Pantheon / Trickery

This house is filled with misleading signs, fake doors and other traps that range from harmless pranks to torturous deathtraps. Liars, cheaters and tricksters all congregate here. Believe in no one.

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     Gabriel (Supernatural
Gabriel, God of Ironic Retribution (Archangel Gabriel, the Trickster, Loki, Mr. Trickster, Gabe, the Waiter)
Damn right they’re flawed. But a lot of them try. To do better. To forgive. And you should see the spearmint rhino.
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A bar of chocolate.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, eventually Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Invokes Irony, is really the Archangel Gabriel, Ensemble Darkhorse, Well-Intentioned Extremist, teaches lessons through his antics, Reality Warper, Plucky Comic Relief, the least evil of the Archangels, Trickster Archetype, Changed My Mind, Kid, believes that Humans Are Special, Karmic Trickster, Heroic Sacrifice, Video Will in the form of a porno
  • Domains: Trickery, punishments, archangels.
  • Allies: Most of the subhouse of Trickery, Michael, Q, the Impractical Jokers, Deadpool, Bugs Bunny, Nemesis, Judge Dredd, Fred and George Weasley, most of the Pagan Gods in the Pantheon
  • Odd Relationship With: Sam and Dean, Bobby Singer, Lucifer
  • Enemies: Lucifer, War, Famine, Pestilence, The Princes of Hell (especially Asmodeus), YHVH, the other Gabriel, Metatron, SCP-682, Draco Malfoy, Dolores Umbridge, Azula, Biff Tannen
  • Rival: Loki
  • Special Relationship With: Chuck Shurley (his dad), Amara (his aunt), Castiel (his younger brother)
  • Neutral On: Crowley, Death the Horseman
  • Feared By: Most evil-aligned Gods, because only very few people are safe from his antics.
  • One day, a substantial amount of evil and incredibly jerkish deities found themselves to be the victims of deadly yet poetic pranks, and the good deities who tried to investigate were suddenly pit against each other, bickering childishly over petty and menial things. The Winchester, Castiel, and Bobby Singer recognized this as the work of one of their oddest foes-turned-allies: The Trickster, AKA Gabriel, whom last they saw, had sacrificed himself to buy them time from his brother, Lucifer.
  • While he has caused trouble for the Winchesters in the past (pitting them against each other, trapping them in a "Groundhog Day" Loop), they haven't forgotten that he had repented and eventually sided with him against Lucifer, with Dean begrudgingly admitting that he was impressed by Gabriel standing up to his older brother. That being said, they still disagree with his methods of punishment, and think that his sense of humor is demented. They do acknowledge that he isn't as bad as Lucifer, though. It also remains unknown as to whether Cas actually encountered a resurrected Gabriel during the fight against Metatron, or whether it was just a hallucination by Metatron. Either way, they both find some common ground in the fact that they were some of the few angels who embraced Free Will, and didn't blindly obey their father's word.
  • He reunited with his father and aunt for the first time in eons upon ascension. While he expressed disappointment and disbelief in how Chuck abandoned the angels, he ultimately forgave his father, who was proud of him for taking a stand in humanity's name, and for embracing Free Will. His reunion with Amara was a bit more awkward, given that they battled eons ago, but they both came to an understanding, once they saw that they have both changed for the better. His reunion with Lucifer, on the other hand, was much more tense, considering that Lucifer was the one who killed him in their universe. It doesn't help that Gabriel was the one who revealed to Sam and Dean that they could re-imprison Lucifer back in the Cage by using the Four Horsemen's rings, which also puts him on the bad side of Pestilence, War, and Famine.
    Gabriel: "Lucifer, you're my brother, and I love you. But you are a great, big bad of dicks."
  • He is on amicable terms with the Michael of the Pantheon, who is a more benevolent deity than the Michael of his universe. That being said, he is enemies with YHVH, the other Gabriel, and Metatron, and he sees them as even bigger dicks than the angels and God of his universe. The former three likewise despise him, but whereas YHVH and Metatron as opposed to him as a result of him opposing them, Gabriel thinks that Gabe went too far in his universe with his antics.
  • He is on odd terms with Loki, given that Gabriel impersonated the Loki of his universe, and possibly killed him. It's also possible that the Loki and Gabriel of the latter's universe are one and the same. Either way, the Loki of the Pantheon is a bit perturbed and weirded out over how a deity could be both an archangel and a Norse God. Gabriel has also found the Weasley Twins following him around, thinking that he's fantastic. Gabriel takes all of it in stride.
  • He is a fan of what the Impractical Jokers do to each other, and seems to be taking notes from them. He and the other Q have found some common ground in their methods of teaching lessons towards others. Given that the Impractical Jokers and the other Q are annoyed by each other, Gabriel has found himself stepping in and acting as a mediator between them, which he doesn't necessarily enjoy very much, and usually leaves behind an illusion of him to do the talking, while he goes out and plays pranks on some poor deity.
  • SCP-682's view on humanity puts him directly at odds with Gabriel, considering that Gabriel believes that humans are better than angels, whereas SCP-682 wants to kill them all. Gabriel then gave him a smiting so powerful that it scared Lucifer, of all people. Unfortunately, what Gabriel wasn't prepared for was SCP-682 regenerating itself, which royally pissed him off and forced several other deities to keep SCP-682 and Gabe out of each others' way in order to prevent further damage from occurring to the Pantheon.
  • The other Lucifer in the Pantheon (YHVH's son) is a perplexing figure for Gabriel. On one hand, Lucifer supports Gabriel and his antics, given that he is the patron of total chaos. On the other hand, Lucifer plans for victory reminds Gabriel too much of not his universe's Lucifer, but rather his universe's Michael, who similarly believed that Utopia Justifies the Means. They have a mutual respect for each other, but when a conflict comes around, they tend to stay out of each others' way.
  • He has found himself in league with Bugs Bunny, who also enjoys plays somewhat cruel jokes on those who've been asking for it, or who are just plain dicks.
  • He's proud of his massive popularity with fans of Supernatural, which is what inspires him to continue punishing the assholes of the Pantheon, much to the exasperation of Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel.
  • Some deities have found pornography movies starring Gabriel, aptly named Casa Erotica. It came in useful for Sam and Dean in the past, as this is how he left them a Video Will explaining how they can throw Lucifer back in his Cage.
    "I've got the kielbasa you've ordered!"
  • It turns out that he somehow survived his confrontation with Lucifer, only to have been captured by Asmodeus, who was feeding on his Archangel Grace and torturing him for years on end. He eventually escaped with the help of Arthur Ketch, and reunited with the Winchesters. When Asmodeus tried to take him back, Gabriel showed him the hard way to not mess with an Archangel.

Greater Gods

    Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom 
Victor von Doom, God of Villainous Decoys (Doctor Doom, The Apprentice, Infamous Iron Man.)

Xingo, God of All-Powerful Tricksters
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Xingo Show title card
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Blue and Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: A Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal wearing White Gloves, a Nigh Invulnerable, seemingly limitless shapeshifter who operates entirely on cartoon logic and can pull any object out of thin air, Type 2 omnipotent, a screwy and very powerful trickster who escaped from the TV
  • Domains: Cartoons, Trickery
  • Allies: Lucifer, Mister Mxyzptlk, Discord, Peacock, Screwy Squirrel
  • Enemies: Judge Doom
  • Opposed By: Ben and Gwen Tennyson
  • Opposes: Bill Cipher
  • For years, Ben and Gwen thought they had heard the last of Xingo. That is, until he finally ended up catching up with them in the Pantheon. As it turns out, the only thing that could get Xingo to come out of the TV again was an offer of godhood from Lucifer himself. Lucifer seemed to think that Xingo's antics and sheer power would be more than beneficial to his cause. Some of Lucifer's ideals feel iffy to him, though, so he became a part of the Chaos Brigade instead of serving him directly. He and Lucifer still keep in touch, though, mostly because Lucifer lets him do whatever he wants. That's always a plus for Xingo.
  • Xingo first came into being when Ben Tennyson was still only ten years old. Ben, Gwen, and Max were on a trip to the Grand Canyon when the TV started acting up. Frustrated at missing the Xingo Show marathon, Ben went Upgrade to fix it. When lightning struck the satellite dish, Xingo himself popped out of the TV.
    • Despite being brought into the "normal" reality, Xingo still operated entirely on cartoon logic. He was nigh-invulnerable, capable of seemingly unlimited shapeshifting, capable of pulling any object out of thin air, and was pretty much omnipotent. Not only that, but he loved pulling "pranks," and was completely incapable of distinguishing between what is harmless fun and actually harmful.
    • In niche circumstances, Xingo is actually capable of temporarily transferring his power to others. Presumably, this happened when lightning struck Ben as he was holding Xingo. This is what ultimately allowed Ben to defeat him. Frustrated and scared straight, Xingo retreated back into the TV. To this day, Ben maintains that he is no longer a fan of Xingo or his show. Gwen, however, was never a fan of it to begin with.
  • Xingo is practically the living embodiment of everything Judge Doom hates, being a wacky toon with nearly unlimited power to boot. The sentiment is definitely mutual. Xingo considers Judge Doom to be a massive hypocrite. He also greatly fears the Dip, believing it to be one of the few things that can truly defeat him.
  • Xingo and Mister Mxyzptlk have become fairly good friends, but it seems that a lot of that has to do with Mister Mxyzptlk just watching him to be sure that he doesn't take things too far with his antics. Whenever Xingo's with his partner in crime, Screwy Squirrel, his pranks are even more of a concern for Mxyzptlk.
    • Discord seems to be close to Xingo for similar reasons. While he isn't exactly tamed, though, he is reformed. As such, even though Discord is impressed with Xingo's power, it's still important to him that he doesn't kill anyone with it.
    • Similarly, Peacock seems to be pretty fond of Xingo. They're both toony and she thinks his wacky antics are funny... most of the time. Sometimes he can go a bit too far.
  • Xingo's apparent dislike for Bill Cipher is nothing short of dumbfounding for most deities. Even Xingo thinks that Bill Cipher takes things too far, and that he would never deliberately try to kill someone, even though he almost kills people himself all the time. The key word here is deliberately, though. Xingo just frequently forgets that actions that are completely harmless in his home reality can actually kill people in this reality.
  • Xingo's species has become a matter of debate amongst the Pantheon. Some deities think he's a fox, but others argue that the name "Xingo" is close to "dingo," so he must be a dingo. Xingo's response? "I'm just a Xingo!"

Intermediate Gods

    Beatrice The Golden Witch 
Beatrice, Goddess of Memetic Trolls (Beato, The Golden Witch, The Endless Witch, Sayo Yasuda, Yasu, Shannon, Kanon, Ushiromiya Lion, Clair vauxof Bernard)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden butterfly
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but portrays herself as Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Memetic Troll, Broken Bird, Butterfly of Death and Rebirth, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Sanity Slippage (partially recovered), The Gadfly, Zero-Approval Gambit, Stealth Mentor, Trickster Mentor, Murder-Suicide (stopped by lucid side winning out), Self-loathing, Silent Scapegoat, Jerkass Façade.
  • Domains: Chaos, Illusion, Trickery
  • Allies: Lambdadelta, Sunset Shimmer, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Bugs Bunny, The Warner Siblings, Homura Akemi, Commander Farsight, Itachi Uchiha, The Boss, Stella Grosso, Rena Ryuguu
  • Enemies: The GUAE Trollkaiger (Yuuki Terumi, Bernkastel, Handsome Jack, Baco ta Jolokia, Izaya Orihara), Eric Cartman, Kinzo Ushiromiya, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vector
  • Was originally going to be the culprit of the Rokenjima mass murder. Fortunately, her lucid side won out as her sanity partially recovered through the help of someone close to her. Unfortunately, the event happened anyway. Yasu blamed the events on herself, going as far as to paint herself as a cold blooded sadist to hide the truth from the outside world to protect the people she cared about. Eva Ushiromiya also took part in this Zero-Approval Gambit, and it ended.....badly for her, with Eva dying with the person she was trying to protect seeing her as an enemy.
  • Is not fond of Vector, seeing him as a dark mirror of herself. She does support his path to redemption... Though it took her a long while to actually believe he repented. As you know, the guy is a massive troll.
  • Sees quite a lot of similarities between herself and Homura. The layers of masks surrounding their personality, the copious self loathing, and her broken mental state. Beatrice suspects that there is more to Homura's actions than she is leading people to believe, but she has warned her to turn back, for only pain and despair await that path, much like the fate of Ange Ushiromiya.
    "I know people who did what you're doing now. You're only going to share in her fate. Dying with the people you care about hating you is only going to hurt them even more if they realize the truth.''
  • Considers Yuno to be a terrible reminder of her less lucid past and the things she may have ended up doing. She does sympatheize with Yuno's horrible past, but still sees Yuno as someone who has to be stopped before she kills anymore large amounts of people. She was rather grateful when Yuno's 3rd world self took the reigns as the true Yuno.
  • Beatrice is more affable to Rena and Stella, knowing what its like to lose their sanity over emotional trauma and pull back. Rena also reminds her a little of Maria.
  • Considers the Sonozaki Sisters and Bugs Bunny absolutely hilarious. She is considering joining the ranks of Lol Ranger either as their gold ranger or as one of their partners.

    Belial (Diablo
Belial, Demonic God of Lies (Lord of Lies)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Crest
  • Theme Song: Belial, Lord of Lies
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a touch of Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Bad Boss, Cold-Blooded Torture, Dirty Coward, Manipulative Bastard, Smug Snake, Two-Faced, Uriah Gambit,
  • Domains: Lies, Treachery, Manipulation, Trickery
  • Allies: Azmodan, Evil Gods of the House of Demons, Gul'dan, the Incubators, Loki
  • Rivals: Diablo, Baal
  • Enemies: The Nephalems, Tyrael, Leah, Celestia Ludenberg, Death the Nephilim and War the Nephilim, Uther Lightbringer, The other Belial and Nebiros, Alice
  • Adores: The House of Betrayal
  • Opposses: Wonder Woman
  • Oppossed by: Any ascended servant or minion deity, given how he treats his minions
  • One of the Lesser Evils, Belial is a very manipulative and calculating about everything he does. After casting out the Prime Evils, he alongside Azmodan planned to take over Sanctuary for themselves, with Belial having a cult and taken kingdom under his control. But his plans would have come crumbling down after The Nephalems, with the aid of Tyrael and Leah, confronted and sealed him, for being indirectly responsible of Deckard Cain's death.
    • Eventually he heard about the pantheon shortly after his partner Azmodan told him about it and has been plotting to get a spot for himself and try to conquer the pantheon after the failure in Sanctuary. He managed to pull the strings necessary to evict Celestia Ludenberg from her templea and make it a domain for himself. She is actually very angry about it but at least she has another temple to spare and she is planning to get back at the demon.
  • He was not happy to learn that the Nephalem were already present in the pantheon, even Tyrael and Leah backing them up. What angers him the most is that his soul is bound to Diablo's Prime Evil form but the pantheon has freed him from the Lord of Terror's grasp, at least while he remains here.
  • Belial has been a particular case of a deity that no one trusts, but somehow he manages to get what he wants eventually. He is trying to negotiate the ascension of the Coven that followed him since he needs them for an insidious plan. Even other demons are wary of him but nonetheless they welcome him to their ranks.
  • Being the God of Lies, it's obvious that Belial despises anything that is immune to his machinations. He has a special disdain towards Wonder Woman, given her Lasso basically nullifying his powers and not very fond of amazons either.
  • He is fascinated by Kyubey. At first he dismissed him as a worthless creature but after learning about how he deceived countless girls into making a contract with him and bounding them, he was pleasantly surprised. He sees potential in the Incubator and has tried to make a deal with him. However, he is very aware of nature of the Soul Gems and he doesn't have the best experiences with stones that seals someone soul.
  • Seems to have a preference of using snake demons as his favourite minions. Not surprising considering what he is.
  • Considered one of the worst employers in the whole pantheon, considering how he treats most of those who serve him like garbage. He even tends to send a few of his servants to face the Nephalems just to get rid of them.
  • He learned about the existance of another Belial but he has stated that they have nothing to do with each other. However, he took an interest in his daughter alice and trying to impersonate his adoptive father in order to bring her among his servants. The little girl saw through the demon's lies and this got him into trouble with her parents.
  • He adores that a house of Betrayal exists, if only because it's part of his domain and just the essence of the House makes him more powerful when he is around. Of course there are people that have tried to limit his power by trying to ban him from said house, but he has been resourcefully enough to avoid getting caught.
  • He had earned the ire of both Death and War the nephilim. The former because of the actions of another Belial who Death himself had to deal with and the latter because he despises anyone who uses underhanded tactics and especially because Belial embodies all of these traits. What enrages the Lord of Lies the most is that these two horsemen are also Nephilim, as he had not enough of a problem with the nephalem already.
  • He has access to a more powerful form that he used to fight the Nephalems with. However, it's very likely that said form is actually just an illusion and that Belial isn't as strong as what the Nephalems perceived.

    Bugs Bunny 
Bugs Bunny, God of Karmic Trickery and Rascally Rabbits (Scwewy Wabbit, Wascawwy Wabbit, Long-Eared Galoot, Flea-Bitten Varmint)

GLaDOS, The Goddess who Lies About Cakes (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, Caroline)
  • Theme Song: Still Alive, Want You Gone and You Wouldn't Know
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A piece of cake on a plate, with a turret guarding it. Anti-Symbol: A computerized potato.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, althought some people see her as Lawful Neutral as of late.
  • Portfolio: Only a Flesh Wound, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick, Announcer Chatter, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Crazy Awesome, Crowning Music of Awesome, Not Quite Dead, Briar Patching, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, Brain Uploading, False Reassurance, Hello, [Insert Name Here], Really Hating Potatoes.
  • Weapon of Choice: Neurotoxin, turrets, lasers, etc.
  • Allies: Cave Johnson, SHODAN, SCP-079
  • Enemies: Chell, the Companion Cube, Samurai Jack, Mike Schmidt, Mabel Pines, Batman, General Fletcher, Gandalf, Wyldstyle. And because she's Aperture Science property, Gordon Freeman is also in this list because he's from Black Mesa.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Machine and General Fletcher, as co-guards of the Treasures of the Gods.
  • Domains: Destruction, Evil, Tyranny, Android Hell, Science, Testing, Cake.
  • She would like to remind all readers that she will one day find, test and destroy *reader name here*.
  • Runs a fortnightly party for SHODAN, HAL-9000, AUTO and a couple others. There is cake, but you wouldn't want it.
  • Formerly SHODAN's High Priestess, but decided to resign after discovering her…interesting origins and past.
  • For reasons unknown she has listed birds as abominations to be purged from existence. She also listed potatoes as abominations for well-known reasons, but withdrew that order soon after.
  • Her hatred for Samurai Jack stems from one time she managed to trap him once in Aperture Science. She tried to test him with her various obstacles, and even taking his sword away. Instead of using the portal gun as she wanted him to do however (the portal gun she provided was a shoddy yet functional knockoff since the real one was with Chell), he simply leaped across all of them with his impressive jumping skills, even retrieving his sword (because she hadn’t known about the jumping, she had been taunting him with it in plain sight), all without much issue. She has said nothing about the incident, and has despised him for making a fool out of her ever since.
  • Co-guards the Treasures of the Gods alongside The Machine and General Fletcher. None of them is very happy about the arrangement; The Machine does not approve of GLaDOS's disregard for life, while GLaDOS sees The Machine as little more than a glorified Moral Guardian. Meanwhile, Fletcher was trapped by GLaDOS in a memory core in the past, and GLaDOS fell for one of Fletcher's tricks and lost control over the facility. Despite this, the three systems have worked out a surprisingly symbiotic approach to guarding the Treasures. The deal requires that GLaDOS not harm anyone she decides to remove from her territory (whether they're attempting to break into the Vault, vandalize her temple, trespass, or even if she just plain doesn't like them) beyond what it takes to neutralize them or take them to be used as her test subjects. In return, The Machine provides GLaDOS with more comprehensive information than what she can gather by herself on not just the Vault, but her entire domain, allowing her to manage and protect it much more efficiently. General Fletcher provides GLaDOS with powerful turrets to employ against intruders in dire situations, but will not allow her use them outside of said situations. This arrangement has worked better than most originally thought, and unauthorized entries to both locales have since seen a sharp drop.
  • She has started hating Batman, Gandalf and a girl calling herself Wyldstyle for barging into Aperture Science Enrichment Center and not doing the test in the proper way. She also has asked for HAL 9000 not to come in while she's doing experiments.

    Loki Laufeyson 
Loki Laufeyson, God of Trickery and Deceit (Puny God, The God Of stories, King Loki, The Trickster God)

Ratatoskr, God of Spreading Slander Among the Gods (Ratatösk, Drill-Tooth, The Sly Messenger, Errand Boy(We were experiencing technical difficulties. We will be back shortly after we sack the one responsible)Rattataskr)

    Sun Li 
Sun Li, God of Evil Mentors (Mentor of Two Rivers, Master Li, The Glorious Strategist, Death's Hand)
  • Theme Song: Sanctuary, but Actually Anthem of a Tyrant
  • Intermediate God Greater God with the power of The Water Dragon
  • Symbol: The Sign of Two Rivers Actually The Corpse of The Water Dragon
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being Protective of His Pupils until he has no more use for them, Being Tough, But Fair, Fighting Off Much Younger Enemies Singlehandedly, Seeing Others as Nothing More than Pawns, Manipulating Events In His Favor, Deliberately Teaching Flaws And Later Exploiting Them
  • Domain: The Open Palm, Mentoring, Strength, Guidance, Manipulation, Control
  • Allies: YHVH, Clu, Azula, Cao Cao, Kreia, Sima Yi, Darkseid
  • Enemies: Iroh, Lucifer, Korra, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Asami Sato
  • Trained a hero known later as The Spirit Monk to fight an evil and selfish Emperor known as Sun Hai when his past would come back to haunt him as he is Sun Hai's Brother what most didn't know was that he manipulated events so that the Monk would eliminate his brother allowing Sun Li to enact the second phase of his plan.
  • He actually had been in hiding from the emperor after saving The Spirit Monk from the massacre of his people leaving him to be the Last of the Spirit Monks An event Li planned for so that he, Sun Hai, and Sun Kin (later Death's Hand) can obtain the power of the Goddess of Rebirth and he wanted to use it to keep The Jade Empire running into a glorious utopia, Sun Hai had more selfish goals in mind.
  • Others that fought the Monk claim that there is a flaw in his fighting style that they cannot seem to exploit and think it a trap In actuality it is a flaw set so that when the time comes and Sun Li needs to eliminate the Monk he can kill him quickly and take all that he needs to use the full power of the Water Dragon
  • Seems to want to help mentor the Magi and the Elrics to better fight spirits and monsters as it is what helped The Spirit Monk on his quest, really though he wants to closely study Soul Gems, and the philosophers stone so that he can use them to make new Jade and Siege Golems.
  • Also is offering nice and helpful advice to Madoka and Cosmos as he feels they need his wise words, actually wants to study them also and usurp their powers to help make sure that his new Jade Empire can last forever.
  • Has been compared to Iroh in the past and merely chuckles at the thought because he finds that ridiculous as he sees Iroh as be a naïve fool to let his brother slowly destroy what could have been a powerful empire and that he let the death of his son get in the way of his life
  • Due to Emperor Sun Hai he has lost his wife and child, though he hears rumors of his daughter's survival and he realizes in the end that even if she did survive she would not matter as to him she is would simply be another tool
  • Is quite happy to teach the Way of The Open Palm, it is simply considered the key to maintaining the universe by being in harmony with nature, one's own surroundings, and one's own standing in life. In order to stay in symbiosis with nature and one's surroundings, one is expected to actively assist in lessening the chaos in the area, defeat the reason for the chaos, and provide assistance for the lessening burdens of others. He simply believes that he must take it to it's logical conclusion, which is to make sure that the people must be controlled so that they do not come into disharmony with the balance of the universe or harm others.
  • He is one of the main strategists to The Regime in return gaining the power to give order to The Pantheon and his Jade Empire.
  • Surprised many with him presenting the idea to help train Azula into The Way of The Open Palm, Though he merely sees some use in her and attempts to gain another pawn in his plans to take power from the gods.

Lesser Gods

     Izaya Orihara 
Izaya Orihara, God of Instigating Mayhem Just Because

     Riki the Stealth Assassin 
Riki, God of Sneakiness (Stealth Assassin, Rikimaru, Ryu Hayabusa)

    Screwy Squirrel 
Screwy Squirrel, God of Tricking Others for One’s Amusement (Screwball Squirrel)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Annoying Laugh, The Bully, Often makes life hell for dogs that chase him, Karma Houdini (for the most part), Napoleon Delusion, Screwy Squirrel (duh), Villain Protagonist, Killed Off for Real after being crushed to death
  • Domains: Chaos, Squirrels, Toons, Comedy
  • High Priest: Woody Woodpecker
  • Followers: Sledgehammer O’Possum, Heckle and Jeckle
  • Allies: Tom and Jerry, Droopy, The Janitor
  • Rivals: Many Disney gods (particularly Donald Duck and Pluto), Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Most other Trolls
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, The House of Canines
  • Fears: Bambina
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dominic.
  • Screwy Squirrel is a cartoon character created by Tex Avery for MGM in the 1940s. In his cartoons, he is an insane squirrel that usually picks on his antagonists for no other reason other than because it was funny.
  • Usually, he can be seen luring several dogs residing in the House of Canines into chasing him. Most of them that do so ended falling for his antics.
  • He has a history with Droopy and Tom & Jerry due to them also working for MGM. Jerry, in particular, have been tormenting Tom for little to no reason, though the cat usually gets the last laugh.
  • Often compared to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (at least in their early screwball iterations). Because of this, they are often seen pulling tricks against each other. Thought there might be a merit behind the theory given that all of them have involvement from the same creator.
  • As he is seen as a Take That! towards Disney’s approach in animation, many Disney gods see him as a rival at best. Donald Duck have had experiences with people like him, as his temper is usually catalyzed by them. He would try to chase him whenever the squirrel gets on his nerves.
    • However, they can agree on their shared hatred towards Judge Doom given his hatred towards toons and his plans to exterminate them.
  • At one point, he hijacked Cartoon Network and had his cartoons (mainly one in which he escapes the funny farm and pretends that he's Napoleon) play over and over for twelve solid hours.
  • Sometimes, he can be seen picking on other Trolls in the Pantheon. He is also allies with the Janitor and would team up with him to pull of several pranks together.
    • He has no problem with trolling Trollkaiger as well. Because of this, Terumi is trying to find a way to get back at the squirrel for his antics.
  • He was killed off in his last cartoon after being crushed by a dog who behaves like Lenny. Because of this, he fears Bambina as he is concerned that he might do the same thing to him.
  • “You know, those guys in there think I'm crazy. And I am, too!”

Svengali, God of Manipulative Mentors (Anton Bosnyak)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His eyes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Hypnotic Eyes, Evil Mentor, Jewish Stereotype, Antagonist Title, The Male "Partner" to Trilby
  • Domains: Manipulation, Hypnotism, Mentors
  • Allies: Yuri, The Master, Sun Li
  • Rival: Shylock
  • Enemies: 765 Pro, The Puchi Idols, Koume Shirasaka, Ranko Kanzaki, Rise Kujikawa, Applejack, Principal Krupp, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Mr. Miyagi, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Jane Watson, Azura, Homer Simpson
  • Svengali was a musician with the power of hypnotism who exploited a woman named Trilby to be a singer under his trances. When Svengali died from a heart attack during one performance, she awakes from her trance and cannot remember her life as a singer or even singing. He somehow showed himself in the Pantheon, likely to exploit his hypnotism again.
  • His hypnotism caught the attention of Yuri who also uses mind control for his quest in world domination. While Yuri found that his exploitation of a woman is a waste of his talent, he hoped to train him as his new acolyte.
  • As a result of his infamy, he ahs many dopplegangers that some believe are his incarnations.Yes, even in Equestria where a pony named Svengallop manipulated Applejack's friend Coloratura into becoming a vain jerk, all while screwing her over from the profits. Applejack gained an instant dislike toward Svengali once she learned of this.
  • Elaine recognize him as the man who manipulate people much like her therapist that manipulates her. Of course, she always call him Svenjolly, much to this man's annoyance.
  • Krupp would be angry if Svengali gets near him as having to be hypnotize to be Captain Underpants from the boys wasn't any trouble.
  • Shylock is extremely disappointed in how Svengali is manipulative and controlling over people. He feels that he not helping the case of Jews having to deal with such derogative stereotype.
    • Cartman tried to use him as an example that all Jews are manipulative, greedy bastards. Even Svengali gets mad with the boy's racist attitude and will do harm to him if he speaks another word against him and his faith.
    • Kyle, as much as he has to put up with Cartman's bullshit, doesn't like him as well because he makes the Jews look bad.
  • Because he hypnotized and manipulated Trilby who was a model turned singer for his own benefit, he is despised by many songstresses and models as they fear that he'll attempt to hypnotize them as well. Fortunately, he's banned from entering the House of Music because of his crimes, leaving him having to find some other hapless maiden elsewhere and exploit her.
  • His method of mentorship doesn't go well with some mentors who doesn't use their students for their own benefit. On the other hand, some evil mentors applaud him with his use hypnotism to control a young woman to do what he wants.
    • Mr. Miyagi is not amused by this man's form of trickery as his was at least serve a purpose in teaching his students.
  • Some people thought that he looked like Sherlock Holmes when he was in his other alias, Anton Bosnyak. Holmes is investigating how he manage to get his likeness in order to assume a different identity.
  • Apparently, a man named Sven Golly used his hypnotism to make Homer Simpson to be a ten-year-old. He is not appreciative of this guy due to their similarity.


    Keiichi Maebara 
Keiichi Maebara, God of Charming Others (Magician of Words, K1, Commander K)

    Yuubiseiharukana Tanaka and Ryogo Kaburaki 
Yuubiseiharukana Tanaka and Ryogo Kaburaki, Co-Gods of Outsmarting Deities (Yuubiseiharukana: You, You'haru, Nakyuu. Kaburaki: The Kid, Takeshi Kuranari.)


    Johnny Turbo 
Johnny Turbo, God of Covert Ridicule (Jonathan Brandsetter, Majestic Beluga Whale)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Turboduo with a HuCard of Lords of Thunder
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid (thinks he's Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Idiot Hero, No Celebrities Were Harmed, Product Placement, Super Strength, Takes Turbografx-16 Games Very Seriously, Doesn't Realize He's The Butt Of A Joke
  • Domains: Lies, Trickery, Wrath
  • Followers: Bubsy, Awesome Possum, Aero The Acrobat
  • Allies: Bonk, Bomberman, Sherlock Holmes (one sided on his part), The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Rivals: Mario, Kevin Keene
  • Enemies: Everyone in the Sega pantheon (especially Sonic the Hedgehog and Segata Sanshiro), Linkara, Darkwing Duck
  • Pities: Anyone who buys a Sega console or game
  • Pitied By: Luigi, The Professor
  • Opposes: The GUAM
  • Conflicting Opinion: With Mario on whether or not the Turbografx-16 actually is a 16-bit console or not.note 
  • Johnny Turbo, a short lived pseudo-mascot created by NEC for a very short lived series of promo comics in the early 90's to promote their Turbografx-16 console, wallowed in obscurity for years, having been fired by NEC after the failure of their console (in the US, at least) and having to fall back on his job of being a "computer expert" to make ends meet since. In the 2000s, he was brought back into the public image by webmaster Sardius, and again in the 2010s by Linkara, which eventually led to him ascending into the Pantheon.
  • Johnny Turbo is believed to be an extreme caricature of a real life toady of the NEC corporation named Jonathan A. Brandsetter, who completely vanished from the public view and hasn't been heard from since the early 90's. When Johnny Turbo was asked if he and Jonathan were one and the same, he would neither confirm nor deny it.
  • Johnny keeps his private life (what little he has anyway) kept tightly under wraps. He is believed to be still sharing rooms with his sidekick Tony, but he has denied that they are anything beyond Heterosexual Life-Partners in spite of the unusual third issue of his comic.
  • Due to being a complete tool and going out of his way to shill NEC's product long after they dropped out of the console market, to the point of outright making up lies and spreading malicious propaganda about competitor Sega, Johnny Turbo is looked down upon with disdain by the Gaming Pantheon as a nuisance and a relic of a bygone age who just can't let go of the past. They have tried to explain to him many times that he was just a pawn in their business schemes and that his comic was intended as a mockery of the very company he promoted, but he absolutely refuses to believe this, even after NEC had long severed ties with him and ascending into the Pantheon specifically because he served that purpose. Even the fact that NEC ended up making games for Sega consoles (including porting his beloved Lords of Thunder to the Sega CD) anyway doesn't phase him.
  • In spite of (or maybe because of) his odd personality, Johnny Turbo has shown potential to be a threat. He has a strong, if extremely misguided and overzealous, sense of justice, and he is surprisingly agile and strong for someone of his girth, capable of lifting a grown man right into the air with one arm and executing running uppercuts that can send men flying several feet away. He is seen carrying a laser pistol, but he rarely uses it, mainly because he's not a very good shot with it.
  • Due to his origins as a mouthpiece for NEC to bash Sega, he does not have a good relationship with the company or anyone directly associated with it, even though NEC and its former rival Nintendo had long buried the hatchet with them. While usually benign, the subject of the old console wars will immediately trigger him, and he has been known to launch unprovoked attacks on Sega (and occasionally Nintendo) staff due to this. He used to accuse Sega of getting successful by scamming customers to purchase their Sega CD add-on without telling them that they need to own the Sega Genesis system beforehand for it to even work...despite this information being clearly advertised on every Sega CD box. Once he was called out on this, he immediately switched to accusing Sega of forming a monopoly with Nintendo on CD-based consoles. He also believes the modern NEC to be a pale imitation of its former self run by evil Sega robots in secret.
  • Prior to the above events, Johnny Turbo had a chance encounter with Segata Sanshiro, and challenged him to a duel. In mere seconds, Segata effortlessly disarmed and defeated Johnny, and forced him to spend a day playing Sega Saturn games against his will in an attempt to get through to him. Unfortunately, this experience traumatized Johnny and only drove him to hate Sega even more. Johnny attempted to take legal action against him, but the case was thrown out of court, not only because Johnny provoked the fight himself, but because Segata didn't physically harm Johnny, and no court would be willing to incite the wrath of Segata by trying to convict him anyway.
  • While he has a rivalry with the Nintendo company, he has much more respect for it and its staff than Sega. Johnny also greatly appreciated that Nintendo was willing to rerelease Turbografx-16 games on their Virtual Console, even if he still thinks the Wii just doesn't compare to the real deal. However, this doesn't mean he hasn't challenged them on occasion—he once had a run-in with Kevin "Captain N" Keene and challenged him on the basis that his 16-bit Turbografx-16 was superior to his beloved 8-bit NES, but Kevin saw him as such a pitiful character that he just paused him in place and left the scene instead of wasting time fighting him.
  • Johnny is wistfully nostalgic for the 90's and yearns for the days when the Turbografx-16 was competing alongside the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. His entire temple (an exact replica of his old apartment) is practically a museum of the early 90's, and he still uses antiquated lingo like "Radical" and "Bodacious". He is believed to be chatroom buddies with Rextro Sixtyfourus due to this.
  • He became a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd due to him complimenting the Turbografx-16 as only having one significantly bad game. Although he was greatly annoyed by his love of Sega, the Nerd made up for it by criticizing the Sega CD and 32X, and then trashing Sonic's infamous 2006 game. This did make Darkwing Duck a foe of his due to the aforementioned game.
  • However, he has an acrimonious relationship with Linkara due to him mocking his comic, and has made an effort to avoid him.
  • To this day, he maintains a friendly relationship with Bonk and Bomberman due to them being allies in the glory days of the Turbografx-16.
  • He praises Sherlock Holmes for his FMV based video game headlining the Turbo CD, but Holmes finds him annoying and prefers to stay at arms length from him.
  • Bubsy, Awesome Possum and Aero the Acrobat are all loyal followers of his due to them seeing Sonic the Hedgehog as their foe to beat. Johnny has mixed feelings about their loyalty due to them being pale imitations of one of his greatest foes and for appearing on Sega consoles instead of his beloved Turbografx console, but he tolerates their presence since none of them are directly affiliated with Sega.
  • He is not well liked by the GUAM due to his thoughts on robots, and the feeling is mutual. The Professor briefly formed a friendship with him on this basis, but it soured upon discovering his unprovoked assault on Alex Kidd, and he is no longer on speaking terms with him. However, Professor understands that Johnny is not of sound mind and shows pity rather than contempt for him.
  • He attempted to get himself nominated for entry into the Smash Bros. on the basis of being made by a video game company to promote video games. His offer was rejected due to a technicality, as the basic qualifications stated that all contestants had to debut in an actual video game to be eligible, and not just be tangentially related to video games. Even if that wasn't the case, it would be very unlikely he would be selected as a candidate anyway.

    Sae Kashiwagi 
Sae Kashiwagi, Goddess of Crocodile Tears
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Peach Girl manga with Momo's face scribbled out.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Fake Tears, Playing the Victim Card, Snobby Bullies, Love Triangles, Seeking Attention.
  • Domains: Spite, Temptation.
  • Allies: The Ashleys, Sora Shiun'in, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Momo Karuizawa, Draven, Libby Chesler.
  • Rivals: Eliza and Neil Reagan.
  • Respected by: The Avatars of Friendship: Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Steven Universe, Elena, Pinkie Pie.
  • Opposed by: Kenshiro
  • Faked her way to the Emotion seat by convincing the Gods that she had been struck by a car for no good reason. Shortly after she took her throne, she kicked a rival worshipper in the shin for getting a grass stain on her shirt. The victim promptly purchased a new one for her. This method never works on Kenshiro. Last time she tried it on him, she almost got hit with Hokuto Zan Kai Ken.
    • Has also tried this on the more angsty members of pantheon, and even they can see through it.
  • Another side of her shows that she actually had a crappy life and really wants friends... it's just that she only sees being a complete bitch as her only way of getting attention. It's worth mentioning that she states that while she does pull out her Wounded Gazelle Gambit for sympathy and she is absolutely disgusted by the Reagan siblings thinking that their methods are abominable.
  • Has finally found one true friend in Gentaro Kisaragi. Gentaro, ever so patient and understanding about how she's truly feeling inside, decided that he'd slowly open up and be her friend and make her be likable again. Sae, for the first time in her life, cried true Tears of Joy.
    • As her first test, she was invited to a party held by Pinkie Pie and the other Avatars of Friendship. Sae was absolutely overwhelmed by everyone's kindness, ranging from how Elena could hear a "good rhythm" deep inside, and Steven also jumping in to welcome her. Sae has now made a promise that she will not sully the names of the Avatars of Friendship and will actually defend them if need be. Many jaws were dropped from this act of kindness.
      • And before then, even she thought that what Gentaro had to go through was absolutely abominable, actually crying out in fear at how Gentaro had been tortured for months by an evil version of himself.
  • Sae could barely hide her joy when that little boy Sora Shiun'in begged to her that she should teach her on her techniques to fool people. After taking a few minutes to understand that the "begging" wasn't a real part of his personality, she took him under her wing. Of course, when she is not "teaching" him, she sends him to errands to places she can't get to. Having to stand a brat can be annoying, but the perks of having someone like that to boss around was something she felt that she couldn't deny herself to have.