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Awesome Music: Sports
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    College Football 



    College Basketball 

  • Dolores Claman's "Hockey Theme", considered by many to be Canada's real national anthem. Used for 40 years on Hockey Night in Canada and currently on TSN's NHL coverage.
  • Who says Americans can't come up with their own hockey theme? This theme has accompanied the NHL on NBC since 2006.
  • The old theme when ESPN had coverage of the NHL. Game version here. With the move of the NCAA Frozen Four final to ESPN proper in 2014, they will be reviving said theme for its coverage.

    Football (Soccer) 
  • It doesn't get much better than the Official UEFA Champions League Theme, adapted by Tony Britten from George Frederic Handel's coronation anthem "Zadok the Priest". And "Zadok the Priest" has itself been used for every British coronation since George II in 1727. The Bible verses that make up the lyrics have been recited at every English, then British coronation since Edgar in 973, so Tony Britten was following a truly awesome lead. To borrow the words of BBC Radio 5 commentator Alan Green as it played before the 2011 final:
    "Don't you just love that anthem? Doesn't it... make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? You feel special!"
  • The theme tune for Long Runner summary show Match of the Day was voted the most recognisable theme tune in British television history in 2010, and with such an immediately catchy, upbeat brass fanfare, it's not hard to see why it's so memorable.


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