Pantheon: Personal Appearance

Personal Appearance and Equipment

Like the House of Defense, this house is perhaps less official than the others - many deities are affiliated with it, but very few stay here exclusively. Not a lot of Gods enjoy thinking that they're here solely because of a mustache. The common opinion of visitors is that this is a House for the vainest of the vain, where Gods spend all of their time preening and fussing over their features. In truth - well, some do exactly that. Others barely notice or care what they look like, and barely visit at all.

The most striking thing about this house is the mirrors. Several rooms have mirrored walls, ceilings, and floors, which can be disorienting. Visitors often have to be rescued after wandering around in a daze. Other rooms have spas, parlors, dressing rooms, and the like. This House is connected to both Houses of Love and Theater. Additionally, this House is also connected to the House of Profession, for those Gods about having a profession and looking attractive at it.

Due to the large amount of deities, this house has been split into the following divisions:

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The Apathetic Guardians of Figure

    Jack Ryan 
Jack Ryan, God of Featureless Protagonists
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Wrench.
  • Allignment: True Neutral (default alignment), Neutral Good (if he chooses not to harvest any Little Sisters) or Neutral Evil (if he chooses to harvest all of the Little Sisters)
  • Followers: Hat Guy (Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force series), Tactician (Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken), Create-A-Bot (Transformers).
  • Allies: Master Chief, (Insert Name Here).
  • Enemy: Richard Rahl.
  • Domains: Morality, Choices, Freedom.
  • Has gained a herald in subject Delta.
  • "You" better not to mess with him when he's on a bad mood.
  • Has gotten very tired of people trying to order him around by adding "Would you kindly" to the orders. That will definitely put him in a bad mood, and won't work anyway: he cured the plasmid that caused that long ago..
  • When he learned that Elizabeth set herself up to die so that Jack could fulfill his destiny of defeating Frank Fontaine and saving all the little sisters, Jack went up to her and hugged her before thanking her sincerely for letting him give those girls a joyful, normal life.

Igor, God of Creepy Good Alignment

Sanguinius God of Angelic Beauty (Primarch of the Blood Angels, The Angel, The Pure One, The Fabulous Fucking Hawkboy)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Sanguiary Guard Death Mask
  • Alignment: Lawful Good. His chapter is Lawful Good but turns into a dangerous brand of Chaotic Neutral under the effects of Black Rage.
  • Portfolio: Angelic Beauty, Gentle Giant, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Lightning Bruiser, Heroic Sacrifice
  • Domains: Law, Good, Strength, War, Protection
  • Superior: The Emperor of Man
  • Allies: Leman Russ, Vulkan, Creed, Gaunt, Ciaphas Cain, Jurgen, Sergant Cyrus, Lamington, Flonne, Artina, Valvatorez, Karin, Rachel Alucard, Adrian Tepes, Colette Brunel
  • Enemies: All four chaos gods, Abbadon, The C'Tan, Mork and Gork, Dracula, Edward Cullen, Lucifer
  • Clenched Teeth Teamwork: Alexander Anderson
  • Widely believed that if Horus is Satan to the Emperor's God then Sanguinius is Jesus
    • Sanguinius died for your sins...Just like Optimus Prime does on a daily basis.
  • In the 41st millennium, an Imperium wide celebration called Sanguinala is held by Humanity to honor his sacrifice
  • Asura is forbidden from getting within 500 feet of anyone from the Blood Angels chapter unless Sanguinius is present. This has less to do with actual bad intent as it has to do with him having the effect of provoking the Black Rage. Even one of them losing it has the potential to kill lots of innocent people.
  • Dracula has been trying to provoke the Black Rage in his chapter. He responded by breaking Dracula in half. It took weeks for Drac to recover from that.
  • Some members of the House of Theater has tried to pass through the strange idea of making an "improved verision" of Twilight, taking place in the Grimdarknes of the Future, replacing Edward, Bella and Jacob with Sanguinius, a Sister of Battle and Leman Russ. Problem is that nobody wants to bring up the idea for the potential stars in case they deem it heretical.
  • Despite possessing great love for all of his children (even if he is greatly bothered by their flaws), The Emperor loves Sanguinius far more than all of the others due to his heroic sacrifice during the Horus Heresy. To this day, The Emperor has forbidden any ill words to be made against the Pure One.
  • Upon the orders of the Emperor, Much like Vulkan and Leman Russ, he personally will take part in the "Deep Strike" front while deploying the entire Blood Angels chapter of Adeptus Astartes to Madoka's defense in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".

    Charles Xavier 
Charles Francis Xavier, God of Bald Psychics (Professor X)

    Guan Yu 
Guan Yu, God of Beards (Lord Guan, Saint Of War)