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Pantheon: Sports

The House of Sports is basically an Olympic Park, but unlike those built by mortals, the House's Parks is many times bigger and is more majestic. It hosts facilities, training centers, and equipments of all kinds of sports imaginable, either real or "fictional". Because of that, this place is massive, and the House of Travel need to set up some travel services to take athlete around the complex.

Every 4 years the Gods' Olympic Competition is being held here. Of course, given the nature of the House, many victories are from the House members and not from outside.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, God of Wrestling Promoters (Mr. McMahon)

Jim Ross, God of Commentators (Good Ol´ JR.)
  • Theme Song: "Boomer Sooner"
  • Demigod.
  • Symbol: His hat and his BBQ Sauce placed next to each other.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: those who can get REALLY scary when angered, cowboy hats, those who get battered around (which makes other wrestling gods mad when it's done), awesome old people
  • Domains: Wrestling, Commentary, Texas.
  • Allies: StoneColdSteveAustin as well as most other wrestling gods.
  • Followers: Jerry Lawler, Mike Tenay, Tazz, Michael Cole, Josh Mathews, Gorilla Monsoon, Booker T.
  • Most people know not to ridicule or harm Jim Ross if they want to stay alive. Others who has done so in the past often became high priority targets by the Wrestling gods as well as the many followers of Ross.
  • Commentates on all matches that goes down in the House of Combat and Sports. Has actually gotten into a few matches himself. His last one involved whipping Shinji Matou raw with his belt when he tried to make a pass at members in the House of Love (and also because Shinji stupidly assumed he could beat Ross up without the use of the other wrestling gods always coming to save him).
  • Can usually be seen in the House of Food, showing off his barbecue sauces to the gods there. Many of them have said it's pretty good.
  • Is seen with John Bradshaw Layfield on commentary. Surprisingly, JBL is pretty cool to be around.

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