Pantheon: Mammals

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Greater Gods

Hachiko, God of Good Dogs

Heracles, God-King of Horses
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: "AIR"
  • Allignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cool Horse, Hero Killer, Titanic Size, Blow You Away, Aerovore, Immortality, From a Single Cell, Hellish Horse
  • Domain: Horses, Eight Kings
  • Followers: Daruma Horse, Janis Unicorn, Catastros
  • Bearing the same name as the mythological hero, Heracles shocked many in the Pantheon with its ridiculously casual display of power when she snorted and blew off one side of Toriko's body. But Koku-Oh continued to stand proudly in the presence of one of the Eight Kings, and Heracles allowed him a place on Horse King Hill. The Beasts Pantheon was immediately seeded with fast-growing Air Trees for the diets of the fellow Aerovores that came into the Pantheon with Heracles.
  • Heracles has taken an interest in Godzilla, observing the God of Kaiju from afar, and Godzilla exchanged glances with him at one point. Many are worried about the Pantheon's survival if the two come to blows.
  • Hercules has expressed an interest in trying to tame the horse that bears his Greek name, and has tried to do so multiple times already. He was blown out of the Beast House and back into the House of Power every time with a contemptuous snort from Heracles for his troubles.
    • A notice was put up shortly after: Heracles is not meant for riding. That hasn't stopped Hercules from continuing to try.
  • He was seen smiling when he observed Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy playing with her young foal, a very rare sight indeed.
  • Recently gave birth to a healthy Herac foal when Komatsu successfully cooked AIR, and its Herac Response echoed throughout the entire Pantheon, and some believe the young foal will eventually grow up to succeed Heracles.
  • A heavy pressure radiated off of Heracles when she saw one of her rivals, the Monkey King Bambina, had entered into the Pantheon. Precautions have been taken to ensure the two don't come to blows.

     King Kong 
King Kong, God of Gorillas (The Eighth Wonder of the World, The Beast)
  • Theme Song: The classic theme
  • Greater God.
  • Symbol: Himself standing on top of the Empire State Building.
  • Alignment: Chaotic or True Neutral, depending on the viewpoint.
  • Portfolio: Kaiju, destructive apes, having a more attractive partner, hailing from a dangerous place, Roaring Rampage of Revenge in New York City.
  • Domains: Apes, nature, inner beauty, strength, rage.
  • Followers: Kerchak, Tublat, Koko, Blizzard, Chaos, Kongor, George, and other gorillas of unusually large size.
  • Allies: Tarzan, Donkey Kong, The Librarian (Even though he's an Orangutan.), Son Goku, Sun Wukong
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Sharptooth, other carnivorous reptiles that remind him of the ones back on Skull Island (such as tyrannosaurs and 'raptors), biplanes, Frieza
  • Ascended to godhood when he defeated the King of Monsters: Godzilla. Though Godzilla won the first battle they had, King Kong had the luck of getting struck by thunder in the second fight.
  • In his mortal life, he was considered a god who had to be appeased through human sacrifices. Ever since he met Ann Darrow, he resorted to a more healthy eating habit.
  • Using thunder against King Kong is always considered a horrible idea when fighting him, since it gives a massive boost of strength. In fact, it made him strong enough to beat Godzilla to the bottom of the sea.
  • Kong has a habit of changing his size, though he never becomes smaller than a T-rex or taller than a Kaiju. This is how he is able to go toe-to-toe against the King of the Monsters.
  • In his spare time, he tends to climb up and down on the tallest buildings of the House of Commerce. However, Kong knows they tend to respond with biplanes whenever it gets out of hand.
  • Has a vendetta against Frieza for his racist insult against monkeys, calling them filthy. However, Frieza really doesn't care, as he laughs it off because he blew up Kong's "planet" in one timeline.

Xerneas, God of Marvelous Deer (the Life Pokémon)

Intermediate Gods

    Lady Amalthea 
Lady Amalthea, Goddess of Unicorns (The Unicorn of Literature)

Antasma, God of Monstrous Bats (The Bat King)
  • Theme: Antasma's Theme, The Final Antasma Battle (for fighting)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask and fanged grin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Bat out of Hell, working with other villains, Vampire Vords, Dream Walker, Thinking Up Portals, acting as a pastiche of past Mario & Luigi villains, the ability to create a Dream Within a Dream, Emotion Eater, Big Bad Wannabe
  • Domains: Nightmares, Bats, Villainy, Darkness
  • Allies: Bowser (or so he thought)
  • Opposed By: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Batty Koda, Riku
  • Antasma's ascension was literally like a Bat out of Hell. After his demise, Antasma conjured a dream portal in order to escape from his afterlife, and eventually found his way to the Pantheon through the dream world.
  • Ever since the incident where Bowser betrayed him, Antasma has been seeing red. Bowser is at the very top of his list of enemies because of it, and Antasma vows to get even. Anyone who crosses paths with him is in for a world of hurt. He'd also like to get revenge on Mario and Luigi, but first things first...
  • Antasma's true power is awakened when he is inside dreams. He takes on a larger and far more imposing form, and is capable of putting any Dream Walker that arrives to sleep, warping them to a nightmare realm where he can endlessly torment them until they either die or find a way out. The GUAE has taken an interest.
    • Due to this, Antasma looks forward to the chance to attempt this on Riku.
  • Should Antasma find himself hurt, he can summon his signature snack - Antasmunchies - so that he may eat them for a power boost. He can also sleep upside-down (he's a bat, after all) and allow the Antasmunchies to heal him. Anyone else who eats an Antasmunchie simply falls asleep and suffers nightmares.
  • He can also summon his music speaker and play the Dreambeats to put anyone in the vicinity to sleep, though covering one's ears can help them stay awake.
  • Some people avoid talking to him, as they don't like his constant screeching during his monologues.
  • Being another god of bats, Antasma considers Batty Koda a rival. The latter is actually afraid of Antasma.
  • Antasma was at one time just a normal bat, but by somehow feeding off of the nightmares of a Pi'illo he gained the power to become the nightmare being he is now.

Caesar, God of Apes and Protagonists That Lead Their People
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: the Apes' tribal insignia (modeled after a circular attic window Caesar had back when he lived with humans)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:Leading his fellow apes, Guile Hero, Ideal Hero, Intelligence that surpasses most humans, Magnetic Hero, Raised by Humans.
  • Domain: Leadership, Intelligence, Apes,
  • Allies: King Kong, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Sun Wukong, pretty much all non-evil primate gods in the Pantheon, also Fluttershy and Crash Bandicoot.
  • Enemies: Xenolestia, Elmyra, Draco Malfroy, Frieza, Scar
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Followers: has a large tribe of super-intelligent Apes that follow his lead.
  • Before he ascended, The Ginyu Force, under orders from Frieza, were trying to block his way as a part of Frieza's plan to prevent any more, in the latter's words, filthy monkeys from ascendeding into the pantheon. Luckily for him, Gohan shows up to make short work of them, earning him Caesar's thanks.
  • Despite having some clashes with humans in the past, Caesar has made it quite clear that he doesn't believe humans are real monsters nor are they bastards, which has put him at odds with most gods that actually do believe those things, but he always does what he can to avoid having to get violent with those gods whenever possible.
  • He is not sure what to make of how some of the gods tell him that his simian clan will eventually conquer most of the human race in his world, though he admits that such an outcome might be possible, given what he and his ape followers have already been doing.
  • Out of all of the gods in the Pantheon he's met, the one he has most trouble dealing with was the God-Emperor of Mankind, who hates Caesar for the actions he made against humanity, despite the fact that most of Caesar's actions were largely because of what certain bad humans have done to him and his simian followers, however, what keeps the two gods from being at each other's throats is the fact they found a mutual enemy in Xenolestia (Caesar was equally as horrified and pissed as the God-Emperor was when he learned what Xenolestia has done to humans) and they made an agreement that they would both take action should the Disgraced goddess break out of Mary Suetopia.
  • Speaking of Disgraced Goddesses, Before Elmyra was converted into biomass, Caesar managed to catch her trying to 'love' Diddy Kong in her usual, injuring way, Caesar's immediate reaction was to give Elmyra a deep and loud Big "NO!" that actually left Elmyra frozen in silent intimidation, buying Diddy enough time to break free of her grip and escape. Caesar at that time became the only.. non-human (he prefers that no one addresses him or any other apes as animals) the she became afraid of. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to get her to change her ways.
  • When he's not looking after his ape followers in his temple, Caesar likes to converse with and befriend any of the non-evil primate deities he comes across, whenever anyone asks him why he keeps doing so, he 'signed' his answer;
    Caesar: "Apes alone weak, apes together strong."
  • He has gained alot of sympathy from, oddly enough, Fluttershy, who was horrified to have learned the cruelity that he and his ape followers suffered at the hands of very bad humans. Caesar in return has shown a great deal of respect toward Fluttershy, due to the fact that Fluttershy is more than happy to treat apes with kindness. Though whenever they talk, Caesar would usually just use sign language since Fluttershy found his voice a little too intimidating (though she was amazed to learn Caesar was capable of speech.)
  • He has shown that he really doesn't like Draco Malfoy, who he found in many ways to be very similar to a certain bullying primate shelter guard he knew in the past.
  • Dislikes Scar for usurping control of the Pride Lands by assassinating Mufasa and deceiving the rest of the pride, as he is reminded of what Koba did in Caesar's world.
  • Is pleased to see that Crash Bandicoot doesn't let the fact that he was experimented upon by humans get him down. Caesar has asked Crash to introduce himself to Koba in the event that Koba ascends, in order to show him that there are others who have been experimented on by humans. Crash enthusiastically agreed.
  • Also has a position in the House of Leadership.

    Princesses Celestia and Luna 
Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Goddesses of Winged Unicorns (a.k.a. Alicorns)
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their likenesses circling the sun and the moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (for the most part)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Earth, Sun (Celestia), Moon (Luna), Nature, Knowledge, Mentalism
  • Allies: Most of the GUAG. The Anti Heroes definitely find Luna likable, Sunset Shimmer, Volcarona, Amaterasu, Utsuho Reiuji, Solaire of Astora, Superman, Mako Reizei(Luna), Johan "Jesse" Anderson (Celestia)
  • Followers: All of the Elements of Harmony, Unimon, Bronies, Cadance (though she's more family than a follower), Swift Wind
  • Enemies: Nightmare Moon, Baldez, Balanar, Cooler. While the last three are just enemies of Celestia, as her sister, Luna opposes them too.
  • Despite their recent ascension, there's a fierce debate among the gods over what their formal title should be. For sure, they look like winged unicorns, but "pegasus unicorn" and “alicorn” have also been used to describe them. As for Celestia, she's not talking. Luna would talk, but due to her tendency to scare lesser deities, nobody really sticks around to hear it.
    • When The Great and Powerful Trixie was deified (before her demotion to High Priestess of Oscar Diggs), it was because she was here to redeem herself after being corrupted by the Alicorn Amulet. While the amulet has been locked away, neither Celestia nor Luna has said anything about changing their title.
  • Twilight Sparkle was particularly pleased that her rational case for promoting Celestia to the Pantheon finally worked and also ascended Luna as well as an added bonus.
    • When word of their ascension came to pass, Pinkie Pie prepared the party to end all parties when they arrived. It was an understatement to say the Temple of Winged Unicorns was the loudest area in the entire House of Beast, in the history of the Pantheon. The noise actually drove the more animalistic members of the House, as well as Death World, to stampede. Only by a combined effort of Steve Irwin, Zak Saturday and back-up from the House of Combat was the riot quelled. Captain America and Commander Vimes made the pink pony ''Pinkie Promise'' from ever planning a party of that magnitude ever again.
    • When Celestia and Luna made their grand entrance, most of the deities were awed. Celestia appeared in a beam of light, and Luna? Her entrance involved a nightmare chariot, bat-winged guards, and a cape made of bats. Along with her announcing herself in the Royal Canterlot Voice.
    • No sooner had they ascended however, an unknown god or goddess somehow reawakened Nightmare Moon, Luna's resentful Superpowered Evil Side previously thought destroyed by the Elements of Harmony. There are three current culprit theories going about; Parsee, Bernkastel, and Terumi, though nothing has been proven yet. Laughing wickedly, the dark mare promised to bring upon the Pantheon an era of eternal night before being subdued by the promptly summoned Elements of Harmony. Unfortunately, they failed to function to their full effect and thus Luna is now in the same situation as Sayaka Miki/Oktavia von Seckendorff, her normal self still acting as co-Goddess of Winged Unicorns while her Nightmare Moon personality fills the role of Goddess of Eternal Night.
      • Months later, an unknown god or goddess (it's not known if it's the same one) managed to remove Nightmare Moon from Princess Luna completely…only for it to be plunged into Rarity, turning her into Nightmare's second coming. A fierce skirmish between Nightmare and her allies against Luna, Celestia, the remainder of the Mane Six, Spike, and all of their friends (including some gods whose followers were Equestrians), which eventually became a skirmish between forces in the Grand United Alliances of Good and Evil. Eventually, the Nightmare was purged, and [[spoiler:Rarity was saved. Unfortunately, Nightmare Moon was revived by unknown means and provided a new body so she can continue her "crusade" against the Day.
  • Their niece Cadance also wishes to join them as co-deities, but the Court of Gods decreed, "Until you show up in the show more often, you'll have to stay where you are."
    • Recent events showed that she is actually the Princess of the Crystal Empire, helped defeat King Sombra with the feelings of love from the Crystal Ponies, and that she is able to sustain a barrier of love and joy for days without rest and food. It is now up to the court to decide whether she ascends or not. Plus she has had a speaking role in an additional episode and a brief appearance in another AFTER the spoilered events.
  • Despite arising through the House of Beasts, the two, being very much sapient beings, spend most of their times in other houses, with Twilight Sparkle volunteering herself as guide initially. Most of their sojourns outside their temple include visiting the other Elements of Harmony, trolling villains, and asking to get up to the Main House as Princesses of Nature.
  • Celestia took part in the GUAG 1st annual "Troll" Off. Participants included Wrex, Mion Sonozaki, and most benign trickster deities. She was easily bested by the goddess of Gadflies Mion as the result of some serious lulz produced (much of them being from some rather dirty, perverted jokes).
    • She is now part of Lol Ranger, designation "Blue Ranger".
  • Rarity has politely suggested that the Princesses might wish to wear a tad more clothing whenever they are actually IN the House of Beast, so that nobody gets confused about their intelligence levels. So far, they have not taken her up on this suggestion, Celestia for mysterious reasons, and Luna because she feels it should be obvious to anyone.
  • Fluttershy hasn't visited the House of Beasts much since their ascension, apparently because she doesn't want to bother Celestia if she doesn't have to, though there are rumors that it's actually because she's scared of Luna giving her a hug.
  • Celestia smiled happily with tears in her eyes from afar when she saw Sunset Shimmer ascend, no longer her fallen pupil. However, while she did want to greet and embrace her personally, she also understands that in order for Sunset herself to feel fully forgiven, she needs to be the one who makes the first move. As such, she patiently counts down 'til the day that happens.
  • Luna oddly bears sympathy with Queen Elsa, especially after hearing her image song. As it was, both of them have powers that had the potential of instilling fear in others. Also, while Luna only (once) feared the negative things others thought of her, Elsa experienced them first-hand.
  • They have often played games on their days off, though when they play it is quite similar to Matt and Pat.
  • Volcarona acts as a replacement sun whenever Princess Celestia isn't feeling well and can't raise the sun.
  • Volcarona has formed the Sun Quartet with Celestia, Utsuho Reiuji and Amaterasu to combat Baldez and Nightmare Moon should they ever decide to keep the Pantheon in eternal night.
  • Celestia has earned the ire of Frieza's brother Cooler. This may be due to Cooler's experiences with the sun.
  • Slaanesh shows interest in Celestia for some reason.

Chibiterasu, God of Puppies, son of Okami Amaterasu (Child of the Sun, Chibi, Mutt, Squiddy, Pooch, Dude, Pork Chop)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Celestial Brush (just like his mom)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Music: Preparing for Action
  • Portfolio: The Time of Myths, Clapping of Believers, Götterdämmerung, Physical God, noble wolves, Spinoffspring, Badass Adorable, having many Embarrassing Nicknames, Generation Xerox
  • Domains: Sun, Healing, Puppies, Purification, Life, Childhood
  • Allies: Amaterasu (his mom)
  • Enemies: Yami (especially one of his remnants known as Akuro)
  • Ascended after his time in Nippon had come to a close, back to the realm of the gods. Chibiterasu and his mother were promptly reunited, in a heartwarming manner.
  • Chibiterasu brings out the Cuteness Proximity in others, fitting for the god of the trope that centralizes on this. The fact that he's friendly and heroic just like his mother only helps his reputation.
  • In spite of the fact that he's among fellow gods, he still has a tendency to get saddled with unfortunate nicknames.
  • Chibiterasu and Amaterasu are regularly found playing with each other as parental and child canines are known to do, when they're not on celestial errands throughout the Pantheon (alone or with each other).
  • Many of those who love all creatures have taken an especially keen liking to Chibi, so he's regularly detained and kept late by others in the Pantheon petting him, playing with him, and picking him up over their shoulder. He doesn't entirely seem to mind it, though.
  • Do not underestimate Chibiterasu. In spite of his cuteness and relative lack of strength, he has almost all of the same powers as his mother, even some powers that she does not, and he certainly knows how to use them.

     Lord Fredrik 
Lord Fredrik, God of Corpulent Kings and Walruses (The Snowmad King)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Snowmad Emblem, and his horn
  • Theme Music: Volcano Dome
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil, Fighting Ruler, agility in spite of his girth, wielding a magical horn, summoning ice dragons with said horn, Endless Winter
  • Domains: Conquest, Ice, Walruses, Vikings
  • Followers: The Snowmads, Wapol
  • Allies: Bashmaster
  • Enemies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong Cranky Kong, Elsa, the entire Main House
  • Rival: King K. Rool
  • He's quite Acrofatic despite being an Adipose Rex, which may have been what helped him earn his seat. He can keep up with Donkey Kong himself through the use of electric helmet horn tackles, and jumping around. Then there's getting into his ice powers and dragons...
  • There are many fat kings and queens, but none of them dare to think of conquering the Pantheon. Lord Fredrik, on the other hand, will conquer all that he sees, including the Pantheon. His ship appeared on the horizon of the Pantheon's ocean view, and he blew into his horn to summon an ice dragon to create an Endless Winter in the Pantheon.
  • Lord Fredrik led a force to take the Main House, but was outclassed by all of the Gods within, especially after calling in the Kong family to help out. This would normally have Lord Fredrik removed from the Pantheon or worse, but the GUAE- impressed by his accomplishments- managed to pull some strings, and he now has a seat in the House of Royalty.
  • That time he conquered Donkey Kong Island was merely another conquest for Fredrik, but after Donkey Kong and his family beat him up and kicked him out, he's developed a deep grudge for the Kongs, and is planning revenge on them in the Pantheon, starting with a siege on the House of Weapons. But given how well-armed the house is, this may not come to pass.
  • King K. Rool is quite jealous of how Fredrik managed to completely take over Donkey Kong's home and have him removed. Fredrik himself doesn't like that there's someone else who's out to get Donkey Kong, so he and K. Rool have become rivals.
  • Due to his knack for causing an Endless Winter as a means of warfare, Elsa finds him quite offensive, giving her trope a bad image.

Koku-Oh, Awesome God of Horses
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A giant horse hoof-print.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cool Horse, Hellish Horse, Giant Size, Rule of Cool
  • Domains: Horses, Travel, War
  • Followers: Fuunsaiki (G Gundam), Red Hare (Romance of the Three Kingdoms), Date Masamune's 'Motorbike Horse' (Sengoku Basara), Trombe (Super Robot Wars)
  • Owner: Raoh
  • Allies: Bela, all Equestrian Gods.
  • Was given this place by Raoh. Soon after, its house was flooded with many-many awesome horses. But none can reach the size and awesomeness of Koku-Oh
  • Trombe, though friendly towards Koku-Oh, keeps trying to override the great horse's house with its theme song, but it is impossible without the help of its master Elzam. Fortunately, the two horses are not bitter to each other.
  • Bad Horse has plans for taking the throne and ruling it with an iron hoof.
  • Might or might not be dating Princess Celestia.
  • He maintains the position despite the addition of Heracles, not just because of standing proud on his snort, but also for the fact that Koku-Oh is still a ride-able mount despite his great stature, as Raoh and Kenshiro has proven.

    Kurama (Naruto) 
Kurama, God of Kitsune (Nine-Tails Fox Demon, Nine Tails, Kyuubi)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: the Eight Trigrams Seal
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, but comes off as Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Kitsune, massive size, being housed in a Jinchuriki, being composed mostly of hatred, protecting his host as needed, Tsundere, Heel-Face Turn Siding with Naruto, looking like an animal while being anything but.
  • Domains: Hatred, Foxes, Chakra, Destruction, Nature (the latter two usually go hand-in-hand in the form of destructive forces of nature)
  • Followers: Shippo, the Renamon line, Kongiku and Yuzuruha, Ninetales, Xiaomu, Saya
  • Allies: Naruto, Ungoliant
  • Enemies: Tobi, Orochimaru, Sasuke, Godzilla, Steve Irwin, Mokkan
  • As Kurama is still sealed within Naruto, technically speaking, Naruto serves as Kurama's shrine within the Pantheon.
  • Any communication with Kurama has to be done either through psychic links, or using Naruto as a middle man.
  • Has been let out of his host a few times in the Pantheon, with the required hands at the ready for such procedures. The first time he got out drew the attention of Godzilla, which lead into a clash that lasted for seven hours before the two were tired enough the fight could be called off. The Nine Tails has a chip off his shoulder towards the lizard now.
  • Out of either respect for Naruto or his own obliviousness, Luffy has yet to attempt to tame the fox demon.
  • Recent events have called into question whether or not Kurama will willingly and officially join the GUAG. The fox refuses profusely.
  • Definitely not to be confused with the Bishōnen fox demon who has control over plants, Kurama ''Minamio'', who resides in the House of Nature.
  • First applied for the post of God of Eldritch Beasts, but settled for this throne when he found that Ungoliant had already taken the post, and he didn't fancy being eaten by a giant spider.
  • His Norwegian worshippers keep praying for him to reveal what sound that he and other foxes/kitsunes make. The reason for this is because they have some...rather strange guesses.
    • Kurama finally answered their question, if only to shut them up, by sending a fox to a group of his worshippers one day to sit nearby and make this sound. The poor folks were terrified, but a video of it was recorded by one of the followers, the clip was spread around, and nobody has bothered Kurama about it since.
  • He is not overly fond of Mokkan, due to the Marlfox's habit of betraying everything and everyone he's ever met. Bets are being placed on how much Mokkan's going to regret trying to betray Kurama.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Ahri the Nine-tailed Fox is not Kurama's follower. This is because she's a gumiho, not a kitsune. Kurama prefers that followers get these facts straight.
  • The Tails Clan does not view him as their god or anything like that. Kurama wouldn't really care that much either way.

Len, Goddess of Magic Cats (Ren)

    Moby Dick 
Moby-Dick, God of Whales (The White Whale)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white fin with spears in it.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Domains: The Sea, Whales, Destruction
  • Followers: Monstro, Drowned Wednesday
  • Allies: Aquaman.
  • Enemies: The Kraken, Bruce, fishermen, Captain Ahab, other whale hunters, Ika Musume.
  • Ever since Moby Dick ascended into the waters of the Pantheon, he has been in almost constant conflict with The Kraken, considering how he keeps eating his 8-limbed followers. Even though their fights are always even with combatants leaving with scars, Moby always manages to tear off many of The Kraken's tentacles.
  • Those who are out to hunt whales always stay clear out of his waters, considering that he has grown even larger because of his godhood.
  • Despite his incredible strength, he has two massive weaknesses: beaches and tides. Once he gets beached, it will require the strongest gods in the Pantheon in order to get him back in the water.
  • It has been proven that he has swallowed entire warships, along with the crews commanding them. Rumor has it that they are still inside of him, living with the massive schools of fish that he swallows when he gets hungry.

Pikachu, God of Wild Mythical Creatures (the Mouse Pokémon, Pika Pika!)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His lightning bolt-shaped tail
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but with Ash's influence he's Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Lightning, Monsters, Kids with Leashes, Making Team Rocket "Blast Off Again"...and Again and Again.
  • Domain: Animal, Lightning, Protection, Storm.
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum (his trainer), the Slimes, Meow Wow
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Zubat, any Ground-type enemies.
  • Team Rocket is so inept at capturing him that Pikachu barely bothers Thundershocking them anymore.
  • Is on good terms with Samus ever since their chance meeting during one of her trademark apocalypses.
    • In contrast, Ridley promised that he'll skewer Pikachu with his tail as payback for preventing him from killing Samus.
  • Between playing with his friends and shocking villains, he's sometimes seen carrying around - and eating from - a bottle of the House of Food's best ketchup. The House of Food doesn't mind a bottle going missing every now and then, as a single bottle is nothing compared to what some other deities consume every meal.
    • While he doesn't mind sharing said bottle if asked, he will retaliate if it's taken from him. Whether this is on his own accord or with the help of friends depends on the aggressor.
  • Once got into a fight with Blanka, and despite putting up a great fight, was sorely outclassed thanks to his small size.
  • Despite his incredible speed, he sadly suffers of a case of sensitive knees. VERY sensitive knees.
  • Once got unlucky with Ghetsis Harmonia, who tested mind control technology on him in a plot to eventually control legendary Pokémon within the Pantheon. Pikachu was able to break free thanks to the efforts of Ash, N, and surprisingly Team Rocket.
  • Pikachu once spent a day playing with a Spirit Dream Eater called Meow Wow after getting lost from Ash following yet another Team Rocket incident. When Ash found them, he decided to catch the Dream Eater, thinking it to be a Pokémon, but the Poké Ball did nothing. After saving Meow Wow from Team Rocket (or rather, Meow Wow save itself from them), a portal was found which allowed the Dream Eater to return home. While Ash and Pikachu never saw Meow Wow again, they did get a chance to meet it's "trainer", Sora, at the Nature House, though for some reason, his friends did not allow them to speak with him.
  • He and Ash ventured into the Friendship Asylum, but only Pikachu escaped. It turns out that the asylum corrupted Ash, with Pikachu escaping before he too was corrupted.
  • News has come to light of Pikachu taking on an exercise regiment for the sake of facing a different competition. Even more bizarrely, Heihachi is actually interested in seeing how this will turn out.

Lesser Gods

Bambi, God of Woodland Creatures

Bashmaster the Unbreakable, God of Evil Bears
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Snowmad Emblem, and his hammer
  • Theme Music: Punch Bowl
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wielding a hammer, ice powers, Lost Food Grievance, being able to leap off the screen In a Single Bound
  • Domains: Ice, Bears, Eating
  • Followers: The Snowmads, Mor'du, the San Diego Zoo bears
  • Allies: Lord Fredrik, Teddie
  • Enemies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong Cranky Kong, Winnie the Pooh, Po
  • The biggest reason Bashmaster is in the Pantheon is because he is one of Fredrik's lieutenants, and was with him at the time of Fredrik's attempted conquering of the Pantheon, even causing his fair share of damage. Like Fredrik, he was defeated by the Main House and the Kong family, but managed to find his own place in the Pantheon.
  • Bashmaster serves as a darker application of Pooh's trope. Bashmaster cares not for any of the bears in the pantheon who aren't as strong as he is, therefore Pooh is on his blacklist. He also finds Po to be quite annoying, despite being quite strong.
  • When not causing chaos for the Snowmads, Bashmaster lounges around his temple, licking one of his many fruit popsicles. Destroying or otherwise making sure Bashmaster can't finish his snack is the one surefire way to get him into a rampage.
  • Hammer-wielding gods in the Pantheon admire how his hammer is designed to cause maximum damage and can even create ice projectiles, but recommend that he make both ends spiny, so that people can no longer jump onto the flat end and then onto his head.
  • Has actually forged a friendship after realizing he was Not So Different from Teddie, due to the latter proving to be a strong bear (or bear-like creature), having an affinity for ice, and also being a fan of popsicles (or "Topsicles").

    Batty Koda 
Batty Koda, God of Bats and Victim of Science (no relation to the Goddamned Bats)

    Cat (Red Dwarf) 
Cat, God of Cool Cats
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Theme Song: The fish song.
  • Symbol: A fish, picked clean
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Looking good while being dangerous, piloting ships, looking good, missing the point, and looking GOOD!
  • Domains: Spends a lot of time in Personal Appearance, due to his obsession with his wardrobe. He insists it's perfectly healthy, though.
  • Followers: Egyptians.
  • Allies: Ace Rimmer (What a guy!)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Greebo
  • The Good Counterpart of Greebo, who has no opinion of him. Cat doesn't seem to mind.
  • Upon his ascension, he exclaimed "OHHHH-wee! It's about time you all realized I was meant for this! Now I can make even more things mine!"
  • Cat has laid claim to both the Personal Appearance and Beast houses. Nobody really takes this claim seriously.
  • He has established that should any dogs be added to the Pantheon, they will become his mortal enemy.

Cerberus, Celestial Guard Dog

Eevee/Flareon/Espeon, God of Unstable DNA (The False Prophet (formerly), The Anti-Helix (formerly), The Martyr)
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hollywood Evolution due of its DNA, being adorable in any form, Martyrs those blamed unjustly, being redeemed, responsible Anarchy
  • Domains: Evolution, Foxes, Cats, Cuteness, Martyrdom
  • Allies: Lord Helix
  • Enemies: Pidgeot
  • Herald: Zapdos
  • Followers: A growing number of the Mob, Nick.
  • Lord Helix sent his second son, Eevee, to the Mob in order to teach them the dangers of anarchy without responsibility. Upon receiving him the Mob became divided over whether he should evolve into a Vaporeon or Jolteon, however in the confusion he became a Flareon instead. Refusing to take responsibility the Mob blamed him for the division and attempted to exile him to the PC, however in their blindness they accidentally Released Abby and Jay Leno, blaming him for their loss as well they slew him. Failing to recognize him for what he was the Mob named him an agent of the Adversary, infuriated by this treatment of his son, Helix sent the Archangel Zapdos to smite them. Following the event known as "Bloody Sunday" some of the Mob began to realize their mistake and named Flareon "The Martyr" instead, allowing his spirit to find peace and ascend.
  • As a God, Eevee can evolve into any of the 8 Eevolutions and change back at will. Good for him, as Flareon isn't the best form he would hope for.
  • He still harbors some resentment for his older brother Pidgeot, known as Bird Jesus, for what he considers to be undeserved popularity.
  • In preparation for the Mob's arrival he has imbued his kin in the Johto region with the potential to evolve into two additional forms, and intends to do the same to every region the Mob travels to afterwards.
    • Eevee has made good use of this ability, evolving into Espeon. Unfortunately, he has yet to learn how to use those new powers, and it's not an easy task (as demonstrated when he failed to learn Psybeam). Espeon eventually was able to pull his weight and become a worthy member of his trainer's team.
    • After the good reception of Espeon, Flareon wanted to send the other trainers who might be possessed by the Mob their own Eevee. Unfortunately, A completely missed out on finding one and A(lice) somehow got Swablu in the place of Eevee. Napoleon was able to receive one without fail, who then evolved into another Flareon, with mixed reactions from the Mob. This time, however, Flareon successfully leads the team to the top of Sinnoh region, though there're still some shipping issues remain to be resolved.
    • Following Napoleon, Aoooo got a Gloom instead of Eevee and the Gloom hardly got to see any action. Jimmy C. also cannot get an Eevee during his adventure.

    Grey Wolf Sif 
Great Grey Wolf Sif, God of Giant Canines
  • Theme Song: Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Greatsword of Artorias
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heartbroken Badasses, Wielding Swords Between Teeth, Fragile Speedsters, Noble Wolves, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Wolves
  • Allies: Artorias, Gwyn, Guts, Murakumo
  • When he ascended, the graveyard that he guarded was integrated into the Pantheon, to make him more at ease. Of course this also means he never leaves said graveyard, as he continues to guard the tomb of his late friend, and reacts hostilely to anyone entering it. He's a little more at ease with the Chosen Undead, but still won't grant him/her access to the graveyard.
  • When he learned that his master had been ascended along side the Lord of Sunlight it was able to appear in the pantheon he was filled with great joy, though seeing Artorias so corrupted by The Abyss saddened him, but he is happy to be by his side nonetheless.
  • Artorias has decided to allow Sif to keep the weapons he gave him long ago, since they cannot help The Abysswalker now.
  • Has helped Guts every now and again due to him being similar to his master.

    Killer Rabbit 
The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, God of Little, Lethal Creatures
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bloodstained white rabbit
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Deadly Fluffy Bunnies, Arthurian Legend
  • Domains: Bunnies, Murder, Cuteness
  • Followers: Infernal Spawn of Evilnote , Vorpal Rabbits, The Fury, Bunnicula, Coney Dewclaw, Bun-Bun
  • Enemies: the Catachan Devil, Sir Lancelot, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Springtrap
  • Ascended to the immortal plain upon meeting its Achilles' Heel: High explosives, charged with a powerful divine blessing.
  • Even the Catachan Devil avoids it, since it's not sure of its chances and it doesn't wanna lose to a freaking bunny.
  • Constantly tries to take over the house owned by Useless Little Bunny Only Good For Her Sex Appeal to ensure its dominance as the only God of Bunnies. However, its attempts always end in eye contact with Reisen and reliving its destruction with high explosives.
  • His flesh-eating ways and tendency to wreak carnage completely traumatized Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things, when she tried to pet the cute little white bunny and it didn't work out too well. Thankfully, The Stare kicked in on time to prevent her from being mangled and devoured.
  • Rumor has it that Bun-Bun seeks to usurp him.
  • Arturia hates him with a passion, as Deadpool will never stop mentioning how her knights were beaten by it.
  • Despite its fearsome reputation, there are those who would still willingly challenge it to combat. A group of six mighty warriors gained much fame by besting the beast in combat without the use of holy explosives.
  • For whatever reason, he has gained enough hatred forwards Steve? that in rare occasions he will exit his temple in order to bite his face off.
  • When Reisen stepped out of her position as the Goddess of Bunnies, The Killer Rabbit tried to kill Rabbit in order to become the God of Rabbits, thinking that Reisen was completely gone. However, Reisen quickly blasted The Rabbit of Carbannog before anything would happen.
  • Tried to attack Hibari, or more accurately, the bunny which she can summon. He ended getting shocked by the bunny before Hibari kicked him away.
  • The one bunny-related creature it has never once attacked is Springtrap. He beats out even it in the scariness department.

Pumbaa, God of Suids (Mr. Pig)

Simba, God of Lions (The Lion King, King of The Pride Lands)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Pride Rock, his drawing
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Rightful King Returns, Red-Headed Hero, Awesome Moment of Crowning, Overprotective Dad (sometimes),
  • Domain: Lions
  • Allies: His father, Mufasa, Pumbaa, Sora, good-aligned leaders, Aslan
  • Enemies: His uncle, Scar, Master Xehanort, evil-aligned leaders, any Disney villains
  • He holds a special place in the House of Family, as he has often visits where his father once resided. Often going there to greet his now-lost father and getting guidance.
    • The House greet him well as he is a good father to his daughter, Kiara, although he can be overprotective of her.
    • Rumors spread of him having a son named Kopa, in which he stated that he has no 'first-born' son prior to conceiving Kiara.
    • Although he stated that he does has a second child and a son named Kion.
  • The one-time he visited the House of Love, he was greeted with 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' with everywhere he goes. He got annoyed the 4th time they played it.
    • Although he is well greeted by Romeo and Juliet, as his daughter, Kiara, had a similar scenario with her lover, Kovu. He sympathizes with the two as their love lead to their death and was glad that she and Kovu didn't meet the same fate.
  • He is happy to see his friend, Pumbaa, in the Pantheon, and he is hoping to get his other friend, Timon, ascended.
  • People pester him to visiting Godzilla, in which he refuses and is still wondering why.
    • While he does get along well with Leonardo in the House of Reptile, at the same time, Solid Snake thought he was Liquid Snake, which Simba was confused of the latter.


Bela, Goddess of Loyal Steeds

Ecco, God of Heroic Dolphins
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A translucent crystal
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dolphins, Time Travel, Weaponized Sonar, Cult Classics, Badass Adorable, Heroic Dolphin,
  • Domains: Animal, Ocean, Time
  • Followers: Flipper, Spanky, Willy
  • Allies: Aquaman,
  • Enemies: Bruce, Johnny of BrainScratchComms
  • Recent scientific discoveries hint that his species may be more psychopathic than their cuteness would indicate. He still manages to be beloved.
  • Is forever the arch-nemesis of Bruce. Ecco tries whatever he can to prevent him from harming other sea creatures.
  • No matter how much it wants to be friendly, Johnny will never forgive him for traumatizing him when he played his game as a child and blamed him for his paranoia of water levels.

Greebo, God of Mean Cats
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A cat's head with an eyepatch
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Mean Cats, Eyepatches, Oddly Attractive Human Forms
  • Domains: Evil, Savagery, Cats
  • Followers: Horse, Kamineko, Evil the Cat, Dex-Starr, Katz, Dragon, Warren T. Rat and Cat R. Waul.
  • Allies: Nanny Ogg
  • Opposes: Sakaki
  • Fears: Sebastian Michaelis
  • Engaged in an epic battle for this title with other competitors including Horse and Mewtwo. Devastation was caused. Horse was barely defeated and slunk off to lick his wounds, Mewtwo had the power advantage but was disgusted by the acts Greebo was willing to commit.
  • Fears only a kitten named You. Reasons unknown. He also fears Sebastian Michaelis for some reason.
  • While he is evil, there's only one thing he'd avoid: Telling Chiyo's Dad that he's not a cat.
  • Though occasionally allying himself with Greebo's followers to take on Jerry and his allies, Tom is too Lawful Neutral to take direct orders from Greebo.
  • Hops between here and the House of Magic with some frequency. His owner, Gytha Ogg, insists he is nothing but a nice kitten. Privately, however, she'll acknowledge Greebo's... pedigree.