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Pantheon: Travel

The House of Travel is essentially one gigantic vehicle. What kind of vehicle it is exactly is impossible to determine, since it's got a little bit of everything. It has tank treads, wheels, wings, jet engines, dark matter stardrives, and components of every known type of vehicle (and a few unknown). The steering wheel is from an '86 Cavalier, though. Not only is the House of Travel a giant, roving machine, but also serves as a mobile garage, storing and servicing the Pantheon's vehicles. It is, naturally, bigger on the inside. It even features its own set of race tracks where most of the gods of the pantheon sometimes go-kart for fun.

The Travel House is monitored by the Wayfaring Ladies, Mercury and Kino.

The Wayfaring Ladies

The Guards of the House of Travel

Kino, Goddess of Walking the Earth
  • Demigoddess (she could have been Goddess of Travel itself, but is much too absorbed with her task)
  • Symbol: Hermes, her talking motorcycle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gunslingers, Bifauxnen, Adventure Towns
  • Followers: Martha Jones
  • Allies: Bartz, Wander
  • Assumed the role from the previous Kino, who died saving this Kino from her brainwashed parents.
  • Has traveled with all the gods in the pantheon... for two nights and 3 days. Sometimes can be seen with either Bartz or Wander, who also do traveling on their own.
  • Once managed to simply walk into Mordor. Then, even more impressively, managed to walk out unscathed. However, even she will stay far away from the Disgraces.

Mercury, Maiden of Journeys
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A yellow astrological sign of Mercury
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Three Five Faces Of Eve, Fate, Stars, Necessity, Inscrutable Plans, Koans, Walking the Earth, Vehicles Cool And Otherwise, Teleportation
  • Domains: Balance, Celerity, Destiny, Fate, Good, Liberation, Oracle, Patience, Planning, Portal, Travel
  • Allies: The Unconquered Sun, Luna, the other Maidens
  • Followers: The Sidereal Exalted, particularly the Chosen of Journeys
  • It is Mercury's task to ensure that all journeys go as they are supposed to, whether they end in success, failure, or a completely unexpected outcome. Most of the gods of this House acknowledge her as their leader, and all of them have felt her influence in some way.

Cid, God of Airships

Meta Knight, God of Faceships (Meta-Knight, Metaknight)
  • Theme Songs: Meta Knight's Revenge
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Galaxia (his sword)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil by first impression, Lawful Good by intentions
  • Portfolio: Opposing Kirby while fighting for peace, Badass, A Father to His Men, refusal to explain his motives before it's too late, being the hardest non-final boss, wearing a mask, Cape Wings
  • Domains: Knighthood, Stoicism, Swordsmanship, Conquest (formerly)
  • Allies: Kirby, King Dedede, Marth
  • Followers: The Meta-Knights (his ship's crew), Lubba
  • Rivals: Galacta Knight (non-ascended)
  • Enemies: Tabuu, Ganondorf, Bowser
  • Meta Knight noticed just how many dangerous, villainous gods were in the Pantheon, and seeing it as a threat, he flew straight into the Pantheon on his battleship Halberd and waged war on any house where villains could be residing. Just as before, Kirby quickly destroyed the Halberd and beat Meta Knight in a sword duel before his ship crashed outside the House of Travel.
  • Meta Knight was then taken to the Court of Gods and explained his situation. It was eventually decided that although he went overboard, Meta Knight had the Pantheon's best interests at heart. With that in mind, and being impressed by the Halberd itself, Meta Knight was then ascended to full godhood, but is on probation for the time being.
  • Despite being in the House of Travel, Meta Knight actually spends his time right outside the house, repairing the Halberd with his crew. He plans for the Halberd to become airborne again, and will patrol the Pantheon's airspace as a sort of watchdog. Meta Knight has also been made to promise to only attack from his ship during emergencies.
    • The House of Technology has donated some of their goods in order to make the Halberd even better than before upon repair.
  • When not working on his ship or reading books in the House of Knowledge, Meta Knight can be found in the House of Combat, looking for the strongest warrior in the Pantheon, with the intention to best them.
    • As of currently, it is believed that the strongest warrior in the Pantheon is likely Asura. However, even Meta Knight himself has to admit that he's probably not quite there yet in terms of power. He is determined to change that, though.
  • He's devised a training regimen for himself, called "Meta Knightmare Pantheon", in which he reenacts several key battles in the Pantheon's history (including taking down a copy of his Halberd) in order to prove that his might is equal.
  • Is banned from competing in select tournaments among the Smash Bros. gods, viewing his abilities as being too good.
  • Solid Snake isn't the biggest fan of the fact that the Halberd resembles Meta Knight himself, thinking Meta Knight's a bit of a narcissist. Meta Knight responded by telling Snake that when he builds his own fully-functional warship, that he can make it look like whatever he wants.
  • His mask has a tendency to break whenever he loses a sword fight. For a fleeting moment, people can see that underneath, he resembles a blue Kirby. This has led to some Wild Mass Guessing, none of which Meta Knight will comment on.
  • Seto Kaiba really hates him, mostly for the fact that they sound very similar. Got even more aggravated when Meta Knight challenged him to a duel—by tossing a sword to his head.

Tetsuo, God of Badass Bikers

The Flash, God of Super Speed (The Flash II, Barry Allen)

Schrodinger, God of Villain Teleportation

Caim and Angelus, God and Goddess of Dragon Riders

Franky, God of Cool Boats (Cutty Flam, Cyborg, BF-37(formerly 36))
  • Theme: His theme. Time to get perverted!
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Jolly Roger, alternately a bottle of Cola
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Boats, Hollywood Cyborgs, Heroes who are tough as iron, Crazy Awesomeness, SUPER Catch Phrases!
  • Domains: Ocean, Creation, Mechanus, War
  • Ascended to godhood after his demonstration of the Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon. The god's messengers offered Franky the position the day after the shot was fired. His response? "That sounds SUPA!"
  • The perpetual rival of Cid in a battle of Cool Boats VS Airships. The Sunny remains Franky's ultimate trump card in this battle.
  • He's regularly found in the House of Technology admiring everything around him, and even giving out the odd piece of advice. He's welcomed of course, after the initial uneasiness involving his speedo wore off.
  • Franky took the entirety of the Straw Hat crew in the Thousand Sunny to where it was announced that Nami and Ussop would finally ascend. The familiar Sunny-Go served as the stage of honor to host the reunion party that none would soon forget. Between fits of weeping openly (despite his denials), he freely joined the zaniness and merry making of his closest allies.
  • Once had his speedo stolen by the God of Trolls on a whim. Despite his attempt to embarrass the cyborg, Franky proudly posed and proclaimed nothing could hold back the super pervert that he was. Mixed forms of embarrassment, admiration, and exasperation were felt the Pantheon over.

Graham, God of Adventure (King Graham, King of Daventry)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His blue adventure hat
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Patriarch of Adventuring Family, Dying A Lot, Kleptomania, Cool Old Guy, No-Kill Policy
  • Domain: Travel, Adventure, Kingdom
  • Have traveled throughout the ends of the Pantheon. While built like a linebacker, Graham always prefers not to directly fight.
  • People still don't get why he could've beaten a Yeti with a pie.
  • However, slowly, the word "pOIsonous" (especially in THAT tone) has become his gradual Berserk Button. You can thank Cedric for that.

Ibis Douglas, Patron Goddess of Safety From Plane Crashes (Shooting Star, Love)

Irwin Schwab, God of Teleport Spam (Ambush Bug)

Jeff "Joker" Moreau, God of Incredibly Epic Pilots

Kintaro Oe, God Of Bicycles (The Golden Boy)

Mark Jamison Shepherd, Supreme Tank Commander
  • Lesser God (Military Rank: Major General)
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Global Defense Initiative (a golden bird of prey)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Tanks of All Shapes and Sizes, Anti-Terrorism, Tiberium Crystals
  • Domains: Army, Mechanus
  • Followers: Jess (Advance Wars), Welkin Gunther (Valkyria Chronicles)
  • Allies: Solid Snake, Marco and Tarma, Non-Entity General, Isara, Fox McCloud
  • Enemies: Lelouch vi Britannia, Gauron, Kane
  • Shepard's position has some slight overlap with the War gods, due to the nature of the many different tanks he uses. While some of his favorites are roughly the size of a two-story house and could easily crush the same without flincing or stopping, Snake feels the need to remind him to watch out for crabs for some reason.
    • One in particular would be that of Miho Nishizumi, who was recently appointed as Goddess of Non-lethal Tank Warfare. Still, he would sometimes visit her realm to give advice on Tank tactics.

Chosokabe Motochika, God of Implausible Boarding Skills (Sea Devil of the West, Demon of Shikoku, Arslan)

Ms. Valerie Frizzle, Goddess of Crazy and Awesome Class Trips (The Frizz)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Magic School Bus with Liz at the wheel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: being incredibly awesome, strange in a good way, being an awesome teacher, having multiple dresses that symbolizes what she teaches for the day, reacting to danger calmly, having a mysterious past, excited red-haired person
  • Domain: Fun, Teaching, Field Trips
  • Allies: Eikichi Onizuka, The Pagemaster
  • The Academy needed a teacher to deal with the most important subject in classes: the class trip. No sooner than that, Ms. Frizzle arrived with her bus, and invited the multitude of students for a field trip that the students are still unable to explain for it being that awesome. She immediately got a position in the House of Travel.
    • The higher-ups are in wonder of the Magic School Bus in question which is capable of transforming into almost anything, can express emotions, etc. The only thing known is that the person who created it wasn't magical in any way, shape or form.
  • Her motto: "Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!"
  • She is interested in how Jack and Annie learn through their tree house and wonders if the two could give lessons to some of the students in the academy through the tree house. Jack and Annie are still considering the offer.
  • Gets along well with many of the gods in the House of Knowledge and is interested in planning field trips to some of the strange and bizarre worlds that many of the otherworldly gods live. The Academy is debating on whether or not that's a good thing, though.
  • It is strictly advised that Yukari doesn't get behind the wheel of the Magic School Bus.

Patchouli Knowledge, Goddess of Hikikomori (One-Week Wizard, Patchy)
  • Theme Song: Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
  • Lesser Goddess (jumps to Intermediate when healthier)
  • Symbol: One of her spell books, adorned with her Nice Hat
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Not Coming Out Of Her Room For A Century, Sickness and Poor Constitution Because Of It, Black Magic, Hot Librarian, Elemental Powers, Snarking A Lot, Witch Species
  • Domains: Mentalism, Knowledge, Magic
  • Allies: Sakuya Izayoi, Hong Meiling, Flandre Scarlet, Bayonetta, Yomiko Readman, Twilight Sparkle, Remilia Scarlet.
  • Opposes: Marisa Kirisame
  • Helpers: Koakuma
  • For a long time, her location was unknown. She wasn't in the Scarlet Devil Mansion at the time the GUAE attacked, and for quite a long time, she remained hidden until the conditions were more favorable to fight back and reclaim her friend and mistress, her house, and her library. The only god who knew her location at the time was Marisa, who still kept on stealing her books, teasing others by saying it is one of biggest libraries on magic she'd ever seen. Kokonoe also knew where it was, as both play videogames through an online connection, but she refused to say anything.
  • In any rare occasions she is out of her hiding place, she can also be spotted in the House of Knowledge or Magic.
  • Due to her extremely poor health, she often requires medical services. To lessen her dependence on doctors and boost her magical performance, she can manufacture Philosopher's Stones, but has recently been forced to do so in secrecy to avoid alerting Edward Elric, who really doesn't like them.
  • While she's very glad with the deification of Remilia, she's also annoyed at the utter mess her library has become. Just as soon as Dracula and Dio had been booted out conclusively, she locked herself in the library and patiently started fixing everything. One of these days she's bound to come out, whether due of some dilemma or dragged around by Remilia.
  • Really wishes that no one would think that her assistant Koakuma is a succubus due of Morrigan and Lilith Aensland.

Renton Thurston and Eureka, God and Goddess of Sky Surfing

Ryoga Hibiki, Patron God of Misdirection

Ryoutaro Nogami and Maito Senpujin, Co-Gods of Cool Trains

Sicily, Goddess of Mailing Oneself ( The Demon Angel)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: One of her tome weapons
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Brother Worship, Hair Antennae (like Laharl), Long Lost Sibling, Supreme Chef, Friendless Background, being a "Demon Angel"
  • Domains: Delivery, Mail, Angels, Siblings
  • Allies: Laharl, Etna, Gig, Flonne, Lamington, Big Boss
  • Opposed by: Any demon who dislikes Laharl
  • When she discovered that her brother Laharl and his friends were in the Pantheon, Sicily hopped into a box and had herself mailed to the Pantheon (so she wouldn't get lost). When Laharl found out, he remarked that it was still a stupid idea just like the other time she tried it. Regardless, he accepted her and saw to it that she had a position in the Pantheon.
  • Not only has she mailed herself, but Sicily has been known to throw opponents inside of a box, fly them to the tundra, and smash them with an ice hammer. With these repeated acts of mailing living individuals, Sicily was given dominion over this trope in the House of Travel.
  • Big Boss was impressed with Sicily's application of cardboard boxes when flying enemies away, citing it as a synthesis of hiding in a box and using the Fulton Recovery System. The two of them seem to be working on something that could be big in the world of cardboard boxes.
  • Some gods who are only vaguely familiar with Laharl are confused on how he could have an angel for a sister (a relationship which does not sit well with Ghirahim especially). Lamington had to step in and clear things up: Laharl's mom was pregnant when she sacrificed her life, and requested that Sicily become an angel in her stead. Most gods understood clear enough.
  • Gig likes her cooking, and Sicily sometimes offers to cook him something in order to keep him from destroying everything. The Pantheon isn't in shambling ruins, so this has yet to fail her so far.
  • Is very fond of Rise Kujikawa, as she reminds Sicily of an idol she was a fan of back down in the Netherworld. She also looks up to Yu Narukami, though is fairly certain Laharl could still take him.
  • Her Evility and affinities combined are able to reduce fire, water, and wind damage dealt to her by 100%. The House of Nature is making sure to avoid fighting her.

Subaru Nakajima, Goddess of Skates (GaoGaiGar-tan)

Yukiko Amagi, Goddess of Inns (especially Japanese-styles) (Yuki-chan, Amagidyne, Drunkiko, Crazy Hyena, The Unconquerable Snow Black)

Carl Fredricksen, God of Balloonacy (Mr. Fredricksen)
  • Leitmotif: Married Life
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Ellie Badge, a picture of Paradise Falls or Ellie's Book of Adventures.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Travel, Love, Family, Promises, Adventure
  • Portolio: fighting at the age of 70, having a dog as a pet, Happily Married...until death do them part, marrying a friend from his youth, the last person to be a hero, having his wife's possessions as memories to her
  • Allies: Russel, Dug (in the movie) Wall-E and EVE, The Toy Story Cast, Andrew Stanton
  • Not So Different From: Cranky Kong
  • Enemies: Charles Muntz
  • Ascended into the pantheon for his ability to somehow use thousands of ordinary balloons to make his house fly in a few seconds. Before he went there, however, he made a promise to his wife to bring their house to Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, the house was last descending into the Amazon (it eventually made it to Paradise Falls safe and sound). Many gods have wanted to tell Carl about it, but Carl has stated that it was alright. He moved on and was off on another adventure.
    • What makes it amazing was that he was originally going to be taken into a retirement home. Some sources say that as he flew off, he either cried "I'll see you in a week" or blew a raspberry at the caretakers.
  • Anyone who has had a chance to read Ellie's Book of Adventures will cry at her parting words. "Thanks for the adventure. Now go have another one."
    • Also, anyone who happens to hear his leitmotif "Married Life"—or any variations of it like "Stuff We Did"—will be reduced to tears in five seconds. As such, the gods have prevented any musician to play it for fear of causing the whole pantheon to be flooded with everyone's tears. In fact, anything involving his life with Ellie has reduced some of the most hardened gods into tears. The less they hear about it, the less the Pantheon becomes flooded.
  • Hangs out at the House of Family and tells stories about his adventure at Paradise Falls and treats all child deities like they were his own due to the fact that Ellie was unable to bear children while she was alive.. Will sometimes go down to the mortal realm and be with his surrogate son Russel and pet dog Dug.
    • He has a big soft spot for The Cutie Mark Crusaders because they remind him of Ellie. The Cutie Mark Crusaders like him because of the stories he had when he was in Paradise Falls. When it finally came to him explaining his love live with Ellie, Sweetie Belle was heard throughout the Pantheon crying like no other.
  • Pinkie Pie honors him because of how he held onto his promise of taking the house to Paradise Falls due to the fact that she acts so similar to her "Pinkie Pie Promises". She too cried a river upon hearing the backstory regarding it, though.
  • Has talks with Cranky Kong every now and then, regarding how they're Not So Different.

Dominic Toretto, God of Badass Drivers

Eustace Bagge, Master of the Red Armchair, Patron Deity of Furniture Ownership (The Farmer, "Useless" Bagge)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His chair
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a suffering jerk, Evil Old Folks, Big Eater, being the product of a bad childhood, egotism, Greed, Villain Protagonist/Token Evil Teammate (after a while)
  • Domain: Ownership, Furniture, Selfishness
  • Allies: Greed, The Janitor
  • Rivals (one-sided): Courage, Fix-It Felix, Jr., the Farmer
  • Followers: The Friends at Central Perk, Archie Bunker
  • Eustace ascended after the incident at Klub Katz, and the events leading up to it. He did not want to stop sitting in his chair, not even for a vacation. So Eustace brought the chair with him onto the cruise ship. Later, he was unwillingly turned into a wrecking ball and went on a destructive Roaring Rampage of Revenge when he noticed Katz (the establishment's manager) sitting in his chair. With such utter devotion to his chair, Eustace ascended not long after.
    • Of course, the chair was brought along with him.
  • His (wife's) dog, Courage, was not especially happy about Eustace's ascension. But without Muriel in the Pantheon, the two have little reason to be near each other, so they don't cross paths.
  • Eustace prefers not to be approached by anyone else in the Pantheon, or he'll pull out his crazy monster mask and go, "OOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA!"
  • Since Muriel isn't here in the Pantheon to make dinner for him, Eustace has taken to going to the House of Food every night. One night though, he went to Greed's Bad-Guy Bar (built into his temple), and the two got to talking. Eustace appreciates Greed's... greed and the two have formed a friendship.
  • Has also formed a friendship with the Janitor. The two fondly share stories of the times they've messed with people they didn't like.
  • Despite being equally devoted to their designated seats, Eustace and Sheldon Cooper do not get along. Given their personalities, that was to be expected.
  • Eustace fancies himself a handyman who can fix anything in the Pantheon if it breaks. But he's actually not as skilled as he boasts. This is a genuine sore spot for him, and makes him intensely jealous of Fix-It Felix, Jr. Similar jealousy also puts the Farmer on Eustace's blacklist.
    • Equally spirit-crushing for him is when he's reminded of his brother's hunting abilities. In a fit of random jealousy, Eustace grabbed a gun and went on a rampage in the House of Beasts to try to bag the biggest animal he could find (to the tune of "In the Hall of the Mountain King"). Luckily, no one was hurt (except for Eustace). He's not allowed back.
  • Eustace has been killed or otherwise severely hurt on numerous occasions since ascending, though after an amount of time equal to one commercial break, he automatically restores to his normal state. He's been likened to Kenny for this reason.

I-401 Iona, Goddess of Submarines
  • Theme Song: Blue Field.
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: The crest of Blue Fleet.
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hot Sub-on-Sub Action, Submarine Mental Model, Mysterious Waif, Cool Boat, Moe
  • Domains: War, Travel, Celerity
  • Followers: Most submarine captains, Hyuuga, other Mental Models.
  • Allies: Melfina. Lelouch considered forging an alliance.
  • Enemies: None so far.
  • Additional Relationships: Her moe disposition is sure to attract gods/goddesses who favor such a trait.
  • High Priest: Gunzou Chihaya is her captain. Should her and Gunzou becomes incapacitated, Marko Ramius and Red October will take over combat operations with Blue Six as backup.
  • Ascended after a long and protracted three-way battle against Blue Six and Red October, with all of them sporting supercavitating torpedoes for game balance.
  • While she can remodel herself to an extent, she does not sport vertical launch tubes. She compensates with a Wave Motion Gun instead.
  • While equally at home both in the War Pantheon and here, she likes it better here because it's less stressful. She also likes the shortcuts.

Isara Gunther, Head of Cute Wrench Wenches
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Gallian Flag
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gadgeteer Genius, Moe Moe, The Smart Girl, Jewish Analogues, Zettai Ryouiki, Too Good for This Sinful Earth
  • Domains: Army, Mechanus, Family, Love
  • Allies: Gadget, Winry Rockbell (a supporter of Wrench Wenches everywhere, though due to her specialties spends more time in the house of Technology), General Shepard, Kaylee Frye
  • Uneasy Ally: Lelouch
  • Many deities are often overjoyed when their vehicles experience mechanical problems, because Isara is just so adorable.
  • Is repulsed with Lelouch despite his desire to protect her (as she somehow reminds him of his mortal sister), as he reminds her of a certain Emperor that ordered her to die in the mortal world.

Jack and Annie, Co-gods of Fun Treehouses
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A golden circle with an 'M' in the middle.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Learning, Adventure, History, Reading, Magic
  • Portfolio: brother and sister working together, enjoying the outside (Annie), question boy and hyperactive girl, meeting up with famous people in the past, cool treehouses, having tons of adventures having fears of spiders (Annie), learning new things with each adventure they go through.
  • High Priest: The Swiss Family
  • Allies: Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Golden Darkness, most gods in the House of Knowledge (particularly The Pagemaster), Belle
  • Enemies: The evil gods in the House of Time and Space and all gods who would abuse the Magic Treehouse's power.
  • One day, the two went to their treehouse and found a book that showed the Pantheon. Annie touched it and said, "I wish we were there". The wind began to blow and then things became absolutely still. They found themselves crowned demigods in the House of Travel.
  • There was a lot of debate as to where these two were going to be placed. Their treehouse was enchanted by Morgan Le Fay and they engaged in magic spells, so some said they belonged to the House of Magic. They had books that could let them travel to different time periods, so some said they should go to the House of Time And Space. They were given riddles and Jack was known to write down facts in his notebook so a third party thought that the House of Knowledge would work. In the end, Jack and Annie stated that they wished to be part of the House of Travel and the Main House agreed.
    • The two still have ties with the original three houses. Jack and Annie wield the Wand of Dianthus which can be used to transform into magic instruments (although the two must come up with lyrics), they travel in time to meet up with famous people (they can't change the past though), and Jack goes to the House of Knowledge to look up different books. To prevent any mishaps with the treehouse, the Gods state that all books in the House of Knowledge stay in the House of Knowledge.
  • Jack and Annie have met up with William Shakespeare and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on separate occasions. With Shakespeare, they played some fairies in a production of A Midsummer's Night Dream and with Mozart, they met him as a young boy who would eventually write The Magic Flute. When the two reunited with these gods, there was such a magnificent and delightful time to behold.
  • Annie loves to explore the House of Beasts, but stays clear from the Golden Spider due to having a giant fear for them. She also tends to be with Fluttershy when it comes to taking care of some of the animals in the Pantheon.
  • Rainbow Dash has tried to use the tree house once or twice so she could venture into her collection of Daring Do books. Jack and Annie also followed, and the results of their adventure are only known to them.
    • Likewise, Twilight Sparkle comes every now and then to lend Jack and Annie some of her books. She also has gotten to some crazy adventures regarding the treehouse in general.
  • Many malicious Gods have wanted to use the power of the treehouse for their own twisted desires. However, Jack and Annie have stated that while inside the book, no history can be changed (they tried). The two have asked Merlin and Morgan le Fay to enchant the Treehouse so that only the pure of heart can use it.
  • While they're out, Golden Darkness often watches their treehouse for them. She denies that it's because of the vast quantities of books in there.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders traveled here and admired that their tree house could do so much and wanted to replicate the ability to travel into books in their own treehouse. Jack and Annie have advised them that instead that they could have their meetings in their treehouse as long as they DO NOT venture into any of the books because they'd have no idea where they would be at any point in time.
  • The Pagemaster once visited them and took great interest in how they were able to enter books with their treehouse. When they explained that it was enchanted by Merlin and Moran la Fey, he decided to apprentice them in his way of magic.
  • Belle comes to their treehouse often to reads stories to them, and to let them borrow her own stories so they could experience the tales that she loves.
  • The siblings are very popular with Japanese-based gods, going to the point that gods in the House of Knowledge have translated their stories and the House of Theater, directed by one Miyuki Hoshizora has made a film detailing their origins.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, Gods of Cars
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Oliver the Opel, Ferrari 430, Ford GT, Bugatti Veyron
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cars (whether Cool or not), Mean Brits, Vitriolic Best Buds
  • Domains: Travel, Ride Quality and Comfort (May), Speed (Hammond), POWER (Clarkson)
  • Followers: Adam Ferrara, Ruteledge Wood and Tanner Foust.
  • They are masters of that which is motorized and runs on four wheels, but they have no idea what to think of any of the Transformers, or people like Akio Ohtori. Michael Knight doesn't want them anywhere near his Cool Car.
  • Captain Planet has expressed concern at the trio's obsession with large-engined, high-emission vehicles, but has been ignored.
  • The trio are actually accompanied by a mysterious fourth god clad in white. Some say that he thinks divinity is where wine is made. Others say he showed up on the heels of Bart Allen, trying to ask him where he could find Oliver. All we know is... he's called The Stig.
  • Lightning McQueen once petitioned to take over as the new God of Cars since, "Hey, I am a car. That qualifies me much more. Kachow!" The three Gods immediately shamed him out of the room, reminding him of disgracing the Pixar name after allowing his best friend Mater to steal the movie out from under him in Cars 2. It did not hurt that Jeremy was also his U.K-based agent.

Rincewind, God of Running

Speed Racer, God of Awesome Cars

Takumi Fujiwara, God of Deliverymen and Street Racers (Tak, Tofu Boy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: AE86 "Panda Trueno" (that's Toyota Corolla GT-S to you)
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Understeer being the enemy of drifters...)
  • Portfolio: Unlikely Cool Cars, Settings in Japan but Outside Tokyo, Family Unfriendly Aesops, Heirs To The Dojo, Deliveries
  • Domains: Speed, Skill, Sleep Deprivation, Rust Repair
  • Followers: Akio Asakura (most likely both of them) is Takumi's main priest due to the popularity of his own game series. Speed Racer caters car for both The Stig and him.
  • Racing Rivals: Yukari Tanizaki, The Stig
  • Has found all the best roads around Cori Celesti. Appreciates the fact that getting the car through shaken is no longer an issue although it does require some fairly involved swapping, Sheriff Roscoe being open to food bribes, but not having developed a taste for tofu.
  • Is currently involved in a fierce rivalry with The Stig, although at present it's limited to open taunting and fierce races on street circuits (because The Stig races exclusively on the circuits while Tak highly prefer streets). Monaco is their favored venue, and their races are almost always unannounced but sold out anyway.
  • In his non-racing days, he delivers tofu from the House of Food to individuals in other houses who places an order. He delivers pizza too, but he dislikes mention of the latter. He is never late in his delivery, no matter what the weather (or obstruction) is.

Travis Bickle, God of Taxies. (God’s Lonely Man)
  • Theme Song: Smooth Jazz
  • Rank: Demigod.
  • Symbol: An army jacket and .44 Magnum.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: The Taxi, Anti-Hero, Anti-Villain, Accidental Hero, soft spoken, Combat Pragmatist, mohawk, Vietnam War veteran, Sociopathic Hero, chronic liar, Vigilante Man, You Talkin' to Me? Death Seeker.
  • Domains: Travel
  • Allies: None.
  • Enemies: None.
  • Was originally considered a Hero for saving a young girl from a prostitution ring. However, when the GUAG looked at his diaries they found his plans to assassinate a political candidate and rescinded their offer.
  • Despite his willingness to kill politicians and trigger happiness, he not been approached by the GUAE as some members, especially the child abuse supporters, do not trust him and are uncertain if he would attempt kill them.
  • While most members of the Pantheon feel uncomfortable around him, they acknowledge that he is very good at his job and will flag him down for a ride. They do their best to avoid conversation though.
  • He sometimes can be seen practicing shooting at the House of Weaponry.
  • Several attempts have been made to get him to see one of the many doctors or psychiatrists in the Pantheon, none of which have been successful.

Yukari Tanizaki, Goddess of Bad Drivers (Yukari-sensei)

Marchrius Dennis Rossi and Tarmicle Roving III, Gods of Military Mashup Machines (Marco and Tarma)

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