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Pantheon: Other Relatives
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Greater Gods

    Elenore Baker 
Elenore Baker, Goddess of Ninja Maids and Domestic Skills (Everyday Gatekeeper)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (with Lawful tendencies)
  • Symbol: Heart with Margaret Burton's picture on it, but most (if not all) of her followers prefer Elenore's picture on the symbol.
  • Portfolio: Domestic Skills, Ninja Maids, Martial Arts, Protection, Endurance, Love, Lesbians
  • Domain: Craft, Love, Domestic Skills, Protection
  • Followers: Margaret Burton and a large legion of devoted fangirls/fanboys
  • Allies: Madlax, Vanessa Rene
  • Enemies: Friday Monday, Carrossea Doon, anyone who threatens Miss Margaret
  • Known Prophets: Bocayuki, Sayoko Shinozaki
  • Ascended by dying for her master Margaret Burton, but not before confessing her love to her. Her last words ("You are my family") allowed her a place in the Family House and her love in the Love House.
  • Usually a kind and loving deity. However, if Margaret Burton is threated, her wrath knows no bounds. Her love and devotion to her former master gained her the respect and admiration of Ninja Maids everywhere as well gathering a devoted following. She also does the housekeeping for Houses of Craft, Family and Love.
  • Doing the housekeeping (well most of it...she has an army of meido to help and occasionaly Bocayuki when she threatens Margaret (Elenore knows full well that Bocayuki's threats (including the death ones)are hot air.

Piccolo, God of Parental Substitutes (The Namek, Mr. Piccolo, Piccolo Jr., Demon King Piccolo, Kamiccolo, Super Namek)
  • Theme Music: A Little Help From A Friend
  • Greater God (After literally re-absorbing God Himself into his being)
  • Symbol: His weighted armor
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Was formerly Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Father Figures, Removing his weighted cape, Taking the Bullet, Big Damn Heroes, Overprotective Substitute Dads, Doting Parent, Papa Wolf, Intense Training Methods, Formerly Literal Split Personality
  • Domain: Sacrifice, Meditation, Solitude
  • Allies: Every Good God in this house, Gohan, Goku, Krillin, Asura, Vegeta, Sol Badguy
  • Enemies: Every evil God in this house, the Moon, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Kyubey, Baby
  • Spends some time into the House of Commerce to open an orphange for kids. It's really hard to forget that he was once a Demon King who tried to takeover the mortal world.
  • Became fast friends with Asura, who respected his ability to care for Gohan despite not being his real father. Piccolo in return heard his tale in how he saved his daughter Mithra from a serious threat.
  • Piccolo is very good friends with Mr. Koiwai because he sees him as a very good adoptive father, however, Piccolo is not very fond of Mr. Koiwai's occasional childish and immature behavior. He soon changed his mind on the matter after witnessing how his childish behavior makes Yotsuba so happy and full of joy.
  • Is known to meditate for hours or even several days at a time. His focus is strong enough that only a select few have been able to pester him out of it. Factoring his levitation with the charged aura he can produce, the House of Food once carefully relocated him to use him as a bug zapper for one of their picnics.
  • As a Doting Parent and Papa Wolf, Demon King Piccolo holds a special hatred towards abusers and decievers of innocent children, and is hence presently hell bent on exterminating Kyubey's entire race. Yet he is frustrated to no end that there seems to be no end to their numbers no matter how many of the little bastards he guts and fries.
  • Jin Kazama offers him a spot in the GUAG Anti-Parental Abuse Club; something of which Piccolo accepts.
  • Is really good friends with Sol Badguy for one reason: Both atone for their actions in their pasts.
  • Piccolo's Clothes Beam comes in very handy when there are too many clothes for everything to be washed on Laundry Day.

Intermediate Gods

Robin, Co-Deity of Badass Families (The (other) Avatar, My Unit, The Tactician, High Redeemer)
Two of Robin's more common guises, as seen on Super Smash Bros.
  • Theme Song: Id (Serenity) most of the time, Id (Purpose) when the chips are down.
  • Rank: Intermediate God (Greater God when paired up with hir spouse or children)
  • Symbol: The symbol for the Ignis skill. Normally, it would be the Mark of Grima, but s/he agreed with Chrom that it would be better to use something else instead.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Strategy, Crazy-Effective Preparations, Using magic and swordplay simultaneously
  • Domains: Tactics, Leadership, Communication
  • High Priest: Morgan, fittingly, since s/he is part of the reason Robin took up this position in the pantheon.
  • Allies: Marth, Sigurd, Erdrick, Shulk, Simon Belmont, Anna, Lucina, Mordred surprisingly
  • Possible Alter Egos: Hello Insert Name Here, Commander Shepard, Hawke
  • Enemies: Relius Clover, Ghestis Harmonia, Grima
  • Worthy Opponent: Ursarkar Creed (see below for why)
  • Their claim to the title comes from being able to support with (and between both genders, marry) every other member of the Shepherds, and have at least one time-displaced child with all of them. Said children are often among the strongest characters in the series' history.
  • Even not counting biological relations, Robin treats the Shepherds as his/her family, doing their utmost to ensure that no one falls behind in battle, and overcoming incredible opposition with little-to-no casualties.
  • Though sometimes referred to as "the Avatar" in other parts of the wiki on account of having a customizable name, s/he decided to go by "Robin" in the pantheon so as to avoid confusion with Aang. "My Unit" was another option, but Robin declined to use it since it's not really a name and it got some of the dirtier-minded gods making fun of them.
  • Despite being a fairly important part of their title, no one can agree on exactly who Robin's spouse is. Common theories point to either Lucina, Lissa, Cordelia, or Tharja, assuming Robin is male (at least for the first three), and Owain, Gaius, Inigo, or even Chrom himself for female Robin. Regardless of who they're paired up with, however, everyone agrees that Robin loves hir spouse above all else.
  • The only deity that Grima treats as a realistic threat to him. With good reason, as Robin's Heroic Sacrifice was the reason the two of them ended up in the Pantheon in the first place. Notably, Grima was more alarmed upon hearing about Robin's ascension than he was about Marth's.
    • On that note, s/he seems rather annoyed that said Heroic Sacrifice merely put both of them in the Pantheon, rather than killing Grima off for good like s/he planned. S/he has since been trying to work something out with Endless to deal with Grima's obvious cheating of the rules regarding his own immortality.
    • After hearing some rumors that Grima may very well be involved in what will happen in Pantheonic Rebellion, s/he's gearing up to join the Rebellion as well to stop him, joining with Lucina in the process.
  • Aside from Grima, Relius and Ghestis also tend to trigger Robin's Berserk Button, as they remind him/her all too much of his/her own abusive father, Validar. As a result, s/he has gone on record offering Carl, Ada, and N a place to stay if they ever need it.
    • Actually serves as a Parental Substitute to Mordred for obvious reasons. S/he does sympathize with her feelings (even if s/he knows that Arturia isn't a bad person in any sense of the word) and goes out her/his way to keep her in check out of request for the King of Knights. S/he's claims it's like raising a ruder and more bloodthirsty Morgan.
  • Once competed against the other tacticians in the Pantheon for the God of Tactical Geniuses position. S/he ranked among the highest of the GUAG members in the competition, but got stonewalled when s/he was pitted against one Ursarkar Creed. When asked about what went wrong, Robin replied that Creed's infamous ability to pull reinforcements seemingly out of nowhere gave them horrible flashbacks of Lunatic+. To his/her credit, Creed was impressed by the younger tactician's pluck, even going so far as to say that trick with the invisible spearman reminded him of his early days.
  • Befriended Shulk after they attended the same JGAEA meeting, and finding that despite the vast difference between their two worlds, they shared a lot in common.
  • Got confused over one vampire wrestler Gangrel over the Mad King in his/her world. The vampire wrestler just finds this amusing.
  • Was very pleased to learn that Anna had ascended, though was briefly confused if it was the same one s/he remembered.
  • Was able to get to the fourth Smash tournament, bringing Lucina and Chrom into the battle as well. Might not had the best start with Captain Falcon as he attacked both Chrom and Lucina before Robin would interrupt the fight.
    • Was overjoyed to learn that Lucina was now a part of the Pantheon as well.
  • Respects Madoka and what she stands for. As such, s/he's joining the Pantheonic Rebellion alongside Lucina to protect her from the wrath of YHWH.

Lesser Gods

    The Huckebein Family 
The Huckebein Family, Deities of Families of Evil

    Philip Banks 
Philip Banks, God of Advisory Uncles (Uncle Phil)


Hawke God/Goddess of Caretakers (The Champion of Kirkwall)
  • Theme Song: "Age Of The Dragon"
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: Amell Family Crest
  • Alignment: Varies between various levels of Good and Neutral
  • Portfolio: Folk Hero, Momma's Boy, Generation Xerox, Iconic Outfit, Last Name Basis, Only Sane Employee, Badass
  • Domains: Family, Destiny, Folk Hero
  • Followers: Anders, Aveline, Isabela, Carver and Bethany Hawke, Fenris, Sebastian.
  • Allies: Merrill, Commander Shepard
  • Enemies: Knight Commander Meredith, Scar
  • High Priest: Varric Tethras
  • Originally just wanting to provide for his/her family and later protect the people of Kirkwall events catapulted Hawke into the position of Champion and then straight on into divinity. Regardless of his/her say in the matter.
  • Like Commander Shepard only a few know Hawke's true story. Varric Tethras likes it that way as it let's him emblish on some of Hawke's exploits. The truth is more complicated than fiction.
  • While Hawke occassionally preforms... questionable actions, the Champion usually stops something much worse from happening.
  • Holds his/her family very dear, to the point of risking the Deep Roads to provide for them. Even Uncle Gamlen.

    Kinzo Ushiromiya 
Kinzo Ushiromiya, God of Big Screwed Up Families (Goldsmith)

Children And SiblingsPantheon/Family    

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