Pantheon: Magic Casters

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Tzeentch, God of Change, Hope, Ambition, Manipulation, Scheming and Sorcery (Changer of Ways, the Architect of Fate, the Weaver of Destiny, the Grand Schemer, the Great Conspirator, the Indecisive Mollusk)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A flaming blue circle
  • Sacred number: 9
  • Alignment: Chaotic Something
  • Portfolio: Magnificent Bastards, Manipulative Bastards , Complexity Addiction, Gambit Roulettes and Other Kinds Of Plans plans, More Than Mind Control, For the Evulz, God of Evil Failure Is the Only Option, Giving you extra limbs if he damn feels like you should have them, Status Quo Is God
  • Domains: Change, Chaos, Evil, Hope, Ambition, Manipulation, Scheming and Sorcery
  • Allies: Bernkastel, Nyarlathotep, Lambadelta, Joker, Magnus The Red (Though recent events have changed that), Slaanesh, Galrauch, Mard Geer.
  • Followers: a horde of Chaos Space Marines SPESS MEHREENS sorcerers, sorcerers, and eldritch suits of power armor animated by the bound spirits of their former wearers, and a horde of super-human mutant vikings wearing demon-forged plate armour plus their tribe's battle-wizards.
  • Opposed by: Kefka Palazzo and Raistlin Majere, both of whom, it is rumored, are planning on usurping him.
  • Enemies: The Status Quo (not really), Rika Furude, Ryukishi 07, The Puella magi....ALL OF THEM, Kyubey, Sailor Moon, The Archmage Lord Kroak; Yuji Sakai, The Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes (post-season 3); The Emperor of Mankind plus all of his underlings, Khorne and Nurgle.
  • Battle Cry: JUST! AS! PLANNED!
  • He used to own a Crystal Staff that allowed him control over almost everything. When he broke it as a sign of surrender because of the threat of his brothers, he lost much of his former claims his followers. He is still a god of change, and what is magic if not mastery over change?
  • He vehemently denies any and all allegations of ties with Cirno, although Marisa loves to tease him about it.
  • Not very happy about getting trolled by Ryukishi 07 in response to messing with Rika. Bernkastel chuckles about the incident behind Tzeentch's back.
  • Aside from being the driving force behind the creation of witches from Magical Girls and The Incubators system for starving off Entropy, he has also been found responsible for the millenia-long fighting between the Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens. The system has since changed, while earning the ire of Yuji Sakai and Shana. The former, during his atonement, has since been keeping an eye out for Flame Haze-Crimson Denizen fights, especially since they're not completely at peace with each other.
  • Despite listing the Status Quo as one of his enemies, he's actually one of its greatest enforcers; the way things are, in a world in which people get to choose for themselves to act for good or evil purposes, is a system in which things are always changing, and it's all thanks to the free will of every sapient being. Tzeentch cares not for conquering the universe, because it's so much more fun to throw a monkey wrench into everyone's plans and watch the chaos that unfolds from it, Just as Planned.
  • Unbeknownst to all, through all the defeats he incurs, the spanners in his plans, and the humiliation he endures, he smirks internally in satisfaction. As always, Just as Planned.
  • Recently, he lost Magnus the Red when the Emperor stole his soul back from him. Still, he's not too concerned about it.
  • He sought to impress his rival gods by finally revealed his gambit for the fate of the Old World as part of the End Times, but in a shocking twist an elven wizard knocked Tzeentch out of the fight extremely early by draining a tonne of magic into the material world from the Realm of Chaos where Tzeentch resides, weakening the God of Magic to the point where he was effectively knocked out of the war, humiliating the god. Because of this temporary weakness, many of his enemies are rumoured to have begun making moves to bring him down while he's vulnerable.

Greater Gods

Dormammu, God of Magical Overlords (The Dread Lord, The Dread One, The Black One, The Great Enigma, Eater of Souls, Lord of Darkness, Lord of the Dark Dimension)
  • His MVC3 Theme
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Lord of The Dark Dimension, Multiversal Conqueror, being known as Dread Dormammu, greeting his foes from his Cool Chair, meteor showers
  • Domains: Fire, Darkness, Magic, Dread, Fear, Dimensions
  • Allies: Melkor, The Beast, Satan, Albert Wesker , Lord Raptor, Akuma, Mard Geer Tartaros
  • Rival: Shao Kahn
  • Enemies: Doctor Strange, Dante, Bayonetta, Hulk, Thor, Magneto, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Galactus, all the good aligned gods in the House of Magic
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zeref
  • Interested in: Veiga
  • He has fought many of the other gods in the house before.
  • Has made a rival in Shao Kahn, another Multiversal Conquerer.
  • Awaits Thor to notice his ascension as he wants to defeat him and let Asgard fall to him.
    • He also wants the soul of Johnny Blaze and will take it by force if needed.
  • Laughs in the face of Dante, who he sees as insignificant.
    " As you can see, not all demons are created equal. Stick to fighting Mundus, boy"
    • He also has a similar attitude to Bayonetta.
    "As if your insignificant abilities were worthy of my notice!"
  • Works with Wesker surprisingly well, though he is quick to point out what true godhood is.
  • Is surprisingly respectful to Melkor, though he's quick to tell him if he is ever vulnerable he will kill Melkor and force his dominion into the Dark Dimension.
    "Ancient One, what is thy will?"
  • He wants to battle Lucifer and claim the title "Creator of Chaos" for himself.
  • Scoffs at the idea of Magical Girls and their attempts to battle him with their powers.
    "You DARE challenge me with Magic!"
  • Is working with Satan to take the Great Will's Throne.
  • Is impressed with the demon Mard Geer, whose "curses" are among some of the most unique magics he has ever seen, especially his ultimate one, Memento Mori.
  • After fellow Magic Caster Veigar ascended, Dormammu learned of his ambitions and magical potential, and has since been keeping a close eye on the Tiny Master of Evil.

    Homura Akemi 
Homura Akemi, Herald of Penitent Gretchen, Goddess of Retroactive Preparation (Homerun, Homu, Homuhomu, Homurika, Homulily, The Nutcracker Queen, Homucifer, Devil Homura)
Click here  to see her Devil form.
  • Greater Goddess/ Overdeity post Upheaval
  • Theme Music: Puellia in somnio and Nocte of Desparatio. I Was Waiting for this Moment and "Kimi no Gin no Niwa" as Devil Homura.
  • Symbol: An ornate clockwork buckler bound by a red ribbon behind a purple soul gem (pre-Upheaval). A black salamander wrapped around her Dark Orb (post-Upheaval).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral (post-Upheaval)
  • Portfolio: Set Right What Once Went Wrong, Badass Adorable, Time Stop, Determinator (But doomed to fail), Hyperspace Arsenal, Retroactive Preparation, Doing what needs to be done, Satanic Archetypes, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy (even if it means becoming their enemy).
  • Domain: Magic, Time, Conflict, Tranquility, Desire, Love, Self-Hate.
  • Followers: Agent Wyoming.
  • Allies: Lord Kroak, Master Chief, Cy-5, The Boss, Lucifer, Gabriel Belmont, Vaas Montenegro, Fluttershy(?), Raoh, Princess Celestia, Cinderella, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Commander Farsight, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Archer, Rika Furude, Oyashiro-sama, Satoko Houjou, Kevin McCallister, Elpizo, Beatrice The Golden Witch, Bloody Marie.
  • Rivals: Mami Tomoe, Flynn, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Mana Ouma.
  • Former Allies: Madoka Kaname, Itachi Uchiha.
  • Enemies: Satan, Kyubey and the Incubators'', Araya Souren, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Nyarlathotep, Bernkastel, Lambadelta???, Zobek, The Joker, YHVH, Clu, Lady Tremaine, Broly, Vanitas, The Flood, Oriko Mikuni, Mildred Avallone, Lord Brevon
  • Opposed by: Sayaka Miki, Yuji Sakai, Shoutan Himei, Isaac Clarke (after the "Great Upheaval").
  • Conflicting Opinion: All Ascended Toku Heroes and the Magical Girl Sisterhood (these two factions are unaware of Homura's true agenda), Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mai Takatsukasa, Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Yuno Gasai, Homura of the Crimson Squad, Tomoko Nozama, Immortal God Emperor of Mankind.
  • Fears: Tyrant Valvatorez
  • Apocryphal accounts point out that she is possibly the greatest batter of all time, as she only bat homeruns.
  • Should any Incubator knock on her door, her first response is to shoot them... no matter how many times they come back.
    • As of recently, she is rather uneasy around Fluttershy... because of some similarities with her voice to Kyubey. This unfortunately worked against her when Joker poisoned her with fear toxin-laced pizza, causing her to lash out at the pony and seriously wound her before hallucinating Madoka condemning her for doing so. Fortunately, Fluttershy made a full recovery and Homura reconciled with Madoka, regaining her position as her herald (which, come to think of it, she never lost to begin with). The truth, however, proved not to be so simple.
  • It's said that Homura and Madoka are very close, that has attracted the attention of Hiyori Tamura... some of which Homura can only smile at.
  • Shoutan Himei is one of the few people that Homura will act completely kind to and hang out with. As they should, the both of them have been through a lot... it happens to be their bond as friends.
  • Rika Furude has been rather friendly with her, these to also share a bond. They know the pain that a "Groundhog Day" Loop can impact on the soul. Homura is also on good terms with her friend and superior, Oyashiro-sama.
  • Araya Souren has the rare and dubious honour of being the only god/goddess/divine being in the pantheon to violently enrage Homura on sight (after learning about the Apartment Complex from Ryougi Shiki), something that is normally reserved for an Incubator. If not for his mastery in the Innate Bound Field, he would be shot on sight like an Incubator. And trust us, she's tried
  • Despite things being civil between them, Homura and Sakura Kinomoto tend to be at odds with each other. It stems for the animosity when Sakura formally was the Goddess of Magical Girls. This is said to displease Madoka, as she and Sakura have a friendly relationship... this leads to some strained cooperation between Homura and Sakura.
  • Despite both being Puella Magi, Homura and Sayaka have a history. Homura once tried to kill Sayaka when they where both mortal... they have been hostile to each other ever since. Since ascending, the hostilities have died down somewhat... enough to keep Madoka happy, but Homura still sees Sayaka as "Unfit to be a Mahou Shoujo". Sayaka thinks she is just jealous and knows about Homura's collection hobby.
    • This also strains any relations with Kyouko Sakura. Considering the relationship she has with Sayaka, Kyouko despises Homura as a result of her past action. Homura doesn't seem bothered by Kyouko, but will act if things cross a line.
  • Bernkastel appears to have taken an interest in her, although it's unknown exactly what she is up to. Mami Tomoe suspects that it might have to do with her other responsibilities as the Goddess of Retroactive Preparation. It does, in part... the other half it comes from her time abilities and the Witch known as Homulily.
  • Is absolutely FURIOUS with Tzeentch after finding out what he's been doing all this time to her and Madoka.
  • Shiki Tohno can't help but notice that Homura looks a lot like his little sister, Akiha. Of course, he's more concerned that Homura will be a target in SHIKI's serial killings - not that SHIKI will be too much of a problem for her.
  • She respects the Master Chief, because of his ability to keep a promise. Recently, she has developed a sympathy towards him due to the death of Cortana - their final farewell struck a chord with Homura, since it reminded her of her own farewell with Madoka. She even considered helping the Chief in his quest to help Cortana ascend, but has her hands full with her duties against Tzeentch.
    • As a "thank you" for her sympathy, the Chief gave her many of the Promethean weapons that he salvaged on the field so that she can add them to her Hyperspace Arsenal.
    • When The Flood first arrived in the Pantheon, she was one of those who stood alongside the Chief as they beat the corruption back. She has since sworn to aid him against it no matter what, and that was before she learned about how it has taken an interest in her fellow Puella Magi.
  • Doesn't like Flynn all that much, after he made a rather stupid offhand comment about being interested in fighting Kremhild Gretchen. Although he managed to convince her he wasn't serious, and didn't know exactly what that would entail besides, it's quite clear she hasn't forgiven him.
  • "Don't forget. Always somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."
  • Has been receiving a lot of visits from Death Phantom lately, who comes in the dead of night to whisper to her that Madoka never really understood Homura's real feelings for her. That deep down, she actually resents Madoka for choosing to selflessly save other magical girls at the cost of herself over the one person who had sacrificed everything to ensure her happiness and safety. That such selfish desires on Homura's part are fully justified and she every right to indulge in them. So far, the stoic magi's response is to repeatedly shoot at him with all her guns which is massively ineffective against an immortal Eldritch Abomination with mastery over time and space.
  • After a terse dinner conversation with Kasumi Raoh, the King of Fists, Homura is inspired by his courage and willingness to become a Raksha; the most monstrous of Devils, to consume all the lesser-evils in the world so that it may be pure and clean once more.... unfortunately, she acts on his example in October of 2013.....
  • Has been noted recently to be spending an...inordinate amount of time with a strange blonde Magical Girl calling herself Louisa Ferre. Considering Madoka has an encyclopedic memory of every single Magical Girl to ever live, there was quite a bit of panic when her answer to who Louisa was was: "Who? I'm sorry, I've never heard of her."
    • The means Homura used to steal Madoka's powers during the Great Upheaval were revealed to have been supplied by Lucifer.
  • Has been placed under heavy protection for her own safety after the "Great Upheaval": as the driving entity behind the event, and her crimes against her friend Madoka, she has been declared Public Enemy Number One for the Magical Girl Sisterhood. Though her new power would be more than enough to stop any threats against her person, the Main House has declared her forbidden to use them against the Magical Girls for fear of unnecessary bloodshed. She is currently awaiting her trial.
    • When Vanitas's plot to reveal the X-Blade was revealed, Homura began trying to find a way to give Madoka her powers back. Lucifer managed to talk her down, noting that Madoka's heart has been clouded slightly by her hatred of him, meaning it's unlikely it'll work. Besides, Madoka can't be trusted with her powers just yet. It took Homura a moment to notice the "just yet" part, and by that point, Lucifer was long gone.
  • Visited the House of Ambiguity to speak to Kevin Levin regarding her actions during the "Great Upheaval". He reassures her that "Bunnycat deserves what you've done to him for being such a dick. There's no "right" or "Wrong" regarding that jerk. You deserve to be selfish for once."
    • Cy-5 recently visited her temple, and suddenly starts to feel compassionate with her. Also, they found much things in common.
  • Yuji Sakai and Isaac Clarke severed their ties with her after they heard about the "Great Upheaval" and the news concerning it.
    • Ties with Rika and Himei have also become strained. Homura's actions remind Himei of the priestess that created the Yamiko, while Rika is beginning to see in Homura the same part of herself that became Bernkastel. Rika however GREATLY appreciates Homura watching out for Satoko, especially given actions by Teppei Houjou and Lady Tremaine.
  • YHVH has placed Fate Worse Than Death orders on both her and Madoka: Homura because she works for Lucifer now, and Madoka because He doesn't want to give her the chance to regain her powers. This, of course, has caused Homura to set her sights on the Great Will, and Lucifer can barely contain his delight: it was his ultimate plan to sweet-talk Homura into battling his archenemy, and YHVH had ended up earning her ire all on His own!
  • Is one of the few gods able to frighten Clu (second only to Sam & Max), as she once forced him to relive the final moments of the Original Clu through a vision while playing "I was waiting for this moment" in the background, out of payback for the genocide of the ISOs and for rectifying Tron and making him fight Sora. A similar effect was also used on Lady Tremaine (and her daughters prior to their banishment).
  • After the Pantheonic Rebellion, Homura's opinion of the Sonozaki Sisters, Princess Celestia, Bugs Bunny, and Deadpool greatly improved as because of them, she has managed to sincerely laugh for the first time since the Great Upheaval.
  • When the dust settled after the Pantheonic Rebellion, Homura found herself under the protection of two very powerful and both very feared deities, Gabriel Belmont and Master Chief, with the Chief going as far as to make his intent to protect her clear by pointing his assault rifle at Sayaka, and by hoisting Isaac Clarke up by the neck/collar and eerily-calmly threatening to rip him in half if he ever touched Homura, and implying similar pain to anyone else who may try to harm the girl. Both deities have made it very clear: Homura is under their protection, and they won't tolerate any attacks against her. The Sisterhood has been forced to pull back their vendetta for the time being, as well as any would be justice dispenser, fearing the wrath of the Prince of Darkness and The Demon. Homura is touched by there loyalty and friendship, but is trying to convince them not to put themselves in harm's way for her, and that she can take care of herself. Gabriel and The Chief will have none of that.
    • In the aftermath of the Pantheonic Rebellion, the God Emperor has begun trying to convince Homura to abandon Lucifer. Though there hasn't been any measurable success, there is a chance that he might be able to get through to her due to their close relationship in a certain universe. When asked why he is trying, the Emperor merely responded that she reminds him of his son, Horus.
    • This aftermath also caused Homura to be positively terrified of Valvatorez. This due to two factors: his forcing Lucifer to go all out just to ekk out a draw (and nearly killing him too) compounded by a reveal that the Tyrant wasn't even at his fullest power during that fight, and the fact that mind affecting magic is completely useless against the vampire due to his obsurdly strong will power.
  • Eventually came across one Elpizo, one of the GUAC's newest recruits, who desired to hear about her part of the "Great Upheaval". To her surprise, he actually sympathized with her:She just wanted to keep her best friend safe and sound even if it meant becoming a monster, much like how his own quest to save the Reploid race turned him into one. They have since become allies, though Homura is wary of him: He willingly admitted that he would have killed every human alive if he had been allowed to succeed in his plans, and even now wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice them if it was convenient, which is a direct contrast to her own stance.
  • Has been recently been pelted by tomatoes at random intervals. The culprits? Her very own familiars who are always with her. On the rare occasion, they will dumped piles of garbage on top of her. Homura has done nothing to stop her familiars and let them continue their assault. Some feel that this is a form of self-hatred for her crime against Madoka. The Good-aligned deities who still care for and support her frequently try to stop the Familiars from doing so (usually without Homura herself knowing, as if she did know she'd likely tell them to stop because she "deserves it").
  • Was outraged to find out that Oriko Mikuni (Madoka's killer from another timeline) had ascended into the Pantheon.
  • Is allies with Bloody Marie, due to the fact that they both willing became monsters for their closest friends. That said, Homura is wary of the Skull Heart and what it could do to Madoka, though Marie has assured her time and again she has no intentions of seeking Madoka out. Double, on the other hand…
  • Since the Great Upheaval, Homura's already-friendly relationship with the Master Chief has grown by a significant degree; the Head Spartan and God of Super-Soldiers has declared himself her protector against the more militant Sisterhood members and any other deities who harbor thoughts of harming her, standing by her and providing her with badly-needed companionship and emotional support; some even say he has become her Living Emotional Crutch. As a result, Homura has developed an extremely high opinion of him (perhaps even close to that she holds for Madoka), reacting very badly to insults or actual attacks against him (as a few bitter Sisterhood members almost learned the hard and painful way). It's rumored that, on some level, she has even come to see him as a father.
  • Ever since Lord Brevon used Madoka as a Human Shield during his siege of the Main House, Homura has been finding time to end him once and for all. If it weren't for Lucifer giving her other priorities to think of, she would be the only 'hero' Brevon would have no hope of prevailing against given her powers.

Intermediate Gods

    Asuna Kagurazaka 
Asuna Kagurazaka, Goddess of Anti-Magic (Bellatrix Sauciata, The Princess of Dusk, Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, Baka Red)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The two bells she wears in her hair, or the Einsis Exorcizans artifact.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Magic (duh), Swords that are too big, unrequited crushes on old men, Metal Fans of Doom, Chekhov's Armoury.
  • Domains: Magic, Combat, Dynamic Entries at absurd times.
  • High Priest: Mikan Sakura
  • Allies: Cloud Strife, Negi Springfield, Yue Ayase, Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Rias Gremory, Nagisa Furukawa, Cherry
  • Is currently being taught in the ways of BFS wielding by Cloud.
  • Is teamed up with Negi and Yue. The other gods didn't mind, as they are usually good-natured, although after Evangeline has taken over their training, some gods are keeping an eye on them, just in case.
  • Has recently been seen in the presence of Kamijou Touma; there are whispered rumours that his Imagine Breaker is stronger than her Magic Cancel, though no one is certain exactly how a potential showdown would work. No one in the House of Magic wants to ask them about this either, in fear of them testing their limits on them. After all, Anti-Magic is a highly respected (and feared) power to the magically inclined.
    • These rumors may be put to a rest with Kamijou's ascension to God of Punching Mages.
  • After Negi introduced her to Rias, Asuna teamed up with her to create a partnership between the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club, called the "Ala Arcana". Such partnership might or might have not played a role on the inclusion of the Chick Magnet Quartet into the GUAG.

Calypso, God of Literal Wish Granters and Wish Corrupters
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Calypso.Corp logo.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil rich guys, those who change reality
  • Domains: Magic, Chaos, Evil.
  • Followers: Anybody he DIDN'T screw over when they wanted him to grant wishes.
  • Allies: Hazama, Nyarlathotep, The Joker, Johan Liebert, Chaos, Bernkastel,
  • Enemies: Sweet Tooth (after he gave him his last wish), almost every competitor of the Twisted Metal Tournaments, Rubick
  • He is confirmed to posses some of the strongest magics in the Pantheon, due to his ability to easily warp reality, space and time. The only thing that keeps him from becoming a Greater God or even an Overdiety is the fact that he can only use his magic in order to grant someone wishes. To make matters worse for him, he can't refuse to grant a wish either, even if it may end up badly for him. Of course, he always finds a way to screw around with the wishes he is demanded to grant.
  • Due to his vast amount of money, he spends a lot of time in the House of Commerce, planning new ideas for his Twisted Metal tournament as well as growing the influence of Calypso Corp.
  • He seems to have a soft spot for people seeking revenge or incredibly simple wishes, since most people that had had those kind of wishes has always gotten their desires fulfilled without any strings attached. Maybe that's because the simpler a wish is, the harder it is to twist it around.
  • He always has a large amount of mooks nearby to use as cannon fodder in case Sweet Tooth would ever appear. The clown is still pissed about being buried alive.
  • Due to their love of causing chaos just for the hell of it, Calypso has become good friends with Hazama. That doesn't mean he won't try to screw up any of his wishes, though. This gives Nyarlathotep the giggles, as Terumi claimed to be higher than him in every way possible.
  • Davy Jones seems to have a very strange relationship with him. Calypso, for his part, can not figure out why.
  • Kyuubey doesn't seem to like him much, citing the waste of energy that comes from Calypso's habit twisting the wishes to end with the wisher's death almost instantly, rather than letting the victim 'simmer'.
  • May or may not be Satan. The Nostalgia Critic tried to see if Calypso was the devil by using the ever working trick of "Jelly-Side Down on Toast". The toast landed on its side.

    Lillet Blan 
Lillet Blan, Goddess of Runology

    Lord Kroak 
Lord Kroak, God of Arch Mages
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A mummified toad head.
  • Alignment: A very heavy-handed Lawful Neutral. Borderline Blue and Orange Morality grade.
  • Portfolio: ArchMages, Kick the Son of a Bitch, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Religion Is Magic, The Magocracy
  • Domains: Law, Protection, Magic, Repose, Fate
  • Allies: The Puella Magi, The Emperor of Man (covertly), Reptile, Kiritsgu Emiya, The Basterds, Voodoo.
  • Enemies: All four chaos gods (especially Tzeentch), Gork/Mork, Quan Chi, Bernkastel, Terumi, Nyarlathotep, Joker, Kyubey, Teppei Houjou.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Barring Tzeentch, Kroak is quite possibly the strongest mage in the pantheon. This claim is backed up by him being a member of an entire race of arch mages who's definition of "minor tweaks" include permanent weather changes and messing with tectonic plates.
  • The Golden Tablets of Lustria foretell of a prophecy in which 5 human children would bring hope and dispel entropy and chaos. Lord Kroak believes the Puella Magi are those children, thus he frequently aids them from behind the shadows, especially in matters against Tzeentch. Homura's pragmatism rings closest to him.
    • There have been reports of small bipedal chameleon like things skittering about in their realms as of late. Those are in fact Lord Kroak's scouts/spies, secretly sending information on the locations of back up copies to the old MG system.
      • After the "Fear Toxin" incident, an event that very nearly destroyed the Pantheon once its full scope had unfolded, he has become much more open in his aid of them and the Sisterhood in general. As part of this, he has ordered the security around the Sisterhood beefed up in the form of some rather.....scary....bodyguards, with the deadliest and most powerful of the lot directly assigned to Madoka. However, the results of both the Great Upheaval and Pantheonic Rebellion, especially Homura's betrayal and Madoka's depowering, have left even him in disbelief. It's unclear whether he feels Homura's actions are justified, but it is clear that he's willing to raise his hand against her if it comes to it.
      • The irony of the Sisterhood's helper being Not So Different from one of their worst enemies is duly noted.
  • His other portfolio is Nightmare Fuel amongst the GUAG; both for the horrific acts he and his people are capable of and for the fact that their brains are completely incapable of processing malice despite those acts.
  • Through him, Reptile finally managed to get a home with other Lizard folk. The two get along pretty well, with Kroak employing him as an assassin. This, alongside his extreme methods, put him at odds with Litchi, the one who stored and took care of Reptile before he arrived.
    • Kroak's thoughts about this: A confused Face Palm. He thinks it to be "Warm blood" overreaction, since Kroak believes that as a healer, she should know better about the mental/emotional health of someone is just as important as their physical health. It's not like he's trying to permanately take Reptile away from her. Besides, he wouldn't hesitate to aid against Terumi since "he is a blight upon the pantheon and creation that needs to be erased.''.
  • Used to be on good terms with Kyubey, that is until its involvement in the "Great Upheaval" in which it tried to recreate witches, thus undermine certain golden tablets. He decided to punish it with a "Deliverance of Itza" (basically a magic equivilant of a nuclear explosion). Homura got to Kyubey first, with her own idea of recompense.
    • Not being one to waste magical energy, he put that charged up spell to good use by deciding to follow through with Kyoko and Sayaka's request regarding a certain Teppei Houjou. The resulting mushroom cloud could be seen across the pantheon for hours. He now frequently teams up with The Basterds in beating down the holder of the portfolio that Pay Evil unto Evil and Kick the Son of a Bitch target.
  • Kroak was once a Greater God of magic, but was killed by his enemies which sapped his power and brought him down to the level of Intermediate God.
  • Has a sign outside his domain on how not to draw the attention of his Lizardmen followers. 1. Don't be evil, lest we be ruthless in destroying you. 2. If not under #1, don't provoke us. 3. When visiting me, don't do anything that can be interpreted as being even slightly suspicious. My Temple Guards' brains are hard-wired to perceive even the slightest suspicious behaviour as a threat against me regardless of your intentions.
  • Seems to be pretty chill with Kiritsugu Emiya for his beliefs on war, which earned Kroak his respect. Kiritsugu on the other hand returns the respect with a smile on his face.

    Medusa Gorgon 
Medusa Gorgon, Goddess of Snake Magic
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Arrow-shaped snakes with Ashura's eyes.
  • Theme Music: Lady of Gorgon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Snakes, Staying Alive, Body Surfing, Parental Abuse.
  • Domain: Evil, Madness, Destruction, Plotting, Chaos.
  • Allies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Pagan, Kishin Asura, Voldemort, Yuuki Terumi, Ren Gyokuen .
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Orochimaru (sorta).
  • Enemies: Rider, Simon Belmont, Maka and Soul, Crona, Black Star and Tsubaki, Death The Kid, Excalibur, Asura, Rubick
  • Once went on a date with Orochimaru, which ended with her dumping him. "Dumping him" means she strangled him with his own snakes and left him in a trash can. She labels him as a molester for desiring Sasuke's body.
    • immediately shuts down any suggestions, serious or otherwise, she should date Voldemort. Not only is there a rumor going around that Voldemort and Orochimaru are the same person, Voldy looks like he's just as touchy-feely with Draco Malfoy as Orochimaru is with Sasuke.
    • Is currently spotted hanging around with Ghetsis Harmonia, who offers her a seat in his House of Abusive Parents as co-Goddess. Medusa has actually been considering it, as he saw that Ghetsis has a lot more in common with her than Orochimaru, and she agreed that Precia Testarossa was a fool that let herself get some 'totally not-evil' portrayal.
  • Does not get along well with Rider. Feels that Rider is too nice and resents the shared name. She's even more pissed off that Rider changed her inscribed name and now Medusa is on the receiving end (and more well-deserved) of whipping on the head by Simon Belmont (or occasionally Trevor Belmont).
  • With the ascension of her daughter... son... child Crona, she hopes to abuse hir even more. She's contacted Kishin Asura for their next move on hir.
    • Unfortunately for her, this information ended up in the hands of another Asura. Unsurprisingly, he's not happy about this.
  • Recently she was mistaken for the mythological Medusa by Flynn, who had his demons bind her into immobility so Flynn could "fundraise" from her pockets. She doesn't understand what the hell happened, but she wants her cash back now.
  • Is part of the Four Deadly Vipers, though Medusa certainly doesn't want to be in a team with Orochimaru, although Orochi keeps them in line before they fight.
  • In talks with Ragyo Kiryuin on how to better manipulate your child into being a better tool for your plans. Pity that both of Ragyo's daughters eventually turned against her, while Medusa managed to complete Crona into the perfect Black Blood being. Yes, Medusa was brutally ripped apart by him/her, but she completely expected to be killed, even planned ahead for it. Science sometimes requires sacrifice. She doesn't really care one way or the other about the fact that Ragyo molested her test subject/daughter Satsuki, she just sees it as kind of...pointless. And maybe a little weird (see Orochimaru and Voldemort above). Though, she's not one to talk; Medusa's done her fair share of body invasion (just ask Eruka or the Mizune Sisters), but finds this to be a bit foolish and arrogant to screw around with someone like that without making damn sure they can't screw you back. (Those snakes she shoved into Eruka's and Mizune's bodies? Primed to explode if they decide to have a change of heart. Can't slip a vector arrow into the most powerful Meister at DWMA? Slip it into his weapon instead!)
  • Secretly super-jealous of Gendo Ikari, (abusive?) father of the God of Psychosis himself, Shinji Ikari. She hopes to one day learn the secrets of exactly how Gendo managed to break Shinji's mind and spirit so utterly and completely. If she could combine that with the insanity-powered Black Blood...

Mithra, Goddess of Mantra Manipulation, Kidnapped Daughters and Faith Power(Former priestess of the Seven Deities),
  • Theme song: Surge of Mantra.
  • Intermediate God Actually a potential Overdeity, as she allowed her father Asura to attain his ultimate form, Mantra Asura.
  • Symbol: Her mantra halo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good temporarily Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Kidnapped Daughter, Kindness, being used as a power source despite being a child, Temporarily Possessed by a golden spider, The last one standing
  • Father: Asura
  • Allies: Madoka, Amaterasu Okami, Twilight Sparkle, Rubick, Bloody Marie, most of the good deities.
  • Enemies: Deus, Kalrow
  • Odd Friendship: With Alucard (Lords of Shadow)
  • Recently Ascended to the pantheon by her father's request. All the leaders of the pantheon agreed, so long as if they did, they wouldn't piss Asura off and him and his daughter could finally have some peace and quiet they deserved.
  • Somehow, a golden spider ended up possessing her, claiming to be the True God, the spinner of life, and the source of all mantra. Asura was pissed, but had to wait until the time came to get her back from being possessed.
  • While technically an intermediate deity, it was her power that allowed Asura to achieve his greatest potential before ascending, so she has potential to be much more important in the grand scheme of things.
  • Her power over faith and using that as a power source is caught the eye of Amaterasu, and it attracts Ammy to her. Both are very friendly towards one another.
  • Due to Asura being her father, and Asura being a very protective parent, harming her is deemed off limits, not to mention utterly moronic, by every god in all the pantheons, good or evil. After seeing what happened to Deus and Chakravartin, making her cry is also forbidden, considering this pisses off Asura more than anything else. As a matter of fact, the Chick Magnet Quartet tries its best to stay the hell away from Mithra, since Asura refuses to trust them the slightest bit out of thought they might "corrupt" her. One of the members, Hayate Ayasaki, has learned the hard way when he stumbled onto her while mistaking her for his Ojou-sama. Ironically, this has gotten Asura on the receiving end of someone else's wrath: Hayate's aforementioned Ojou-sama, Nagi Sanzen'in.
    • On that note, Mithra holds the distinction of being the only one that Asura will never get angry at. She doesn't abuse this fact too much, but there have been reports of her convincing him to eat her vegetables. Again. Some of the braver gods have remarked on how cute that is...when Asura isn't around to hear them of course.
  • Would like to ask Asura exactly why she got named after a Persian god.
  • When she first arrived she thought she heard her mother's voice, and run to the source, but when she got there she instead found...Twilight Sparkle. An awkward conversation later, and a few tears from both sides, Twilight promised to visit Mithra when ever her Father was away. Asura is very thankful for this, although he tries not to be in the same room as her, to avoid any uncomfortable situations.
  • Bloody Marie originally became allies with her out of a request from her father to keep her away from the Skull Heart. Despite this, the Skullgirl actually found herself enjoying her time with Mithra, who apparently reminds her of herself before she became a Skullgirl...
  • Has recently formed a bond with the son of Gabriel Belmont, one of the allies of her own father as they both reminisce on the all of the crap both their fathers went through for their sake. Alucard has since taken upon himself to teach Mithra the art of swordsmanship so that she can better defend herself, after some convincing to Asura of course.
    • Recently, there have been rumors that she actually has a crush on Alucard, never mind the fact that he's a widower. The greatest minds in the pantheon, both good and evil, have taken every measure possible to make sure that neither Asura nor Gabriel never, ever, EVER find out about it.

    Quan Chi 
Quan Chi, God of Profane Magic
(Humpty Dumpty (by Cassie Cage))

    Rinoa Heartilly 
Rinoa Heartilly, Goddess of the Witch Species
Rinoa with Angel Wings 
  • Theme Song: Rinoa's Theme
  • Intermediate Goddess (with potential for Greater Goddess)
  • Symbol: A pair of white angel wings
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Military Brat, Being Together With Squall, Gaining Wings With Magic Powers, Powerful Sorceress, Using a Dog for Combat, Feather Motif, Taking Her Mom's Last Name, Spoiled Sweet
  • Domain: Magic, Heroes, Power.
  • Allies: Squall Leonhart, Laguna Loire, Yuna, Tifa Lockhart, Kairi, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Zelda, Twilight Sparkle
  • Mentor: Doctor Strange
  • Enemies: Sephiroth, Kuja, Kefka Palazzo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Lord Tirek
  • Rivals: Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi
  • In the world of Final Fantasy VIII, there is a very special kind of witch race called Sorceresses, who are able to use magic naturally and are more powerful than Para-Magic. This is possible because Sorceresses posess power from their world deity named Hyne. A Sorceress's power can pass down to potential Sorceress when they are at the end of their lives, and the latest inheritor of that great power is Rinoa Heartilly, whose potential hasn't even been reached yet.
  • No one was more happier for Rinoa's ascension then the normally stoic Squall Leonhart. Or to be more specific, Rinoa descended down to Squall's welcoming arms like an angel. Lucina thought it was cute.
    • Now that the two are finally together, Rinoa has been doing her best in helping him mingle more around the Pantheon, to the amusement of others.
  • Seeing that she has much potential as a magic user, Steven Strange himself has become Rinoa's mentor in better handling her powers. So far Rinoa has gained the ability to grow a pair of white angel wings and fly. Not only that, her magic has increased to the point of functioning very differently than they were in her own world. Still, heavy use will leave her very exhausted afterward.
  • While Rinoa has been using her magic more, she still relies on her Blaster Edge and the use of her dog companion Angelo (who, for the record, is a female). She has been thinking of taking up the use of the Gunblade, but decided against that since it might take years to master it. Still, she might settle for a simple sword…
  • Once mistook Ragyo Kiryuin for an evil Sorceress after seeing her in this and in this. The last one making her remember that awful time when she was absorbed in Adel. She became sick when she found out what she was going to do to the Earth and what she did to her two daughters.
  • Many deities believe that Rinoa is Ultimecia. This is despite the fact that Ultimecia come from way in the future. Others will counter maybe she is immortal. And others will argue why would Rinoa want to destroy her friends in the first place. And then there are those who are convince Greiver is really Squall transformed into a Guardian Force. Many hours have been spent on this argument.
  • Became very close friends with Team RWBY. For Ruby and Yang, it's because they both own and love an awesome dog. For Blake, it's for their love of books. And Weiss, it's for both having family issues dealing with their fathers. She shared in their mourning of the passing of their creator.
  • While close with many ascended FF deities, she is special close towards Yuna and Tifa Lockhart after the three fought against Kasumi, Ayane, and Hitomi that one time. Also, many have noticed that she and Tifa kind of look like each other.
  • Loves to visit the House of Knowledge because of its large collection of books. Sometimes she spends hours reading before falling asleep in which Squall has to carry her home.
  • Found common grounds with Zelda because both have powers descended from their universe's Gods.

    Sorin Markov 
Sorin Markov, God of Blood Magic (Lord of Innistrad, Solemn Visitor)
  • Rank: Intermediate God (Greater God Pre-Mending)
  • Symbol: His sword, Parasite Blade
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blood Magic, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, The Hedonist, Mind Control
  • Domains: Vampirism, Angels, Black and White Mana
  • Followers: Archangel Avacyn, Vladimir, Blood Mages of Thedas, Grimoire Weiss, Skarlet
  • Allies: Rachel Alucard, Valvatorez, Alucard, Karin Maaka
  • Enemies: Dracula, Galactus, Azathoth
  • Ascended to the pantheon partially due to his experience as a Pre-Mending Planeswalker, a nearly omnipotent being capable of traveling between worlds. Even in his current Post-Mending state he is a powerful mage not to be taken lightly.
  • Was delighted to meet Rachel Alucard of House of Otherness, since as he himself puts it: "Most of my kin can be short sighted savages. I'm delighted that such is not the case with her."
  • Dislikes both Azathoth and Galactus due to their similarities with The Eldrazi, which Sorin worked hard to imprison.
  • Has an Odd Friendship with Karin Maaka of the House of Emotion. Karin sees Sorin as she does her big brother Ren: well-meaning, if kind of grumpy. Sorin doesn't talk much about their interactions, but it is implied he feels much the same: Karin is endearing, if kind of annoying and whiny. He once offered to train her in Blood Magic, considering the un-vampire has so much to spare.
    • An early attempt didn't go well. Sorin started with the absolute basic of basics: controlling the blood itself telepathically. Karin, asked to puncture her thumb to give them some to work with, used one of her own fangs to do so. The result was...messy. After leaving for a moment to clean himself off, Sorin put her through her paces, to no avail: Karin's control extended to creating little bubbles on the surface of the blood, while she ended up with a pounding migraine. Sorin is disappointed, but confident she'll get better.

    Twilight Sparkle 
Twilight Sparkle, Goddess of Checklists and Telekinesis (Twi, occasionally Twilight Psycho, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, Twilight Flopple)
  • Theme song: You know the one...
  • Intermediate Goddess (Overdeity if she has Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadance's magic in her)
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, a purple and white star.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: awesomeness through reading, adorableness through reading, magical adorableness, learning ANY magic (and losing control of it), telekinesis, organizational skills to the max... maybe too much to the max... seriously... way too much!, cute nerds, those abused a lot, never relenting, incredible skill at a tender age, rationality and somewhat arbitrary skepticism, humility, lack of friends... until recently, lack of social skills, weak magicians... sometimes, teleportation, "Dear Princess Celestia... ...your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle"
  • Domains: Magic, Order, Books, Friendship
  • Allies: Spike, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, Nanoha Takamachi, Asura, Yasha, Mithra, Presea Combatir, Lady Amalthea, Pearl, Bloody Marie, Squigly
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, Tirek, Olga, Sergei, Acnologia The Dazzlings, Napoleon
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Conflicting Opinion with: The Machine
  • Ascended together with Spike, and keeps writing letters about friendship to Princess Celestia. Was very offended to learn her revered teacher was not part of the Tropes Pantheon and is currently looking for a way to deify her.
  • As Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle possesses the power to call upon the rest of the Mane Cast to make use of the Elements of Harmony on anything that stands in their way. As all six have been deified, this uses much less energy than it used to.
  • Spends a lot of time in the Pantheon's immense library learning new spells or about various other universes. Her already great power is growing exponentially, and many members of the Pantheon make sure to give Twilight a wide berth, though others snicker all that power is just as likely to blow up in her face whenever she casts a spell.
  • Telekinesis is still her signature ability, and the one least likely to go horribly awry. Already capable of amazing feats pre-Godhood, and with the inherent increase of power that comes with being part of the Pantheon, nobody is really sure where Twilight's limit even IS.
    • Whatever it was, it got doubled when she became a Winged Unicorn. And then that quadrulpled when she had Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadance's magic in her.
  • When she is neither in the library nor hanging out with friends, she tries to help with whatever she can, wherever she can. Her organizational skills come in handy and so does her magic, though other Gods do often get tired of Twilight's triple-checking of checklists. Most keep quiet about it though - everyone knows that checklists are Serious Business to Twilight Sparkle.
  • The first time Flandre Scarlet saw her, she commented: "Hey look, it's pony Patchouli!" and demanded that Twilight "play", much to the dismay of the unicorn, who knew full well who she was dealing with having earlier read "Perfect Memento in Strict Sense". The general consensus is that for someone confronted to Flandre Scarlet Twilight did very well, erratically warping around Flandre and countering magic bolts with magic bolts, though a well-placed Laevattein blow did eventually leave her with burns and a scorched mane.
  • Tried to read Twilight. It was one of the rare books she has failed to finish, and the fact that she shares her name with it (plus one of Edward's defining characteristics) makes her mane go up in flames sometimes.
  • In one obscure tome she found a spell that caught her attention by both its effects and its very name: Twilight Spark. She hasn't had the chance to find it in any grimoire. Many Gods are frightened this means she'll go to the last caster to successfully use the spell — the mad, vengeful ghost Mima.
  • Recently ascended within her continuity, and what exactly she is going to to with the power is unknown.
  • Shortly after the above, a human with similar colors to those of Twilight was seen hanging around the Pantheon and doing all sorts of weird things as if they don't knew how to use their body or act as human. Anarchy Stocking has denied that she is related in any way to these events, and the description of the strange person seems to confirm her story.
  • Since she got her wings Twilight has been crashing a lot while learning to Fly, even with the guidance of her friend Rainbow Dash. Some gods joke that rather than flying Dash is giving her lessons on crashing.
  • Twilight once attempted to read Pages Of Harmony. Suffice to say she didn't even finish the second chapter.
  • Impressed many Dragon Ball Z gods (and Asura) with her ultimate showdown with Lord Tirek and were even more impressed when she and her friends unlocked "Rainbow Power" to utterly curb-stomp him. She also impressed the House of Villainy when she forgave Discord for betraying them and thus fully cementing his status on the side of good. Melkor wasn't happy at all to see Twilight become super-powerful.
  • Speaking of Asura, she reminds him, his daughter Mithra and his brother-in-law Yasha of someone they lost long ago. She's good friends with Mithra, though Asura and Yasha would rather avoid being in the same place as her when possible. It's Personal.
  • Once got into a bout with Olga who once again attempted to kill Mithra as revenge against Asura and Yasha for killing Deus. Twilight was able to hold her off long enough to Asura and Yasha to intervene. Needless to say, Twilight has gone on Olga's hit list.
  • Twilight Sparkle was horrified when Yasha told her that Sergei was the one who killed Mithra's mother, and immediately went to his temple to confront him. Sergei for his part laughed at the sight of her distraught expression, claiming that the pony "had never looked more beautiful."
  • Heard about Acnologia's attempts to hunt down Spike. Needless to say, she didn't take it well.
  • Was very happy to learn of Sunset Shimmer's ascension to the Pantheon, and often hangs out with her alongside the rest of the Mane Six, and even occasionally with just her alone. It's just them doing friendship-related things, but some gods see it in an entirely different light.
  • Though known primarily for checklists and organization, one of her lesser-known traits is that she's a privacy advocate. This put her at odds with The Machine almost immediately after it ascended, and she spearheaded the Pantheon's research on it, worried about the possible consequences of a mysterious AI that could watch everything everypony ever did and where that information could end up. Despite all her research telling her The Machine is entirely benevolent and that nopony else can see or access the data it does, she's still quite unnerved by its presence. Given her sanity record, some have noted the irony in The Machine's objective of preventing violence possibly driving Twilight to commit it.
  • Unless you want a beam blasted in your face or be on the receiving end of a verbal smackdown, DO NOT mention the "Cattle Rustlers" incident around her or her fans respectively.
  • Has caught the attention of Bloody Marie due to sounding like her on different occasions. In a surprise move, Twilight took this opportunity to try and get closer to the Skullgirl, and surprised quite a few people when she actually succeeded. Apparently, she reminds Marie a lot of herself before she became the Skullgirl...
  • Gets along very well with fellow magically-powerful "Champion of Friendship" Nanoha Takamachi; the two often swap stories about past adventures and notes on new ideas. Furthermore, Twilight is teaching Nanoha magic-based telekinesis, while Nanoha has already taught Twilight the Accel Shooter spell and is working on Divine Buster and Starlight Breaker.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Knowledge.

    Yuki Nagato 
Yuki Nagato, Goddess of Magic from Technology

Zobek, God of Deadly Sorcerers (Death, Dark Lord of The Necromancers, The Lord of The Dead, The Lord of Shadow, The Mighty Zobek)
Click here  to see his True Form.
Click here  to see his stronger form.
  • Theme Song: Death
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Staff of The Necromancers.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Black Magic, Ruler of the Necromancers, Founder of The Brotherhood of Light, Manipulated everyone to obtain The God Mask, Molded his form to be fitting to the folklore version of the grim-reaper, The Shadow Lord of The Necromancers
  • Domains: Death, Undead, Manipulation, Darkness, Souls, Zombies, Necromancy, Black Magic
  • Allies: Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Shinnok, Dracula, Hades, Mundus
  • Enemies: Gabriel Belmont, Alucard (Lords of Shadow), Satan, Lucifer, Trevor Belmont, Alucard, Discord, Jean-Luc Picard, Charles Xavier, Homura Akemi, Rubick
  • Zobek was once one of the Three Founders of The Brotherhood of Light, those three found places that connected the Heavens to the Earth and they used the opportunity to purify themselves and ascend to God, what they did not know was that while they left their bodies behind they also left their dark sides which took life and became The Lords of Shadow.
  • Zobek became The Necromantic Lord of The Dead and decided to use an artifact know as the Devil Mask in order to gain knowledge that would give him plans to bring together The God Mask and gain unlimited power, though to his surprise he found that he was manipulated by Satan to gain power for him and was lite on fire, though that would not be the end of him.
  • Is unnerved around Picard or Xavier though he is unsure why that would be.
  • He has many powers over Death as such he has control over Reapers (aspects of Death in his universe), Necromancers, Zombies, and even Dracolichs.
  • He is often claims that power that is locked away and unused is wasted potential and often tries to take that power for himself to use as he sees fit.
  • Likes to refer to Gabriel as "Old Friend"
  • He works with Dracula surprisingly well and actually exhibits some loyalty to him.
  • He strongly dislikes The Belmonts seeing them as nothing more then a disruptive and filthy lineage.
  • Is attempting to expand his sphere of influence in The Pantheon and is helping power several other Lords of The Dead in order to have a stronger standing in The Pantheon.
  • He was forced to work with Gabriel to try and stop Satan from coming to Earth though in the end it turned out that Gabriel and Alucard (Trevor) has a plan to lure him out so that he could kill him, though he fought in his newly constructed Death form, he was stabbed through the chest with the Void Sword, Though he had a way to come to the Pantheon in case such a thing would happen, even if it cuts off from the Earth.
    • Upon learning that [[Gabriel's son]] ascended, he was not happy.
  • At first glance others didn't think it would be, but it is not wise to call him The Mighty Zobek as it was a nickname given to him by both Gabriel and Satan to mock him for not having the power to fight either.
  • When get gets really pissed off, he'll completely drop any air of civility he had before, transforming into his true reaper form. Most people who do this end up impaled on his massive chain scythe.

Lesser Gods

    Alice Margatroid 
Alice Margatroid, Goddess of Puppetry (Seven-Colored Puppeteer)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Music: Doll Judgement ~ The girl who played with people's shapes
  • Symbol: Two dolls ("Shanghai" and "Hourai") guarding her Grimoire.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Magical Puppeteers, Tsunderes (maybe), Holding Back, Badass Bookworm, Danmaku, Magicians, Alice Allusion, Lonely Doll Girl.
  • Domains: Puppets, Magic.
  • Followers: Kankuro, Dave's Bro/Dirk Strider.
  • Marionette: Suigintou.
  • Allies: Marisa Kirisame, Carl & Ada Clover, Haruka, Voodoo, Satori Komeiji, Fiona Mayfield, Haruka Takayama, Rubick, Banette
  • She is good friends with Marisa... apparently after she stole her precious heart.
  • She found Suigintou and nursed her back to her health after the latter was thoroughly discarded and abused by Tomoe Marguerite. Alice has since gained Suigintou's respect and at one point came to blows with Tomoe... with Alice on the winning side, of course.
  • Is currently hiding Carl Clover in her house per his request since he needs time to plan his counterattack against his evil father Relius. Alice accepts him, if only his mastery over BIGGER puppets (Nirvana) interests her.
    • She eventually used information from interacting with him to develop her "Goliath Doll".
    • Kind of annoyed with how Amane Nishiki pesters her with handing Carl over to him. Not only her "Goliath Doll" is still in development, Alice has kind of grown fond to the boy. There's usually a battle that broke out with Amane's... whatever skills and Alice's Danmakus, but none of them are able to gain upper hand.
    • At one point, Carl decided to left her house and ended up helping Relius on one his plans. Alice was first shocked about this, but was relieved to hear that Carl had no plans to actually help Relius and is currently watching him until he turns Ada back to normal. Carl and Alice still keep contact with each other, helping each other in need. Alice is also fine if Ada gets turned back to human as she can then harvest any parts what is left from Nirvana and use them on her Goliath Doll.
  • She possesses a staggering amoung of dolls in her arsenal, being able to sent them at her opponent in huge numbers. And the fact that she tends to blow them up, one does wonder where does she keep them.
  • She refuses to open her Grimoire up at any cost, even if it makes her even powerful. She has only opened it once as far as any one knows.
  • Has been hanging around Uncle Howee due of the latter being interested in her puppetry skills and has asked her to teach him how to garner more viewers to his show. However, Alice wishes not to know where Uncle Howee gets his marionettes from.
  • Was little more than acquaintance at first with Haruka when she first ascended, because where Alice doesn't view Haruka in such a good position, her puppet creations impress Alice and she wishes to learn from her. However, their interaction did eventually lead to the creation of "The Grand Puppeteer Court" with the two of them, Carl and Ada Clover, Suigintou and Uncle Howee, with her being The Leader.
  • Is really interested in the new doll that ascended in the House of Living Objects, Banette and can be seen hanging out with him and Suigintou.

    Esmerelda Weatherwax and Gytha Ogg 
Esmerelda Weatherwax and Gytha Ogg, Goddesses of Mature Witches (Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg)
  • Lesser Goddesses (technically, two aspect of a greater goddess)
  • Symbol: a 4000-horsepower broom and a Greebo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Granny), Chaotic Good (Nanny)
  • Portfolio: Headology, Being 'Not Ded', being the 'other one' for Granny Weatherwax, Dirty Old Woman, Really Gets Around and The Alcoholic for Nanny Ogg.
  • Followers: Minerva McGonagall
  • Granny Weatherwax lives in a small cottage in the edge of the Pantheon, rarely straying too far unless visiting Nanny Ogg or other witches. While she may look frail, her power and mastery of Headology make her a force to be reckoned with. Of note, her tiny kitten, You, is one of the few things capable of cowing Greebo.
  • Nanny, on the other hand, lives in a larger, more accesible house, where she still lords over her immense family, and, when he's around, Greebo.
  • Both are highly respected and feared as elders by most of the House. Every now and then, though, they will be challenged by some upstart newcomers. One Curb-Stomp Battle later, they both get helpers for most of the tasks they don't feel like doing that day.
  • They have been joined by Magrat Garlick (now queen of Lancre), Perdita X. Dream, and Tiffany Aching to complete the power of three needed to unlock their full potential, and hold each in high regard.

    Jaina Proudmoore 
Jaina Proudmoore, Goddess of Black Magic-Casting Ladies (Proudmoore)

    Kokonoe A. Mercury 
Kokonoe Mercury, Goddess of Crossing of Magic and Technology (Professor Kokonoe, Grimalkin, Bakeneko)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Music: Science Fiction
  • Symbol: Her emblem imprinted into the bust of SUPER GOLDEN TAGER X
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Mad Science, Corrupting Magic With Technology, Roaring Rampage of Revenge Beyond Reasoning, Cat Girl, Eating Lollipops For Concentrating, Tons Of Swearings (Censored), Deadpan Snarker, Never Getting Out Of Her House, Storing Nukes For Extreme Measures
  • Domains: Science, Knowledge, Magic, REVENGE.
  • Allies: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, L, Patchouli Knowledge, Baiken, Iron Tager (still unsure about Potemkin though), Dr. Wily, Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Lambda-11, Kagura Mutsuki, Ricotta Elmar
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hakumen, Rachel Alucard
  • Opposes: Arakune
  • Opposed By: Azrael
  • One of the brightest mind in the Pantheon. Kokonoe's great mind and capabilities to combine the aspects of magic and technology is just weighed on by her unbridled hatred towards Terumi, for revenge... something that makes even other revenge-based Gods like Asura, Scorpion... or even Sasuke Uchiha himself either raise an eyebrow or cringe.
    • In fact, Sasuke thinks that if anyone's succeeding his old house, that'd be Kokonoe. It... kinda depends on how things go. Kokonoe doesn't seem to mind that placement.
  • Pays regular visits to the Food Pantheon to buy some sweets for her own mind. In spare time, she plays video games online together with Patchouli, as both usually refuse to get out of their respective house. Handheld online games felt good.
  • Often considered a Distaff Counterpart of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, albeit a bit Lighter and Softer. Both Kokonoe and Mayuri seem to bond over in sociopathic science, and at least Kokonoe doesn't seem to seek perfection much to piss him off.
  • Kokonoe was always Litchi Faye-Ling's master. However, she was thoroughly disgusted with how she allied with Terumi in the past no matter the reason, to the point that Kokonoe will have no qualms of destroying her, regardless if she repented or not.
  • Litchi's case aside, Kokonoe herself isn't a popular Goddess, as shown with Asura and the others above. Rachel Alucard, despite one who work a lot with her, constantly worry about her sanity. Hakumen disliked her tendency to just hide in her House instead of taking an active stance in battle. Even Duke Nukem, as much as the kinda guy he is, has expressed worry about what kind of things she's going to do with those nukes... But she still secured a place in the GUAG for the same reason as Mayuri: Her intelligence score is vital enough for the fights against evil.
    • However, due to the Ascension of Arakune, more of them have started to express thier disgust with her, as many point out that she could have saved Roy if she cared. All she said was "Piss off, I don't have time to concern myself with trivial matters. Taking down Terumi is more important than caring about what happened to the coffee boy." When pressed further, she also stated that it was her who kept Arakune existing and it was a hard job, so Litchi should have listened and be thankful to her, not instead consistently disobeying what she said like an 'idiot'.
    • To that end and prove that she is on the right, she has managed to gather several other Gods for one goal: Kill Arakune, and then punish Litchi for being a desperate idiot that doesn't know when to quit and kept making herself a pawn to the forces of evil. This is the beginning of The Morality Civil War
  • It is said that she secretly laments not being made into a playable character yet. Asking her about it will only illicit a "Piss off." from her.
    • Now that Valkenhayn has ascended, she is looking to ask him again on any updates regarding the matter. Unfortunately, when it was announced that it was Terumi's other form that was made playable, she sulked off in her lab again before Valkenhayn could ever say "Maybe in the future...?" Then she heard that there won't be a DLC, causing her to scream off angrily. In the midst of her screaming, she was only stopped when Valkenhayn reported that they took back those words and she will be a DLC. Kokonoe then switches into a triumphant pseudo-Evil Laugh... which was abruptly transformed into a wail yet again when it turns out she became so overpowered mortals has been banning her in events.
  • Was responsible for Lambda's ascension. Tager has noted that her presence has made Kokonoe at least a little less revenge-based...
  • Ricotta can often be found with Kokonoe due to their mutual use of Magitek and love of sweets.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Technology.

    Marisa Kirisame 
Marisa Kirisame, Goddess of Black Magician Girls (The Ordinary Magician)

Pagan, Goddess of Dark Arts

     Sabrina Spellman 
Sabrina Spellman, Goddess of Witches With Feline Companions (Sabrina Sawyer, Kirby)
  • Theme Song: This or "Here's Come Sabrina" for Japanese deities
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Her silhouette with white hair
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, though she can slips into Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Naïve Everygirl, Plucky Girl, being half-human in a Witch Species, Badass Adorable, Cute Witch, Extraordinarily Empowered Girl, has a Missing Mom, Inept Mage because she is Brilliant but Lazy and has to fix her problem
  • Domain: Magic, Family, Love, Personality, Profession
  • Followers: Kiki, Morwen,
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: LIBBY CHESSLER, AKI HONDA, CTHULHU, any evil deities in the Magic house, Nyarlathotep, HP Lovecraft, Cheryl Blossom, Arthas Menethil
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Philemon
  • Conflicting Opinion: Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper (mostly from their side)
  • Opposed by: Lee Everett and Clementine (mostly from their side)
  • Pitited by: Tallahassee, Jaina Proudmore
  • Herald: Her aunt Hilda and Zelda Spellman
  • People wonder how her position works, as they point out that Salem also has a temple of his own while he is by default required to be on her side most of the time. She solves this problem by taking Salem's lesser known comicbook version to her temple while let the live-action version to manage his own temple.
  • Asked for help from the House of Health and Disease to figure out what mitosis is.
  • Tries to stay away from Libby Chessler as far as possible after their ascension. However, this proves to be futile as Libby actively seeks out Sabrina to torment her. Although Libby is confused about Sabrina position, she still taunting Sabrina anyway because of the effect from the Status Quo (and just because). This naturally caused her to become furious after learning what Aki Honda's existence and what she did involving the test tubes.
  • Strikes up a friendship with Inuyasha due to their experience of being discriminate because of being a Half-Human Hybrid. She wished him the best and hopes for Kagome's effort to rescue him.
  • Becomes friend with fellow journalists in the Pantheon like Lois Lane, Jade, April O'Neil and Frank West over their love for journalism. However, they expressed that they think it might effect journalistic integrity given the fact that Sabrina is a witch. She responds by saying that she will only reports news from the magic world and let them handle the rest.
  • Her life has been... interesting after the discovery of an alternative universe in which she unwittingly triggered a Zombie Apocalypse and was sent to Purgatory by her own aunts due to her recklessness.
    • Sabrina's initial action after this discovery is to plunges into a deep depression and hides alone in her temple for days because of how much tragedy her action cost. It took a pep talk from Salem and a visit from her aunts for her show her face out of the outside world.
      • During her crisis, she was visited by Arthas Menethil who tried to convince Sabrina to embrace her dark side like he did in order to develop this power further while also suggests that his faction always welcomes a good necromancy-related magic user with open arms and maybe a new Lich King / Queen... only for her to throws his words back to his face by saying that she would never work for the forces of darkness and points out that at her worst, this version of her only turned to necromancy out of a well-meaning action to resurrect her friend Jughead's dog. Arthas's action drew Sabrina and Jaina closer together as the latter cannot believe that he would stoop so low to exploit a teenager at her weakest moment.
    • Her action from this timeline caused her former friends Archie, Betty and Veronica to become wary of her after her ascension while Cheryl Blossom outright declares her to be an enemy. While Cheryl's official reason if that she is upset because she was forced to flee Riverdale because of Sabrina and, unlike the rest of her friends, she doesn't really know enough about Sabrina as a person to sympathize with her, most deities think it is because she is rightfully Squicked out because of her "relationship" with her twin brother Jason in this timeline, as well as his death (whatever the heck that caused it).
    • Her action also earned the ire of Lee Everett and Clementine as they had first hand knowledge of how harsh such apocalypse can affect a person. The only zombie-related person that support her is Tallahassee, and that mostly because she reminds him of Witchita and Little Rock from his world and feels pity for her because of the Heroic BSOD she went through.
    • After this discovery, she has been seeking help from the House of Magic to stop things like this from happen ever again.
    • Was horrified when she discovered that her action also cost the awakening of Cthulhu and she was forced to his bride. This caused her to be wary of ever come close to the vicinity of the House of Otherness. She also became wary of Lovecraft after encountering a doctor with the same last name at him in Purgatory.
    • Her action of awakening Cthuhlu attracts the attention of Nyarlathotep who saw what kind of Chaos Sabrina is capable of and seeks to corrupt her into working for him. This caused her to enter an uneasy alliance with Philemon in order to keep Nyarly at bay.
  • Was NOT pleased when she heard a predator has ascended into the Pantheon. While somewhat relief that it is different from the one that killed her, Sabrina still doesn't take any chance.

    Taria de Castillo 
Taria de Castillo, Goddess of Hot Witches

    Teana Lanster 
Teana Lanster, Goddess of Magical Gunmen (Tea/Tia, Tiana Lanstar)

Tharja, Hex Goddess (Sallya, Grim Stalker)
  • Is in a very weird position when it comes to other Yanderes, especially for the Yandere Quartet. On one hand, Tharja doesn't want to associate with YQ because they do have a body count, especially Yuno in her murdering of Yukki's classmates. However, Tharja isn't a rose as she has used her curses on her daughter which means she would be on odds with Yuno because of her own Abusive Parents. Though, Tharja has shown she does cares about her Noire with her future self sacrificing herself to save her. Because of these factors, the two won't interact if only under THE MOST EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES. Though, currently it's not the best since Tharja did curse the YQ. Nothing serious, just a case of running noses.
    • This same reason is also why any of the good mothers in the pantheon are reluctant to work with her because of how she treated her children. However, Tharja despises the evil matriarchs here. This is especially true with Ragyo Kiryuin in which the former would taunt that the two aren't so different since they both experimented on their daughters. This only makes Tharja hate Ragyo more as there are two major differences between the two; one being that she would never rape her own daughter and two she still loves Noire and would die to protect her, which her future self did. Tharja actually cursed the abusive mother by giving her sores all over her body.
  • While Tharja might seem like a jerk, which she can be, she does have a good heart, a well hidden heart. Most notably, which nobody knows, was when she help cured half the pantheon who were inflicted by a new disease created by the GUAE by cursing the disease away.
  • Has struck an Odd Friendship with Hinata Hyuga. The two bonded over the fact that the two kind of have the same voice. The two also also converse at the fact the two are stalkers. However, Hinata is more sympathetic on that compare to Tharja. Though, Hinata is willing to help her curve her Yandere tendencies.
    • Has also made friends with her total opposite in both power and personality in Orihime Inoue. The two are so close that Tharja actually considered offering her her own outfit to wear but reconsidered after seeing her in her new attire.
  • Has also been hanging out with Rutile, the half demon reminding Tharja a little bit of Nowi.
  • Some of the ascended Strike Witches thought they heard their friend Gertrud Barkhorn. They were disappointed when that wasn't the case.
  • Has been followed around by Tomoko Kuroki. The reason for this is because Tomoko believes she can be more like her; a Yandere who stalks boys around and would make her more popular. She also wants to learn curses to inflict on stuck up high school girls. While Tharja is ok with the socially awkward teen hanging out with her, she's totally against teaching her any curses as it's too much of a burden to teach someone.
    • She has also been seen around with Tomoko Nozama. The reasons are unknown but some believe it's because of their share creepy aura. Incidentally, if both Tomokos and Tharja were together at the same time, some deities would suddenly collapse. Something about 'too much waifu material'
  • Many were shocked when they found out Tharja hates wearing bikinis because it exposes too much skin. Many would point out that her attire pretty much does show skin already. She points out that she is still covered up and that the only way she could wear a bikini is by putting a curse on herself not to feel embarrassed.

    The Magic Knights 
Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, Triumvirate Goddesses of Magically-Adapt Knights
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their Escudo weapons (Hikaru's broadsword, Umi's rapier, and Fuu's bow and arrows)
  • Theme Music: Unyielding Wish
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Magic, Air, Water, Fire, Courage.
  • Followers: Celes Chere, Gandalf
  • Allies: Terra Branford (everyone), Haruka Tenou (everyone), Snake (Umi only).
  • "Enemy": Celestia Ludenberg (Hikaru).
  • They are the Magic Knights. If you don't believe it, just ask them to do both sword fightings and magical spells. Odds are, they will succeed.
  • There are rumors that Umi has a long lost brother in the War House, named Kazuya. She has denied that rumor, but she looks up to him as a big brother figure.
    • Recently, she's gained another older brother figure in the form of Snake, as he mistook her for his sister after overhearing her. The mix-up was cleared up, and the two get along well.
  • In the mortal realm, Hikaru had an Evil Counterpart in form of Nova. In the Pantheon, that spot was taken by Celestia Ludenberg. Recently, Hikaru has been trying to get close with Celes, hoping that she will grow some empathy and values friendship for that, just like how she tamed Nova. The Pantheon are guessing just when until Celes decided to turn Hikaru against Umi and Fuu for any purposes, though the betting pool say that the three's bonds are just too strong to manipulate like that.
  • There were some who thought that Fuu might have been contacted by Vector Industries to 'lend' her voice in what would become the voice of KOS-MOS. Fuu has denied that, saying that they could have brought someone else with similar voice...
  • After overhearing Haruka Tenou, they mistook her for Princess Esmeraude and were about to apologize for killing her, when they realized that it was someone completely different. They get along well with Haruka and occasionally train with her in swordfighting.

    The Other Mother 
The Other Mother, Goddess of Dark Puppetry (The Beldam)
  • Theme Song: Dreaming, You Know I Love You
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: a black coat-button
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Marionette Master, Perverse Puppet, Creepy Doll, Demonic Dummy, Giant Spider, Wicked Witch, Dungeon Master, Evil Counterpart, Beware the Nice Ones, Yanderes.
  • Domains: Puppets, Magic, Soul Stealing.
  • Followers: The Puppet King.
  • Enemies: Hibari, Haruka, Banette
  • Doesn't live inside the House itself, but the House contains a passage into her world, now reduced to it's primal form: a simple web, due to the absense of potential preys. The only one remaining... for now.
  • The Other Mother has been starving ever since the portal to her realm has been closed to mortals. She hopes to use her deification to open up a new portal to hunt down more children.
  • She has no ambition to take over the Pantheon, however. Only hunger for love, and souls.
  • She rarely leaves her world in person, however her dolls lurk all around the Pantheon, unseen, empty button eyes watching... watching something...
    • Under no circumstances are those dolls to be let anywhere near the chamber of Treasures, for grave fear of The Other Mother's knowledge or use of Li'l Cal.
  • There are rumors that Sasori is attempting to usurp her position, but they are unconfirmed.
  • Is absolutely hated by Banette, who thinks she is too horrible to children. Even in comparison to himself.
    • Hibari also doesn't like her because she thinks that she behaves like Haruka did, but worse. And speaking of Haruka, she simply hates her because "using daughter as a doll" is an expression what hits too close to the home.


Veigar, God of Unlimited Magical Potential (the Tiny Master of Evil, Vivi)
Final Boss Form 

    Vivi Ornitier 
Vivi Ornitier, God of Black Mages (Vivi)

Voodoo, God of Caribbean Magic Practicioners

    Zatanna Zatara 
Zatanna Zatara, Goddess of Wizards Disguised as Magicians (Zatanna, The Mistress of Magic)


    Lord Tirek 
Lord Tirek, God of Stealing Magic
  • Demigod (Overdeity when free and sufficiently fed)
  • Symbol: A pair of horns with a fireball between them
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: major villains, magic drain, demon centaurs and primates, fire casters, Satanic entities, unexpectedly evil villains from cutesy shows, manipulators, giant monsters, imprisoned villains, wanting to become godlike
  • Domains: Evil, Magic, Demons, Fire
  • Allies: After what he did to Discord? Hahahaha, no. Aside from Mard Geer, even Melkor stays clear of the guy.
  • Enemies: All of the Mane Six in the pantheon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and the entire House of Magic due to what he could (and most certainly would, if given the opportunity) do to them, Anyone who relies on somekind of Mana to survive, The Lich, Zeref, Kiritsugu Emiya, Han Jee-Han
  • Fears: The Lich, Kiritsugu Emiya
  • He is one of the very rare Gods who have been deemed too dangerous to even be given the permission of freely wandering around the Pantheon. He is currently drained of all magic and sealed inside his own cavernous temple to make sure he will remain that way. Given how powerful he can grow if only he is allowed to devour enough magic, considering that there seems to be virtually no limit to how much he can absorb, and seeing how many magically affiliated Gods exist in the Pantheon (a lot), this is probably for the best.
  • Considering that he is also known to betray his allies, not even Melkor wants anything to do with him. He is fully aware that if Tirek is allowed free rein in the Pantheon, he will eventually turn on him, and could full well succeed.
  • Being a very powerful unicorn, aka a very appetizing meal for Tirek, King Sombra stays as far away from his temple as possible. Tirek himself laments the fact that he never got a chance to have a taste of Sombra's dark magic, which he surmises would have tasted delicious and could have been of great help against Princess Twilight Sparkle. Unfortunately for him, Sombra's de-ascension has led Tirek to have to find another source of power, and the Pantheon took a sigh of relief.
  • Rumor goes that, long ago, he may have wielded a powerful magical force known as the Rainbow of Darkness, with the power to bring a neverending night and to transform victims into dragons subservient to the user. Tirek himself has so far refused to comment on that, but many villains are interested in the possibilities. What they don't know is that Tirek is just waiting for a gullible villain searching for the Rainbow of Darkness to make a deal with him and break him out of his prison…
    "Only a foal dares to walk into Tartarus willingly. But…there might be something of use to you there…"
  • Is scary enough that even the likes of Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are afraid of what he could do to them. If you can frighten a member of Trollkaiger into submission, you know you're a threat.
  • The only being that actually terrifies him is The Lich. It was one day in the Pantheon when he somehow managed to escape his prison, and went around doing what he usually does. However, not too long into his rampage, The Lich showed up. Seeing that he possessed magic, Tirek absorbed it, not knowing that he would absorb The Lich as a whole, and ended up getting a Mind Rape. Tirek resorted to begging Twilight and her friends to use their Rainbow Power, knowing it was the only way to remove him. It was sucessful, but Tirek didn't bother trying to get out for weeks after that. Many gods speculate The Lich was the one behind his jailbreak, wanting to steal his ability to absorb magic.
  • Despite one of its heads being afraid of him, Tirek stays far, far away from the House of Ambiguity, for that house is the domain of the other being that manages to terrify him.....Kiritsugu Emiya. Tirek does not want to have an encounter with the dreaded "Origin Bullet", a weapon that is the bane to his existance due to its effects being more lethal the more mana its target has. Then again, who in the House of Magic isn't afraid of that to some extent.