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Pantheon: Prophecy
Prophecy and Fate

The House of Prophecy sits upon the highest mountain, standing above the rest of the Pantheon as if silently watching them. There are a lot of rumors about what the inside of the House looks like. The truth is that it is possibly the most spartan and austere of the Houses - very plain, very bare of comforts, a rather boring place. That has not stopped a brave few from climbing up in order to ask the inhabitants what the future holds. Most either never reached the top or were frustrated by prophetic gibberish, and the few that had the patience to listen returned... changed somehow, though none would speak of what had taken place. Occasionally, a deity from the House of Prophecy would come down from the mountain and offer to tell fortunes... for a price, of course. However, many would find their predictions frustratingly vague and nonsensical, while others would have preferred not to have known their fortunes at all.

Kamina currently stands as the House of Prophecy's number one threat, due to his alarming invincibility to prescience as well as the ability to change fate. The House of Prophecy is quick to involve itself in any issue that pertains to him.

Dead silence reigned over the whole of the Pantheon after their latest prophecy came to pass: the so-called "Great Upheaval". They were not kidding when they called it that: it touched almost every house in the Pantheon in some way, shape, or form.

Doctor Manhattan, God of Fatalism (Jon Osterman)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A hydrogen atom
  • Alignment: True Neutral (can tend towards Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Fatalism, Destiny, Fortuitous Lab Accidents, Psychic Powers
  • Domains: Science, War, Precognition, Pantslessness
  • Followers: ...All right, he does have several, but the one an observer sees first is always that weird stumpy hermit guy with a big hat, a loincloth, and nothing else.
    Huu:Pants are an illusion, and so is death.
  • Tens to get into a LOT of arguments with the other gods, partially because most in the houses believe we make our own fate. He tends to get into daily fights with Kane, which usually ends in disintegration (though who gets disintegrated varies).

Hari Seldon, God of Mathematics

Kane, God of Magnificent Bastards, Evil Prophets, Doomsday Cults, Ambiguous Evil and Contractual Immortality (The Prophet, Cain, The Granddaddy Of Them All).

The Five Maidens, Goddesses of Fate (Mercury, Maiden of Journeys, Venus, Maiden of Serenity, Mars, Maiden of Battles, Jupiter, Maiden of Secrets, Saturn, Maiden of Endings)

Aladdin, Chooser of Chosen Ones
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A golden flute and a wooden staff crossing over each other, surrounded by a ring of golden butterflies.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Chooser of The One, The Chosen One, Black Mage, Braids of Action, Cheerful Child, Child Mage, Flying Carpet, Friend to All Living Things, Lovable Sex Maniac, Wise Beyond His Years.
  • Domains: Magic, Fate, Kindness, Leadership.
  • Allies: Jiraiya, Paio II, The Genie, The Other Aladdin, Princess Celestia, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Ren Hakuryuu, numerous Chosen Ones.
  • Followers: Master Oogway, Morpheus.
  • Considered the Chosen One of the Chooser of Chosen Ones. This makes Aladdin's head spin.
  • A very skilled sorcerer and former owner of a genie, Aladdin has a place in the House of Magic, but is commonly kept away from it to avoid jumping on all the pretty girls.
  • Aladdin gets on very well with Jiraiya, due to their similar roles, and their perverted attitude towards big breasts.
  • Often mistaken for the other, more recognised Aladdin. The two have met several times before, and participated in adventures together. On one occasion they had a magic carpet race, but the Babylon Rogues intercepted trying to steal the carpets. Sonic the Hedgehog intervened and the explosive magical battle that followed ended with all those involved crashing into a carpet store where they spent the next two hours searching for their respective carpets in the rubble.
  • Has a distant association with Scheherazade, a fellow Magi, who he admires for inventing the Scheherezade Gambit.
  • Can get melancholy around the Genie, who reminds him of his own late genie Ugo.
  • His ascension to the Pantheon has allowed him to go even more lecherous towards all the goddesses who happen to be well-developed. His attempt to grope Tifa Lockhart's breasts resulted in him being punched all the way out of the House of Combat.

Cesare, God of Self Fulfilling Prophecies (The Somnambulist)

Dominic Deegan, God of Oracles (Lord Dominus)

Saint Sabbat, God of Predetermined Fate (The Saint, The Beati)

Saiou Takuma, God of Dark Messiahs (Sartorius)

Eldrad Ultharan, God of Misusing Prophetic Powers to be a Dick
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A stylized eye inside a triangle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Sacrifice, Magnificent Bastard
  • Domains: Elves, Screwing Over Anyone Who Isn't An Elf
  • Followers: Craftworld Ulthwe

Kain and Raziel, Gods of Changing Destiny
  • Lesser Gods
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Kain), Chaotic Neutral (Raziel)
  • Symbol: Together, the material and spectral Soul Reavers crossed over each other. Alone, their respective clan emblems.
  • Shared Portfolio: Changing fate, failing to change fate, Prophecy Twists, Resurrection (multiple times), Moral Ambiguity
  • Domain: Destiny, Prophecy, Time Travel, Morality
  • When the final battle of Good and Evil occurs, no one is sure what these two will do. Kain has said he'll do what best benefits him, but with the way his mind works it's hard to say if he'll be siding with either Cosmos or Melkor or will try to go it alone. Raziel meanwhile has pledged to fight for good, but he's very prone to manipulation and making hasty decisions, and by his nature as a walking Temporal Paradox that disrupts the timestream with his presense, the chaos he sews in his wake could benefit either side unwillingly.
  • Though they parted on good terms, since the two ascended to the Trope Pantheon Kain has passed the time by occasionally opening time portals and throwing Raziel into a random point in history for kicks. He then watches Raziel stumble his way back to the present without realizing how much and how often he's changing history without knowing it. Their relationship has gone south again once this happened the second time.
  • Because Kain is such a Jerkass and is the one responsible for killing Raziel, the two have difficulty trusting each other. But they're Genre Savvy enough to ignore people who try to make them into full enemies again, as they realize their respective versions of the Soul Reaver are among the few weapons that can kill the other for good, and they recognize the two of them are Not So Different. It is said that if the two of them were to combine the Soul Reaver back together to create the blade at its highest form of power, even their fellow gods should be wary.

Kira Yamato, God of Natural Winners (The Ultimate Coordinator, Jesus Yamato, AimBot McBeamspam)

Link, God of Diversified Weaponry (The Hero of Time, Hero of the Winds, Grasshopper)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Triforce
  • Alignment: Varying with each incarnation, but always good.
  • Portfolio: Ancestral Weapons, Arrows on Fire, Chain of Deals, Cosmic Keystones, Fetch Quests, Reincarnation, Wordlessness
  • Domains: Courage, Strength, Time, War
  • Does double duty, also being a member of the Weapons pantheon.
  • Destined to reincarnate in an endless cycle for as long as there is evil. Has to build up all of his skills and weapons every time, but, fortunately for any Hylian therapists, does not retain memory of past lives. Every time he is reborn, dies, and ends up in the Pantheon, he's surprised to find out about his godhood. Every time.
  • Subject to an equally endless line of prophecies, most of which only apply to one lifespan each.
  • The other Prophecy Gods let him in to this house to do their errands. When it comes to MacGuffin Delivery Services, particularly matched sets, you can't hire much better than Link. And he can get a bottle of milk from the cow to the god paying in two minutes flat, or it's free.
  • Needless to say, with all of this reincarnation going on, he is pretty much Virtuous' bitch.

Yukiteru Amano and Minene Uryu, Co-Gods of Inter-Oracular Combat (1stnote , and 9thnote )

Desty Nova, God of Karma

Justy Ueki Tylor, God of Luck (Captain Tylor, The Lucky Idiot, The Heratic Monkey)
  • Male Demigod
  • Symbol: A smiley-face button
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fools, Brilliant Morons, Those Who Are Born Lucky, Reassignments and the Backfiring Thereof, Users of Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Luck
  • Followers: Milfeulle Sakuraba (Galaxy Angel), Rachel and Nell (Advance Wars), Fortune (Metal Gear Solid 2), Matrim Cauthon (Wheel of Time)
  • Ascended after ending a war by leading the UPSF's forces to victory against the Raalgons in an epic confrontation with absolutely no casualties. On either side. The rest of the pantheon is utterly befuddled as to whether this was a feat of brilliant planning or an unGodly stroke of dumb luck.
  • Since ascending, there have been exactly 3,297 attempts on his life by other deities vying for his position. All of them have failed, most of which Tylor was — and probably still is— entirely oblivious to.
  • Kyosuke Nanbu was his follower once before being deified to his current position as God of Improbable Death-cheating.

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