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Greater Gods

Anubis, God of Human-Bodied Beasts (Inepu, Jackal God, God of the Dead, Anoobis, Goobis)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A jackal standing atop of a circle of Mummy Wrap
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Jackal Head, Fair Death Deities Villainized, Embalming And Wrapping Mummies, Tick Damages, Majorly Well Known Egyptian Deity
  • Domains: Beasts, Death, Law
  • Allies: Osiris, Geb, Sobek, Deities That Are A Little Bit Beastly, Nasus, Doggie Kruger, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, Anakaris, Hades, Decim
  • Enemies: Nightmare Moon
  • Ascended when it was known that when people think of jackals, he's the first that comes to mind, especially with how his image of ' the jackal headed deity' is embalmed in the minds of those who know their Egypt stuffs. Oh, and as much as it horrifies him, also identifying himself as a star of many a Furry Fandom. WHAT HAS HE DONE TO DESERVE THIS!?
  • He could easily take the throne of God of Jackals, but he doesn't want to right now.
  • He's one of the Afterlife deities that Hades can relate to, as Anubis had his share of being villainized as a maniac just because he's a God for the Dead. It's just his job and a necessary one, and he'll be damned if he played favorites!
  • Known to bring destructions when he took on the Battlefield of the Gods. He might not be very mobile, but standing still while Anubis barrages you with death locusts, hands of the dead trying to drag you to the underworld or his death eye laser is considered one of the stupidest things people can do.
  • Frequently visits Anakaris to help him take care of his mummy wraps.
  • He also hangs around with Nasus as Anubis knows exactly just where he took his look from. If they, by any chance, took on the battlefield together, then he trusts Nasus to be the immovable force to guard the frontline while he blasts away from the back side.
  • It was known that the Western counterpart of Doggie Kruger was named after him (Anubis Cruger). While he's mostly a neutral God, Anubis has no regrets because Cruger is not sullying his name by doing ridiculous things.
  • Jotaro Kujo asserted that he has once tangled with a certain cursed sword bearing the same name. Anubis quickly asserted that it is NOT him, even if they bear the same name and look, he's not a cursed, malevolent Stand, that's not part of the job of being the guardian of the dead. He can attest the same on other deities like Geb, Osiris (his father) and Bastet...
    • Well speaking of Bastet, some say that he might have hots for her... But he always denies this. Deities like him has no time for romance. Plus he's a dog-ish creature, and she's a cat, they're supposed to 'come to blows'.
  • Anubis likes to cultivate the image of being a stoic, serious guardian, but he can't help at times to break down into dancing... only to quickly revert to being the stoic gate guardian in case he senses someone about to look at him dance.
  • At one point after his entry, an unknowning Akali took read on his name, and wondered if he might be just another noob... though she blundered a little because Anubis was right behind her to correct her. The exchange goes like this:
    Akali: So many noobs... Will—
    Anubis: I may be Anubis. But I am not a noob.
  • Though Freya seems to occasionally tease him by calling him such, it's right there on one of his aliases.
  • Absolutely did not like seeing Nightmare Moon in the Pantheon, particularly because the same darkness that created her corrupted him in the past, and he was defeated by Bastet and her feline companions (that looked suspiciously like the Mane 6). Also is leery of Discord since he allied himself with the Cat Goddess.
  • Was approached by Yomi, who had heard her old friend was in the Pantheon, though when she found him she seemed thoroughly confused. The Anubis she knew, after all, was far less animalistic, and more importantly, a girl. It took a few seconds to clear up the misunderstanding: Yomi had simply mistaken the god for his little sister.

Intermediate Gods

    Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah 
Barbara Ann Minerva, Goddess of Beastesses (Cheetah, Priscilla Rich, Debora Domaine, Sabrina Ballesteros, The Apex Predator)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Either the Claws of a Cheetah or her Alternate Self's Injustice 2 Emblem (a Cheetah head).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Beastesses, Dark Action Girls, Barbie Doll Anatomy, Evil Redheads, Power at a Price, Super Speed and Super Strength, Cannibalism, Evil Brits, Femme Fatalons, Cat Girls, Diabolical Masterminds. Formerly Legacy Characters.
  • Domains: Savagery, Villainy, Hunting, Great Britain.
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, Harley Quinn, Hannibal Lecter, Jabba the Hutt, Lust, Mileena.
  • Enemies:
  • Most stories depict Barbara Ann Minerva as a mere archeologist who discovered a powerful artifact. Sadly, it was cursed with the blood of a dead guardian and the berries/leaves of the ancient plant god Urzkartaga. It transformed her into a terrifying archetype of a humanoid cheetah. No matter what version she has become, Cheetah always goes to blows with her arch nemesis Wonder Woman. The latest version puts a tragic twist in the story. The woman once idolized the amazon before blaming her for failing to prevent the curse. Diana hopes to find a cure for the ailment.
    • Ascended at petition of Lex Luthor, God of Super Villains. She's one of the most powerful animal-themed supervillainesses in the Pantheon and can go toe to toe with the likes of Superman. Some say she even has an advantage over him over her magic claws.
    • With that said, her power level has fluctuated over the years, from managing to beat Superman to being knocked out by Batman in one blow. It was also during that time that she had a feud with antihero Catwoman. The two remain harsh enemies, with Cheetah furious that Selina actually came close to beating her. In that case, the Court of the Gods sympathized with ther and upgraded her to Intermediate Goddess.
  • Is not really a team player when it comes to working with the GUAE. All she truly wants is to see Wonder Woman dead at her hands. All else is secondary. With that said, she is a valuable asset to the cause.
  • DC heroes aren't the only ones who have to be careful with her. She has started to attack Hercules as well. The demigod has relished the challenge, though he has assured Wonder Woman that he won't outright kill her. The bouts between the two have been draws so far.
  • There was a time when Cheetah picked out a person to hold for ransom. That person turned out to be Annabeth Chase, a big fan of Diana. She was disappointed that the person who arrived was Percy instead. The subsequent fight was a brutal one as his rage was enough to drive her off. The son of Poseidon isn't as forgiving and won't guarantee that he would let Cheetah live if they meet again.
  • Her next target was Maya Fallegeros, whose organization is specifically designed to deal with threats like her. While Maya agreed to let Diana handle this, she fears that it would eventually lead to people getting killed. Turns out that she was next in line. Luckily, her daggers were more than capable of piercing Cheetah's hide. Still, it was a battle she had to retreat from. Afterwards, she manage to get Wonder Woman to reluctantly pool their resources for capturing Barbara.
    • Other hunters have flowered and not with the same restraint. Rengar sees the Cheetah as a worthy adversary to challenge. He has every intention to have her head as a trophy.
    • The Hunter decided that Cheetah was to dangerous to let roam and has set off to deal with the threat him/herself. It may be a tall order to the hunter, but it's odds that the God of Monster Hunters has dealt with in the past.
  • The only other person that she hates nearly as much as Wonder Woman is... Kratos. The former God of War can't stop attacking her, hoping to claim her fur as a prize. It's one of the few instances where she is willing to form an alliance with Diana. There is no version where the amazon would let Barbara get murdered.
  • Due to the fact that she's not a virgin to start with, she must cope with the pain when untransformed... and when she transforms again, she gets euphoria.
  • Her alternate self is shown to join a society of supervillains led by Gorilla Grodd. This one is more vicious than most and is convinced that amazon blood can cure her curse. She actually like this version of her, unlike most of the other DC deities. She hopes that her appearance would draw more to her rank.
  • Many have wondered that if her abilities include super speed. It is possible since Wonder Woman is superhumanly fast after all. While Barry doubts she's as fast as him, he did admit she has been able to tag him at times.
  • One thing that's true is that she does not speak fluent Cheetah. Inori tested this out by trying to talk to Barbara that way. The experiment nearly got her killed in the proccess.
  • Is occasionally a mercenary under Jabba the Hutt. Her skills as an archeologist comes in handy when it comes to exploring remote parts of Tatooine.
  • There was a hope that the ascension of Frasier Crane would finally get her to see a true psychiatrist. Instead, she purposely sought the service of Hannibal Lecture. There is little doubt that his service will be counterproductive of what she actually needs.
  • Has formed a rather odd team up with Mileena. Like Barbara, Mileena maintains an obsession with Kitana due to being her clone. Both woman have agreed to help kill the other.

Caesar, God of Uplifted Animals
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Apes' tribal insignia (modeled after a circular attic window Caesar had back when he lived with humans)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Leading his fellow apes, Guile Hero, Ideal Hero, Intelligence that surpasses most humans, Magnetic Hero, Raised by Humans
  • Domain: Leadership, Intelligence, Apes,
  • Avatar (through Motion Capture): Andy Serkis
  • Allies: King Kong, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, pretty much all non-evil primate gods in the Pantheon, Fluttershy, Professor Utonium, Babar
  • Enemies: Koba, Draco Malfoy
  • Opposed by: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Pities: The Ice King
  • Followers: Has a large tribe of super-intelligent Apes that follow his lead.
  • Despite having some clashes with humans in the past, Caesar has made it quite clear, having also seen the good side of humans, that he doesn't believe humans are real monsters nor are they bastards, which has put him at odds with most gods that actually do believe those things, but he always does what he can to avoid having to get violent with those gods whenever possible.
  • He is not sure what to make of how some of the gods tell him that his simian clan will eventually conquer most of the human race in his world, though he admits that such an outcome might be possible, given what he and his ape followers have already been doing.
  • When he's not looking after his ape followers in his temple, Caesar likes to converse with and befriend any of the non-evil primate deities he comes across; whenever anyone asks him why he keeps doing so, he 'signs' his answer;
    Caesar: "Apes alone weak, apes together strong."
  • He has gained a lot of sympathy from, oddly enough, Fluttershy, who was horrified to have learned the cruelty that he and his ape followers suffered at the hands of very bad humans. Caesar in return has shown a great deal of respect for Fluttershy, due to the fact that Fluttershy is more than happy to treat apes with kindness. Though whenever they talk, Caesar would usually just use sign language since Fluttershy found his voice a little too intimidating (though she was amazed to learn Caesar was capable of speech.)
  • Caesar also gets along great with Professor Utonium, who shares a few similarities with his adoptive human father, Dr. William Rodman.
  • Caesar has shown that he really doesn't like Draco Malfoy, who he found in many ways to be very similar to a certain bullying primate shelter guard he knew in the past. For this, the house of Beast has already warned Tallahasee to stay away, as he might bring even worse reactions from Caesar.
  • Caesar has proven sympathetic towards Ice King, noting that the mental effect the Ice Crown's effects on his mind are shockingly similar to Alzheimer's Disease, a condition his late adoptive grandfather, Charles Rodman, had.
    • Incidentally, the drug that gave Caesar and his fellow apes their intelligence was made with the intent of curing Alzheimer's. Deities from the house of Health and Diseases have considered working towards perfecting the ALZ-112, but Caesar advised against it since it would make it possible (however unlikely) for the Simian Flu to occur and spread across the Pantheon (which would lead to the death of several human deities and the devolution of any that survive.)
  • Caesar gets along great with Babar, and was the first to note that he and the elephant king have had remarkably similar adventures, they both ended up raised by humans shortly after the deaths of their mothers, but eventually returned to their kind and formed thriving kingdoms using the knowledge they gained from their upbringing. Babar recognizes and admires that Caesar is, by all accounts, a good person and an excellent king to his people even after everything he's been through, but fears the possiblity that they'd have to sever their friendship if Caesar's upcoming war with humanity doesn't end with peace
  • It was revealed that Caesar successful led his people to a safe haven for apes. Unfortunately, he did so at the cost of his own life. The eulogy for the severing of his mortal coil was a heartfelt one for apes both ascended and mortal. While Caesar won't be able to see through the development of his people, Caesar is at least content for doing what he can without losing his faith in humanity.

    Ichigo Momomiya/Mew Ichigo 
Ichigo Momomiya, Goddess of Catgirls (Mew Ichigo, Momomiya-san, Zoey Hanson)

    Lady Vashj 
Lady Vashj, Goddess of Snake People (Coilfang Matron, Naga Sea Witch)
Vash as a Night Elf 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Bow
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Dragon to Azshara and Illidan, Flunky Boss, Deeply jealous of Tyrande, Only referred to as Vashj, Mage Marksman, Formerly a Highborne turned Naga
  • Domains: Snake People, Bows, Frost magic, Sea, Loyalty
  • Allies: Illidan Stormrage, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Medusa, Ursula
  • Rivals: Slithice the Naga Siren, Laharl, Alice, Other Archers.
  • Enemies: Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion Stormrage, Arthas Menethil, Samuel L. Jackson, Indiana Jones, Murky, Leviathan the Tidehunter, Undyne, Ariel
  • Annoyed by: Miia
  • Unknown Connection: N'Zoth
  • Originally a member of the Highborne, Lady Vashj was once the right hand of Queen Azsharam which Vashj was deeply loyal too, until the first invasion of the burning legion happened and as a result, the world was hit by the Great Sundering. Her people was turned into the Naga after Azshara made a deal with a powerful force (Rumored to be the old god N'Zoth) and since then they have been terrorizing the depths of the ocean.
    • She was actually surprised to find Lord Illidan ascended, and as a result decided to serve him once more. At first she had her doubts about Kael'thas but nonetheless has warmed up to him overtime.
  • She originally confused Slithice for a fellow Naga Sea Witch but the latter didn't want to be involved with her in any way. Vashj can't help but feel like she looks somewhat familiar
  • She once bumped into Laharl once and was perplexed to find that the Half-Demon sounds somewhat like her. Laharl on his part finds this interesting and considers Vashj his personal rival, but the Naga Witch only limits herself to ignore him. Although she knows for a fact that her fighting style hard-counters him anyway.
  • Murky despises her since the Naga enslaved some murlocs and usually attacks her on sight. Vashj is actually surprised that a tiny Murloc could be so persistant.
    • That also made her enemies with Tidehunter and Undyne, who are the so-called "big brothers" of Murky. She has been attacked by them in a couple of occasion but nothing she couldn't handle by herself.
  • Because of her title, both Samuel Jackson and Indiana Jones don't like being around her. One is tired of dealing with creatures like her while the other is actually scared of her.
  • She is really loyal to her master Queen Azshara, to the point of being a borderline Yandere if someone got any favours from her. That's why she despises Tyrande because she was asked to join Azshara, which made Vashj felt really jealous of the Priestess.
    • She was invited once to join other Yanderes but she turned them down because she is much more composed thanks to Illidan's command.
  • She is a very skilled archer and often likes to practice her aim by shooting at murlocs in her free time. That's why she is bitter rivals with any archer she comes accross.
  • Given her nature as a Naga, she frequently seen hanging around large bodies of water. She actually made some good friends that reminds her of her people like Ursula. Of course, Ariel doesn't like how Vashj got very friendly with Ursula and tries to avoid her at all costs.
  • She has heard interesting thing about the so called Nexus and wanted to join Illidan and Kael in the brawl. Unfortunately, she is still waiting for her invitation but she hasn't given up her chances yet.
  • Her reaction to other people like her has been...mixed to say the least
    • She does get along with Medusa because both were turned into the creatures they are today an Vashj believes that the gorgon could be a really powerful Naga Sea Witch if she wanted. She was even surprised that in the past when Medusa fought alongside the Defenders of the Ancient, she used to look a lot like her.
    • Miia originally mistook her for another Lamia and tried to befriend her, even to the point of inviting her to share some "private time" with her darling. Vashj refused, stating that she is a Naga, not a Lamia. It got to the point that the Naga once tried to Freeze Miia because she kept pestering her
    • Her poor treatment over Miia made another Lamia come after her. To her surprise, Alice was actually more powerful than she looked and Vashj finds her a worthy adversary. Alice just warned the naga to behave around Miia or she will see her again very soon.
    • She is actually very impressed by those who can assume a serpentine form; deified examples include Luna Platz and Cobra Commander.

    Red XIII 
Red XIII, God of Wise Beasts (Nanaki, "DogCat", "MeowBark")

Lesser Gods

    Hunter and Bianca 
Hunter and Bianca, Co-Gods of Carnivore Confusion
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Hunter's bow and Bianca's spellbook
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Hunter) and Neutral Good (Bianca)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Anthropomorphic Animals, Interspecies Romance
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Spyro, Sparx, and Ignitus threw Hunter and Bianca a lively party in the House of Celebration when it was announced that they had been chosen to ascend. They weren't too amused when they found out what they were ascending for, though. They've been enjoying godhood so far, but the both of them prefer not to bring up their title whenever possible. All in all, they just try to enjoy their stay in the Pantheon, and to not think too hard on their title or second guess themselves.
  • While they were happy to join their friends among the ranks of the Pantheon, Hunter and Bianca weren't all too excited to find out that a few of their old enemies had also ascended. Ripto who had once attempted to take over Avalar, has a temple, as well as Malefor, the dragon who wanted to take over the entire world, and was responsible for Ignitus' death.
    • While Moneybags is also a jerk, and Hunter and Bianca very rightfully dislike him, he isn't quite as malicious as Ripto or Malefor. He's on Bianca's bad side especially, though, because of his willingness to sell a dragon egg rather than turn it over to Spyro.
  • Nabi and Doki, being a fellow cat-rabbit pair, have been majorly supportive of Hunter and Bianca and are always there for them to help them ease their doubts. They completely understood Hunter and Bianca's apparent dislike for their title and confided in them about the hardships they faced as an interspecies couple prior to their ascension.
    • Ruby has become fairly close with Hunter and Bianca for similar reasons. She once had a crush on a cat, and has been with both a human and a lion. She always assures them that it really is best not to think too hard on it, and to just enjoy each other's company no matter what. Ruby and Bianca can also be frequently seen practicing magic together.
  • Miyamoto Usagi and Judy Hopps, excited to see another member of their kin ascend, welcomed Bianca to the Pantheon with open arms. They're pretty fond of Hunter, too, but they do think that he needs to put some clothes on. Nabi and Doki have been thinking the same thing, but they've respectfully elected to never bring it up.
  • What finally motivated Bianca to turn away from evil was the revelation that the Sorceress, her former master, had been planning to kill the baby dragons they had stolen for their wings. As such, she has nothing nice to say about the Child Abuse Supporters or any other deity who willingly harms children.
    • Bianca was horrified when she found out what exactly "continuity" meant when used in reference to the Grineer. Warping the minds of children into complete despair before hijacking their bodies? Despicable! As such, Bianca abosolutely detests the Twin Queens.
    • Already disturbed by the existence of Pleasure Island, Bianca was even more displeased to find out that its owner, the Coachman, also existed among the ranks of the Pantheon. There aren't enough words out there to describe her distaste for him. The fact that he wants to introduce resident Child Eater Pennywise as a clown on Pleasure Island only intensifies her hatred for him.
  • Bianca greatly admires Trixie and her efforts to become a better pony. She was evil herself once under the Sorceress and has never been better since she chose the path of goodness over evil. Trixie can often be seen tutoring Bianca in magic.
  • Hunter sometimes gets accused of being a stoner. He either gets disapproving glances from deities who think that he looks and sounds high, or deities asking where he hides his stash and where he gets it, because they want what he's having. Hunter is getting increasingly unamused by these allegations.

    Ricotta Elmar
Ricotta Elmar, Goddess of Animals That Look Incredibly Human (Rico)

Madame Vastra, Goddess of Reptilian Humanoids (The Veiled Detective)

Viral, God of Beast Folk


Babar, God of Civilized Animals (Babar the King, King Babar, King of the Elephants)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The flag of his kingdom
  • Theme Song: Babar Theme Song
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Shift, Civilized Animal, The Good King, Happily Married to Queen Celeste, Honorable Elephant, Reasonable Authority Figure, Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • Domains: Elephants, Royalty
  • Followers: Ernest and Celestine, Peter Rabbit, Rango
  • Heralds: Queen Celeste (his wife), Pom, Flora, Alexander, Isabelle (his children), Badou (his grandson)
  • Allies: Dumbo, Lazlo, Raj, and Clam, Ganesha, Bambi, Simba, Winnie the Pooh, Tarzan, Mowgli, Madame Foster, Nicholas St, North, Madeline, Pippi Longstocking, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Good-aligned gods in the House of Royalty
  • Enemies: Napoleon
  • Wary of: Most hunters in the Pantheon.
  • When Babar was a young elephant, his mother was shot by a hunter which led him to flee the jungle and into a large city, There, he befriended an elderly lady and learned to behave like a human. Upon returning to the jungle, Babar shared what he'd learned about human ways with his fellow elephants, and the elephants decided to construct a city, which they named Celesteville. Finally, Babar was made king of the elephants.
  • Originally, he was considered for the title of Honorable Elephant before that title was eventually given to Ganesha given that he ascended earlier. That said, the two seem to get along pretty well.
  • He is good friends with other elephant deities such as Dumbo and Raj. Through Raj, he befriended Lazlo and Clam, especially the former since he reminds him of his monkey friend Zephyr.
  • He is very wary of most hunters in the Pantheon since they remind him of the hunter that shot his mother. This led him to be allies with Bambi, another animal whose mother met a similar end. Is also allies with Simba; he finds his story to be a little similar to his own.
  • Winnie the Pooh was at first wary of the elephant because he initially mistook him for a heffalump, but it wasn't long before the misunderstanding was cleared up and he became friends with him. It might have something to do with his creator helping to introduce his stories to English-speaking audiences.
  • While he’s a nice guy for the most part, he doesn’t like Napoleon for his abuse of power over the rest of the animals on his farm. He hopes that his children won’t be manipulated by the pig’s actions.
  • He is on much friendlier terms with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde due to both of them also being benevolent civilized animals. He will sometimes pay a visit to their temple.
  • Is welcomed by the House of Royalty, who respects him for being a benevolent king.
  • Was surprised to see Nicholas St. North in the Pantheon; seeing him reminded Babar of the time he helped his children invite the legendary Father Christmas to vacation in their home country and received a gift that promised a visit from him every year. Is also good friends with Madame Foster, who somehow reminds him of the Old Lady who helped him during his mortal life.
  • Fellow children’s book characters such as Madeline are happy to greet him in the Pantheon and enjoy talking to him about their respective adventures. Somehow, he also gets along well with Pippi Longstocking, probably because his voice reminds her of her father. It was easy for Mowgli to befriend Babar given his encounters with other elephants, such as Colonel Hathi and his son.

    Gadget Hackwrench 
Gadget Hackwrench, Goddess of Female Animals with Hair (Our Lady of the Workshop)

Medli, Goddess of Bird People (Sage of Earth)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Rito Harp
  • Theme Song: Earth God's Lyric
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: One of the Rito, The Sage of Earth, Owner of the Rito Harp, Power Through The Earth God's Lyric, Smart for her age
  • Domains: Bird, Humanoid
  • Followers: The Teppan, the Haspur, Yagharek, Volerans, Shrykes, Turians, Blaziken, Hawlucha, Balbaroy & Amon, Luke & Screech, the Arakkoa
  • Allies: Link, Zelda, Darunia, Midna, Agitha, Fi, Lana, Papi, Hawkgirl, The Villager, Edward von Muir
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Cia, Zant, Ghiraham, Gengar, Beetlejuice, Spooky
  • High Priest: Garuda
  • Medli is one of the Rito, a race of bird-like people who are capable of flight through the scales of Valoo, their guardian deity. She served as Valoo's apprentice attendee and the successor to Laruto as the Sage of Earth.
  • She was dragged into a battle against Cia and her forces. She weaponizes the power of her harp much like the mysterious Sheik.
  • When she needs a headstart for flight, she'll ask to be picked up and thrown into the air. She used to be rather indiscriminate about who she asked, but some more mischievous (at best) deities would throw her into a wall, which caused her to see little Ritos and speak nonsense each time. Combined with the crash landings and the concussions, her friends had become worried for her. She's more careful who she asks for help now.
  • Medli was surprised to learn of bird-like people other than the Ritos, probably because she hadn't ventured far from the Great Sea. One fateful day, she sailed out to sea on her own for the first time, and found some new land. This land turned out to be a gateway into the pantheon.
  • She doesn't seem to like ghosts. Understandable, since Jalhalla, the leader of the Poes, was responsible for killing her predecessor, Laruto.
  • She makes occasional visits to the Villager's town and can be considered a resident of his place.
  • Her race were evolved from the fish-like Zora after the events of the Great Flood. Some questioned why a fish-like race would evolve into a bird-like race. The most popular theory about this in the pantheon is that the Goddesses intervened to protect the Zoras from the Sea, which was too hostile for Zora life. It was also due to the lack of fish that lived in the Sea, and to keep the sunken Hyrule a secret.
    • However, in one era, Rito were found living in a remote region of Hyrule, coexisting with the Zoras, the race they seem to have evolved from. In addition, the Rito of this era have adopted a more avian-like appearance than in the Wind Waker era. Questions of the Rito within the Era of the Great Sea and these Rito is currently being investigated.
  • In her off-time, Medli may play with her harp at the top of her temple. It's said that Edward agreed to play the harp with her, and thus, the two sometimes can be seen playing together.

Napoleon, God of Walking Animals

    Pluto (Disney) 
Pluto the Pup, Patron Saint of Furry Confusion