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Pantheon: Mentalism
Mentalism and Trickery

The House of Mentalism is a very very dark place. No, not figuratively, but literally. Nobody really knows what the House of Mentalism looks like because there's no lighting to speak of. Most people would think that because the House of Mentalism is predominantly occupied with villains, that they are just trying to hide their identities. However, the truth of the matter is far more mundane. The deities within are so busy plotting, conspiring, backstabbing, and manipulating each other that they forgot to install adequate lighting. As a result, there's only one lightbulb for every square mile.

(The Council of Shadows' meeting chamber is down below the main Mentalism council chamber. Somehow, it's even darker than the rest of the House.)

Ambiguous Rank

Waluigi, God of Absurdism and Hostile ShoWALUIGI TIME WAA
  • Theme Song: Waluigi Pinball
  • ???? (Waluigi´s power is inconsistent due to him demonstrating new and absurd powers on a dime, making it difficult to determine)
  • Symbol: His "Γ" symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mind Screws, Jerkass, Tragic Villain, Goofy Villains, Cloudcuckoolanders, Harmless Villainy, Tricksters, Evil Counterparts with small villainous crimes
  • Domains: Slapstick, Bitterness, Trickery, Craziness
  • Allies: Wario, Dick Dastardly, Snidely Whiplash, Spy, Shinichi Watanabe
  • Rivals: Princess Peach, Princess Daisy
  • Enemies: Luigi, Mario, Bowser, Solid Snake
  • Waluigi is the Evil Counterpart of Luigi, and the two often fight and bicker. Solid Snake, a friend of Luigi, would come to have a talk to Waluigi about it. However, since Waluigi was in a private dance session and if Snake got too close he would be hypnotized he would have to delay the battle
  • Waluigi found a common friend for mischief and cunning in the Spy. The two are often found causing mischief together in the Pantheon. Until the Spy backstabbed Waluigi. However, Waluigi had survived far worse, and was actually impressed by the Spy´s cunning brutality. The two would resume their devious ways afterwards.
  • Waluigi isn´t well liked amongs´t the members of the Pantheon, primarily due to his appearence, tendency to cause mischief and an annoying tendency to do the so-called Waluigi Time, where Waluigi abruptly stops whatever current action is happening and makes people focuse on his shenanigas. You can expect vulgarity, mind screws and hypnotizing dancing.
  • Waluigi, during one hot morning, attempted to solve the problem by becoming the sun itself. The results were, unfortunely, a complete success.
  • During Waluigi´s drinking problem, he attempted to wrestle alongside other members of the Pantheon. The experience was filled with victories and losses ( mostly losses), but Waluigi would earn several fans due to his charm and charismatic actions.
  • Proton Jon of the Runaway Guys is surprisingly a good ally of Waluigi's, and even helped him invest in a bridal boutique enterprise.
    • This doesn't stop the guys from discussing his Designated Villain status. The biggest debates they've had regarding him usually revolve around the question, "What evil thing has Waluigi ever done?"
  • During a long time, Waluigi did his best to make sure that he would become an actual fighter on the fourth Smash tournament and not just an Assist Trophy. Unfortunately for him, this plan failed. After he heard that Little Mac not only elevated from Assist Trophy status to a playable character, but became a god as result, Waluigi was understandably mad. The following days after Mac's ascent, he started stomping any one he came across to the ground, Little Mac included.
  • Is being considered for a demotion to The Fallen after his latest April Fool's prank involved trying to take over the games of his fellow Nintendo dieties (with Wario's help), and getting himself sealed in an Assist Trophy capsule in retaliation.

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