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During the War
British Soldier: Taste my sword, French person!
French Soldier: No! Wait! We are allies! This is World War I!
British Soldier: I'm terribly sorry! I thought it was the Hundred Years War! Does this mean I can kill Italians?
French Soldier: (consulting manual) No, I'm afraid not. Not until World War II.
Dave Barry, "A Rash Proposal"

Pick a war. Pick any war and then write a story about it. It doesn’t matter if the story is fictional or Based on a True Story. It doesn’t matter if the war in question actually happened or not. The point is to write a story that is meant to entertain and, usually, to make a point. For obvious reasons, people from countries that participated in a war are more likely to write about them. Usually media will focus on one unit whether it’s a regiment, a company, or something smaller, like a squad or platoon. If the media is live-action, then it is usually based on foot soldiers due the expensive nature of filming aerial, tank, and naval combat. There are exceptions that use CGI, models, and stock footage of course.

Note: the correct pronunciation is "JYEW-rin-na WAW-ah".

Contrast War Was Beginning.


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