Pantheon: Reptiles

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Greater Gods

Bowser, God of Evil Reptilians and Princess-Kidnapping Dragons (King Bowser Koopa, King of the Koopas)

Intermediate Gods

    Ninja Turtles 
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangelo, Gods of Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Heroes In a Half-Shell)

    Orochi (Senran Kagura
Orochi, Deity of Sinister Serpents
  • Intermediate Deity (Greater Deity as True Orochi)
  • Symbol: A giant serpent head which has faces on its throat or the wheels held by True Orochi's hair
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Based on The Mythological Demon Serpent, Eldritch Abomination/Eldritch Location/Humanoid Abomination, Born from the Hate, Jealousy and Despair of Others, Craploads of Katanas, Womb Levels, Demonic Corruption, Bishonen Line, Beam Spam, Multi-Armed and Dangerous
  • Domains: Locations, Evil, Corruption, Snakes
  • Allies: King Ghidorah, The Other Orochi, Jedah Dohma, Chibiki
  • Enemies: Almost every one from Senran Kagura universe in the Pantheon (especially Asuka and Homura), Kyurem
  • Just how evil Orochi is? Aside of being named after the mythical serpent, Orochi is a yoma, born from the born from the despair of dead Hebijo Academy students, who seeks to kill and destroy everything.
  • While Orochi is horrifying (yet surprisingly small) from the outside, wait until you see its insides.. It is like a ruined temple embedded in flesh, with its "inhabitants" being shinobi made out of its blood. Those inside it will be corrupted, turning them into black and red versions of themselves and adopting their most spiteful and hate-filled mindset possible.
    • Further research support that even if Orochi cannot corrupt someone, it can simply create "Scarlet" versions of the gods to fight the real one instead.
  • To put it simply, almost every one from its universe opposes it. Even though it is kept sterilized so it cannot go rampant, Asuka and Homura want to see it dead. And the others are there to support them.
  • Was once just an aspect of the other Orochi until it was separated from him for unknown reasons. No one wants to admit they did it in the fear that they are going to get skewered by Homura, alongside other things.
    • Some gods suggest that Orochi was brought here by Junko Enoshima as a payback forwards Haruka. Besides, she thinks that having it around would be beneficial if the situation requires it.
  • Orochi used to be called the "(Un)holy Bearer of Womb Levels" in Dominions, but the wandering state and the fact that other yoma started appearing around Orochi made it really hard to contain. So it was moved here. It was an oddball regarding Dominions, anyway.
    • Even now, Jedah seems to think that Orochi might be a perfect vassal to bear the new god to create the perfect world.
  • Being that Orochi is the first snake deity in the House of Beast (second overall due of the OTHER Orochi), Samuel J. Jackson had a reaction which you can guess already.
  • Chibiki somehow managed to take Orochi. No one is sure how she managed to do that. However, she can simply summon Orochi and has only minimal control over it.
  • Believe or not, Orochi here is due of a result of an incomplete summoning note , explaining why it looks like it might fall down at any given moment. There exists one version what looks more properly snake-like, meaning that either that is Orochi's true form and the form it takes here is just it trying to gain a physical form, or that isn't even Orochi's true form.
    • As it turned out, that version wasn't Orochi's true form. Dougen eventually was able to summon True Orochi, taking a form of a multi-armed and legged giant woman with tremendous power, with power to practically rain lasers from the skies. While Asuka and Homura were able to stop the beast, and it was finished off by Kagura, the threat it possesses has made many deities cautious of True Orochi.
    • This is probably why Kyurem doesn't look highly on Orochi; while Kyurem knows what it feels like being "incomplete", Orochi is nothing more than destructive force practically struggling to validate its summoning.
  • Most gods want to call Orochi "it". While Orochi has breasts and a feminine figure, that just makes it worse.

Lesser Gods

Charizard, God of Fiery Reptiles (The Flame Pokemon, Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, Blazing Fury)