Pantheon / Hardware & Software

This house is a mixture of a repair center, testing area, and a museum.

Various games, alongside consoles, handhelds, and peripheral accessories are sent here to be tested for various kinds of glitches and bugs that may be present. The bugs tend to be fixed, but not before playing around with them just for fun.

There is also a museum that showcases the history of gaming and all that is related to it. Anyone can tour this museum for free, but stealing any of the artifacts there is highly discouraged.

The museum is directly connected to the House of Knowledge while the repair center and testing area are both connected to the House of Technology. Measures are in place to ensure that Love Machine, who has been banned from the House of Gaming, is not able to enter from here.

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Greater Gods

Polybius, Divine Game of Malevolent Video Games

Vinny, God of Glitches (Vincent Pizzapasta, Binyot, Vinésauce's Lookalike)

Intermediate Gods

R.O.B., The Savior of Gaming (Robotic Operating Buddy, Robot, HVC-012, the Ancient Minister, Last of His Kind)

    Vanellope Von Schweetz 
Vanellope Von Schweetz, Goddess of Ascended Glitches (Princess, sorry, President Vanellope Von Schweetz)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her car, with "Made by Vanellope and Ralph" frosted on the side.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Optimistic and brave girls, The Trickster, being a princess, having friendship with someone older than her, having a terrible past, being an awesome driver and an adorable winner, teleporting everywhere, forgiving those of crimes as if they never happened
  • Domain: Driving, Video Games, Glitches, Royalty
  • Allies: Wreck-It Ralph, Felix, Kite, Radical Ed, Jade and Tohru
  • Odd Friendship: Ermac.
  • Ralph asked the Gods to include Vanellope into the Pantheon once she learned to control her glitching and make it her teleporting powers. Seeing as how much Ralph has done for her, they agreed. The two reunited with hugs and insults.
  • Is able to be at any place at any time due to her teleporting, constantly questioning about stuff and having a good time. She loves joking around and messing with them, but she never intentionally does any harm.
  • Has tried multiple times in making Pinkie Pie stay far, far away from her car and to the entrance of Sugar Rush. To say that the pink pony would host a party and devour all of the world would be an understatement.
    • Oddly enough, their conflict can lead to some very interesting fights, since they both make use of teleportation but in different ways. So far, out of this restriction, Vanellope is the only God who has had her ascension party away from her temple out of "safety" concerns.
    • In Pinkie Pie's defense, she knows how hard and how much fun Vanellope and Ralph had building that car and "Pinkie Promises" that she isn't going to eat it. The one Vanellope has to watch out for is Kirby.
    • While she is a bit weary of Kirby, both have agreed to ban Kero from their respective temples due to his own voracious appetite for sweets. With the recent ascension of Anarchy Stocking, she has also been banned seeing as her own appetite for sweets is greater than Kero's.
  • When she's not teleporting, Vanellope is usually seen hanging out with Ralph and riding in her car. She recently gave him enough driving lessons so that he could participate in some racing of his own.
    • That said, she never uses her teleporting to cheat when she races with other gods.
  • Residing over glitches that become well known, Vanellope is capable of giving most—if not all—video game characters new techniques, power-ups, etc.
  • After her ascension, she has been fiercely guarded by not only Ralph, but many of the female goddess in the Pantheon due to all of the crap she had to go through. It is also not a good idea to bully her in Ralph's presence, because he will wreck you if you do.
    • There was a bit of an episode regarding Rena Ryuguu going "OMOCHIKAERI!!!!". However, Ralph takes it all in stride in the fact that Rena doesn't hurt Vanellope, the fact that Vanellope could just teleport out of Rena's grasp at any time, and also because the two became very close friends.
  • Hangs out with many of the Equestrian deities, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Vanellope does her best to help the CMC find their Cutie Marks and was amazed at how Apple Bloom created her own cart. Apple Bloom, for the most part, has been humble about her skills in building.
    • With Ralph now in the House of Ambiguity, Vanellope and the Cutie Mark Crusaders can be seen having play dates. Many of the gods there know not to get in their way else Ralph will have a word with them.
  • Due to her origins as a princess, many have suggested she move to the House of Royalty. Vanellope declined all invitations, because she doesn't believe that it truly defines her, and is happy in the House of Gaming.
  • Had an encounter with Kite, who initially believed she was some sort of an illegal glitch. She quickly explained her origins—including her tragic backstory—to him, and the two have become good friends, having friendly races with her car and him riding Grunties.
  • Once ran afoul with Carmen Sandiego when she stole the Sugar Rush Winner's Cup. Vanellope requested that Ralph appeal to Carmen villain-to-villain, but Ralph asserted that Carmen was only challenging Vanellope the way bad guys are supposed to do and insisted she would play Carmen's game and take it back herself. Once Vanellope recovered the Cup, Carmen offered Vanellope a position as a VILE operative, but Vanellope insisted that she's not a thief. Ralph begged to differ.
  • Became instant friends with Jade and Tohru, as the two's friendship reminded her of herself and Ralph. Vanellope loves Jade's adventures with Jackie and is in awe of Tohru's Chi Wizard training. The fact that Ralph also saw a little of himself in Tohru also counts.
  • Joined the Mario gang for a round of Mario Kart 8, especially on the track Sweet Sweet Canyon, as it reminds her a lot like home.
  • As Ermac came into being through equal parts fanon and glitching, they have formed a strong bond with her for presiding over Ascended Glitches

Lesser Gods

BMO, Deity of Living Game Systems (Beemo, Be More)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Its face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Gender, Cloud Cuckoolander, Talking Appliance Sidekick, highly imaginative, Cute Machines, living game system, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Gaming, Friends, Fun
  • Allies: Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King (sometimes), Mordecai and Rigby, all good-aligned and most neutral-aligned deities (specifically those leaning towards good) in the House of Gaming especially Chiaki Nanami, The CP Us, Nepgear, Rom and Ram, Canti, SCP-191
  • Enemies: The Lich, Princess Morbucks, Arfoire
  • Naturally, Finn and Jake were happy to hear that BMO ascended as the game system is one of their closest friends, offering up games for the two to play. It even has an imagination of its own.
  • Mordecai and Rigby were surprised to see a living video game system in the Pantheon. When they met up with it, they discovered that it offered plenty of fun and have started playing games on it every now and then.
  • Every other day in the House of Gaming, BMO is used as a gaming system for gaming sessions. It doesn't seem to like the evil-aligned deities there, as well as those that cheat.
  • When by itself, BMO looks at a mirror and starts talking to itself. Those who see it from a far get a bit weirded out by it.
  • The CP Us, Nepgear, and Rom & Ram were surprised to see an actual living game system, not just an Anthropomorphic Personification of one. This has lead to the girls befriending the system.
    • On a related note, BMO despises Arfoire due to the latter being the living equivalent of digital piracy.
  • BMO is not only a video game system, but also a prison for the Mooks from said games. Many have wondered if it is possible to trap someone inside of it permanently. Mordecai and Rigby are also hoping that the Mooks don't get freed from their makeshift prison.
    • BMO was originally created to be a companion and to "Be More"; according to his creator Moesph "Moe" Maestro Giovanni, he was meant to care for the son he would've had.
  • Don't ask how it feels being plugged in. People have been saying it feels...weird doing that, to say the least.

Cofagrigus, God of Inadvertent Censorship Problems (Coffin Pokemon, Koffin, Sarcophaghost)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sarcophagus
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Mummy
  • Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio: A Ghost-type pokemon, smiles wickedly, has menacing red eyes, has four creepy long arms, may have once been a man (we're not entirely sure), reportedly eats people despite possibly being a former human, eats gold despite being made of gold, has an impressive Defense and Special Defense stat, its Mummy ability changes the ability of pokemon that come into contact with it to Mummy, is essentially a possessed sarcophagus, has an unfortunate name which sets off many internet profanity filters and once prevented it from being traded without a nickname
  • Domains: Ghosts, Mummies, Unfortunate Names
  • Followers: Sharpedo, Froslass, Nosepass, Skuntank, Weedle
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Gengar, Rotom, Banette, Mimikyu, Probopass
  • Friendly Rivals: Sableye
  • Enemies: The Trollkaiger, Eric Cartman, Beavis and Butthead, Ghetsis Harmonia, Kuphulu, Imhotep
  • Opposes: Miltank
  • Conflicting Opinion: Team Rocket
  • Pities: Meowth
  • This particular Cofagrigus was once a devoted follower of Anakaris. Pleased by his devotion, Anakaris made a case to ascend him and took him under his wing as his pokemon partner. Under the supervision of the pharaoh, Cofagrigus became a formidable pokemon. He can perform two STAB moves, with Hex being particularly devastating after inflicting a burn with Will-O-Wisp. Nasty Plot, as Shadow Ball and Hex are special attacks, increases their power by two stages. His Mummy ability also nullifies the abilities of pokemon that come into contact with him by changing their ability to Mummy. Anakaris is known to wield a Z-Ring with a Ghostium Z, allowing Cofagrigus to unleash his Z-Move, Never-Ending Nightmare. This moveset, however, unfortunately renders Cofagrigus pretty much useless against Normal-type pokemon.
    • When he isn't at the side of Anakaris, many deities easily mistake Cofagrigus for evil. It is difficult for him to resist some of his natural urges, so he does have a bit of a wild side, but he really does have the best of intentions most of the time. The disturbing Pokedex entries about him have not done much to help clear up this misconception about him.
  • The actual details pertaining to Cofagrigus' ascension and title are nothing short of headache-inducing for the pokemon. He was able to ascend only because of his unfortunate name, which contains a certain word that once made it impossible for his kind to be traded without a nickname. While that situation has been rectified in recent times, his name still manages to set off many internet profanity filters.
    • That being said, repeating the offending word to Cofagrigus or putting deliberate emphasis on the word as a means to taunt him is not well-advised. The Trollkaiger and Eric Cartman have been repeat offenders. Cofagrigus is not very fond of Beavis and Butthead either. They just can't stop laughing at his name whenever they hear it.
    • Quite a few other pokemon that experience the same issue with being traded because of their names pray to Cofagrigus for comfort and guidance. Among these followers are Sharpedo, Froslass, Nosepass, Skuntank, and Weedle. He loves each and every one of his followers and always reassures them that everything will be okay, and that he knows exactly how they feel.
    • Needless to say, when Probopass, a former follower of Cofagrigus, ascended, he was super excited. They hang out all the time now.
  • Ash Ketchum was fairly apprehensive of Cofagrigus at first because of an incident in which another member of his species captured Iris and her Axew in its sarcophagus and wrapped them in bandages. Once it was clear enough to Ash that Cofagrigus was sorry about what happened and that he meant no harm, the two of them grew closer.
  • Cofagrigus, naturally, is a friend to his fellow Ghost-type kin in the Pantheon. Among his posse are Gengar, Rotom, Banette, and Mimikyu. Because they are opposite-gender and share an egg group, frustrated trainers that have difficulty catching wild Mimikyu often pray to Cofagrigus and Mimikyu in hopes that they will breed and produce them an egg. Never mind the fact that Cofagrigus is 5'7" and Mimikyu is only eight inches tall.
  • Cofagrigus and Sableye seem to be constantly attempting to outdo each other. This rivalry is entirely friendly, though. Cofagrigus is just determined to beat Sableye despite his type advantages over him and ability to mega evolve. Some deities suspect that the two of them are actually grinding when they spar.
  • Much to his annoyance, Cofagrigus has had to acknowledge that challenging Miltank is nothing short of pointless because his moveset is totally useless against her. Even though his Mummy ability will nullify her Scrappy ability when she hits him, there's always the chance that she'll use Attract on him in the first round before she goes in for a physical attack, rendering him immobilized by love fifty percent of the time. And even though her Stomp move is rendered useless by Mummy, she still has Rollout. He can forget using Will-O-Wisp to burn her until she faints, too, because she'll just use Milk Drink to heal herself.
  • Cofagrigus isn't exactly sure what to think of Team Rocket. He isn't really fond of what they do, but he has observed that they actually take good care of their pokemon. The fact that James was once in possession of a Yamask, the unevolved form of his species, that he cared for deeply is greatly appreciated by Cofagrigus. He sometimes likes to play pranks on them, though.
    • Despite being a Normal-type pokemon, and a Dark-type with a significant advantage over him in her Alolan form, Cofagrigus takes great pity on the other Meowth because of how often she gets confused for Team Rocket's Meowth.
  • There is nothing conflicting about Cofagrigus' opinion on Ghetsis Harmonia, though. He cannot stand the man's hypocrisy, claiming to fight for the sake of pokemon but only seeing them as tools. He isn't a fan of the way Ghetsis treats his son either.
  • Cofagrigus is well-aware of the heated rivalry between Anakaris and Kuphulu. Being the pokemon partner of Anakaris, Cofagrigus is not particularly fond of Kuphulu. He can often be heard hissing and making other frightening noises at the Thep Khufan whenever he walks by. Kuphulu is also the typical target for Cofagrigus' more brutal pranks, along with Ghetsis.
  • Imhotep seems to really resent Cofagrigus for some reason. Other than the obvious reason being that he's the pokemon partner of Anakaris, some speculate that it's also because he's a possessed sarcophagus that somehow manages to live a happy life despite that fact.
  • Cofagrigus is frequently seen scrounging around the House of Earth and Metal in hopes of finding some delicious gold to eat. The fact that he eats gold despite being made of gold has not gone unnoticed by other deities.

    Joel (Vinesauce
Joel Johansson, God of Bootleg Games (Vargskelethor, Exinthevatican, Uncle Jobel, Yoh-well, JoJoel, Papa Jo, the Telephone King, "Andrew", The Swedish Jojo, Mike Hunt)

    Nova Terra 
November Annabelle "Nova" Terra, Goddess of Unreleased Stars (Dominion Ghost, #1 Player Killer Hero, Nova Terra, Nova)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Looks like nothing... but there was a blurry sniper rifle... (Cloaked Ghost Sniper Rifle).
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Though has shades of Chaotic Good as of late)
  • Portfolio: The Star of a Never-Released-Publicly Media, Backstories All There in the Manual, Snipers in Various Flavors, Eye-Candy, Ghost Cloaking, Triple Tap, Punch Clock 'Enemies', Psychic Powers, Those With Traumatic Pasts.
  • Domains: Games, War, Sniping, Stealth.
  • Followers: Arik, Keena, Kaze, Tor, Xiao Ming, Malyssa, Sinjin.
  • Allies: Asagi Asagiri, Zeratul, Caitlyn, Yoko Littner, Lockon Stratos, Symmetra, Tyrael.
  • De Facto Herald: The IJN Shinano (both its "Actual" virtual version and its "Fleet Girl" counterpart)
  • Uneasy Tension: Jim Raynor.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Tracer
  • Rivals: Sarah Kerrigan.
  • Enemies: Arthas, Diablo.
  • Once upon a time, there was an announcement that the realm of Blizzard would celebrate the arrival of a next-gen Ghost like Kerrigan, named Nova. However, her tale was never released in public. In spite of that, Nova already revealed herself, gaining herself something of a cult. This results her making small appearances during Raynor and Kerrigan's struggles against Arcturus Mengsk (which her role was miniscule and even one of them which focused on her thrown to the hells of discontinuity), and eventually participating in battles against various Blizzard deities (and even dropping a nuke on Diablo) and gaining even more followers. The Pantheon decreed that Nova clearly is the shining example of how being unreleased is not the end of things and arranged her ascension.
    • Blizzard themselves has declared that one day, whenever, Nova's true tales would be released, but no one knows for sure. Until then, she'll have to content with the rank of Demigoddess, even if she actually has the power to content with those of higher ranks. They actually did, even in form of DLC missions, so technically, Nova won't get her own game, but her tales will be told, causing her to keep her position and having a rank up to Lesser Goddess.
  • She was apparently first seen visiting the Purgatory to meet fellow unreleased star, Asagi Asagiri, and offering her a place as high priest, and if the latter would ascend, an ally. Nova knew too well what it's like to never have her official debut released...
  • Because her last appearance was being a loyal subordinate of Arcturus Mengsk (that arrested Raynor), Nova was looked funnily by several good aligned Gods, citing that she served Mengsk, thus deserved no mercy. Eventually it was revealed that Nova got assigned to a better man, whom she'd rather not disclose, and the funny looks subsided.
    • However, Mengsk at one point rose to the Pantheon, but because someone got to her first, Nova could actually resist being ordered to come back to him (not to mention, having visions that when Mengsk died, she's serving a much moral and better son of Mengsk, Valerian), in which Mengsk attempted to mind-wipe her again, but Nova was saved by her new boss, revealed as Tyrael.
  • Better watch where you click her, she's not just some piece of ass-assin...
  • Nova continues to be one of the more elusive Goddesses amongst the Pantheon as she's invisible nearly 24/7. And if she presents herself, chances are, someone's gonna drop dead...
  • It looks like everyone's not going to forget that she shot Raynor in the head once. Nova commented that she headshotted a lot of people, why would that bullet on Raynor be any special? It's not like she's that outlaw that wrote the name of the person he's shooting on his bullet...
  • In one mission, she accidentally presented herself to Hikaru Shidou, who thought her actual Enemy Without, with the same name, made her way to the Pantheon. Still, seeing Hikaru's boundless energy, the next thing Nova did after cloaking herself was to secretly shed a tear, stating that the girl is lucky to have such good life, compared to her traumatic past.
  • No, she's not Kerrigan. And if she had her own game, everyone would know!
  • Apparently, there is a tomb marked for her within Azeroth. Only that it didn't contain the actual Nova, but one of her Blood Elf followers that idolized her so much she styled herself after Nova. The tomb seemed empty, but that's because said elf was invisible like Nova, even in 'death'.
  • Given their similar fates to her, Nova chooses the human avatars of the New Urth Draconians as her followers. However, she feels that there's one missing avatar... and then she realized that one of them, Shank Trask, is the real self of Chaos (not that ones who share the same name).
  • Lately, she ended up breaking official ties from the Dominion even under Valerian Mengsk after protecting his image by killing General Davis. She ended up being the rogue agent to strike at the enemies of Dominion that required some dirty —
    This flavor text has been indefinitely postponed.
  • After that event, she decided to pay a visit to the house of Satya Vaswani/Symmetra. On the outside, Nova's reasoning is "Strictly business". The real reason? She empathizes with Symmetra in the manner of having to serve a company gone 'bad' like Vishkar, being ridiculed for it and having her good traits forgotten by the mass, exactly the same position Nova was in during her tenure under Arcturus Mengsk. That and Symmetra apparently has a personal mission for her.

    Pony Island 
Pony Island, Harbinger of Ominous Visual Glitches (Satan's Arcade)
The "Title Screen"
  • Inhabitants: Lucifer, Hopeless Soul, Azazel, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Baphomet
  • Theme Music: Enter Pony; The Machine
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A pony
  • Alignment: Hopeless Soul is possibly Chaotic Good whilst Lucifer is probably Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mind Screw, Interface Screw, Anachronism Stew, Stylistic Suck
  • Domains: Gaming, Souls, Weirdness
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, Nobuyuki Sugou, Love Machine
  • Disliked by: The Mane Six and their friends
  • Weird relations: The ascended inhabitants of the Underground
  • Under examination by: The House of Gaming, The SCP Foundation
  • Somewhere in Limbo, there is an unusual game called Pony Island made by Lucifer that is designed to take the souls of those who play it. Unfortunately for him, there's too many programming errors present in his game, but he's still determined to get it to work regardless. Hopeless Soul, the soul of someone who previously played that game, helps those who are "trapped" in this game find their way out and possibly save some of the other souls in the process. Azazel, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus guard the core files through various means. Baphomet isn't much of a talker, but he somehow knows a lot about those who play the game Lucifer made.
  • The House of Gaming got a bit uncomfortable when they found an arcade cabinet that they don't remember talking about or seeing beforehand during a check. A little later, someone visiting the house found the cabinet and decided to play it. Some time after that, the being hasn't been seen within Pantheon grounds. And then much more later, others have been disappearing and these disappearances could be traced to the House of Gaming. Eventually, the missing deities were found and the arcade machine had to be examined when it was discovered that it was the source of these disappearances.
    • Some of the Gaming members, alongside The SCP Foundation which had received word of the incident, visited the Technology house to see if a closer look at the arcade machine was possible. One of the things that was discovered was that the machine was known to glitch out sporadically and led to certain things to allow further progression. Although the Technology house offered to keep the machine for further examination since the Gaming House already had Polybius, another unusual arcade machine, to deal with, the Gaming house decided to keep the machine for further examination. That said, the Technology House and The SCP Foundation are still welcome to look for any more weird findings this machine possesses.
      • Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to place the Polybius and Pony Island cabinets in close proximity to each other. The House of Gaming isn't sure what, if anything, would happen, but they're not willing to take the risk.
  • Within the Pantheon itself, it is a little more difficult to access the machine IRL given the circumstances. In cyberspace however, the process is a bit easier since it exists as a program within that plane. This program is still a bit of a dangerous place to go to regardless of how to get there.
  • No one has any idea as to the exact time period the machine was made given that the graphics look very dated, there is an operating system that is just as outdated, and the monitor looks a bit old. Not only that, the machine is able to print out tickets and even has Knockout Gas built in as well. Most aren't really convinced that 1992 was when it was made despite the "copyright claim" on its title screen.
  • Aside from the titular game, which is a runner-type game with shooting elements, this machine contains some other unused, unfinished, and unusual data. Among them include a 3D version of the game, a text adventure, and a file named "PonyIsland.META". There is a lot of confusion as to how the latter file even works.
  • A handful of computer hackers have taken an interest in this machine given its properties. Although Hopeless Soul doesn't mind the benevolent hackers that much, Lucifer has a bigger issue with them, regardless of if they're good or evil.
  • Kirito & Asuna are both amicable towards Hopeless Soul as they all know what it's like to get trapped inside a game and make their way out of it while trying to avoid death (though in Hopeless Soul's case, the Pony Island players are more or less already dead).
  • As it turns out, Hopeless Soul is capable of being a little more powerful than he appears to be, but only to those who are interested in seeing everything the machine has to offer. Soul collectors such as Shang Tsung and Shadow Fiend immediately took an interest upon hearing about it from others.
  • The Mane Six got really annoyed when they found out that a game with a name like "Pony Island" would serve a sinister purpose. Although they were told that one of Lucifer's possible intentions with the game was to make friends, they feel that using a demonic arcade cabinet is not a good way to accomplish that friendship-based motive. The Mane Six's friends are also disapproving of that machine given the design of it, though the Mane Six's enemies don't care a whole lot about it.
  • Lucifer expects those who play their game to play fairly, even if the programming leaves a lot to be desired. He is unable to tolerate cheaters such as Bandit Keith and Wario since their antics go against how Lucifer intends his game to be played.
    • This attitude earned the admiration of Dr. Hax, who has been encouraging Lucifer to be more aggressive in snuffing out cheaters who play Pony Island. Dr. Hax is still trying to look at how to throw CRT monitors at the arcade machine so it can only target Hopeless Soul and other cheating players. Entering cyberspace, accessing "Pony Island" from there, and then chucking CRT monitors at the offending cheaters is another option Dr. Hax is considering.
  • On one hand, Dhuum has a bit of respect towards Lucifer for having very little tolerance towards cheaters. On the other hand, Dhuum believes that Lucifer should just take the souls sooner instead of trapping them in a poorly-functioning arcade machine, though Lucifer is still insistent that his game works.
  • It may be plausible that the machine knows a bit about the inhabitants of the Underground given a few things there. That said, it's not the place (or game) to talk about a certain someone that may or may not be connected to the Human Child.
    • Speaking of the Human Child, that person has been a subject of interest for those inside the machine. Lucifer would like to have him try out Pony Island, while all what Hopeless Soul wants is the Human Child to be safe.
    • Flowey got a bit of time in his hands and watched someone related to the game named Louey. Flowey was actually amused by it, if only because of the presumed similarities present between them.
  • No one is certain as to what will happen should Ermac, who is known to house around ten thousand souls, play the game. Regardless of what will happen, Ermac doesn't want anything to do with the machine, especially in regards to its soul-stealing creator Lucifer.
  • The Lucifer and Beelzebub who are related to this machine have no connection whatsoever to a different Lucifer and Beelzebub. Nevertheless, the leader of the GUAC finds it amusing that someone who shares the same name as him would attempt to make an arcade game with a "cutesy" appearance, only for it to end up having a lot of programming flaws present.
    • When it comes to differentiating the Lucifers and Beelzebubs, this Beelzebub is addressed as Beelzebub.EXE. As for this Lucifer, referring to him as SystemTech is something that wouldn't be considered ridiculous.
  • Baphomet knows a lot of things, be it the past, present, and maybe the future. In fact, it's possible he knows about the Pantheon entirely, but when others try to ask him about it, they aren't given a proper response since Baphomet only wants his visitors to ask questions about themselves.
    • Dust seems to believe that Baphomet could provide some answers in his current journey. Although it's unclear as to how that's turning out, Dust has gotten along reasonably well with Hopeless Soul.
  • There's only a few shared threats that face the inhabitants of this game. Agent Smith has been looking into the machine and has considered using it as a stepping stone in his goals. Both Lucifer and Hopeless Soul hate Nobuyuki Sugou for his cheating attitude and usage of a game to kidnap others, respectively. Hopeless Soul also doesn't want to get involved with Love Machine at all. Lucifer hates the AI for reasons that should be obvious by now.
  • One of the lingering questions about this machine is if there's even more to it than there already is, and it's a question that has been particularly asked by those who have a knack of investigating the highly unusual. One of the more wild theories out there is that Lucifer is "playing" all the roles of those already existing inside, including that of Hopeless Soul. Whether that theory, alongside various other ones, is true or not remains to be seen.

    King Tezro 
King Tezro of Dotnia, God of Voxels and the Third Dimension
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Hero's Sword
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Royalty, NPCs, Gratuitous Video Game References, Retro Throwbacks, Genre Throwbacks
  • Domains: Creation, Nobility
  • Ally: Steve?
  • Rival: Mr. Game and Watch
  • Up-converted an entire world from two dimensions to three dimensions. The current voxel count is estimated to be somewhere in the tens-of-millions range.
  • Like most kings, His Highness does nothing but sit on his throne all day, but it is presumed that he spends his free time playing video games in order to add to his vast knowledge of video game tropes (and memes).


    The CPU's 
The Console Patron Units, Avatars of the Console Wars (Neptune: Purple Heart, Nep, Nep-Nep, Neppy, Neptunia, Neptuna, Nepsy, Protagonist of Protagonists), (Blanc: White Heart, Blanny Blanny Bii, Blanc the Berserker, Blanny, One of the Golden Pair), (Noire: Black Heart, Lonely Heart, No Are You, Friend Count Increased By One, Ice Queen of the Student Council, Magical Noirina), (Vert: Green Heart, Thunder Tits, Bert, Fujoushin)