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Intermediate Gods

    Bowser Jr. 
Bowser Jr., God of Aspiring Overlord Sons (Junior, Prince Bowser Koopa Jr., Shadow Mario, the Prince of Koopas)
Bowser Jr. in his Koopa Car
Shadow Mario 
  • Theme Music: Enter Bowser Jr.!
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Junior Clown Car and Magic Paintbrush
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Bratty Half-Pint, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, The Evil Prince, Junior Counterpart, Like Father, Like Son, Scarf of Asskicking, The Dragon, Cool Clown Car, determined to impress his dad, Gadgeteer Genius
  • Domains: Airships, Children, Villainy, Ambition
  • Allies: Bowser, The Koopalings, Ganondorf, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Dr. Wily, Neo Cortex
  • Friendly Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, Yoshi
  • Enemies: Link, Kirby, Meta Knight, Mega Man
  • Rivals: Miles "Tails" Prower, Tron Bonne
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia, Dr. Weil
  • GUAG was notified of several airships outside of the Pantheon and were brought in to investigate. An entire armada of them was at the front steps of the Main House and began to hold some of the deities there hostage, as well as some of GUAG's members. Peach was among those kidnapped...again.
    • Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and some of the other heroic gods made their way through the airships, rescuing the kidnapped gods in the process. Eventually, they made their way to the final airship where Peach was held captive. Bowser Jr., taking control of his Junior Clown Car, prepared for battle.
      • Things were in the Prince of Koopa's favor even before he summoned the Koopalings. However, Mario was able to summon a Power Star to defeat Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings and rescue Peach. Nevertheless, GUAE was impressed with Junior's efforts and was offered a place in the Pantheon, with the Koopalings as his heralds.
      • Later on, the Koopalings were able to get a proper position in the Pantheon.
  • Prior to his ascension, Bowser Jr. was believed to have played a role in finding the Koopalings.
  • Bowser has taken him to the meetings attended by fellow villains Ganondorf and Dr. Eggman. The two applaud Junior's efforts to be as good as his dad and he himself hopes to be as great of a villain as these two in addition to Bowser himself.
    • During those meetings, he's met up with Metal Sonic, and they for some reason get along remarkably well. This has led to many incinerated ice cream stores and destroyed playgrounds.
    • That said, their first actual mission together (with Pops and Metal Sonic's creator) didn't start off as great. During their first GUAE joint operation, Bowser Jr. had been looking for some "cool toys" to play with. Metal Sonic was the assigned guard for the room he was checking, and the two prepared to tussle. Only for an Alternate Universe Mecha Sonic to barge in, and tear his opponent in half before then bringing the beatdown to Bowser Jr. in just one minute. The last thing he remembers seeing before falling unconscious again was his father catching him as he fell before confronting Mecha Sonic… He was glad to hear that his pops put that intruder in its place after that.
    • This actually isn't the first time Junior met Eggman or Ganondorf.
  • Junior began his villainy by framing Mario for polluting Isle Delfino. During that time, he insisted that Peach was his mother. After that however, he stated that he was fine with Peach not being his official mother and that he really only wants to defeat Mario.
  • Bowser Jr., as well as the Koopalings, have participated in battles with other gods. Bowser Jr. can even transform into Shadow Mario temporarily under the right circumstances. No one is sure how the Koopalings are able to do this as well.
  • Much like his dad, Junior does additional activities outside of villainy. Among these activities include go-karting, tennis, and baseball.
    • Strangely enough, he wasn't present for one of the races. Rather, the Koopalings participated in them.
  • During one of the meetings with his dad's villainous partners, Junior stated that he is very good at machinery. After that meeting, Eggman decided to invite Junior to meet fellow Mad Scientist Dr. Wily. The three have struck up an alliance to boost GUAE's mechanical prowress.
    • Aside from that, the three are secretly planning to bring Dr. Weil down for good at the suggestion of Wily. Junior considers Weil too much even for him.
  • Has gotten in a bit of a rivalry with Tails, another child with mechanical skills. It isn't uncommon to see them competing to make plenty of machines to impress the rest of the House of Family.
  • His dad is opposed to Abusive Parents. Junior shares this sentiment and whenever a god not from this house that is also a bad parent such as Ragyo Kiyuin or Ren Gyokuen tries to visit, they are greeted with airships and are forced to leave. Ghetsis is annoyed at this as he sees the two to be conversational partners.
  • No one knows who his real mother is. This is something even the House of Knowledge has been struggling to figure out.
  • Has crashed a few parties held by Mario. Interestingly, during one such instance, Bowser has stated that Junior fantasizes about being a hero. If Junior decides that Melkor has crossed the line, then the Prince of Koopas just might be able to play the hero for once.
  • During an incident where a flood of Paper-based Gods ran wild through the Pantheon, it was revealed that Bowser Jr. was actually pretty lonely and just wanted friends. This lead to some of the kinder gods like Steven Universe and Gentaro Kisaragi to extend a hand out to the poor god. Bowser Jr. now has splendid playdates with Steven (with the Crystal Gems keeping an eye out) and Gentaro even took Bowser Jr. to the moon.
    • That said, Bowser Jr. knows better than to bring up the dark incident Gentaro went through. When Bowser Jr. learned about said stories from his father, he looked absolutely horrified and disgusted by that type of cruelty.

Corrin, God/dess of Children of Two Worlds (Kamui, the (other) Avatar, Crux of Fate, Fateful Prince/Princess, Mamui, Femui, M!Corrin, Fem!Corrin, Corn, Corinne, Cory, Who?!, Yet Another Generic FE Animu Swordsman, Corrin in the House, King/Queen of Valla)
Two of Corrin's more common guises.

    Goro Akechi 
Goro Akechi, God of Resentful Illegitimate Children (Crow, Second Advent of the Detective Prince, The Charismatic Detective, Mysterious Man, Pleasant Man, the Black Mask)
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    Josuke Higashikata 
Josuke Higashikata, God of Illegitimate Heroic Sons (The Fourth JoJo, Josuke Joestar)

Marcello, The God of Evil Illegitimate Children (Brother, Captain, Othello)
  • Leitmotif: Sanctuary (as a member of the Church of the Goddess' hierarchy).
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A single gold ring on a chain, which he wears around his neck.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Freudian Excuse, The Unfavorite, The Resenter, Pride, Happily Adopted, Church Militant, The Leader, Ambition Is Evil, Manipulative Bastard, Xanatos Speed Chess, Villain with Good Publicity, High Priest, Defector from Decadence, Dark Messiah, Sealed Evil in a Can, Heroic Willpower, Smug Snake, How the Mighty Have Fallen, Never My Fault, Ungrateful Bastard
  • Domains: Templars, Church, Leadership, Orphans
  • Allies: Corypheus, Kurei
  • Enemies: Angelo, Prince Charmles, Henry the Eighth, Irresponsible Dad, Palutena, Granny Goodness, Artix von Krieger, Bowen
  • Interested in: Katniss Everdeen
  • Conflicted about: Moses, Pit, Edward Newgate, Geo Stelar, Lars Alexandersson
  • Sympathetic Towards: Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Marcello's entire life has been determined by his heritage — the bastard child of a nobleman's mistress, he was ousted from the Heir Club for Men when his father's wife became unexpectedly pregnant. Marcello found escape in the church's military order until who should show up but his half-brother Angelo, whose appearance inspired untold hatred in him. When his Good Shepherd Morality Chain died suddenly, Marcello found himself enveloped in a Corrupt Church that loved nobility as much as he despised it. Through politics, quick thinking, and likely a little murder, he had Angelo thrown in The Oubliette, seized an Artifact of Doom, and positioned himself to become the new Lord High Priest. Ironically enough, Angelo's band escaped and interrupted Marcello's inauguration — after losing their duel, Marcello was suddenly overtaken by the Artifact and unleashed a God of Evil. Following the catastrophe, Marcello was on the brink of a Disney Villain Death only for Angelo of all people to save his life; of course, Marcello was such an Ungrateful Bastard that this proved Cruel Mercy.
  • (It took over ten years following his fall from grace, but recently Marcello made a point of settling his debt to his hated half-brother, but has since struck out on his own and carries on Walking the Earth; he's also replaced his religious uniform with an all-black ensemble. Despite a brief moment of not-hatred between them, they're hardly friendly).
  • He still hates nobility to the point where he pretends he has no Royal Blood himself, so once he learned there was a House of Royalty, he resolved to see it crumble. Upon discovering the Divine Temple of Faith, he immediately began looking into any military orders that he might join... and take leadership of. He was quietly delighted to learn of the Temple's guard.
  • Keep him away from Artifacts of Doom; he'll take a chance on seizing such powers for his own personal use, and he's proven himself to have the willpower to make a good try of it. The last time he did it, he maintained a Sealed Evil in a Can even as he broke the last part of the actual seal. He's taken himself on more than one self-directed tour of the Treasury.
  • If there's one piece of his soul still left intact, it's his sympathy for orphans. As such, he was incensed to discover Granny Goodness and her terrible orphanage; within a month, he established a conspiracy to spirit orphan children away and into the Temple Guard, not only rescuing them from Granny, but making a long-term investment in the order's strength. Papers are forged en route.
  • Marcello's too wrapped up in resentment, ego, and pride to ever have real friends or allies, but there are a handful of useful alliances to be made. Corypheus with his hatred of useless gods is almost sympathetic.
  • While he's ambivalent about his own mother, Marcello found an interesting number of parallels and brought Kurei into his personal circle. Having been the father's unfavorite in his own time might have had something to do with it.
  • While always cool and only lightly impolite at worst in person, the very thought of his half-brother Angelo is enough to make him show a more cruel and vicious side.
  • Though he never met Prince Charmles in life, he has since made the fat little pest his personal stooge, to be exploited at every opportunity to raise anti-royal sentiment. That Charmles — an embodiment of so much vice inherent to nobility — makes it so damn easy is only icing on the cake; he can style himself a Bully Hunter simply by bringing up Charmles mistreating everyone around him.
  • He holds Palutena in absolute disdain for her habit of relying on foot soldiers like Pit to work her will and is perfectly willing to call her a do-nothing goddess to her face. "You may brawl for your own personal amusement, but what have you actually accomplished in life without the blood, sweat, and tears of an army?"
  • Marcello may be focused on the house of royalty, but he also takes special umbrage with Henry the 8th, who is everything he hated in his old world wrapped up in a neat and tidy package.
  • Marcello knows about Irresponsible Dads. Marcello had an Irresponsible Dad. Marcello hates Irresponsible Dad with the heat of a thousand Kafrizzle spells. It's on Marcello's To-Do List to consign Irresponsible Dad to Purgatory Island. He may need to convince some mage or deity to create a new Purgatory Island for the pantheon first, though.
  • Bowen of the Temple's Intermediate Gods has made Marcello a personal project of his (this may explain his recent behavior regarding Angelo), and has resolved not to rest until Marcello lets his resentment go, and, ideally, is reconciled with Angelo. The entire pantheon has been taking bets since.
  • Was initially interested in the Sacred Knights under Artix von Krieger, but that's a hierarchy so locked in stone he writes it off as a bad job and commits to the temple guard.
  • Took a keen interest in Katniss Everdeen when he heard of her role in the conflict with a corrupt government and has since tried to make an ally of her — he goes so far as to think of her as a kindred spirit. It's a personal project of his to make an ally of her, despite her trust issues.
  • Meeting Moses may have been one of the most uncomfortable experiences of his life. Both abandoned and adopted, both capable leaders of men, both suffering through terrible conflict with their brothers, and yet, despite an entire life spent justifying his own plays for power, Marcello walked away from that meeting, determined to convince himself he wasn't the evil brother in his own story.
  • Pit, the Captain of Palutena's guard, he respects, but only begrudgingly. He once semi-facetiously suggested Pit take over leadership of Palutena's domain, and offered his support for such an endeavor, maybe even teach him a few spells.
  • Doesn't know how to approach the matter of Edward Newgate, who's positively the opposite of everything he's ever known about fatherhood. He maintains a safe distance at all times.
  • He struggles to deal with Geo Stelar and his Undying Loyalty to his father. By rights, the Stelar boy SHOULD be angry! His father was off gallivanting around the cosmos and left him and his mother behind! How could he possibly be so loyal? Good Parents don't exist!
  • Once tried to make a connection with Lars Alexandersson, god of White Sheep, as Marcello considers himself a Defector from Decadence. Prolonged exposure to a legitimately Heroic Bastard, however, only makes Marcello uncomfortable.
  • He once heard the story of Heinz Doofenshmirtz and spent a week in a Heroic B.S.O.D..

    Sir Mordred 
Mordred, Goddess of Antagonistic Offsprings (The Knight of Treachery, Saber of Red, Moedred, Londinium Knight, Rider, Surfer Knight of Treachery, Miss Surfer Mor, Modred, Medraut, Medrod)
Wearing her armor 
In a bikini 
  • Theme Song: I Just cant wait to... Wait, that not your theme Mordred, Alternatively, her Lullaby,The Knight of Rebellion.
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her sword, Clarent, behind her helm
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with moments of Good. Full-fledged Chaotic Good as a Rider class Servant.
  • Portfoilo: Opposes her "father", Hates being called a woman despite being one and no problems showing off, Blood Knight, Calling the Old Man Out, Cloning Blues, Gender Flip, Believes she was meant to have the throne, Still a somewhat decent person after all that, Actually succeeding despite dying also, Knight in Shining Armor before becoming rejected, The Power of Hate, Scary Impractical Armor yet wears rather revealing clothing outside of it, "Well Done, Daughter!" Girl, Clarent Blood Arthur, Still a child mentally, Becoming Nicer during the Grand Order conflicts.
  • Domains: Betrayal, Clones, Family, Swords.
  • Allies: Karna, Achilles, Prometheus and Pandora, Lucifer, Grey, Carl and Ada Clover, N, Stewie Griffin, Robin, surprisingly enough
  • Enemies: Lancelot, Archer, Yuuki Terumi, Dracula, Relius Clover, Ghetsis Harmonia and several of the more noble members of the House of Family, Gilgamesh, Astolfo, Illyasviel von Einzbern
  • Annoyed with: Excalibur
  • Conflicting Relationships With: Arturia Pendragon, Shino Asada/Sinon, Jon Snow, Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi
  • Commonality Connection: Ultron
  • Opposes: Sayaka Miki
  • Utterly Confused by: Shirou Emiya
  • The Knight who ended King Arthur's reign, Mordred rose one day and claimed this title for himself, stating that if he couldn't have the mortal throne of Camelot, he would settle for this. Challenging his father, Arturia, to battle, his helm was knocked off to reveal his greatest secret to all: Mordred is actually a girl.
  • Lucifer applauds her actions, calling it one of the most shining examples of how one should attempt seize and make their own destiny, rather than allow others to decide for them. Mordred has no real opinion of him, though she has joined with the GUAC, as it fits her tastes more than the GUAG or GUAE could.
  • Calling her a 'girl' is the most surefire way to make her mad and ready to kill you. As such, only refer to her as 'he' in her presence, or else risk a Clarent Blood Arthur to the face. This has been voted the tenth dumbest thing to do in the Pantheon.
  • Was pleased to see that her former teammates Karna and Achilles had ascended before, though she doesn't spend much time with them. Karna is still willing to work with her as necessary, though Achilles doesn't really care either way, as she can't hurt him.
    • She was also surprised when she heard there's a certain Siegfried in the Pantheon, only to feel a bit disappointed that this one goes with the surname Schtauffen. However, after a bit of an initiated scuffle, Mordred could feel the same ferocity of his namesake, the Saber of Black, thus afterwards left him be. She's also excited that the actual Saber of Black came to the Pantheon and she hoped that she could fight him full time, rather than some homunculus taking form of his body for just a few minutes.
  • Heard about an 'Excalibur' that resides in the House of Emotions. She thought it would finally be her time to claim it and prove that she was superior to her father. She couldn't last five minutes before getting annoyed with it (ﺧ益ﺨ).
  • While her position obviously has some of the more noble members of the House of Family wary of 'him', she despises Relius Clover and Ghetsis Harmonia, and this hatred is what forms the basis of her alliance with Carl, Ada and N. Hatred for their fathers is what also motivates 'his' alliance with Prometheus and Pandora, as well as Grey. In the case of Relius, Mordred has been known to exclaim, "I'm going to beat you into submission so bad that you'll be whimpering 'Sumanai' all day long, and even that wouldn't be enough, you pathetic excuse of a FATHEEEERRR!!!"
    • Also hates Terumi for constantly making jabs about how she's really a girl. As such, she's perfectly willing to join with any effort meant to take him down, although she herself can't deliver the finishing blow, as Terumi feeds on the Power Of Hate and his greatest attack is practically an all-you-can-eat buffet of hate.
  • Lancelot has sworn to never let her get close to Arturia again. Mordred just scoffs at this, though she is wary of Lancelot's newfound Berserker state.
  • Her relationship with Arturia herself is complicated. While on one hand she publicly claims to despise Arturia and always has an insult on hand whenever they meet, Mordred also, in her calmer moments, often shows a hidden desire to just be respected by her again, and will harshly defend Arturia's actions from any critic, stating that is reserved for her. Arturia herself has also expressed interest in at least trying to patch their relationship, so who knows...
    • Was utterly confused when she met Sonic The Hedgehog and learned he was once King Arthur.
    • Hates Gilgamesh after finding out that he once tried to force Arturia to marry him. Might be one of the few people that she and Lancelot both equally hate.
    • Mordred however gets extremely jealous when ever someone gets too familiar with Arturia that may look like a parent and children relationship. This goes to both Astolfo, who keeps on hugging her, and Illyasviel, who is a homunculus like herself but is treated more kindly then she was in the past.
  • Opposes Sayaka, as she sees in her a reflection of the knight he once was and secretly jealous she managed to move past her own failings.
  • Despite her normal behavior, she refuses to sacrifice the uninvolved and innocent in any sort of plans, showing she hasn't quite lost all of her honor. This is why she doesn't like Archer, even if he doesn't do it willingly sometimes.
  • Is somewhat at odds with Shirou Emiya. He refuses to let her carry out any revenge against the King of Knights, yet is perfectly willing to invite her to dinner on peaceful terms with Arturia present. She can't quite figure him out, and that just leaves her utterly confused.
    • She has made it clear though that while she doesn't approve of the relationship he has with her "father", she accepts it...though she warned him that he would suffer if she ever caught him being unfaithful to Arturia...or even hurting her in some fashion. That's her job.
  • Has a surprisingly familial relationship with Robin, of all people. S/he's one of the few people who can stand to be around her, and s/he knows what it's like to have a father who you oppose (though s/he doesn't quite agree with Mordred's choice). Arturia, for her part, is thankful that Mordred has at least one good family figure in his life now.
  • Due to her name and gender, she was at one point asked if she used to go by the moniker Phantom Assassin. Mordred has denied connection, saying that there is a vital difference between them... their names, Mordred has 2 'd's while that one has only one.
  • Thought she had an ally with Simba after hearing Can't Wait to be King, thinking it was about killing your kingly father and claiming the throne for yourself. She was disappointed that wasn't the case.
  • Has a complex relationship with Shino Asada due to her sounding just like her in Japanese, but occasionally sounding like Arturia in English. That said, Mordred is impressed with her archery and rifle skills and would love to challenge her or her allies to battle.
  • Once went to the House of Friendship believing that her old Master Kairi Shishigou had ascended. Instead, she met The Princess of Heart Kairi. While at first Mordred was disappointed, thinking she was just another Distressed Damsel after hearing some rumors, she was surprised to see the young Keyblader in actual combat and decided there might be something more to her after all.
  • Rumors have been spreading around that Mordred sometimes goes to the House of Music and perform as an Idol. She denies those rumors despite their being photos of her performing. When presented with these, she just says those are fakes with very few believing her.
  • Has made a good ally in her former High Priest, Stewie. The two spend their time together trying to kill their parents, though Mordred is a bit more restrained about it.
  • Has no idea what to think about Jon Snow, on the one hand they have enough similarities to strike a friendship (both being bastards, both having a less than desirable relationship with one of their parents, both being originally idealistic knights before life jaded them, both having a parent that was an outright villain or seen as such by their kingdom and both becoming Kings despite the fact that they were bastards) there's also the fact that she does find him easy on the eyes but on the other hand she is annoyed by the fact that Jon still admires Ned, she is also envious of the fact that Jon was loved by his family, with the exception of Catelyn, and unlike her reign, he is clearly seen with admiration and respect by his kingdom, whereas her kingdom ended in war and they labelled her as a villain, in the end encounters with between the two will either end with them fighting or flirting, with very little room in between.
  • The best way to get her to chill out is to bring her into the tropics in the summer months. During that time, she can be summoned as a Rider, generally puts aside her acrimony with her 'father', and is more interested in surfing than in killing anyone (though she is VERY capable at using the waves to drown her enemies). She still tries way too hard to get Artoria's attention, though, and ends up being brushed off.
    • Has a tough relationship with Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi due to being gender counterparts much like Ritsuka Fujimaru and his female counterpart, the protagonist(s) who first summoned her as Rider. She likes them and wants to bond with them, especially after seeing their personalities and degrees of heroic determination reminiscent of both Ritsuka and her 'father', but their friends don't entirely trust her and even the two of them slip up on calling her 'he'.
  • Although she would never admit it to anyone, what Mordred truly desires out of drawing Caliburn from the stone is not to become king, but to spare her father from the loneliness of such a duty and let her live as a human.
  • If she didn't get what she asked (as long as it's not that severe), she could be seen rolling on the ground whining.
  • Reportedly she has a notoriously bad luck when it comes to a certain Gacha game that had her and Arturia in it. She just wished to pull Arturia to finally end the nightmares of Lancelot yapping at how he got tons of Arturias in the same game... and she pulled HERSELF after wasting all of her monthly allowance.

    Sam Flynn 
Sam Flynn, God of Spin Offsprings (The Son of Flynn)
  • Theme Song: Son of Flynn
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An Identity Disc
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Son of Original Protagonist, Manchild, Nerds Are Sexy, Action Survivor, Playful Hacker, Rich Idiot with No Day Job, Unskilled, but Strong, Badass Normal, improvising on the spot
  • Domains: Cyberspace, Criminals, Offspring, Sequels
  • Herald: Quorra (shared with his father)
  • Allies: Kevin Flynn (his father), Sora, Riku, Nathan Drake, Noah Kaiba, Melody.
  • Enemies: Clu, Rinzler, Raul Menendez.
  • Followers: Jane, Kiara, Ceodore Harvey
  • Opposed by: Peter Pan
  • Overheard of the pantheon looking for a god for Spin-Offspring. Sam wanted to be reunited with his father, and challenged Melody (whose parents, Ariel and Eric, are in) for that spot. Sam won, though he's agreed to find a way to ascend Melody as a proper goddess one day.
    • He succeeded, as Melody ascended with Strong Family Resemblance as her trope. Even better is that they're in the same house, and in the same sub-section. Melody has thanked Sam for his help in getting her in, and often gives him some seashells, some of which are later given to Quorra to help her learn about ocean life.
      • Sadly, Walt Disney refuses to recognize both of them and Quorra as part of his "family". Sam is furious, going as far as to ask if other well-known characters from sequels such as Yoda, the T-1000, all Pokémon introduced from Johto onwards etc., should also be disowned. Sam does understand that not all sequels are generally accepted, however.
    • Sam is fully aware of other Disney offspring, but with few exceptions, they are all from alternate continuities.
  • Once met up with Nathan Drake during one Light Cycle race that the Naughty Dogs took part in, and is teaching the latter the tricks of the trades with racing.
  • Sam was happy to see that Sora and Riku were in the pantheon, and already friends with his father. Of course, Sam's not that pleased on Riku being in the same house as Clu, and constantly being forced to take part in Light Cycle tournaments.
    • When Sam first entered the pantheon, Sora was hospitalized in the GUAG Medical Division after being caught up in an explosion that nearly cost him his leg in the Friendship Asylum. He didn't take it very well that one of the perpetrators happened to be from The Grid, but also found it strange that Clu worked alongside the heroes to destroy such an abomination.
      • During the Limbo incident, he decided to take Tron's place to infiltrate the going-ons in the Mirror Universe.
  • Sam does resemble a young Captain Hook. Peter Pan didn't take this resemblance very well.
  • Just like Yui, he got the attention of Raul Menendez, who attempted to brainwash him in order to utilize the Grid under his control. Luckily, the Kirigaya Family helped Sam retreat just before he could start the brainwashing attempt.

    Tetsuya Tsurugi 
Tetsuya Tsurugi, God of Orphaned Children

     Yui (Sword Art Online
Yui, Goddess of Happily Adopted Children (MHCP-001, Persona Vabel)
  • Theme Song: I Know AI
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when Linked To Administrative System ("Cardinal") of the Universe she presently inhabits)
  • Symbol: A Crystal Tear-Drop.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Artificial Intelligence, Badass Adorable, Cheerful Child, Daddy's Girl, Fairy Companion, A Glitch in the Matrix, Happily Adopted, Nice Girl, Fun Size, Infinity +1 Sword, Flaming Sword
  • Domains: Happy Families, Empathy, Compassion, Hacking.
  • Allies: Kirito And Asuna, her Adoptive Father and Mother, Silica, Sinon, Yuuki Konno, Edward Newgate, Piccolo, Toriel, Dominic Torretto, Tony Chopper, Yui Hirasawa, Clark Kent, Son Gohan, Tinker Bell, Navi, Link, Enju Aihara, Mai Takatsukasa, The Human Child/Frisk, Trucy Wright
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Tenjuro Banno, Raul Menendez, Flowey,
  • Complicated Relationships With: Sanji and James Bond, (For trying to hit on her Mommy), Achakura Ryoko, Yondu The Ravager.
  • Creeped Out By: The Meta, HAL 2000 (One-sided hostility)
  • Is overjoyed that she is finally able to join her beloved "Papa and Mama" Kirito and Asuna in the Pantheon, and the lovely little family celebrate by going to the House of Beast to ride the Whales therein.
  • Dear friends with the Adoptive Fathers and Brothers of the Pantheon, particularly Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, Dominic Toretto, Piccolo and Toriel, as she is living proof of their belief that blood ties are not necessary to have a happy and loving family.
    • Piccolo in particular is fond of Yui, as her wisdom, bravery and kindness is very reminiscent of that of Son Gohan, his own stepson. Toriel has also taken a liking towards Yui since she reminds her of the Human Child/Frisk, who has also befriended Yui because of their similarities.
  • Due to her origins as a therapeutic AI, she frequently visits the House of Love and Emotions as a sympathetic shoulder for long-suffering Gods to cry on.
  • Is creeped out by HAL 2000, as his tyrannical and coldly logical disregard for life is eerily reminiscent of the Cardinal System of Sword Art Online. HAL for his part is confused, as he finds Yui to be a charming and smart little girl whom he really wants to have a challenging game of chess with.
  • Yui is also confused about what to think of Achakura Ryoko, who like her is an Artificial Intelligence who is able to take a cute and cuddly small size; on the one hand she finds her totally adorable, while on the other hand remembers she is still a psychotic assassin, albeit one that is no longer good at her job.
    • On the other hand she gets along wonderfully with Doctor Tony Chopper, as they are both highly intelligent and kind scholars who can change sizes at will, even though she constantly asks him to mind the bad-language he's used to using with his male friends.
  • Because her Daddy is a Clueless Chick Magnet, Yui constantly makes sure he stays faithful to Asuna, and tries her best to keep women who don't meet her standards of approval (IE. Anyone who is not her aunty Leafa or Sinon) away from him. In spite of that, she is very good friends with Silica through their mutual friendship with the latter's pet dragon, Pina.
    • She is also very serious about protecting her Mommy, and is not amused when Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates decided to hit on her during their cook-off competition at one particular party that Edward Newgate invited her family to.
  • Yui is learning how to jam with Yui Hirasawa, the lead guitarist of Hokago Teatime; they are very fond of each other because when speaking in English, they sound curiously similiar.
  • Do not under ANY circumstances harm her Papa and Mama in her presence; try that and she will hack into the very fundamental laws of the universe you presently inhabit, conjure a colossal flaming sword that can cleave through the concept of invincibility, and chop you into burning confetti with it. James Bond learned this the hard and painful way when captivated by Asuna's beauty, grabbed her by the wrist and tried to "take her to a quiet place" in spite of knowing full well she is a Happily Married Mother.
  • Is utterly terrified of the Meta and his "interest" in her doesn't help matters.
  • Recently made friends with fellow Fairy Companion Tinkerbell and Navi, and enjoys sharing over tea and cake how similar their adventures with their respective handsome male-Elf companions are. She is particularly close to Navi as Link's roguish bad-boy charm and preference for Legendary Swords is very similar to that of Kirito's.
    • Though Yui is politely suggesting that Navi stops using "Hey! Look! Listen!" with every Facebook Message to get her attention; it's getting pretty old pretty fast, she privately admits to Link.
  • In one of her visits to the Pantheon of Emotions, she met with a particular God of the House of Insanity and tried to help him. The sheer trauma of his past actions in both Third Impacts and the collected guilt of his involvement in the events that lead to Fourth Impact almost made the poor AI to enter into a severe Heroic B.S.O.D. until he patted her in the head and asked her to help his old comrades instead of him.
  • Has gained an ire of Raul Menendez when he attempted to brainwash her along with Sam Flynn in hopes to hack the entire system. She was glad that her parents came to rescue both of them before Raul could finish them both.
  • Yondu the Ravager is very fond of Yui, frequently visiting the Kirigaya Family Log Cabin to bring her toys from 1980's Earth, sharing tales of his latest adventure (altered to be appropriate for little-girls, of course) before patting her on the head and blasting off to another... and yet is awkward when around her Mother and Father. Far from disliking Mr and Mrs Kirigaya, the surly old space pirate admires how their loving and kind upbringing made Yui the kind, sweet and happy little girl she is; a doubly painful reminder of how his (comparatively) abusive and neglectful upbringing of Peter resulted in a cynical Manchild with a Hair-Trigger Temper for a son.

Lesser Gods

    Catherine Rain Bilstein 
Catherine Rain Bilstein, Goddess of Daughters of Evil Scientists

    Chibiusa "Rini" Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon 
Chibiusa Tsukino, Kid Goddess From the Future (Sailor Chibi Moon, Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, Small Lady, Black Lady, Wicked Lady, Princess Lady Serenity, Rini, Sailor Mini Moon)
Click to see her in the 90s anime 
  • Lesser Goddess (with the potential to become an Intermediate Goddess)
  • Symbol: Luna-P and her Pink Moon Crystal.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being Really 900 Years Old, Well Done Daughter Gals, All of the Other Reindeer, Little Miss Badasses, Precocious Troublemakers, Princesses Prefer Pink, Jerks With Gold Hearts, Not Growing Up Sucks, Immortal Immaturity.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Lich, Lucifer, Lord Chaos, Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash
  • Opposes: Kratos
  • Caretakers: June Lin Milliam
  • Took over this position from Future Trunks, but the two don't hold any ill feelings towards each other.
  • Is the last of the main Sailor Senshi to ascend, but doesn't really mind that. In fact, it's kinda funny because everybody else existed before she did too. Anyway, she's waiting for the Amazoness Quartet and her lover Helios to join her.
    • She and Sailor Pluto became each other's first friends before either of them ever turned to the past. That loyalty is still alive, as even through Pluto's time banished to the outskirts of the Pantheon, Chibiusa has made it a point to frequently visit Pluto. When she found out Hotaru/Sailor Saturn did the same thanks to Setsuna being her adoptive peer mother, she was giddy with joy.
  • Is on good terms with most of the magical girls in the Pantheon, but is probably the closest to Hime Shirayuki, due to their similarities.
  • Gets along well with Rika Furude, due to both having experiences with time travel and feeling trapped in a child's body.
  • Once friends with Son Gohan but grew apart after he fell for Videl and had a child named Pan. Some think she might've had a crush on Gohan when he was still a kid but doesn't want to admit it. For her part, though, she's fixed on Helios. Speaking of which…
  • Absolutely hates Kratos for the fact that he killed her lover Helios in cold blood. Is not comforted by the notion that this happened in another world, nor that Kratos has never heard of her.
  • Once saw The Lich go after Finn and Jake and quickly transformed to attack it. Upon learning more about the Lich, she immediately declared him the most disgusting being alive, even comparing him to Death Phantom, a former enemy of her world who actually corrupted and brainwashed her to turn evil as Black Lady. She's even wondered if this ancient monster helped influence her captor into becoming what he was.note 
  • Is absolutely grateful towards Trunks, The Flash, and the Supreme Kai of Time for helping Sailor Pluto get back her rightful place in the Pantheon. She and Saturn have stepped in on occasion to help out Pluto and Time Patrol on shared missions since then.
  • After seeing Android 16 suddenly turn up around Setsuna, she was told about 16 being there as a favor to Trunks as well as the time Eobard Thawne tried to attack Setsuna as well as made a joke about Pluto not being a planet anymore only for 16 and The Flash to make the save. She's totally cool with 16 and even more glad now that she and Trunks remained on good terms.
  • While looking through the timestream in Pluto's Door of Time, Chibiusa noticed an aberration in the history of Dragon Ball surrounding the awakening of a new Android named 21. This aberration was interfering with the vision of the Tournament of Power, hinting that it took place at an earlier point in time. While looking at this, she came upon traces of an averted timeline, where Zamasu had switched bodies with Son Goku, then slaughtered him and all the rest of the Z-Fighters; in that timeline, 21 would've successfully acted out a plan to revive, control, strengthen, and ultimately consume a certain set of strong villains for their power before moving on to conquering the galaxy to look for more strong fighters to eat. To investigate further and ensure this could be stopped from happening in the main timeline, she decided to get some outside help, bringing the situation to the attention of one Ajani Goldmane.
    • Ajani and Chibiusa ultimately deduced that, given 21's control mechanism for the villains was a system they used to implant souls both real and artificial into other people's bodies, their best way in would be to magically conjure up a real Earthling Soul. However, to ensure that it would have all the necessary traits to be able to have the maximum impact, including traits that would allow it to enter the Dragon World seamlessly, they needed that soul to be pieced together from actual Earthlings with those traits. So after figuring out what they wanted, the two went around the Pantheon and enlisted the help of seven deities from other Earths, with Chibiusa conjuring up the basic plate of the soul using her Abracadabra Pom spell as Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Ajani empowering it with the traits of the following:
    Its element of Player Choice and voiceless lead presence came straight from the basic essence of (Insert Name Here).
    Its ability to enter the link system and travel through the fighters as easily as it did came from Edward Elric's alchemical soul transmutation.
    Its ability to naturally travel back in time came from Barry Allen's ability to do so via access to the Speed Force.
    Its ability to be addressed by the combatants via Leaning on the Fourth Wall of video games came from She-Hulk's knowledge of said Fourth Wall.
    Its ability to tap into the vast powers and skill sets of the warriors came from Bambina's immense natural power and skill. Unfortunately, they had to promise the Monkey King "playtime" with both 21 and Goku to get him to help out.
    Its ability to simply enter the Dragon World at will in the first place came from Alice's Power of Imagination.
    Its ability to empathize with and win over any link, from curious hero to utterly bothered villain, came from the supreme empathy of Mr. Rogers.
    • The Soul ended up uncovering the secrets of Android 21, chief among which being that she was in fact Good All Along and her drive to feed on the strong was a Horror Hunger that she had tried to resist against. They watched as she, ruled by that hunger, killed her rebuilt version of 16, pushed her plan into overdrive, and was ultimately destroyed by Goku and others three times. The third time, however, was the charm; her good and evil sides were clashing too strongly and 16's death triggered them into splitting apart and coming against each other, and the evil 21's death was facilitated by the good 21's willingness to give up her own life to make sure her hunger never hurt anyone again.
    • Goku, out of respect for this sacrifice, decided to ask for her to be reincarnated. But Chibiusa and Ajani didn't like the logic behind it. Others have given themselves to protect others and been revived by the Dragon Balls all the time. Plus, the Pantheon could more than handle a case like 21's. So Chibiusa went around the whole question and asked her mother to resurrect 21 instead, while Ajani petitioned for her ascension in the Pantheon based on her lack of memory of her human past as the mother of Dr. Gero's son who 16 was built from.
    • When a grateful but confused 21 finally met them and asked them if resurrecting her was a wise decision, they simply explained the whole truth of the matter to impress upon her that the Pantheon could handle it, with Chibiusa going into the details behind the created Soul. Amazed, she thanked them again for all of their help, then went around to thank the other seven who helped out. Of course, Bambina immediately attacked 21 when she went to his temple, so they had to fess up to the deal they'd made with the Monkey King. She took it in stride.
    • Setsuna wanted to lecture her for how reckless this plan was, but Ajani was able to assure the Guardian of Time that everything was thought through. Ultimately, all Pluto could manage was to make Chibiusa promise to tell her next time she wants to do something like this.

    Cow and Chicken 
Cow and Chicken, Sibling Deities of Random Species Offspring

    Edmund E. Blackadder 
Edmund E. Blackadder, God of Identical Grandsons

    Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach 
Go Shijima, God of Rectifying His Father's Sins (Gou Shijima, Kamen Rider Mach)
Kamen Rider Mach 

Kurei, God of Unfavored Offsprings and Respect of Mothers That Surpass Depravity (Cray, Kurei Mori, Cursed Child)
  • Lesser God (Would be an Intermediate God, but that was vetoed due to fear)
  • Symbol: His blue-colored flame in shape of his lover Kurenai.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with some doses of Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Flame Manipulation, '90s Anti-Hero, Stomping Through Anyone Not Named 'Recca Hanabishi', bringing people Back from the Dead (as his flame), Cursed, Disfavored Child, Charisma, Do Cruel Things But Still Respect His Moms, Malevolent Masked Man, Noble Demon
  • Domain: Combat, Nature, Family
  • Allies: His Uruha Hokage team, Byakuya Kuchiki, Jin Kazama, The Boss, Iori Yagami, Recca Hanabishi, Kael'thas Sunstrider
  • Rivals: Cygnus Hyoga
  • Enemies: Nearly every bad fathers out there, Oda Nobunaga, Arthas Menethil, Dio Brando.
  • There was a tingle of fear spread throughout the Pantheon during the time Kurei ascended. Chants of 'The cursed child is here!' were heard. Kurei mostly ignored them, he can definitely show that there's no need of favoritism to be strong. With his record of fighting... well, one has the justifications.
  • He's a bit disappointed that Recca hasn't ascended, but when Recca actually did, beneath the mask, Kurei had a smirk on his face. Finally, the only one worthy enough to face him has arrived in the Pantheon.
    • Looking at both Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, he found out that those two are kind of similar with him and Recca. Kurei is one of the few people Iori could look in the same level due to many similarities.
  • In his house, there will be absolutely no badmouthing on both his mortal mothers allowed. Anyone who disobeys get asked "Medium or well done?" before getting crisped.
  • Although he hailed from the same dimension, he mostly ignored Tokiya Mikagami, not just on his last deal with Recca to not harm his allies after being beaten at Ura Butou Satsujin, but also the fact that if they fight, Kurei would win in 3 seconds, like usual. He does find a replacement of 'opposing element opponent': Cygnus Hyoga. Kurei finds the Saint to be a rather worthy foe.
  • Is pretty good friends with Byakuya due to two similar things: Aloof Older Sibling business and voice. Kurei was actually asked to take his place if Yuu failed, but Kurei refused, he's content with his current house.
  • Doesn't have high opinion on Nu-13 despite their similar entrance. It reminded him of his Psychopathic Man Child clone Renge that he thought to be utterly annoying. Although no one has known who would come off victorious if Kurei ever fought Nu.
  • Has the ability to convert the souls of the dead into his flames, which got him into a rivalry with Arthas about who will claim what soul and for what: For Kurei's flames or for Arthas' undead army.
  • Was actually amongst the potential members of Jin Kazama's group of opposing parental abuse. However, Kurei was one of the few who declined the offer for some reason. Though he still consider Jin a kindred spirit who grew with a horrible father, like him.
  • Gained the respect of Kael'thas Sunstrider due to his flame usage (even if it's Technicolor Flames) and his final flame form as a Phoenix. Kurei has no idea about any mothers Kael has, but seeing his dedication for his father, Anasterian Sunstrider, he grows to respect him, same way he respected his blood father Ouka (but NOT his shit stepfather)

    Leah (Diablo
Leah, The Goddess Who Was Raised as a Vessel (Sewer Rat, Witch, Diablo's Vessel)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Journal
  • Theme Song: Leah's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Initially skeptic about Deckard Cain's stories, Apocalypse Maiden, Black Magician Girl, Break the Cutie, Guest-Star Party Member, Humble Goal, Nice Girl, Parental Abandonment, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Magic, Scholars, Royalty, Hosts, Demons, Witches
  • Allies: The Nephalems, Tyrael, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Yuuno Scrya, Li Li Stormstout, Jaina Proudmoore, Medivh, Good Witches
  • Enemies: Diablo (Arguably her father), Baal, Azmodan, Gul'dan, Micolash, Evil Witches, Evil-aligned demons
  • Opposes: Any Abusive Parents. Especial mention goes to Medusa Gorgon
  • Pities: Those who have been abused by their parents.
  • Special/Complicated relationships: Aidan (Her Father), King Leoric (Her Grandfather)
  • Leah was known as Deckard's Cain adoptive daughter who helped him along his research while he took care of her. But her origins are for more sinister, as Leah was conceived by the union of the Witch Adria and Prince Aidan of Khanduras, who at the time was under the influence of Diablo. Her only reason to exist was so Diablo could become the Prime Evil by using her body and the combined souls of the other evils and he succeeded in it, Leah was gone for good after her mother betrayed her.
    • However, her ascension was a mean for liberating the young woman from such a terrible fate. After Aidan's ascension and him being unable to return to normal, the Nephalem took the matter into their hands and when Diablo intended to bring Leah along like he did with her father, he was intercepted by them and the Nephalem managed to rescue her soul and purify it in the House of Life and Death.
  • Shortly after ascending, Leah became aware of the presence of her father given that the Nephalem told her he was here as well. But she was disheartened to learn that Aidan was completely lost to the will of Diablo, a similar fate that could have befell Leah if the Nephalems weren't present to stop it.
    • However, motivated by the chance of finally getting to meet her biologically father, Leah promised that she will do everything she can to purify Aidan's soul and free him from Diablo's control. A difficult task but she is determined to succeed.
    • As for her grandfather? She doesn't think highly of him, though he pities what Leoric went through and and both can agree that Diablo has ruined their lives enough.
  • She bonded with Illya after learning that both she and her mother were created for the sole reason to hold the Holy Grail within them and became good friends. Although Leah is upset that at least she had a good relationship with her mother, something she herself can't say the same.
  • Many were surprised that Leah aspires to just open an inn and live a peaceful life. Too bad destiny had other plans for her
  • Having lived with Deckard Cain for most of her life, Leah has been a scholar since a really young age. Her affinity with Magic made her approach Yuuno Scrya who is very knowledgeable about magic and also a scholar himself, and Leah seeks to become a better spellcaster just so she can defend herself better.
    • Although she doesn't think highly of Micolash, reminding her of those cultist that kidnapped her and killed her uncle Deckard Cain, so she stays as far away from him as possible.
  • Leah abhors Abusive Parents since from personal experience, her mother never loved her and just used her as a tool to help Diablo become powerful. She has special disdain towards Medusa Gorgon since she shares a lot of similarities with Adria and is also a very bad mother.
  • Ever since she was young, she had a love for traveling and getting to know new places. This is what made her become good friends with Li Li, who is a spirited young girl like her who likes traveling. She also is very heart-warmed about her relationship with her uncle Chen, reminding their relationship to the one Leah had with Deckard Cain.
  • In the realm of magic, many are not exactly sure how powerful Leah's magic is. She is certainly the daughter of a witch and has an affinity for Dark Magic yet her control over is decent at best but she improved a lot after her mother taught her how to control it (Well...before the whole betrayal thing happened anyway).
    • Being interested in trying to expand her magical capabilities, Leah stumbled upon Jaina Proudmoore who was a brilliant mage from Azeroth. Jaina kindly agreed to teach the young girl the ins and outs of dark magic, but says that it's not going to be easy.
  • By pantheon standards, Leah is considered to be a Witch from her mother's side and so she has tried to meet up with the more benevolent witches of the pantheon since in her realm witches are not really seen in a good light. She however stays far away from the more evil witches.
  • Sometimes she likes to go to the House of Weapons to improve her aim with the bow. She got really helpful tips from the likes of Hawkeye and Green Arrow but so far she still need to practice a lot.
  • She has noticed that there are quite a few deities who sound like her. That's why she ended up befriending Scarlet Witch and Zatanna.

    Leona Heidern 
Leona Heidern, Goddess Of Traumatized Orphaned Children (Hakkeshu of Water, The Silent Soldier; as Wild Leona: Orochi Leona, Yami no naka Orochi no Chi ni Mezameru Reona/Awakened Orochi Blood From The Darkness Leona)

    Moses (Prince of Egypt) 
Moses, High Prophet of Abandoned but Adopted Children (The Prince of Egypt, The Deliverer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The shepherd's staff and the Ten Commandments
  • Theme Song: Deliver Us
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Chosen by God even though he wishes it was someone else's burden, red to Ramses' blue, the Abel to Ramses' Cain, the Shepherd, being thirty rather than 80 years old, added inner conflicts, Badass Pacifist, went through seeing the destruction of his old home and relationship with his adoptive brother, followed a lamb to find the Burning Bush, Hope Bringer, married with Tzipporah, raised by and mistaken believed as Egyptian royalty, once haughty prince turned noble savior of his people
  • Domains: Survivor, Prophet, Abandonment
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Eric Cartman, YHVH, those who commit genocide and practice slavery like The Combine, Lord Shen, Calvin Candie and Stephen, Darkseid, Pride, Ten Commandments.
  • Indifferent by: The Egyptian Pantheon except Sobek
  • Distrust: Sobek
  • Disapproves of: House of Pride
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Azir
  • Odd Friendship: Batman
  • Complicated Relationship: Ramses
  • As a baby, he survived the genocide of Hebrew babies when his mother sent him in the river where he was found by the Pharaoh's wife (the same Pharaoh that ordered the genocide) and was adopted. Years later, he learned of his heritage and ran away after accidentally killing an Egyptian where he made a new life. He was visited by God through a burning bush where he was told he must lead his people to the Promised Land. He succeeded, at the cost of the destruction of his old home and his brother Ramses.
  • He noticed that some deities were sent away from destruction, much like him. He wondered if it was fate, divine intervention, or pure coincidence that helped them survive a great catastrophe. The most notable of these is Superman, in which he thinks that Moses' survival would have inspired him if he had known the story on Earth.
  • He sympathizes with those who had to deal with facing their own brothers—regardless of background or even blood relation—over their ideals as he had to deal with his adoptive brother, Ramses II, when he wanted to free his people and it shattered their relationship.
  • Apparently, some rumor said that he once rapped against Santa Claus himself over what Christmas is about. He doesn't even understand what that is or why he looks nothing like him.
  • He's uncertain of how he should react to the Egyptian Gods in the Pantheon, as he had brought the Plagues into their land when Ramses refused to free his people. Though at the time, he was likely around the time of the End of an Age where Egypt's power began to wane, in which the Egyptian gods predicted it would fall, and thus were indifferent with him as long as he kept his faith to himself.
    • Moses is a bit unpleased with the Crocodile god Sobek, however, since the animal associated with him have eaten the Hebrew babies, in which seeing the mural of the crocodiles devouring them haunts him.
  • Despite how hard the Plagues hit the Egypt and the fact he brought it there, he's never hated it or its people. He was raised by royalty and had spent much of his life happy at the time, which hurt him more when God brought the Plagues.
  • He once met Kyle Broflovskim who he told that he's Jewish, descendant of his people, in which he showed some joy that his people have prospered. However, Kyle once told him that he looked completely different and how he looks like the MCP. He was a bit confused about it, and moreso how an anti-semitic Haman tried to seal him and Kenny saved him in which he smote the evil Haman. While Kenny wasn't Hebrew or Jewish, he's at least glad that he's willing to be part of it.
    • Needless to say, though he's a good person, he doesn't take kindly to Cartman's hateful and racist slurs against his people.
  • After hearing about His numerous atrocities all for the sake of being worshipped for eternity, Moses doesn't believe YHVH is his God, even when His Angels tried to sway him to His side.
  • With his staff that was given to him by his wife, Tzipporah, and was blessed by God, he can perform many of His wonders, including turning the staff into a snake, turning water into blood, and even splitting the Red Sea to create a pathway. Whether his rank should be higher since he was only able to do so because God blessed him with such powers is still up for debate.
  • Indiana Jones once told him of the adventure where he found The Ark of the Covenant, in which he gave directions on creating it during the Exodus, which contained the Ten Commandments inside. He was intrigued but at the same time frightened when he heard stories about what was inside it and what had happened to the Nazis when they opened it. Also, Indy freaked out when he heard that his staff can turn into a snake, though he assured that it's entirely up to Moses.
  • Ned Flanders was practically speechless that a major Biblical figure was in the Pantheon, in which he recalled him praying to him when he first saw him. He talked a lot about what he did during the Exodus, though he was rather confused when he said something about being stranded in the wasteland for 40 years and Moses himself never reaching the Promised Lands because he did something to make God mad.
  • He sympathizes with any slaves or former slaves since his people were enslaved by Egypt for many generations. At the same time, he will have the "Let my people go!" attitude against slave owners, because of the same reason he told Ramses, "Because no kingdoms should be made on the backs of slaves."
    • Although he is willing to be forgiving to those that repent from doing it or at least not proud of it, since he never cared about the Hebrew people and their status as slaves in his youth until he learned of his true heritage. Examples include Niko Bellic.
  • He clearly does not approve of arrogance and pride, which earned him the ire with the House of Pride. This was because that this was the flaw of his brother Ramses and that was what cost him their friendship.
  • Converted Christian Judah Ben-Hur had to go pay his respects. Both got together well, and Moses has since at times manifested himself in a live action version who looks similar to Judah.
  • Despite who he is, he managed to befriend Batman, because in one of his iterations, he almost sounded the same as him. Then, it went full circle when Batman tried to be Moses for one day.
  • It took him a bit of a long time for him to get used to meeting Professor Xavier and Jean-Luc Picard as their voice reminded him of his adoptive father, Pharaoh Seti I, who ordered the extermination of Hebrew male babies.
  • He learned that Ramses has ascended into the Pantheon as well. Moses was a bit more unenthusiastic than he should be, because while he was glad to see his brother again, he knew that there was no way to make amends since Ramses became too vengeful and prideful to change his ways.
  • Let my people go!

    Stannis Baratheon 
Stannis Baratheon, God of Dutiful Members of Royal Families, (Stannis the Mannis, King in the Narrow Sea, The Rightful King, King of Westeros)
  • Theme Song: Don't die with a Clean Sword or Lord of Light.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A crowned stag in a flaming heart.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but leaning toward Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Reluctant Ruler, Unpopular Popular Character, Hero with Bad Publicity, Middle Child Syndrome, No Social Skills, Rightful King Returns, Brutal Honesty.
  • Domains: Offspring, Royalty
  • Herald: Davos Seaworth, his Hand.
  • Allies: Eddard "Ned" Stark, Melisandre, Aegon Targaryen, Jon Snow, Robert Baratheon, Aragorn, Judge Dredd, Tyrion Lannister.
  • Enemies: Tywin Lannister, Renly Baratheon, Roose Bolton, Varys, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, Daemon Blackfyre, Aerys II Targaryen, Scar, Macbeth.
  • Stannis will get very angry if anyone claims he is not the rightful King, pointing out the law. However he also gets angry if people try to flatter or sugarcoat their words, preferring the truth.
  • Spends a lot of time complaining about certain people being in the Pantheon, thinking them unworthy and wanting to sweep it clean of all the untrustworthy figures. He criticized Tyrion and their role as an Honest Advisor, pointing out their honest advice helped keep a monstrous usurper on the throne. He is furious that Renly somehow got into the Pantheon before him, telling everyone they hardly did anything to deserve it. This lessened when he found Renly was the God of Usurpers but mentioned how sad he was that Renly couldn't be helping him. However Stannis showed some happiness at meeting his ancestor Aegon, idealizing them as a great figure.
  • When he heard of YHVH not certain what to think of them, considering he refuses to believe in benevolent Gods. Agreed that law must be followed... but felt they were too harsh as they weren't protecting their people. Stannis finds it rather odd that he is a God, considering he refuses to believe in a benevolent God, however strives to do his duty as a God. However when he met Inspector Javert and agreed with some of their views, feeling that breaking laws must be punished.
  • Found out about Eru and just felt... that they had genuine power, but still not sure whether they should be a God. However he wonders if Melkor is the Great Other.
  • Aragorn felt Stannis was the rightful King but was being a bit of a jerk. In response to this Stannis spent ages ranting about how he was never given any respect.
  • He is not happy at Brienne's actions in the TV series, considering Renly was so clearly a usurper, and is still wondering how Ramsay and 20 men somehow destroyed his army. However he reminded people the show is not the books and hints he'll be important in The Winds of Winter.
    • The TV show also ensure Stannis is a persona non grata in the Houses of Fathers and Children, given he sent his own daughter to be burned at the stake.
  • When he heard what had happened to the Tyrells pointed out the irony that their usurping ways led to them getting killed.
  • Ned fully supported Stannis getting into the Pantheon and was surprised this hadn't happened before. Melisandre was delighted he was finally in the Pantheon, saying he is the true savior. Varys made sure to keep out of Stannis' way, knowing that Stannis had always disliked him and thought he should lose his head.
  • Stannis is growing suspicious of Varys and Daemon Blackfyre and tries to draw the attention of the rest of the Pantheon towards them, suspecting they are working on something together. Robert responded by laughing and getting drunk, though Ned paid attention to Stannis.
  • Scar thought he had found a kindred spirit in Stannis, as they both killed their brothers and aspired to become Kings. Stannis was furious at this allegation, pointing out that Renly was a younger brother who planned to kill him, and that he had always followed his older brother. Scar slunk back to Renly.
  • Feels uncomfortable about the Pantheon of Lust and avoids its members, while his older brother frequents the place.
  • One possible future has him invading Winterfell, only to fall before Roose Bolton. In a frenzy, Selyse attacks Roose and despite being ran through by Bolton, stabs him repeatedly in the face while dying.
  • Is trying to get Davos Seaworth into the Pantheon, feeling he needs someone there he can trust.


    Argus Filch 
Argus Filch, God of Squibs

    The Baudelaire Orphans 
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, Divine family of Boy, Girl, and Baby Siblings (The Baudelaire Orphans)
  • Rank: Demigods
  • Symbol: A hair ribbon (Violet), A pair of glasses (Klaus), and an assortment of bitten objects or, alternatively, a whisk (Sunny)
  • Theme Song: Look Away
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Inventions (Violet), Books (Klaus), Teeth (Sunny)
  • Allies: Batman, Dipper and Mabel, Lucas, Mystery Incorporated, Sherlock Holmes, Charizard (Sunny only), Donatello of the Ninja Turtles (Violet only), Stewie Griffin
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, Montgomery Burns, Eugene Krabs, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Ragyo Kiryuin, Eric Cartman
  • Complicated Relation: V.F.D.
  • Avoid: The entire House of Toxicity, Squidward Tentacles, Glenn Quagmire
  • Followers: Kit Snicket's daughter, Beatrice, Alex Rider
  • On a gray day at Briny Beach, these three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, were informed that their parents had perished in a terrible fire that had destroyed their home. What followed was a maelstrom of misfortune, as the orphaned children had to contend with the villainous Count Olaf, who was determined to steal their fortune, and eventually began learning of dark secrets associated with their family, and in particular, V.F.D...
  • When V.F.D.'s presence began to spread into the Pantheon, the Baudelaires only appeared on occasion in the houses that interested them (Technology for Violet, Knowledge for Klaus, and Food for Sunny). Once Olaf ascended however, an appeal was made for the orphans to properly ascend, resulting in them being fully thrust into the strange and not-as-unfortunate place known as the Pantheon.
  • Count Olaf was pleased with their ascension, as it now means that their fortune is up for grabs. Surprisingly however, both parties seem a tad more respectful to one another (Though that does not mean for an instant that Olaf's ruthlessness has decreased). This can be chalked up to the finale of their mortal conflict where Olaf started showing a begrudging respect towards the Orphans and them dealing with the Grey and Grey Morality of their world. In addition, Olaf using his last moments to help Kit Snicket give birth to her daughter Beatrice seemed to have some effect on the trio, as they would occasionally visit the Count's grave, albeit they would just stand silent for a few moments.
    • Many gods believe that Olaf was the one who set fire to the Baudelaire mansion. The Orphans did pose the question to Olaf once, only for the Count to remain silent and reply that they knew nothing. To this day, it is unknown if the Baudelaires ever identified the perpetrator, though the events of one interpretation indicates that they have discovered the method of arson, a powerful magnifying lens.
  • Due to their constant moving around from household to household, it was unknown what their temple would be. Eventually, it was decided that it would be the island where their recorded ordeals came to an end. However, they do not spend much time there, due to feeling that it would be wrong to isolate one's self from the rest of the world, or in this case, the rest of the Pantheon.
  • To this day, the Baudelaires' fates in the mortal world remain rather uncertain, as their young charge, Beatrice Snicket, lost contact with them when she was ten years old. While it is likely that they are still alive, information on their status remains unknown.
  • As they began interacting with the other gods of the Pantheon, one of the first that they met was Batman, due to his investigation of V.F.D... He expressed his condolences for their misfortune, and shared the details of his own past. All three orphans have a cordial relationship with Batman, Violet in particular being interested in his equipment.
  • Due the mysterious nature of V.F.D., they had several encounters with deities specializing in solving mysteries, as the organization's nebulous presence has proven to be a headache for them. This is how those encounters went:
    • Dipper and Mabel were among the first that they met. All three got along with Dipper and gave him whatever scraps of information that they could, with Klaus even giving Dipper another commonplace notebook. However, the orphans found themselves to at first be annoyed by Mabel's personality and were disgusted at her selfish intentions that led to her helping to bring about Weirdmaggedon. They eventually warmed up to her after seeing that she did at least have good intentions, and unlike other people in their world who shared some of her more odious traits, she at least made a severe, and successful, effort to correct her mistakes. Her creativity also impressed them, though her designs, such as those for hair ribbons (Violet found them too gaudy), are not always to their tastes.
    • Mystery Incorporated was a doozy. While the orphans found themselves on good terms with Daphne, Fred, and Velma, it took them longer to get used to Scooby and Shaggy. Much like with Mabel however, learning of the duo's more heroic exploits helped them to get along with them. Sunny in particular found them to be good taste-testers for her dishes.
    • Sherlock Holmes proved to be rather interesting, as Klaus was quite pleased to see such a prominent literary character in the Pantheon. He and the orphans tend to keep a professional relationship, though Klaus has begun to study under his tutelage.
  • One day, a small blond-haired boy approached Klaus, only to react with confusion upon meeting with him. The orphans soon learned that the boy, Lucas, had confused the middle Baudelaire orphan for his older twin. Regardless, after the initial confusion was cleared up, the four soon formed a friendship, as Lucas and the orphans can sympathize with the others' plight. Sunny also made great friends with Lucas' Rope Snake, being reminded of the Incredibly Deadly Viper.
  • Due to their experiences with the Medusoid Mycelium, all three Baudelaires keep far away from the House of Toxicity. They were horrified to learn that Olaf had managed to sneak the fungus into the Pantheon, but were glad that there was a plethora of horseradish and horseradish-hybrid plants to curb the deadly organism.
  • Remembering Prufrock Preparatory School's so-called 'advanced computer system' that would keep Olaf away (Spoiler alert, it did nothing), Violet tried to gain assistance from The Machine, wanting its help in keeping Olaf at bay. Unfortunately, the schemes of Olaf and his allies have only gotten on the "irrelevant" list, much to her frustration.
  • Sunny once visited the House of Reptiles, hoping to find the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Much to her disappointment however, she was unable to find Ink (As Kit Snicket called the serpent) and she instead ended up encountering creatures suck as Apophis, Sobek, and Orochi, much to her horror. She did however, meet several good-aligned reptiles, such as the Ninja Turtles and Charizard.
    • On that note however, while Sunny was able to get along somewhat well with Charizard, she isn't particularly close to the turtles, as is Klaus, due to once confusing them for their namesakes. Violet however, got along fine with Donatello thanks to their technological work.
      • And continuing from that, from meeting the turtles, the orphans met April O'Neal. They were at first wary of her due to their experience with Geraldine Julienne, a reporter who was responsible for the stories that pegged the orphans as murderers in their world. However, they were relieved to discover that she wasn't anything like the star reporter of the Daily Punctilio. Regardless, they have requested that she not write any stories about them, which she has respected.
    • Overall, the Orphans have a mixed opinion on the House of Reptiles, on the one hand, they are willing to research the organisms that live within it as a tribute to their Uncle Monty, but on the other hand, a good number of the ascended creatures are horrifically powerful monsters well out of the orphans' physical league and could easily devour them as a snack, and so the Baudelaires have to take special care in avoiding them.
  • After their experiences with Vice-Principal Nero's six-hour violin recitals, the Baudelaires hoped that they would never hear such horrific noises ever again. Those hopes were dashed after an encounter with Squidward Tentacles and his horrid clarinet playing. His personality, while more pleasant than Nero's (Which says a LOT about the Baudelaires' world), is still quite unpleasant, and the orphans takes great pains to avoid him.
    • Nero's actions have also caused the Baudelaires to take great pains to avoid the likes of Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge, since they, like him, are extremely sadistic teachers/administrators. Umbridge in particular horrifies the orphans, mainly because while Nero's violin playing could easily be substituted as a method of torture, Umbridge's usage of magic makes her a FAR worse enemy to deal with.
  • The three once investigated the House of Commerce, after hearing that someone was starting to make it big in the lumber business and was paying their employees in gum and coupons. The orphans feared that Sir had made his way into the Pantheon, only to discover that it was actually the work of Montgomery Burns, who was trying to implement Sir's business tactics into the House. Thankfully, Burns was forced to halt once the Baudelaires revealed the scheme. He has since sworn revenge on the orphans.
    • While investigating, the orphans ran into Eugene Krabs, and learned, that, somehow, he pays his employees even LESS than Sir! In fact, they pay him! The orphans were disgusted at Krabs' business practices, which increased when he tried to convince them to spend their entire fortune on Krabby Patties. The orphans chose instead to leave the Krusty Krab, especially since they were reminded, however briefly, of the Anxious Clown.
  • After having to deal with Esme Squalor, the Baudelaires hoped that they would never have to deal with her absurd fashion designs ever again. Those hopes were dashed after Ragyo Kiryuin heard of Esme's outfits, and proceeded to create Life Fiber replicas out of them. The Baudelaires were disgusted by this, especially after learning of Ragyo's actions, which make Esme look like a saint! Unfortunately, due to Ragyo's power level being well out of their league, Violet has had to content herself with learning about anti-Life Fiber technology and hope that it will be enough to protect her siblings from Ragyo if the Disco MILF or Nui should ever attempt an attack on them.
  • The orphans aren't on good terms with Eric Cartman. Partly because he's allied with Count Olaf, and also because he's an immature brat. They do agree that he at least has more artistic talent than Carmelita Spats though, despite his crude tastes. Cartman, curious about this fact, once located a recording of Carmelita's singing...and screamed aloud in horror.
  • One day, Sunny met Stewie Griffin, who was glad to find someone of at least comparable intelligence to himself and his age. She wasn't a fan of his desire to kill his mother though, for obvious reasons. Regardless, the two have a tenuous relationship, due to Stewie mellowing out over time and Sunny knowing that her own hands aren't clean, since she had the idea to burn down the Hotel Denouement, albeit it was to warn V.F.D volunteers that the last safe place was safe no more.
  • Upon hearing the name 'Quagmire', the Baudelaires thought that their friends, the Quagmire triplets, had made it into the Pantheon. Upon meeting the person who shared the triplets' last name, the orphans hightailed it out of there. Thankfully for her sanity, Quagmire isn't interested in Violet, though he found it amusing that two other people with his last name had the hots for her. Violet of course, found nothing amusing in this whatsoever.

    Hilda (Cross Ange
Hilda, Goddess of Abandoned Children (Hildegard Schlievogt)
  • Demigoddess by default. Achieves Intermediate Goddess rank aboard the AW-CBR115 Glaive Hilda Custom, borderline Greater Goddess aboard the EM-CBX004 Teodora (Michael Mode).
  • Symbol: Zola's cybernetic eye (nasty...)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Broken Birds, Alpha Bitches Who Become Lovable, Parental Abandonment, Fiery Redhead With a Heart of Gold, Girlish Pigtails, Had To Be Sharp, Victim of Police Brutality, Paying Evil Unto Evil, Those Who Are Brutally Honest, Pragmatic Hero, Tsundere, Flirts with Both Ange and Tusk, Jerkass Woobie, Iron Woobie
  • Domains: Racism, Betrayal, Dragons, Abandonment
  • Allies: Ange, Tusk, Salamandinay, Coco Reeve and Miranda Campbell, Lelouch vi Britannia, The Inglourious Basterds, Hayate Ayasaki, Pacifica Elise Northwest, Uncle Howee, Zuko, Asura, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Ryuko Matoi, Murasame, Asami Sato, Jin Kazama, Issei Hyodo
  • Odd Friendship with: Nanoha Takamachi
  • Enemies: Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime
  • Opposes: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Ato-ko Shirogane, Kurtis Stryker
  • Yet another victim of child abandonment, she was forcibly taken from her mother after she was mysteriously revealed to be a Norma. Several years later, she broke out of Arzenal to see her mother again, only to find that her mother had moved on and had another child and being asked to leave. Poor girl.
  • Was met with a very welcoming hug by Ange, happy to see her in the Pantheon. It's only natural for someone to be happy to see their lover again.
  • Many have gotten vibes of seeing Nanoha Takamachi with Fate Testarossa kicking ass again when they see the duo pair up. Hilda can only wonder why.
  • No, she's not that monstrous Queen of Friege. When she learned about that, she was absolutely disgusted on what she did and how with that, the Queen is smearing the very name 'Hilda'.
  • Has become acquainted with Hayate and Pacifica, who have also been victimized by neglectful parents. Hilda for her part was horrified to hear that Pacifica's parents went as far as conditioning her and that Hayate's parents got him fired from his side job, stole his money, and sold his organs to the Yakuza. Both of them express their own sympathy over the way she was treated as well. She enjoys teasing Hayate and making him fluster.
  • Asami also expressed sympathy for Hilda over how her mother dropped the ball, as it was something similar to what her father did to her. Hilda admits that she's a little jealous of Asami since she managed to make peace with her father before he sacrificed his life to save her.
  • Uncle Howee would've done his typical routine with her mother, tricking her into a bet she couldn’t win and turning her into a marionette, but Hilda kept him from doing that. In the past, she would've approved but she isn't that girl anymore. Not to mention that the lack of Mana in the world she formerly called home is punishment enough.
  • Has become friends with Murasame, who was figuratively abandoned by his family due to not being cut out for being a shinobi and used to act like a dick for it as well. He thankfully has his adopted sister Ikaruga to keep him from feeling totally unloved. Murasame is apparently proud of Hilda for handling her predicament better than he did. He only wished that he could give her rotten excuse of a mother a piece of his mind.
  • Like Ange and Salamandinay, Hilda has allied with Issei Hyodo, to help him defeat Embryo. Like the other two, Hilda initially wasn't spared from his perverted tomfoolery, but she does respect him since he's Embryo's complete antithesis, and like the three girls, is utterly disgusted by his behavior.
  • Asura has taken quite a liking for her, strangely finding a lot of himself in her, and has offered her to spend sometime with him and his daughter whenever he isn't too busy.
  • Is utterly disgusted by the depravity of one Ragyo Kiryuin, and her abuse of her daughter and later daughters. She finds Ragyo to be far worse than her own mother, and her sidekick Nui Harime, who she swears sounds like an Ax-Crazy version of herself, isn't any better.
    • The unfortunate connection with Nui Harime almost landed her into a one-way beating courtesy of Ryuko Matoi, one of the bitch's daughters. Hilda managed to calm her down long enough to convince her that she wasn't Nui in disguise. After the misunderstanding was solved, they both got along very swimmingly.
  • Jin Kazama has also invited her to the Anti-Parental Abuse club.
  • Her opinions of Masato Kusaka and Ato-ko Shirogane are shared with Ange and Tusk. They're both bastards, plain and simple.
  • Speaking of bastards, as a fellow target of racism turned resistance member, she respects The Inglourious Basterds for slaughtering the Nazi army as payback. She also sympathizes with Shoshanna for having lost her family.
  • Not to be confused with Hildagarde.

    Melody (The Little Mermaid) 
Melody, Goddess of Strong Family Resemblance (Mel-Mel)

    Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki 
Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki, Dual Deities of Mafia Children (Raku: Bean Sprout (by Chitoge); Chitoge: Gorilla Queen (by Raku))