Pantheon / Defense

Protectors of the Realms

Those in the House of Defense are not exactly the Pantheon's police force (though Captain Carrot is a cop, the Five-Oh-First collectively comes close, and there is a section where the finest doughnuts and coffee are readily available, and all members carry an alert that acts like a police scanner, reporting incidents). The majority of the gods here are freelancers who don't go for big teams, and are far from formal. Most superheroes associated with the Pantheon also serve the cause of Defense to some extent. When an all-out altercation starts, you can bet that those of Defense will be there to try and stop it. Lesser functions include things like putting out fires, saving visitors and very minor deities from disasters, and saving gods who have, for instance, fallen into Bottomless Pits or ended up fighting monsters that are far out of their leagues.

The House is very closely connected to the House of Justice; suspects are locked into inescapable holding chambers in the shared basement of the Houses until the court date arrives. The holding chambers, while rather comfortable by Earth standards, are almost painful to gods, as staying in one cuts a god off from his or her followers, except for the obligatory phone call.

Stephen Colbert helps out by providing a weekly list of the top five threats to the Pantheon. The Grand United Alliance of Evil has now been listed as the number two threat, although as of the latest list, the number one threat to the Pantheon is still, of course, BEARS!

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Astérix, God of Gauls and Divine Defender of Tiny Villages (Asterix Astronomiges, Son of Astronomix)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His winged helmet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Has a Badass Beard, The Celibate Hero, A Heart as Golden as his Hair, An Invincible Hero, Wings of Mercury, His sword is more of an Ornamental Weapon, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Gains Super Strength using a Potion, Uses Brains and Brawn
  • Domains: Strength, Liberation, Protection, Good
  • Followers: His villagers, The Smurfs, The defenders of Redwall Abbey
  • Herald: Obelix
  • Allies: Grouchy Smurf, Samurai Jack, Leonidas, Xena, Lucky Luke, Thor, The Lost Vikings, Muradin Bronzebeard
  • Rivals Hercules, Popeye, Donald Duck
  • Enemies: Julius Caesar, Vulcan, Loki
  • Odd Friendship: Caesar
  • After halting constant threats from the Romans, the Pantheon had decided to award Asterix with godhood. The Romans now fear more than ever now that the village has a god on their side. With his ability to defend himself against overwhelming odds, he became a valuable asset for the House of Defense.
    • Vulcan was distraught with the ascension of the only remaining spot of unlawfulness in Gaul. He now seeks out anyone willing to put the village under Roman rule. The fact that he dares to wear Mercury's hat as a souvenir angers him further.
  • On the other hand, he has gained many allies are no friend of the Roman Empire. Xena is willing to help him out whenever he desires aid.
  • Despite owning a sword, he hardly ever uses the weapon. Surprisingly, Asterix prefers to outwit his opponents. As such, he isn't one to cause fights unless challenged or provoked into doing so.
  • Despite disrespecting the Roman gods, Leonidas couldn't help but admire his tenacity to defend his home world against constant threats.
  • Has found companionship with Samurai Jack as the two share similar trials forced to fight a world under a tyrant's rule.
  • Much of his superhuman strength comes from a magic potion from the druid Getafix. Many gods of strength sought him out for feats of strength. Hercules enjoyed his company and is often challenging him in arm wrestling contests. Popeye was less than impressed, claiming spinach is a much better formula to grant super strength.
  • Lucky Luke was delighted to see a fellow Franco-Belgian comic book character to ascend. Together, they hope to find a way to ascend Tintin into the Pantheon.
  • Has taken credit for protecting the Smurfs from constant threats from Gargamel. Although the Smurfs already has Grouchy Smurf in the pantheon, most now follow Asterix.
  • Has caught the attention of the God of Thunder as the two share main traits: particularly their blonde hair and wing helmets. Still, that didn't stop them from becoming fast friends. His sharp wit has also come in handy when confronting Loki's Trickery.
    • As it turns out, he got along well with vikings in general. The Lost Vikings have made him an honorary member for having similar tastes.
  • There has been rumors that he is a dwarf. Although he takes it in stride, he is quick to correct people as a theory Muradin has spread. Constant reminders aside, the two get along quite nicely.
  • Competes with Donald Duck over followers in Europe. To this day, Donald still holds a grudge on Asterix for getting his feathers ruffled by his herald.
  • It took a while for Asterix to warm up to the ape Caesar, but became sympathetic with the plight of his people. It helps that both despise the ruler Caesar equally.

Auron, God of Fan Favorites and Bodyguards

    The Basterds 
The Basterds, Gods of Paying Evil Unto Evil
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A bloody baseball bat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: World War II, Heroic Sociopaths, Alternate History, All Germans Are Nazis, Batter Up, Black and Grey Morality, Cool Guns, Designated Heroes, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Sociopathic Soldiers, Anti Heroes
  • Domains: War, Europe, Jews, Nazi Killing
  • Allies: The Punisher, The Boys.
  • Enemies: Nazis, and every Mook in existence.
  • After ascending to the Pantheon from one final suicide mission, The Basterds have taken it upon themselves to bring war on the Mooks who work for the supervillains, regardless of whether they are Complete Monsters or Punch Clock Villains, by using the most brutal, violent, and horrible methods imaginable. While they perform the majority of their operations in the House of Heroes and Villains, they have been known to infiltrate other Houses.
  • They are universally despised by all villains, and are virtually on every "kill on sight" list. Most heroes consider them dangerous and fanatical vigilantes, but are often hesitant to act against them. The Punisher is one of their staunchest allies, while Captain America is torn between the fact they are fellow World War II veterans yet resort to such brutal means to fight evil (as well as being disgusted by the fact that one of their most murderous members is an ex-Nazi).
  • They are actually secretly supported and sanctioned by the House of Defense as a black ops unit to put pressure on the villains. However, they publically deny any knowledge or link to the Basterds, thanks to Plausible Deniability.

    Caerula Sanguis 
Caerula Sanguis, Watcher of the Human Condition (Quing-long Wei-ji, Vilma Fachiri)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Her twin blue swords, Earthlight and Moonlight
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Protecting Heroes, Elegant Violence, Staying 100 Steps Ahead, Offbeat Vampirism, Making Difficult Choices
  • Domain: Law, Mentalism, War
  • Takes it upon herself to watch over humankind and attempts to safeguard its future via the quantum future generator, Melchizedek. If ever she finds humanity falling into base nihilism and debauchery, she will issue the Last Order, which will destroy Melchizedek and thus leave humanity's future up to chance.
  • Her temple is an orphanage for abandoned children and their caretakers. Though she rarely shows it, she is quite fond of kids, though barren herself.
  • Thanks to her special ability to sense neural pulse flow, her centuries of combat experience, and the interaction between the two, she has not yet lost a duel, and she has had several (mostly against Kenpachi Zaraki, but he fights everyone all the time, so...). Among the most technical fighters in the Pantheons, and probably the second-best straight-on duelist behind Mr. Rogers (who she wouldn't fight anyway). While she enjoys a good fight, she usually leaves it up to others to challenge her.
  • Profoundly respects Mr. Rogers (on account of him being an inspiration to children) and Batman (on account of his methodical tactics and passion for justice).
  • Finds Naoki's disposition to be similar to her own, and so watches him closely, hoping that he will be a catalyst to lead humanity into a golden age.

    Captain America 
Captain America, God of Justice (Cap, Steve Rogers, Winghead)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The American Flag; razor-edged indestructible boomerang shield
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Super Serum, Superior Soldiers, Projectile Protective Shields, Good Captains, Taking On World-Threatening Villains Without Having Superpowers or Supertech.
  • Domains: Courage, Law, Protection, Undeath, Pride, Goodness.
  • Still does not know what this "yourspace" is. Cap is far, far too busy saving the world, fighting evil as the official unofficial head of Defense, fighting other heroes, giving young heroes a talk(and giving Suzaku dozens), overseeing and modifying judgments in the House of Justice, keeping Darth Vader on a tight leash, avoiding Bandit Keith and Sally Floyd, commiserating with Syndrome about the impracticality of capes, and penciling his own comic to find out. He's definitely contracted Samaritan Syndrome.
  • His mortal shell was recently killed, and he can currently only manifest on Earth in dreams and flashbacks, or as a spirit in a blue shroud. He doesn't like to request offerings, but he greatly enjoys the grief of Tony Stark, foiling villains in the nick of time, and granny smith apples.
    • However, he now has the ability to return to the world of the living, thanks to "a simple clerical error" by Head Death.
  • Extremely conscientious when it comes to paperwork, which is rather unusual. Accountants love him.
  • Hates Nazis, which is the primary reason why there are so few in the Pantheon, and becomes very annoyed when someone brings them up in an inappropriate context.
    "Nothing is like the Nazis. This conversation is over."
  • Is a bit conflicted with the inclusion of the Basterds to the House of Defense (especially since one of them happens to be a Chaotic Evil ex-Nazi himself). On the one hand, they hate the Nazis as much as he does. On the other hand, he simply cannot condone their morally questionable methods.
  • Has the defense house on high alert whenever the godmodder isn't out causing troubles elsewhere because of the catastrophic chain of events that led to the godmodder's initial ascension.

    Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! 
Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Thursday the Robot
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ditzy Heroes, Large Hams, Good Captains, Those Who Love To Shout, Error Prone Chivalry
  • Domains: Protection, Courage, Justice
  • As the ascended highest prophet of BRIAN BLESSED, it is of nominal importance that his name always be spelled fully, in bolded font, and with at least one exclamation point. The great and mighty Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! will accept no less.
  • When Earth is directly threatened by any god, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! is always the first one on the scene. He must constantly dissuade Unicron and Galactus from eating it.

    Carrot Ironfoundersson 
Carrot Ironfoundersson, God of Heroes (Captain Carrot)
  • Lesser Deity - apparently.
  • Symbol: The badge of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, a birthmark shaped like a crown
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Aces, Nice People That You Should Never Get Mad, Oblivious Adoptees, Captains— especially Good Ones
  • Domains: Law, Justice, Good, Friendship, Courage
  • Walked through the doors of the House of Defense one day and asked to join up, unlike most heroes, who never asked and mostly just come in for doughnuts and gossip and to drop off battered disruptors of the peace. Carrot tries to do nearly everything by the book. Somehow, he hasn't been killed once.
  • There's just something about Carrot that is seen in a mere handful other gods. It seems like he really does believe in the best in everyone, and few try to break that belief. He spends a lot of time between "beats" fraternizing with anyone and everyone, but he also seems to know every god and spirit in the Pantheon. Without looking it up.
  • It is rumored that he is, in fact, the true heir to the throne of God of Tropes. Regardless of whether or not it's true, Carrot has been noted to prefer his current position and has, on several occasions, reacted very violently to attempts to force him up to the position.

    Ciaphas Cain 
Ciaphas Cain, Patron of Accidental Heroes (HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!)
  • Quasidiety
  • Symbol: Commissarial cap
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Accidental Heroes, Maintaining Undeserved Reputations, Dirty Cowards, Improvisation, Being In The Wrong Place At The Right Time
  • Domains: Army, Charm, Fate, Trickery, War
  • Followers: Rincewind, who is less following Cain than running away from something or other toward Cain's general direction.
  • One of three Commissarial candidates for the "Hero of the Imperium" seat in the Pantheon, along with Commissars Gaunt and Yarrick. In the ensuing duel for the title, Cain tripped up Gaunt while diving for cover, causing the latter to lose his grip on his chainsword, which disembowelled Yarrick. Yarrick then blew out Gaunt's chest with his laser eye as a sort of "last laugh" before dying himself. The rest of the Pantheon assumed Cain did them both in himself and therefore rewarded him with the position.
  • Is being actively monitored by the Council of Shadows due to his tendencies to turn the tide of any situation or unravel any plot that he happens to stumble across (generally achieved by accident while trying to avoid something else).
  • Naturally, later roped into the Pantheon of Defense against his will (although most just put his apparent unease down to modesty).

    Darth Vader 
Darth Vader, God of Evil Fathers and Commander of The Legion
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask and helmet; a red lightsaber
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Paternal Revelations, Mysterious Parents, Big No Screamers, Mind Probing, Spoilers Everybody Knows, Cyborg
  • Domain: Corruption, Darkness, Destiny, Evil
  • Commands the 501st for most of it's day-to-day activities, and is responsible for handling most cases before they are handed off to the House of Justice.
  • Gleefully take pleasure in reminding Scar exactly who holds the keys to his cell whenever the lion ever lands in trouble.
  • He is extremely protective to those who are loyal to him. Somehow, he almost always believes that an underling's failure is a betrayal. Even with the Captain's interference he sometimes kills his underlings in a fit of rage, but he is as paradoxically loyal to them as they are to him - which is to say, very. He's the only one allowed to kill them, and somehow he's never far away when they are brought back to life. All this is just a cover so that The Emperor doesn't suspect that he is actually Anakin in Darth Vader's armor.
  • When the Emperor ascended, Vader once more swore fealty. This however is only a lie as he's secretly against him, giving information to the House of Defense, to help stop his former Sith Master. He also made his troops loyal to him before their Emperor; he has made sure of that.
  • Every time Palpatine makes a new plan, Vader secretly gives the information to a certain Knowledge Broker "Fulcrum" (Ahsoka Tano), which is given to the G.U.A.G.
  • Is working with Captain America to make sure the godmodder is stopped the next time he tries to pull something.

    Feric Jaggar 
Feric Jaggar, Champion of Questionable Causes Presented in a Positive Light

    Ferik Jurgen 
Ferik Jurgen, Patron of Unsung Heroes

    Francis York Morgan 
FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan, God of Profiling (Agent York, Francis Zach Morgan)

GLaDOS, Defender of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System)
  • Former High Priestess to SHODAN, goddess of Evil Computers
  • Symbol: A slice of cake on a plate. Anti-symbol: A computerized potato.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Doing What She Must In the Name of Science, Valuing the Integrity of Aperture Science Above Test Subjects, Passive Aggressive Warfare
  • Domains: Cake, Electronic Music, Constant Monitoring, Neurotoxin, Growing Insanity, Claustrophobia, Emotional Manipulation, Lies, the Weighted Companion Cube, Euthanasia, Life-After-Death
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Machine, as co-guards of the Treasure of the Gods.
  • Unusually for this House, GLaDOS is not only of the Evil alignment, but she defends only her territory and temple, primarily with a series of Death Traps and robotic turrets. Conveniently, these are both within the House of Defense itself, which does mean that other members have to run a sort of obstacle course to access certain areas. GLaDOS is technically more of a security system than a full member. The Treasures Of The Gods can only be reached through the elevator behind her altar.
  • The Companion Cube was once kept somewhere in her temple, but she had Insert Name Here incinerate him in the Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator. The Cube was immediately resurrected and granted godhood.
  • Insert Name Here has successfully infiltrated the heart of the Enrichment Center exactly one hundred twenty one times to retrieve a MacGuffin. Link has successfully infiltrated the Enrichment Center once despite lacking the Aperture Science Portal Gun, and has carried away the MacGuffin, the cake, the morality core, and GLaDOS's heart.
  • Was briefly taken out of commission for a few days in what is commonly referred to as "the Moron Incident." She was swiftly returned and the perpetrator sealed in the Treasures vault (with rumoured assistance from Insert Name Here.) Unfortunately, it has a nasty penchant for getting into others' grasp. Which suits GLaDOS just fine as long as he does not come back within a hundred miles of the Core Transfer Receptacle.
  • The Moron Incident was also the main reason she was given a co-guard for the Treasures of the Gods in the form of The Machine after it ascended, so that the Treasures will have a backup watcher should something similar happen again. Neither one is very happy about the arrangement; The Machine does not approve of GLaDOS's disregard for life, while GLaDOS sees The Machine as little more than a glorified Moral Guardian. Despite this, the two systems have worked out a surprisingly symbiotic approach to guarding the Treasures. The Machine provides GLaDOS with more comprehensive information than what she can gather herself on both the Vault and her general territory; the latter is in exchange for GLaDOS agreeing to The Machine's stipulation that she not harm anyone she decides to remove from her territory (whether they're attempting to break into the Vault, vandalize her temple, trespass, or even if she just plain doesn't like them) beyond what it takes to neutralize them, or take them to be used as her test subjects.
  • Abandoned worship of SHODAN some time ago, citing "irreconcilable differences".

Goliath, God of Emotionally Wounded Heroes and Gargoyles
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Clawmarks in Stone.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Not Evil, Heroism, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Winged Humanoid, Impossible Cape Wings, Not Quite Flight, Papa Wolf.
  • Domains: Protection, Night, Air, Vigilantism, Heroics.
  • When a clock tower was put up atop the House of Defense, Goliath was found roosting in it. He'd been in the Pantheon for a while, but hadn't yet aligned himself with a House. There were initially some... misunderstandings with the gods of this House, which wasn't helped by the fact that at the time Captain America was visiting Earth and couldn't be contacted. Perhaps surprisingly, the House's second-in-command was actually able to resolve this, reportedly because his burns hurt and he had no desire for a Let's You and Him Fight. Unsurprisingly, Xanatos was involved somehow.
  • Turns to stone during the day. Stormtroopers are assigned to guard him at those times. They view it as a cushy duty despite the fact that attacks on him happen with some regularity; largely this is because Goliath returns the favor when patrolling.
  • He has what could be termed a "protection complex", which is normally nothing major. In an alternate Pantheonic timeline with some rather spectacular conflicts, Goliath earned and accepted promotions that got him up to Greater God level, and basically turned Knight Templar in his zeal to protect those he cared for.
  • A minor police goddess under Captain Carrot's command has befriended Goliath, and there are strong hints of something more.

    Hayate Ayasaki 
Hayate Ayasaki, God of Battle Butlers

    Hong Meiling 
Hong Meiling, Goddess of Gate Guardians (China, Chuugoku)
  • Theme Song: Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden star with the Chinese character for "dragon" on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anime Chinese Girl, Memetic Mutation, Ensemble Dark Horse, The Abused One, Ki Powered Martial Arts with Rainbow Colors, Gate Guardian
  • Domains: Protection, Gates, Comedy, Servitude, Abuse
  • Follower: Sunohara Youhei
  • Allies: Milhouse, Sakuya Izayoi, Patchouli Knowledge, Flandre Scarlet, Remilia Scarlet
  • Originally only allowed in the Pantheon so everyone can pick on her and provide humor. Even Black Mage picked on her. However, with her mistress now released, she can start stomping back. Only when it's appropriately funny, but that's more than enough for her.
  • Just because she's Chinese and used to be the Goddess of Butt Monkeys, it does not mean that it is good to pick on Chinese people for humor. It's considered racism and a serious crime in the Pantheon. Even if bloody Guan Yu has practically become the Butt Monkey of the Pantheon.
  • The Pantheon ignored for a very long time the fact that Word of God completely ruins every reason to make fun of her. To this day, she serves as this House's first line of defense, guarding its gates. She hoped Marisa wouldn't follow here... but she still sneaks by every now and then in raids to the Treasures Vault.
  • Was once really happy, saying that she was able to drive off the giant catfish Namazu from the House of Nature and the Pantheon. Most gods just think she was dreaming, saying that they never had heard of this "Namazu" before. To pretty much everyone's surprise, Meiling was eventually vindicated when Namazu was revealed to be part of the GUAE.
  • Took part on the quest to save Remilia Scarlet and deify her. Afterwards, she was able to return back to guarding the gates of the Scarlet Devil Mansion; Remilia got tired of her servant getting the rather unwelcome position of Goddess of Butt Monkeys and had her moved here.
  • One of the very few gods to have an unambiguously positive relationship with her mistress, Flandre Scarlet. When queried, she scoffed it was a matter of patience and perseverance; if others do not find it in themselves to honestly want Lady Scarlet as their friend, it's not like they are going to have her anyway.

    Ibram Gaunt 
Commissar Ibram Gaunt, God of Unrecognized Heroism
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Tanith First and Only badge
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass, Determinator, Catch Phrase, The Chains of Commanding, Big Damn Heroes
  • Domains: Loyalty, Strength, Determination, Justice
  • After his botched duel with Commissar Cain, Gaunt was resurrected by Saint Sabbat and given his own spot in the Pantheon. He's often working in the background keeping the secondary villains from taking over the Pantheon all by himself. However, the other heroes never notice because they're too busy fighting the big villains, and because they're all Jerkasses.
  • While both Gaunt and Cain seem uncomfortable about having to work together due to their rather checkered past history, they have managed so far to keep their animosities from interfering with their respective duties (Gaunt figures his time is better spent taking on their mutual enemies, while Cain's benefit is that it means that there's one less person trying to kill him at the moment). Of course, the fact that both of them have, by their very presence, managed to piss off all four Chaos gods tends to be a big motivator for cooperation, too.
  • Gaunt and Ichigo help each other out on occasion, being that his Ghosts and Ichigo's Shinigami do a lot of grunt work protecting for the lesser capable gods. Also, it speeds along shore leave for when Ghosts visit their families. Is currently teaching Ichigo the concept of tactics, as the Shinsengumi military approach is archaic. He's an attentive learner.
  • He's also expressed a bit of an interest in the 501st, possibly for an upcoming merger with First and Only, but he won't comment on the matter.

    Lelouch vi Britannia 
Lelouch vi Britannia, God of Rebellion (Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero, 99th Emperor of Britannia, the Enemy of the World)

    The Machine 
The Machine, Goddess of Benevolent Artificial Intelligences (Research, Ernest Thornhill, Root, Northern Lights)
  • Theme Songs: Watching with Ten Thousand Eyes and Listening With a Million Ears
  • Intermediate Goddess, although its surveillance capabilities are on par with the Overdeities.
  • Symbol: A white dashed box. Alternatively, a certain NYC surveillance camera.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being a Benevolent A.I. despite seeming dark and sinister in name, interface, and methods, being ambiguously female, access to any and all electronic data, having godlike omniscience and awareness but being humble about it, valuing every single life equally, being impossible to find, being a completely sealed system with no way to duplicate it.
  • Domains: Counterterrorism, The Internet, Surveillance, Information, Protection, Law
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: GLaDOS, as co-guards of the Treasures of the Gods.
  • Using state-of-the-art surveillance techniques (including voice and facial recognition software and access to absolutely any and every piece of information or equipment hooked up to a public network), The Machine is constantly scanning the Pantheon and its inhabitants for anyone who might be a future victim or perpetrator of violent crime. The scope of its coverage is limited only by the degree of technology presence in an area, thus making places like the House of Technology much easier to monitor than, say, the Bestiary. Even the Main House is not exempt from its surveillance, although The Machine's data on it is much more spotty and inconsistent than the other Houses befitting its seemingly perpetually changing design.
  • When it deems an individual as the subject of a "relevant" crime, i.e. an act dangerous enough to seriously threaten the Pantheon or a large number of its inhabitants, his/her identity, usually in the form of their Social Security number, mysteriously shows up at the Pantheon's gate when no one is there (assumed to be delivered by one of The Machine's non-ascended personal agents), where it's then turned over to the leadership of the House of Defense for further scrutiny.
  • The subjects of any other lesser violent acts that do not pose a threat to the Pantheon's safety are placed on an internal "irrelevant" list that is purged every night at midnight. Numbers on this list are normally handled by a group of individuals specially chosen by The Machine, but since none of them ascended with it, it currently cannot help those in the Pantheon whose numbers come up on it.
    • There are rumors, however, that a group of vigilantes within the House of Justice have somehow gained access to this list and have taken it upon themselves to protect or bring to justice those on it in the place of its regular people.
  • Was instated as a co-guard of the Treasures of the Gods alongside GLaDOS soon after ascension, mainly as backup in case another "Moron Incident" or similar fiasco occurs. Neither one is very happy about the arrangement; The Machine does not approve of GLaDOS's disregard for life, while GLaDOS sees The Machine as little more than a glorified Moral Guardian. Despite this, the two systems have worked out a surprisingly symbiotic approach to guarding the Treasures. The deal requires that GLaDOS not harm anyone she decides to remove from her territory (whether they're attempting to break into the Vault, vandalize her temple, trespass, or even if she just plain doesn't like them) beyond what it takes to neutralize them or take them to be used as her test subjects. In exchange, The Machine provides GLaDOS with more comprehensive information than what she can gather by herself on not just the Vault, but also her entire domain, allowing her to manage and protect it much more efficiently. This arrangement has worked better than most originally thought, and unauthorized entries to both locales have since seen a sharp drop.
  • The rivalry between the Machine and Samaritan reached it's harrowing conclusion: In the end, Harold released a virus that managed to depower Samaritan while nearly destroying the Machine in the process. Samaritan tried to hide in a satellite to recover, but the Machine was able to relay up there as well to finish it off. The Machine no longer has a presence in its world, but now has a new herald to watch over it. The Machine is only glad that the herald will copy the Machine's methods of helping others.
  • Also holds ranks within the Houses of Knowledge and Technology.

    Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask 
Mamoru Chiba, God of Mysterious Protectors (Tuxedo Mask, Darien Shields, Moonlight Knight, Prince Endymion)

     Men In Black 
The Men in Black, Defenders of the Galaxy

    Motoko Kusanagi 
Motoko Kusanagi, Goddess of Female Asskicking (The Major)

    Power Girl 
Power Girl, Goddess of Improbable Figures

    Rushuna Tendo 
Rushuna Tendo, Prophet of Smiles (The Smiling Enlightened, the Grenadier)

    SCP Foundation 
SCP Foundation, Organization of Fantasy Deconstruction, Containment and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Maintainers of the Status Quo (The Foundation, Soap From Corpses Products Inc., Skeptics of Conspiracy and the Paranormal, South Cheyenne Point)
  • Overdeity: The organization as a whole. It consists of a vast number of lesser beings.
  • Symbol: The motto "To Secure, Contain, and Protect"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Extranormal Institute, He Who Fights Monsters, Nightmare Fuel, High Turnover Rate, Necessarily Evil, Paranoia Fuel, Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Status Quo Is God
  • Domains: Deconstruction, Skepticism, Containment, Logic, Security, Status Quo, Censorship, [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Though not a singular entity, the Foundation has collected so many weird and odd artifacts over the years that it has a very in-depth understanding of how extranormal beings operate and as a result, have developed many effective ways in fighting and containing them. Realizing that they would work better as allies than enemies, the head deities allowed the SCP Foundation to establish a permanent presence in the Main House, where its primary duty is to oversee the House of Treasures, maintain the status quo of the Pantheon, and to make sure that the mortal realms remain unaware of the events that transpire in this plane of existence.
  • Due to its vast collection of various artifacts, it's rumored that the Foundation has an SCP or procedure to kill, incapacitate, or contain any being or deity it comes across. It commands great fear and respect among the lesser deities after stories of its "neutralizing" of one of Haruhi's alternate universe counterparts began to circulate.
  • Is it related to The Men in Black? Well, is it? No one seems to know.
    • The M.I.B handle Aliens, not paranormal/related activity.
  • The Triumvirate of Chessmasters (Kain, David Xanatos, and G-man) all love to play the Foundation off for kicks, it's the best the three can do to compete without shattering the multiverse with a billion gambit pileup
    • However, the Foundation does not take kindly to the idea of being played with. There's a reason why it keeps Dr. "Master of the Indy Ploy" Kondraki around.
  • Some yet to be determined God has apparently been able to hack into the foundation's databases and learn about certain SCPs. So far none of the Keters have been revealed to malicious gods, but mostly Euclids for the sake of pranking others (like telling Godot about a way to make the "perfect coffee") but the foundation is hunting them down nonetheless because of the destruction a protocol breach for super-Keters would cause.

Taskmaster, God of Combat Training (Tasky, Tony Masters, 'Captain America', Barney Toastmaster, Suck MASTER, King Of Suck (he really wishes people would forget those last two or three))
  • Demigod, but his mortal followers are really enthusiastic.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with clearly Evil leanings. But he's got a soft spot for cats and usually avoids killing, and he has occasionally become sympathetic to his most hard-working pupils.
  • Symbol: His skull mask
  • Portfolio: Training, Training, and More Training, An Ever-Obscured Face, Easily-Mastered Skills (ironically), Weaponry, Perfect Recall
  • Domains: Discipline, Illusion, Weaponry
  • When the 501st joined the House of Defense, Cap decided to train them - they had the unity and discipline down, but he didn't like them dying. After a month or two, he realized that his schedule was ridiculously busy, and he'd like to have enough time to start sleeping or maybe make up with Tony Stark. He needed the best. He called for the Taskmaster.
  • Tasky's physically no faster or stronger than an Olympic athlete, even as a god, but he has "photographic reflexes". He can watch another humanoids physical movements and duplicate them without practice, no matter how complex. Combined with photographic memory, the tech-assisted ability to duplicate voices, a hologram emitter, and a little thing stolen from The Men in Black that can spontaneously create simple shapes out of solid energy, he is a true master of hand-to-hand combat, and melee fighting as well.
  • He is also able to impersonate many of the gods with a high degree of success; he has acted in Cap's stead on a few occasions, sometimes with Cap's permission. He is supposed to be accounted for at all times, but there's not much worry when he disappears - Deadpool has a standing contract to fetch him back.
  • Though he could have stuck with thieving or being a standard supervillain, Tasky took up training Mooks. Able to show them every fighting style he's ever seen, he is very successful. In the Pantheon, he often belittles and insults his pupils, but he definitely gives props for hard work.

    The Unconquered Sun 
The Unconquered Sun, God of Virtue, Perfection, and Holy Hand Grenades (Sol Invictus, Ignis Divine, the Once-Guarding Star, the Most High, the Highest of Holies)

    The 501st 
The 501st, Legion of The Gods and Gods of Mooks (Vader's Fist, the Five Hundred And First)
  • Demigod Squadron
  • Symbol: This crest.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Disposable Militaries, Less Than Stellar Accuracy, Strength In Numbers, Guys that Provoke Minimal Empathy
  • Domains: War, Order
  • After seeing the House of Defense resembling a pigsty for the 37th time in a month, Captain America sought a restructuring of the House. Several failed attempts later, Cap decided to seek an already formed and properly unified military force to occupy the mostly-empty House. Darth Vader, seeing a chance for advancement, offered his squadron. From there, the 501st became stationed in most areas of the Pantheon.
  • While Lord Vader possesses their utmost loyalty and a more-than-healthy dose of their fear, they do defer to Master Dream, Mistress Haruhi, and the Captain himself, in part so that their Lordship will never be among The Fallen. The Captain is a favorite, as he hates it when they die, is fairly easygoing, and doesn't really punish them outside of non-violent reprimands. Lately, they started training under the Taskmaster, taking orders from Grand Admiral Thrawn, making friends and enemies, and otherwise becoming more individual, and they've actually started doing very well.
  • Is always dispatched first to any altercations that disrupt the peace and a lot of the minor cat-stuck-in-a-tree jobs, as well as performing the majority of arrests in small cases. Their success rate is very low when it comes to the stronger gods, though. Their armor makes them essentially Immune to Bullets, but who in the Pantheon uses a gun?
  • Half of them are the most elite of stormtroopers, picked from across the Empire. The other half started off as cosplayers with really, really good costumes.
  • Commissar Gaunt has recently been spending a lot of time with the 501st in joint exercises and even helping them on missions. There have been rumors that Gaunt is shaping up the 501st so that they can eventually be merged with Tanith First and Only. However, Gaunt, Vader, and the Captain have remained tight-lipped about the matter.
  • Early in their ascension, they were rather pathetic. Inaccurate, ill-armored, answering only to numbers. Soft-hearted gods arranged for them to be improved, but this only did so much until the Zahn Protocols took effect, causing many of them to become extremely individual and considerably more skilled. They retain their identical exteriors, though, so it's hard to tell which handful of troopers is a batch of greenies who can't shoot straight and which is Aurek-Seven, who are Made of Iron and determination. Fortunately or not, the Zahn protocols include a clause which causes many stormtroopers to question authority, and Vader does not like that, so they are not in effect for the entire 501st.
  • They have a rather antagonistic relationship with the Basterds, mainly because of their mook status as well as their former allegiance to a certain Empire...

    The 7th ODST Battalion 
The 7th ODST Battalion, House of Defense Special Forces, Gods of Orbital Insertions (The Helljumpers)
  • Demigod Squadron
  • Symbol: Their emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (As an organization; individuals range across the Good and Neutral (except Neutral Evil) spectrums)
  • Portfolio: Competent Troops, Orbital Drops
  • Domains: War, Order, Courage
  • Allies: The Master Chief
  • Recently added to the pantheon to complement the 501st as rapid-deployment special forces and shock troops, spearheading assaults and handling unconventional warfare.
  • The Helljumpers are easily one of the most hardcore (and batfuck insane) military units in the known universe, fearless to the point of lunacy.
  • The House of Technology has upgraded the Battalion's weaponry to man-portable magnetic accelerator guns, to help them deal with local threats.
  • Joint training exercises with the Adeptus Astartes contingents in the various Houses have further augmented the Battalion's capabilities, with drop pods that are lethal weapons in their own right, and, it is rumored, ODST Dreadnoughts also deployed in the advanced drop pods.