Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Law


Here lies the Grand United Alliance of Law, ruled by YHVH, The Absolute Lawmaker. It is important to note that unlike the Grand United Alliance of Good, this faction is not filled with genuine good guys, a constant reminder that Law and Good are not necessarily synonymous (although YHVH himself would disagree). The Forces of Law stand for order, structure and peace, at any price: as such, the motivations of its members range from pious individuals who see YHVH's ideals as the path to happiness for all, to brutal dictators simply wishing to crush all vestiges of freedom underfoot. Opposing the Grand United Alliance of Law is The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, led by Lucifer, The Creator of Chaos, though YHVH's actions have stepped on the toes of the other Alliances as well.

The GUAL's base of operations is known as Purgatorium. Though it is a beautiful, heavenly domain at first sight, it has been described as a cold and unsettling place, and the demons and angels that wander its pathways are as deadly as any resident of the Labyrinth of Amala. There is a large, shiny gate at the end, labeled "Paradiso", which radiates such dazzling, cold light only members of the Ministry and the Order can manage to endure it across to the chambers of the Council.

They do NOT have a musical.

In Cyberspace, the color of the Tron Lines for deities aligned with the GUAL is Yellow. This does not include Clu's "army", who instead have Red lines.

Factions Within the GUAL

  • GUAL High Council: The masterminds of the GUAL.
  • GUAL Ministry Of The Word: A group of the GUAL's most charismatic and intelligent members, acting as a combination of Ministry of Propaganda and Inquisition.
  • GUAL Magistrate Judges: The faction in charge of managing YHVH's overzealous enforcement of his Lawful will and to balance the Lawful Evil of the GUAL members.
  • GUAL Templar Order: The GUAL's elite strike force, sent to purge those the Ministry declares a threat.

Alternative Title(s): Law, GUAL