Pantheon: Personality

Personality, Characterization and Archetypes

The House of Personality was commissioned by Applejack in order to separate it from the House of Mentalism, because she's completely disgusted with the whole concept of backstabbing and playing mind games the latter House offers.

This House comes with a personality test in order to determine the pre-established personalities of the Gods... however, if certain Gods lack of personality, this means they're flat as hell, and otherwise forbidden from joining the House unless they need to take characterization classes, as Kai is currently studying in said signature. Also, this house accepts non-philosophical concepts.

It's rumored that the Council of Cloudcuckooland is located inside of this House, because even the most crazy personalites reside here.

CM Punk considers this house as the Cult of Personality.

The House is guarded by the "Personal Three", which consists of Applejack, Spock and Dr. Tenma.

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The Personal Three

The Guards of the House of Personality

Applejack, Goddess of the Era-Specific Personality (AJ, The most loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies)

    Kenzo Tenma 
Kenzo Tenma, God of Infinite Goodness and Care Bear Stare (Herr Doktor Tenma)

Spock, God of Logic

Alternative Title(s):

Personality Lesser Gods, Personality Overdeities And Greater Gods, Personality Intermediate Gods, Personality Demigods And Quasideities