also, he has tolerated Zeus, Hercules, Thor, Osiris, Guan Yu, Aphrodite, but he wouldn't call them true allies.
  • Enemies: Anyone who disses the Nile River. And Poachers. And Saxton Hale. And Big Boss
  • Feared by: Moses
  • Followers: Renekton, The Crocodile of Neverland
  • High Priest: Gustave
  • His avatar Gustave made it to the Pantheon and kept his throne warm (or was it cold like his blood?). Until at one point, Gustave was seen scaring off Inori Yamabuki. In an instant, Sobek arrived and calmed Gustave down and apologized to Buki, promising that it won't happen again. Actually, for all his dark vibes, Gustave obeyed Sobek and returned to the river. The Crocodile God then gave Buki his thanks for protecting his other crocs rather than making boots and bags out of them.
    • Ever since, Sobek has included Gustave amongst the crocs that magically appear whenever he creates a body of mobile water on the ground to swim around and disrupting and destroying those who piss him off.
  • There's a lot of rumors going on about Sobek's true nature, at least Gustave could be considered as straight-up evil. Did Sobek make the Nile river out of his sweats? Is he something like Hades to the underworld, making the Nile river something like the river of Styx? Or is he exactly like how Gustave acted, a vicious croc that ravages anyone that came to his sight? The answer is he's all of them and none. At the core, Sobek owes his allegiance to no one, just interested in maintaining his domain. Woe betide anyone who tries to get in the way of that.
  • He was once invited to a musical by King Gator. Sobek just watched and then walked away, saying that the music fits his job at least: pointless.
    • During that same visit to the House of Theater, he ran into one of his former followers, King K. Rool. Sobek isn't entirely sure what to make of the king or his apparent hatred of the Kongs.
  • Unlike his previous avatar, Sobek has high respects on Steve Irwin. The dude may wrestle with his crocs a lot, but it's always on a good nature. Hell, after his 'ascension', Sobek lets Steve wrestle with him occasionally. He even later pays tribute by donning his clothes and then learning some Australian accent to honor him.
  • Sobek is no part of the Deep Blue Trio, in particular, the rivers. However, he still lets Gustave resume that role.
  • His participation in the Battlefield of the Gods has certainly done wonders about letting the world know just how god-damn tough his skin is. He always took most of his followers for a swim whenever he was about to strike one poor schmuck and make a lot of disruptions. The only one not included on the pool would be Renekton because Sobek specifically sent him to Runeterra to spread his teaching.
    • Thanks to the information gotten from Renekton, Sobek occasionally visits upon some deities from Runeterra, like Miss Fortune (although that got him shot a bit because he dressed up as a pirate, and she doesn't like pirates). After a few exchanges, Sobek could be seen on the seas, whenever Miss Fortune teamed up with Jack Sparrow and kicked Gangplank to the sea, Sobek would chase him like his follower the Neverland Crocodile.
    • Though that ended when Sobek received a challenge to enter Gangplank's ship the Dead Pool for a mortal battle, and found out that Gangplank not only has already battled Kunkka, he just beckons Sobek to fight him 2 on 1. Surprisingly the man puts up a big fight, maybe as his pent up anger. However, the two suddenly booted out of battle and shortly after, Gangplank's ship was sank by Miss Fortune's cannon. If anything Sobek is going to remember the days he chased the pirate on seas.

Intermediate Gods

    Ninja Turtles 
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangelo, Gods of Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Heroes In a Half-Shell)

    Orochi (Senran Kagura
Orochi, Deity of Sinister Serpents
  • Intermediate Deity (Greater Deity as True Orochi)
  • Symbol: A giant serpent head which has faces on its throat or the wheels held by True Orochi's hair
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Based on The Mythological Demon Serpent, Eldritch Abomination/Eldritch Location/Humanoid Abomination, Born from the Hate, Jealousy and Despair of Others, Craploads of Katanas, Womb Levels, Demonic Corruption, Bishonen Line, Beam Spam, Multi-Armed and Dangerous
  • Domains: Locations, Evil, Corruption, Snakes
  • Allies: Mikami, King Ghidorah, The Other Orochi, Jedah Dohma, Chibiki
  • Enemies: Almost every one from Senran Kagura universe in the Pantheon (especially Asuka and Homura), Kyurem
  • Orochi, named such due of its resemblance to the legendary Yamata no Orochi, is a yoma who has supposedly existed for centuries, resting for centuries within the castle where the Hebijo Academy of Serpent Girls was located. It was resurrected by Dougen, using the blood of the countless Hebijo students who have died, and fuelled by their hatred and jealousy.
  • While Orochi is horrifying (yet surprisingly small) from the outside, wait until you see its insides.. It is like a ruined temple embedded in flesh, with its "inhabitants" being shinobi made out of its blood. Those inside it will be corrupted, turning them into black and red versions of themselves and adopting their most spiteful and hate-filled mindset possible.
    • Further research support that even if Orochi cannot corrupt someone, it can simply create "Scarlet" versions of the gods to fight the real one instead.
  • To put it simply, almost every one from its universe opposes it. Even though it is kept sterilized so it cannot go rampant, Asuka and Homura want to see it dead. And the others are there to support them.
  • Was once just an aspect of the other Orochi until it was separated from him for unknown reasons. No one wants to admit they did it in the fear that they are going to get skewered by Homura, alongside other things.
    • Some gods suggest that Orochi was brought here by Junko Enoshima as a payback forwards Haruka. Besides, she thinks that having it around would be beneficial if the situation requires it.
  • Orochi used to be called the "(Un)holy Bearer of Womb Levels" in Dominions, but the wandering state and the fact that other yoma started appearing around Orochi made it really hard to contain. So it was moved here. It was an oddball regarding Dominions, anyway.
    • Even now, Jedah seems to think that Orochi might be a perfect vassal to bear the new god to create the perfect world.
  • Being that Orochi is the first snake deity in the House of Beast (second overall due of the OTHER Orochi), Samuel J. Jackson had a reaction which you can guess already.
  • Chibiki somehow managed to take Orochi. No one is sure how she managed to do that. However, she can simply summon Orochi and has only minimal control over it.
  • Believe or not, Orochi here is due of a result of an incomplete summoning note , explaining why it looks like it might fall down at any given moment. There exists one version what looks more properly snake-like, meaning that either that is Orochi's true form and the form it takes here is just it trying to gain a physical form, or that isn't even Orochi's true form.
    • As it turned out, that version wasn't Orochi's true form. Dougen eventually was able to summon True Orochi, taking a form of a multi-armed and legged giant woman with tremendous power, with power to practically rain lasers from the skies. While Asuka and Homura were able to stop the beast, and it was finished off by Kagura, the threat it possesses has made many deities cautious of True Orochi.
    • This is probably why Kyurem doesn't look highly on Orochi; while Kyurem knows what it feels like being "incomplete", Orochi is nothing more than destructive force practically struggling to validate its summoning.
  • Most gods want to call Orochi "it". While Orochi has breasts and a feminine figure, that just makes it worse.
    • Some might argue that Orochi is more of a reptile than a serpent due of having limbs, but most people think Orochi is more like a serpent with a human torso and limbs than anything else.
  • In a plan called "Orochi Rising", it almost manifested in the Cyberspace as a digital entity composed of multiple bots which were to spread chaos and conflict across the Internet and social media in order to create the ultimate program capable of plunging the entire world into chaos through manipulation of human's feelings. However, the "digital youma Generals" were stopped before the digital Orochi would manifest fully (mainly as 5th Seat was too busy messing with Katsuragi's Twitter account) and it was deleted.

Lesser Gods

Charizard, God of Fiery Reptiles (The Flame Pokémon, Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, Blazing Fury)