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Pantheon: Ambiguity
Welcome to the House of Ambiguity. In ages past, this was originally the House of Heroes, a paradise for the best of the best, where sweet wine flowed from elaborate fountains and adoring fans catered to tired crusaders for good, a place of relaxation and celebration where no evil and very few neutral feet dared to tread. It was where the defenders of the weak went to unwind, where the most empathic went to spend a little time away from angst, where a hero could just have a bit of guilt-free fun and take a load off, free of woes. In its heyday, it was the most appealing House in the Pantheon.

All things must come to an end. Sickened with the fetid hovel that was the House of Villains, a place infested with fleas and bastard understudies where the food was always burned or sulfurous, and where the cushions had lumps, those who sided with Evil banded together and revolted. This started the Pantheon's second great war, which raged within all the Houses and consumed nearly all who were not Neutral. There were casualties on every side, and most of the Houses existing at the time were decimated. Both sides appealed to Dream until at last He hit the Reset Button, and decreed that the Houses of Heroism and Villainy were to be merged, now stop bothering Him.

This was long enough ago that very few of today's deities were there to see it. Today the House used to accept heroes and villains alike, as well as a handful with the Neutral alignment. It was neither particularly luxurious nor unpleasant - a visitor looking for those aspects is directed to the House of Love or the sad slums of the self-exiled Fallen. Infighting was prevalent in this house, although not to quite the extent of House of War. The only reason why the whole place wasn't been completely demolished is thanks to the fact that no matter how catastrophic the fight, and no matter how many heroes and villains were involved, nothing ever changes.

Due to a decree by the Creators, the house was resplit, with only the neutral remaining here (for now). The House of Ambiguity is currently ruled by "The Council of Three" consisting of Guts, Mr. Freeze, and Lambadelta.

(Insert Name Here), God or Goddess of Player Choice ("You")
  • Variably-powered God or Goddess
  • Symbol: Extremely Mutable.
  • Alignment: Varies
  • Portfolio: Shapeshifting, Reincarnation, New Powers as the Plot Demands, Being A Blank Slate.
  • Domains: Change.
  • Followers: The Spirit and Marno Ar (Insert Name Here), The Tactician, CHARNAME, Sir Douchebag
  • Allies: Jack Ryan, Commander Shepard.
  • Aspects of INH are clear in Revan and the Jedi Exile, Nerevarine, and many, many others.
  • He or She is almost constantly possessed by one of His or Her followers, and has a different appearance, personality, symbol and alignment, set of abilities, and people skills for each one. Really, the best way to tell if a God or Goddess is INH is to check facial expression - almost invariably, INH's face bears an unchanging neutrally interested expression.
  • Can be and has been killed, many times. He or She always respawns next to the fountain in the center of the Pantheon's garden, in His or Her "default form", which is male, human, and bland. He or She does nothing while not being possessed by a follower.
  • The deeds which INH has done are numerous and legendary. Sometimes He or She is manipulative enough to worm His or Her way into the Council of Shadows, sometimes He or She beats out a place into the House of War... very often He or She joins up with the Disgraces. He or She has defeated Cosmic Horrors, bedded half of the House of Love, sought council with the highest of the high... and even He or She tolerated the annoyance of Excalibur. However much a side of INH accomplishes, though, it never seems to count.
  • The other gods mostly believe that INH is simply an empty vessel, as indicated by His or Her immobility when default. But the rare occasions when INH's eyes become pleadingly sad are intensely disturbing to the more compassionate gods.
  • Is probably a loser. Or a bastard. Reports vary.

Lambadelta, Goddess of Extreme Moral Unpredictability (Witch of Certainty)
  • Lesser Goddess (or so she'd let you believe)
  • Symbol: A pair of pumpkin earrings over a pink hat.
  • Alignment: An extremely unpredictable, ambiguous flavor of True Neutral, leaning towards chaos.
  • Portfolio: Unpredictable Morality, Gravity Manipulation, Trolling, Obfuscating Stupidity, Awesome, but Impractical Abilities, Story Breaker Powers, Causing Trouble For Her Own Amusement, having her own standards against pointless despair (because they aren't amusing), liking those who work hard, Blue and Orange Morality.
  • Domains: Trickery, Magic
  • Superior: Ryukishi 07
  • Allies: Bernkastel, Deadpool, Kyubey, the Dragonborn, Naruto, Claire Stanfield.
  • Enemies: Rika Furude, Oyashiro-Sama, The Puella Magi (mainly on their part, she doesn't seem to care), Terumi, Perfectio, Nyarlathotep
  • Trying to make her pick a side in the battle between the GUAG and GUAE is completely pointless since as a very capricious individual, anything she does is purely motivated by amusement and boredom.
    • She does however dislike pointlessly heart-rending despair happy actions, claiming that they're not amusing.
    • Said dislike for pointless despair caused her to become angry when a plot to permanantly kill off Madoka got discovered. In her words, that's not funny. Thus did she gain motivation to take part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion", much to the shock of The Sisterhood. She still trolls them for lulz, because that's funny.
  • Being a witch, the puella magi view her as a major threat. Her reputation for being an exceptionally powerful witch does make them think carefully regarding potential attacks. On her part, she's content on simply trolling unless provoked directly.
  • Is currently on the third seat of the "Council of Three"
  • Her one unchanging truth is that she despises slackers and likes hard workers. It might explain why she likes Naruto's company.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Deities Finding Their Destiny (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Babs Seed)
  • Rank: Quasideities
  • Theme Song: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme or Hearts Strong As Horses
  • Symbol: The Cutie Mark Crusaders emblem (a stitched blue patch with a yellow pony with a cape rearing up).
  • Alignment: Borderline Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Adorableness, Children, Deuteragonist Groups, Friendship, Mischief
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Allies: Princess Celestia & Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Mr. Rogers, Carl Fredricksen, Subaru Nakajima, Jack and Annie, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, PaRappa, Asagi Asagiri, The Katawa Girls (For Scootaloo)
  • Enemies: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
    • However, when they looked at their flanks, they found them blank and sighed in dismay.
  • The Mane Six goddesses, Applejack and Rarity specifically, voiced their concern on not only why were the fillies allowed into the Pantheon but also where they were to be placed, but after being told it would be the House of Ambiguity, they felt more at ease.
    • The Mane Six decided to move them out of this house now that there has been a slew of new gods from the Houses of Heroes and Villains coming in. Fortunately, Ralph has taken the job of being a babysitter seeing as their energy reminds them of his dear friend Vanellope.
  • Ever since their arrival, the Pantheon has had a rash of various accidents as they attempt to obtain their cutie marks. Despite the constant reprimands of Applejack, Rarity, and all the House of Law, they never seem to stay put.
    • Twilight Sparkle once told a cautionary tale about one Asagi Asagiri whose desire to become a main character, which mirrored the Crusaders' desire for their Cutie Marks, put her amongst The Fallen. Instead of heeding her warning, the Cutie Mark Crusaders saw Asagi as a potential ally and wish to have her join them, especially since Asagi has now jumped into Purgatory.
  • Aside from Fluttershy, there are only two other gods that can manage to make the trio obey: Mr. Rogers, and Carl Fredricksen. The former has shown the patience to truly comprehend their needs (plus his puppet friends are wonderful teaching aids), while the latter formed a special bond with the young fillies as they remind him of Ellie and her spirit of discovery and adventure. The fact the CMC enjoy listening to his tales is an added bonus.
  • Whenever a loud buzzing hum along with the steady sound of wheels are heard approaching, everyone clears out of the way knowing that Scootaloo in her scooter and the rest of the Crusaders in their wagon are on their way to their next plan to obtain their cutie marks.
    • Scootaloo's speedy maneuvering and stunts have attracted the attention of fellow deity on wheels, Subaru Nakajima. Both acknowledge their corresponding skills on scooter and skates respectively and have been known to have friendly races in the House of Travel.
      • The duo of racers became a trio after PaRappa demonstrated his skateboarding skills, impressing the two. Parappa also inspires the Cutie Mark Crusaders to continue their trek to finding their Cutie Marks by always saying, "You gotta believe!"
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders stay far away from Queen Chrysalis after an incident where she kidnapped them to lure the Mane 6 into action.
    • They also stay away from Discord since they were the ones who (accidentally) let him loose in the first place.
  • Sweetie Belle has been given hundreds of invitations from the Music House so they can hear her sing. However, due to her shyness, she has declined all offers. She is also banned from the House of Food due to her "ability" to burn juice.
    • Felix has gotten interested in Apple Bloom's skills in carpentry and wishes to tutor her, but she too has also refused.
  • The Mane 6 have a vested interest to have the crusaders NOT decide their destinies are to be bad guys. As of such, they make certain that any attempt for villains like Kane or Palpatine to make them an Unwitting Pawn to theft or evil is met with a quick hoof to the face, and a stern talking to of all the Crusaders. Knowledge of the existence of the Incubators is to be kept from them AT ALL COSTS.
    • They also make special note that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stay FAR AWAY from Hansel and Gretel (preferably Hansel), because Hansel's voice can sound so similar to Rainbow Dash (and to an extent Applejack) at times.
  • They once tried to get many gods together by brewing up what was a "love potion." However, they soon found out later that they brewed love poison making all of their would-be targets (whose names are confidential at this moment) to start giving too much sugar coated sweet talk. This resulted in them having to get multiple gods to restrain the people who drunk the poison away from each other for a whole hour. As a result, they had to clean up most of the mess they started throughout Pantheon in regards to separating the lovers.
    • Then there was that time that they made a gossip column under the name of "Gabby Gums". That also ended in failure when they started spreading gossip on some of the more villainous gods.
      • This wasn't a failure because what they were saying wasn't true, per se. It was mainly because Lex Luthor, God of Villain with Good Publicity was upset they were intruding on his position of laying smear on other gods.
  • The fact that they represent a concept of not representing a concept has broken a few brains in the pantheon.
  • Their base is a tree house created by Apple Bloom. One day, the crusaders visited Jack and Annie and were amazed at their tree house giving them the ability to travel into books. The group is currently trying their hardest to make their own magic tree house while Jack and Annie have stated that it was all right for them to hang out in their own as long as they don't go jumping into any of the books inside.
  • Vanellope von Schweetz does her best to help the Crusaders find their cutie marks and was amazed at how Apple Bloom created her own cart. Apple Bloom, for the most part, has been humble about her skills in building. The Crusaders have lots of play dates with Vanellope whenever she arrives, under the supervision of one Wreck-it Ralph.
    • Ralph is now a part-time bodyguard for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, considering that more and more Gods are filling this house. He nearly had to fight off Gangrel when Luna accidentally scared them off by snarling at them because the CMC only wanted to know who was ascending into the House. This also didn't stop the Cutie Mark Crusaders to become "CUTIE MARK CRUSADER VAMPIRE WRESTLERS YAY!!!" Let's just say that Gangrel has put a "No ponies allowed" sign on the temple door after that, although he did admit that at least they didn't state that he and Luna lived Gothic lifestyles.
  • Nozomi has decided to tutor the little fillies in trying to find their Cutie Marks. If that doesn't work, they have consoled Sybil Pandemik and Mona on their history of going through different jobs and sometimes help them fill multiple positions around the Pantheon. The Mane 6 have asked Sybil and Mona to not take the fillies to places where they have to work for evil.
  • The less we talk about the time these three once dressed like KISS, the better.
  • Scootaloo is slowly becoming friends with the Katawa Girls of the House of Love, Emi in particular, as the two of them share a great enjoyment for high speeds. Lily has lent a kind ear to Scootaloo's fears that she may never fly. Although Scootaloo at least appreciates Lily's comforting presence, it's pretty clear she's not taking Lily's words to heart, instead expressing a deep envy of her and how far she's gotten in life despite her inability to see.
  • The three have recently been seen around Twilight Sparkle for "Twilight Time", as they call it. The three have been getting lessons in regards to potion making (Applebloom), basic magic (Sweetie Belle) and acrobatics (Scootaloo). This has really pleased many of the Gods, because this means that there are less messes to handle and less "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS [Occupation]!" to be heard.

Guts, God of Antiheroism (The Hundred-Man Slayer, The Black Swordsman)

Kevin Ethan Levin, God of Guys Constantly Caught in Peril and Those Shifting Between Evil, Neutral and Good (Kevin 11, Kev, Muscles)
  • Lesser God in his normal state. Depending on how much energy he absorbs, it jumps to Intermediate or Greater God.
  • Symbol: The lock chain he wears around his neck.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good, although he has been all over the place. Many in the Pantheon are wary of him due to his tendency to switch sides.
  • Portfolio: Distressed Dudes, The Worf Effect, Always Having His Car Blow Up ("MY RIDE!"), Sacrificing Himself to Save The World, Going Crazy from Energy Absorption.
  • Domains: Revenge, Atonement, Energy, Power, Good/Evil.
  • Followers: There are many, but no one knows which side they’re on.
  • Allies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson (He currently dates Gwen), Batman, Cyborg, Nightwing, Guts, Kain Highwind, Inigo Montoya, Andre the Giant.
  • Enemies: Deathstroke, Joker, Deadpool, Izaya Orihara, Kyubey.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after discovering the position of God of the Face Heel Revolving Door would be given to Raven (Teen Titans), stole it from her and tried to sneak in, only to be caught by Batman. Gwen vouched for him, and he was allowed to stay in the House of Ambiguity. Was given the title God of Distressed Dudes by Deadpool.
  • Has become irritated by Deadpool after he is informed that he will become evil, again.
  • Stomped Edward Cullen’s face, blaming him for the Darkfall Books that were the equivalent to Twilight in his universe.
  • Has been trolled by Izaya Orihara after Izaya pinned the words “Distressed Dude” on the back of Kevin’s shirt. Kevin has since tried to run over him with his car on sight. He's still looking for Izaya Orihara with help from Shizuo Heiwajima.
  • Makes fun of Sasuke Uchiha for sounding like Ben and calling him the “Emoest of them all.”
  • Looks up to Guts for being such a major badass, and sympathizes with his quest for revenge. Wants to hear Kevin's when there's some downtime.
  • Is currently being mentored by Batman, accepted in the hopes that he will be able to take the Batmobile for a joyride
  • Has a mechanics shop in the House of Technology, but his car has constantly been crushed again...and again. It's become such a betting game in the House of Commerce as to when he'll start screaming out, "MY RIDE!!"
  • Gets along well with Cyborg, often asks him to upgrade his ride but wonders why he laughs whenever Kevin calls him “Dude”.
    • And there's even more confusion since he sounds similar to one version of Michaelangelo.
  • Has visited Nightwing in the House of Love for relationship advice, won't give specifics when Gwen asks him about it.
  • Has been seen in the House of Food eating Flean cake with Mulder and Scully.
  • Upon learning that Kyubey offered Gwen a contract to become a Magical Girl, he ran over him with his car. Homura approved of this.
  • Often visits the House of Travel to look at the Cool Cars. Once again, his car can usually been seen smashed into smithereens.
  • Has been approached by Deathstroke with an apprenticeship offer. Flat out refused and was able to hold him off until Gwen shot a shard of mana through Slade’s empty eyesocket. Deathstroke has sworn revenge on them for reminding him of those two brats.
  • Was interested to say the least when he saw Inigo Montoya in the Pantheon. He doesn't admit it, but he actually grew up reading the Princess Bride and even got to say Inigo's most famous phrase. It helps that they've both defeated the men who killed their fathers.
    • Nearly had a fanboy moment when he found Andre the Giant was in the House of Combat, as Andre played Fezzik in the movie. He denies that he wanted Andre's autograph.
  • Homura Akemi had a discussion with him regarding her actions during the "great upheaval". He reassured her that "Bunnycat deserves what you've done to him for being such a dick. There's no "right" or "Wrong" regarding that jerk. You deserve to be selfish for once."
  • His Energy Absorption powers make him super dangerous. One, he can absorb powers of Greater Gods and bring them back. Two, he himself can become downright insane with the absorption, and if not taken down quickly, he'll start going on more and more of a rampage.

Sou Fueki, God of Suspiciously Being on More Then One Side (The White Wizard, Kamen Rider Wiseman, Phantom Wiseman, Carbuncle)
  • Theme Music: The White Wizard, The Sabbath Ritual (As Wiseman), or During the Sabbath (When Conducting The Second Sabbath) .
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Wizard Rings and the symbol of The Phantoms.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good actually Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Helping the hero out whenever he's in trouble Bathed in light and a figure of goodness (But really isn't) Magic Rings, Creating soldiers in order to be used for his own benefit, Doing whatever it takes to save his daughter. being the big bad after all.
  • Domains: Magic, Love, Sacrifice, Good And Evil.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Gremiln/Sora Takigawa, and all other Phantoms like Phoenix and Medusa (believed), Kosuke Nitoh/Kamen Rider Beast, Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard and Mayu Inamori/Kamen Rider Mage. (in reality)
  • Opposed by: All good-aligned members of the House of Magic and all Puella Magi.
  • Like Haruto, he too lost his family and it is one of his biggest reasons for helping him or at least that is what he tells him, he lost his only daughter Koyomi and in his grief looked into different ways to bring her back and find one way through a dark ritual know as The Sabbath and sacrificed many turning them into phantoms with Haruto being the only survivor.
  • He trains him to hone his skills and that of any powerful magic user in the pantheon that needs it so that he can attempt The Sabbath the second time and be able to bring his daughter back fully.
  • He cares about his daughter Koyomi and is often seen trying to persuade other magical gods around the various houses to help him bring her back from the dead.
  • He has also been know to force a few into becoming Wizards but he merely does this so that they can unlock their potential and help the world , he actually does this to create all new sort of Phantoms and proper sacrifices for The Second Sabbath
    • This makes him almost as bad as the Incubators. The Puella Magi don't want anything to do with him because of that.
    • In return he is disappointed in them as he believed that they should know about sacrifice and how far they are willing to go to achieve their dreams, why should they hate him for trying to achieve his own which is trying to see his daughter's smiling face again.
  • He is also a very powerful magic user being able to destroy a monster with the wave of his hand and a simple phrase "Begone" This also bleeds into his artificial phantom Wiseman making it one of the most powerful Phantoms
  • After knowing more of what Gremlin does in the future he is deadest on destroying him. He nearly flipped his shit when he found out Gremlin killed him and his daughter.
    • This is a reason he refuses to be apart of the Demonic Legion as long as Gremlin is there he won't be.
  • He claims to be a scientist as well and claims to be a famous physicist, but can also help in a number of other fields, including medicine and technology. Not to mention being a biologist and magicologist and it should come to no surprise after all he did go into these fields to invent an artificial Phantom (Carbuncle, AKA Wiseman) and implanted it in himself to let him wield magic.
  • Is hearing rumors that his daughter has somehow been brought back to life and has taken up his mantle and she calls herself Kamen Rider Wiseman, though sadly he has discovered that this Koyomi is a false copy made by a Phantom. The news has crushed him but he is now even more motivated to begin The Second Sabbath.
  • Is trying to befriend the newly ascended Wander, he feels that they are suffering a similar fate and is willingly to help him bring down the Colossi, even offering him the chance to become a Wizard, if that fails he can at least gain a new Phantom to help The Second Sabbath.
  • Has heard of The Great Will's sudden meeting with several villains and watches with great fear for Haruto, actually wants to be apart of The Regime so that he can gain interest with YHVH and begin The Second Sabbath and reunite with his Daughter
  • Much to Haruto's confusion every time he has invited Fueki to the Toku Base The White Wizard has always refused as he does not want the other members to discover his plans.

Kunieru Emoto, God of Mulitple Aliases ( Virgo Zodiarts, Tachibana)

Sam & Max, Gods of Heroic Comedic Sociopathy (President of the United States of America, High Priest of the Sea Monkeys, Little Buddy (Max))
  • Lesser Gods ( The original Max had Greater God/Overdeity powers)
  • Symbol: The Freelance Police Shield
  • Alignment: Chaotic...Something-We-Don't-Know
  • Portfolio: Heroic Comedic Sociopaths, Careless Collateral Damage, Cruelty Made Fun, Police of Questionable Authority, Variable Conscience, Talking Animals
  • Domains: Partnership, Banter, Chaos, Freelance Police
  • Allies: Sybil Pandemik
  • Opposed by: Any villain who takes themselves too seriously, innocent civilians, Senator Armstrong,
  • Followers: Belkar, Dangeresque
  • As the only one of the duo with a semi-functioning conscience, Sam adds the "heroic" to Max's "vessel of unbridled sociopathic terror", by pointing the lagomorph in the direction of evil-doers. Neither one will shy away from excessive collateral damage in the pursuit of justice, and as a result an entire wing of Hell is devoted to innocents who've been killed or corrupted in the wake of Sam & Max's gleefully oblivious destruction.
  • Oddly enough, Sam & Max weren't in line for this position. They simply showed up, and happened to complete the three complex rituals necessary to prove their right of ascension. We choose not to investigate what happened to the other candidates and why the parchments smell funny. Sam's promise that he'd let Max beat us with our own kidneys if we don't stop asking questions had little to do with it.
  • Some say that Commissioner Gygax called these two to stick around specifically in case Xanatos makes too great a power play. The actions of Sam & Max cannot be planned nor predicted by anyone, especially those who try make Unwitting Pawns of the pair - as many a thwarted mastermind will attest.
  • Max occasionally plays poker with the Heavy, Tycho, and Strong Bad. Sam also hangs out in the speakeasy the four play in, but has also engaged with some poker with fellow god Ashley Williams, who has shown respect for Sam's adventures in saving the world, Brock Samson, who is a follower of Guy Shishioh, and (non-ascended) [[Video Game/Borderlands2 Claptrap]], with GLADOS as the dealer.
  • Max's case has also come into question as he is actually an alternate timeline Max due to the original Max becoming an Eldritch Abomination and destroyed by thousands of missiles. Sam doesn't seem to mind, though.
  • Was great to hear their good friend Sybil entering the Pantheon. Max is still determined that her job should be guilt slinging considering she helped name the trope in question.
  • If they are in the vicinity when a phone starts ringing, RUN. The two will immediately scramble into a mad dash in order to get it and most likely cause a lot of collateral damage when one of them (mostly Sam) finally gets their hands on it.
  • No one knows how Max pulls out all of the inventory he has on him (since he doesn't wear clothes). He'll reply that it's "none of your damn business" if anyone asks.

Mr. Welch, God of Loonies and Awesome Insanity

Lord Byron, God of Byronic Heroes

Belinda, Goddess of Mock-Heroic Epics
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Two perfectly symmetrical locks of black hair, with a knife held up to one, alternatively, her hair-pin
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Spoiled Sweet, Ancestral Weapon, Based on a True Story, Berserk Button, Beware the Nice Ones, Christianity is Catholic, Defiled Forever (in a parodic way), Long Hair Is Feminine, Mundane Made Awesome, Princess Classic, Traumatic Haircut
  • Domains: Aristocracy, Beauty, Pride, Mock-Heroism, UTTER EPICNESS, Locks (of hair)
  • Allies: Most of the House of Royalty
  • In Belinda's mortal life, a lover of hers took a lock of her hair without her permission. She reacted as if her world had ended, but, after the first bout of angst, she, in a fit of anger (rumors say brought on by a gnome named Umbriel) fought the lover with her hair-pin (passed down from her great-great grandfather as three seal-rings, to his widow as a belt buckle, then to Belinda's grandmother as a whistle, and then was given as a hair-pin to Belinda's mother, who passed it down to Belinda) so that he might return the lock, but he had lost it. It ascended to the heavens as a constellation, and Belinda ascended with it to the Pantheons as the Goddess of Mock-Heroic Epics.
  • Has a lapdog named Shock whom she is very fond of.
  • Has grown her hair back, and may Eru have mercy on your soul if you try to re-cut it.
  • In the pantheon, she lives a aristocratic life, often visiting the House of Royalty to play card games. She is attended by Sylphs, lesser spirits of air, who help her with her daily activities. They are led by the sylph Ariel, the airiest of them all.

David Sumner, God of Being Far More Dangerous Than You'd Think

The Men In Black, Defenders of the Galaxy

Travis Touchdown, God of Protagonists You're Not SupposedTo Like (The Crownless King, The No More Hero)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Rose Nasties.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Otaku, Random Power Spikes, Sweet Rides That Reference Star Wars, Rising To The Top of the Ladder, Genre Savvy, Wielders of Laser Blades (which are called "Beam Katanas"), Tigers
  • Domains: Knowledge, Lust, Strength, War, Heroism
  • Followers: Hans Beckert (M), Nick Naylor, [[Video Game/Deponia Rufus]]
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Mr. Freeze, Pearl Forrester, Carrot Ironfoundersson, Steven Armstrong, Charles Britannia
  • Worthy Opponent: Raiden
  • Is currently recognized as the fourth-best combatant in the Pantheon and is trying to requisition the funds for a Ranking Battle with Popeye. Fortunately for the rest of the Pantheon, the House of Commerce is running a series of scams on Travis to ensure he never gets the money.
  • Learned his wrestling skills from a small program in the Hart Dungeon, where he personally trained under Bret Hart. Travis treats his mentor with respect, and has teamed up with him on numerous occasions against other teams in the Pantheon. Also spends time wrestling with the other gods of wrestling fame.
    • When Rey Mysterio made it to the Pantheon, Travis immediately challenged him to a wrestling fight. The House of Commerce immediately went with the side that Rey would trounce him. They were surprised to find that the two ended the battle in a draw. Travis is also helping Rey in expanding his sword collection, hoping to give the luchador a beam katana for "defense". The other Gods shiver in worry.
      • Then, Travis learned that Rey ascended the Masked Luchador out of them all, El Santo. Travis had to keep it together to get Santo's autograph.
  • There is some nutcase who believes Travis created O-Haruhi-Sama. Travis ignores him because doing otherwise would invoke Haruhi's wrath.
  • Is currently training to surpass the more powerful deities in the Pantheon, wishing to become number one.
  • After recently losing to Asura in a sparring match, he has since fallen in the combat rankings. Travis doesn't hold it against him, however, and has joined the multi-armed deity in his venture to finally destroy Gohma Vlitra.
  • Recently became friends with Scott Pilgrim, upon the two of them realizing they had a lot in common. Both are videogame/anime geeks who fought their way through a number of opponents for a girl they liked, while breaking the 4th wall with regularity. Plus, while Scott and Travis were both fairly large dickwads at the beginning of their stories, they both grew out of it by the end. They're still kind of jerks, though.
  • Has a mecha of his own known as "Glastonberry". Unfortunately, it had to be scrapped in order for Travis to make payments for funds.
  • Fought Raiden in a one-on-one match and considers him a Worthy Opponent. Also finds it weird to find his twin brother's voice in Raiden.
  • Despite his lusting over goddesses like Mikuru Asahina (Moe~), he doesn't desire to make advances toward them. In his words, "I feel like a old man in a fucking porno."

Gig, God of Heroic Omnicidal Maniacs (Master of Death, Commander of the World Eaters,, Killer of Kings and Destroyer of Worlds, Indestructible Gig, Vigilance)
  • Theme Song: Rock'n Rocks
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A scythe with a red blade
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Grim Reaper, Souls, The Lifestream, Insane Levels of Power, Shoulders of Doom, Wielders of Scythes, Being Sealed Away for Really Bad Behavior, Really Sarcastic Omnicidal Maniacs Who Acquire Hearts of Gold, Those Who Are Absolutely Not Heroic, Lovers of Hotpods
  • Domains: Afterlife, Chaos, Death, Destruction, War
  • Opposed by: Majin Buu, Black Mage, YHVH
  • In terms of sheer destructive capability, Gig may be the single most powerful deity in the entire Pantheon. Other deities are stronger, but none of them are as willing to use their power at the slightest provocation.
  • Challenged Majin Buu for his position. Gig actually won decisively, but was disqualified when Black Mage pointed out that when he had a perfect opportunity to destroy the world, he saved it instead. Gig's response to that landed Black Mage in the deific equivalent of intensive care for two weeks and reduced everything for miles around to a smoking crater, at which point he was awarded his present position in the House of Heroes and Villains in order to keep him from destroying the rest of it.
  • Has repeatedly threatened to kill anyone who suggests that he might be getting soft, but the only people he's actually followed through with that on deserved it anyway.
  • Maintains a very good relationship with Kurama, who oversees the growth of hotpods, Chance the Gardener, who has has set aside a portion of the Garden to grow them in, and Takeshi Kaga, who cooks them for Gig and his followers. These three gods enjoy a kind of diplomatic immunity as a result, since no god is willing to risk the Wrath of Gig by harming them in any way.
  • Gig + Deadpool = Hilarity Ensues Up to Eleven
  • World of Silence is a major Berserk Button for him as it reminds him of Drazil, the guy who originally orchestrated his death. YVHV to Gig is very much like Drazil, which is why he signed up for "The Pantheonic Rebellion" in the "Deep Strike" front.

Etna, Goddess of Prepubescent Badassery (Demon Lord Etna, Beauty Queen Etna)

Captain Hammer, God of Arrogant Heroes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A simple hammer, which he notes isn't The Hammer. (It's his penis, by the way).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid (though he insists it's Chaotic Good).
  • Allies: Guy Gardner, The Homelander, Gaston, Superman on a bad day.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Every intellectual hero.
  • Portfolio: Arrogant Superheroes, Jerk Jocks Given Power, Anti-Intellectualism, Idiot Heroes, Flying Bricks
  • Opposed By: Dr. Horrible and the Evil League of Evil, the entire Pantheon of Knowledge, Mister Freeze, Harunobu Madarame, Gunma Kisaragi
  • While barely accepted as a hero and generally considered a black sheep to the community, Hammer does do his part in antagonizing villains, despite the fact that most of them tend to be ones sympathetic in some ways and his form of "Heroism" is to bully them needlessly.
  • Due to his belief that intelligent people are naturally villainous, Hammer is trying to bring down the Pantheon of Knowledge.
  • His first targets were Chopper and Mordin Solus, which went about as well as you would expect. His recent victim is Harunobu Madarame for being a nerd.
  • Mal has a bone to pick with him - since they both look alike, he gets blamed for some of Hammer's screw-ups.

Laharl, God of Noble Demons (The Overlord)
  • Theme Song: "Lord Laharl's Hymn"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scarf and cuffs
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (he insists it's Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlords, Noble Demons, Anti-Love Freaks, Bad Bosses, Those With Unusual Ears, Oedipus Rex Complexes, Masters of the Evil Laugh, Cantankerous Shotaro Boys, Irritable Short Guys, Exploding Penguins
  • Domains: Demonic, Wrath, Rage
  • Followers: Bartimaeus, Gogandantess, Vyers/Mid-Boss/Demon King Krichevskoy (also from Disgaea), Ecliptor
  • Allies: Flonne, Oedipus (Oedipus claims to be close allies with him, Laharl denies knowing the guy), Etna (Though she's still pissed off at him about the pudding incident), Lamington (as much as he denies it)
  • Opposed by: the Slimes
  • Enemies: Shion Sonozaki, Bernkastel, Terumi, Izaya, Handsome Jack, Basco.
  • Rivals: Gig, Mao, Adell
  • Frequently seen with Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks, but insists that it's just so he can throw the Pantheon of Love off guard and destroy them once and for all. Nobody believes him.
  • Was once on Dante's hit list, but after a rather violent altercation and a stern talking-to from Flonne the demon-hunter decided to just keep an eye on Laharl for now.
  • Due to his great fear of breasts that happens to be above the average size, he has yet to win a fight against the more... endowed female inhabitants of the Pantheon...yet.
    • And then there was that one time he became a rather endowed woman. Trollkaiger are constantly bombarding him with pictures of his sexier alter ego, hoping to see him vomit his own organs out.
    • Then there was the time Shion pulled the "Angel Mort" stunt on him.
  • Would like to tell the Toku Base (especially the Power Rangers) that no, he is NOT related to Rita Repulsa, even though some claim they sound a lot alike.
  • Is taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion to back up Flonne.

Kiritsugu Emiya, God of Pragmatic Heroes (Kerry, Magus Killer)
  • Theme Song: Magus Killer
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Gun.
  • Alignment: Necessarily Evil (according to Kiritsugu himself), actually Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pragmatic Heroes, Doing what he has to do, Dark and Troubled Past, The Unfettered, Necessarily Evil, Poetic Justice, War Is Hell.
  • Domain: Warfare, Pragmatism, Sacrifices.
  • Allies: Shirou Emiya (his adopted son), Archer, Rin Tohsaka, Kamijou Touma, Homura Akemi, Kroak, Martin Walker, Master Chief, Yuji Sakai, Jack Bauer, Raiden, Itachi Uchiha
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Arturia.
  • Enemies: Kotomine Kirei, Johan Liebert,, [[VillainsMelkor, The Vandereich]], The Millennium, Monsoon, Gilgamesh, The Huckbein Family, Sundowner, The Joker.
  • He's always known for his most surefire and pragmatic ways to solve problems and defeat evil. No matter how disgusting and dishonorable the method is, so long as it gets the job done. Opinions about him in the Pantheon are kind of... mixed.
  • He finds his ascension to be rather ironic - having openly criticized the Throne of Heroes for taking glory in war, he now finds himself in a literal Pantheon of Heroes. He made it clear that he's not here for the glory, but only for the chance to do the right thing.
  • He's somehow very fond of Homura Akemi for some reason. He cannot figure out why. He's also close to Jack Bauer due to kind of similar method in dealing with what he considered evil, and he likes one of his theme songs for some reasons. For that friendship, Jack has shared some knowledge with Kiritsugu, in particular his interrogation technique.
    • Likewise, he and Master Chief are on good terms, for a similar reason as Jack Bauer as well as their agreement that War Is Hell. While the Chief would definitely like to see Kiritsugu use his methods against the Covenant, he's not so sure he could see him go against Insurrectionists.
  • Usually visits the House of Travel to relax at Inns.
  • As a man who has seen through the hells of war, he develops a good rap with Martin Walker, often sharing stories on how hellish war is and how people should avoid it at all cost. Walker is a bit stunned with Kiritsugu's extreme pragmatism, though, to the point of comparing him of his bloodthirsty part.
  • He made sure that not even his son Shirou knew about his ascension. But the first thing he did when he ascended was to sneak to Shirou's House, and after seeing him doing well on his own and learning about what a hero truly meant... There's just a satisfied smile on Kiritsugu's face.
    • He also knows Archer's identity and always made sure that he gave him a sad, but understanding smile on him.
  • Is considered the bane of MANY Gods and Goddesses in the House of Magic, even Homura. None dared tried to piss him off or get on his bad side. When asked why, most followers would reply with "Does the term Magus Killer ring a bell to you?" Kroak does, however, approve of him and his philosophy.
    • He's still considered a more respectable 'Magus Killer', when compared to some like the Huckebein family. Kiritsugu also has nothing but disgust on that family.
  • Ever since hearing all about Kiritsugu and how he suffers so beautifully as he's forced to lose everything he loves due to his ideals from Kotomine, Melkor is deliberately going out of his way to torment him even further with his forces of the GUAE.
  • His hairstyle is compared to a mortal named Spike Spigel. This has sparked no reaction from the Magus Killer so far. Some gods have actually thought of a line by the words of "See ya, Magus Killer"
  • Sympathizes with Raiden after hearing about his past as a Child Soldier, and having experienced what war can do to a person. Also sympathizes with Yuji Sakai after hearing that he is trying to end a war that has lasted for millenia and the war would eventually end humanity.
  • Is also very proud of Itachi Uchiha for understanding how war can traumatize a person, along with the fact that he made his brother redeem the Uchiha clan.

Victor Fries, God of Antivillainy (Mr. Freeze)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Doll dancing in a Snow Globe.
  • Weapon of Choice: Freeze Ray
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Highly Sympathetic Villains, Tragic Figures, Those Unable to Feel Emotions, Adaptation Distillation, Mad Scientists.
  • Domains: Cold, Destruction, Entropy, Retribution.
  • Followers: Meta Knight, Magus, Nox, The Ice King
  • Ally: Captain Cold.
  • Friendly Enemies With: Batman (Fries himself doesn't want to admit it), Zuko, Suzaku Kurugi, N Harmonia, Reptile
  • Fries used to share this position with Zuko, until the latter jumped off the slippery slope in reverse.
  • Fries hardly considers his Godhood a blessing, as despite his lofty position, his repeated appeals to the House of Life and Death end in rejection because, "You're just too interesting." As of such, Victor has only withdrawn into his temple more and more, most likely to dwell in his icy inner sanctum, sad that even here, he can never truly save Nora.
  • As the God of the Anti Villains, Victor recieves a good deal of sympathy from the heroes in the Pantheon, particularly from Batman, who visits every so often to try and comfort his Rogue. Victor coldly turns him away most of the time, as his Despair Event Horizon prevents him from ever truly thawing to the side of good.
    • He will never give up on trying to save his wife. His need to keep hope is why he has decided to protect Madoka in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • In truth, there are several incarnations of him. However, more recent incarnations of him have been cast out, due to their more flat characterizations, or Retcons that render the original excuse useless.
    • Which leads that this Mister Freeze is his Pre-New 52 self, with shades of his animated incarnation.
  • Currently holds the 2nd seat on the "Council of Three".
  • Deadpool keeps pestering Victor about making Ice-related puns. Even freezing his mouth together doesn't shut Wade up from making constant requests.

Wile E. Coyote, God of Ineffectual Yet Sympathetic Villains

Ralph, God of Punch Clock Villainy (Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An 8-bit version of his face (alternatively, Vanellope's special cookie medal)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, but considers himself a Necessary Evil due to his job. When on the job, he's Neutral Evil.
  • Catch Phrase: "I'm gonna wreck it!"
  • Portfolio: Villany as a job, not technically a villain but casted as one anyway, being a gentle and nice person who will tear stuff up if you hurt people he loves, being incredibly strong, barefoot, getting into a ton of trouble, accidentally destroying things, very durable, the one who places the plot in motion, wrecking things to solve any problem., chasing after bullies
  • Domain: Villains/Heroes, Video Games, Destruction, Protection.
  • Follower: the Turks.
  • Allies: Vanellope Von Schweetz and Fix-It Felix Jr., Jack Skellington, Donkey Kong, Brian Mills, Jade and Tohru
  • Enemies: All gods in the Houses of Hatred ( except Eren Yeager) and Villains, Ghestis Harmonia and Relius Clover, Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Gangrel and Luna Vachon (One-sided)
  • Ascended into the Pantheon after the events of his movie. He was happy to have received such a title, but still continues to do his job as the villain despite that, as it "is his duty," and in his programming to a degree.
  • Is very protective of his friend Vanellope Von Schweetz. Woe to anyone who harms her, as this is one of the few things that will set him on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. With the likes of Trollkaiger waiting in the wings, he has doubled his efforts to ensure that they don't get their sick hands on her.
    • That said, once he ascended, the first thing he did was ask the Gods to give Vanellope her own place so the two could always hang out. After reviewing her profile, they gave Vanellope her own place in the House of Gaming. The two met with hugs and insults.
  • Has been seen in something called "Bad-Guy Anon" with other gods like Zangief, Bowser and M. Bison to help go through his times as a villain "One game at a time".
    • The Bad-Guy Anon's Badass Creed: "I'm bad and that's good. I'll never be good and that's not bad. There's no one else I'd rather be...than me."
  • Despite being a "bad guy", general consensus among the Grand United Alliance of Good is that he's not all that "bad" a "guy". In fact, several members have gone to Ralph to offer him a place in their army, since his mighty fists and good leanings means he's actually a bit more of a good guy. Ralph for his part though has declined most invitations, on the grounds that without guys like him, what good would the Pantheon be without someone to oppose the good guys?
    • After hours, though, he's quite happy to hang out with members of the GUAG, and is actually fun to be around. It's only when he's on the job that he's 'evil'.
      • It should be noted though that despite being God of the Punch Clock Villain, Ralph actually is VERY uneasy around the members of the GUAE, as he keeps telling some of the others that they "enjoy their jobs a little too much". This earns him weird looks from the more vile members, so he actually spends quite a bit of time away from the GUAE, unless he's called upon to do a job for them. He then decided to make his own temple in the House of Ambiguity, feeling that he'd be more at ease amongst the other gods here (and also because they've been requesting a babysitter to keep an eye on the Cutie Mark Crusaders)
  • Incidentally, Ralph's main job for the villains is breaking things the Alliance of Good has created. He has been called to do combat duty a few times, but due to his dislike of actually wrecking people, he only does that job reluctantly. And in actual battles, he's been known to run around shouting, "When did being a god become so violent and scary!!!!?????"
    • When he went to the House of Ambiguity, he cut most of his ties to the GUAE. He will meet up with his Bad-Guy Anonymous pals every now and then, but other than that he's on the side of good...villainy is his job, yes, but his relationships with Felix and Vanellope come first.
  • Gained a strange friendship with Jack Skellington due to them having similar stories (tired of doing their job, wishing to do something more then going back to their jobs with renewed vigor). Vanellope finds Mr. Skellington very interesting, although Ralph is a bit weary when it comes to Jack's curiosity getting the best of him.
  • When he's not in his temple, or on the job with Fix-It Felix Jr., he's carving massive tunnels throughout the Pantheon and helping demolishing old temples. He also relaxes at Moe's tavern every now and then. Found good drinking buddies in The Shield, who are interested in getting Gangrel off of Ralph's back....except they just can't figure out what the vampire's done.
  • Gets very uneasy at the site of The Runaway Guys, Mat and Pat and Roahm Mythril. It's not because they're video game players (he's actually amazed at their skills), but he's worried about what happens if they ever figure out the power of the Konami Code seeing as it ruined Vanellope's life in the first place.
  • Gets along well with Donkey Kong, mostly due to Ralph having some similarities with the giant ape. The two are devastating in fights whenever they start chucking barrels at evil-doers.
  • Has recently become the House of Ambiguity's mediator. His jobs include: teaming up with Jimmy Hopkins against bullies, resolving fights between the Ashleys and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, cleaning up the messes between Bulk and Skull and Sam and Max, finding jobs for the Enforcers, and talking to the Council of Three in regards to helping ascend new gods to the House. He's respected Kevin's wish to not bring his car to the House, seeing as the last time Ralph did that...the only thing that could be heard in a 50 mile radius was "MY RIDE!"
    • Has made an 'uneasy' partnership with Gangrel and Luna. When they're not vampires, the two are friendly (and friendly is being used loosely) and consider Ralph good company. Ralph has also been the one to bring Edge, Christian and both Matt and Jeff Hardy into this house whenever Gangrel thinks its time for The Brood to get back together since it is his job to play the bad guy and all.
  • Vanellope once introduced Ralph to her friends, Jade and Tohru. Ralph got along with them instantly, because Jade reminded him so much of Vanellope (although even he has trouble with Jade and her recklessness) and Tohru also was similar to him in the "Bad guy/Good guy" department. Jade and Vanellope have plenty of play dates while Ralph and Tohru often meditate about the differences of heroism and villainy or just spar with one another.

Finn, Ratso, Chow and Hak Fuu, Gods of Henchmen Used by Multiple Villains (The Enforcers)

Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch, Those Two Gods (Farkas - Bulk, Eugene - Skull)

Lord Varys, God of Knowledge Brokers, Master of Whisperers to the Shadow Council.

Jimmy Hopkins, God of Bully Hunters

Beerus, God Of Maintaining Universal Balance Through Destruction (God of Destruction Bills, Birusu, Bils, Beers, Birusu, Birus)
  • Overdiety
  • Symbol: An Oracle Fish
  • Theme Songs: Bills Wrath, Bill’s Overwhelming Power & The Invulnerable Bills
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Adorkable, Ambiguously Evil, Anti-Villain, BADASS, Balance Between Good and Evil, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, Blood Knight, Blue and Orange Morality, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Canon Immigrant, The Dreaded, Disproportionate Retribution, Fingerpoke Of Doom, Fun Personified, God of Evil, Hot-Blooded, Invincible Villain, Lean and Mean, Not So Different, Physical God, Psychopathic Manchild, Punch Clock Villain, Punny Name, Purple Is Powerful, Sore Loser, Willfully Weak, Would Hit a Girl.
  • Domains: Destruction, Balance, Neutral, Chaos.
  • Followers: EVERY Non-Ascended God related to destruction and chaos.
  • Friendly Rivalry with Goku and Aila Jyrkiäinen
  • Allies: Whis, Kaname Madoka: Goddess of Hope, Kyouko Sakura (Friendly Rivalry over Dance Dance Revolution)
  • Enemies: EVERY God related to creation, with the notable exception of Madoka, listed above. Vegeta, Kyubey, YHVH.
  • The real reason that The Saiyain race was exterminated? King Vegeta did not give Beerus a sumptuous enough banquet, even when King Vegeta let him use his head as stepping stone while he was eating, so he ordered Freeza to destroy Planet Vegeta because he couldn't be bothered to do it himself. Damn.
  • Ever wonder why Lord King Kai lives on such a small planet? Beerus and King Kai played a car racing video game together and Beerus lost, and being the sort of person he is, he destroyed the planet in fit of rage at losing. King Kai then took a large leftover fragment, whittled it down to a sphere, and built a road on it so that he could have fun driving there. This became King Kai's current planet. Beerus has since been advised by many to NEVER play Call of Duty.
  • The Joker is very fond of Beerus due to his compulsively destructive behaviour. However, Beerus is not too fond of The Joker because he doesn't think clowns are funny.
  • There are twelve universes each of which have a God of Destruction, Beerus attendant Whis oversees and trains the successive Gods of Destruction of the Seventh Universe, and he asks Goku if he would like to be the next God of Destruction after Beerus dies, but Goku turned him down.
  • Beerus is very confused as to why he has been considered him evil by others in the House when it is his job, and on top of that an important one, to destroy planets, as it maintains balance and equilibrium in the universe because new planets will just be created, by the Gods/Goddess’ Of Creation, as replacement for the planets that are destroyed.
  • Once you get to know him, Beerus is a polite, friendly and likable Man Child who can quickly become friends with you, and acts like the lazy, affectionate, fun loving overgrown cat that readily joins in the food, song, laughter and dance (yes, he lets loose some truly funky breakdance moves) instead of the God that he should be.
  • As a matter of fact, much to the shock of the rest of The Pantheon, he gets along famously with the kind-hearted Kaname Madoka herself. Madoka's Herculean feat of not only destroying an entire universe wracked by grief and despair, but rebuilding a kinder and gentler place over it quite certifiably earned Beerus' respect; Not to mention the fact that he really enjoys the affectionate chin-scratches that Madoka readily gives him and the delicious Afternoon-Tea Parties her mentor Tomoe Mami holds every Thursday Afternoon.
    • At one particular Tea Party, he has struck off a Friendly Rivalry with Kyouko Sakura, who swears will not stop practicing until she can beat his funky breakdance-moves in Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Be careful around this friendly, polite and fun-loving Deity. Like all cats, Beerus is prone to mercurial temperaments and violent mood-swings that can be set off by the most petty of reasons; do remember he is the same God who used King Vegeta's head as a footstool in front of his own son Prince Vegeta while making him treat him to an Eight-Course Banquet, and that was when he was in a good mood...
  • He is so immature he needs Whis as constant to remind him about waking up in the morning, good manners and brushing his teeth before going to sleep.
  • Every other God in the Dragon Ball universe fears him. Even Shenlong fears Bills.
  • Bills is no longer invited to dinner parties with other Gods in the house due to creating a ruckus at last party he was invited to due to no pudding being available.
  • Beerus absolutely detests the little bitch known as Kyubey. Not only does it insist on preserving a universe of sadness by destroying hope and creating despair; but more importantly, it made his beloved friend Madoka cry. To his frustartion, no matter how many of the little fuckers he vaporizes, there will ALWAYS be more of them.
    • His anger towards Kyubey pales in comparision to his fury towards YHVH and is plot to kill Madoka. This plot triggered his involvement in The Pantheonic Rebellion.

Ashley Armbruster, Ashley Boulet, Ashley Quinlan and Ashley Tomassian, Official Goddesses of Girl Posses (The Ashleys)

Ted, Celestial Generic Guy (Ted the Generic Guy)

Gangrel and Luna Vachon, Gods of Vampire Wrestlers and Blood Baths (Gangrel: David Heath, Lestat the Vampire, Vampire Warrior, Luna: Gertrude Vachon)
  • Leitmotif: "Blood" (for Gangrel) and "Enginerock" (for Luna)
  • Lesser Gods (or at least, that's what they say they are)
  • Symbol: A goblet next to a silver ankh, or a wolf's head Gangrel) and a set of vein-like tattoos around the eye (Luna)
  • Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral, with some leanings toward Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Darkness, Vampires, Blood.
  • Followers: Vampiro, Rio Storm, Lady Vampire, El Diablo Verde
  • Allies: The Undertaker, Kane, The Brood: (Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy), all Good-aligned vampire gods in the Pantheon, Gomez and Morticia Addams and the rest of their family, Claire Stanfield.
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: John Bradshaw Layfield, Uncle Howee.
  • Oposses: Ebony and every God originating from Twilight.
  • High Priests: Kevin Thorn and Ariel.
  • One day, the skies of the Pantheon turned red, and whispers were heard throughout. Then, in the middle of the House of Ambiguity, a large ring of fire was lit, and Gangrel rose from it, spitting blood in the air. Luna was also at his side, scaring the Cutie Mark Crusaders when they got a bit too...close for curiosity sake. The two then built their dark temple as everyone watched with a bit of horror and awe.
    • Originally, Gangrel was going to ascend by himself. However, Gangrel insisted that Luna came with him since a) they were husband and wife for a time, and b) it was in her honor, since she passed away in 2010. The Court of the Gods looked it over and agreed with his statement. The House of Life and Death brought Luna in so husband and wife could ascend together.
  • Edge groaned when he found out that Gangrel returned. When asked why, Edge wouldn't answer. Gangrel just smirks, knowing that if Edge wants to have that little bit of history kept secret, he'll have to ally with both Gangrel and Luna. After hearing that Christian and the Hardys all ascended, the only thing that could be heard in this House was Gangrel just plain laughing at how glad he was to find the Brood back together again.
    • And just to make it clear, Luna herself has no idea what happened during that time period (she married him two years after the Brood dissolved).
  • The two make this clear on the door of the temple: They are not living a "Gothic lifestyle"—they are vampires. The next person who says that they're Goths is getting a blood bath with their own blood pouring down on them.
    • Ebony Dementia Way didn't get that memo, jumping up and down at meeting fellow "goffs". Let's just say that when she was sent hurtling back to the Disgraces, she looked like she got dipped into a vat of red paint. To make it even worse, Gangrel actually did a Drinking Game in regards to Ebony's life story. He didn't even make it half-way into the story before he immediately spat out the blood in his goblet in disgust. Luna didn't fare well either.
  • Like all other vampire gods, the two really don't like Edward and Bella due to their love for one another being completely shallow, but also because they don't have style. Gangrel also is disgusted with Jacob Black over being a lame excuse for a werewolf, stating that he gives werewolves a bad name.
  • Gangrel made peace with The Undertaker over the whole Ministry of Darkness thing, and also gets along "well" with Kane due to their shared pyrotechnics. That said, Gangrel still loathes Bradshaw due to him being used against the Undertaker during a feud in 2004 and also because Bradshaw denied that he was once a former member of the Ministry at the time.
  • When not being vampiric, the two are actually...nice, Luna especially. Sort of like Wreck-it Ralph, the two are dark, fierce vampires when on the clock. When off, they are actually accessible and quite chatty. Just don't make them mad, because they won't hesitate to put someone in a blood bath.
    • To be honest, Edge, Christian and the Hardy Brothers don't mind Luna's company as she's a nice person. They're just really uncomfortable in regards to anyone asking about their history with Gangrel. But on the flipside, Gangrel has been quite disturbed by Jeff's dark persona "Willow" as he's too insane even for the vampire.
  • Luna Vachon didn't like it that she had a similar name to both Luna Lovegood and Princess Luna. She eventually warmed up to the two (slightly), since Luna Lovegood was interested in the strange and bizarre, and Princess Luna was into the darkness and macabre (even showing off her magnificent nightmare chariot and ability to make a cape out of bats).
    • Luna also found a huge fan in one Tomoko Nozama, since Tomoko was amazed to hear how Luna herself accepted herself as an oddity.
  • Randy Orton challenged them to a 2-on-1 handicap in the Pantheon Square Garden, and then ambushed them with an RKO each. Unfortunately for him, the two retaliated with a blood bath of their own, which took at least two whole days to clean off. He's hated them ever since and the feeling's mutual.
    • They also don't like Cena for some odd reason. In their eyes, he's just too good.
  • Luna is also training for the day that she can fight Manami Toyota for the Woman's Championship. She promises that she won't mess Manami up too badly.

Wander, God of Insane Quests for Love

Mitsuzane "Micchy" Kureshima, God of Undecided Alignment (Kamen Rider Ryugen)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Grape Lockseed.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly), now True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Undecided Alignment, The Brains to Kota's Brawn, Spoiled Sweets, Psycho Supporters, Anti Heroes turned Anti Villains, Being Oneself, Keeping More Than a Secret, Wild Cards, Complexity Addiction, Moles, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.
  • Domains: Dance, Combat, Devotion, Good(Resigned).
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Allies: Kota Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Lambadelta.
  • Enemies: Every member of the Demonic Legion (including Hideyasu Jonochi/Kamen Rider Gridon), Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Matt Hardy, Wreck-it-Ralph, the entire Toku Base (with the exception of Kota).
  • After a certain event where he joins Yggdrasil Corporation with his elder brother Takatora Kureshima, and after that for a certain failed treachery attempt against Kota, he got expelled from the Toku Base. However, he still supports Kota in spite of that... although this means becoming the public enemy #1 of the Toku Base.
  • His ascension caused a big shock from Good and Evil Gods in the Pantheon. Knowing that which side suits him is a big aesop.
  • His Rider suit has the shape of purple grapes... this shocked Matt Hardy, of all people, all while munching green grapes. Micchy is more freaked out that Matt considers him an enemy all because of the color of his suit, although when Matt figured out that Micchy was going against the side of good, Matt has sworn to beat him to a pulp.
  • Gentaro Kisaragi, better known as Kamen Rider Fourze, tried to befriend him. Micchy's response was that he already has a friend in Kota... even though Micchy is a bad influence for him.
  • Kota is entirely in the dark of what Micchy does, not because he's stupid or anything, but because Micchy doesn't want to reveal the truth about killing Yuya/Byakko Inves. That said, Micchy will do anything to see Kota happy, which really doesn't bode well.
  • Lambdadelta is the only one who really respects his decision to help Kota, and is ready to "bless" him with a gift. The gods shudder to think what she would give someone like Micchy.
  • Got on the wrong side of one Wreck-it Ralph. Ralph, who is capable of showing that one can be good despite being bad is left with a mixture of sorrow and hatred over Micchy becoming who he is...then that turned to hatred when Micchy accidentally tried to hit Vanellope on one of her play dates with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It took the combined effort of Bulk and Skull, Laharl and Lambdadelta to separate the two and the only reason Ralph didn't pound him was because Vanellope turned to be fine and asked Ralph to go easy on him.

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