Pure Energy

Senior Officer: The weird thing is, the bodies show traces of... pure energy.
Detective Randall: Energy? Like, electric, solar, or what?
Senior Officer: No, Randall. Just. Pure. Energy.
Detective Randall: ...Odd.
— "The Lazer Collection 3" by Dom Fera

Energy is formally defined as the capacity to do work (whilst work is defined as the energy transferred by a force).note . Energy is not something you can, for example, pick up and put in your pocket.

But the famous "E=mc2" equation gave us a notion that matter and energy were interchangeable in a certain way, and, as they tend to, Science fiction writers went off half-cocked with the idea.

You will therefore find in quite a lot of Speculative Fiction, the notion that energy is just another form of matter — particularly, a sort of warm glowy kind of matter, whose exact properties can be fine tuned to user specifications, and which can be summoned or banished with a button-press.

In this sort of system, you can treat "Pure Energy" as a building material, and make things out of it. Such things would, quite naturally, be of higher quality than anything made out of mundane old matter. In the universe of real physics, claiming something is "made out of pure energy" is flat out nonsensical — it makes as much sense to say that something is "made out of pure velocity," or that pasta is "made out of yummy".

If we're feeling generous, we can suppose that they don't really mean to treat energy like a kind of matter, and are actually dealing with highly energized exotic matter, such as plasma, certain created energy sources or Phlogisticated Aether, but they really shouldn't be going around calling it "Pure Energy".

In Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors settings, this enables "energy elements" — Fire, Lightning, Light, and Darkness — to be treated and manipulated the same as "material elements" — Air, Water, Earth, Metal, Wood.

Misinterpreting the law of conservation of energy - "energy cannot be created or destroyed" - to mean that objects made of "Pure Energy" are indestructible is a common subtrope. Of course, if "energy cannot be created", then we're left to wonder how, according to this subtrope, "Pure Energy" came into being in the first place. Or why the same rule doesn't apply to stuff made of Pure Matter (as the actual LoC does). note 

See also:
  • Energy Ball: An orb of the stuff usually used offensively.
  • Energy Beings are people made of Pure Energy.
  • A Swirly Energy Thingy is a Pure Energy-based Cool Gate.
  • Laser Blades are swords forged out of the stuff.
  • Sword Beams are beams that shoot out from swords.
  • Deflector Shields are usually walls made of Pure Energy.
  • Hard Light, when it's just "we turned up the power so high that it became solid" as in Automan, is a solid projection made of Pure Energy.note 
  • Frickin' Laser Beams are, by and large, simply conventional pistols that fire bullets made of Pure Energy, rather than being lasers or something similarly hard to dodge.
  • Objects made by a Green Lantern Power Ring.
  • Power Source to most advanced or magical machinery.
  • Frequently a source of Non-Elemental damage.


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  • One of the brands of Leggs® panty hose was called "Sheer Energy".


    Film, Animated 
  • In the 2009 Astro Boy movie, the title character is powered by a glowy energy that is "more powerful than nuclear energy."
  • The Drej in Titan A.E. are shown to made entirely out of raw electrical energy.

    Film, Live Action 
  • In The Avengers, JARVIS says that the barrier around the Tesseract portal generator is made out of pure energy and cannot be destroyed (after Iron Man shoots it and gets hit with the reflected beam).
  • In the TRON films and Expanded Universe, the sentient AIs drink the stuff for nourishment. Digitized humans can also benefit from drinking it.

  • In the Alterien series, the Alteriens and the Enhanced can temporarily achieve a higher state in which their bodies are composed of pure energy. This is their most powerful form, but it only lasts for about 2 minutes.
  • In the fantasy series, Astral Dawn, the high spirits are composed of pure energy and thought. However, the energy the high spirits and the astral plane are made of is of a higher dimension that conforms to different laws of physics. Simon explained it to Caspian as astral physics or dream physics.
  • In the Discworld book Sourcery, a tower is built out of pure magic.
  • In Gone, Sam can shoot energy beams from his hands.

    Live Action TV 
  • One episode of Blake's 7 features a force wall whose optical properties had been set such that it was indistinguishable from a normal door.
  • Star Trek, the original series at least, might as well be the trope namer. The number of times Spock says "Pure Energy" over the course of the series is only rivaled by the number of times he says "Near Earth parallel, captain."

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Magic missile spells are made of force, which is basically the same thing as 'pure energy'. Other force effects include the Bigby's line of spells, and a dragon that BREATHES force energy.
    • Brilliant energy weapons have their damaging part transformed into pure energy that passes through everything else but damages living things, making armour useless against it.
  • The Prime arcanum in Mage: The Awakening provides several varieties: pure Mana condensed to solid form for easy storage, Non-Elemental Celestial Fire, weapons and armour (and tables and stuff) created from Hard Light, and sentient constructs Made of Magic.
  • Warp Energy in Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. Technically it's psychic energy, composed of the thoughts and emotions of every sapient being, but in practice it is treated as this trope.

    Video Games 
  • Mega Man Star Force 2 featured Matter Waves. The futuristic society in the series essentially does just about everything using energy waves, such as creating snow for a ski resort, making fountains, and controlling... the... weather. Ignoring all of the completely ridiculous things done with it, however, you still have the Matter Waves, which are basically electromagnetic waves in tangible form. You have Matter Wave Skis, Matter Wave Vacuum Cleaners, Matter Wave MacGuffins, and Matter Wave BUTLERS.
  • Lost Planet has "Thermal Energy", which is harvested by killing Akrid. It's some kind of glowing orange goo that has a large potency. Possibly overlaps with Green Rocks.
  • Half-Life 2's Combine Dark Energy Orbs are balls of energy either kept in a stasis and used to power generators, or contained in a capsule which can be used as a weapon, releasing the orb which instantly disintegrates most biological lifeforms it comes in contact with.
  • Final Fantasy VI has the boss Atma/Ultima Weapon, which before the battle boasts of being "pure energy, and ancient as the cosmos." It is no pushover.
    • Which is why beating it by draining all of its MP makes sense - without MP, it's as good as non-existent.
  • In Might and Magic VI, gold dragons and energy drakes hand out "energy" damage as distinct from fire, cold or electric, and so do "Ancient Weapons".
  • In Albion forcefields found in one dungeon are apparently made of pure energy. Considering that one of the heroes is a scientist, this understandably confuses him. He does manage to conclude that the field appears to be made of electrical discharges, but has no visible power source. He later concludes that information, energy and matter are interchangeable on the eponymous planet, allowing magic to exist.
  • In X-COM: Enemy Unknown, the Outsider alien is deemed a being "made of almost pure energy" by Dr. Vahlen. She's just as confused as the rest of us, perhaps lampshading the impossibility of this trope.

  • Gene Catlow has seen a lot of this after Friendship Island was introduced.

    Web Original 
  • Just. Pure. Energy.
    • Ironically this disjointed collection of 4chan-esque shorts might be the only instance where the words "pure energy" actually make sense. The "lazers" are just a large wave of light, heat, and concussive force — the purest expressions of energy in a system — expelled all at once.
  • This is a pretty common power type in the ‘’Global Guardians PBEM Universe’’. Victory, Evengella, Argent, both Quantums (one an American superhero with vast and near-limitless power, the other a Spanish hero with not quite as much power), Silverwing, and the Chaos Lord all use the “cosmic energy” rational, and some use the “energy can’t be destroyed” assumption as well.

    Western Animation 
  • In Transformers, Energon, so near as we can tell, is Pure Energy which has been poured into a box for easy storage.
    • The late G1 episode, "Call of the Primitives", featured a monster named Tornedron who was described as being made of "pure energy", thereby allowing him to assume many (apparently solid) forms and making him superior to Unicron, a being of matter... riiiight.
    • Other incarnations, like Beast Wars, made Energon into a form of Green Rocks that generate a lot of power and have all sorts of funky effects.
    • G1 Energon is weird. Any source of fuel can be poured into a cube made of... white outlines... and once inside, it promptly turns into glowy stuff that robots can drink or use to fuel stuff. All the other series (including Beast Wars, which actually follows G1) treat it as a natural resource that can be mined. It still blows up if you rub it the wrong way, though. Interestingly, most if not all weapons made of Pure Energy in Transformers are called "energon weapons". They seem to be quite solid. In Transformers Animated, the shiny parts of a weapon that's mostly made of shiny can hold the solid parts in place. It's... pretty safe to say that it all runs on Rule of Cool.
  • Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory once tried to produce pure energy in his laboratory. In the few moments before his machine crashed, it was depicted as a giant glowing atom (you get a better view of it in his grandfather's Rube Goldberg machine).
  • Megabyte in ReBoot once extracted all the energy in Mainframe's core and converted it into a liquid state which was stored in a "transformer". But since this pure energy was unnatural it caused problems when the User loaded a game, including forcing the game to land on the Principal office, corrupting the game and turning Megabyte into a Megatruck.