Pantheon: Reptiles

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Greater Gods

Bahamut, God of Dragons (Lord of the North Wind)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A blue shield with a white dragon's head (shown on the right)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Light 'em Up, Light Is Good, Kill It with Ice, Guile Hero, Mugging the Monster.
  • Domains: Dragons, Law, Good, Protection
  • Allies: Rydia, Lady Yuna, Alexstrasza, Ryu, Caro Ru Lushe and Silica
  • Enemies: Shinryu, Caius Ballad, Grima, Smaug, Acnologia, Tyrantrum.
  • All Dragons that exist in the multiverse were birthed from Bahamut's father Io, the original holder of his seat. Some, sadly, have taken to the path of evil. Bahamut is always on the watch for their actions and will take wing to combat them if they get out of control, but mostly leaves other beings to their own matters.
  • Melkor claims to have created dragons but they were really just corrupted versions of these dragons.
  • Bahamut governs his throne with several aides created by others in his image, including Paladine, another dragon named Bahamut, and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Seven golden dragons guard the entrance to his throne.
  • Upon learning of the Dovahkiin's ascension, he immediately arranged for a third party to very carefully explain he was not evil and had no intention of pissing said Dragonborn off. Thankfully, the Dovahkiin got the message and agreed to live and let live so far.
  • You do NOT want to be near him when his eyes are dark blue, as itís a warning sign that he's pissed off. Anyone who tries to provoke Bahamut in this state ends up as either a bloody smear on the floor, reduced to ash by his primary Breath Weapon, or a popsicle via his secondary Breath Weapon.
  • Very fond of polymorphing into something seemingly weak and defenseless to bait evil people into attacking him. It never ends well as the aggressor receives the wrath of eight (including himself) angry dragons as their reward.
  • One of his greatest rivals is Shinryu, Guardian of the Interdimensional Rift of the House of Nature. While Shinryu desires Bahamut's throne, the king believes Shinryu to be one of the most powerful evil dragons in the multiverse. It is said when the final battle of good and evil occurs, the skies will be torn asunder by lightning and fire as they battle for dominance of dragonkind.
  • Recently, he has found an ultimate enemy in the form of Grima, the God of Dracoliches, and considers himself to be his mortal enemy. While they havenít faced each other yet, the entire Pantheon fears the day the two finally fight.
  • Became fast friends with Alexstrasza as they had quite a lot in common.
  • Despite being allies with him, Bahamut has mixed feelings for Issei: he knows he's a really good person at heart, but is mortified by the fact that he's called the Chichiryuutei due to his perversion. Nonetheless, the two still remain good friends no matter what.
  • Has nothing but contempt for the self-proclaimed Dragon King Acnologia, seeing him as nothing more than an usurper who took it over the corpses of his fellow dragons, many of them innocent. This only increased when he learned that he Was Once a Man, which means he doesn't even have the honor of being among the dragons birthed from his father, Io. As such, Bahamut would have no objections to putting an end to the Black Dragon's rampages personally if he gets out of hand.
  • Those who prey upon the weak and defenseless are his Berserk Button, which is why he has joined with Alexstrasza to protect Madoka in the Pantheonic Rebellion. He has ordered all 5 of his dragon flights and his aides to the defense front while he and his retiune fight in the Deep Strike front.

Bowser, God of Evil Reptilians (King Bowser Koopa, King of the Koopas)

Godzilla, God of Kaiju and Desperate Decisions (King of the Monsters, Gojira, the Big G, )
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stylized "G" or a silhouette of himself (similar to King Ghidorah's symbol, below).
  • Alignment: Always chaotic, with the moral axis being heavily influenced Depending on the Writer. The latest incarnation (2014) is Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Kaijus, Breath Weapons, Dragons (Dinosaurs?), Sequels, Juggernauts, Radiation and its Evil.
  • Domains: Destruction, Fire, Radiation, Sequels, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Japan.
  • Followers: Gamera, the Cloverfield monster, Insectosaurus, the Kaiju of the Rift.
  • Clones: Too many.
    • Ascended: Tyranitar
  • Allies: (non-ascended) Anguirus, Mothra (sometimes)
  • Only rarely heeds the calls of Other Gods. Occasional attempts are made to seal or defeat him, but he always comes back. When he appears, destruction is imminent.
  • Odd Friendship: Korra
  • Rumoured to have many aliases, children or clones, going under names such as Terra Khan, that big honkin' fire breathin' lizard, and many more.
  • When Godzilla gets out of hand, Fluttershy reins him in with a scolding underscored by The Stare. She also does not punish him, but rather states that he just "made a bad decision". Godzilla tends to concede not because he's sorry, but because Flutters' scolding bores him to the point where he gets drowsy.
    • And if she were unavailable for some reason, King Kong is always willing to lend a hand (first changing size to even stand a chance, of course).
  • Once received an invitation to join the Toku Base as its mascot, but declined.
  • Wiz and Boomstick have announced that Godzilla will be featured in an upcoming Death Battle against an as-yet unannounced opponent. Everyone in the Pantheon looked in immense terror.
    • It later turns out that Gamera, one of his followers, will be his opponent in Death Battle. Everyone is ready to evacuate the area when the two will face each other.
      • When it finally came to be, everyone was sent far away from the Pantheon as they watched Godzilla and Gamera duke it out. The House of Commerce placed bets on who would win. The climatic end had Gozilla destroy Gamera with the Spiral Atomic Breath, and obliterating most of the Pantheon and leaving it a radioactive waste. Needless to say, Maxwell, Sackboy, Steve? and Emmet were working overtime to clear everything up.
  • Due to a string of recent events, the Kaiju has reentered people's minds, and faith to their patron god has increased on a drastic level. This sudden increase in belief to him has caused Godzilla to grow to even greater heights than before.

     Great A'Tuin 
Great A'Tuin, God(dess?) of Landmass-bearing Sea Creatures

    King Ghidorah 
King Ghidorah, God of Multi-Headed Beasts (Monster Zero, King Of Terror, Mecha-King Ghidorah, Yamato No Orochi.)

Sobek, God of Crocodiles (Sebek, Sochet, Sobk, Sobki, Suchos, God of the Nile)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A set of Crocodile jaws.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ruler of the Crocodiles, Not-So-Bad Vicious Gods, Super Thick Skin, River Control, Care For His Animal Deities, Wielding Axes If He Needs To Walk With Two Feet, Stone Wall.
  • Domains: Beasts, Reptiles, Water, Death.
  • Allies: Steve Irwin, Inori Yamabuki. Also, he has tolerated Zeus, Hercules, Thor, Guan Yu, Aphrodite, but he wouldn't call them true allies.
  • Enemies: Anyone who disses the Nile River. And Poachers. And Saxton Hale. And Big Boss
  • Followers: Renekton, The Crocodile of Neverland
  • High Priest: Gustave
  • His avatar Gustave made it to the Pantheon and kept his throne warm (or was it cold like his blood?). Until at one point, Gustave was seen scaring off Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine. In instant, Sobek arrived and calmed Gustave down and apologized to Buki, promising that it won't happen again. Actually, for all his dark vibes, Gustave obeyed Sobek and returned to the river. The Crocodile God then gave Buki his thanks for protecting his other crocs rather than making boots and bags out of them.
    • Ever since, Sobek has included Gustave amongst the crocs that magically appear whenever he creates a body of mobile water on ground to swim around and disrupting and destroying those who piss him off.
  • There's a lot of rumors going on about Sobek's true nature, at least Gustave could be considered as straight-up evil. Did Sobek made the Nile river out of his sweats? Is he something like Hades to the underworld, making the Nile river something like the river of Styx? Or is he exactly like how Gustave acted, a vicious croc that ravages anyone that came to his sight? The answer is he's all of them and none. At the core, Sobek owes his allegiance to no one, just interested in maintaining his domain. Woe betide anyone who tries to get in the way of that.
  • He was once invited to a musical by King Gator. Sobek just watched and then walked away, saying that the music fits his job at least: pointless.
    • During that same visit to the House of Theater, he ran into one of his former followers, King K. Rool. Sobek isn't entirely sure what to make of the king or his apparent hatred of the Kongs.
  • Unlike his previous avatar, Sobek has high respects on Steve Irwin. The dude may wrestle with his crocs a lot, but it's always on a good nature. Hell, after his 'ascension', Sobek lets Steve wrestle with him occasionally.
  • Sobek is no part of the Deep Blue Trio, in particular, the rivers. However, he still lets Gustave resume that role.
  • His participation in the Battlefield of the Gods has certainly done wonders about letting the world know just how god-damn tough his skin is. He always took most of his followers for a swim whenever he was about to strike one poor schmuck and make a lot of disruptions. The only one not included on the pool would be Renekton, because Sobek specifically sent him to Runeterra to spread his teaching.
    • Thanks to the information gotten from Renekton, Sobek occasionally visits upon some deities from Runeterra, like Miss Fortune (although that got him shot a bit because he dressed up as a pirate, and she doesn't like pirates). After a bit of exchanges, Sobek could be seen on the seas, whenever Miss Fortune teamed up with Jack Sparrow and kicked Gangplank to the sea, Sobek would chase him like his follower the Neverland Crocodile.

Intermediate Gods

    Ninja Turtles 
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangelo, Gods of Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes In a Half-Shell)

Spyro the Dragon, God of Unconventional Dragons
  • Theme Music: Insomniac Era Credits Theme
  • Intermediate God
  • Icon: A collection of orbs and dragon eggs along with a crystal dragon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Dragons, Reptiles, Elements
  • Portfolio: Cute asskickers, Purple Is Powerful, Kid Hero, Being powerful despite small size, Various elemental breaths, Averting Reptiles Are Abhorrent, Very Unpleasable Fanbases
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Many of his own fans
  • Spyro was ascended into the Pantheon when Polygon Man diverted a portal Spyro had taken to visit Dragon Shores to the Pantheon. Upon arriving, Polygon Man forced Spyro to fight Crash as the main event in Round 2 of Polygon Manís Battle Royale. Unfortunately for him, Crash and Spyro had been tricked into fighting each other once before by Cortex and Ripto, and they didnít fall for the same trick twice. They have vowed to put a stop to Polygon Manís scheme with the help of Sora, Lightning, Riku, Dante and the ascended competitors of the first Battle Royale.
  • Following the announcement of a new dragon in the Pantheon, many Gods were rather surprised at Spyro, since he didn't match the normal idea of a dragon, being small and purple. Spyro got a little uncomfortable and asked everyone to quit staring. Haven't they seen a dragon before?
  • Spyro had been quite content before his ascension, since he hadnít seen Moneybags lately. He wasnít pleased to find out that this was because Moneybags came to the Pantheon ahead of him, and was still up to his old tricks, charging for crossing bridges, opening doors and such.
  • While in the Pantheon, Spyro is capable of switching between his three incarnations, but he uses his original appearance most regularly, as his other two forms have proven to be more controversial.
  • Spyro has a great deal of respect for Bahamut, the God of Dragons, and is eager to please him.
  • Hermaeus Mora once sent Dovahkiin after Spyro, neglecting to tell the Dragonborn that Spyro was friendly. Spyro was able to stop Dovahkiin and explain that he was friendly before Dovahkiin could slay him. Dovahkiin apologised and plans on attacking Hermaeus Mora with Spyroís help.
  • While in his Legend incarnation, Spyro ran into Samwise Gamgee, who mistook Spyro for Frodo because his voice sounded similar. While Sam was initially disappointed, he and Spyro soon became friends, and Spyro has promised to help find a position in the Pantheon for Frodo.
  • Seto Kaiba was told about Spyroís surprising strength for his size and age, but he simply laughed and couldnít believe that the purple pipsqueak could stand up to the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Spyro will be more than happy to prove Seto wrong should he get the chance.
  • Spyro is rather annoyed at evil dragons, as they give the whole species a bad reputation. He also dislikes those who use dragons for evil, like Nobunaga, who took over the Ransei region with a Rayquaza. Spyro hasn't been told yet that Nobunaga had a good reason for his actions.
    • Same goes for Maleficent turning herself into a giant dragon. Since she's the leader of the Disney villains, he's more than happy to beat her down whenever a Disney god or Sora asks him to.
  • Spyro initially thought N used his legendary dragon to commit evil acts as the leader of Team Plasma, but he later came to admire N for fighting in what he believed in. He apologised to N for judging him harshly, and his ire has since been transferred to Ghetsis, the true ruler of Team Plasma and Nís emotionally abusive father. Ghetsis once ordered his Hydreigon to attack Spyro and N, but Spyro was able to drive it off with his Dragon Kata and Ice Breath, both of which proved super effective on Hydreigon.
  • Spyro can occasionally be found in the House of Combat, practicing his Dragon Kata, and the House of Magic, practicing his various elemental breaths besides his flame breath. Dovahkiin is eager for Spyro to teach him the Words of Power so that he can perform Superflame and Electric Breath shouts.
  • Aang has shown an interest in Spyroís ability to use various elemental breaths. He never thought other worlds would have their own Avatars, and non-human ones at that!
  • Alexstrasza is very protective of Spyro, since he is a young dragon. Sometimes, she can be a little too overprotective for Spyro's tastes. He feels he can look after himself since he's defeated multiple villains on his adventures. However, he is careful not to say this aloud, as he knows Alexstrasza is just looking out for him, and that she also has a fiery temper, which he does not want to provoke. Then he found out from Bahamut that she has lost many of her own children in very painful circumstances.
  • Normally, Spyro can only glide since his wings aren't fully grown yet. However, when he competes in the Speedways in the House of Sports, he can fly fully. The Gods in the House of Knowledge are racking their brains for an explanation as to why this is the case.
  • Spyro has helped Samus battle Ridley because he wants to show her that not all dragons are evil like Ridley.
  • Spyro respects Paarthurnax as he was able to change his formerly evil ways.
  • Spyro has nothing but disgust for "Dragon King" Acnologia, believing him to be no better than Malefor at his worst. This only increased when he learned from others tales about him, including how he slaughtered innocent dragons for sport and how he despises and refuses to interact with humans despite once being one. Spyro willing forged friendships with non-dragons and is proud of it, and won't hesitate to join forces with them to fight him, despite their difference in power.

Tyranitar, Divine Representation of Those who Emulate Godzilla (The Armor Pokemon)

Lesser Gods

    Caro Ru Lushe and Silica 
Caro Ru Lushe and Keiko Ayano, Goddesses of Dragon Combat (Caro: Caro Lu Rushe, Caro Ru Lusie, Dragon Summoner), (Keiko: Silica, Beast Tamer, Dragon Master)

Kingdra, God of Seahorses that are Dragons (The Dragon Pokemon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A seahorse breathing fire
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unusual dragons, Seahorses Are Dragons, Attacks with water, Jack of All Stats, Moving fast and doing lots of damage
  • Domains: Dragons, Seahorses, Oceans
  • Allies: The house of Reptiles, Blooper, Ariel
  • Enemies: Tyrantrum, Any fire deities, but especially Adell and Natsu, Sicily
  • High Priest: Dragalge
  • Many ice gods who were familiar with Pokemon's type matchup were very confused to find that their attacks only do neutral damage to Kingdra instead of super effective damage.
  • Kingdra is thankful none of the Ice deities know Freeze Dry.
  • Kingdra has been asked if a female Kingdra is still a Kingdra.
  • Kingdra is good friends with the other gods of aquatic life such as Blooper and Ariel.
  • All fire deities avoid Kingdra like the plague since due to its typing, their attacks do next to no damage.
    • Due to his weakness to water and the fact that physical fire attacks won't do much damage to a Dragon/Water pokemon with decent physical defences note , Adell stays further away from Kingdra than Ragna and Mako stay away from the House of Ghosts. And that's not even mentioning that having Sniper makes makes Critical hits on top of super effective total damage done  makes Kingdra even more powerful.
      • And that's not even the most damage Kingdra can do with a single attack how to acheive maximum overkill 
    • Even Natsu avoids Kingdra even though his magic revolves around killing dragons.
  • Seahorses are a kind of fish. This particular detail is usually glossed over for unknown reasons.

    Riptor and Talon 
Riptor and Talon, Deities of Raptors (Riptor: The Dino Warrior with A Killer Instinct)

Sharptooth, God of Stock Dinosaurs
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A huge toothy jaw
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Stock Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex (we think), The Tears of Palaeontologists, Strangely Persistent Predators
  • Opposed by: Littlefoot, King Kong
  • Followers: Big Al, the T-rex
  • Allies: Tyrantrum
  • It is unknown how Sharptooth and Godzilla see each other, although the T-Rex seems wary of the giant mutant dinosaur. The first time he laid eyes on the King of the Monsters, Sharptooth was overwhelmed by just how BIG he was, and when he caught sight of Godzilla using his radioactive breath weapon, that didn't help. Godzilla doesn't seem to notice Sharptooth.
    • Inversely, it is VERY well-known how the God of Dinosaurs and King Kong feel about each other; when Sharptooth first tried to hunt the giant gorilla, he was made aware, the hard way, of what happened the last time a T-rex pissed him off. It was an entire month before he could eat without aid again.
  • Don't dare talk to him about Chomper, just don't. The survivors still have the tooth marks. (If you must know, Chomper is usually seen in the House of Food, having become a follower of Tiger.)
  • Lately, the other gods have noticed him acting even angrier than usual, and now refuses to enter the House of Theater under any circumstances. Many guess that this has something to do with his archenemy's recent ascension from the Fallen pit.

Tyrantrum, God of T. Rexes (The Despot Pokťmon)


Yoshi, God of Friendly Mount Creatures (T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, Omnivore of the Year, Mario's Happy-Go-Lucky Steed)