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Greater Gods

Majora, God of Evil Masks (Majora's Mask)
  • Theme Song: Majora's Theme, Majora's Wrath
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The mask itself wreathed in flames and shadows.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Wanting to consume everything, Treating its atrocities as nothing but fun and games, Dropping a moon onto Termina because why not?, Using the Skull Kid as a puppet for its schemes, Ancient relic to NEVER be trifled with, ruining countless lives for its own amusement
  • Allies: Yuuki Terumi, Cia (?)
  • Rivals: Ganondorf Dragmire, Jack of Blades
  • Enemies: LINK, Princess Zelda, Midna, Lana
  • A seemingly innocent, though disturbing, piece of wood used in not-so-innocent ancient hexing rituals, the true nature of Majora's Mask is that of psychotic and malevolent being that wants nothing more than to consume everything and bring about endless suffering. Just because it's fun.
  • Whether by forcing others to wear it or by enticing them to, anyone who begins to wear the mask will be granted incredible and terrifying power. At first, they might use this newfound strength for their own goals, but over time, they begin to lose sight of themselves as their most negative and darkest aspects are amplified, all the while engaging in petty and increasingly cruel tricks as the mask's influence slowly overtakes them. Eventually, all that remains is Majora's own will as it uses the host's body for its own.
  • Majora's ascension was heralded by the sudden appearance of its signature nightmarish moon in the sky above the Pantheon, which almost immediately began to descend upon the land. Knowing that the mask had appeared once more, Link brought Zelda and Midna with him to stop Majora as numerous gods and goddesses did all they could to halt the moon's descent. Though its efforts were inevitably stopped by the Hero, Majora's Mask still remains a dangerous and unpredictable threat to all who live in the Pantheon.
  • All efforts to uncover the origins of Majora's Mask have come up empty-handed, giving rise to endless speculation and rumors. Some say that Majora was once a mighty beast that resided in a timeless wasteland. Others think that it was an otherworldly being that came to ancient Hyrule during its infancy. In any case, what is clear is that the mask is easily one of the cruelest beings there is. It sees everything as a game and will do anything, from de-aging someone to a childlike form to trying to destroy the world with the aforementioned moon, just to sate its own twisted sense of humor.
  • Has NOT endeared itself to Ganondorf ever since the mask cheekily remarked that it found it hard to believe that a mere shadow of Demise could ever hope to surpass his legacy. Needless to say, the Gerudo King plans to show the mad god just what kind of power he wields.
  • Midna is particularly disturbed by the mask. It doesn't help that rumors have been circulating that her people may have worshiped Majora before...
  • People began to panic when Lana appeared one day wearing the mask, but she was VERY quick to reassure everyone that it was just a replica. Majora got a kick out of that, laughing at how terrified they were of a mere fake, but also declaring how the witch was going to suffer for daring to make a copy of it. Perhaps the next time Lana wears her costume, it'll really give everyone something to scream about...
    • Cia was later seen wearing a similar replica, but something seemed very off about it, leading people to believe that she actually was wearing the mask. Cia refuses to comment and Majora simply giggles.
  • For Terumi, it was practically Love at First Sight when he learned of the psychotic entity residing within the mask. What could be better than an insane god that only wants to spread misery just because it feels like it? Of course, he still plans to use Majora for his own devices. Likewise, the mask admires Terumi's cruelty and sees him as a potential new puppet.
  • Majora views the ascension of The Flood and The Gravemind as a wonderful thing, seeing a kindred spirit in the ancient being and wishing to ally with it to see how much FUN they can have. The Gravemind doesn’t share the sentiment, believing the mask to be far too childish and insane to bother associating with, though it has taken note of the amount of suffering Majora has caused and sees potential use for it.
  • Hata no Kokoro and Majora are to be kept absolutely far away from each other as humanly possible. There's no telling what kind of devastation that a Majora-possessed Kokoro could cause. One such disaster was barely averted when Reimu and Marisa subdued the mask after it attacked her when she tried to take a closer look at it. The poor girl was in shock for weeks and Majora now has its eye on making Kokoro its new puppet, if only for the irony of having the Goddess of Masks being controlled by one of her own.
    • As a result, a number of gods have begun to keep an eye on the two, lest the mask attempts to possess Kokoro again. Jack of Blades, of all people, has taken an active roll in warding off Majora from getting any closer to the goddess. He sees the mask as a threat to the vessel of the Queen of Blades and is doubling his efforts at finding a suitable vessel for the Knight of Blades to assist him. This isn't lost on Majora, to which it gladly welcomes this new game.
  • Has an unfathomable hatred for Hyrule's Golden Goddesses. If anyone worships or praises their goodness, it is one of the few times Majora absolutely loses it, ranting and raving that they are just as bad, if not worse than it is.
  • Aside from Terumi, the mask does not have many allies, if any. It gets along well enough with fellow Omnicidal Maniacs, but even then, they have to keep an eye on the mask in case it decides that it wants to play with them. Majora doesn't care who its tormenting; As long as it gains amusement from the pain and misery it causes, anyone is fair game.

Intermediate Gods

    Acena/Dark Grasper 
Acena, The Goddess With Glasses (Dark Grasper, Anko Isuna, Tail Black)
Dark Grasper 
Anko Isuna 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her glasses and the horned headdress of her Glasses Gear
  • Alignment: Working as Neutral Evil, otherwise True Neutral with Chaotic edge. Most likely Neutral Good as Tail Black
  • Portfolio: Girls With Glasses, Being Serious About Them, Girlish Pigtails, Human Alien, Dark Magical Girl, Evil Diva, Loony Fan, Chainmail Bikini, Badass Cape, Darkness Glaive, Darkness Whip, Chaosic Infinity, Idol Singer As A Disguise, Stalker With a Crush
  • Domains: Glasses, "Magical" Girls, Stalkers
  • Allies: Naka, Ryoubi, Ritsuko Akizuki, Sho Marufuji, Carly Nagisa
  • Enemies: Courtney Gears, anyone who would diss on glasses
  • Loony Fan forwards: Souji Mitsuka/Tail Red (might be allies)
  • A young alien girl who has a sort of obsession on wearing glasses. So obsessive that after observing that the "glasses attribute" was starting to drop due of less and less people started to wear glasses, she decided to join with Ultimaguils in order to spread and reserve it so that the Ultimaguils themselves wouldn't make it extinct. Yeah, we know.
    • Because of her rather loose reason to be evil, she was sort of laughed out of the GUAE, which she didn't care about. Since she's the Goddess of Glasses now, she doesn't need their help. And that she might become good in the future helps her abandonment.
  • It is best to never claim that someone looks better without glasses around her. She is not a slouch of a fighter with her Darkness Glaive and Whip, which she can swing inhumanly fast. And if she wants to get rid of someone, she can use Chaosic Infinity to trap them in a subspace which plays out their greatest desires. Only a strong will is able to break out of it, and only if they can see through the illusion.
  • She once looked at Homura Akemi during her school days. She says that maybe if her was longer, she would have pulled off a "brained twintails" look. And not had killed off Kerberus Guildy for wanting her to braid her hair.
  • She has a Transforming Mecha servant called Mega Neptune Mk.II (or Mega Ne as she calls her). She usually tries to tell people that Acena is actually rather shy normally and would like to have some friends, usually leaving behind stuff like her email address so that people can stay in contact with her.
  • Is surprisingly good of an idol singer. However, besides what you might think, she does not intent to use it to brainwash people. She just wants to use it as a trendsetter. That is why she dislikes Courtney Gears for actually using music for brainwashing.
  • Is rather disappointed that there isn't a goddess who shares her voice who also wears glasses. Besides Rias Gremory but they have bit of a bad blood considering that she almost took away Souji's love for twintails by kissing him. Though Acena says that she wasn't intending that to happen and was disappointed on Tail Red because of that until she got her crap together.
    • Though after some persuading, she got Ryoubi to start wearing some glasses occasionally. Ryoubi doesn't mind Acena (her breasts are small enough for her).

    Aku Aku and Uka Uka 
Aku Aku and Uka Uka, Dueling Siblings of Floating Masks (Aku Aku: Aku-Aku, Uka Uka: The Great Uka Uka, Uka-Uka)
Aku Aku (Left) and Uka Uka (Right)
  • Rank: Intermediate Gods (Goes up a rank when they are Invincible)
  • Symbol: A Box with either the face of Aku Aku or Uka Uka.
  • Theme Song: Invincible Aku Aku and Invincible Uka Uka respectively
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Aku Aku) and Chaotic Evil (Uka Uka)
  • Portfolio: Floating Masks, Witch Doctor, Cain and Abel, Expressive Mask
  • Domains: Mask, Magic, Voodoo, Good and Evil
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Majora (For Uka Uka. His brother considers it an abominable threat)
  • Enemies: Each other
  • The twin brothers Aku Aku and Uka Uka were once two powerful Witch Doctors whose spirits now reside in masks. Given his younger's brother malicious nature, he sealed Uka Uka in an underground prison in hopes of keeping him at bay. While he ended up befriending Crash Bandicoot. eventually taking care of him and joining him on his adventures, Uka Uka was indeed freed from his prison and decided to enlist the help of Dr. Cortex.
  • Both are opposed to the idea of sharing house and originally only Aku Aku was the one considered for ascension, but he preferred to have his brother around him in case he decided to wreak havoc when he was absent. Though most of the time they are very civil with each other and try to keep conversations between them as short as possible.
  • Given that they were Witch Doctors in the past, it's no surprise that Aku Aku made friends with Voodoo, Vol'jin and Nazeebo, who are also witch doctors. Uka Uka only found Dr. Facilier on his side, but even then the Shadow Man is terrified of Uka Uka given that he doesn't have fond memories about Floating Masks, but the more he obeys the mask the better.
  • They have the power to turn anyone invincible for a very short time, which the GUAG AND GUAE found useful. But Aku Aku prefers that his power isn't weaponized at all and tries his best in stopping his brother from doing the same. Fortunately, Uka Uka isn't someone to keen on taking orders from anyone, so for now he refuses to be the tool of someone.
  • To their surprise, they weren't the only magical masks that wandered the halls of the pantheon and they learned about the existance of majora. While Aku Aku is indeed horrified that such creature could even exist, Uka Uka on his part says that conquering or destroying the earth is his job and won't allow Majora to take all the credit.
  • Aku Aku became good friends with Hata No Kokoro after learning that she collects mask and she is quite impressed by him. She once decide to use him just to mess with Reimu, prompting Crash to chase after her.
  • Both once decided to settle their differences by making some of his friends and minions duke it out in a series of minigames. While the stopped doing that, sometimes they would use Mario Land when they decide to compete against each other.
  • Aku Aku has been fighting evil for many centuries and considers his duty to defend earth from evil. Given his connections to nature he is in very good terms with the House of Nature and can often be seen there with Crash.
    • Given his ties to the jungles, Aku Aku is not very fond of Mordremoth and for a very good reason. However, he has been careful about dealing with said dragon without proper aid.
  • Uka Uka is known for having a very deep and threatening voice, which has cemented his status as a villain. This has made him buddies with The Kurgan, who in a surprising turn of events also sounds like him.
  • People have tried to guess what does Aku Aku say when he is summoned. The most common answer would be "Ooga Booga!".
  • Courage is very scared of Uka Uka given his bad experiences with scary masks thanks to Eustace. Uka Uka would often mess with the poor dog by jumpscaring him.
  • Samurai Jack initially though that Aku Aku was just another avatar of his archenemy Aku and immediately set out to destroy the mask. However, Aku Aku was able to explain that he was in no way related to Aku and he actually reminds him a lot of his brother.
  • Sometimes they can't be seen looking rather differently than usual, prompting many to believe that they are actually two unrelated masks. Some may even joke that this Uka Uka lost weight.
  • Can also be found in the House of Living Objects.

     Albert Wesker 
Albert Wesker, God of Sinister Shades (Wesker)

    Futaba Sakura 
Futaba Sakura, Goddess of Headphone-Wearing Introverts (Oracle, Navi, HoneyOTU, Alibaba (alias), Futaba Isshiki (birth name))
Click here  for Futaba as Oracle
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her headphones
  • Persona: The Necronomicon (Base Persona), Prometheus (Ultimate Persona)
  • Theme Song: The Days When My Mother Was There
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Bastard, Ambiguous Disorder, Avid Gamer Girls, Isolated And Withdrawn, Headphones Equal Isolation, Intelligence Equals Isolation, Navigators, Adorably Awkward, Badass Adorable, Born Lucky (Stat-Wise, Not In Life), Doesn't Forget, Tron Lines, Teen Genius, UFO Persona, Lovecraft References, Redheads Are Uncool, Shrinking Violet
  • Domains: Gamers, Introverts, Personas, Communication, Hacking, Curry
  • Followers: Justin Law, Ben
  • Allies: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Iroque, Usalia, Meowth, Miss Sakaki, Simba, Raiden, Butters Stotch, Nanako Dojima, Chiaki Nanami(both versions), Alia, Tomoko Kuroki, Sector V, Yuuki Konno, Jeremie Belpois, Joseph Joestar, Igor (somewhat), the GUAG White Hats
  • On good terms with: The rest of the Felines sub-house
  • Enemies: YHVH, Steven Armstrong, Lady Tremaine, Scar, Dr Sofia Lamb, Loki, Nyarlathotep (both versions), Manfred Von Karma, Love Machine
  • Futaba Sakura, born Futaba Isshiki is the daughter of single mother and prominent cognitive researcher Wakaba Isshiki. When her mother was killed in a car accidentnote , she became a shut-in. Due to a forged suicide note she became incredibly self-loathing, with the delusional subconscious belief her death would bring her mother back to life. Thankfully she was found and befriended by the Phantom Thieves, eventually coming to terms with her Survivor Guilt and learning the truth about what happened to her mother.
  • A member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a group of rebels who target the corrupt adults and authority figures by changing their hearts. That desire to change hearts led to Iroque and the Indigo Tribe to be interested in the Phantom Thieves, wanting to help out. The Kids Next Door are very supportive of their and Futaba's goals as their whole mission statement is to combat rotten adults.
  • A teen genius, she serves as the navigator and hacker of the Phantom Thieves. Like Alia, she is the Mission Control. Usually can be found communicating remotely in her room on the internet, or playing video games. She enjoys playing with Chiaki Nanami in the House of Gaming. A lot of people were suggesting she should play Splatoon, mainly because the female Inkling looks like her and they kept commenting the squid was no longer kid now.
  • A master at hacking. Through it, she's able to buff army wide attack, defense and speed(even all three), along with mana regeneration, warping out incapacitated allies. Her "Second Chance" allows a free pre-preemptive ambush attack. Her role as hacker and navigator leads her to be similar to Jeremie Belpois of Team Lyoko, along with the two of them both being awkward shut-ins.
  • Her Persona is Necronomicon, a UFO with green Tron Lines; the fact that UFOs are believed to contain aliens that monitor humanity yet rarely intervene led people to suspect that Nyarlathotep had returned. So far, he hasn't. His Cthulhu Mythos counterpart was very interested in the idea of changing peoples' hearts, and plans to bring men to madness by manipulating the Phantom Thieves. Her ultimate Persona is Prometheus, the Titan of Classical Mythology who's said to have given mankind fire and been strapped to a mountain by Zeus for this, forever having an eagle peck at his liver.
  • As the first of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (alongside Morgana) to ascend; she was also the first to discover that her thief outfit can also manifest in the real world, particularly if she feels a threat on her life is imminent. She also found out she can transform her clothes into that outfit whenever she wills it to, particularly when summoning her Persona for providing intel (or even as a quick aerial escape). As more and more of her fellow members ascend, she's quick to inform them of this tidbit.
  • Very similar to Usalia. The two are curry freaks, with a signature curry dish being a Tragic Keep Sake of a dead parent. The death of their parent/s gave them a self-loathing complex that they eventually recovered from, they were in a pursuit of vengeance against her parents' killers, and share a status as Everyone's Baby Sister. To the surprise of nobody, they became great friends upon meeting each other.
  • She is really fond of cats, and makes semi-regular trips to the Felines sub-house. Ended up meeting Miss Sakaki there and bonded over their awkwardness when it comes to trying to be social, and Simba over dealing with and recovering from guilt over their parents' death. She's also a fan of the Tokusatsu show Phoenix Ranger Featherman R.
  • Opposes YHVH as He is an ultimate representation of corrupt authoritarian figures, and the SMT equivalent to Yaldabaoth . Lucifer was amused by all this, and has given them an invitation to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos because they slayed the Demiurge with Satanael , however she isn't interested.
  • While she has overcome her issues with her mother, she still hates evil moms like Lady Tremaine and Dr Sofia Lamb. Scar repulses her to due making Simba think he accidentally killed his father when in reality it was Scar. Though recovering from a lot of her guilt complex, she still knows what it's like to have it and as such sympathizes with Raiden. Is also sympathetic towards Butters due to his own sense of guilt around his parents.
  • She doesn't like Loki either due to both being the Persona and similar in personality to the Traitor aka Goro Akechi, and Manfred Von Karma for manipulating the legal system like Masayoshi Shido, the man who falsified her mother's suicide note among other crimes, did. Her hatred for Shido leads her to hate Steven Armstrong due to being a lot like him; a highly nationalistic politician with a bulky form that lead the primary antagonistic force for the sake of getting elected as leader of the country. That being said Senator Armstrong respects their Chaotic Good goals and what he also sees as political corruption, while they admit that as bad as he is Shido is worse.
  • Said to sound like Tatsumaki and Yuuki Konno. She pities the latter due to her sickness, and being forced to be active in virtual reality. When speaking English she sounds like Gaea in her Smite incarnation and Ren Gyokuen, which she's a lot less happy with.
  • Despite sounding like Madoka Kaname, she looks a lot like Homura Akemi prior to her Cynicism Catalyst asides from having a different hair color. Her inner demons of self-loathing, suicidal tendencies and PTSD is more like the current Homura however.
  • Joseph Joestar noticed they shared a few similarities. Both were associated with the arcana of the Hermit, both played more of a support role and both are geeks. The two became friends upon getting to know each other and like to play video games together.

    Hata no Kokoro 
Hata no Kokoro, Goddess of Masks (The Expressive Pokerface)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: One of her 66 masks depending on her mood.
  • Theme Music: Lost Emotion
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being a Living Collection of Masks, Which Grant Her Powers, Showing no Emotions Yet Having Unstable Emotions, Controlling Other People's Emotions, Fighting with Dances, Paper Fans and Naginatas, The Comically Serious.
  • Domains: Masks, youkais, Emotions, Noh theater
  • Followers: Happy Mask Salesman
  • Allies: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, The Toa Nuva, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Murakumo, Yumi
  • Enemies: Tobi, Koishi Komeiji (?)
  • A menreiki who came to being from a collection of 66 masks. After she lost one of them (The Mask of Hope), she caused an incident in her home realm what was dealt with shortly. After she calmed down, she decided to completely end it by beating up all who got involved in it, including Reimu who had backup.
  • The position of God of Masks was originally held by Tobi, but after people found out about who Tobi really was and got kicked to the Fallen as the result, Kokoro was allowed to take his spot in the Pantheon.
  • Even though she has 66 masks, most of them are unknown. Some gods wonder if some of the masks belong to other people and want to give her masks just to see what will happen. Of course, GUAE plan on giving masks from evil gods like Jason's hockeymask. As such, she is not allowed to accept masks from just any one.
  • Kokoro is not allowed to enter House of Emotions because of her somewhat unstable emotions and ability to control emotions. This is especially with No Face, which Kokoro would be attracted to due of being a mask what feeds on emotions.
    • Aside of that, there have been few experiments with her regarding some of the gods in there. One of the notable ones were with Excalibur, with him being unable to make Kokoro to change her expression because she had made a mask specifically for the occasion the two would meet.
    • However, she is more than welcome to enter House of Theater due of her Noh performances.
  • Kokoro met with Paul London and Brian Kendrick, who love to wear masks when in the ring. She likes their energetic personalities and masks, and Paul and Brian hang out with her and share ideas for their own masks.
  • Where having her wear just any mask is bad, having others wear her masks just like that is also bad. One time, a girl called Murakumo took her hannya mask once her own got stolen by Handsome Jack. Unfortunately, the said mask represents anger, what lead Murakumo deliver extreme cleaver revenge on Jack. After she was done, Kokoro managed to knock the mask right off her face, and to make sure she doesn't try to wear it again, she wore Murakumo's own mask to talk to her. They became friends after that.
  • Has recently been known to gone around asking people 'Am I pretty?'. Note that saying "yes" won't save you, and saying no will guarantee you to be beaten up by other gods as well. Turns out that one of her masks is scratched, causing her slit-mouthed woman act make her think that she really is the slit-mouthed woman.

    Jack of Blades 
Jack of Blades, God of Malicious White Mask Wearers (The Hero of Heroes, Xiro)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Mask and The Sword of Aeons
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The most feared person in Albion, Villain with Good Publicity, Body-snatching via his mask, Agelessness, stretching back LONG before the dawn of man.
  • Domains: Void, Chaos, Magic, Will, Skill, Strength, Masks, Possession
  • Allies: Satan, Mr. Scratch, The Beast, Sauron, Melkor, Maleficent
  • Enemies: The Hero of Oakvale, Theresa, The Hero of Brightwall, Dovahkiin, Ryu Hayabusa
  • Was the one to cause the events that almost destroyed Albion; he attempted to open The Void, which would allow him to unleash the monsters into the realm so that he could rule the world.
  • He did this in the past but was defeated by a hero named William Black who destroyed his physical form and stole his weapon The Blade of Aeons.
  • He is currently attempting to reclaim The Sword of Aeons as it has been hidden from him.
  • He would also be the one that drove Theresa to build the Tattering Spire to combat corruption from his very sword, which infected the land and formed into The Crawler and The Corrupter that would attempt to destroy Albion in the near future.
  • Is often seen with the mask on and rarely takes it off as it is what is left of his soul and can use it to take the bodies of others.
  • He can alter the tone of his voice. When he is manipulating people or striking up conversation he has a very relaxed and quiet yet smug and creepy tone, and when he decides to be serious or when he feels it is needed to intimidate it becomes deep and monstrous.
  • Tried to have a nice conversation with Hata no Kokoro and even went as far as to offer one of the masks that he carries with him. The reason for this is he sees her as a suitable vessel for The True Queen of Blades
  • He is indifferent of his counterpart Kane, though he seems to see him as a good replacement if this old body breaks down.
  • Is respectful to Kerrigan and will even help her if the situation calls for it, but thinks that she is not The True Queen of Blades that he serves.
  • He is also known to have a Dragon Form. He is smug to The Dragonborn, often claiming that as a creature of The Void he is not something The Dragonborn can slay.
  • Ryu Hayabusa has attacked him in the past, as Jack reminds him of "The Regent of The Mask". Jack is getting tired of these attacks and has put him as the first to fall when he reclaims the Sword of Aeons.
  • Is interested in Tobi even if he is in The Fallen/Purgatory. He thinks that he would be a good Knight of Blades
  • Has learned about a hero doll made for him and to the surprise of some he is greatly amused by it deciding to keep it for himself.
  • He now works with Satan to try and reopen The Void into the Pantheon and take the Great Will's Throne.
  • "I have returned. After an eternity away from you all, Jack of Blades is back!"

    Kane (Wrestler) 
Kane, God of Evil Mask Wearers (Glenn Jacobs, Issac Yankem DDS, Christmas Creature, The Devil's Favorite Demon, The Big Red Machine/Monster, Jacob Goodnight, Corporate Kane, Titan, The Demon Kane)
  • Leitmotif: Out of the Fire, Slow Chemical, Veil of Fire
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask behind a fiery background
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but verges on Chaotic Neutral on a "good" day. Lawful Evil as Corporate Kane
  • Portfolio: Huge shifts between characters, fire wielders, having the name of Cain and BEING the Cain to his brother's Abel, completely crazy maniacs, good guys with sociopathic tendencies, evil looking grins, the serious guy in comedic situations and snarking through them, strong and smart fighters, those who take crazy amounts of punishment, hamminess, evil characters wearing red and black
  • Domains: Fire, Masks (most of the time), Wrestling
  • Allies: The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan (during their Team Hell No days)
  • Rivals: The Undertaker (on a bad day), Edge, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Matt Hardy (Matt's still smarting over Kane marrying Lita), Jeff Hardy
  • Enemies: Pete Rose (don't ask), Daniel Bryan
  • Worthy Opponent: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, Clark Kent.
  • As a token of good faith, Daniel Bryan thought it'd be a favor of charity if he brought in Kane into the Pantheon. Kane arrived in a massive plume of fire, scaring all the child gods and causing them to flee in terror as he stormed to the House of Personal Appearance.
    • To say that that he was upset upon finding Daniel Bryan has joined the Wyatt Family could be considered an understatement. Then that changed into a Big "YES!" when he saw how Daniel Bryan whupped Bray Wyatt's ass.
      • He and Daniel are now at each other's throats after Kane tried to abduct his wife.
  • Once had to take anger management with Daniel Bryan. This resulted in a time where Kane was...nice, to put in perspective. The Trollkaigers had a field day for a while, doing what they could to get Kane to blow his top. The one time they did manage this, Kane brought out a steel chair. The results weren't pretty, to say the least.
  • Whenever he and The Undertaker team together (which is rare), WATCH OUT. these two become the powerful "Brothers of Destruction" and the two spend time "trying to out-do each other" when it comes to beating up gods that come their way. Then after that's over, the two start tearing each other's throats out, which by then everyone in a twenty-foot radius better run for the hills as they start summoning fire and lightning to murder each other with.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT talk about his love life. ESPECIALLY if one of the names is Katie Vick. It will NOT end well.
    • Another Berserk Button is the day, May 19th. It has some connections to an alternate self who is willing to slice other people open with a meathook in hand.
  • It was originally thought that his mask was covering up hideous burn scars from the fire that claimed the life of his parents when they were children, but when he was finally unmasked...turns out it was just smeared make-up underneath. It could be that his biological father Paul Bearer brainwashed him into believing he was scarred, but that's just one theory of many about his twisted past.
  • His character fluctuates a lot. One day, he's a malicious monster who set Gods on fire—he once did it to poor Jim Ross—another day he's going through some very comedic moments. No matter the situation, he's always ready to kick ass.
  • Somehow, Vince announced that Kane would fight Shaggy and Scooby-Doo as part of the opening for Wrestlemania. Bets were made that Kane would decimate the two, but surprisingly Shaggy and Scooby managed to win. Kane took the loss pretty well, the ones who lost their bets didn't.
  • Superman once encountered him, recalling a time where he fought a being known as "Titan". Kane was all too willing to give Kal-El another go, and the two ended it on good terms with one another.

Khârn, God of Pissed-off Looking Helmets (Khârn The Bloody, Eighth Captain, Equerry to the Primarch Angron, Khârn the Betrayer, A Pretty Fun Guy)
  • Intermediate God, but goes Greater God if his Berserk Button is pushed.
  • Theme Song: Kill, Maim, Burn
  • Symbol: His infamous helmet and Gorechild
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Trying to beat his best record daily, being unable to calm down, being a calming influence for Angron, killing every foe and ally he can in battle, HATING retreat, surrender, truce or peace, being the most feared of the World Eaters, destroying two entire legions of Chaos Marines all by himself, Lightning Bruiser, Using both Chainaxes and Bolters in combat, Terran-Born Unification Wars Astartes (From Siberia)
  • Domains: Rage, War, Killing.
  • Followers: The Khornate Berserkers.
  • Allies: Angron and Khorne
  • Enemies: Everybody else.
  • There were good news and bad news with the accension of Angron, Primarch of The World Eaters, to the Pantheon. The good news were that despite having decimated a couple of gods in brutal combat, he rarley leaves The Warp. The bad news? His best friend Kharn The Betrayer was accended to do some killing wile he was away. Since then, it has been widley accepted that where the phrase "KILL! MAIM! BURN!" can be heard in the divine plains, it is a sure-fire sign that Kharn is there.
  • An important message to all gods who tries to emply his services in battle: Whatever you do, DO NOT CALL FOR RETREAT/PEACE/TRUCE/SURRENDER ETC! If you wonder why, just ask the Emperor's Children and The World Eaters what he did when they had a truce for a few hours.
  • Just like his master Angron, he can appreciate a good fight and a proper berserker. Among the few people he sees as worthy opponents there is Cain Marco, The Angry Marines of Asura, Guts and Mogul Khan. Some even belive that Mogul might be an ancestor to Kharn for some reason.
  • There is so far only one creature that Kharn will not harm: cats. It is speculated that Anonnymous tried to lower his murderous tendencies through a series of experiments, but only managed to make him spare feline creatures. Sadly, Catgirls and beastfolk are not safe from him. If anything, they only piss him off even further.
  • For some very odd reason, there are people who consider Kharn to be a Pretty Fun Guy To Be Around. It's just that all of his attempts at having fun or making jokes involves killing hundreds upon hundreds of people on a daily basis, such as when he got his hands on a Commissar Cap and kept screaming "I'M THE NEW COMMISSAR NOW!!" wile shooting everyone in sight untill someone managed to knock the hat away from him.
  • Became even more pissed off than normal upon meeting Usalia. Trying to attack her made him look like a chump, for he did not expect such a wide array of defensive passive powers, not to mention her axe resistance making Gorechild nearly useless.
  • Unknown to most, Khârn has been in a 10,000-year long Villainous B.S.O.D. following a Loyalist's failed attempt to redeem him. His boundless rage and his penchant for killing fellow Traitor Marines is born from his inability to escape the truth that was forced upon him: that siding with Horus was wrong and that he could have turned away from Chaos of his own free will.

    Tohka Todo 
Tohka Todo, The Goddess who Takes Her Glasses Off When Serious (Raikiri)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Device, the Narukami
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Student Council President, The Ace, Shock and Awe, Iaijutsu Practitioner, Meganekko, Blind Without 'Em, Cute Clumsy Girl
  • Domains: School, Swords, Lightning, Glasses
  • Allies: Ikki Kurogane, Stella Vermillion (both are also Friendly Rivals), Haruka Kotoura, Fate, Cole McGrath, Pikachu, Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight, Satellizer El Bridget, Chiffon Fairchild, Mitsuru Kirijo, Yayoi Kise/Cure Peace, Mikoto Misaka, Erza Scarlet, Xenovia Quarta, Elizabeth Maybly, Tomoyo Sakagami
  • Rivals: Jetstream Sam, Raiden, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Odd Friendship: Ika Musume, Haru Ichinose, Murakumo, Ami Mizuno, King II,
  • Enemies: Basco, anyone else who harms children, Azula
  • She ascended after hearing how two of her rivals had ascended and heard how their plenty of strong opponents there. Of course she to find a title to ascended and it wasn't easy but managed to find a way in.
  • Of course many gods are intrigued after hearing about her exploits from Ikki and Stella how she curb stomped his formidable little sister and forced him to go passed his limits in order to defeat her.
  • She does have terrible eyesight. Her opponents are often rather confused as to how she is suddenly able to fight better. It has been revealed she has a Disability Superpower: her reverse sight allows her to essentially read the minds of her opponents.
  • Of course, many gods wonder how a skilled swordswoman such as herself is utterly clumsy outside battle, especially given the fact that she has such horrible eyesight without her glasses. By now, too, most of the pantheon has probably seen her panties due to her clumsiness, much to her embarrassment.
  • She befriended Satellizer and Cure Moonlight as they too tend to take their glasses off when serious. She also likes sparring with her fellow swordswoman Satellizer.
  • She also befriended other gods who uses electricity like Fate, Mikoto and Cole. She notes that her high bioelectricity content prevent her from using electric appliances. As Cole can attest to. It's noted that she should proceed with caution when strolling through the house of technology.
    • She also befriended electric type pokemon and is one of the few Humans in the pantheon who can understand them via Reverse sight.
    • She is most likely immune to mental attacks thanks to said bioelectricity.
  • Her signature technique, the Raikiri is very powerful attack and is one of the fastest attack in the pantheon as it harnesses the speed of Iaijutsu combined enhanced with power of electromagnetism. As such gods such as Jetstream Sam would challenge her to a Single-Stroke Battle. Not to be confused with Kakashi's Raikiri.
  • She also enjoy spending time with orphan as she was raised in an orphanage after her parents died.
  • She has also formed alliances with other Student Council Presidents. She also likes how some of them are also skilled swordswomen.
  • Haruka, and Yayoi/Cure Peace look up to her as she is powerful and kind also because they sound the very similar also the three of them are rather clumsy. She also formed a friendship with Ika Musume, Murakumo and Ami Mizuno for the similar reasons. minus the big sister thing.

Lesser Gods

Blizz, the God in the Hood
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A hooded face revealing nothing but the eyes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Bounty Hunter, Curious as a Monkey, The Engineer, The Faceless, Gadgeteer Genius, Glacier Waif, Improvised Zipline User, In the Hood, The Nicknamer, Pintsized Powerhouse, Third-Person Person, You No Take Candle
  • Domains: Bounty Hunters, Hoods, Salvaging
  • Followers: A good number of Jawas
  • Allies: Non-evil Disney deities, good Star Wars deities
  • Enemies: Evil Star Wars deities
  • Opposes: The Sarlacc, Boba Fett
  • Who should represent the iconic hood is a subject that was deliberated on for a long time by the House of Costumes. They were frequently drawn to Jawas, an entire species of hood wearers from Tatooine, and eventually decided that a Jawa would be ideal for the position. Despite the fact that they had narrowed it down, the question as to which Jawa to ascend still remained. Soon they would come to discover that they needed not look further than the one called Blizz. He was one of the very few Jawas to ever explore beyond his home planet, and unlike the others had much less of a tendency to simply run away from his problems. Not only that, but the little guy was also considered a tank, able to wield a rocket launcher that is huge compared to him. While Blizz admits that he would have preferred to have been assigned to a different House, he still showed little to no hesitation when offered the position.
  • After his ascension, most members of the House of Costumes eventually came to be thankful that he is very rarely actually seen there. They realized very quickly that Blizz isn't exactly the most pleasant smelling deity in the Pantheon.
  • Most deities in the Pantheon cannot understand Blizz without a translator. Because Luke and Obi-Wan can speak the simplified Jawa Trade Language, they often fill this role.
  • Blizz has nearly been banned from the Houses of Technology, Gaming, and Weapons several times. Though he has come close to receiving a ban, his offenses were just never considered severe enough to warrant one. They basically all amount to a few deities being annoyed when his curiosity gets the better of him and he finds himself unable to resist the urge to fiddle with various tech.
  • One of Blizz's current projects is an attempt to turn a Virutal Boy into something useful. The House of Gaming wishes him luck on that.
  • Blizz can often be seen cutting up with various Disney deities. Many suspect that he is attempting to get in tight with them in hopes of becoming an official part of the Star Wars canon.
  • At first, Alana and Marko, along with their close friends Nabi and Doki, were wary of Blizz. They assumed that, because of his profession, he was associated with the other bounty hunters that had been causing them trouble. Blizz insists that this isn't true, and for now, they seem to believe him and are on okay terms. The common misconception that Blizz is associated with Boba Fett has led the Jawa to dislike him a bit.
  • Though Blizz considers the Dominion of Tatooine sacred, being his place of birth, homeland, and location where many of his followers reside, he could do without the presence of the Sarlacc. While it is true that the Sarlacc is basically an animal that only eats to survive, he still avoids it at all costs and is not too keen on the Pantheon keeping another one in the House of Beast. He has tried without avail to warn the Beast Keepers of the dangers of keeping it in the Pantheon.
  • Do not try to take off Blizz's hood. He knows you're probably curious. Most people are, but he definitely keeps it on for a reason. Let's just say that you probably wouldn't be able to look at him the same way again if you saw what's actually under there. This has definitely made him a subject of interest to the Trollkaiger.
  • Blizz doesn't know how to feel when people tell him that he and the rest of his species sound like the Minions. Sometimes he wonders if he should feel insulted.

    Geo Stelar 
Geo Stelar, God of Special Glasses ((Star Force) Mega Man/(Shooting Star) Rockman, Subaru Hoshikawa)
Star Force Mega Man 

    Griffin (The Invisible Man
Dr. Griffin, God of Invisibility and Bandaged Faces (The Stranger, The Voice, The Invisible Man, Jack, Hawley)

    Hayate Immelmann 
Hayate Immelmann, God of Helmet-less Heroes (Haya-Haya)
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: Hayate's Seigfried
  • Theme song: Ichido Dake no Koi Nara
  • Portfolio: Helmets Are Hardly Heroic, Ace Pilot, Blue Is Heroic, Dance Battler, Contrasting Sequel Main Character, Deadpan Snarker, The Gadfly, It Amused Me, Military Brat, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Domains: Warfare, Flight, Love
  • Allies: Sheryl Nome, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Amuro Ray, Luke fon Fabre, Kenshin Himura, Aang, Batman, Superman, Yuuma Kousaka, Kira Yamato, Setsuna F. Seiei, Kallen Kozuki, Banagher Links, Ichika Orimura, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mordecai and Rigby
  • Enemies: Deities who enjoy killing.
  • Stays away from: The house of Felines
  • Odd Friendship: The Strike Witches, 765 Pro.
  • Before joinging Delta Squadron, Hayate was travelling from planet to planet, trying all kinds of jobs because he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. Not long after joining Delta Squadron, Hayate found piloting to be his true calling in life.
  • Despite how unsafe it is, Hayate never wears a helmet while he's flying because the A.I in his Siegfried frequently gets in the way of his flying. While this presents a hazard in the event Hayate starts to crash, it also allows for more unpredictable flying.
  • Hayate was surprised to hear Sheryl Nome, the famous Galactic Fairy, was already present in the Pantheon and went out to meet her. Needless to say, a friendship quickly bloomed between them and she gave him her blessing. Hayate even noticed some similarities between Sheryl and his friend Mikumo Guynemer.
  • Whenever he's in a fight, Hayate always tries to defeat his enemies without taking their lives. Because of this Hayate is good friends with Luke fon Fabre, Kenshin Himura, Aang, Batman and Superman.
    • Because of his no-kills rule, Hayate can't stand people who revel in killing.
  • The Siegfried Hayate flies didn't originally belong to him but actually belonged to a senior member of Delta Squadron, Messer Ihlfeld who had unfortunately fell in battle not long before it was recommissioned for Hayate's use.
  • As expected of a mecha pilot, Hayate has become friends with other good-aligned mecha pilots in the Pantheon:
    • Is it really any surprise he gets along with Kira Yamato? Hayate wholeheartedly approves of his no-killing rule and ability to show mercy even in the heat of battle. He can even keep up with Kira in SEED mode with his music Synchronization ability, allowing both to perform stellar moves.
    • Feels a bit uneasy with Setsuna F. Seiei, thinking him a darker, more serious version of Messer. Still, he at least knows he has good intentions and respects him for allowing humanity to be at peace with an alien race, a much better outcome than the whole Windemere fiasco.
    • Enjoys getting on Kallen Kozuki's nerves, but also sees her as a good friend and wingmate. The way he puts it, "she has Mikumo's voice and Mirage's personality."
    • Good friends with Banagher Links and Ichika Orimura, mostly because they sound like Messer, but he can also relate to them with their romance problems.
  • Hayate tries to keep as far away from the house of Felines as he can because of his allergies, so some of deities enjoy pranking Hayate by leaving cat fur on his clothes.
    • Something that baffles a lot of deities though is that Hayate gets allergic to anything that has cat-like features, regardless of whether it has fur or not.
  • Recently, Hayate's been seen training with the ascended Star Fox crew as they're good practice for when Hayate is in a Old-School Dogfight.
    • He can also sympathize with Fox given their mutual experiences with Disappeared Dads. James McCloud sacrificed his life to save Peppy Hare from Andross, much like Wright Immelmann detonated a bomb to save the planet Windemere, at the cost of his own life and reputation. Both pilots have come out stronger for it and resolved to keep flying.
  • Hayate's often been seen getting along well with the Strike Witches due to all of them being inspired by real fighter pilots.
  • One time when Hayate went to the house of Power, it didn't take long before Hayate became friends with fellow mech pilot Yuuma Kousaka, but the fact that every time Yuuma says something, he sounds like Hayate weirds him out.
  • Formed a good friendship with fellow like-named deities Hayate Ayasaki and Hayate Yagami.
  • Given his carefree attitude, it's no surprise he gets along swimmingly with Sonic the Hedgehog, Mordecai and Rigby. You are likely to find them playing video games, eating junk food or fighting evil deities.
  • Also present in the House of Heroic Appearances.

    Justice (Afro Samurai
Justice, God of The Martial Arts Headband (The Number One, The Three Armed Gunman)
  • Theme: The Movement, Come On!, and Afro Fight Groove 5
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Number One Headband wrapped around his hat
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio:Using unlimited power to bring about ultimate peace, To become God when God has failed,Doings evil actions to rid the world of conflict, A well trained revolver user, being diced was not enough to kill him, Doing harm to the few to save the world that has become lost in violence
  • Domains: Peace, Justice, Holy, Order
  • Allies: Funny Valentine, Nikolai Bulygin
  • Enemies: Afro Samurai, Anyone that has the Number Two Headband
  • It may seem strange to many that a man with the goal of becoming God choses this position but what few realize is that having The Number One Headband makes you the best fighter in the world in his universe and that it is the beginning step to true godhood.
  • He took this position to try and gain all of his world's headbands so that he can become powerful enough to rid the multiverse of conflict, and this will allow everyone young and old to live in tranquility.
  • He dislikes the other gods that have the power to rid the multiverse of conflict but only use it for selfish reasons: "I believe it's a sin not to rule the world if you've been blessed with the strength!"
  • He claims that the multiverse is lost and that all the violence and killing are never going to end if the higher powers that be will do nothing to help their worlds, then he will become God when the gods have failed.
  • If The Number Two ever reach the throne room of the Number One or if any other gods attempt to visits him they will see a decrepit shriveled Justice sitting on his throne, do not let this fool you as with a bit of blood which causes steam to rise from him as the blood fills out his veins and he regenerates to his prime
  • He is very skilled gunslinger often catching others off guard with the speed of his shots, he is quite fast being able to dodge the fastest of slashes and is able to parry blades with his revolvers, and if push comes to shove and people enter his personal space he has a third arm under his cape with a sizeable dagger capable of decapitation which is what he used to kill Afro's father.
  • He is also shown to be in control of the throne room to some degree as he is able to grow tree like arms, teleportation, extending his legs, as well as generating several spikes to spring up and impale those in his throne room, a warning to all those that have The Number Two Headband and wish to fight him.
  • Often seems to try and empathize with revenge seekers "That moment will always haunt you" but that quickly is discredited with his deep maniacal laughter.
  • If they take offense and try to attack, they are quickly told they cannot challenge him without The Number Two Headband, though he is ready to fight them. "Find it and challenge me when you're ready to duel a god" he will then deeply smoke his cigarette and laugh even harder as he makes his back to The Throne Room of The Number One.
  • He also dislikes people making big deals out of any battle that does not bring ultimate peace as to him their little battles are nothing but a sea spray of blood in the endless ocean of the world.
  • Has learned of Afro's ascent into the pantheon and is readying himself for the battle. His throne room already filled with all other headband fighters that have confronted him impaled by spikes around his throne. He now needs only one more headband and he will gain the power of God and rid the world of the chaos that has infected his world.

    Marcus Fenix 
Marcus Fenix, God of Bandanas
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His do-rag, his tattoo (Crimson Omen with crossed Lancers).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: The Atoner, Badasses Wear Bandanas, Beware the Quiet Ones, Blue Blood, Covered with Scars, Cultured Warrior, Death Glare, Do-Anything Soldier, Good Is Not Nice, Guttural Growler, Hope Bringer, Hurting Hero, Lantern Jaw of Justice, Made of Iron, Military Brat, Military Maverick, Perpetual Frowner, Undying Loyalty, Fears dogs
  • Domains: Law, Good, Loyalty, War, Nobility
  • Followers: Ryoga Hibiki, May, Frank Woods,
  • Allies: Damon Baird, Isaac Clarke, Master Chief, Doomguy, Zidane Trival, Commander Shepard, Solid Snake, Will Turner
  • Rivals: Jack Cayman
  • Enemies: General RAAM, Bowser, Bowser Jr., The Koopalings, Colonel Mael Radec, General Shepard
  • Respects: Bandana Waddle Dee
  • Nervous Around: Any and all canine deities of the Pantheon
  • Once the God of Chainsaws, he was discharged from the Pantheon when it was discovered he used too many other weapons to qualify for the title. After some years on reflection, the Court of the Gods determined he was a decorated, not just for his loyalty to his crew but also for wearing his do-rag at all times. Thus, it was decided that Marcus would be brought back into the fold, with the insistence of Master Chief.
  • Master Chief was joined by a number of deities who reside in the Xbox division in the House of Gaming. His inclusion is part of an effort to add more of their kind into the Pantheon.
  • He respects Clarke for his resolve and surviving his predicament. Marcus admits that not many soldiers could have that kind of willpower, never mind an engineer.
  • He doesn't express it that notably, but it's clear he still holds a grudge on Jack Cayman for kicking him out of the Pantheon all those years ago. With that said, he still respects the former marine for getting that far.
  • Respects the Doomguy, considering that the One-Man Army serves as an inspiration for many of his games. He also shares Marcus' interests in mowing down monsters and evil aliens.
  • It may not be apparent at first glance, but Marcus is brighter than he looks. He likes to read books; he just doesn't want to brag about it to his peers. Still, that knowledge earned him the respect of Zidane Tribal. Some do wish that he would express that knowledge better in his games.
  • It has been long established that the Locust Horde, a subterranean reptilian race that has opposed Marcus and his men, have been sponsored by non other than Bowser himself, God of Evil Reptilians. Now that Marcus has returned, he hopes to put the fight to him directly. In response, Bowser has sent his minions to harass his followers, thinking that the human is beneath his level. He may want to retract that statement soon, as Marcus has done a fair job holding them off.
  • Has been haggled by Mael Radec, and not just due to being in rival consoles. The Colonel knows just how dangerous a man willing to go the distance to defeat his enemies. He volunteered to dispose of the man under the order of the GUAE.
  • He may be a loyal soldier, but he isn't above showing any unruly generals where they can stick their cruel orders. That made him quick enemies of General Shepard.
  • Not to be confused with the more common Shepard of Mass Effect fame, who he has a much more amiable relationship. Boasting similar games, their teams assist each other when defeating their foes. He does find it weird how Shepard's entire personality, weapon loadout, skillset, appearance (including race and gender), even past events in his/her life can randomly and suddenly change without warning, but as long as he/she is pointing his/her gun (or biotic powers) at the enemy and not at him, he's not complaining. It definitely confused the hell out of him the first time, though.
    Marcus: Haven't seen you before. You with Shepard's crew?
    Shepard: What the hell are you talking about, Marcus? I am Shepard.
    Marcus: No, I mean Commander Shepard. You know, blond hair? Mustache? Big scar on his cheek? Got it back when he ran with a street gang on Earth.
    Shepard: A gang? I spent my whole life on military bases and spaceships, how the hell could I join a gang? You were swapping war stories with my mother last week, for God's sake! Don't you remember?
    Marcus: Uh... sure, why not?
    Shepard: I mean, come on! Me, in a gang? As if I'm anything like that freak who keeps randomly changing appearance!
  • It was inevitable that Sold Snake would meet up with the man. There were talks of giving him the title for his iconic bandana, but was ultimately given the title of Stealth. Still, Marcus has never seen him as a rival. In fact, he see's Snake as one of the most reliable soldiers to rely on. Both men become vicious killing machines when they work together.
  • Snake wasn't the only one in contention. Bandana Dee would have been a shoo in if not for the fact that he looks too adorable for the role. Oddly enough, he respects the Waddle Dee as much as any other soldiers. He appreciates someone who breaks ranks to become someone different, much like when he broke off his ties with his noble family.
  • Due to his encounters with them after the sinking of Jacinto, he's not a big fan of pirates, but he can sure as hell respect a marriage in the midst of battle. Fenix welcomed Will Turner into the Pantheon along with Elizabeth Swann.
  • Was weirded out once he saw Bender sounded just like him.


    Atticus Finch 
Atticus Finch, God of Stoic Spectacles and Kindly Alabamans

"Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form—it's your boy, Guzma!"

Guzma, The God with Cool Shades (Team Skull Boss Guzma, Ya Boy Guzma, Boss, Pokémon Trainer Guzma)
  • Theme Song: Team Skull Boss Guzma
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His crooked shades
  • Alignment: Claims to be Chaotic Evil, though really Chaotic Neutral. Now True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being the most powerful person in Team Skull, who also happens to be the boss, Boasting all the time, Really powerful for being so hammy, His Bug-Type Pokémon, Bling of War, "It's ya boy, Guzma!", Cool Shades, Creepy Shadowed Undereyes, Not being the true boss, Evil Is Hammy, It's All About Me, Large and in Charge, Being a villain that helps people, Crouching all the time, Reformed, but Not Tamed
  • Domains: Bling, Gangs, Rebellion, Bug-Types
  • Allies: His Pokémon and Bug-Type Pokémon, such as Pinsir, Bisharp, and Scizor, N, The Team Rocket Trio, Junkrat, BROKEN Matt Hardy and Jeff "Brother Nero" Hardy
  • Enemies: Ash Ketchum, Hunter J, Giovanni, The Mob, Ghetsis, Ragyo Kiryuin, Death the Kid
  • Rivals: Red
  • Waltzed in one day, boasting about how strong of a Pokémon trainer he is. Nobody really took him seriously, so he just sort of hangs around the Pantheon now. He's often seen training his Pokémon or crouching somewhere.
  • Guzma is or was the leader of Team Skull, and despite his hammy nature, he's a surprisingly powerful Pokémon trainer, probably one of the strongest in Alola, possibly coming from his training to becoming a Captain. He often spends his time slacking, training his Pokémon, or battling trainers.
  • Overjoyed to see to of his favorite Pokémon, Pinsir, Bisharp, and Scizor have ascended as well. Though he was disappointed to see that Golisopod hasn't been ascended, he nonetheless took the two under his wing. He can often be seen training or playing with them.
    • He's pretty happy to see the wide variety of Bug-types in the House of Insects as well. He often visits to play with the Pokémon or battle them.
    • Thinks Mothra Leo is the coolest thing ever, being a Bug-Type lover and all. Half the time he visits the House of Insects in just to see Mothra in person. There's actually a rumor going around that he's attempting to capture Mothra. Whenever someone brings it up to him he sort of brushes them off unconvincingly.
  • Can sympathize with N for having abusive parents and being able to stand up to them. They battle each other and hang out from time to time. On the flip side, Guzma absolutely hates Ghetsis for his treatment of his son.
  • He can often be seen hanging out with Jessie, James, and Meowth. He likes how they became members of Team Rocket to better themselves, much like how Guzma founded Team Skull to better himself and terrible trainers. But, despite having stolen Pokémon himself, he refuses to help them steal Pokémon, saying how he's past that now.
  • Enjoys hanging out with Junkrat for his explosive personality and their similar appearances. Guzma hangs out with Junkrat mostly to see what he can blow up. They've blown up microwaves, cars, you name it, mostly because it's cool.
  • Pretty annoyed at Red for managing to kick his ass every time they battle. Nonetheless, he still respects him for managing to become such a powerful trainer. he still battles him from time to time to see if he can beat him.
  • Thinks Ash Ketchum is a brat. Ash dislikes Guzma for his past in Pokémon stealing, though he does have a little respect for him stopping the whole operation. Nonetheless, they still battle each other when ever they get the chance, and so far they've been equally matched.
  • Giovanni doesn't like him, as they're pretty much opposites. Guzma is laid back and arrogant while Giovanni is more serious and practical. It doesn't help that they're pretty much evenly matched. They often battle each other whenever they cross paths.
  • Tends to stay away from The Mob. He finds it really weird and just walks the other direction whenever he sees it. It doesn't help that, somehow, The Mob managed to beat him several times before.
  • Hates Ragyo Kiryuin for being such a terrible mother, though Kiryuin doesn't really care much about what he thinks. He tends to avoid her out of disgust and fear.
    • On the other hand, he can often be seen hanging out with Ryuko Matoi, since they're both delinquents, though he does find Mako Mankanshoku a bit annoying.
  • Death the Kid avoids him whenever he catches sight of him. Guzma is shabby, unruly, and wears those crooked shades from time to time. Death the Kid, being the perfectionist that he is, tried to get him to dress nice, but Guzma was impossible to civilize. Sometimes he wears the crooked sunglasses to spite him.
  • Due to being Always Second Best, he sympathizes with Matt Hardy for being the elder brother who gets overshadowed by his younger brother. He finds BROKEN Matt to be a fun guy to be around, what with his weird ideas of "Deleting people", liking green beans, owning a dilapidated boat and an alcohol drinking drone, calling his rivals "Brother Nero", etc. BROKEN Matt has now given him the name "Guzma of Team Skull" as a result.
    • And better yet, after Guzma met with Jeff "Brother Nero" Hardy, he thinks it'll be fun if he "fades away and classifies himself as OBSOLETE!" Many gods don't know how to react to this friendship.

HUNK, God of Gas Mask Mooks (Mr. Death, Human Unit Never Killed)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His gasmask.
  • Theme Music: The Mercenaries ~ HUNK
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Not-So Gas Mask Mooks, Badass Normal, The Ace, Neck Snap, The Stoic, Sociopathic Soldier, Lack of Empathy, Blade Below the Shoulder (and Feet), Constantly Being Sole Survivor, Inexplicably Awesome.
  • Domains: Soldiers, Survivors, Badassery.
  • Followers: The Special Forces
  • Allies: Albert Wesker (previous comrade), The Woldpack, Colonel Mael Radec, Apollyon, Vile
  • Enemies: Seemingly the entire House of Life and Death as a whole
  • One day, a small sample of Hinamizawa Syndrome was stolen from the Pantheon Vault and apparently, a group of Gas Mask Mooks were send to get it back. At first, some gods though the mission was a failure when they found the group dead, but one of them came back alive with the sample. The man in question was HUNK.
  • Some of the mortal followers claim that if you were to have a city full of zombies, put every god related to either zombie killing or zombie creating, and then added HUNK into the city, HUNK would solo every one!
  • He didn't gain the nickname "Mr. Death" for being a killing machine (though he can and will kill you if needed), but because he is constantly Sole Survivor of any team he is part of, which pisses off almost every death-related deities in House of Life and Death.
    • Some gods said that some one hired Ezio to assassinate him. Not only did HUNK survive, he also started carrying hidden blades around both of his wrists and on the tip of his boots since that day.
  • He is completely ruthless in mission, placing it over everything else, and only ways he can express emotions of some one messes up or not giving enough details on a mission, thus possibly putting his team in pointless danger. This has given him some respect from Colonel Radec.
  • Bunta Fujiwara once said that he saw a giant living tofu somewhere in the Pantheon. Last reports of such thing was when HUNK was seemingly eating a giant tofu.
  • He is almost never seen without being in full costume, and only rarely showing his face. Demitri once used Midnight Bliss on him, and only thing changed was that the "Lady HUNK" didn't have any pants on.
  • Even though HUNK is classified as being "evil", he is more like a mercenary who, after the fall of Umbrella, will work for any one who he can offer his service to. The Hinamizawa Syndrome mission was from GUAG, for example. However, he did eventually find permanent job under Apollyon's rule. No one is absolutely sure how she got him to her side.
    • Because of this, he hasn't interacted with Wesker that much after the fall of Umbrella.
  • "The death cannot die!"

Kevin, God of Bespectacled Psychopaths

    Noah Bennet 
Noah Bennet, God of Spectacles (HRG, Mr. Butler, The Man With Horn Rimmed Glasses)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Glasses.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Nerd Glasses, Anti Heroes, Papa Bears, Ensemble Darkhorses, Moral Greyness, Well Intentioned Extremists, Name Revelations A Long Time In Coming, Badass Normals.
  • Domains: Protection, Family, Combat,
  • Followers: Soichiro Yagami, Harry Palmer
  • Allies: Billy Cranston, Gordon Freeman, Tohka Todo
  • Enemies: Acena
  • Opposes: Dr. Sofia Lamb, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Amadeus Cho
  • Opposed by: Magneto
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Superhero Division
  • Ascended when deities commended his devotion to his job as well as keeping up in a world that had powerful abilities. That and he looks fine in specs.
  • His story ended in a Heroic Sacrifice, using his body as fuel for his mortal grandchildren to protect the earth from a deadly solar flare. Afterwards, he made a plea to ascend the two. The gods were not impressed, noting how poorly the new series has been received, not to mention the fact that it lasted only one season. This has been especially unfortunate for the ascended members, as none of them are allowed in their mortal bodies in that world anymore.
  • Many say he has an strikingly similar resemblance to Gordon Freeman, God of Crowbars. However, they initially didn't see eye to eye in the early run, when Noah's actions were a bit too similar to The G-Man for his liking. Noah did undergo some Character Development later in life, acting in a more benevolent way. That was enough for the two to get comfortable with each other.
  • Maintains a stable relationship with the other gods in his universe, He's especially protective of his daughter Claire, even though there has been no signs of Sylar appearing in the Pantheon just yet.
  • There was a time when his wife Angela also had a spot in the Pantheon as the God of Evil Mothers. It wasn't a well-regarded position, but he accepted the rank. Eventually, she softened up her role... which led to her downfall. Feeling that she didn't fit the role anymore, Sofia Lamb staged a coup d'état, successfully kicking her out. Not even a long plea to the Court of the Gods could convince them to reverse the decision. He despises her to this day.
  • He has long since atoned for actively hunting down evolved humans. Still, the GUAG Superhero division remains skeptical of working together with the man, even when he reconciled with his daughter.
    • Not everyone has forgiven him so easily. Amadeus Cho has been one of his harshest critics, even as a mortal when he hacked into his computers. When Cho ascended, Noah tried to patch things up between the two. Cho promised to stop hacking, but he hasn't forgiven him and may never do so.
  • He did do his best to help out the Marvel heroes when they were in hiding due to Norman Osborn and his reign as head of S.H.I.E.L.D Now that Norman managed to achieve godhood, he's more tn happy to toss a pumpkin bomb in his face.
  • At least they are willing to work with him. Magneto refuses to forgive him, going out as to swear he would crush Noah's neck with his own glasses if the two ever meet again. Noah has been advised to avoid the House of Nature because of this.
  • Although he doesn't agree with all of Noah's points, Billy does see him as an ally.
  • Noah and his followers have taken great pains to distance themselves from more evil eyeglass-wearing opponents. The most powerful one happens to be Acena. The two different attitudes caused a schism between their followers. Noah's pragmatic nature may be offputting to some, but that tames in comparison to her.
  • He is much more friendly towards Tohka Todo, especially in later years. Nowadays, Tohka wouldn't even hesitate for a second to help him out.

    The Spirit 
The Spirit, God of Domino Masks
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Domino Mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Fedoraof Asskicking, Badass Normal Celibate Hero, Dating Catwoman, Distressed Dude, Nice Guy, Chick Magnet
  • Domains: Good, Heroes, Masks, Pulp
  • Followers: The Umbrella Academy, The Green Hornet and Kato
  • High Priestess: The Domino Lady
  • Allies: The Phantom, Batman, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, Hal Gordon, Green Arrow, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, Tuxedo Mask, Humphrey Bogart, Lt. Colombo, Tarzan, Parasol
  • Enemies: The Riddler, The Baroness, Red Skull
  • Rivals: Black Cat and Catwoman, Isabela of Riven, Beaxtrix Kiddo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rorschach
  • Somehow stumbled onto the Pantheon with a bit of skill and a lot of luck. Luckily, he was found by fellow pulp hero the Phantom, who managed to find a spot for him in the House of Costumes.
    • He later found out that the Phantom wasn't the only hero from the pulp era in the Pantheon. Zorro formally offered his gratitude for his arrival, followed by implanting his famous mark on his shirt.
  • It was no surprise that Batman would be delighted on his ascension. He and many among his family rely on his masks to protect their identities. In fact, his temple was overrun with various superheroes who wanted to meet up with him to give thanks. Time Drake in particular had hoped that the Spirit would give him additional tips in regards to hiding his secret identity.
    • In fact, The Spirit has teamed up with the Batman in at least one occasion.
  • Not all mask-wearing deities approved; The Riddler was unimpressed in the slightest, regarding of him as a simpleton who only manages to solve crime with dumb luck. He wouldn't say that to the Spirit's face of course, as that would earn him a bloody nose.
  • Despite his status, he just can't stop being captured by the villains he chases after. It got to the point where he almost took Kevin Levin's title away. Nevertheless, he does manage to escape on his own (most of the time).
  • If there's one thing that's sure to throw him off his game, it's the sight of dames. And unfortunately for him, there's a ton of them in the Pantheon. Most vary in the ways they regard the man.
    • The Baroness has used this to particular effect in order to make her getaway. It doesn't always work, but she at least knows that The Spirit is going easy on her.
    • Is often a delight with cat burglars Catwoman and Black Cat. Luckily, these two aren't nearly as evil and the two end up fighting together as much as fighting each other. It's a coin flip who ends up on top.
    • One day, he was challenged to a duel but the Sexy Pirate Isabela , one which he turned down. Shocked but not offended with the rejected, she merely relented and planted a kiss on the cheek before she left. Some say it took hours for him to recover.
  • Has stayed far away from The Bride when he found out what she did to 88 bodyguards wearing masks just like him.
  • He can only tolerate the presence of Rorschach at best; at worst, he calls him a sociopath that can't handle the fact that some people have some gray in them. Rorschach considers his philosophy to be too naive for the Pantheon. It's safe to say that their teamups get rough at times.
  • If there is one man in the Pantheon he holds dear to, it's Humphrey Bogart. The God of Film Noir played two of the most famous Private Detectives of the time: Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, both of which were his descendants to the genre. He was quick to pay homage to the actor.
  • Often comes under the employment of Lt. Colombo to capture suspects as he sees The Spirit as a perfect employee. Many underestimate the two before it's too late. The Spirit himself is puzzled how such an aloof man can transform into an ace prosecutor on a whim.
  • Is not a fan of his depiction in the film version. The less said about that version of him, the better.
  • Was initially alarmed when he got word of a Reich regime over in the House of Costumes. Turns out it was all a misunderstanding, as Parasol does not affiliate herself with Nazis.
  • However, there is a god who represents those beliefs. That prompted him to make a deal with Captain America to assist in dealing with the Red Skull as well as his associates.


    Arthur Read 
Arthur Timothy Read , God of Eye Glasses
  • Theme Song: His show's theme song
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His glasses
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Good, Knowledge, Childhood
  • Portfolio: Nice Guy, The Everyman, Would Hit a Girl, Deadpan Snarker, The Unapologetic, Adorkable, a bit of a Butt-Monkey and Loser
  • Herald: Pal, his dog
  • Allies: Noah Bennet, the Kids Next Door, Dexter, Phineas and Ferb, Charlie Brown, Madeline, Tintin, Harry Potter, Pippi Longstocking
  • Enemies: Dee Dee
  • Opposes: Barney the Dinosaur, Sarah (Ed Edd n Eddy)
  • Feared by: Hank Pym/Ant-Man
  • Admires: Superman, Spider-Man
  • Special Relationship: D.W. Read
  • An ordinary aardvark with a hunger for reading books, it seemed unlikely that an ordinary third grader like Arthur would make the Pantheon. But many felt obliged to watch his adventures with his friends that showed thoughtful life lessons along the way. His efforts were eventually rewarded with his ascension.
    • His younger sister was quick to meet up with him afterwards, mostly to taunt him how much longer it took for him to ascend than her. With that said, she is wary with provoking him too much. There has been a growing resentment of her among those in the Pantheon, most notably for the notorious Big Hit incident. D.W. may have the vast majority in her world side with her, but she has to deal with the opposite reaction in the Pantheon. She certainly doesn't want to end up like Sarah in the Fallen.
    • His followers have recently immortalized that scene in a meme to express the same anger he feels at times. Arthur doesn't condone violence... though he can't help but be proud of his increasing popularity.
  • Has spearheaded a smear campaign against Barney the Dinosaur, mostly because of his complete and utter hatred of Mary Moo Cow. Efforts to oust the purple dinosaur has so far been unsuccessful, thanks in part to his sister's counterarguments as well as alliances with the younger deities. It doesn't help that Arthur's efforts only further prove Barney deserves his position.
  • Arthur thought things may have been different if D.W. was a big sister instead. He only had to venture into the House of Technology to show how horrible that could be. It's there that he shares stories with Dexter, Boy Genius, over how their sisters ruin their fun.
  • The Kids Next Door keeps tabs with the aardvark from time to time. Arthur may not be fit for any missions, but he's decent enough at school to help out with homework in exchange for revealing activities of tyrannous adults.
  • If not for being a different species, one could argue that Arthur is the long lost brother of Charlie Brown. It turns out they share similar interests as well, such as reading books. Of course, Arthur isn't nearly as cursed, and the aardvark hopes to help Charlie Brown change his life around.
  • He may not know anyone who had their appendix removed, but he is assured that Madeline would watch over anyone who goes through it. In a way, the French girl reminds Arthur of a younger Sue-Ellen.
  • Has tried to reassure Hank Pym he has nothing to worry about. He may be an aardvark, but that doesn't mean he eats ants. It hasn't convinced Hank's colonies to completely trust him just yet.
  • When he found out the existence of superheroes in the Pantheon, Arthur rushed over to the House of Heroes. While he didn't see his idol Bionic Bunny, he did find the next best thing. Superman has overseen his actions throughout his existence. It is likely that the Man of Steel would let Arthur meet his idol someday.
  • There may not be an equivalent in his world, but Arthur immediately saw the appeal of Peter Parker. The fact that an everyman like Peter Parker could become a superhero was amazing to see. Sure, not everyone thinks he's a hero, but Arthur remains convinced.
  • Sometimes goes to Tintin's temple to collect stories of his adventures around the world. He had a feeling that his friend Fern would love reading some of his adventures. He has done the same with Harry Potter, of whom Arthur also has a parody version in his world. The self-proclaimed reporter even has an Expy called Zut Zut.
  • Was surprised that a comic his friend Buster wrote looked exactly like Trey and Matt's creations. Arthur... would rather not meet with those kids.
  • Watching Pippi Longstocking was the most jarring thing to him. She may well be the polar opposite of his friend Muffy, red hair and pigtails aside, and yet they sound so similar. It's hard to say which person he prefers.