Pantheon / Shape

Shape, Transformation and Animorphism

Like the deities that inhabit it, the House of Shape is constantly changing. One second, it could be a massive, gothic cathedral and in the space of an eyeblink, will transform into giant space station. Sometimes the changes are that quick, sometimes it sticks to one shape for a while. Visitors often find this particular House disorienting and frightening, and it is terrifyingly easy to get lost in the constantly morphing hallways. The House of Defense is constantly being called to help look for deities foolish enough to believe that they can map out the House's ever changing depths. One of the few constants is that there are always buckets and pools of cold and hot water lying around.

There is a sliiight (okay, forty-two percent) chance that at some point a visitor will be subjected to a transformation upon entry. Commonly into the body of an attractive member of the opposite sex. So far, it's always worn off within a couple of days.

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The Trinity Shifters

    Alucard (Hellsing
Alucard, God of Regeneration (The Crimson Fucker, Fuck-Mothering Vampire, Ally, Alu-Claus, the No Life King, Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia)
  • Theme Songs: The World Without Logos, Left Foot Trapped In A Sensual Seduction, and for when he's feeling childish, Party Party Party, I'm a Bitch.
  • Greater God (full-blown Overdeity when he unleashes his full powers)
  • Symbol: Demonic grin, tongue hanging out, plus his two guns
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Lawful Neutral tendencies (Formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Hand Cannon, Healing Factor, Super Strength, Manliness, Lovecraftian Superpower, The Fettered, Lady and Knight, Being A Sex God, Envies Humans for their Mortality, Undying Loyalty.
  • Domains: Magic, Shape, Form, Darkness
  • Superior: Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
  • Friends: Dracula, the other Dracula, another Dracula, his fledgling, Seras Victoria, Sol Badguy, Vlad Tepes.
  • Rivals: Valvatorez
  • Enemies: Millennium, the Magpyrs, Abel Nightroad, Alexander Anderson (though the two will Enemy Mine if necessary), Cell, Son Goku, Nicholas Saint North, Ultima & The Lucavi and Mard Geer Tartaros (and those who view humanity as insects in general).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Edward Elric, Gabriel Belmont.
  • Opposed by: Saeko Busujima and Rei Miyamoto.
  • Feared by: Touka Kirishima.
  • No one is quite sure whether Alucard and Dracula (or any of the other incarnations of Dracula) are seperate individuals or just different aspects of the same being, though it's probably irrelevant as he would most likely kill them regardless if given the order.
  • Has a rather ambiguous relationship with his namesake, for obvious reasons, to say nothing of the confusion that often arises when referring to one of them in conversation.
  • He generally ignores Karin, however: though she's hardly what he'd call a vampire, he considers her harmless enough. He did become somewhat fascinated when he learned that she is actually a reincarnation of some sort of vampiric messianic figure known as the Psyche, especially since this revelation led to Karin being able to more or less become human,, but has not done anything with this.
    • On her part, Karin is quite terrified of Alucard, but her unique capabilities of producing blood does mean that she does donate to Hellsing to keep Alucard and Seras fed, out of request from Integra.
  • Has recently taken an interest in Shiki Tohno since the latter's killing of Nrvnqsr Chaos might mean that he is capable of defeating him. Blood Knight that Alucard is, this is an extremely enticing prospect.
  • It is said that Alucard was the last god who ever battled Ronan Beelzub before his banishment from the Pantheon. Though the details of what happened when they met are fuzzy at best, people do know that a broken 70 inch plasma screen TV with Netflix and something about "giving him a hug" was involved.
  • Other gods should try their best to keep a damn good distance away from him whenever he claims that he is simply "going for a walk". The Ludicrous Gibs left after all the corpses from anything that got in his way is proof to why.
  • He got a real kick out of fighting Abel Nightroad, who mistook him for another kind of vampire. Long story short, Abel under no circumstances will approach Alucard again.
  • Has taken a bit of interest on Cole MacGrath who was able to slay legendary vampire Bloody Mary.
  • The only other person he hates the most outside of Anderson and Edward Cullen & his ilk is Cell, since he has more or less has the same kind of powers he does and sounds like the former. In more ways than one.
  • One alternate Dracula threatened him and all other vampire lords with complete humiliation and defeat. Alucard, remembering how he met Abraham Van Helsing, just melancholiclly laughed, and commented whatever Gabriel could dish out, he'd endured worse. Gabriel then unleashed his full power, destroying an army of 500,000 men and shattering a continent with a blast of holy energy, proving that he not only has as much power as Alucard, he commands the full strength of his most hated foe, God. Smiling deadpanly as he usually does, Alucard repeated his challenge, adding an extremely lewd remark just to spite his "alternate". The rest of the Pantheon dreads the day said fight comes, fearing collateral damage.
    • The two of them have somewhat improved their relationship after Gabriel's redemption, as they are both members of the Children of the Night and the GUAG, albeit very different divisions. Still, they are not friends by any means.
  • He is very glad his fledging has ascended. He's now making enquiries as to whether he can have his Master ascend. Everyone is sweating bullets and thinking of a suitable post for her before Alucard decides another rampage is in order to speed up the process.
  • There is one person in the Pantheon he, and most of the other vampire deities, tend to stay far away from: Wario.
  • May be responsible for a zombie outbreak in Japan. No one is sure if he did do it, but it's suggested that he was somewhat careless during a mission in Japan. It's for this reason that he's hated by Saeko Busujima and Rei Miyamoto, who's town received the bunt of the outbreak.
  • Has earned the ire of many gods for shooting and killing Santa Claus. In Alucard's defense, the formerly jolly old coot startled him. Still, Alucard decided to atone for that and save Christmas... but then he got bored and wondered off somewhere...
    • Has made an enemy out of Goku for killing Santa Claus.
  • At one point, he was hired by the NERV as a Plan B weapon to use against Arael when the Lance of Longinus wasn't available to them... and defeated the angel, earning the admiration of Shinji, Asuka and Rei. That being said, he now works in tandem with Herr Doktor Tenma and Kaworu Nagisa in keeping Arael under watch should it wreak havok in addition to his usual vampire-slaying duties.
  • Has become enemies with Edward Elric on the topic that Alucard has consumed countless souls. Alucard pays no mind to him.
    • However, Alucard is suspected of hanging a banner on Ed's temple that says: 420yoloswag4shortie.
  • It has been recently discovered that Alucard has been sending death threats to St. Ajora Glabados of the Ultima by sending carrier pigeons flying into the temple, with letters going into elaborate details on the unspeakable things Alucard plans to do to them. Why? Just because.
  • Many individuals of power who look down on humanity have a great disdain for Alucard's views of humanity, most of all Mard Geer himself, since he was deified for his low view of humanity. Alucard mockingly called them imbeciles for underestimating humanity's potential, claiming that of all of his numerous enemies, only one normal human, Abraham Van Hellsing, ever proved himself worthy of besting him (though he also counted Van Hellsing's companions, such as Jonathon Harker, Quincey Morris, Lord Godalming and Dr. Seward (who he couldn't see for some reason) as those worthy humans.) He then left them with one final insult: since they can't accomplish what a regular human could, their so-called superiority over humanity is nothing but a pathetic, worthless delusion.
    • Needless to say, this pissed off a LOT of people who sneer at humanity, and the less intelligent and more impulsive ones tried to attack him, only to get brutally slaughtered in the process. Eventually, Mard Geer decided to enter the fray. The great battle eventually ended when Alucard was able to No-Sell Mard Geer's Memento Mori thanks to the capabilities of Schrodinger, whom Alucard still has absorbed. Alucard took the opportunity to quit playing around and land some severe blows on him and reduce him to book form. To add insult to injury, Alucard mocks Mard Geer's logic since he is a creation of Zeref, a human (albeit a powerful one cursed with immortality) and thus owes his existence to humanity before spitting on said book. Even so, he was rather pissed when Mard Geer, after recovering, mocked him in turn by noting he himself was made to annihilate humanity while the vampire for all his praise of humanity, still willing gave it up out of fear while on death's door and never would possess such power if he hadn't.
      • Alucard would get the last laugh when Zeref ended up passing on. Mard Geer's purpose of killing Zeref utterly failed and it was utlimately the folks of Fairy Tail that stopped him. He finished it off by saying that while Alucard understood what he lost, Mard Geer would never understand it to begin with, which is why Mard Geer would never truly win against humanity.
    • Ironically, despite being the primary enemy of Hellsing and Alucard in particular, the Major found this slaughter absolutely hilarious, since he too values his own humanity despite being a cyborg and actually agrees with Alucard that only a man is capable of defeating a monster.

    Billy Batson/Shazam 
Billy Batson, God of Age-Up Alternate Forms (Shazam, formerly Captain Marvel)

Deoxys, God of the Multiform Balance (the DNA Pokémon)
Attack Form: 
Defense Form: 
Speed Form: 

Ambiguous Rank

     Puchi Idols 
The Puchi Idols, Fun Size Deities (Petit Idols, Koami and Komami: Koamimami)
  • Theme Song: From Yesterday
  • Varies
  • Symbol: Their Faces
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Going Barefooted, Making People Go Gaga Over Them, Wanting to kidnap them and love them forever, Fingerless Hands, Long Hair, Head Pet (All).
  • Domain: Cute, Unknown, Small
  • Allies: The 765 Pro, Fluttershy, Barney the Dinosaur (All).
  • Odd Friendship: Heihachi Mishima (Makochii).
  • Friendly Rival: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie (Koami, Komami)
  • Enemies: Rena Ryugu (All. Not serious),
  • No one knows where the Puchi Idols come from or what they are. Some say they are actually mini deities that so happen to look like the 765 Pro Idols, others say they are small clones, while others think they came from an alternate reality in which everybody is small and cute. What ever the case, the Puchis were ascended because there very presence can cause unexpected fun and adventures.
  • The 765 Pro Girls were in tears once they found out the Puchi Idols ascended, hugging and kissing them non-stop.
    • For some strange reason, the very presence of the Puchis can cause many of the 750 Pros' character traits to be over exaggerated. Haruka is more air headed, Miki is more lazy, Ritsuko is more bossy, and Takane is, well, more Takane.
  • The 765 crew aren't the only ones who love the Puchis as nearly the entire Pantheon can't get enough of these small idols with Lucina thinking they are cute. There has even been some who have gone as far as try and kidnap them, Rena Ryuga being the most frequent kidnapper. Of course, the girls don't take kindly of others trying to steal their Puchis and many in the Pantheon are more careful when dealing with the Puchis.
  • Harukasan, the most chaotic of the Puchis has the ability to multiple, grow, and even shrink when splash with water. Because of this, any Gods or Goddesses with power over water should be extra careful when handling Harukasan. In fact, there are rules for her; the for mention not getting wet, not exposing her to direct sunlight, and the most important rule, don't feed her after midnight. Sounds familiar?
    • Of course, if there are multiple Harukasans running wild in the pantheon, they can be put back together by either Ritsuko, Yayoi or Yukiho. They can also use Fluttershy's Stare to accomplish the job.
  • Chihya, the flattest Puchi doesn't take kindly with goddesses with Bwoing, Bwoing. One particular incident is when some members of The Poly Racks try approaching her but ended up having their hands bitten. Though, they didn't mind because that just made her look cuter. However, she likes Mami Tomoe because she fed her cakes and tea and Tsubaki Yayoi and Ikaruga because they sound just like Chihaya.
    • Tends to visit the House of Music to sing. Which is just her going 'ku' enka style.
  • Chibiki, the little cute crier has the ability to summon any animals and other strange creatures if she sheds tears. The tears can be anything, from laughter, sadness, joy or even waking up. The available animals has now increased once she fully ascended, being able to summon any animals in the House of Beasts, in the House of Otherness and even those in the House of Dragons. And the weirdest thing is that they all listen to her regardless of Alignment. Yes, even Deathwing listens to Chibiki. Be very afraid.
    • Chibiki can also summon The Womb Level Orochi to do her bidding. Both Homura and Asuka don't know what to think of this.
  • Koami and Komami, the mischeavious twins love to play pranks. Their favorite target though is the Producer. However, they do it because they love them as was the case with Fluttershy. Though, they try and make any pranks on the yellow pony as harmless as possible.
    • Became Friendly Rivals with both Pinkie Pie and to a lesser extent Rainbow Dash in pranking. So far the scores are even between the two
  • Muirasan, the big breasted(?) puchi has the ability to teleport anywhere when she hears a loud sound. She tends to appear in random places in the pantheon because of this. She even able to teleport in and out of Mordor.
    • Also glomps on people she likes and haven't seen from awhile. Which is a lot.
  • Io, the tsundere puchi with a laser beam. Is scared of cockroaches so when she saw one of the Terraformers, she try and blast it with her beam, in which she miss and destroyed one of the houses. It's a common problem.
  • Afuu, the most selfish puchi who loves to sleep and eat. Always tries and steals Miki's riceballs in which the two blondes will fight for it.
    • As mention before, Afu is a bit of a jerk and will make fun of Chihya's small breasts(?) and steal Yukipo's sleep spot
  • Makochii, the chubby puchi who is super strong. Was actually taught martial arts by Heihachi Mishima when she got too fat to move. Strangly, they all translated into wrestling moves.
    • Is also very good in video games and have beaten many of Let's Play players in the pantheon
  • Yukipo, the kind puchi who loves to help people and sleep in tight spaces. Carries along a shovel in which she uses to dig a hole when she scare or when she want to nap. The use of the shovel has brought Shovel Knight attention and he is currently training Yukipo in the shovel-arts.
  • Takanya, The Ace puchi who is amazing in everything, especially games. Though, she can be easy brought to tears if she makes a mistake or feels unwanted. Interesting enough, she the only Puchi Takane doesn't go gaga over.
    • Also one of the few Puchi who can communicate with others through writing and drawings.
  • Yayo, a puchi with a keen sense. She able to track things, especially money that she loves to chew, with her sensitive ears. She has partner with Scrooge McDuck in tracking his lucky dime a couple of times.
  • Piyo Piyo and Chicchan, the more sane members of the puchi idols tend to manage the finance of the House of Commerce, which is good because of the property damage some of the puchi can cause.
    • Chicchan tends to scold anybody in the pantheon when they do something wrong or cause a mess. She also can't handle the Producer. She gets too fluster around him.
  • Many of the Puchi tend to hang around Barney the Dinosaurs and have gone on many of his adventures.
  • Afu, Chihya, Takanya, and Makochii are not allowed to be in the House of Food with out supervision for different reasons. For Afu its because she constantly eats all the rice balls, for Chihya it's because she will drink all the milk, for Takanya it's because she will eat everything, and for Makochii its because everybody would try to over feed her because they think she is cuter the fatter she gets.
  • During the dead of night, many deities have sworn to have visit a Puchi cafe. But when they try and find that place the next night, it's nowhere to be found.
  • Chihaya Kisaragi has a lot of times suggested that every Puchi Idols' name get changed into "Gonzales". That proposal was turned down all the time.

David Bowie, God of Reinvention, frequently visits this house.

The God of Transforming Mecha, Optimus Prime, is usually more associated with the houses of Technology and War (despite his distaste for the latter), but has been known to visit the House of Transformation as well, and is surprisingly skilled in navigating it.

Alternative Title(s): Shape Overdeities And Greater Gods, Shape Intermediate Gods, Shape Lesser Gods, Shape Demi Gods And Quasideities