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Pantheon: Emotion

What the House of Emotion looks like is irrelevant, for within its walls is quite literally a raging storm of rampant, unpredictable energy not too different from a massive Swirly Energy Thingy. Fueled by the various emotions and feelings radiating from every sentient being in the cosmos, the deities of emotion rank among some of the most powerful and unpredictable in the entire Pantheon. Only one with a truly strong will and, perhaps, a signature emotion of their own are able to resist. Sensible visitors that want to keep their sanity intact are best advised to avoid this House at all costs.

It has however been reported that if visitors keep their trips in short, the catharsis of experiencing these various strong emotions in rapid succession is both exhausting and satisfying. Rumor has it that under the storm, this House has just as much drama as the House of Family.

Despair of the Endless
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A hooked ring.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Despair, Decay, Doom, Decline, Sado-Masochism, Loss of Hope
  • Domains: Plotting against kindred, Degenerate sects.
  • Followers: High Priest and Priestess Nozomu Itoshiki and Kafuka Fuura
    • By some quirk, Nozomu Itoshiki was originally ordained as the God of Despair by Haruhi-sama. But then it became slowly apparent that he just enjoyed being in despair far, far too much. The Endless Despair decided he was doing it wrong; so supplanted him. His...enthusiasm for the role did retain a seat; however, it's his companion Kafuka Fuura, whose bright smile hides a bleakness far beyond anyone's ability to comprehend, who really earns the position.
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari, Grandfather Nurgle, Desire of the Endless
  • Is pretty much the only deity willing to hang out with Nurgle. They can often be seen having a few beers together and discussing how to ruin Itoshiki's sanity even more.
  • Has a love-hate relationship with Superman of the Heros and Villains pantheon. She looks on him as would a mother, but is very disappointed in him, since he denies his very purpose of existence by being a cheerful guy. He, meanwhile, is completely unaware.
  • Has been used as a despair vault by Perfectio.

The Seven Lantern Corps
  • Collective of quasideities, led by demigods, with a Lesser God Emotional Entity personifying each corps' driving emotion and power
  • Symbol: Seven separate symbols, all based on the circle, one for each corps, always embossed on a ring and lantern
  • Alignment: Red—Either Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral, Orange—Neutral Evil, Yellow—Lawful Evil, Green—Lawful Good (their leaders, the Guardians, are Lawful Neutral though), Blue—Neutral Good, Indigo—True Neutral (brainwashed with Compassion), Violet—Chaotic Good (leaders are Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Colors, emotions, humors (Red—Rage, Orange—Avarice, Yellow—Fear, Green—Willpower, Blue—Hope, Indigo—Compassion, Violet—Love)
  • Most of the corps are led by one or more demigods: the Red Lanterns by Atrocitus, the Green Lanterns by the Guardians of the Universe, the Blue Lanterns Ganthet and Sayd, and the Violet Lanterns by the Zamarons. All Orange Lanterns are emanations of the demigod Larfleeze. The Yellow Lanterns are led by one of their own, Sinestro. Indigo Lanterns are led by the creatively named Indigo-1.
  • In addition to the leaders, they each have a "mascot" of sorts, a personification of their emotion of Lesser God level of power, and varying degrees of independence from the corps' heirarchies. Red has Butcher the Red Bull, Orange has Ophidian the Orange Snake, Yellow has Parallax, Green has Ion the Green Space Whale, Blue has Adara the Blue Eagle, Indigo has Proselyte the Indigo Octopus, and Violet has Predator the Violet Dragon.
  • The seven Lantern Corps are each devoted to spreading their given emotion throughout the universe like Valkyries flying between the stars. The members of each are mortals empowered by the Emotional Spectrum, a universal force that grants them a fraction of divine power. All save the Red and Orange Lanterns—nihilists and egoists, respectively—are convinced that what they do is for the good of the universe.
  • There is also a Chaotic Evil Black Lantern Corps that exists outside the others' structure and represents a total dearth of emotion. They intend to destroy all seven corps. Further investigation has unearthed horrifying information about the Black Lantern Corps: led by Black Hand, and Nekron, they seek to eliminate all life, and to return the DC Universe to absolute darkness. They've already toppled one of the Pantheon's Greater Gods of Heroes and Villains: Superman, and Intermediate Goddess of Truth, Wonder Woman using the mortal "corpse" of the Greater God of Preparation, Batman against them. While they were suppressed in the DCU, their leader Nekron has ascended into the Pantheon as an Overdeity. The other overdeities are keeping a close watch on him.
  • Due to extraordinary circumstances, Sinestro has joined the Green Lanterns and disbanded the Yellow Lanterns, leaving Arkillo as the sole remaining Yellow Lantern and Saint Walker has assumed leadership of the Blue Lantern Corps due to Ganthet and Sayd being otherwise indisposed.

Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Gods of Chaos
  • Collective Overdeities
  • Symbol: The eight-pointed star of Chaos, or their individual glyphs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: War and Strength, Change and Hope, Decay and Rebirth, Excess and Perfection
  • Domains: Potentially everything
  • Followers: Renegades and heretics, marauders and libertines, the Lost and the damned. Each god also has his own Chaos Space Marine legion and countless daemonic hordes to command.
  • Enemies: Usagi Tsukino
  • When the Dark Gods march in step and the legions of the Undivided act with one will, galaxies burn and even overdeities tremble. Fortunately for the rest of creation, the Chaos Gods are also eternal rivals and spend much of their time warring amongst themselves.
  • Due to the range of forces and domains that each Chaos God represents, many of their followers serve them unawares. Especially Tzeentch's pawns.
  • Some misguided sages have proposed that since the Chaos Gods represent all mortal emotions, even benign forces like Honor and Love albeit twisted to negativity, then many, if not all of the other gods in the Pantheon may simply be aspects of the Dark Gods. This is, of course, ridiculous.
  • The Despair of the Endless is possibly Nurgle's only 'buddy.' Tzeentch hates him, while Khorne and Slaanesh don't particularly care.
  • Even they fear Fred Rogers. In this case it is not so much his martial prowess as his ability to reach out to people's inner children and draw out positive emotions; for gods composed entirely of negative feelings, this means he could destroy them utterly if he wished.
  • Lucifer regards them as some sort of cousins and gets along with each fairly well, though his visits are kept under close surveillance lest the Lightbringer decide to trigger the above mentioned apocalypse.

Venus, Maiden of Serenity

Chiyo Mihama, Goddess of Cuteness (Chiyo-chan)

Bugs Bunny, God of Chutzpah and Karmic Trickery (Scwewy Wabbit, Wascawwy Wabbit, Long-Eared Galoot)

Yotsuba Koiwai, Goddess of Joy (Four-Leaf, 404 Girl)

Eric Cartman, God of Extreme Revenge Plots (Grand Wizard and King of Kupa Keep, The Coon)

Heero Yuy, God of Stoicism and Patron Saint of Ineffectual Death Threats (H.R. Lowe/Odin Lowe, Jr., Black Alpha, Zero One, The Perfect Soldier)

Shinji Ikari, God of Psychosis (Angel, That Idiot)

Rei Ayanami, Goddess of Emotionless Girls

Master Bison, God of Terror and Indifference In Doing Evil (Bison, Vega, Dictator)

Leonard McCoy, God of Emotional Responses (Bones)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Starfleet Medical.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Emotional Responses, Miracle Cures, Deadpan Snarkers.
  • Domains: Good, Healing.
  • Allies: Kirk, Spock,Scotty Jean-Luc Picard.
  • Enemies: Nero.
  • Along with the Goddess of Mechanics, worked to turn Tony Stark back into a man. Stark is now occasionally seen at the clinic, awkwardly trying to make up for that heroic effort.
  • Was extremely reluctant to accept his portfolio at first — dammit, Jim, he's a doctor, not a God!

Asura, God of Fighting The Heavens Above, and Rage That Can't Ever Be Stopped. ( Asura the Destructor)
  • Theme Songs: "In your Belief", "Asura unleashed" (When REALLY Angry)
  • Greater God Likely an Overdeity in his Mantra Form,, Full Blown Overdeity in his Destructor form.
  • Symbol: His Mantra Halo when he was a member of The Eight Guardian Generals
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Just plain Chaotic in his Berserker and Wrath forms.
  • Portfolio: BADASSERY, Vengeance, Rage beyond all comprehension, Rescuing his daughter, using multiple arms, having Higher transformations than just his Multi Armed form, Ungodly Strength, Energy Projection, Destroying Planet sized objects with his bare fists, planet sized final form, Punching out a creator god.
  • Allies: Son Goku, Dante, Other Combat deities, Yasha, Shizuo, Naruto, Jin Kazama, Pit, anyone that doesn't try to piss him off.
  • Followers: Bakumi Moriyama (on the Rage That Can't Ever Be Stopped aspect).
  • Enemies: Kratos, Relius Clover, Kazuya Mishima, Sasuke Uchiha, Gendo Ikari, Ghetsis, Sweet Tooth.
  • Ascended after everything he has went through was shown to the other members of the Pantheon, where almost everyone nearly shat themselves at his raw power.
  • Has a major father instinct, and really wants his daughter Mithra to ascend to the pantheon to be able to be with her. Is also pissed off at abusive parents, and has at one point almost destroyed the House of Family with the aid of Devil Jin, intent on destroying Relius Clover after witnessing the latter attempting to "experiment" on his son Carl.
  • Is often compared to Akuma. The two had a fight so massive that it took 500 years to conclude. Who won the fight is still up in the air.
  • Recently took Sweeney Todd's place as the God of Vengeance and Rage. To this day, no one dares to speak about it, as it was not pretty. Even most of the other violent deities in the house hid in terror after it happened.
  • Despite similarities between the two, Asura despises Kratos with a passion for his carelessness towards humanity in how he kills them with no remorse even if they are innocent villagers. It brings to mind of other Demi-Gods that he had fought before ascending to this pantheon.
  • Since Asura has had less than ideal encounters with gods in his life, he rarely visits the pantheon, or even his own temple. Although he does go to the Combat Pantheon every now and again to keep his skill sharp, and he has another temple there he uses to rest up.
    • On multiple occasions Asura has been seen with another fighter, Yasha, when visiting the Combat Pantheon. Although he hasn't ascended (at least not yet) and he looks more calm then the raging Asura, the gods tend to give him space, since he seems to be the only one on par with Asura. This thought has given Melkor much to worry about.
  • Asura gives his blessing to any who have been betrayed and seek revenge. But this blessing comes with a warning, he tells those who follow him that they should always be careful managing their rage, lest it consume them. This doesn't mean, however, that he accepts followers, due to his stance against gods.
    • He keeps a watchful eye on Guts, who almost lost himself to his own rage and vendetta against Griffith, for this very reason. This is also why he utterly dislikes Sasuke Uchiha, because he thinks he's not worth carrying the torch of 'revenge' since his mind is too weak to handle it. "A whelp who doesn't know his place does not deserve to fight for rage and revenge!"
  • It is common knowledge in the pantheons that Asura, in the rare instance that he visits, should be given a very wide berth, since an angry Asura is very bad news.
  • Making Asura mad has been voted "The most idiotic thing any can ever do" by the House of Mentalism, Asura has shown no objection, since he knew that means having more time to himself and his daughter. Even Hazama refuses to troll him, after a mere attempt caused Asura to use Hazama as target practice for his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs for three whole days. Hazama was forced to apologize to prevent a bigger beatdown, and the two have agreed to never speak of it again.
    • There is also an incident regarding Lu Bu mocking him for his theme. The end result: Asura delivering the biggest No-Holds-Barred Beatdown the Pantheon has ever seen. Thus the universal agreement that pissing off Asura is a bad idea.
  • One of the few beings to take Mister Rogers head on. They became good friends afterwards.
  • Is actually pretty chill in regards to Lucifer, especially because they both share the same ideas about giving any asshole from above a good asskicking for trying to mess with them or those under their protection, and since one of Lucifer's similarly named generals fell trying to oppose YHVH, Asura offered his help if Lucifer decides to take on heaven again (presuming Naoki Kashima isn't around to lead Lucifer's armies) and put his knuckles across the Great Will's face.
    • Which he will soon be doing as YVHV provoked Asura's wrath by targeting Madoka. He was amongst the first to sign up for the Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • Several Evil Deities that think they can defeat him while he's armless have sent entire armies worth of mooks. These Deities in particular taunt him that they'll take Mithra away from him again. Armed with only a shard of his master's sword, he eventually got so pissed off that this happened resulting in a giant arm that wiped out Hundreds of millions of minions like rice paper. Even armless, it shows Asura shouldn't be fucked with.
  • Has learned to suppress his Berserker/Wrath form by meditating with Cosmos. That being said, he has a MUCH easier time in accessing his Mantra form, terrifying almost everybody in the Pantheon.
  • Upon learning of the ascension of Gohma Vlitra, Asura has decided to form a task force in order to end it once and for all. Aside from Yasha (who helped him slay the beast), Travis Touchdown, Ryu Hayabusa, Kratos (albeit reluctant), Goku and Augus (just to be able to fight Asura after all is done) have joined him.
  • His absolutely gigantic Destructor form has piqued the interest of the Mecha piloting gods to try to take on said form. He has yet to respond to the challenges, but notes it as being interesting.
  • His reputation as the most Badass member of the Pantheon was cemented with his battle and victory against The Golden Spider (aka Chakravatin, the Creator).
  • Asura, despite his overwhelming power, has no real political power in the pantheon, like Flandre Scarlet. Unlike Flandre however, this is mostly out of choice. We use the word mostly because whenever he is asked for a solution to any given problem, he always answers: "Punch it." Now granted this solution worked for most of his problems but the pantheons' problems are a little more complicated.
  • It was noted by the pantheon that when he and Evil Ryu did a Shun Goku Satsu against each other, The Japanese Symbol for anger popped up during the fight, which translates out to "Ikari". Some of have wondered what would happen if Asura when angry and an Angry Shinji Ikari fought.....
  • When asked about his opinion on Shinji Ikari's most recent actions he stated that although sacrificing the rest of the world along with himself was not the "right" thing to do he then admitted that if he and Mithra were in the same positions that Shinji and Rei were in he would have done the same. He then said that hoped that if Shinji decided use his newfound power to protect those dear to him at all costs then he would have Asura's full backing.
  • Occasionally lends his strength to the likes of Yuu Narukami as the leader of Sun Arcana. Asura said he's gonna need it, especially in his upcoming battle against Nyarlathotep.
  • He's formed a strange friendship with Pit of all people. Probably because both of them actually like humans and have fought the entirety of their lives to protect them, plus having to fight some really Jerkass Gods in that effort. Some have also compared Asura's father instinct with Pit's desire to protect his goddess.
  • Asura absolutely loathes Sweet Tooth, as he is unable to comprehend why anyone would willingly kill their own family.

Vegeta, God of Pride, Awesome Egos and Proud Warriors Of Their Race (The Prince of all Saiyans, Prince Vegeta, Vegeta-Sama, King Vegeta)

Stuart Smalley, God of Self-Esteem (Sen. Al Franken, D-MN)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A mirror
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (enough, smart enough, and dog gone it, people worship Him!)
  • Portfolio: Losers, Butt Monkeys, Unfavourites, Dogged Nice Guys
  • Domains: Good, Healing
  • Would normally be in opposition to Uncle Ruckus, God of Self-Hate, but the two Gods get alongf just fine.
  • A natural ally of Jed Bartlet.

Thaal Sinestro, God of Fear

Shoutan Himei, Goddess of Hope (Sailor Salvation, Sailor Nothing)

Shadow the Hedgehog, God of Angst (Fake Hedgehog, Faux Ultimate Life Form)
  • Theme Music: Throw it All Away or All Hail Shadow.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Silhouette of his Head.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Evil Twins, Anything Darker and Edgier, Emos, Cynicism Catalysts, Speedsters, Those With Expansion Pack Pasts.
  • Domains: Darkness, Chaos, Alacrity, Suffering
  • Allies: Drizzt Do'Urden, Madoka Kaname,Ryuko Matoi, Amy Rose (as much as he denies it)
  • Rivals: Vegeta, Cell, Sonic
  • Ascended after His death in Sonic Adventure 2, and rather dislikes the copies of Himself being put into progressively worse games. Keeps control of His Wangst by teleporting to the earthly realm and unleashing it as a time-distorting field, which is enough keep Him in the Pantheon proper.
  • Zuko has been seen hanging out with Him, trying to outmatch His angst. He's stopped since he got over his daddy issues, much to the relief of the other Gods.
  • His angst possibly stems from a chronic inability to find that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald.
  • Has once fought Vegeta in a battle. Shadow has respect for him, considering him a rival (Besides Sonic, of course).
    • Also has a rivalry in the form of Cell as they're both ultimate life-forms. Shadow prepares the day they battle.
  • There was one point in time where Shadow got over himself and didn't angst even when he had a good reason to, but because that didn't happen in the pantheon's main timeline, he wasn't able to shake off his title.
  • Madoka is one of the few people that can get through to his inner feelings. This is because she is exactly like the best friend that he lost aboard the ARK. He has sworn to protect her, which also includes being the 2nd person Amy recruited for the Pantheonic Rebellion at the behest of her new found superior.

Guy Shishioh, God of Courage (Evoluder, God of Destruction, World's Strongest Cyborg)

Shana, Goddess of Tsundere (The Flame-Haired, Hot-Eyed Hunter; Yukari Hirai)

Aila Jyrkiäinen, Goddess of True Colors and of those who Quit their Old Jobs in an Epic Fashion (Ms. Meatbun, Reiji's Custom Tsundere, Arian's Future Queen)

Uncle Ruckus, God of Self-Hate
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Anything with Ronald Reagan's face on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil depending on episode
  • Portfolio: Mighty Whitey Worshippers, Uncomfortable Racial Humor, Straw Traitors
  • Domains: Anger, Hypocrisy
  • Opposed by: Samuel L. Jackson
  • Opposes: Sam Jackson and all other non-Caucasian deities
  • Is grateful to have been cast out of his mortal shell to appear as he always wanted... as a handsome Caucasian dude.
  • Does not recognize Samuel L. Jackson as a True God. Or any non-white god for that matter.
  • Even as a White God, Uncle Ruckus has maintained his N-Word Privileges, which has made several other gods rather uncomfortable.
  • One of the few gods he will do everything in his power to avoid is Vulkan. Though the Primarch doesn't care the slightest about millenia-old insults based on skin-color, he does take offence to his scathing comments about the God Emperor. Thankfully for Ruckus, Vulkan is busy aiding civilians or kicking the crap out of Dark Eldar in order to waste time hunting him.

Gwynplaine, God of Sadistic Smiles (L'Homme qui rit)

Megatron, God of Megalomania (NBE-01, Emperor Of Destruction, The Slag-Maker, Galvatron, D-16, Megatronus)
  • Lesser God ( though many times he has obtained power equal to a greater god, yessss).
  • Symbol: Either the Decepticon insignia (either G1 or G2), the Predacon insignia, or the Vehicon insignia.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Transforming Mecha, Big Freakin' Guns, Bastardy and Magnificence, Refusing To Get Out Of The Bath, Ominous Speech...Yessss...
  • Domains: Mechanus, Change, Dinosaurs, Evil, Tyranny, Trickery
  • Opposed by: Starscream, Scorponok
  • Is the rogue son of Primus of the Technology pantheon, and nemesis of Optimus Prime of the same & War pantheons.
  • Cobra Commander is his prophet.
  • Being a Transformer, he has many forms besides the usual two, and switched between sets of them - sometimes he can become a gun, sometimes a tank, sometimes a dinosaur, sometimes a helicopter. Theologists are unsure why he doesn't keep all of them as alternate forms at once, but the current theory is that he fears the kibble that would cause.
  • Holds a sort of bewildered scorn for wearers of Powered Armor and pilots of Humongous Mecha. The hated humans shouldn't be deluding themselves with these toys, imagining that they make them into real Mecha, but they are pleasant to crush, yessss...
  • Took an opportunity to humiliate Starscream by ruthlessly overpowering a mecha pilot that the traitor was having so much trouble with. Then Optimus stepped in and made it into a proper fight, with sides, if only for a few hours.
  • Refuses to comment on whether he slips Starscream the meat.

Sae Kashiwagi, Goddess of Crocodile Tears
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Peach Girl manga with Momo's face scribbled out
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Fake Tears, Playing The Victim Card, Snobby Bullies, Love Triangles
  • Domains: Spite, Temptation
  • Allies: The Ashleys
  • Opposed by: Kenshiro
  • Enemies: Aki Honda and Eliza Reagan (they're more monstrous than her!)
  • Faked her way to the Emotion seat by convincing the Gods that she had been struck by a car for no good reason. Shortly after she took her throne, she kicked a rival worshipper in the shin for getting a grass stain on her shirt. The victim promptly purchased a new one for her. This method never works on Kenshiro. Last time she tried it on him, she almost got hit with Hokuto Zan Kai Ken.
    • Has also tried this on the more angsty members of pantheon, and even they can see through it.
  • Another side of her shows that she actually had a crappy life and really wants's just that she only sees being a complete bitch as her only way of getting attention. This is one of the only reasons why she hasn't been sent into the Disgraces as even she despises Aki Honda and Eliza Reagan, stating that while she does pull out her Wounded Gazelle Gambit, she only does it for sympathy and not to get people to commit suicide.
  • Has finally found one true friend in Gentaro Kisaragi. Gentaro, ever so patient and understanding how she's truly feeling, decided that he'd slowly open up and be her friend and make her be likable again. Sae, for the first time in her life, cried true Tears of Joy.
  • Upon meeting up with Aki Honda and Eliza Regan, along with their new 'posse', they tried to recruit her. Sae immediately pulled out the tears and told them that she had been horribly abused by the House of Ambiguity and took them there...only to reveal that she made good friends with the up and coming Girl Posse, The Ashleys, who proceeded to give them a well-deserved Humiliation Conga. She has thus been seen in a better light and is now one of the go-to Gods when it comes to Aki and Eliza.

Domon Kasshu, God of the Hot-Blooded and Co-Master of the Face Palm of Doom (King of Hearts)

Excel, Goddess of Hyperactivity (real name unknown; sometimes called Excel Excel)

Sam and Dean Winchester, Gods of Woobiedom

Bright Noa, Eternal Repairer of Wrongly Placed Emotions (The Eternal Captain)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Londo Bell logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Bright Slap, Slapping Wangsty Heroes And turning them into MEN OF DESTINY, The Good Captain, Team Dad
  • Domains: War, Leadership, Emotion, Discipline
  • Allies: Yuu Narukami, (presumably) Captain Falcon, Kamina
  • High Priest: Jamil Neate
  • Followers: Rei Hino, Holland, Robert Gomez
  • There's a reason why he's unanimously tagged throughout the Pantheon as "The Eternal Captain": his powerful right hand has the ability to slap spineless wimps and turn them into MEN OF DESTINY. One mighty swing is enough to make a whole crowd of people get a hold of themselves; even someone with extreme Knight Templar tendencies like Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai can be forced to stand down with just one slap.
  • Kamina is often seen visiting out of respect for his Old Master.
  • Bright gets along really well with Yuu Narukami after seeing him calming people down, so they form a duo of calming people down where Yuu would try to calm people down, and if that fails, only then the mighty Bright Slap is coming to people's cheeks. Likewise, Yuu also respects Bright well, and thought Bright reminds him of his mortal 'foster father' Ryotaro Dojima.

Yuno Gasai, Goddess of Yandere (the 2nd)

Katara, Goddess of Nurturing (Sugar Queen, Sweetness)

Lamia Loveless, Goddess of Emotionless Beings Who Slowly Receive Human Emotions (W17, Lamia-chan)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Music: Ash to Ash
  • Symbol: Chibi Angelg (An angelic looking pink mecha with a bow and energy sword)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robot Girls, Artificial Humans, Huge Melons, Revealing Outfits, Feels 'how it's like to be human', Fetish Fuel, Stoicness, Temporary Split Personality, Graceful Fights, Forgiveness
  • Domains: Emotion, War, Drama, Technology
  • High Priestess: Ariel Org (Real Robot Regiment)
  • Follower: Aigis (Persona 3), Tio (Grandia II), Kunzite (Tales of Hearts), Aschen Brodel (Endless Frontier, seemingly modeled from her), EDI (Mass Effect 3), Karakuri Chachamaru (Mahou Sensei Negima!)
  • Allies: Axel Almer, Excellen Browning, Signum, Setsuko Ohara, Mikagami Tokiya, Yuki Nagato, Spider Woman, Aila Jyrkiäinen.
  • Former prophet of Signum, Goddess of Graceful Battle. Was to be made a prophet in the House of Technology, but since she seems to value her 'humanly' emotions more, she was placed here.
    • When Signum was terribly wounded and depowered by Cypha of Huckebein; Lamia shows an unusual anger and swore to avenge Signum by hunting down Cypha.
  • Is a good friend with Spider Woman, as they both share the fate of being sucker-punched in the most unfortunate moment by their respective upstart, luck-based villains. They both often share opinions about it, but since Lamia is able to shrug her 'shame' off better, she finds herself encouraging Jessica more to get over her problem.
  • With some current 'events', she found herself 'taking care' of EDI, as well as getting visits by Joker, who checks up on her. Lamia seems impressed at his piloting ability and wonders what would happen if Joker becomes a Humongous Mecha pilot...
  • Once fell into a massive case of humiliations by getting shot down near dead by Wilhelm von Juergen, out of sheer luck, until she's saved by Axel. Lamia was once massively ridiculed, but she remained calm and not dwell on that failure, and calmly participated in the fall of Euzeth Gozzo, with no blunders and done professionally. Much of her reputation has been restored, and along the way, she picked up one that she would name as her High Priestess: Ariel Org.
    • And to the surprise of many, Lamia personally took matters at hand and arranged it that Juergen, who was once in the Disgraces, was released to the 'mortal realm'. She has gotten over such 'petty grudge' that she feels illogical and that the fights leading her to the fall of Euzzeth had her encounter someone who makes Juergen look like a saint.

Andrew Stanton, God of Tear Jerking

Kenshiro, God of Manly Tears (Man with Seven Scars)

Jeremiah Gottwald, God of Loyalty (Orange-kun)

Setsuko Ohara, Goddess of Broken Emotions (Sexsuko)

Grumpy Bear, God of Melancholy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A raincloud
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sadness and Cynicism, Pessimism
  • Domains: Air, Repose, Storm, Water
  • Followers: Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh), Grouchy Smurf (The Smurfs), Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street)
  • Opposed by: Yotsuba
  • Grumpy often sits in a corner and broods, but doesn't always let it get to him, because he believes sadness is a part of life. Seeing Yotsuba cry due to something done by her adoptive father makes him...a little less grumpy (he's never seen smiling).
  • If Grumpy Bear doesn't see the glass as half-empty, that simply means Excellen hasn't taken a drink from it yet.

Strong Bad, God of Arrogance
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Strong Badian flag
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being Stuck In Gaming's Past, Loving The Ladies, Sbemails, Expressive Masks, Worn-Out Catch Phrases, Ensemble Darkhorses, Second Waves of Adventure Games
  • Domains: Creation, Magic, Trickery, War
  • Followers: Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy), The Todd (Scrubs), Jack (Jack of Fables), Gilderoy Lockhart (Harry Potter), Ted Baxter (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
  • Allies: Yahtzee, Travis Touchdown, Strong Mad, The Cheat
  • Rivals: Black Star, Tycho, Max, Heavy Weapons Guy
  • Enemies: Homsar, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Marzipan
  • You can't, no, you can't…handle his style! No, you can't, no, you can't…handle his style!
  • Is currently making a bid for the Throne of Heavy Metal…but given his backup band (Homsar and the King of Town), he's going to need all the help he can possibly get…
  • Due to his very unphotographic memory, Many of his exploits range from mild exaggerations, to semi-falsehoods, to Blatant Lies. He also believes that he should be included in the House of Villainy and the House of Love instead. Generally makes a nuisance of himself when he visits other pantheon households, and has been subsequently banned from several of them. He still visits anyway. The only reason they put up with him is that he's one of the best at checking the Pantheon's email.
  • Strong Bad occasionally plays poker with the Heavy, Max, and Tycho.
  • Rumour also has it that he has a little of Haruhi's reality-warping powers, but he's sick of receiving all the emails about that.

Strong Sad, God of Gloom

Tokiya Mikagami, God of Revenge Abandonment
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His water sword Ensui
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Abandoning Revenge, Ice, Water, Bishōnen, Swordsmanship, Snarking, The Voice of Hikaru Midorikawa, The Utter Downside of Vengeance
  • Domains: Emotions, Sword, Ice
  • Allies: Hitsugaya, Aquaman, Lamia Loveless,
  • "Do not dedicate your life in vengeance. Those who do so will always find death at the end of their journey."
  • Followed Todd until he realized that vengeance would get him nowhere.
  • Really, really hates being told that he looks like a girl, and shoots a Death Glare at anybody who makes that mistake.
  • After Sasuke's deification, Mikagami became his antithesis. He's not amused with his revenge prioritization and thinks despite his 'Genius Prodigy' status, Sasuke is a complete idiot who's dooming himself instead of accomplishing anything. Recently, Sasuke has started to become saner and having a reason for his revenge, along with the fact that another Goddess who just recently ascended that's hung up in revenge, he's a bit relieved. But he still choose to be his antithesis.

The Prisoner, God of Defiance and Mistrust (Number 6, John Drake)
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: A black blazer with white lining and a badge with a penny-farthing silhouette with the numeral '6' printed in red.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Eternal Defiance in the face of Near-Insurmountable Odds, the Injustly Imprisoned, Victims Of Elaborately Surreal Torture and Mind Games, Heroic Loners
  • Domains: Anger, Courage, Integrity
  • Allies: None. He doesn't trust any of them.
  • Unlike the other Gods, the Prisoner chooses to keep his own counsel for the most part. Eternally suspicious, he believes his ascension and surroundings to be part of an elaborate scheme on part of his charming-but-sinister captors to get him to reveal his closely-guarded secrets. Unfortunately, at this point no one - not even he - can determine what's going on about that any more.
  • Some speculate that, before his ascension, the Prisoner was a secret agent by name of John Drake. The Prisoner, for his own reasons, chooses not to confirm or deny this.
  • Resents any attempt to address him as 'Number Six'. The Prisoner is not a number - he is a free man.
  • The Prisoner will not make any deals with you. He has resigned. He will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. His life is his own.

Garfield, God of Sloth
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His teddy bear, Pooky
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral when he's awake
  • Portfolio: Big Eaters, Heavy Sleepers, Kicking Odie, Talking Animals That Don't Actually Talk
  • Domains: Sloth, Animal
  • Allies: Hello Kitty (fellow merchandising icon), anyone who will serve him food
  • Opposes: Friday Monday (he hates Mondays that much), Greebo
  • It's a miracle Garfield ever gets anything done, what with being an anthropomorphic cat and only being awake for a single hour on any given day. Most of his handiwork involves mailing cute things to third-world countries, and doing so again and again whenever they get sent back to him...postage due.
  • Habitually raids the House of Food, primarily for lasagna and other Italian cuisine (including lots of spaghetti.). However, he keeps getting caught due to his constant nap attacks.
  • Really, REALLY, hates Mondays. Also hates Greebo.

Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham, Goddess of Obsessive Compulsions (Hanners)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: the Worry Hat, level 2 decontamination suit
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chaotic Neutral when drunk)
  • Portfolio: (to be assigned after she finishes vacuuming at 4 AM)
  • Domains: Obsessions, Compulsions, Ending Messes, Suspiciously Specific Denial
  • Followers: Marissa Benson
  • Allies: Death the Kid, Adrian Monk
  • Enemy: Nurgle (see below)
  • "The bathroom in this House is kind of.. icky..."
  • Actually succeeded in (briefly) disinfecting Nurgle. (Was pathogen-free for 2.3 seconds...yes, She counted.)

Johnny Knoxville, God of Self-Harm

Rodney Dangerfield, God of Self-Deprecation
  • Quasideity (self-imposed)
  • Symbol: Whatever it is, he thinks it sucks
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Self-Deprecating Humor, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonists
  • Domains: Humor, Suffering
  • Followers: Conan O'Brien, Richard Lewis, Jim Norton on a "good day"
  • Even as a God, Rodney still gets made fun of on a regular basis, and is usually made a "guest of honor" or emcee at the semi-monthly celestial roasts, as he considers himself a great target for jokes at his expense.
  • Rumor has it that as the staff was preparing the hearse at his funeral, his wife walked by and said,
NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not the Cadillac hearse! Don't you have some minivan thing you can stick him in?
  • No respect, I tell ya'.

Jean-Luc Picard, God of Exasperation
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Starfleet Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Face Palms, Bald of Awesome, Captains, Cool Ships, Prime Directives
  • Domains: Suffering, Law, Good
  • Allies: Kyon, Kirk, Spock, McCoy
  • Followers: Everyone at one point or another.
  • Whenever something stupid happens, Picard is usually on the bridge of the Enterprise, available for a hand-to-forehead shot.
  • Is compared to Professor Xavier for one reason.
  • Rumor has it that Discord has personally toyed with him on multiple occasions in the past. Picard has so far declined to comment.

Nero, God of World-Destroying Pain & Misery

Courage the Cowardly Dog, God of Cowardice (Stupid Dog!)

Oichi, Goddess of Guilt And Apology (Ichi, The Demon Queen, Night Whisperer)
  • Theme Music: Nemure hi no Hana.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Azai Crest cradled by a pair of black hands.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Apologizing, Super Tragic, Tear Jerking Life, Not-So-Evil Dark Power, Being Walked Over, Uncanny Valley Girl, Yandere, Voice of Mamiko Noto.
  • Domains: Darkness, Emotion, Love.
  • Allies: Midna, Setsuko Ohara, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Nodoka Miyazaki, Litchi Faye-Ling,
  • Enemies: Mildred Avalon, Oda Nobunaga (her brother).
  • The first thing she did after ascending was APOLOGIZING for all of the breaks that Setsuko suffered... even if she didn't do it. "Everything is Ichi's fault..."
  • At least had the gall to call out Mildred, saying that her light is a lie.
  • As of now, calmly waits for her dear husband Azai Nagamasa to join her in the Pantheon. The rest of the Gods do their best to search for him, because sweet heavens know what would befall the Pantheon in any event she snaps.
  • Was once the plaything of her evil brother, but when she was deified, many good Gods made sure that she was freed from her brother's clutches. It still didn't stop her from apologizing for the atrocities that her brother ordered her to commit.
  • Currently, she wanders the Pantheon as something of a blank slate, wanting a friend to hug... with her giant demon claws. She may have found what she is looking for in either Lord Happy (Ieyasu) or Lord Grumpy (Mitsunari).
  • Left a good portion of the Pantheon speechless when she single-handedly stopped her brother's attempt at genocide and even subdued him back to his throne. Perhaps the most startling of all, was that she didn't breathe a single word of apology or guilt over the action.
  • Recently, an untimely encounter with Nodoka Miyazaki has left her in tears of joy induced by the level of warmth, compassion and optimism she saw in the bookworm's heart. Out of sheer gratitude, she and Nodoka (who shares a similar voice with her) developed a sisterly bond, with the latter frequently visiting her and encouraging her to fill heart with more happiness, and not to lose her hope to find her beloved husband. Given her tendency to nickname people, “Honya-chan” came into her mind almost immediately, to the surprise of Nodoka.

Tyler Durden, God of the Id, God of Insanity, God of Desire, God of Battle in the Center of the Mind, God of Nihilism
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A bar of soap
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Chaos, desire, the Id, Anger, Lust, Idealism, Philosophy, the mind.
  • Allies: The Joker, Deadpool
  • Enemies: The Narrator.
  • Portfolio: Insanity, Anarchy, the Id, Nietzsche Wannabe
  • Is rivals with Friday Mondy, the God of Nihilism. Many are debating who will win.
  • Is putting together Project Apocalypse, a dismantling of the entire Pantheon.

Miu Matsuoka, Goddess of Mean-spirited Cuties (Micchan)

Victor Frankenstein, God of Emotional Instability

Sasuke Uchiha, God of Revenge Before Reason
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Uchiha Clan symbol.
  • Alignment: Impossible to pinpoint due to him going all over the character alignment chart
  • Portfolio: Being An Avenger, The Rest Doesn't Matter, Complete Monster In Making, Face-Heel Turn, Ninja, Base Breakers, Teen Geniuses, Being A ''Big'' prick To Everyone, Abandoning Anyone That Isn't Of Use To His Goal Of Revenge, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, THE POWER OF HATRED!!
  • Domains: REVENGE, Emotion, War.
  • Allies: Gilgamesh, Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder, Odio.
  • Not So Different From: Jin Kisaragi.
  • Enemies: Mikagami Tokiya, Steve Rogers, Some of the Gods in the House of Family, Jin Kisaragi, Scorpion, and especially Asura (who considers Sasuke unworthy of carrying the torch of revenge because he believes the ninja's mind is too weak to handle his rage).
  • Opposes: Naruto Uzumaki (Sasuke has refused to comment on this recently, although it may have changed).
  • Since having finally managed to talk to Itachi about his revenge, Sasuke has become more understood in his role, and seems to be steering away from his darker path, even if he tries to deny it. This has meant that Naruto has redoubled his efforts though, much to Sasuke's annoyance.
  • Mikagami was pretty much disgusted with his antics and thinks he's an idiot. Steve Rogers is also appalled at him, thinking that he'll never be an Avenger with that kind of mindset.
  • The House of Family used to look on his goal in shock and anger (at least the Good side). While Sasuke still doesn't show any signs of actually caring about this, the emotions have worn down after talking to Itachi and taking steps to talk to his parents about it.
  • On the other hand, Gilgamesh likes his lifestyle. Because one must first think about one's self before others', no? Odio sees him as an ideal ally, and for once, Sasuke's feelings are quite mutual. Gilgamesh on the other hand he's mainly ignored. He grows out of it.
  • Lots of Gods claims to hear "Crawling In My Skin" everytime they come near Sasuke's temple. Sasuke denies this, but so far no-one believes him.
  • Rumor has it that Sasuke has approached the Theater Pantheon to commission a show called VENGEANCE: The Musical.
  • Sasuke actually has a modicum of respect for Shinji Ikari, seeing the latter as a victim much like himself who, after enduring constant humiliation and suffering at the hands of his entire world, got his revenge on them all. He's not fully aware of the actual circumstances, and any attempts to praise Shinji on his vengeance are always met with... an unpleasant response.
  • Recently it was revealed that he has a nickname: Dr Snakes. So far no full reaction has come from calling him this, but he has been developing a twitch.
  • Tried to ask that he be demoted from the Pantheon as he realized that he has a reason for his revenge. Suzaku, who was working the desk, pointed out that his title if about putting revenge before reason, not without it. Until then, Sasuke REALLY have to work his ass off to prove that he's not the revenge-obsessed freak he was thought of since before.
  • Gets annoyed whenever people ask he's gay due to that one time he accidentally kissed Naruto in the lips. The next person who thinks he's gay will be burned with Amaterasu.
  • Thanks to the rise of another revenge nutjob that is Kokonoe, Sasuke has taken a bit sigh of relief... maybe they'll finally forget about him being the revenge nutjob once ridiculed so many times.
  • Is sometimes compared to Jin Kisaragi. Sasuke, however, has no opinion on him... yet.
  • Has recently returned to being allies with Naruto again. However, whether this is permanent or not is yet to be revealed.
  • On the rise of the House of Hatred, Sasuke... took a sigh of relief. Had he still stuck in his 'revenge nutjob' mindset, he would've moved there and... his sanity would get even worse.

Al Bundy, God of Failure
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An ugly Orange Sofa positioned in front of a Television.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Washed-Up Cynics, Bumbling Action Dads, Those Who Have Bad Luck By Birth, Achievements in Ignorance, Representation of Laser-Guided Karma for Jerk Jocks, Hated In-Universe But Adored By The Audience, Occasional Badasses, The Ugly Guy Of A Hot Wife.
  • Domain(s): Failure, Frustration, Misery, Dreams (Thwarted).
  • Allies: Kenny McCormick, Otacon, Dan Hibiki, Ryoutaro Nogami, Hong Meiling, Homer Simpson.
  • Rivals: Gomez and Morticia Addams (because they're more successful than him... and his non-ascended wife Peggy).
  • Was initially elated to learn that he was ascending to Godhood, thinking it a long-deserved reward for a lifetime of thwarted ambition and failure. He also relished the chance to get away from his Dysfunctional Family, but in order for him to maintain his character so as to remain worthy of his position, they came to live with him.
  • Currently runs a woman's shoe store at the foot of the steps leading to the Pantheon houses. Despite there being relatively few of them that visit the Pantheon, it never fails to be routinely visited by obese females. Al suspects that the other gods in the Pantheon arrange this as a joke, but is too unmotivated to try and do anything about it. However, he does appreciate the visits of Amanda Waller. Both hate each other, but find the experience of trading barbs to be highly satisfactory.
  • The Court of the Gods are currently on a case about his wife's status as The Millstone to replace former holder Gilligan, Al says that if Peggy is going to be kicked to the Disgraces, he requests her as a Double Agent for the Gods.
    • However, that's not going to happen, now that Lance Vance is now in... as a worse example. This means that his wife is safe, for now.

Parsee Mizuhashi, The Green-Eyed Monster
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Music: Green-Eyed Jealousy
  • Symbol: a green eye glowing under a bridge.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Evil
  • Portfolio: Jealousy, Princesses, Aggressive Insanity, Fighting with Clones Awesome Scarves, ludicrously hard bosses, Bridge Guardians, Tsundere, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope
  • Domains: Jealousy, tsundereness
  • Allies: Laarfleeze, aka the Orange Lantern. They still both want to kill one another and take everything the other has, but marginally less so than with everyone else out of an unclear mix of kindred spirits and starscreaming.
  • Followers (they're all also jealous that Parsee got a seat in the Pantheon): Tsubaki Yayoi
  • Parsee is jealous of everyone in the Pantheon. Every. Single. One. She's jealous of powerful Gods for being powerful, she's jealous of weak Gods for not having much responsibilities, she's jealous of Butt Monkey Hong Meiling because some people pity her. And she is more than excited to spread the joy of jealousy around the Pantheon.
    • The scary part about her is how happy she can be when admitting her jealousy to people. When people are around of course, as behind their backs she starts saying "paru paru paru paru".
  • Parsee may be a Minor Goddess, but her influence within the Pantheon is ludicrously high. In the seat of Gods, tensions and jealousies may have devastating consequences. Parsee possesses the ability to shape the balance of power in the Pantheon almost on a whim. Rumor has it that not even The Judge of Paradise, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, to whom nearly all Gods must eventually respond, is immune to her psychic wrath.
  • She doesn't have a temple of her own. Just a small shrine under a bridge which people can tell what they are jealous upon. As you can guess, she is jealous to all who have proper temples.

Alice, Goddess of Childhood Innocence and Cruelty
  • Normal human soul empowered by demonic magic, now Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Two dolls, one red, one black
  • Alignment: Neutral-Dark according to the Demonic Compendium
  • Portfolio: Kids Are Cruel, Sweet Girls Who Aren't What They Seem, Lovable Sorceresses, The Dark Side of Wonderland, Slightly Confused People, Blissful Ignorance of One's Origins, Love For Adoptive Parents, Came Back Wrong, Damaged Souls, Alice Allusions, Creepy Children, Necromancy
  • Allies: Belial and Nebiros. For a couple of demon lords, they sure love the tyke. More darkly, the Fiends, who she's a member of.
  • She scares a lot of the kids in the Pantheon, even though Belial and Nebiros brought her there with the exact purpose of finding her a good friend she could relate to without going Die For Me! with them. However, she gets along very well with Peter Pan, given he is one of the few who could grant her wish of having an eternal playmate. Her two demonic guardians are her only real family and deeply care for her, and she returns that love.
  • She is a parallel or future version of another Alice, and is good friends with her and even taking tea together in Wonderland, though both feel creeped out by each other at times. Given the Alice that lives with Belial and Nebiros is an insanely powerful sorceress capable of summoning dark armies with a command, and the Alice known as the Avatar of the Power of Imagination is capable of transforming her domain , and possibly the Pantheon itself if she was ever self-aware, depending on her current mind state, this is very comprehensible.
  • Both Belial and Nebiros are looking for possible friends for Alice. Given her massive magical potential and inability to comprehend pain or death, least of all her own, they are still reviewing candidates.
    • Some have posited the theory that combat with Nanoha might bear fruit...
    • As of late, Alice has also been seen in playdates with Hansel and Gretel over in the House of Family. Even top-ranking gods know it's better to avoid them. Or else.
    • She's successfully made contact with Wednesday Addams and Mandy. The other two girls are somewhat annoyed by her innocence, but tolerate her with relative ease, since she shares their interests/sensibilities, likes having them as friends, and plays a great game of Massacre. Belial and Nebiros watch from afar for added safety, having reminded Alice that Die For Me! is not a very good way to make friends.
  • When Gentaro Kisaragi heard about Alice's troubles he cried for her loss. Alice, not knowing emotions like this, was shocked. The other gods were afraid, with good reason, of what Alice would do to the poor Kamen Rider and his friends. When Alice asked him, "Could you die for me, please?" Gentaro replied with a hearty yes. Fortunately, Belial and Nebiros stepped in just as Alice was about to do that, but have decreed that Gentaro was allowed to have tea parties with her every now and then.
  • Following an incident with the Hare of Inaba that ended with the poor bunny utterly traumatized by Alice's tortures, she's been banned from the House of Beasts. Reisen Udongein Inaba feels an unnatural feeling of dread whenever Alice's nearby.
  • Alice, much like Hansel and Gretel, isn't feared because she's outright insane. It's because she is at the same time a vicious undead sorceress and an innocent girl without conflating either role in the slightest. Even her friends have had close calls in which Alice is on the verge of killing or eating them on passing whims, or siccing a large gaggle of undead on them because she was bored. Gentaro once asked Belial and Nebiros about her origins. Neither was willing to speak on that regard, despite their strong debt to him. However, he noticed their voices broke ever so slightly...
    • Speaking of Gentaro, Alice once found him not talking about befriending others and tried to befriend him back...through summoning undead Wonderland guards and trying to eat him. Belial and Nebiros brought her away to reveal that it was an alternate Gentaro that she met up with. One that was part of a dark resurrection who rejected friendship. The real Gentaro soon came to Alice and thanked her for doing her best to befriend him. Alice smiled back.
      • It has recently been revealed that when Gentaro died for Ryusei, she was the one who resurrected him before Kengo even placed the Cosmic Switch in the Fourze Driver. The reason? Because Gentaro was her best friend, and she didn't want to lose him. Thankfully, this brought Kengo into the Pantheon when he heard what happened to his dear friend and he brought Gentaro back to life through the Cosmic Switch. Alice apologized for the mess she made, but both Gentaro and Kengo forgave her. The three now spend time at the Rabbit Hatch or having tea parties with one another.
  • She's found another friend in Jack Skellington and loves seeing his performances for Halloween. Jack has gotten interested in having Alice use her necromancy as part of his performance. Belial and Nebiros are against it; if given free reign of her necromancy with the instruction to create undead, she'd be capable of an endless Night of the Living Mooks. Coupled with her shadow powers, she could eat as much as she wanted until stopped by a light strong enough to destroy her. As neither wants to see Alice at the wrong side of such power, they have vetoed Jack's idea.
  • At times, she fleetingly remembers her true nature as one of the Fiends, something that her Unearthly Form belies. Everyone struggles to keep her distracted so she won't fully remember, lest she decide to embrace her true powers as a goddess of death.

Rachel Roth, Goddess of Sugar and Ice Personalities (Raven)

Shizuo Heiwajima, God of the Hair-Trigger Temper (Shizu-chan, The GARtender)

Tomoko Nozama, Celestial Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant and Goddess of Perky Goths (Psychic Goth Girl, Tomo-chan)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A drawing of a rabbit head with bleeding and bloodshot eyes.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Goth, Psychic
  • Portfolio: Battle Aura, Nightmare Fetishist, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, Perky Goth, looking pretty in regular clothes, liking insects, fan of Kamen Riders
  • Allies: The Kamen Rider Club: (Gentaro Kisaragi, Kengo Utahoshi, Yuki Jojima, JK, Miu Kazashiro, Shun Daimonji, Ryusei Sakuta), Rukia Kuchiki, Yayoi Kise, every member of the Toku Base, Dr. Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Mele.
  • Opposes: Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja and every evil Kamen Rider in the Demonic Legion, Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • High Priest: Ruby Gloom
  • Tomoko ascended into this seat by dowsing it with a white snake skin and a straw doll in hand. She was also surrounded by a black Battle Aura so powerful that neither Ness or Lucas could use PK Flash to illuminate the area.
    • Whenever the thought of Ryuusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor comes to mind, her aura becomes pink. Gods should proceed with caution when that happens for two reasons: 1) if anyone harms her, Meteor would come in and kick their asses or 2) something far more sinister is about to emerge.
  • Is currently in a relationship with Ryusei. The Toku Base thinks it's adorable.
  • Whenever she's in the Food Pantheon, she'll be dumping natto into everyone's food before touching their face. Then she'll disappear without a trace.
  • Her seat is surrounded by insects ranging from butterflies to praying mantis and different arrangements of cicadas. Some might even hear the cicadas cry as she passes by...but not in any relation to that other cicadas crying thing.
  • She was once caught deleting all the photos for the Academy's yearbook because, as she put it, one photo of her showed her bow crooked.
  • She's said to have a sixth sense for things, but no one's been able to ask how far it goes. Gentaro notes that she has the power to unlock the potential in Cosmic Energy, and she does have the power to note if someone or something is acting strange. Other than that, she's a really nice person to be around.
  • Makes constant trips to the Magic Pantheon in order to see magic at work. Has also been following Kamen Rider Wizard lately—due to him being both a Kamen Rider AND a magician.
  • Gentaro has recently asked Tomoko to befriend Alice. At first, Tomoko was thinking of Alice Lidell until Gentaro dragged her to Belial and Nebiros and explained how Tomoko's likes of the macabre were perfect for Alice. After some consideration, Tomoko went to Alice's side and showed her some of her drawings which Alice adored. Belila and Nebiros also sighed in relief—thanks to Gentaro's influence, Alice didn't have to go Die for Me!! on Tomoko.
  • Was excited to see Jack Skellington make it to the Pantheon and has been helping him plan out his ideas for Halloween. Jack likes her because she reminds him a lot of Sally.
  • Tomoko believes that all Kamen Riders and all Toku Heroes by extension are heroes of justice. Thus she hates Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja as he goes against everything a Kamen Rider stands for. Her hatred also stems to Hideyasu Jounochi, Kaito Kumon and Mitsuzane Kureshima, who she believes disgraced themselves of being true Kamen Riders for many different reasons. Hideyasu's smugness rubs her the wrong way, Kaito's lust for power reminds her of the Zodiarts and Micchy's alignment and willingness to do what he does for Kota really reminded her of when Ryusei killed Gentaro. She plans on preparing a deadly curse on these three in retaliation.
    • As for American-based Kamen Riders, she's happy for the Dragon Knight ones (Kit, Len and Kase) as it shows that there can be Kamen Riders in other areas across the globe. However, she doesn't have any idea what to say about Dex.
  • Gets along well with fellow goddess, Yayoi Kise, who is also a fan of the toku heroes. They exchange videos and drawings of their favorite members of the Toku Base, and Yayoi's been very supportive for Tomoko and Ryusei's relationship.
  • Speaking of Kamen Riders being good, upon learning about Gentaro's darker self, she began doing her research to make sure that Gentaro NEVER becomes an empty shell of his former self.
  • Has gained a strange friendship with Mele over the fact that Tomoko was able to help Ryusei become a true hero because of her love for him. Tomoko is amazed in Mele's martial arts and wishes to get training from her.

Albedo Piazzolla, God of Insanity (URTV No. 667)

Mitsuru Kirijo, Goddess of Ice Queens (And Those Who Defrost) (Mitsuru-senpai, The Imperious Queen of Executions)

Yuri Tsukikage, Goddess of Emotional Trauma (And Recovering from it) (Cure Moonlight)
  • Theme Song: Moon Gekkou Attack
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A broken purple Pretty Cure Seed
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Elegant Badassery, Genius Action Girl, Coldness Due To Trauma, 'Cool' Attitude, Glasses Girl, Lunacy, Barrier Warrior, Big Sister Types, Ex-Loners
  • Domain: Emotion, Combat, Magic
  • Allies: The Pretty Cures (especially the Heartcatch ones), Tsubomi Hanasaki, Nagisa Misumi & Honoka Yukishiro, Signum, Setsuko Ohara, Susan Storm, Fate Testarossa Harlown, Reika Aoki
  • She is the first Pretty Cure to enter the Pantheon proper, after helping to defeat Dune and later Black Hole, and overcoming her great emotional trauma. She serves as the Goddess to help others who was broken emotionally to recover, as she has experience falling down, recovering, falling down again, and recovering for good... in that order. For that, she spends a lot of time with Setsuko Ohara.
  • While she's a Pretty Cure, her combat abilities are unquestioned, especially if she's in clear mind. Aside of her great strength, she's still training under the Invisible Woman to polish her barrier skills.
  • Occasionally spars with Signum, also succeeding in helping her recover from the trauma of her complete defeat against Cypha and eventually making her able to reclaim her credentials. She also feels a slight bond with Signum's friend Fate... since there's some things about her that remind Yuri about a certain friend of hers...
    • Turns out that 'thing' is her friend, Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom, the one who she credited as the one that enabled her to overcome her personal despair. On the news that Tsubomi was to be ascended, she was the first to greet her on the gates of the Pantheon with a warm smile (she came there first without saying a thing).
  • It turns out that she served as an eventual harbinger to other Pretty Cure to appear, starting with Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black and Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White. Even if she's older, Yuri has utmost respect on both of them as the very first Precures.
  • After realizing Dune rises, and NOT in the forgivable purified self, Yuri has been preparing herself for an eventual battle, hoping that her emotions stays stable. With other friends in the Pantheon, she knew that there's a high chance it'll stand.

PaRappa, The God Who's Gotta Believe (PaRappa the Rapper)
  • Leitmotif: "Funny Love"
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His orange beanie
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Beanies, Keet, Determinator, Paper People, Fun Personified, wielding skateboards, "I gotta believe!"
  • Domains: Rapping, Rhythm, Believing, Fun
  • Allies: Pinkie Pie, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Subaru Nakajima
  • Rival: Spike
  • Made his proper place in the Pantheon after participating in an all-out brawl after a long hiatus. This was all in a pursuit of getting his own comic book. When the Gods saw him use his skills to beat up many of the other Gods here (Sackboy, Sly Cooper, Kratos, Sweet Tooth), they decided that he belonged in the Pantheon.
    • He did eventually get his comic book, thanks to fellow goddess Yayoi Kise. The two get along splendidly.
  • His existence meant the birth of all rhythm games, seeing as he was the originator for the rhythm genre.
  • Kick, Punch. It's all in the mind!!
  • Due to their love of fun, PaRappa seems to be very good friends with Pinkie Pie, so he usually performs at her parties.
  • Can usually be skating across the Pantheon, which has gotten the eye of Subaru and Scootaloo. Impressed with his skill and speed, the two invited him to join their friendly races to determine who is the best: skates, scooter or skateboard.
  • Also has his own seat in the House of Gaming.

Rena Ryuugu, Goddess of Cuteness Reactions (Cleaver Girl, Cute Mode Rena)
  • Leitmotif: "Egao Happy Peace".
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A bloody billhook superimposed over "Kenta-kun".
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Evil when under the effects of Hinimizawa Syndrome.
  • Catchphrase: OMOCHIKAERI!!!!
  • Portfolio: I'm Taking Her Home with Me!, reactions to cuteness, (a HUGE reaction to it), Cute Bruiser, Hidden Depths, Kill It with Fire, smarter than she seems, using her trusty cleaver, "Take it home" mode.
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Family, Protection, Cuteness.
  • Superior: Ryuukishi 07.
  • Allies: Mion Sonozaki, Shion Sonozaki, Chiyo, Yotsuba, Rika Furude, Oyashiro-Sama, Sapphire Rhodanite, Keiichi Maebara, Raspberyl, Miles Tails Prower, Satako, Artina.
  • Enemies: Dr. Sofia Lamb, Starscream, Candlejack, Khorne.
  • Opposes: Teppei Hojou.
  • High Priest: Fuko.
  • Is considered a minor annoyance in the House of Beasts due to her tendency to kidnap/take home anything she perceives as cute. The super strength and reflexes she gets when in "cute mode" make her very hard to escape as even tying her up is of no use. Fortunately, barring the kidnappings she's actually quite harmless to the house's residents, thus Rena's antics are considered infinity better than Elmyra's ever were. On the bright side, as long as she's in "cute mode" there is ZERO chance of her other side showing up.
    • It's not just animals she abducts, however. ANYTHING that she perceives as cute is just asking to "get taken home", just ask Oyashiro-Sama who Rena tried to kidnap THREE TIMES over the course of one day!
    • Speaking of which, there is a big fear of the day that she actively tries to take Fluttershy home. The combination of "Take it Home" mode versus The Stare will cause a lot of collateral damage.
    • And there's been another fear as to what would happen if she would take home Alice (especially in front of Belial and Nebiros)
  • Being the mascot of 07th Expansion, she was promoted to the position of Ryukishi 07's 2nd in command, thus gaining status as an intermediate power.
  • Don't lie in her presence. She has a almost supernatural ability to detect lies and she'll let you have it if you lie.
  • Mere mention of Rena's mother is a big time Berserk Button, as the betrayal she experienced is one of the reasons that she hates Sofia Lamb so much. Even worse, merely being close to her is a sure fire trigger to bring out Rena's other side, with the resulting altercation being vicious and brutal.
  • Is absolutely scared to death of Khorne, due to him reminding her of her other side and the bloodshed caused by it.
  • Has a day (07/07) on 4chan and 2chan dedicated to celebrating her (both sides of her).
  • Rena's immense strength and affinity were the reasons the GUAG Medical Division and Rika chose Artina as the Club's care taker. They needed a medic that would be strong enough to overpower Rena should her infected state take over.

Perfectio, God of Feeding Off Dark Emotions, Pushing People Towards Despair and Ruination (King of Ruin)
  • Theme Song: DesPair
  • Greater God (possibly Overdeity)
  • Symbol: The two nefarious masks of Fatum
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination (human formed too), Feeding Off Humanity's Dark Emotions, Despair-inducing Wave, Demonic Possession, Hungry Menace, Omnicidal Maniac, Immortality
  • Domains: Ruin, Despair, Dark Emotions, War
  • Allies: The Ruina, various Lovecraft Gods (including Nyarlathotep), The Chaos Gods, Volkruss, Dark Brain, Kaiser Ephes, The Edel Bernal
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yuuki Terumi, Monokuma and his mastermind
  • Enemies: Tons of Super Robot Pilots (especially Cliana Rimskaya), the Puella Magi
  • One of the most dangerous beings in the Pantheon, in a similar case to Nyarlathotep, As Long as There Is Evil, Perfectio will be there, feeding upon it and ready to unleash his terror. He was beaten with several Super Robot pilots, a lot of them stationed in the GUAG Robot War Division... but none of them was even able to outright kill him. He was even considered the biggest threat during the battle against Euzeth Gozzo.
    • Oh and that thing beaten by those pilots? ... That's not even his true form.
  • If Despair the Endless represents the concept of Despair, then Perfectio would be the one to push people to her. His Despair-inducing Wave is known to push many of the most Hot-Blooded and positively confident people into despair over his sheer strength and Immortality.
  • Despite their portfolio, Perfectio has a dislike towards Yuuki Terumi, and the feelings are mutual. Terumi thinks Perfectio is stealing his gig of making the world pushed into despair and feeding off hatred or every 'wonderful' negative feelings (in which Perfectio counters with "I came first"). Perfectio thinks that his Trolling attempts is annoying (then again, who wouldn't) and his voice reminds him of one of his biggest enemies, Joshua Radcliffe. For that, they usually engage in a tug of war on who gets to eat the despair of people.
    • On seeing Terumi falling against Hakumen, Perfectio smirked in victory. He often pays a visit to Nyarlathotep, and enjoys mocking Terumi for his fail of a bravado.

Yayoi Kise, Goddess of Tender Tears (Cure Peace)

No Face, God of Feeding On Emotions (Noh Face)
  • Lesser God/Kami
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: presumably True Neutral normally, varies depending on his surroundings
  • Portfolio: Japanese spirits, feeding on emotions and being influenced by them, awesome masks, changing shape, eating a lot (only when corrupted by greed), looking sinister without being evil
  • Domain: Spirit, Emotion, Loneliness
  • No Face experiences the emotions he eats. Positive emotions keep him firmly on the side of Good, but negative emotions can contaminate him and turn him into a powerful destructive force. Since all the Gods in the House of Emotion literally radiate emotions, he could potentially become one of the most dangerous residents of the House if he was allowed to approach the wrong deities. Shortly after his ascension, there was an accident wherein he went on a murderous rampage after being near Kefka Palazzo for too long. Once the Good-aligned Gods managed to calm him down with the combined radiance of their emotions, they resolved to keep gods of Evil away from him by any means necessary.
  • His body is very resistant to damage, and can easily shrug off magical attacks.

Karen Minazuki, Goddess of Wealth-Induced Loneliness (Cure Aqua, Babaa)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Songs: Karen's Theme, Heavenly Blue (Lyrics here)
  • Symbols: A miniature version of her Big Fancy House with the Aqua Pinky Catch at the center
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Water Magic, Student Council President, Ridiculously Rich Girls (With Hugeass House To Boot) That Are Lonely, Literal Blue Hair, Intelligence, Defrosted Ice Queen, Early Adventure Rebuff, Precure Sapphire Arrow, Graceful Magical Girl Warrior, Medical Studies.
  • Domains: Emotion, Healing, Magic, Combat
  • Allies: All the Pretty Cures (preferably the Yes! ones), many Academy members, Mami Tomoe, Aquaman, Unohana Retsu, Litchi Faye-Ling, Mordin Solus, Charlotte LaBouff.
  • Enemies: Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi, Handsome Jack, Looten Plunder.
  • Opposes: Eliza Reagan and Aki Honda.
  • High Priest: Richie Rich.
  • Although she was personally not very lonely at all, Karen's past experience as a lonely soul enabled her to be elevated in the ranks of the Pantheon on the recommendation of Nagisa and Honoka (ontop of helping defeat the Nightmare and Eternal group). Karen's job is to soothe the loneliness of those who are rich and hopefully make them get past it by getting friends. She'll offer as the first friend too.
    • Her entrance was a little rocky as well. She thought she received the invitation to the Pantheon itself. When she approached the gates of the Pantheon, she was instead refused and booted out, as it was said that the invitation was fake, sending Karen into depression. The Yes! Cures still in mortal realm encouraged her to keep trying, and the Pantheon found out that the fake invitation was the machination of Terumi to Troll her with lines like "Forever Alone" after learning what she would achieve. After difficulties were taken care of, Karen was finally permitted.
  • She knew one day this would come to an end, but Karen is the first Yes! Cure to ever embrace the proper Pantheon. She eagerly waits that she won't be the only one (Considering that Rin Natsuki and Komachi Akimoto have been spotted in the Academy). Before that, she would content herself with the new friends she made in the Pantheon.
  • She excels in medical studies. She learned a lot from various Gods that knew the arts of healing and respected them all, but Karen mostly favored and hung around with Litchi Faye-Ling a lot, as not only she was the one who helped solve the difficulty of her entrance at first (along with Mami Tomoe), Karen considered her like a substitute mother figure considering her mortal mother (that she still loved and respected) rarely visit her.
    • During spare times, she tends to lock herself inside a room and held on her hand a spare Miracle Light she found, occasionally waving at it with hope. A lot thought it was because she's getting lonely herself, but in truth she's praying for a miracle, secretly sharing the item with other Precures that share her sentiments, so that everything will go well with Litchi's current questionable status. Karen is unsure if this will surely fix things, but she felt that she has to try regardless.
  • Whenever she enters the Food Pantheon and leaves it, you can be assured that they will lose at least one bottle of grape juice.
  • Although it wasn't uttered often, calling Karen as 'Babaa' is not recommended, she's not too pleased with it.
  • Has a personal horse named Charlie, who may not be as great as Koku-Oh, but Karen deeply cared for the horse, and the horse often came to her as her stead in battle. Naturally, she didn't take it well when Handsome Jack called the name 'lame' and offers to rename it as 'Butt Stallion II', causing Karen to flood him away.
  • Her house is amongst the biggest and fanciest in the Pantheon.
  • Contrary to her portfolio, Karen understood that the House of Commerce aren't always problematic. But she does understand that it tends to make several lonely people because of their immense wealth, that's where she comes in. In a way, it makes her similar to Yuri Tsukikage, fixing the problems her portfolio represents.
    • Though she does keep an eye against Looten Plunder, as his selfish motivations for richness are really promoting things Karen stood against. Not to mention, she along with her friends have fought not just one, but two evil world-destroying corporates.
    • She ran into Charlotte Labouf during one of her trips and the two got along splendidly over gumbo, beignets and fairy tales. Charlotte truly supports Karen's goals in helping lonely girls to obtain friends and is wiling to work with alongside her.
  • She also discovered Litchi's secret of getting drunk when no one's looking. Although she got her to agree not to drink, Karen got roped into playing 'dress ups'. While she agreed, she's secretly thinking of how to come up with a cute dress that fit Litchi's size without flaunting her wealth... something that she's contacting Charlotte for help.
  • She had a nightmare of Litchi leaving her and going back to her old obsessed self, leaving her in complete depression like she did when she was stuck in a Nightmare Mask. Fortunately, the nightmare was broken when Litchi woke her up and told her that she managed to redeem herself and is welcomed back amongst the proper Pantheon. Karen has nothing to say but a congratulations.
  • Wishes to free Jay Gatsby from The Fallen by accepting his money.

Excalibur, God of Annoyance & Irritation (Holy Sword, Seiken)
  • Greater God. Though some wishes he's just self-proclaiming and instead being a Quasideity or Demigod.
  • Theme Song: Excalibuuuurrr... Excalibuuurrrrr... From the United K, I'm looking for heaven, I'm going to Californiaaaa....
  • Symbol: (ﺧ益ﺨ) (The 'I-Have-Met-Excalibur' Face (Yes, even his symbol is annoyed))
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Absurdly Sharp Blade, Catchy Songs, Annoying The Hell Of Anyone Who Meets Him, Making Everyone Who Meets Him Make This Face: (ﺧ益ﺨ), Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Talkative Loon, Infinity+1 Sword As Long As One Can Stand His Intolerability, "FOOL!", Crazy Awesome, Eldritch Abomination?
  • Domain: Irritation, Weapons, Emotion, Mentalism.
  • Those who can tolerate him: Arturia, Bugs Bunny, Deadpool, ChuckNorris, Hades, Hakumen, Shu Shirakawa... and of course: "You" can do it too!
  • Opposed by: Black Star ("SO ANNOYIIIINNNGGG!!!"), Death the Kid ("Disgusting..."). Or... scratch that. Anyone that comes across him.
  • This is a different form of the Holy Sword Excalibur found in the House of Weapons. Safe to say, he lives up to the fact that he's making everyone who comes across him to get utterly irritated.
  • Doesn't matter who the person is, he has made everyone he comes across to make the face (ﺧ益ﺨ). Including even Melkor, of all people. Enter his house at your own risk.
    • However, there are those who could stand him, but only because they could be equally insane and nuts-driving. Those who do would be considered the great ones... though they still prefer their own methods of combat instead of becoming his Meister.
  • In a way, he is somehow seen as the 'better' counterpart of Scrappy Doo as even if he's utterly annoying, there are some who finds his annoyance kind of hilarious. That, and also the fact that he also lives up with the claims that he has untold power like his 'original' form the Sword Excalibur in the Weapons House.
  • Several people, especially those from the GUAG has been expressing interest in tossing Excalibur to Yuuki Terumi, if only to see the Trolling God get a taste of his own medicine and lose his temper with Excalibur's loonydom. Excalibur himself has no idea who the hell Terumi is, but he'd be more than delighted to tell his five-hour story or fight him anyway. The GUAG's problem right now is to find a Meister who could STAND Excalibur to start an eventual fight.
    • In fact, however, it was this very idea that enabled Hakumen to kill Terumi, when Chuck Norris tossed Excalibur next to Terumi and he started ranting and interrupting every of Terumi's bravados, enabling Hakumen to strike him with Time Killer, as he's also unaffected with Excalibur's rants.
    • Other villains such as Frieza, The Joker, Cell, The Boss, and Kefka will skip to just blow up his house... only to find no scratch on him nor his house.
  • Excalibur cannot feel any anger. This is probably why he has no opinions on the struggle between Good and Evil, whether a man is a Complete Monster or not. However, he is seriously adamant in having to talk a lot about himself and his 'exploits' (and his 5 hour storytime) to everyone he met, in which the anger would get into those around him, irritating them regardless of their morality scale.
  • His legend begins in the 12th century...
  • He actually is SLIGHTLY more respectful to Arturia than to most other members of the Pantheon, as she is a Gender Flipped King Arthur. The "SLIGHTLY" means he doesn't interupt her as frequently when she talks, doesn't call her a FOOL! as often, and is willingly to let her use him without fulfilling all 1000 provisions of his contract, only 500 of them. However, he still wants her to listen to his 5 hour storytime and his 'exploits' in full detail. So, she still is annoyed with him.
  • When he stops being annoying and actually speaks seriously, it usually means he has something important to say to someone, and they'd better listen up. There is one problem, though: It's difficult to read whether he's in serious mode or not, difficult to read if serious mode stops, because once he stops, he'll continue being annoying.
  • He begins every afternoons with an afternoon tea. Which makes him visit Iroh's house a lot as it houses the best afternoon teas. The time of Excalibur's visit is dreaded by every of Iroh's customer AND Iroh himself.
  • Hades will often speak with him after afternoon tea, and they get along surprisingly well. No one quite yet know how he does it, but it's been theorized that since Hades is essentially the Trolling God of his own universe, he's more capable of handling Excalibur's antics. That, and Hades' is apparently trying to learn new ways to annoy people. Other gods know to leave the room whenever they begin speaking to each other.
  • He is rumored to be one of the Great Old Ones who represents Madness through Rage. No one believes this (or wants to for that matter), but you can't help but wonder...
  • Does not give out autographs.

Akari Mizunashi, Goddess of Optimism, Patron Saint of Gondolas, and Caretaker of Beautiful Scenery (Expert of Happiness, Aquamarine, Momiko, Hahi-chan)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Theme Song: Euphoria
  • Symbol: ARIA Company symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Happiness, Idealism, Optimism, Enjoying Life without being energetic and hyped or ignoring bad stuff, naivity, loving people, befriending everyone and everything, Tears of Joy
  • Domains: Good, Love
  • Allies: Fred Rogers, Chiyo, Yotsuba, Nanoha Takamachi, Herr Doktor Tenma, Naruto Uzumaki
  • Enemies: Johan Liebert
  • Studies have shown she has made the lives of every being (even the bad ones) in the pantheon at least 1% better by giving aesops about how to enjoy the little, seemingly mundane things in life. This may or may not carry Fridge Horror when applied to beings of pure evil...
  • Akari still prefers to enjoy the Pantheon's beautiful scenery despite having transferred from the House of Travel upon her elevation into Greater Goddess status.
    • She still visits the said house on occasion.
  • Has been extremely happy ever since Neo-Venezia was named a sister city to the Pantheon.
  • At one point tried to take the position of Goddess of Happiness from Yotsuba, but when the two met they had too much fun together and Akari decided Yotsuba was perfect for the position already. She nonetheless settled for her current title as Deity of Optimism.

Jacuzzi Splot, God of Shy People

Karin Maaka, Goddess of Embarrassment
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Red Flower dripping with Blood.
  • Allignment: Lawful Good
  • Allies: Fumio Usui (her human boyfriend's mother)
  • Avoids: most other vampires, the Puella Magi
  • Portfolio: High Pressure Nosebleeds, Luminescent Blushing, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Being a rather unorthodox vampire, even by her native world's standards. Cute Little Fangs, Gag Boobs, Inelegant Blubbering, Shrinking Violet, Daywalking Vampire.
  • Being the token powerless member of her family, Karin has gone on record saying she's absolutely stunned that someone like herself managed to become a GODDESS. Of course, she finds her title just a little embarrassing...
  • Like most other vampires of the Pantheon, Karin takes exception to Edward Cullen. She's too weak, and too kind-hearted for that matter, to get in an actual scuffle with him, settling instead for rather uncharacteristically glaring at him whenever she sees him. While nowhere near the level of the glares Johnny Blaze, Fluttershy, or Tali can pull off, it's still surprisingly intimidating.
  • Tries to stay out of her own house most of the time, by virtue of the more depressed gods and goddesses there setting her blood off. Avoids most of the Puella Magi like the plague as well: their level of misfortune triggers a truly MASSIVE nosebleed almost instantaneously, while she usually has a couple of seconds of warning to try to hold it in. About the only member of the Puella Magi she can safely be around is Madoka Kaname herself, and even then her blood gets a little jumpy.
  • Has proven in times of extreme strain, usually if she holds her blood in for too long, to actually have a couple of the powers other vampires do, such as enhanced strength, senses, and telekinesis. The extent of her hidden abilities are unknown, as Karin tries to avoid this state if possible: it has the side effect of her going completely berserk.
  • Terrified to the point of borderline comatose of Alucard. The latter mostly ignores her, not considering her a threat worth killing.
  • Has forged an Odd Friendship with Sorin Markov of the House of Magic. Sorin has actually offered to teach Karin Blood Magic, considering how much of the stuff she has to work with. Karin has declined for the time being, but said she'd think about it.

Gabriel Belmont, God of Evil Born From Love (The Dragon, Dracul, The Prince of Darkness, The Lord of Shadow)
  • Theme: Dracula's Theme, formerly Belmont Theme.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Dragon made of smoke.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil -> , Chaotic Neutral post Lords of Shadow 2
  • Portfolio:Evil because he thinks destiny has given him no other choice, Revels in being evil because destiny said he would be evil, Can turn into smoke, bats, giant dragons and more, willing to take eternity to get his revenge, Went evil after losing everything, including his humanity, Redeeming his soul through the same love that turned him evil.
  • Domains: Love, Chaos, Rage, Blood, Despair.
  • Allies: Sou Fueki, Victor Belmont, Alucard (Trevor), Homura Akemi, Albedo Piazzolla, Davy Jones
  • Enemies: Trevor Belmont, Alucard (Adrian), Simon Belmont, Alucard (Hellsing), Dracula (the other one from the Main Timeline), Satan, Zobek, YHVH, Lucifer, Mundus.
  • Former Enemies: ( post Lords of Shadow 2): Flonne, all deities with a Screw Destiny purview.
  • His wife Marie was the one thing that kept him from becoming a darker person then he already was and he was happy until she was murdered and it caused him to become cynical never knowing who did it or why, that was until the day when earth was cut off from the heavens and much to his horror later he found out that he was his wife's killer due to being controlled by Zobek.
  • Gabriel went on a quest to save the world after it had been cut off from the heavens, along with Zobek he went on to fight the Lords of Shadow and reclaim a powerful artifact know as The God Mask to break the spell only to later to find out that Zobek was the Lord of the Dead and he later finds out that the key conspirator of all this was Satan
  • He lost his faith in ever seeing his wife again after succeeding in his quest, then he would lose his humanity and ability to ever see his wife again after becoming a vampire to fight an ancient enemy know as The Forgotten One and gained god like power but lost faith in every thing else and decided he wanted revenge on the world, The Brotherhood, God and Satan.
  • Is confused and saddened when around Trevor or Adrian (Alucard) As they are one and the same in his universe and he regrets killing and turning Trevor into his universe's Alucard. On the other hand, he was surprised to face the Sypha in the Pantheon, as his universe's Sypha died with little resistance, but Sypha here proved to be more than capable to drive off Gabriel's minions with her magic. And he did not recognize Grant at all but does remember a pirate king of the Danasty family dying in his castle thus he sees Grant as no threat.
  • Is openly ready to fight any and all vampire hunters as he has been shown long ago that this would be his eternal fate fighting them and his descendants, when they fight him he claims only this "Your Pantheon has betrayed you! You cannot kill me. You will die in vain, just as the others did!"
    • Even more so if they try to just kill him with just Holy Weapons as they turn out to do nothing to Gabriel.
  • Even though it is what he is know as in the Pantheon do not refer to him as Gabriel, or call him a Belmont as he will yell "Don't you dare call me that! EU SUNT DRACUL!"
  • He has found a kindred spirit in Albedo as he believes that after he gains his revenge on Satan, he only wants one thing his own death, though recently he decided to simply walk the earth and is trying to have Albedo travel with him.
  • Although he will not speak of it he still cares for Marie even now and will often be one of the few remnants of humanity left in him.
  • Actively hates YHVH as he reminds him of God who he feels abandoned him and his family to the destiny that turned him into the monster that he is now
    "Where is this brother who is the supposed savior? Where is this warrior of light? More lies dreamt up by the Church to keep us subservient to their will, no doubt. How is it possible that God exists when he allows the murder and killing of so many of our brethren?"
    • And while he has no opinion on Madoka, he decided to join the Pantheonic rebellion with the intent to kill YHVH.
  • He also actively hates Lucifer as he feels he is no better then Satan in his manipulations.
    • Despite that, Gabriel shows a lot of kindness towards Homura due to her reminding him of himself.
  • He is also grown to hate the entire House of Love, more specifically Fionne.
    "Love, look at what it cost me, did they tell you of my wife's own death at my hands? Did they tell you what would happen to my child? Did they?! Did they tell you that blood would fight against blood, for all eternity!? ... Tell me, is this Love's reward for the devoted and the foolish?!"
    • That view is gone now, but he's still cold to them due to his traumas.
  • He claims that his path was set before him and he cannot change what he is now, for those that say other wise he claims that they are merely fooling themselves, only very few in his eyes actually changed their fate. He has since recanted those beliefs and gained a new respect for those people, especially towards Rika Furude.
  • Good Gods in the House of Family are worried about him being around as it was revealed that he killed and fed on blood of an entire family.
  • Know to many that he has sworn to forever be a thorn in the side of many good aligned members but what many don't know is that he uses his great power to make sure darker villains worse then him do not gain more power in hopes to keep the world safe from them.
  • Though he may not care for Dracula, he also constantly refers man to be a miserable little pile of secrets.
  • He has much to say to the alternate Dracula and Alucard if/when they decide to fight against him:
    "I will make those monsters pay. They will know fear. They will taste the bitterness of defeat and look into the eyes of the dragon as their lives spills onto the ground before them. Look upon me, demons. For I am darker and more terrible than thou. I am that dragon. And you... are my prey!"
    • Alucard just sadly laughed, and told him:
    "Been there, done that. How do you think I became what I am?"
  • Is nicer to any Gorgons like Medusa and Rider as he is often reminded of the Gorgon Sisters of his castle serving him gratefully and finds that these creatures need nicer treatment.
  • He is also nicer to the more good aligned vampires like Karin and Seras due to the time he spent with Laura, a vampire that helped him defeat The Forgotten One.
  • Due to recent events he wants something to be clear, he will never be as good a person as he used to be, he will only be good to his family and is still out to destroy his enemies, however, if the forces of Good need to stop a more powerful controlling threat they can call on him to fight against those darker forces.
  • Has made a bizarre friendship with Davy Jones knowing what Love can do to a person and what it is like to play the role of the monster and due to recent events is trying to help him decide his own fate
  • His Battle with Satan has left the world safe after defeating Satan's Acolytes and making sure to destroy his greatest weapon "The Leviathan", he has permanently cut Satan off from earth forever, he is now trying to achieve the same goal in The Pantheon.

Afro Samurai, God of Neverending Revenge (The Number Two, Afro)
  • Theme Song: Fury In My Eyes, Number One Samurai, and When The Smoke Clears
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Number Two Headband below a large afro
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: He tries to forget what Justice did to his father but he just can't, Doesn't like to talk very much, It comes with the territory of being the wielder of the Number 2 headband,can cut a bullet in half, sending each half into an attacker behind him
  • Domains: Headband, Revenge, Cold Rage
  • Just Friends with: Ninja Ninja, Sasuke Uchiha, Kratos
  • Enemies: Justice (Both of them) , Kuma Real name Jinno, Tokiya Mikagami, People wanting the Number Two Headband, Uncle Ruckus
  • Everywhere he goes he is constantly attacked by warriors that want the glory to challenge the Number One and become God. He is then forced to kill them all. This in turn secures more enemies as there are people that then want to avenge those that dies trying to obtain the Number Two Headband. He has since expected this and does not care about the people he has to cut down to get to The Number One.
  • His motivation for Revenge is after witness his father's death by the hands of the gunslinger Justice he swore that he would one day kill him.
  • He is set to walk the path to Mt. Sumeru where the Throne of The Number One is, he is seen battling many assassins and gods of the pantheon that want to become the greatest warrior in the world. Other Gods that do not want the Number Two Headband often notice a white afro ninja following Afro.
  • He is often seen with a cigarette in his mouth everywhere he goes, he also likes to stop at the house of food to order Lemonade and he likes it Ice cold.
  • While he doesn't like to talk to others, Gods that notice the white haired Ninja are often spoke to by him. The so called Ninja Ninja is often loud and foul mouthed but is the one to explain what Afro is doing. If he gets to loud or annoying, Afro usually quietly tells him to shut up which will send Ninja Ninja away or silence him.
  • Usually ignores other gods that try and get him out of his revenge mind set but he just decides that it's nothing personal and tells them it's just revenge as he makes his way to Justice.
  • Has found out that Justice is in The Pantheon and is making his way to The House of Personal Appearance to confront him.
  • He is often approving of Sasuke's actions and wishes to help him get his revenge, though he often appears uncomfortable when Sasuke talks as he sounds similar to his old friend Jinno.
  • Obtained The Number Two Headband after discovering that his sword master was The Number Two. This caused his entire village that Afro was adopted into to be destroyed by warriors seeking The Number Two and the death of his sword master by Afro's own hand.
  • More evil gods think that Ninja Ninja is a weakness that they can exploit, he shows that he lives up to his name by being quick, deadly with swords and shuriken and make clones of himself. He cannot be killed by anyone as he is simply Afro's discarded feelings and humanity given form and only Afro accepting his humanity and emotions can kill him.
  • When confronted by people Ninja Ninja does not want to talk to he can also move around and plain disappear in places that have no exit.
  • He is shown also to be confused at the House of Theater when ever he is around Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Afro is seen as exceptionally skilled swordsman having be able to cut through bullets fired at him where the bullet shatters, and the enemies behind him are hit with a veritable Flechette Storm, he is also skilled enough to use his sword to reflect bullets.
  • Is often seen as also showing having an ability similar to Raiden's in that he can with focus perceive the world around him as though people are slowing down and can cut away limbs in a specific matter, Afro doesn't really need to grab anything from his sliced foes though and it is not as powerful as Raiden's.

The Dementors, Personifications of Depression, Official Devils of the House of Emotion

The White, Gods of the Despair Gambit and Final Endings
  • Humanoid Abominations approximate to Greater Gods, pushing Overdeities within their home domain of the Monochrome Forest
  • Theme: The Monochrome Forest
  • Symbol: None
  • Alignment: Omnicidal Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hatred of Existence, Psychic Dreams, Omnicidal Maniac, Hope Crusher, Returning All to Nothing,
  • Domains: Emptiness, the Void, Nothing, Despair
  • Allies: The Auditors of Reality, Erebus
  • Headbutting Villains with: The Anti Monitor, Nekron
  • Enemies: Everyone who doesn't want reality gone. Flynn is their sworn enemy.
  • The White are Anthropomorphic Personifications of Despair born of Powerlessness - when any sentient mind realizes they are being jerked around by a higher power and that there's nothing they can do to ever free themselves, the White are there. They favor prophetic dreams to erode their enemies' psyche, and often appear as pure white ghosts of lost allies, breathing Breaking Speeches in an effort to gather converts. They are not invincible, but as long as despair exists, they can just come back over and over. If they set their sights on a single individual, they will proceed to deconstruct their outlook on life and the choices they will or could make through experiences in Alternate Timelines, showing Failure Is the Only Option no matter what path is taken, in an attempt to convince him or her to give in.
  • Despite appearing as different forms to anyone who sees them, there seem to be a couple of rules regarding them: they always appear as either friends or former allies, and while it can't be said any one of them is the official leader of the others, the perpetually crying White has been noted to be a step up in terms of power from the others.
  • Despised by just about every single one of the alignment charts, as they view all of them equally reprobable, instead espousing a philosophy of excuses and self-justification that preaches the horrors of existence and attempts to call all to return to dust. That kind of utter defeatism is considered anathema to the Pantheon itself (the very act of ascending requires a certain amount of effort, which the White decry as pointless), and thus the White are considered peerless hypocrites and cowards.
  • They rose to a certain prominence when they announced they had found an exit to the machinations of all Gods: the Great Will, Lucifer, Nyarlathotep, the Chaos Gods, Melkor, it made no difference. They were ready to provide a perfect, eternal solution. This garnered them quite a bit of press until it transpired their grand plan was to wreck the Yamato Perpetual Reactor and tear the multiverse apart into an infinite Nothingness. While most of the listeners proceeded to beat the tar out of the White and wreck their Monochrome Forest, some fringe citizens (like-minded Omnicidal Maniacs the Auditors of Reality) discreetly agreed to support the White.
    • Their first attack was to take advantage of the massive wave of despair generated by the "Great Upheaval" to lead an assault on the Reactor. They thought they had gathered enough followers in the form of the broken, directionless, despairing Puella Magi to kill Flynn and destroy the machine. Gathering a force thirty-four strong, the Puella Magi marched on the Reactor. They, however, were not counting on a tag-team of both Flynn AND the Demi-Fiend. Their entire force wiped out in a matter of seconds, The White fled to the Expanse to plan their next move.
  • About the only one who hates them as much as Flynn would be Dumbledore. It's bad enough the White represent a perversion of his beliefs: death is an unavoidable truth, to be accepted. IT IS NOT AN ANSWER TO ALL WORLDLY PROBLEMS. The breaking point in this case were the forms they took appearing to him: his old friend Grindlewald, his brother Aberforth, Harry Potter, and his sister Ariana. It was the only time Dumbledore had EVER cast the Killing Curse. Even he looked shocked after the fact at how enraged he had gotten.
  • Attempting to assassinate Madoka Kaname and Makoto Naegi, seeking to generate as much despair as possible. Another target marked for special treatment is Shinji Ikari.

zzzzzzzzz-SNORT Huh?! Whazzat? Aw, dagnabbit!''

Cranky Kong, the Grumpy Old God

Huh? You still here? Beat it! And let this old ape get some sleep!

Bertolt Hoover, God of Constant Nervousness(Bertholdt Fubar, The Colossal Titan)
  • Demigod/ Intermediate or maybe even Greater God in his Titan form
  • Symbol: A sweat drop
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/ Actually closer to True Neutral or Neutral Evil, although the exact alignment seems unknown.
  • Portfolio: Being a Nervous Wreck non-stop, lots of sweating, Cowardly Lion, Extreme Doormat, sleeping in awkward positions, emulating Spider-man Becoming the Mask, necessity in doing what he's told
  • Domains: War, Nervousness, Passiveness, Espionage
  • Allies: Annie Leonhardt, Reiner Braun, Marco Bodt
  • Enemies: Eren Yeager, Dovahkiin , Trollkaiger
  • Freaked Out By: Doomguy
  • Constantly nervous and seemingly not a single thing can change that. He only gets a little bit relaxed when hanging out with other Titanverse deities, particularly Reiner and Annie. Eren's an obvious exception.
  • His sweating has reached a point that you can fill whole bottles with it.
  • His ascension cemented the reunification of BRA Team as he, Reiner and Annie are sometimes referred to. Trollkaiger immediately found the acronym to be a great base for further trolling.
  • Is probably a single person capable of turning Dovahkiin into a slobbering wreck due to his absolutely massive Titan Form.
  • Make that a second time when Eren Yeager had lost his shit. Bertolt's obviously disturbed by him and avoids him whenever possible.
  • A surefire way to actually piss him off is to threaten or hurt either Annie or Reiner. Since he's the Colossal Titan, it's one of dumber things to do.
  • Doomguy seems mighty interested in his huge guts. Bertolt avoids him even more than he does Eren.
  • Really wishes people would stop calling him Fubar even if it's partially true.

Wander, God of Fun Personified (Star Nomad, The friendliest face in outer space)
  • Lesser God (confused for an Intermediate God at times)
  • Symbol: His hat and banjo.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (And how!)
  • Portfolio: walking the universe for the sake of love, always helping others and thus considered the shining beacon of good, actually being smarter than first noted
  • Domains: Fun, Relaxation, Optimism, Helpfulness, Travel, and generally being an all-around good guy!
  • Followers: Binglebops, Prince Cashmere, Westley, that egg they protected- generally anyone he and Sylvia meet! Oh, and Sylvia, too.
  • Allies: Fred Rogers, Pinkie Pie and every good My Little Pony gods, Phineas Flynn, Goo, Homestar Runner, Kermit the Frog, all of the House of Friendship
  • Friendly Rivals: Almost anyone not listed in allies and enemies
  • Enemies: All of the House of Hatred an dmany of the nastier Villains.
  • Additional Relationships: Most of the serious heroes, such as Batman, find Wander somewhat distracting, but have noted that in a pinch, he’s pretty reliable.
  • Wander’s often curious about the abilities of those who have creative power, such as Emmet and Phineas Flynn, and often gives creative challenges. Emmet’s a little flustered by it, but Phineas takes it in stride.
  • Opposed by: Lord Hater
  • Wander’s arrival into the pantheon has made everything a little more chaotic, but also livelier. Though he’s a being of personality, he often checks out the other houses, as is his nature.
  • Due to Wander’s insatiable curiosity, all objects in sealed boxes have been relocated to areas where wander can’t try to open them. Especially the Ark of the Covenant.
  • Wander managed to get into the realm of disgraces without anyone noticing, and wound up rather shaken by the whole affair. (Especially Pinkamena.) After a while, with help from Sylvia, he recovered, and never enters there.
  • Often interested in alien cultures, and learns about them for potential travel.
  • He can shrug off any personal attack made on the house with four simple words, namely “Don’t feed the troll”.
  • Often has his banjo nearby, ready for a song and he’s ready and willing to have a few banjo practices with Kermit.
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