Video Game / Scalebound

Scalebound is an upcoming Action RPG developed by PlatinumGames and published by Microsoft Studios, scheduled for release somewhere in 2017 exclusively for the Xbox One.

Players assume control of Drew as he progresses through the world of Draconis. Drew is bonded and accompanied with a dragon called Thuban, who can breath out fire and assist him throughout the game. Players can give commands to the dragon when performing attacks. The dragon can be ridden, and its shape and appearance can be customized. The two travel the world of to defeat the powerful enemies that threaten Draconis, Earth, and a vast universe of parallel worlds. Unlike other games developed by Platinum, the game puts more focuses on graphical qualities and the role-playing aspect of the game instead of action.

Scalebound provides examples of:

  • Badass: Drew can slay a group of knights and monsters all while listening to music on his cool headphones.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: A possibility, if the enemy from the trailer makes it into the main game.
  • Blood Knight: Drew has shades for this this, as he gets very excited and plays up-beat music whenever he gets in a fight.
  • Colossus Climb: When encountering large enemies, players can swing and climb on them to perform attacks.
  • Dragon Rider: Drew is bonded and accompanied with a dragon called Thuban, who can breath out fire and assist players throughout the game.
  • Expy: Drew is a white-haired, headphone wearing, jacket-donning, sword wielder who mostly wields with his left hand, has an enchanted right hand that has a grapple ability, and has a One-Winged Angel-styled Super Mode. Did Nero change his name or something?
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: The battle music is justified by Drew wearing his headphones mid-fight.
  • Hydra/Orochi: Shown in the initial teaser. Ate the aforementioned Big Creepy-Crawlies.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Drew seems to use his sword with his left hand most of the time, but switches to his right hand when delivering more powerful attacks.
  • Instant Armor: The main character can apparently create one that looks like the scales of their dragon.
  • Kaiju: Some of the monsters. The gigantic scorpion-like monster from the 2016 E3 trailer for example is absolutely gigantic.
  • The Right Hand of Doom: Drew has a dragon arm that can scan enemies for information, unleash pulse energy, and heal his dragon companion.
  • Schizo Tech: For whatever reason, knights with swords coexist with portable music players.
  • Shout-Out: The leader of a group of soldiers Drew encounters yells out "Team, unite up!"
  • Synchronization: Unfortunately for Drew and Thuban, their lives are literally bonded. If one dies, the other is gone as well.
  • Urban Fantasy: We only see a monster filled forest, a magical badass dragon rider, and knights. But said magical badass dragon rider's headphones and modern clothes, along with the Science Fantasy vibe from the knights imply it takes place in such a setting.
  • X Meets Y: Many consider this game to be Monster Hunter meets Devil May Cry.