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Pantheon: Otherness
Otherness (Demon Lords, Outer Gods, etc.)

The realm of Otherness is the largest collection of mind-breaking geography ever to be assembled. Stairs run inside and around themselves, downward spirals tilt up at random intervals (at looks like "up"...), and the very ground always twenty-three feet to the before of any visitor (Yes, that preposition is somehow correct) contains designs unintelligible to the human mind. Some of those who've had enough time to try and adjust to the House describe it as "an Escher sketch used as plans by Bob the Builder on acid."

Azathoth, Emperor of Nebulous Cosmic Beings (The Daemon Sultan, The Blind Idiot God, the Nuclear Chaos)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A concentric circle. No, not concentric circles; a concentric circle, singular. Does your brain hurt yet?
  • Alignment: None whatsoever
  • Portfolio: Tentacles, The End of the World as We Know It (and even as we don't), being unfathomable, eating reality, batshit crazy God.
  • Domains: Darkness, Water, Space, Mentalism, Hunger, Chaos, Reality, Fear.
  • While even thinking about Azathoth for too long is enough to drive a mortal mad, any god in the Pantheon can have a conversation with him with the only side-effect being a mild headache. However, very few gods do this willingly, because as Dream said, "He's a bit of an idiot, and I can't stand that otherworldly techno music he constantly blares." As such, he usually uses his messenger Nyarlathotep as a middle man whenever he thinks of something to say, which doesn't happen often.
  • Melkor is the closest thing Azathoth has to a friend due to him being every bit as gibberly insane as Azathoth, from all those eons of being sealed away in the Void.
  • Spent some time in the Duel Terminal universe in a much weaker form. None know yet why it did so.

Grima, God of Dracoliches (The Fell Dragon, Gimle, The Hierophant)
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Symbol: The Mark of Grima
  • Domains: Evil, Dragons, Darkness
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Dracolich, Dystopia Justifies the Means, Death by Irony, Not Quite a God of Evil, Giant Flyer, Kill All Humans, Our Dragons Are Different
  • High Priest: Desoloth
  • Followers: Validar, the Grimeal
  • Allies: Melkor, Hades, Omega (only because he sees potential in him), Metal Sonic (same as Omega)
  • Enemies: All the members of the GUAG, Shinryu, Bahamut, Cosmos, Caim, Marth, ROBIN.
  • Ascended after his death by the hands of the Shepherds and wound up here.
  • No one quite knows exactly what Grima plans to do, but everyone can agree it is not good for the mortal world or the Pantheon.
  • While his dragon form is his true form, he normally walks around in his human form, which is the future body of the Avatar from a Bad Future. He normally keeps his hood up to keep people from seeing his face.
  • Hates Cosmos with a passion, due to her reminding him too much of his mortal enemy, the Divine Dragon, Naga.
  • He finds Melkor to be an interesting conversational partner, and they often speak of many subjects. Melkor is potentially the only one who knows just what Grima plans to do.
  • Finds Hades' working with souls an interesting subject, and the two work together to create even more powerful Underworld warriors and Risen.
  • He finds Omega and Metal Sonic to be extremely interesting gods, and has apparently taken both as potentially allies. Supposedly, he intends to use them in the grand scheme of his plans, especially in the Kill All Humans part.
  • Is considered the Evil Counterpart to Bahamut, and he plans to destroy him and Shinryu, due to Shinryu believing him to be an usurper to the rivalry between the Dragon Gods.
    • It is said when the end of Pantheon arrives, the forces of Bahamut and Grima will battle each other, the skies will become clouded with darkness, torn asunder by fire and lightning, and the three dragons will face each other for the dominance of all dragonkind, living and dead.
  • He's one of the most powerful of the gods, as he can only truly die by his own power. A sacred sword empowered by a true god, like Falchion, the Master Sword, or Excalibur, can only seal him. Anything less than that will only hurt him.
    • To prove it, he dared ASURA to hit him with his strongest attack. Asura obliged, engaging him in battle with his Destructor form. Despite being reduced to a pile of bones and torn flesh, Grima STILL survived, though he needed Hades' help in putting himself back together.
    • Being able to be killed by his own power also had the downside of allowing Robin to kill him via Heroic Sacrifice, though since both are now in the Pantheon and Robin no longer seems to have any of Grima's influence on him/her, it remains to be seen whether this loophole still holds. Grima certainly isn't willing to risk it twice.
  • Now that Marth has ascended, finally someone may be able to defeat him. However, Grima's response was to scoff and simply claimed what was a few hundred years for a true immortal?

Orochi, Human Embodiment of the Mythical Snake and the Official Devil of the House of Otherness

Dracula, Lord of Vampires (Drac, Nosferatu, Vlad the Impaler, Lord of Castlevania, Scourge of God, Mathias Cronqvist)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Music: Dance of Illusions
  • Symbol: A wine glass filled with blood
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Public Domain Characters, Goddamned Bats, Life Energy Drainers, Evil Aristocrats, Big Bads, haunted castles, resurrection, Killing People During Cutscenes.
  • Domains: Darkness, Moon, Night, Thirst, Temptation.
  • Followers: Slayer, Remilia Scarlet, Many of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, Neclord.
  • Allies: Dio Brando, Alucard.
  • Enemies: Adrian Tepes, Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Grant DaNasty, Shiki Tohno, Arcuied Brunestud, Abel Nightroad, Alexander Anderson, Sangunius.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yuuki Terumi .
  • Is confused by the actions of one Karin Maaka, who is his polar opposite - a beautiful female daywalker who injects blood instead of draining it. Has some overlap into the domain of the Borg Queen, leading to some confusion.
  • Eternal enemy of all those who hunt the night, most notably Abraham Van Hellsing, the Belmont clan, Buffy Summers, and the Monster Squad.
  • There have been calls from some of his followers to disown the vampires of Twilight on the grounds that they're "not actually vampires". So far, Dracula has not taken any official position. However, he does find the sparkles a tad annoying.
  • Recently spent several months in the hospital after a botched attempt to provoke the Blood Angels into "The Black Rage". Sangunius retaliated by breaking Drac's spine in half.
  • Remilia Scarlet introduced him the other 'master' of her servant Sakuya Izayoi, Dio Brando. Due to his vampiric heritage, Dracula forged a friendship with him and sent one of his minions, Zephyr, to become Dio's follower as a token of friendship.
  • Had a brief feud over his position with one Evangeline A.K. McDowell, but emerged the victor since Eva found redemption. Given that there is no written rule that vampire lord must be evil it's entirely possible that she just regrouping for the new attack.
  • And now, as if he didn't have enough to worry about, Vlad's been hanging out with Bobby Hill. That boy just ain't right...
  • His former position in the mortal world is currently unfilled, because his mortal reincarnation, Soma Cruz, really won't have any of it. Drac and Soma occasionally get into arguments over this topic. Much of the panethon have noted that the only thing stopping Soma from changing his mind is the fact that his girlfriend Mina is still alive.
  • It is rumored that he is worried about Sierra Mikain trying to take his postion, but she doesn't seem to be interested.
    • Drac may also be worried about Valvatorez, given that despite losing much of his power, he's still an immensly powerful vampire.
  • Constantly refers man to be a miserable little pile of secrets.note 
  • After Abel Nightroad's ascension, he briefly lost his haughty demeanor, concerned the Crusnik's power was actually threatening. Abel tried to exploit it until both realized his powers were exclusively useful against exactly one breed of vampire (an artificial one, to boot). Long story short, Abel has learned not to piss off vampire lords.
  • His strength seems to vary depending on when he's reincarnated with no rhyme or reason to how it works.
  • His battle with Shanoa showed that his One-Winged Angel transformations may well weaken him, as when he decided to start physically fighting in his normal form, he was a much greater threat than usual.
  • Despite their antagonism of one another, Dracula's love for his son is only hidden skin deep, and if Alucard were to join him (be it through mind control or of his own will), he would welcome him with open arms. The fact that he knows this is unlikely to happen only serves to increase his hatred and by proxy his power.
  • When he was told of Gabriel Belmont's fall which made him become an alternate universe's Dracula, he broke into laughter about the futility of faith.
    • When word came in that Gabriel had redeemed himself in the eyes of both God and his son, Main!Dracula... went silent, he vanished for nearly a week after that, and when he returned openly declared his hatred for Gabriel Belmont. Many of his allies suspect he tried to mend the rift between him and his Alucard, but it didn't end well.

Pit, God of Flightless Angels and Sequel Gap (Pitty-Pat, Pit-Stain, Angel-Face)
  • "Sorry to keep you waiting!"
  • Demigod
  • Weapon and Symbol: Palutena's Bow
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Butt Monkey, "I'm finished!", Beating up Hades, Morality Pet and Ship Tease with the Goddess of Nature Who Killed Innocent People, Older than They Look, Sequel Gap For 21 Years.
  • Allies: Link, Mario, Sonic, Sophitia Alexandria, Mega Man, Rider, Asura (no one knows how THAT happened.), Erica Fontaine, Viridi, Maka Albarn
  • Enemies: Hades, Soul Edge, pretty much the whole GUAE (barring a few exceptions like Ralph).
  • Ascended after he defeated Hades and proved he had what it took to stand among the Pantheon. He also had recognition for being part of the Smash Brothers tournament and the fight against Tabuu, but felt like he didn't deserve to take his seat until he further proved himself.
  • Freaked out when he found out Hades was already in the Pantheon. When Pit went to confront him, Hades only asked if he wanted to have a chat with Excalibur. Pit ran away immediately.
  • He's very close to Sophitia Alexandria as they both are servants of gods.
  • Was originally scared of Rider, thinking she was the Goddess of Darkness called Medusa, but after settling down long enough to hear her explanation, he actually decided to call her friend.
  • Was responsible for Viridi's ascension to the Pantheon, and he sometimes can be found hanging around with her. Viridi denies that they are in a relationship and anyone who says they are will be subjected to a Reset Bomb.
  • He's formed a friendship Maka, and they like to practice aerial combat abilities against each other.
  • He's formed a strange friendship with ASURA of all people. Probably because both of them actually like humans and have fought the entirety of their lives to protect them, plus having to fight some really Jerkass Gods in that effort. Some have also compared Asura's father instinct with Pit's desire to protect his goddess.
  • Just like Simon Belmont, Pit insists that he has never put '-icus' in every of the words/sentences he said. Though not on the level of Simon, Pit also is pretty miffed at Kevin Keene for insisting that he's like that.
  • Pit has trained for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Tournament, and is now able to summon the Three Sacred Treasures whenever he has his hands on a Smash Ball. BEWARE.

Liara T'soni, Goddess of Alien Babes (Dr. T'soni, The Shadow Broker)

Melfina, Goddess of Mysterious Waifs

Unicron, Robotic God of Planet Eaters (The Chaos Bringer, Ginormous Weird-looking Planet, The Monster)

Galactus, Cosmic God of Planet Eaters
  • Theme Music: His MVC3 theme.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: An uppercase 'G'.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Planet Eaters, Entropy, Unconquerable Hunger.
  • Domains: Law, Destruction.
  • Heralds: Cookie Monster, Pyron.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Anti-Monitor.
  • Galactus and Unicron are competing for the position of God of Planet Eaters. The winner takes the title. The loser gets eaten. They only stopped long enough to bitchslap the Beast Planet for being a pretentious wannabe. Both were hungry again before long.
  • Galactus cares not for a mortal's opinions on his hat. Or his skirt. Or his purple color scheme.
  • There exists a reality where Galactus gave up being a planet-eating god to become Elvis. He denies it, but sometimes, when the stellar winds are right, you can hear him humming Heartbreak Hotel. His Herald will kill you if you bring it up.
  • Killing Galactus is actually not a good idea, as his death results in the unsealing of an Omnicidal Maniac known as Abraxas. As bad as Galactus may be, Abraxas is far, far worse.
  • Little known fact: Galactus has a daughter. Fortunately for us all, Galacta (or Gali, as she also goes by) actually values the lives of other lifeforms, unlike her somewhat-estranged father, and defends our planet in spite of her hunger pangs by feeding on non-native organisms. She's also pregnant, which means that—you guessed it—Galactus is going to be a grandfather.
  • Recently, Demonic Legion member Star King Bazoo challenges him for the throne.
  • Do not remind Galactus of the time he was a cloud. The last time it happened, he tried to eat several houses in the Pantheon out of sheer rage.

Kosh, God of Divine Empowerment

The Ancients, Gods of Bad Cosmic Parenting

Astro Boy, God of Humanoid Robots (Mighty Atom, Tobio Tenma)

Ariel, Goddess of Merfolk
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Purple Seashell Bra.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mermaids, Princesses, Devil Deals, Those Who Wanted To Become Human, Those with Overprotective Dads Who Mean Well, Sporting Perky Bivalves, Singing.
  • Domains: Water, Seafolk, Ocean.
  • Followers: Madison, San Seto.
  • Allies: Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Lucia Nanami, Sly Cooper, The Good Gods of the House of Royalty (including many of her fellow Disney Princesses), Melody (daughter)
  • Enemies: Ursula, Morgana, Marina, Meroune Lorelei
  • Lucia Nanami started out as a follower of Ariel before ascending to the Pantheon herself. The two still get together on occasion and gossip about their respective countries and princes.
  • Ariel is a distinguished member of the Disney Princesses.
  • Meroune Lorelei reserves a hatred of Ariel intense enough to boil water. Ariel doesn't really reciprocate: she's more confused as to why Meroune feels such ire toward her.
  • Ariel shares a strong friendship with Sora, due to their common interests, including their desires to explore other worlds. They've also helped each other out often, mainly in combat or getting loot. Also, Sora once saved Ariel from drowning, after she was turned into a human by Ursula.
  • Sly Cooper also seems to get along with Ariel. Often, whenever he finds invaluable items within a criminal's stash, Sly would just give it to Ariel via Scuttle, knowing that she would take great interest. Even if Sly could turn himself into an aquatic creature to visit Atlantica, he'd still be unable to swim.

Ichigo Momomiya, Goddess of Catgirls and Assistant Goddess of Mary Sue Hunters (Mew Ichigo, Momomiya-san)

The Borg Queen, Goddess of Viruses

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Goddesses of Succubi

Drizzt Do'Urden, God of Traditional Elves (The Hunter, the Warrior Incarnate)

Lor'themar Theron, God of High Elves (Ranger Lord, Regent Lord of Quel'Thelas, Who?)

Kimar and Dropo, Gods of Martians

Cthulhu, God of R'lyeh (Tulu, Clulu, Clooloo, Cighulu, Cathulu, Kutulu, Q'thulu, Ktulu, Kthulhut, Kulhu, Thu Thu Hmong etc.)

Miracle Matter, God of Sinister Geometry
  • Theme Song
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A crude illustration of himself in crayon(a white icosahedron covered in eyes)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Geometrical Eldritch Abominations with numerous eyes, Extremely hard bosses, not receiving well what is given.
  • Domains: Darkness, Chaos
  • Allies: 02, David Zappa.
  • Opposed by: Kirby.
  • Kirby and Miracle Matter do not actively seek out each other but when they do happen to meet up they typically engage in violent duels.
  • Few gods are able to damage Dark Matter as is and as an advanced form of it, Miracle Matter's durability is compounded by a nigh impenetrable light shield. During Miracle Matter's takeover of planet Ripple Star, Kirby found that methods of attack similar to those Miracle Matter used were able to bypass its defenses though few gods have been as successful as him at exploiting this weakness.
  • David Zappa has taken to using Miracle Matter's activities to mask his own. Given how many eyes he has, it is doubtful Miracle Matter is unaware of this, yet he has done nothing about David Zappa's presence.

Ryu, Lord of Humanoid Dragons

The King of All Cosmos

Zetta, Badass Freakin' Overlord of the Netherworld
  • Greater God
  • Theme Song: Darkness Darkness
  • Symbol: The Sacred Tome (specifically, the form it took when he was previously confined to it)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (post-sealing; previously Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Sealed Evil In A Book (formerly), Butt Monkeys, Failed Attempts to Screw Destiny, Noble Demons, Sociopathic Heroes, Heroic Comedic Sociopaths, Wish Givers, Prinnies, Hamminess, Being A Ridiculously Overprotective Father (and being too damn proud to admit it).
  • Domain: Chaos, Creation, Domination, Hades, The Abyss
  • Opposed by: Laharl, the Slimes
  • Rivals: Valvatorez
  • Despite being confined to a book for a good portion of his life, Zetta still manages to control much of the underworld (at least, the parts not already owned by Laharl) with his ability to create anything he wants via the wishes of his subordinates.
  • Also has a spot in the Main House.
  • Upon regaining his body, many feared what he could potentially unleash. However, upon meeting his daughter from the future, Petta, he has been more concerned with making sure she is properly taken of, although he is quick to deny it. In fact, he begrudgingly followed Laharl's orders in order to keep his overprotectiveness a secret even though everyone could easily see through him.
    • Petta's gentle personality can be reminded of if shared by the right person. You don't want to harm anyone who reminds him of her either. Like Madoka. When YHVH's plot to kill her got revealed, Zetta flew into a Papa Wolf rage and joined "The Pantheonic Rebellion.

Guu, Goddess of Sarcastic Chaos (Nyarlathotep)

Sadako Yamamura, Goddess of Asian Stringy Haired Ghost Girls and Haunted Technology
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Either a stone well, or an ordinary looking video casstte.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Stringy Haired Ghost Girls, Haunted Technology, Blinding Bangs, The Faceless, Psychic Powers, Tragic Villains, Sealed Evil in a Can, Unsettling Gender-Reveal, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Xanatos Gambits.
  • Domains: Ghosts, Water, Darkness, Revenge, Curses.
  • Allies: Samara Morgan (see below), Kayako Saeki.
  • Followers: Mitsuko, Natre.
  • High Priest: Towel Man.
  • Sadako was formerly the high priest for Samara, but ascended herself after Kayako Saeki sent her son Toshio to find her. It was suggested that Sadako and Samara act as co-goddesses. Inspector Zenigata received two cursed videotapes in the post, which were removed by the SCP Foundation.
  • A lot of the Pantheon freaked out when it was revealed that Sadako is genetically male. She found odd comfort in Princess Ozma, who had been in a similar position but vice versa, who told her "I know how you feel".
  • Due to Sadako's Divine Parentage, there has been mass speculation who her anonymous, supernatural father is. Aquaman, Davy Jones and most gods with psychic powers have denied it. It is suspected that her father also conceived Samara at some point due to their near identical simularities.
  • Banned from the House of Technology for good reason.
  • Approached Manny Calavera to ask him how to escape her eternal damnation, but all he said was to find a hole to hide in. Sadako then chucked him down her well and haunted him for a week.
  • Horrified when all of her cursed videotapes were recorded over with episodes of The Clangers. Samara offered several of her own until she made new copies.
  • Attempted to invade Teletubbyland but that backfired when she knocked Tinky Winky into a brief coma when attempting to crawl out of his stomach telly.
  • Rarity offered to give Sadako a haircut, but despite the unicorn's best efforts, Sadako spent two months hiding at the bottom of her well until her hair returned to its stringy state. She quietly admitted that she liked her short hair but was too embarrassed to be seen with it.
  • A pretty skilled user of the Xanatos Gambit, telekinetically creating a DNA-copying virus that can either kill victims or impregnate them with clones of her to ensure she survives.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz and Rainbow Dash tricked Mario, Luigi and Fix It Felix to venture down into Sadako's well to make it more hospitable, but were chased out by Sadako.
  • Sees YouTube as a possible source to spread her curse, only to receive copyright messages from Viacom every time she has tried. Sadako intends on sending a videotape to Viacom's bosses at some point.
  • Secretly likes the House of Theatre due to her past hobbies and would like to restart her acting career if not for her current condition.

Samara Morgan, The Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl Who Lives Inside Your TV
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: An ominous-looking white ring.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: StringyHairedGhostGirls, Nightmare Fuel, Hatred for Humanity, Growth Inhibition.
  • Domains: Darkness, Ocean, Suffering, Wrath.
  • Allies: Sadako Yamamura, Kayako Saeki.
  • Whenever she feels the need to go out and, uh, interact with other people without outright scaring them to death, she possesses an unlucky man named Zappa. She doesn't seem to mind sharing room and board with several dogs, a sword and Raoh (no, not that Raoh), and even thinks that the more, the merrier. Her hapless host has tried to be free of her, but up to now they remain inexplicably tied together when she feels... social.
  • She once tried to attack Zangief through his TV, but he was smart enough to change the channel!

Urdnot Wrex and Worf, Gods of Proud Warrior Races (Son of Mogh {Worf})
  • Demigod (Wrex) and Lesser God (Worf)
  • Symbol: A futuristic assault rifle (Wrex), Klingon Bat'leth (Worf)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with strong Chaotic Good leanings (Wrex). Lawful Good (Worf)
  • Allies: Commander Shepard, Liara T'Soni, Legion, Mordin Solus Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah vas Neema
  • Portfolio: Planets Of Hats, Big Guys, Blood Knights, Warrior Poets, Survivors of The Genophage, Saying "Shepard" to Shepard (Wrex only)
  • Domains: War, Scalykind (Wrex), Force, Space, Law (Worf)
  • After Worf had fallen from the pantheon, Wrex battled Hawkgirl and Vegeta for many millenia for the right to his throne. At one point during this war, someone suggested that they should just calm down and share the throne as a triumvirate. This infidel was immediately beaten to a pulp by all three.
  • Long term goals include trying to convince the warring tribes in and out of Clan Urdnot to hold off on killing each other and get the few breeding females together so as to save the species. Problem is, his people are Krogans too. Perhaps they will listen if he becomes a greater god?
  • Their ultimate plan is to drag their followers to glory, whether they like it or not.
  • When Worf made his way from the unsorted, he fought Wrex for the position. The two battled to a standstill, agreeing to share the house since neither one could best each other.
  • Wrex has one sensitive spot: The genophage and the cure for it. Denying him the cure would incur his wrath and he would even strike down any who denies him that, even Worf and Shepard. Thankfully, Shepard ensured that he's not denied of it, so Wrex stays as a great friend with him/her.

Giygas, The Incomprehensible God of Nightmare Fuel (Giegue, Gyiyg, Geeg, Almighty Idiot, The Universal Cosmic Destroyer)

Kishin Ashura, God of Superpowered Madness (Madness of Fear)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His three eyes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eyes Do Not Belong There, Room Full of Crazy, Cowardly Lion, Dangerously Genre Savvy, Slasher Smile
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Irrational Fear
  • Followers: Everyone who's infected by his madness.
  • Enemies: Crona, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, Death The Kid, Black*Star
  • Ashura never leaves his temple, as he's scared of the world outside. Everyone hopes it will stay that way, but eventually he'll get tired of hiding.
  • Several phychologists visited him in his temple once. They didn't come back out.
  • Recent events have shown him related to the Shinigami of Death City, thus linking him to Death of the Endless.
  • With Crona in the pantheon, he hopes to infect hir with his madness again.

Rider, Goddess of Gorgeous Gorgon (Medusa)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her head with snake hairs Bellerophon, her Pegasus
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Taken for Granite, Petrifying Eyes, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Boobs of Steel, Screwed Up Past And Present, Very Very Long Hairs, Cool Pegasus
  • Domains: Loyalty, War, Monsters
  • Allies: Cu Chulainn, Naoki Kashima, Pit
  • Opposed by: Simon Belmont (though he's really more just very annoyed with her)
  • Has a lot of impersonators here and there that makes her image look like an EVIL GODDESS. But only her worshipers know that this is her true form.
    • Is a little annoyed that one of Pit's primary opponents is an evil Goddess that calls herself Medusa.
    • When Pit became a member of the Pantheon and she learned they shared the same House, she talked with him about that and eventually befriended him.
  • Is constantly being whipped on the head by Simon Belmont for being a Goddamned Medusa Heads that kept sending his followers to the Bottomless Pits. It wasn't her fault, she swears.
  • Ran into Naoki Kashima when browsing the Library. The two of them became fast friends, and now regularly meet to discuss literature and Real Life mythology. Uganda hasn't come up yet.
    • Was briefly attacked and nearly mugged by Flynn before he realized she wasn't the same Medusa he knew of old.
  • She has decided to embrace her Servant alias, Rider, as her official inscribed name, as she has seen other beings with the name Medusa (one is her 'origin' too) and she's not too pleased with their actions. The name change is to at least make a distinction with those other Medusas. After the name change, Simon's accidental whipping of hers tends to cease as well.

Tinker Bell, Goddess of Fairies (Tink)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A tiny magic wand
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fairy Companions, The Power of Faith, Flight, Fairy Dust, The Land of Make-Believe
  • Domains: Hope, Magic, Radiance
  • Followers: Cosmo and Wanda, Spryte, Cham Fau, Airy, Stella
  • Allies: Navi, Cirno, Peter Pan, the other Disney Fairies, Yoghurt, Xerneas
  • Tinker Bell is considered to be the weakest of the deities because she requires an abnormally large pool of followers to sustain her existence. To this end, she believes strongly in procreation, because young children are the most likely to believe in small creatures such as her (becoming less pronounced over time).
    • As a result, some believe Cirno would be more suitable as a Goddess of Fairies. However, Cirno has made no claims for the position and is perfectly happy with the one she occupies presently. Or so it seems.
    • Sol Titanion postulated after her defeat at Zero's hands. However, she was not accepted due to technically being a robot rather than a fairy.
  • She recently hired Yogurt (see the Commerce Pantheon) as a consultant on using moichendizing to help kids remain aware of her, which seems to be helping.
  • Despite appearing harmless, Tinker Bell is not to be messed with. She is not above convincing unsuspecting Lost Boys to shoot those she considers her rivals, and her jealous nature can overwhelm her at times (she's very small, and therefore can only experience one emotion at a time).
  • Has taken a strong liking to Xerneas since its ascention, citing that the Pokemon "feels familiar". Often times she can be found lounging on one of Xerneas' antlers as if it were a tree branch. Xerneas has never been seen to mind.

Yuyuko Saigyouji, Goddess of Cute Ghost Girls (Yuyuko Saigyouzi)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Theme Music: Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life
  • Symbol: Butterfly danmaku flying around her fan.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cute, Ghosts, Very Much Moe, Obfuscating Gluttony, Absolute Mastery Of Death and Spirits, Cherry Blossom Girl
  • Domains: Otherness, Death, Afterlife, Ghosts
  • Follower: Sayo Aisaka
  • Allies: Yukari Yakumo, Hsien-ko
  • Can kill anyone in the Pantheons. Except Mister Rogers...just because. Cause of death may be from her power, or her sheer moe elements.
  • Is a Sega Dreamcast fangirl. After being deified, she ignored Sega Saturn, and was in turn beaten to pulp by Segata Sanshiro. Afterwards, Yuyuko becomes addicted to both Dreamcast and Saturn, her newfound addiction was the reason why she didn't kill Sanshiro the second time.
  • She thought she could befriend that Ghost Lady below... until she suddenly revealed her face and the fact that she's already dead means Yuyuko couldn't invoke death on her, poor Yuyuko got scared shitless, hiding on her blanket crying and in trauma, she changed her house title to avoid association with the Ghost Lady.
  • Can be seen around House of Food trying to gather food. Unfortunaly, she is willing to eat anything, even people. Fortunaly, Yukari is willing to help if she is really hungry with stuff like the so-called "Meat Dimension" she heard from the Investigation Team.

Suigintou, Goddess of Living Dolls

Dizzy, Goddess of Benevolent Living Weapons (The Innocent Gear, The Child of Fate, Maiden of the Grove)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Theme Music: Awe of She
  • Symbol: Two wings, one white and concealing a beautiful goddess-like face, one black and concealing a malevolent-looking skull
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Always Being Where the Deer and the Antelope Play, Incredible Amounts of Power, Technical Jailbait, ZOMG FEATHERS
  • Domains: Ice, Fire, Magic, Shape, Love
  • Followers: Ryoji Mochizuki (Persona 3)
  • Allies: Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Chiyo-chichi, Chiyo-chan, Yotsuba, Medusa, Mai Tokiha, Bridget, Noel Vermillion
  • Opposed by: I-No
  • Is quite interested in cooking, and likes to compare recipes with Mai Tokiha.
  • Has a strange feeling that she's known Chiyo-chichi for some time, but she can't quite put her finger on it...
  • Despite her outfit, is actually quite demure and shy. Most of the gods and goddesses were caught off-guard by this. Morrigan and Lilith in particular were befuddled as to "that new succubus-looking-girl's" behavior. Not that this dissuaded them from trying to get into her...umm... good graces, though.
  • Has quite easily made friends with most of the other non-Evil gods and goddesses, but especially dislikes I-No due to past altercations.
  • Sometimes her power sparks out of her control. Whenever it does, Sol always happens to be nearby and steps in to help her get it back under control. Anyone who questions him about this gets a non-committal grunt.
  • Lately, Dizzy has been rather shy and demure around Ky Kiske. The two tend to hang around each other and Ky seems to be quite protective of her. The fact that the two are an Official Couple might have a lot to do with this behaviour.

Justice, Goddess of Malevolent Living Weapons
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Theme Music: Meet Again
  • Symbol: The mark of the Gears on her forehead
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Battle Cries, Incredible Amounts of Power, Misanthrophy, Supremacy on the Battlefield
  • Domains: Lightning, Fire, Shape, Hatred, Destruction
  • Followers: Multitudes of nonsentient Gears (Guilty Gear),
  • Allies: Lucy, Nu-13.
  • Enemies: Any Pantheon Gods and Goddesses from Japan, Sol Badguy, Caerula Sanguis, Nina Einstein.
  • Having disintegrated the islands of Japan, is not very popular with the resident gods of Japanese origin. Upon hearing of this (and upon thinking of the possibilities with a certain section of Justice's armor), Nina Einstein tried to curry favor with her, but Justice's more egalitarian brand of hatred put a stop to that right quick.
  • Despite her antagonism towards humanity, she gives anyone, human or not, who can put up a good fight against her a certain degree of respect. She finds Kenpachi Zaraki in particular most interesting.
  • For some reason, treats Dizzy semi-kindly. Dizzy finds this almost as perplexing as the strange sense of nostalgia she feels around Justice and Sol.

Beetlejuice, God of the Neitherworld (The Ghost With the Most)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti Heros, Speaking of the Devil, CelestialBureaucracies, Nightmare Fuel, Exorcism of the living
  • Domains: Neitherworld, Nightmares, the Dead
  • Allies: Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Saying his name three times makes him appear, be warned.
  • He insists the animated version of him is from an alternate universe, and the person portraying him at Universal Studios singing alongside Dracula and Frankenstein's monster is an impostor.
  • He eventually recovered from his defeat at the hands of a dead witch doctor who shrunk his head, and has as of late been seen with Pit, god of Sequel Gap. It is suspected that he may be plotting a comeback.

The Cast of Toy Story, Gods of Living Toys

The Genie, God of Genies and Parental Bonuses

Kimihiro Watanuki, Official Cosmic Plaything of the Gods

Gimli, God of ISO Standard Dwarves (Son of Glóin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Dwarven Waraxe
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Followers: Muradin Bronzebeard.
  • Portfolio: Proud Warrior Race Guys, One Gender Races, Disliking Elves, Axes
  • Domains: War, Earth, Metal, Force
  • Does not like Drizzt for reasons he never has bothered to explain.
  • Oddly, though, eventually became friends with another elf. The rivalry still stands.

Oogie Boogie, God of Ambulatory Annelids
  • Demigod
  • Theme Song: The Oogie Boogie Man
  • Symbol: His silhouette against the moon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Cheating Gamblers, Singular Collectives, Nightmare Fuel, Walking Insect Colonies
  • Domains: Chance, Chaos, Terror
  • Followers: Norman Pfister,Dr. James Marcus, Queen Slug-For-A-Butt
  • Allies: Swarm, Davy Jones, Pitch Black, Ludwig Von Tokkentakker, Candle Jack (although Ooogie Boogie refuses to admit it)
  • Enemies: Jack Skellington, Sora, Nathan Drake
  • Was once a key conspirator in a group of Disney villains planning to take over the Pantheon, but was stopped by Sora (back when he was still God of The Multiverse). As soon as the conspiracy began to unravel, Oogie bargained for his life by telling Sora about a certain wish-granting witch he knew...
  • Nathan Drake never really liked Oogie Boogie, as Oogie once spooked him as a teenage to the point where Nate nearly got himself and Sully thrown in jail. No matter how many times his friends, practically Sora, asked, Nate outright refuses to speak of the incident.

Jack Frost, God of Snowlems
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Icicle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: B-Movies, Mutant Killer Snowmen, Family Films of the Same Name, Sequels
  • Domains: Comedy, Terror, Winter, Christmas, Theater
  • When choosing the God of Snowlems, Jack came up and shouted "WELL IT AIN'T FUCKIN FROSTY!"
  • Has recently been challenged in his position since he's not actually made of snow.
  • Despite being quite the homicidal maniac, he keeps himself as far away as possible from the House of Food, considering they have one of his few weaknesses: bananas!
  • He also keeps a clear distance from any waterbender, aswell as the House of Technoligy, considering that they have another weakness of his: anti-freeze!

Audrey II, God(dess?) of Plant Aliens and Man-Eatin Plants (Mean Green Mother From Outer Space)

The Blue Slime, Mini-God of Mascot Mooks

Dorfl, God of Golems

The Cheat, God of Weasel Mascots

The Dark Kingdom, Gods and Goddesses of Monsters of the Day (The Negaverse)
  • Queen Metallia-Greater Goddess, Queen Beryl-Intermediate Goddess, The Four Generals (Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite)-Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A black shadow with a Nightmare Face.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Plans, Sealed Evils In Cans, Life Energy Drainers, Four Is Death, An army of powerful monsters, The Heartless.
  • Domains: Evil, Darkness, Tyranny, Entropy, Destruction, Corruption.
  • Allies: Sauron, Lord Chaos, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Khorne, Slaanesh, Majin Buu, Darkseid, Kefka, Zorc Necrophades, Dracula, Unicron, Cthulhu, Sosuke Aizen, Oyashiro-sama and Hexxus.
  • Opposed by: Sailor Moon and the rest of House of Magic, Himei Shoutan, Ryouma Nagare, Guy Shishioh, Kamina, Goku, Dante Sparda, Tommy Oliver and Sanger Zonvolt.
  • Were chosen for this position because the original candidates for the job, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were purified and turned into a human and a good witch respectively.
  • Are currently in a state of near open warfare against the House of Magic due to their attempts to murder Sakura Kinomoto who was viewed as threat to them.
    • And now that Sailor Moon, their greatest enemy has return to assume the role of Goddess of Magical Girl Warriors, The conflict has intensified ten-fold with The Four Generals now leading weekly assaults on the House of Magic.
  • Despite the large amount of opposition they face, The Dark Kingdom is actually one of the more powerful and successful evils in the entire pantheon. This is due to the fact that they have thousands of Youma spies who have managed to infiltrate every single house of the Pantheon except for the Main House. Jadeite even managed to find ways to spy on the Council of Shadows. Rumor has it that the council knows he's there, however, and has yet to throw him out because they all plan on manipulating the Dark Kingdom to their side.
  • Are secretly plotting to overthrow the Main House by somehow stealing all the Treasures of the Gods and feeding them to their leader, Queen Metallia who will then possess enough power to defeat all the upper gods and goddesses. As they have yet to send more than one monster at a time to take the treasures, a minimum of two heros guard the vault at all times, and the vault technically exists inside Primus, no force of good "in the know" is very worried. Perhaps they should be?

Mickey Mouse, God of Toons (King Mickey, Mortimer Mouse)

Thrall, God of 'Cultured' Orcs (Son of Durotan, Go'el, Warchief, Lord of the Clans, The World Shaman, Green Jesus)
  • Theme Song: "Power of The Horde"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The emblem of the Horde
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Good, Civilized Orcs, Brawn And Brains, Proud Warrior Races, Messianic Archetype, Rebellious Gladiator, Hordes that act more like Alliances.
  • Domain: Orcs, War, Leadership
  • Allies: Vol'jin, Sylvanas Windrunner, Baine Bloodhoof, Uesugi Kenshin, Madoka Kaname
  • Enemies: Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Arthas, YVHV
  • With so many Orcs being labeled Always Chaotic Evil, Thrall has done his best to round them up and teach them how to be honorable, cultured creatures. He has been successful... mostly.
  • Thrall will occasionally help if there is a War, but has refused a place in the War Pantheon.
  • "We don't do silly things just because someone says "FOR THE HORDE!!!"... or "LEEEROOOOOYYY!!! JEEENNKIIINNSSS!!!""
  • Recently, he has been shown to express disappointment towards his so-called 'successor' Garrosh. And even moreso when he realized that Garrosh went out of control and even caused an Enemy Mine between Horde and Alliance to take him down.
    • This, however, is viewed by the Pantheon that Thrall is the God of Orcs (well, aside of Ghazghkull, that is), even if there are new subtitles.
    • This culminates with him joining in taking down Garrosh and succeeded, and also had a showdown with Ghazghkull and won. But when asked to lead the Horde again, Thrall instead ascended Vol'jin and chose him as the successor, while returning to his normal seat
  • Is one of the masterminds behind decreasing the grip on Quan Chi's enslavement. It turns out it was a 'testing' for Thrall in order for a plan of his to seek potential Gods and Goddesses from Azeroth when they're at the peak of their examples, before tons of derailments was done.
  • Madoka represents hope, something needed for orcs to be able to get past their blood thirsty image. Protecting that hope is his reason for joining the "Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Not fond of the "Green Jesus" nickname at all. He's well aware that he's far too flawed to be sharing a name-title with someone like Him. That, and he's aware that it's a term his distractors coined on the shorthand to call him "Incorruptibly pure to the point of being boring".

Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, God of 'Savage' Orcs (Da Profit of da WAAAAAGH!, Da Beast o' Armageddon, Da hand of Gork an Mork)

Midna, Goddess of Good Darkness (The Twilight Princess)

Mithos Yggdrasil, God of Evil Light (Mithos)

Century, God of Superpowers As The Plot Demands
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His battleaxe, Parralax
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Handwaves, New Powers as the Plot Demands, Reality Warping
  • Domains: Healing, Illusion, Knowledge, Mentalism, Oracle, Portal, Time, Travel
  • Simply entered the Pantheon one day through the vastness of the Infinity Matrix. The sheer volume of Handwavium emanating from his presence guaranteed his place in the Pantheon. Only the incredulity of the Main House stand between Century and the status of Overdiety.

Tarlton, God of Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A red spacesuit with an odd helmet
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Civilization, Reminding You Of Something, Fantastic Racism, Anvils, Hope for the Future, Averting Humans Are White
  • Domains: City, Judgement
  • Tarlton is one of the older gods. His power seems small, obvious, and heavy-handed these days, but at the time of his ascension the last page of his story was unbelievably shocking and controversial. He's been permitted to stay on indefinitely in respect for that.
  • The orange robots of Cybrinia are no different from the blue robots beneath their outer layers, and the planet will never move forwards until it accepts that. He knows what it looks like. So what?
  • He's been in several arguments with Magneto about race and tolerance. How civil the discussion is and how it ends generally depends on where Magneto currently is in the Heel-Face Revolving Door.

Yuta and Mana, God and Goddess of Immortals

Arturia, goddess of Gender Flip, Alternate Character Interpretation, and Mirror Universe (Saber, King Arthur)

Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes, God of Dhampyr and Friendly Vampires (Alucard, Genya Arikado)

Rachel Alucard, Goddess of Non-Bloodsucking Vampires (Madam Rachel, Rabbit, The Scarlet Onlooker)
  • Theme Song: Queen of rose
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Nago & Gii, her familiars, on her emblem.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with Neutral Good tendencies.
  • Portfolio: Snarky Vampire Princess, Electricity, Controlling Winds, Aversion of Blood-Drinking, Magnificent Bitch, Parasol of Pain, Tea Drinking, Constant Boredom, Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory.
  • Domains: Vampires, Knowledge, Time
  • Allies: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Ragna the Bloodedge, Hakumen, Adrian Tepes, Valvatorez, Count von Count, Sarah and Rory, Alice Liddell, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Stryker, Smoke.
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover, Dracula, Alexander Anderson, Yuno Gasai, Quan Chi.
  • Amassed too much power that Adrian/Alucard had to elevate her in such. Rachel is nonetheless thankful for the concern. She still assumes the role of 'Alucard's sister' to relieve some boredom when not observing Ragna or planning on stopping Terumi.
  • She likes her tea and finds blood disgusting, but her attitude is something that not everyone is going to accept, causing trouble occasionally.
  • Tends to visit Iroh's tea houses, acknowledging it to be the finest tea-brewers. However, crossing path with Litchi Faye-Ling (especially when both are buying teas) will always net a disdainful glare from Rachel, still disappointed with her decision to side with Terumi even for justified reason (although a nearby Alucard will usually temper this before it gets out of hand). Rachel also has no comments with Litchi redeeming herself, she's still wary that her gullibility will make her vulnerable.
    • But she'd rather cross with Litchi than crossing with Excalibur in the middle of buying teas. Meeting him is one of the few moments where the unflappable Rachel could lose her cool, she'd rather not let anyone see her make the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face (except a select few like Valkenhayn and Alucard).
    • She manages to flip the situation around as an ammunition against Terumi, saying that he still has ways to go to piss her off like Excalibur did. She's the one who comes up with the idea of tossing Excalibur to Terumi to let him have a taste of his own medicine. Chuck Norris took up the idea, and Rachel seems to enjoy seeing Terumi flip off against Excalibur before Hakumen finished him off, she recorded them magically.
  • After receiving even more of her original power, she had gained the ability to elevate anyone she chose to deity status, just as Adrian had done for her. Naturally, Rachel chose Valkenhayn, and he was given a position that had previously not been thought of (see below).
  • Met the newly ascended Alice Liddell one day after being introduced by Iroh and cast her off as a hopeless dreamer and nuisance. One transformation later by the rising Avatar of the Power of Imagination and Rachel found herself on the ropes, forcing her to turn to her Unlimited Mode to make things even. Their match ended in a draw as George XIII zapped Alice at the same moment Rachel was struck by a tea projectile from the Teapot Cannon. Respecting someone who could give her a good fight and a lover of tea, she considers Alice an equal and ally.
  • As of recent, she has expressed concern over the fate of Ragna the Bloodedge, commenting that if he would die, she is to be killed as well. She only trusts that either Tsubaki Yayoi, Jin Kisaragi, or Alucard would be the one to do the job.
  • Recently and due to Raiden's status in The Fallen, she took over his former place as the Big Good to the Mortal Kombat characters in the Pantheon and began working with Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade to free Sub-Zero's, Kitana's, Stryker's and Smoke's avatars from Quan Chi's control. She also has agreed with Kitana to free Sindel from The Fallen once her avatar is safe again and, in turn, free the latter's avatar from Quan Chi's control. Also has agreed with her and Scorpion to kick Quan Chi's ass once and for all, and currently is looking to free Raiden from The Fallen.

Darkside, God of Living Shadows
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A white heart on a black background
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Domain: Chaotic Evil, Flat Characters, Rule of Cool, Rule of Cool, Rule of Cool.
  • Followers: Leiliel (Neon Genesis), The Double Shadow, Gengar, Pureblood Heartless
  • Allies: Nyarlathotep.
  • Opposed by: Sora, Mickey Mouse, paladins in general.
  • His domain resembles a stained-glass pedestal, covered in darkness
  • As he can't do much directly, what with Sora back in the pantheon again, he spends most of his time creating Shadows and giving them to the GUAE for stealth missions.
  • Is one of the few God's who are aware of Nyarathotep's presence.

Alex Mercer, God of Psycho Prototypes (ZEUS)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A featureless icon of his face, depicting only his hood, his eyes, and the collar of his shirt.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lightning Bruisers, Nigh-Invulnerability, Very Technically Heroic Sociopaths, Nightmare Fuel, Eating People And Gaining Their Knowlege, Lovecraftian Superpowers, Shapeshifter Hammerspace, Being The Virus, Phlebotinum Rebels, Voluntary Shapeshifters, Knight Templar Big Brothers.
  • Domains: War, Death, Destruction, Revenge, Virus, Family, Truth, Identity.
  • Followers: Fluctuates, depending on his appetite, though his sister is safe.
  • Allies: Dana Mercer, Captain Robert Cross (sometimes).
  • Enemies: The Blackwatch (with the occasional exception of Cross), Elizabeth Greene, the Supreme Hunter, the real Alex Mercer, Cole MacGrath.
  • There are rumors that he is planning to usurp Kirby's position, suitably by eating him.
  • There was a one-time event where Yahtzee had somehow made a scenario where he and Cole end up wearing bras while in close proximity to unicorns. It was an event everyone wished to forget, especially Mercer, who now has a the voices of a million dead men on his brain laughing at him
  • When Cole MacGrath ascended into the pantheon, they have been attempting to settle their rivalry. However their fights keep getting interrupted by waves of enemies. The two soon begrudgingly moved on after they discovered they would never finish the battle they started.
    • Shameimaru Aya's most recent article depicted the two being lovers. Needless to say, the two enemies allied themselves together and had formed an organization that was victimized by her rumors. It took effort to prevent any destruction raining on Aya but she was still punished. Cole and Alex stopped hanging out after that event
    • Now the two tries to avoid each other unless they're there to kill mutants

WarMech, God of Mighty Mooks (Death Machine)

The Overlord, God of Expendable Mooks (The Tin Tyrant, Witch Boy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His spiked helmet
  • Alignment: Ranging from Lawful Evil to Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Bad Boss, Surrounded by Idiots, Obviously Evil, Mute Villains, Balance Between Good and Evil, Screw You, Elves!
  • Allies: Gnarl, innumerably suicidally-loyal goblin things, the mistresses,
  • Opposed by: Sauron, Fantasy Heroes and all Elves (particularly the more annoying variety), Mouri Motonari
  • As an avatar of Insert Name Here, the Overlord maintains tremendous power and an army of expendable minions both willing and able to Take Over the World only while being embodied. When Insert Name Here isn't around, Overlord's domain has a tendency to get invaded and overthrown, forcing him to reconquer it at regular intervals.
  • The Overlord maintains an impressive harem of Mistresses. It is speculated that Insert Name Here assumes this guise whenever s/he needs to seduce particularly villainous targets.
  • Some have questioned his villainy due to the fact that he's mostly slain evil foes and hardly any good ones (mostly self-righteous elves). It's been theorized that his role is to oppose the Pantheon of Good if they prove that Light Is Not Good.

The Colossi, Patron Deities of Giants

Millennium Earl, God of Nightmarish Smiles with Hearts

Snowflame, God of Cocaine

Luna, God/dess of Chaos, Change, and Voluntary Shapeshifting (The Silver Goddess, the Argent Madonna, the Fickle Lady, the White Navigator, the Two-Faced Bride, the Bloody Huntress, the Silver-Horned Watcher, the Walker at the Crossroads, and many, many others)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Five silver sigils representing the full, waxing, half, waning, and new moon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Moon, Dreams and Madness, The Wyld, Chaos and Change, Transformation
  • Domains: Chaos, Charm, Dream, Good, Illusion, Madness, Moon, Night, Transformation
  • Allies: The Unconquered Sun, The Five Maidens
  • Followers: The Lunar Exalted
  • Not to be confused with Princess Luna. Or that other Luna.
  • The Scripture of the Changing Maiden:
Once, there was a maiden...
...who danced across the heavens in a thousand shining forms.
She fell in love with a shepherd in a high meadow. He loved her back, but feared her. Who could feel otherwise before her beautiful horror?
But when he slept, she came to him in his cave.
She lay with him and embraced him. This bound her to him, but she didn't mind.
"The world is a dream, and I am not a maiden," she said.

Barragan Luisenbarn, God of Skeletons (Segunda Espada, God of Hueco Mundo)
  • Intermediate God (Claims to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His crowned skull-head
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Skeletons, Rotting people through age, An Axe to Grind, Badass Grandpa, Godhood Aspirations
  • Domains: Skeletons, Death, Age, Evil, Darkness, Time
  • Followers: Six Fraccion, an army of Hollows
  • The self-proclaimed rival of Nekron. Even though his power was heavily outnumbered, Barragan is still arrogant enough to claim that he will be able to take over Nekron's place. Judging from his power, he might pull it off...
  • Everything that has life eventually ages and dies. Even gods, with all their ties to eternity, fade and disappear. Barragan's domain is the inescapable mortality of age, he's the last song on Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Is extremely glad that he was given another chance to defeat Aizen. Just you wait...

Ghost Lady, The SCARY Ghost (Mysterious Lady, Scarlett O'Hara)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Theme Music: Uninvited - Dead
  • Symbol: Her REAL face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ghost, Nightmare Fuel with SCARY music, Devoidness of Flesh, Luring Innocents With "Hey, Cute Girl!" Song, Southern Belle disguise
  • Domains: Ghost, Scare, Evil
  • Followers: most Ghost-type Pokémon (the evil, scary ones, most likely)
  • Allies: Sadako Yamamura, Kotomine Kirei
  • Enemies: Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Once she attained her place here, she started scaring Gods shitless with the combination of her grinning skeleton head, scary music accompanying her and her hysterical laugh along with her psycho method of ripping people apart. In addition, she also gathered and converted many of Yuyuko's followers into her own.
    • Yukari Yakumo was very annoyed that she scared her friend Yuyuko. Very annoyed.
  • Thus far, only Kotomine Kirei could approach her without getting ripped away or fazed with most of her repertoire, since she learned that trick from Kotomine.
  • Her most prominent victim thus far in the Pantheon has been Ragna the Bloodedge. Upon encountering her, he immediately froze in place for a few seconds, then immediately collapsed to the floor like a toppled statue, having suffered the equivalent of 10 heart attacks at once. To nobody's surprise, it was none other than Terumi who was behind their encounter, and to further add insult to injury, he secretly placed an MP3 player with the Ghost Lady's theme set on repeat and maximum volume next to Ragna's hospital bed, which caused him to immediately wake up from his coma screaming at the top of his lungs.

Casper, The Friendly Ghost (Casper The Friendly Ghost, Casper McFadden)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His friendly face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ghosts, The Woobie, Embarrassing Middle Name, Slave to PR
  • Domains: Ghost, Friendship, Good
  • Followers: Slimer (Ghostbusters), Jacob Marley (A Christmas Carol)
  • Allies: Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Enemies: The Ghost Lady. And apparently, The Nostalgia Critic
  • Rose in prominence after Yuyuko's Freak Out towards the Ghost Lady. Casper now gathers all the 'good' former follower of Yuyuko and stand to oppose the Ghost Lady for freaking out his friend. Even though he's usually not into violence.
  • Apparently thinks that the way to befriend The Nostalgia Critic is to annoy the hell outta him. He also survived the Critic's ghost-bust on him, and it seems that it just deepens their relationship...

Mars, Deity of Hive Minds

The True Fae, Collective Deities of the Fair Folk (the Gentry, the Masters, the asshats who dragged me to Arcadia)

The Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders, Gods of Oversized Spiders (GIFTs, Spider)

Grandfather Paradox, Minor God of the Temporal Paradox and God of All Potential Evil and Despair in the Universe.

Hsien-Ko, Goddess of Jiang-Shi (Lei-Lei)

Scorpion, God of Spectres (Hanzo Hasashi)

The Slender Man, God of Humanoid Abominations (Slendy, The Tall Man, The Operator, The Administrator, Der Großmann)

Reuniclus, God of Mega Microbes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A green blob with things inside it (basically itself)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Psychic Powers, Mighty Glacier.
  • Followers: The Amoeba Gang.
  • Possessing a thin membrane that protects it's body, it can be found practically anywhere.

Leprechaun, God of Leprechauns
  • Demi-god
  • Symbol: A golden coin with a four leaf clover.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domain: Greed, Gold, Leprechauns, Ireland, Shoes.
  • Portfolio: So Bad, It's Good, Narm, killing people with pogosticks, getting enraged as all hell when somebody touches his gold.
  • High Priest: Hornswoggle.
  • Allies: Some of the Gods in the House of Commerece for obvious reasons. Also anybody who gives him a joint.
  • Enemies: Anyone who dares to even get close to his gold, anybody who has a four leaf clover nearby as well as Usopp and Dennis.
  • His magic powers are based around the ammount of gold that he claims as his own. Many servants of gods has tried to take away some of it in order to reduce his powers, but most of them has had to pay the price with their lives.
  • He became an enemy of Usopp and Dennis The Menace when they one day fired some four leaf clovers down his throat in order to stop him from going on a rampage in the house of Commerece.

Pazuzu, God of Demonic Possession (The Devil, Regan MacNeil, The Gemini Killer)
  • Theme Song: "Tubular Bells"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A statue of Pazuzu.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Domain: Abomination, Demons, Possession, Horror, Evil.
  • Portfolio: Demonic Possession, Exorcist Head, For the Evulz, Abnormal Limb Rotation Range, Cluster F-Bomb, Evil Sounds Deep, Split Personality Takeover, Voice of the Legion, Your Mom, Psychic Powers.
  • Allies: Lord Chaos, The Millennium Earl, and every demon in existence.
  • Enemies: The Black Order, anyone who is religious.
  • Followers: Stinkmeaner, Tadashi Nikaido
  • Gets a kick out of possessing little girls and insulting everyones mothers.
  • Invented the Exorcist Head, which has never been properly mastered by anyone else aside from owls. Pazuzu quickly told the Great Owl to burn in hell.
  • Has a hatred for windows and really long staircases, since that is the most effective way to remove him from the possessed.
  • He has also gained the ability to posses games on Flash sites and videos on Youtube. This has lead to something that he has become a master of: Jump Scares.
  • Even though he has a love for locusts, he still doesn't want anyone to bring it up. It's a Guilty Pleasure of his that can also be his Berserk Button if anyone mentions it.
  • He's not too happy about other verisions of Satan or Lucifer entering the Pantheon. This is mostly because that nowadays whenever he claims that he is the devil after having possesed someone, he tends to get the snarky reply of "Which one?".
  • In a stunning move, he lent his strength to a young man named Kaido recently, following his orders without question rather than possessing him. He revealed his true form in the process, which was NOTHING like what people expected: an extremely...not-frightening winged humanoid with a lion's head. When questioned about these bizarre actions, Pazuzu stated that the man's strength of will had caught his interest. It was so unlike him people STILL have no idea what to think.

Celty Sturluson, Goddess of Dullahans (Headless Rider, Celty My Honey)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess once she regains her head)
  • Symbol: Her yellow kitty helmet with a scythe made out of shadows.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Faerie, Cuteness, Adorability, Biker Babe, Clumsiness, Cool Big Sis, Dark Is Not Evil, My Horse Is a Motorbike, Sinister Scythe.
  • Domains: Darkness, Shadows, Fairies, Motorbikes, Video Games.
  • Allies: Her Headless Horse Shooter, Heiwajima Shizuo, Tomoe Mami, Ragna the Bloodedge, Carl & Ada Clover.
  • Odd Friendship with: Saber
  • Enemies: The Trollkaiger (especially Izaya Orihara)
  • She enjoys having tea with her fellow Goddess Tomoe Mami while they talk about their heads.
  • She hopes that her boyfriend Kishitani Shinra would soon join the Pantheon, so that they could be together forever.
  • Taking note of Izaya in the Pantheon, Celty takes extra careful steps to not approach him. The Slender Man also makes her uneasy.
  • Avoids houses of anyone affiliated with space aliens. The last time she did that she let out a loud girly scream and it embarrasses the hell out of her. Also doesn't like traffic cops either, so she avoids the House of Travel as well.
  • As much as she would like to share a drink or two in her House with Ragna, his fear of ghosts and the fact that the House of Otherness is associated with ghosts prevents that from happening. She does have a much better time being with Carl & Ada Clover, though.

Father, God of Homonculi. (Homunculus, The Dwarf in The Flask))

The Undertaker, God of Wrestling Monsters (The Demon of Death Valley, The Last Outlaw, Big Evil, The Phenom, The Deadman, The American Badass, Mark William Calaway.)
  • Theme Song: "Rest In Peace", "Dead Man Walking" during his American Badass days.
  • Intermediate God, but gains the power of an Greater God during Wrestlemania.
  • Symbol: A stylized uppercase T with an x going through the bottom. Alternatively, an urn.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though in the past has been Chaotic Good and even Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Not Evil, Our Zombies Are Different, being Buried Alive and Coming Back From The Dead afterwards, motorcycle riders (for a time), Unbroken Winning Streaks at Big Events
  • Domains: Death, Darkness
  • Opposed by: His brother Kane (unless they're teaming together as the "Brothers of Destruction")
  • Worthy Opponent: Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy
  • His job is mainly to collect souls and bring them into the afterlife, thereby making them 'Rest In Peace'. He keeps these captured souls in an urn and draws strength from them when he needs it, though in its absence he learned to draw strength from his followers as well. As a minion of Death of the Endless, he was assigned to collect souls from the WWF in 1990 along with manager Paul Bearer (himself a necromancer), who he later had a falling out with.
  • He briefly broke away from Death's control at the end of 1999 (after he was defeated in a brief skirmish with a man who had escaped from Hell and his brother) and regained his mortality, though after he was killed in a Buried Alive match by his brother Kane in 2003, Paul Bearer managed to pull some strings and resurrect him, essentially regaining his old position in the Pantheon.
  • Kane has challenged him for this position many times, and in 2010 with the help of Paul Bearer, Kane almost succeeded by burying him alive. But, like the several previous times he was buried alive, he got better, and Kane's powers quickly decayed once again at the hands of Edge.
    • However, Kane has finally ascended into the Pantheon and is willing to fight his brother for this seat once again. On the days they do get along, they become the "Brothers of Destruction" and anyone who is their target gets to be a part of their 'brotherly bonding'.
  • Even though Kane is the devil's favorite demon, the devil still addresses Undertaker as "sir".
  • During the time of WrestleMania, The Undertaker is known to be nearly undefeatable against any force. Many gods of the Pantheon believe that defeating him during WrestleMania will elevate them to the status of Overdeity. But as each year had passed, as each Wrestlemania came and went, as each challenger stepped forward, mortals and gods alike, as every trick in the book (both fair and foul) was throw at him, as close as victory neared itself towards Undertakers opponent, the results has always remained the same: The challengers defeated by the Demon of Death Valley, only to add more fuel to his dark powers. Until Wrestlemania XXX, where a man known as Brock Lesnar became the first man to beat the streak. It was said that when that happened, the Pantheon grew silent in disbelief and horror. Brock just asked whether that was enough to elevate him to Godhood.
    • Nowadays, Undertaker has semi-retired from wrestling in the mortal realm, and quietly spends the time in between Wrestlemanias in the House of Life and Death ushering souls into the afterlife.
  • When the sun is suddenly blocked out (or if the lights go out in whatever building his target happens to be inside) as the gong is heard in the middle of the darkness, one can only expect the Deadman to appear once the lights come back and for him to unleash his wrath on any nearby target.
  • Undertaker was once aided by Chuck Norris in a Casket match against Yokozuna where his godhood was on the line. The relation between these two gods are still unknown after the battle.
  • Despite his rocky relationship with his former manager Paul Bearer, Undertaker was genuinely saddened when he died. CM Punk then called him interrupting him as he paid tribute to Paul Bearer, and stealing the urn. Taker was not amused, going on to defeat Punk at Wrestlemania.
  • Has recently resurrected Gentaro Kisaragi from death—or rather a "different version" of him. Many think that it's because he's trying to prevent the alternate universe that came about when Gentaro was resurrected and has been trying to hide this story from Ryusei (since Ryusei killing Gentaro was the catalyst that caused everything to happen) and the other Kamen Rider Club members.
  • Smiled to himself upon learning that Jeff Hardy was in the Pantheon. When asked why, he told that the two fought in a ladder match long ago where his godhood was on the line. Jeff pushed him to his limit, and almost won that match, but not before getting the Deadman's respect. The Undertaker waits for the day they get into the ring again just for that reason.
  • Despite his stance as God of Wrestling Monster, Undertaker has some hilarious stories from his wrestling days. These include:

Ungoliant, Goddess of Abominations that Resemble Animals

Discord, God of Mix-and-Match Critters and Topsy-Turvyness (The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony)
  • Theme Song: Don Discord
  • Greater God
  • Symbols: A cotton-candy cloud raining chocolate milk; A capital letter "Q".
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Insane entities of godlike power sealed inside stone, Heel Face Turns brought about by friendship, Mind games and trickery, friendship with the most unlikely of beings, not THAT reformed.
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Manipulation, Trickery.
  • Allies: Fluttershy.
  • Enemies: Prince Charmles (for insulting Fluttershy).
  • Discord used to hold a title in the House of Villains as the God of Disproportionately Evil Villains in Light-Hearted Shows, but his massive power level associated to a tendency to wreak chaos led to his replacement and yet another petrification by means of the Elements of Harmony. Discord's position was taken by Zero, whom Discord himself admits is much better suited for the role.
  • Shortly after his second imprisonment, Princess Celestia convinced the Court of the Gods to release Discord on strict probation, claiming that Fluttershy could possibly reform his ways. Sure enough, Fluttershy was able to successfully forge an odd friendship with Discord, and is currently acting his moral anchor. The other gods are still exercise extreme caution when dealing with him, as without Fluttershy Discord would likely go back to his old ways, and many are not convinced that his reformation is not simply another trick.
    • Has made frequent visits to meet up with Fluttershy in the newly formed House of Friendship. Many of the gods there have asked Fluttershy how it would be best to approach Discord, but Fluttershy just responds, "Sometimes, we just need to be shown a little kindness."
      • To prove how serious his friendship to Fluttershy was that special, he once witnessed Prince Charmles openly insult her on how Fluttershy was weak and stupid, causing the poor pegasus to run away in tears. It took the House of Heroes and Combat to prevent Discord from going on a complete rampage, but he eventually found a way to get his revenge. Prince Charmles is now bombarded with pies raining from the sky, bunnies with giant slender legs rampaging him day and night and a giant cotton candy cloud storm rain chocolate milk all over his castle. For once, Twilight Sparkle agreed to Discord's ways.
  • A certain story has suggested Discord may have been far worse then previously thought. Thus far neither the princesses nor the bearers of the Elements of Harmony have commented on this.
  • Rumor has it that he has personally toyed with Jean-Luc Picard on multiple occasions in the past. Picard has so far declined to comment.
  • Shares a highly antagonistic relationship with Chaos, the God of Discord due the similarities in their names and titles. Chaos thinks Discord is an immature brat, and Discord thinks Chaos is too boring and serious.
  • The Spirit of Chaos shares a rivalry with fellow fan favorite and Spirit of Destruction, Hexxus. Discord thinks of Hexxus that his "parking lots and shiny shopping malls" are too boring, Hexxus thinks Discord's methods is immature and juvenile. The tension between the two has gotten more heated considering that the only person Discord currently calls his friend, Fluttershy, values trees and wildlife dearly.
  • Upon hearing about Jack Skellington's plans for Halloween, Discord decided to pop in and have his own little fun with them. Jack, for the most part, was excited to see Discord make his plans for Halloween greater than he ever imagined and has asked Discord for his help for preparations, and asks that he brings Fluttershy to help out with some of the animals there (and to ensure that Discord doesn't go too far with the preparations).
  • Alongside Kefka, one Yayoi Ulshade has gotten a whammy in finding out that Discord also sounds just like her her grandfather. Fortunately, thanks to Fluttershy, Discord isn't as malicious to her as Kefka is.
  • If Discord gets sick, he'll ask for a glass of water. And then it will escalate into this.

King Sombra, God of Evil Darkness and Crystals

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, He who Flips Off Horrors, Gods, Fae, Angels, and Fate itself. (The Winter Knight, Hoss, "Dammit Dresden", Pizza Lord)
  • Rank: Lesser God, formerly a mortal who forced his way in by sheer audacity, but ascending to being God of Magical Destruction after crashing the House of Technology. This had the side effect of raising his position here into the domain of a god
  • Symbol: A five-pointed star within a circle
  • Alignment: This really depends on how well his day is going, he tries his best to be Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Pragmatic Heroes, Anti Heroes, Badasses, The Dreaded, Full-Contact Magic, Good Is Not Nice, Walking Techbane.
  • Domains: Fire, Destruction, Magic, Knowledge, Humor, disrespect
  • Followers: Anyone that mouths off when they should shut the hell up is okay in his book.
  • Allies: Most of the other Gods know better, but a good chunk of House Justice will stand by him... usually. They're wary of his track record. Edward Elric also stands by his side.
  • Enemies: Several horrendously powerful creatures, usually on the evil/neutral side of the spectrum, who he's mouthed off too and generally disrespected.
  • See, he thought when he found this place using the Ways between Earth and the Never Never he'd get to be a God when he showed up... that isn't how it works. He shouldn't be so surprised, it's never how it works. Anytime something good happens he ends up half dead and the building is on fire and it wasn't his fault, although later he ascended as the God of Magical Destruction after crashing the House of Technology.
  • He spends a lot of time fanboying about all sorts of folks in the other Pantheons, most of them find it cute and step in to keep the other gods from squishing Harry where he stands.
  • Is not allowed near the House of Technology, because last time he was there he picked a fight with Dr. Robotnik... and won! Somehow. Oh he kinda broke the entire House, killed Optimus Prime (temporarily) and nearly was erased from existence by Lain until he swore to never return. After this display of his prowess at collateral damage, he ascended to be co-god of Magical Destruction with Nanoha.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, God of Man-Wolf Hybrids and Cool Werewolves
  • Theme Music: Howling Moon
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The pink ribbon that Rachel gave him as a gift, amidst a blood-red moon which has his crest etched upon it on his emblem.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Beastkin with Wolf DNA, Being a Badass Legendary Hero Who Prefers Nonviolence, Battle Butler with Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Canines, Butlers, Hybrids, Heroism, Time
  • Followers: Jon Talbain, Sajin Komamura, Z.W.E.I.
  • Allies: Rachel Alucard, Hakumen, Hayate Ayasaki.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Ragna the Bloodedge.
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover, anyone who dares to impugn Rachel's honor, Yuno Gasai.
  • Opposes: The Ayasaki Parents, Jacob Black (for being an uncouth disgrace to the name of werewolves).
  • Valkenhayn was once a follower of Hayate Ayasaki, God of Battle Butlers, and made a few appearances here and there at the behest of Rachel Alucard, for he shall always be available to tend to her ladyship. After amassing even more power after her deification, Rachel was finally able to fully manifest Valkenhayn within the Pantheon as the God of Cool Werewolves.
    • Despite common misconceptions, he is not a "true" werewolf (in the traditional sense), but actually a wolf beastkin who can transform into both a wolf and a hybrid form that is similar to the modern depiction of a werewolf. Hence the God of Man-Wolf Hybrids addendum.
  • As he used to be Hayate's 'Grandpa/father figure', he only has this one comment about Hayate's parents in the Disgraces: "I do wonder if they are spawns of Terumi that terrorized the poor boy."
  • Is the one who beats the crap out of Relius Clover to near death. However, post-battle, Valkenhayn noticed that the man might have lost his will to fight near the end...
    • It's also said that he lets Guile, Roy Mustang and Archer join in the fun, recognizing their intense dislike to Relius.

Alphonse Elric, God of Living suits of Armor (NOT the Fullmetal Alchemist, Al)

Paarthurnax, God of Ascended Evil Creatures (Ambition Overlord Cruelty)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An altar with Dragon language written on it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Mighty scaled beasts, usually mixing Dragon language with English, ancient awesome people, shunned despite making up for past actions, possesing a badass voice
  • Domains: Dragons, Shouting, Age, Wisdom
  • Allies: Dovahkiin, Talos, Arturia, Torin
  • Followers: The Greybeards
  • Enemies: The Ebon Dragon for reminding him about an enemy back in the mortal realms of Skyrim
  • Many millennia ago, he was the right hand man of a dragon who wished to enslave humanity and was responsible for many massacres. Now he is an old master of the Thu'um who fights evil dragons no matter where they might be found. He sits on the highest peaks of the Pantheon, willing to learn mortals and gods the power of the dragon shout.
  • He seems rather forgiving and understanding towards people who wishes to assassinate him for his past crimes, even if they turned out to be his own students. He even allows them to get a few hits on him without trying to avoid the attacks. Sadly for his assassins, they tend to forget that he only tries to make it fair for them before defending himself.
  • Black Bolt has been seen talking to him, wondering if he could teach him the Thu'um. There has so forth not been any words from Paarthurnax about what his choice was.
    • Arturia, on the other hand, has been approved by Paarthurnax to be taught, as he believes that she is Dragonborn.
  • On rare occasions when he leaves the mountains, he has conversations with Mario. Not many gods know what their connection is with each other.

Abel Nightroad, God of Crusniks
  • Intermediate God (Greater God should he ever reach his 100% Krsnik form)
  • Theme song: Kresnik
  • Symbol: his gun
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (leaning on good)
  • Portfolio: Crusniks, Shock and Awe, Obfuscating Stupidity (Normal), Artificial Human, Bloody Murder (Crusnik form), Dark and Troubled Past, Friendly despite having a very chilling demon form, Shoo Out the Clowns, Disturbingly calm (Crusnik form), Religious Bruiser,
  • Followers: none so far
  • Allies: Zuko, Sol Badguy, Alucard (Castlevania), Thor, Asura, Raiden
  • Enemies: Dracula, Alucard (Hellsing) Dio Brando, Kefka Palazzo, Yuuki Terumi, Edward Cullen
  • Ascended by going reaching 100% Crusnik form and fought Cain, but lost. This has earned him the respect of Sol Badguy. Not to mention, both had terrible pasts, committing depraved acts on humanity.
  • Abel is... A very weird example of a vampire in which he feeds on other vampires. This sparked fear in some other vampires... until everyone realized this only worked on certain kinds of artificial vampires. End result: Abel got the stuffing beat out of him by the more monstruous magical vampires that fill the Pantheon.
    • Likewise, he has no problem devouring Edward Cullen, but chose not to do at the moment. The other vampire Gods are more than happy to let him do it.
  • Once got into a fight with Alucard, mistaking him for another type of vampire. Alucard got off on it.
  • One may mistake his appearance for Sephiroth's. The two, however, are not very fond of each other in the slightest.

Talos, God of Apotheosized Man (Tiber Septim, the Dragonborn, Ysmir, Dragon of the North, Hjalti, Wulf, the Prophet, and a whole bunch of other names)
  • Greater God (potential Overdeity, assuming that he really is the glue holding Mundus together)
  • Symbol: The hammer-cross on his amulets and shrines
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (by his Nordic interpretation)
  • Portfolio: Ascension from mortality, conquering a whole continent, need for worship
  • Domain: Shouting, Conquest, War
  • Allies: Kratos, Madoka Kaname, Oyashiro-sama, Paarthurnax
  • Followers: The Dovahkiin, Heimskr, the Tribunal, the second Sheogorath, many citizens of the Empire, the Stormcloaks, virtually everyone on the A God Am I page
  • Talos represents all deities who started as man and ascended to godhood through their own methods, without the help of this Pantheon.
  • Though mostly thought of as The Good King by his human worshipers, there have been several controversial takes on his story, which portray him as a cunning usurper. He doesn't appear to say much on the whole deal.
  • Likewise, he keeps rather quiet on the status of the Civil War within Skyrim. Sure, he needs the open prayer supplied by the Stormcloaks, but, whether ruled by a Septim or not, the Empire is still his own.
  • As the Aldmeri Dominion wants to remove all traces of his worship, citing the "fact" that man cannot be god (though apparently elves can), Talos is forming alliances with all men who ascended to godhood outside the Pantheon just like him, whether they be messianic like Madoka or sociopathic like Kratos.
  • He owes his gratitude to Paarthurnax, who led the Greybeards that taught him the Thu'um. Likewise, he's more than a little PO'd at his former warrior-servants, the Blades, for trying to have him killed.
  • Even he finds Heimskr, his most vocal follower, a bit annoying.

Sebastian Michaelis, God of Demonic Butlers

Death Phantom, God of Liches (Wiseman, Nemesis)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Black Moon crest
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Undead, Mind Control, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Manipulation, Planets, Omnicidal Mania, Ruling through others
  • Domains: Death, Nothingness, Silence, Darkness
  • Allies: Melkor, Arthas, Nobunaga Oda
  • Enemies: Sailor Moon, Cosmos, Sakura, Fluttershy
  • A great competition was held under the watchful eye of Melkor and the GUAE for who would become god of the Liches. Although it was an impressive turn out, Death Phantom claimed the prize when he revealed his phylactery, the planet Nemesis.
  • The first assignment given to him by Melkor was to assist in the Reeducation Center, that his insight might lead others into crossing the Moral Event Horizon, as he had done for Chibi-Usa.
  • No one is permitted to touch his crystal ball, so don't expect your fortune to be told any time soon.
  • Plans to gain control of the Dark Kingdom and convert it into his new Black Moon Clan.
  • Has recently taken a great interest in Homura Akemi and senses that beneath her cool, emotionless facade and utter devotion to Madoka, that there is much torment and discontentment within her that can be taking advantage of. Quote the Death Phantom: "Such total, absolute love for one she admired but never really understood, it can lead to madness and the blacking of the soul. All it needs is just the proper push over the edge...."
    • While Phantom had the basic idea, his attempts to turn Homura usually ended with him shot at and driven off. Lucifer on the other hand fed off of Homura's fears of Madoka being in danger due to her position as Goddess of Magical Girls and head of the Sisterhood to convince her to steal Madoka's powers. Phantom is not too pleased by these events: he is no friend of Lucifer's, as the Chaos Lord isn't quite on board with Phantom's desire to destroy the humans under his protection For the Evulz.

Jack Skellington, The Personification of Halloween (The Pumpkin King)
  • Theme Song: This is Halloween.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Black Bowtie.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Good-Aligned Darkness Characters And Creepy Despite Of It, Energetic Goth, Loves Hearing Screams Because It's His Job, Skeletal People, Kicking Butts In A Tuxedo With A Cool Bat Bowtie, Horrible At Playing "Sandy Claws", Able To Use Elemental Magic, Big Smiles On His Face, Loving Creepy And Horrifying Things.
  • Domains: Curiosity, Holidays, Halloween.
  • Allies: Sora, Donald, Goofy, Edward Scissorhands, Nicholas St. North, Princess Luna, Nathan Drake.
  • Enemies: Pitch and Freddy Krueger, The Trollkaigers, OOGIE BOOGIE.
  • On Halloween, he performed a spectacular macabre performance that made the audience gasp in awe and in horror which also involved the use of Heartless who were going along just for the heck of it. Having this type of skill made the gods give Jack his own long as he didn't try to take over any other holiday (ESPECIALLY Christmas).
    • Stays in his Temple working to make each Halloween better than the last, going to the House of Knowledge and Technology for research. He's also seen in the House of Craft, creating his own macabre creations.
  • Has an uneasy relationship with Nicholas St. North, especially when North found about the time Jack tried to take over for Christmas. However, North respects Jack's determination and skills with the arcane and his use of magic spells.
  • Hates Pitch with the utmost of passion because he wants to terrify people with nightmares because he can, while Jack only does it for the spirit of Halloween and isn't so mean-spirited about it. Freddy Krueger is likely the only being in existence Jack despises more than Oogie: scaring is okay, mean-spirited scaring is cruel, murder through the use of fear is UNFORGIVABLE.
    • Hates the Trollkaiger just as he does Freddy Krueger, due to the fact that they love to laugh at the despair they make which goes against his stance on scaring people for the love of Halloween. The last time the Trollkaigers tried to troll him, it resulted in him creating such a Halloween prank back at them, showing why NO ONE messes with the Pumpkin King.
  • Tomoko Nozama squealed in absolute joy when she came and visited him and has decided to be his assistant regarding Halloween. He has also asked Oscar Diggs to supply him with fireworks and to teach him more about his stage magic tricks and also visits RL Stine, the Crypt Keeper and Rod Sterling for horrifying stories.
  • Princess Luna has decided to invite Jack to help out with her own festivities of Nightmare Night, because it's "fun being scared". Pinkie Pie agrees with that statement.
  • He once met Alice after a performance, and was interested to see her potential for necromancy. He tried to convince her demonic guardians, Belial and Nebiros to allow her free rein of her magic so she could help with his show, but was quickly convinced to drop the idea after being shown the devastation her shadow powers and her Night of the Living, Made of Explodium Mooks wrought the last time she was allowed to do so. She's still allowed to go watch his shows and cheer him, as long as he's careful not to let her get too much into the act.
  • Has been seen in the house of Magic more than once, learning new ways to twist mundane spells into fantastical and confusing abilities so he can use them to show off as well as fight.
  • Took him a while to realize that Oogie was in this very house. Jack Skellington was livid.

Kerrigan, Goddess of Hive Queens (The Queen of Blades, The Queen Bitch of the Universe, Sarah Kerrigan)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The Zerg Swarm Emblem.
  • Leitmotif: Ascension
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, can slide to Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil depending on the day she's having
  • Portfolio: Hive Minds, Alien Parasites, Strength In Numbers, One Women Armies, Attractive Monsters, Ruling Over Planets, Villains With Heroic Tendencies, Psychic Powers Too Great To Measure
  • Domain: Aliens, Hive Minds, Psychics, Power
  • Allies: Zeratul, The Tyranids, Mars
  • Enemies: The Borg Queen
  • High Priest: James Raynor
  • Kerrigan ascended in control of one of the largest military forces in existence, the Zerg Swarm, who number in the billions and are still growing, and is herself a very powerful and skilled psychic warrior. However, Kerrigan has yet to pledge herself and her forces to either side, mostly because after gaining her independence, she's not keen on submitting to an authority figure again.
  • Is very volatile and should be approached with great caution. While Kerrigan has mostly reformed for a force of good, she will not hesitate to murder anyone who sleights her with her own hands regardless of alignment, and that's if they're lucky. Otherwise...
  • Is a shaky ally of Zeratul, God of the Void. While they have a history of being enemies, her reformation and Zeratul's advice to her in fulfilling an ancient prophecy that granted her greater powers than ever have soothed the waters between them, and Zeratul is currently in the interest of protecting her until that prophecy is done.
  • Her alliance with the Tyranids is sturdier, since she completely understands their position. After all, when you've got billions of mouths to feed, sooner or later you're gonna have to invade a planet or two.
  • Despite the Swarm's similarities to the Borg, Kerrigan is an enemy of the Borg Queen, the brainwashing and lack of individuality personally offending her.

Demitri Maximoff, The Vampire Sex God

Vol'jin, God of Fantasy Trolls (Chief of the Darkspear Tribe, Shadow Hunter, Warchief)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Darkspear Tribe Emblem.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fantasy Culture Trolls, Shadow & Voodoo Magic, Leading A Horde, Troll Accent, Javelin Thrower, Care For His Men, Trolls Are Not Evil.
  • Domain: Trolls, War, Leadership.
  • Followers: Ja'rakal, Rhasta, Huskar
  • Allies: Thrall, Sylvanas Windrunner, Baine Bloodhoof, Lol Ranger.
  • Enemies: The Trollkaigers.
  • Rose to the Pantheon after helping defeat Garrosh Hellscream, and to everyone's surprise, Thrall appointed him as the Horde Warchief. Vol'jin thinks he's not worthy, but he'll do his best.
  • A lot of his followers occasionally switches words in his praise into "Vengeance for Vol'jin!"
  • A lot also takes note of his funnily weird accent. Vol'jin's reply is usually "Whaddaya mean what kind of accent is dis? 'Tis a Troll accent! I swear, ja makin' me crazy."
  • As he realized that the term 'Trolls' has been ruined with 'people who makes other suffer just for lulz and reaction', Vol'jin has an enmity to Bernkastel, Terumi and the rest of Trollkaiger. He says that "Dey be disgracin' de name 'Trolls'!"
    • He does however find Lol Ranger endlessly hilarious.
  • Due to just how different every kind of troll is, it is not easy to be their god. If they don't lack the brains to be able to worship him (like the ones in Middle Earth), they will outright refuse to do so in order to gather power for themselves (like the ones in Runeterra). Even in the realm of Azeroth, only the Darkspears are worshippers of Vol'jin while most of the other tribes of trolls are mortal enemies.
  • He along with Thrall be joinin da Pantheonic Rebellion.

Goliath, God of Gargoyles

Tak, God of Living Statues

Sylvanas Windrunner, Goddess of Revenant Zombies (The Banshee Queen, Dark Lady)

Mr. Scratch, God of The Evil Twin (The Avatar of the Dark Presence, The Herald of Darkness, Alan Wake's Evil Doppelganger, A Psycho)
  • Theme Song: The Happy Song
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A bloody razor surrounded by Darkness
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Doing evil just for kicks, Not afraid to be the center of attention,Avatar of the Dark Presence, Doing evil things because it's so sweet, living embodiment of all the nasty rumors that have circulated about Alan Wake,causing a certain someone to do the same day over and over
  • Domains: Darkness, Shadows, Evil
  • Allies: The Dark Presence, The Taken, The Heartless, Satan, King Sombra, Nightmare Moon. Randall Flagg, Xehanort, Angus Bumby
  • Enemies: Alan Wake, Stephen King, J.K Rowling, Tidus
  • People often wondered where Alan Wake disappeared to when he vanished from the Pantheon, then appeared a strange man in the Pantheon at night and that at first looked like Alan Wake but when people got close they noticed the wide grin, the dark malicious twinkle in his eyes and his bloody suit before he vanishes in the darkness
  • Mr. Scratch forced Alan Wake to stay in the Dark Place in a time loop that forces him back to the beginning when he ever reaches the exit of The Dark Place
  • When he is not busy keeping Wake in his place he travels to the Pantheon dragging his latest victims with the same amount of glee, laughing all the way to his part of the house, the only sound from his room is his theme and some screams (though they are quickly silenced as he likes it quiet)
  • When others attempt to say his name it ends up being drowned out by a burst of static or a scratching noise
  • He is also known to be quick to avoid light and light using gods as a large enough light source will cause him to disburse, it is quite time consuming for him to put himself back together from that
  • He often dances to his own theme when victims try and get away from him, he will continue dancing and as he gets closer he then stomps down on his victims making sure they never get away
  • For the evil gods that don't kill he tries to encourage them and gives out some helpful advice for what good simple weapons to use when needing to get the job done
  • He dislikes gun using villains as he often states that he doesn't believe that anyone can truly "connect" with people by using bullets
  • He also very powerful within the darkness, even more so if he is in The Dark Place
  • He is also quick to claim that he likes being here as the Dark Presence have a lot of friends in the dark place and once they get out they might cramp his style as he compares what he does compared to them as being a drop of water in an ocean
  • Is unphased by other gods wanting Alan back as he claims he has all the time in the world and beyond to deal with them:
    "There's no rush after all it's not a lake, it's an ocean, Ooooh!"
  • Decided that due to the annoyance of people wanting Alan back he decided to visit The Remedy offices to do a Super Effective Sales Pitch to shut the good guys up and impress the villains.
  • Likes to work with Xehanort and The Heartless as he likes the idea of eternal darkness taking over the realms of light, also has the same reasoning with working with Nightmare Moon and King Sombra.
  • Hates hearing about Tidus and how it is his story.
    "No matter how your story goes it ends badly, you don't get to change the ending!"
  • He waits for people to ask why he kills.
    "I told you I'm a Psycho!"
  • Is working along with Randall Flagg under Satan to help usher in The Dark Presence after helping Satan take The Great Will's throne
  • Has an ulterior motive with Satan, Wants Satan to make him a full being separate from Alan and The Dark Presence so that he can be a real person.

Satan, God of Fallen Angels (The Prince of Darkness, Lucifer The Fallen. Unholy One, Fallen Angel, King of Hell)
  • Theme Song: The Final Confrontation (In his original form), Satan (In his Stronger Form)
  • Greater God (Overdeity with The God Mask)
  • Symbol: The Devil Mask
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Return to Heaven and topple God, Fights with a blood red ornate spear, Capable of using Light magic, Capable of using dark magic, pale, white skin and numerous veins appearing in his face and body, Doesn't wear clothes, Corrupted The Lords of Shadow in to the monsters they had become, Capable of possessing others, Able to create black slime constructs, He can light others on fire.
  • Domains: Hell, Light, Manipulation, Fire, Dark, Magic
  • Followers: The Lone Power
  • Allies: The Beast, Mr. Scratch, Randall Flagg, Dormammu, Diavolo, Jack of Blades, Father Balder, The Kurgan, Mundus, Davy Jones, The Incubators, CLU 2, Yami
  • Enemies: Gabriel Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Simon Belmont, Alucard, Lucifer, YHVH, Zobek, Homura Akemi
  • He was the one that manipulated Gabriel's Quest through Zobek in order to obtain a powerful artifact known as The God Mask as it is the key to returning to Heaven and defeating God
  • He is not at full strength when in the mortal planes of Earth but he is still a very powerful magic user being able to use the strongest shadow magic and (surprisingly for many) strongest light magic, it allows him to create binding sigils of both dark and light magic, and gives him the power to summon reapers (less powerful aspects of Death in his dimension).
  • He can use them to great advantage often creating powerful barriers of both Light and Shadow Magic, any that try to enter with only one type will get forced back
  • Also know to manipulate the elements of any area he fights in, causing earth to quake, creating walls of flames, summoning fire to fall from the skies and using the wind to elevate him higher.
  • He has gained more power and it has allowed him to possess others and create black slime like constructs to use in battle.
  • Only known to appear with no clothes choosing to wrap himself in dark aura as he does not wish to do anything similar to humanity
  • He also refers to humanity as "monkeys" and refuses to believe that they deserve anything that God or any creator gods have given them
  • He despises gods that switched from evil to good for any reason often stating
    "You monkeys don't deserve redemption"
  • Lucifer, the REAL Lucifer, utterly detests him: he doesn't need some "poser" giving him MORE bad press, and in such a way that is the direct antithesis to his own beliefs. "Humans are mighty in ways Satan couldn't POSSIBLY comprehend. Fully unleashed, their power is beyond god or devil." The Great Will also issued a quick order: vacate the Pantheon and allow for his Satan, God's Judge, to assert his authority, or be sundered as so many pretenders before.
    • Satan gives Lucifer no respect in turn as he feels that any being with such power wasting their time on "those monkeys" are foolishly naïve and believes when he returns to Earth he will show that it is his Divine Right to be their ruler. As for the Great Will's posturing, he merely cackled and dared him to make his move.
  • He despises every other creator gods wishing to topple them next after defeating and taking control of Heaven from his father.
    "Oh false creation gods! I come for you... Before the end YOU will all bow down to ME!"
  • Also is know to be manipulating other evil gods through endowing them with a vast amount of knowledge and power, and implanted the idea to use his elaborate plans to obtain his goals as he did with Zobek, who he has chosen is something only he knows as he wants to create a faction that will help his dark plans in The Pantheonic Rebellion and it is known as The Usurper Faction.
  • He also claims that he will take the Great Will's throne when The Pantheonic Rebellion happens.
  • Even though he loathes humanity he has found an interest in Draco Malfoy, for reasons even he cannot explain
  • Also has shown in interest in Homura Akemi after her actions in "The Great Upheaval" he only claims one thing to her "So...the supposed Gods of Good have abandoned you, too? So be it. Join me. I will love you more than them." He received a round of buckshot to the face in response. Homura has no interest in joining Satan and harming the humans Madoka so loves.
    • He then merely swiped away the smoke from his face, spat out a pellet and walked away disappointed. "The other Gods do not love you, they will let your beloved die!" he snarled over his shoulder.
  • He often appears to Madoka at times, trying to persuade her to reclaim her power through her newly found Hatred.
    "Hate can bring you back, give you strength. Embrace it!"
  • Even though Gabriel destroyed it, Satan was able to rebuild his strongest weapon: The Demon Whale "The Leviathan" a beast with enough power to destroy the world in one blast. He has plans on using it to destroy The Pantheon in the event of losing The Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • Is starting to slowly regain his angelic power on The Pantheon to battle Gabriel, chainging his physical appearance to one larger and more muscular. He has regained his wings, and wears a thick armored exoskeleton.
  • He cannot currently enter earth ever again after the final battle against Gabriel as it resulted in the destruction of his greatest weapon and his defeat even with him taking control of the body of Alucard (Trevor). He has since vowed to strengthen himself like never before so that even the most powerful of gods become insignificant to him.

The Beast, God of Large Red Devils (Abaddon, Azal, Sutekh the Destroyer, Satan, Krop Tor, Lucifer, The King of Despair, The Deathless Prince, The Bringer of Night)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Red eyes surrounded by glyphs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Exists as long as there is evil in the hearts of existence, the mind of the Beast can never be destroyed,The Beast possesses telekinesis, technopathy and telepathy, It existed before the universe
  • Domains: Rage, Fire, Evil, Sin
  • Allies: Satan, The Idea of Evil, Melkor, Nyarlathotep, Nightmare Moon, Mr. Scratch, Randall Flagg.
  • Enemies: The Doctor, Madoka Kaname, Cosmos, Philemon, Kessler, every good aligned God/Goddess of the pantheon.
  • High Priests: Him, Asmodeous, Sargeras
  • Long ago The Beast was sealed into a planet orbiting a black hole by the good aligned Main House though unknown to them the mind of The Beast separated from it's body, and it was thought permanently sealed in a black hole by the actions of The Doctor but unknown to them Satan has used his future acolytes to summon The Beast here in the Pantheon and bind it to Satan allowing him to use it in his plans to battle Lucifer and The Great Will
  • Satan also plans to use it to secure The Great Will's throne when The Pantheonic Rebellion happens.
  • It hates it's position under Satan's control but begrudgingly follows his orders as it is thankful to be removed from its prison and will ally with Satan for now.
  • Though it wishes to bring darkness to all, it has shown respect for Melkor as it believes him to be something similar to a older brother wanting to work with him in his schemes.
  • One of the few that knows of Nyarlathotep's actions and watches with great interest, though it is quick to remind him that while he is evil formed from men's hearts, The Beast is what causes all the evils to exist in the hearts and minds of almost every sentient being in almost every form of existence outside of Melkor's main dominion. And that without it Evil would have never entered the Hearts of men in the first place.
  • Strangely supports Nightmare Moon's plans as it too wants eternal night.
  • It is known as inspiration for many War Gods and Devil figures in every religion in the universe outside of Earth.
  • Since it's arrival The Doctor is trying to work with many good aligned Gods to defeat it once again though it claims in return
    "I am The Rage and The Vile and The Voracity. I am The Prince and The Fallen. I am The Enemy, I am The Sin and The Fear and The Darkness. I shall never die."
  • Is able to control the minds of many mortals at once like it did with The Ood, one of The Doctor's allies.
  • Has been targeted by Kessler and Cole Macgrath for reasons that The Beast does not know
  • Agrees with Satan's views on humanity as The Beast treats human beings as nothing more than pathetic, fearful monkeys that are no danger to it.
  • To those that it possesses, he gives them the ability to breath in space, breath fire, telekinesis, when he reveals himself the body's eyes go red and glyphs appear on the person's face, these glyphs are untranslatable even by The Tardis.
  • It claims that even if it's body is destroyed it will never die claiming
    "The thought of me is forever: in the bleeding hearts of men, in their vanity, obsession, and lust! Nothing shall ever destroy me! NOTHING!"
  • It acknowledges that in its universe there is someone named Sutekh, it seems to be enjoy using the words of Sutekh as to It they sound similar, It has been caught saying to its enemies when called evil
    "Evil? Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the destroyer. Where I tread, I leave nothing but dust and darkness I find that good!"

Professor Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker, God of Dangerous Entertainment
  • Theme Song: Ludwig von Tökkentäkker's Big Top or The Baron's Airship.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Sign of Carn Evil (The Greatest Show Unearthed).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A Jet-Black Sense of Humor, Big Blimps, Chewing the Scenery, Firework Barrages, Gratuitous German.
  • Domains: Fun, Entertainment, Blood, Carnivals, Fear, Horror, Monsters.
  • Follower: Dr. Wondertainment, Arcade.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Santa Claus, Jack Skellington.
  • Tokkentaker is the master of Carn Evil, a horrific amusement park that rises from the earth when someone puts a gold token into the mouth of the skull on his tombstone. As detailed below, there are actually a LOT of gods who willingly do this.
  • Carnevil consists of four areas: Haunted House, Rickety Town, Freak Show and the Big Top, each packed to the brim with lethal attractions and gruesome "employees".
  • His right-hand head Umlaut usually follows the members caught up in Carn Evil, constantly taunting, trolling, mocking and rhyming. It even wants to become The Mascot of Trollkaiger: Terumi is...less than eager, finding the jester INCONCEIVABLY irritating.
    • Other employees often agree with Terumi as they often claim that Umlaut is a kiss ass
  • Tokkentaker himself usually spends his time on his zeppelin, observing the mayhem from afar. It's important to note that he's no coward, and certainly no pushover, however: not only is he protected by a skeleton crew, his faithful servant Umlaut, and an arsenal of fireworks, but he can teleport from place to place, and is a crack shot with a musket.
  • Tries to get good aligned members to enter in for a ride and many evil aligned members in as part of the show.
  • Carn Evil collapses upon the 'death' of Tokkentaker, and rises again with its master when a token is placed in Umlaut's mouth. A number of gun-slinging gods and goddesses have made the cursed amusement park into an impromptu obstacle course/shooting gallery to hone their skills, timing their runs through the gauntlet: Flynn of the House of Personal Appearance and Naoki Kashima of the House of Gaming are two of the fiercest competitors, seeing Carn Evil as an ideal place to try to outdo each other without causing any real damage to anything important. Homura Akemi was a frequent visitor before the Great Upheaval, but stopped coming afterwards considering she now considers her firearms superfluous. All this considered, the Tombstone isn't as well-protected as one would think. While it's considered extremely reckless to catch unwilling participants in the mayhem, and in good taste to warn everyone before dropping the token, most gods have no problem with people giving Carn Evil a whirl. Tokkentaker certainly doesn't mind, though he has admitted offhand that it's a bit irritating that people are approaching his masterpiece of terror so casually...
  • On the other hand this does allow him to test out a new experiment in case any visitors get accidently gruesomely murdered, the experiment being to cut out the person's brain and put in a gorilla with a machine-gun arm, when asked why he often claims
    "What better way for visitors to enjoy their stay then to become the main attraction!"
  • Has added The Infernal Train and The Ruin to Carn Evil to spice up his rides and create new horrors.

Fiddlesticks, God Evil Scarecrows (The Harbinger of Doom)
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scythe and a crow
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Pants-Shitting Scarecrows, Semi-Eldritch Abomination, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Bad Guys Using Dark Powers, Evil Laugh, Drain, CAWCAWCAWCAWCAW
  • Domains: Fear, crows, scarecrows, interpCAWCAWCAWCAW
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, Sinestro
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients (Radiants and Dires).
  • Fiddlestick's first appearance in the pantheon caused all crows in the House of Beasts to flock towards the temple of As Nodt. As Nodt was later found torn to shreds. This act resulted in the House of Justice to reevaluate As Nodt's position as the despotic god of fear. The Judge ruled that As Nodt's ascension was due to a single event, and he later proved to be ineffective, resulting in his removal from the Pantheon and Sinestro to be given the title of God of Fear.
    • Fiddlesticks was given the title of God of Evil Scarecrows when the currently non-ascended Jericho Swain stated "Think logically for one secCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW". This was attested by the already ascended Darius and Draven, both having served under Swain at a time, claiming that it's Fiddlesticks' fault.
  • After ascending, Fiddlesticks was given an invitation to join The Sinestro Corps, to which Fiddlesticks accepted for currently unknown reasons. Although Sinestro himself is more than Genre Savvy to prepare himself against possible backstabbing events, unlike that poor schmuck trying to summon Fiddlesticks last time.
  • While most gods are wary around Fiddlesticks, Jack Skellington appreciates his talents in scaring, and is in fact trying to find ways to incorporate his crows into Halloween festivities.
  • Is rumored to perform surprise parties, substituting his crows for balloon animals.

Prinnies, The Servant Race.

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