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The House of Quirks is a strange one as it has bookshelves that contain dictionaries of all the languages, specifically dialects, in the Pantheon along with many different signs of people in different poses. A P.A. was installed for important announcements, though it is mostly used by for anything but that. Most announcements are confessions from the Special Lovers Squad Divison 1 or the Lolrangers and Trollkaigers attempting to prank/troll someone.

This is also a place where most gods come in order to practice their Ass Kicking Poses, such as many Sentai gods, since everyone knows nothing is cooler than having a signature pose.

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The Transcribers

    J. R. R. Tolkien 
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, God of Languages (J. R. R. Tolkien, CBE FRS)

    Donald Duck 
Donald Duck, God of The Unintelligible (Donald Fauntleroy Duck, Paperinik, Maui Mallard, The Court Magician)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Paperinik or when with Sora and Goofy)
  • Symbol: His Sailor Hat; his staff (in Kingdom Hearts)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Good in Kingdom Hearts)
  • Portfolio: The Unintelligible, Berserk Button, Butt-Monkey, The Chew Toy, Feather-Trigger Temper.
  • Domains: Chaos, Suffering, Rage, Magic, Toons.
  • Followers: Most of Scandinavia
  • Herald: Daisy Duck (his girlfriend)
  • Allies: Huey, Dewey, and Louie (his three nephews), Scrooge McDuck (his uncle), Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Otacon, Carmelita Fox, Bugs Bunny (neutrally), Dimitri Lousteau, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Sora, Riku, Roger Rabbit, C-3PO and R2-D2, Tron, Ed, Numbuh Four, Jax and Daxter, Launchpad McQuack
  • Rival: Gladstone Gander, Daffy Duck
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Bernkastel, Izaya, Handsome Jack, Basco, The Joker, Team Rocket, Penelope Mouse
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Respected By: The Professor (who is just as unlucky as he is)
  • Though they bicker a lot, Donald is who Mickey would consider his greatest ally. They go way back. REAL way back.
  • Has become a favorite target for "Trollkaiger" seeing how easy it is to make him angry with explosive and hilarious results. Their initial salvo round of trolling began with Bernkastel showing him a kaekra shard where he is a poorly drawn psychopath while Terumi put images of the most vulgar strips directly into his mind. Izaya troll texts Donald's cell phone with the phrase "Gooby pls." Needless to say, Donald has currently asked several fellow toon gods for ideas on how to get back at "Trollkaiger".
    • There is one "Dolan" that Donald doesn't mind, however: Danger Dolan, although the Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies he exhibits in his Super Planet Dolan videos annoy Donald a bit.
  • He spends a lot of time in the House of Magic, practicing different types of spells. However, he's really not good at surviving being attacked by them.
  • In one universe, he has been able to fight against super villains, alien armies and space pirates with tech comparable to that of many gods in the House of Technology, proving that he might have some rather dangerous potential hidden deep inside.
    • And in another universe, it was discovered that he was both a detective AND a ninja who battled pirates and zombies. It is currently unknown how his powers can vary so greatly from universe to universe.
  • He's been known to have piano duels with Daffy Duck in the House of Music occasionally, which always result in violence and a lot of chaos. Such duels have since gotten the two banned from any pianos, but they both agree that their duels are not as chaotic (and deadly) as a certain starfish's infamous song.
  • Donald is said to have a terrible singing voice. When he once took part in a musical, Ariel was too love struck to sing, and Donald offered to take her place. Sora was quick to tell him off. Another incident was when he tried to perform a duet with Octavio, which caused a chandelier to drop on the audience and Octavio to remember the time he performed a duet with Bentley Turtle, which got himself beaten to an inch of his life and thrown in jail.
  • Donald is also known to be quite greedy, as evidenced when he visited the Cave of Wonders in search of a "treasure fit for a sultan" to give to the Peddler, as well as when Sora and Goofy thought that they would lose Donald to the curse of the Aztec treasure. Because of this, everyone has to keep an eye on Donald whenever they visit any place with loads of treasure.
  • If Donald is seen hiccupping, stay away from him, since his hiccups are contagious unless you have a pineapple onhand.
  • When Gleeber and Lunk were searching for candidates for their "Galactic Games", Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sora, and Donald were all chosen to take part. However, due to the incident at Castle Oblivion, the latter two were "unavailable" and replaced with Sly and Bentley. Donald would later confront the duo in what remained of their rocket and force them to be used as "dummies" for his magic practice. What happened to those two remains classified, but rumor has it that they were made into soup for Daisy.
  • Often seen as the Foil to Murray Hippo, in which they are both the Lovable Cowards of their respective trios who'd later lose their cowardice to help their friends, and are even drive the team vehicle. Of course, their style of battle is contrasting, with Murray relying on strength, and Donald relying on magic.
  • Got dragged into "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" by Sora when he promised Matt Hardy that he would find a way to restore Jeff to normal. Unfortunately the plan failed and, after only a few days, Sora was lost to the asylum, and his friends teamed up with the (then) Hacking Trio to save him.
    • Donald even showed off his "Paperinik" side briefly when he singlehandedly took control over Humongous. Too bad it exploded before he could really show off.
      • And speaking of the Hardy Brothers, Donald doesn't know what to say about BROKEN Matt Hardy or Jeff "Brother Nero" Hardy, other than the two are absolutely insane.
  • Donald will take on the form of a Mummy whenever it is Halloween or a Friday the 13th between January and Octobernote  (compared to Sora as a vampire and Goofy as a Frankenstein's Monster expy). He once explained that he hated being "wrapped like a Mummy" at first, but soon got used to it, and even found it to be fun. Also, during any Friday the 13th in November and December, Donald will taken on the form of a Snowduck (compared to Sora's vampire-Santa hybrid, and Goofy's reindeer-like costume), which was created from his willingness to serve as Santa's bodyguard.
    • Donald also has other known forms, often created from his own magic, but the only other one he ever took on in the pantheon is his digital armor. Most of them, he's willing to admit with pride, but he would not like to be reminded of the one time he was (accidently) turned into a frog.
  • Has probably the most expansive (or one of biggest, at the very least) job resumes in the entire Pantheon. While he mainly works as a coin cleaner for Scrooge (or whatever job Scrooge needs relatively free labour force to), with another fairly common job being working at a margarine factory, he has had ridiculous amounts of jobs over the years. Though most of them have ended really quickly, or ended in a disaster.
    • He once asked the Cutie Mark Crusaders for help trying to find his purpose in life. Unfortunately, this is one god the three fillies aren't able to figure out, but since the Cutie Mark Crusaders don't give in, they're determined to find a job for him.
  • Another defining feature for Donald is that he has one of the worst luck streaks in the pantheon ever. There have even been records of him finding 20 dollars on the street, accidentally tripping a bank robber who was caught by his lucky cousin, and HE got held in jail under suspicion with bail costing....20 dollars.
    • That being said, because of his rage, he often finds the most effective way to deal with his bad days is to power through with Unstoppable Rage.

    The Rock 

If you SMELL...what the Rock is cookin'!

The Rock, God of Catch Phrases (Dwayne Johnson, The People's Champ, Rocky, The Brahma Bull, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment, The Great One, Maui)