Awesome Music: Sports

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    College Football 
  • CBS' college football theme, which debuted for Super Bowl XXI and was repurposed the following year for college coverage.
  • ESPN's college football theme.
  • And ABC's college football theme from the 90's; it was revived for ABC's revived Saturday Night Football, and has since become the main theme for all of ESPN's college football games.



    College Basketball 

  • Dolores Claman's "Hockey Theme", considered by many to be Canada's real national anthem. Used for 40 years on Hockey Night in Canada and currently on TSN's NHL coverage.
  • Who says Americans can't come up with their own hockey theme? This theme has accompanied the NHL on NBC since 2006.
  • The old theme when ESPN had coverage of the NHL. Game version here. With the move of the NCAA Frozen Four final to ESPN proper in 2014, they brought it back for its coverage.
  • Ladies and gentleman, for your auditory pleasure, The New York Rangers Goal Song.

    Association Football 
  • It doesn't get much better than the Official UEFA Champions League Theme, adapted by Tony Britten from George Frederic Handel's coronation anthem "Zadok the Priest". And "Zadok the Priest" has itself been used for every British coronation since George II in 1727. The Bible verses that make up the lyrics have been recited at every English, then British coronation since Edgar in 973, so Tony Britten was following a truly awesome lead. To borrow the words of BBC Radio 5 commentator Alan Green as it played before the 2011 final:
    "Don't you just love that anthem? Doesn't it... make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? You feel special!"
  • The theme tune for Long Runner summary show Match of the Day was voted the most recognisable theme tune in British television history in 2010, and with such an immediately catchy, upbeat brass fanfare, it's not hard to see why it's so memorable.
  • ESPN's majestic World Cup 2010 theme by Lisle Moore. The EURO 2012/2014 World Cup intro remix didn't diminish its power and the proper 2014 version adds a spirited Latin beat.
  • The 2010 World Cup Anthem seen here. Pure, unbridled joy and triumph.
  • "Three Lions" by The Lightning Seeds, Frank Skinner, and David Baddiel, so much so that the line "Football's Coming Home" (especially during England's Euro '96 campaign, held on English soil, and where they went out in the semis, on penalties) can be heard at most England matches these days, and the song consistently charts every World Cup, in some cases consigning the official song to obscurity.
  • The old Pride FC opening theme. If the pure epic scale of that track doesn't make you want to go out and punch brick walls down with your bare fists, you may not be human, observe!
  • New Order's "World In Motion", written for the English campaign at The World Cup in 1990 is quite inspiring, even if you're not English. It was their only #1 hit in their native UK (this coming from the band which made "Blue Monday"!).

  • The opening theme music for ABC's Wide World of Sports. Combined with Jim McKay's narration, and you have the perfect representation of "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!" (Cue poor ol' Vinko Bogataj going off the ski jump...)
  • The now-retired BBC Grandstand.
  • NBC Sports had a great instrumental theme in the '70s, used for its NFL coverage as well as college football, baseball, hockey, etc. It was so popular that a group called Midnite Flite turned the piece into a big disco hit called "Don't Turn Away".

Aussie Rules Football

  • "Up There, Cazaly" was created by Channel 7 as an attempt to outdo Channel 9's Cricket theme, "C'mon, Aussie, C'mon".
  • As should be becoming evident by the now, the BBC has a reputation for sporting theme tunes that pass into the English sporting consciousness. Here is "Soul Limbo" by Booker T & the MG's, the definitive intro to Test Match Cricket.
    • While not as awesome, "Mambo no. 5" was still a catchy intro when Channel 4 acquired the rights.
  • "Howzat" by 1970s Australian rock band Sherbet was used as a popular choice of song for limited-overs cricket matches.

Horse Racing
  • Before the running of the Kentucky Derby horse race, it is tradition to play the Stephen Foster song "My Old Kentucky Home." And during this, the entire crowd in the stands (which is usually well over 100,000 people) joins in and sings along. They even put the lyrics on the TV screens, so those watching at home can join in.