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Beerus, Godly Maintainer of Universal Balance Through Destruction (God of Destruction Bills, Birusu, Bils, Beers, Birusu, Birus)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: An Oracle Fish.
  • Theme Songs: Bills's Wrath, Bills's Overwhelming Power & The Invulnerable Bills
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Adorkable, Ambiguously Evil, Anti-Villain, BEING A BADASS, Balance Between Good and Evil, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, Blood Knight, Blue and Orange Morality, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Canon Immigrant, The Dreaded, Disproportionate Retribution, Fingerpoke Of Doom, Fun Personified, God of Evil, Hot-Blooded, Invincible Villain, Lean and Mean, Not So Different, Physical God, Psychopathic Manchildren, Punch Clock Villain, Punny Name, Purple Is Powerful, Sore Loser, Willfully Weak, Would Hit a Girl.
  • Domains: Destruction, Balance, Neutral, Chaos.
  • Followers: EVERY Non-Ascended God related to destruction and chaos.
  • Friendly Rivalry with Goku and Aila Jyrkiäinen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Vegeta, EVERY good God related to creation, with the notable exception of Madoka, listed above.
  • Allies: Whis, Kaname Madoka: Goddess of Hope, Kyouko Sakura (Friendly Rivalry over Dance Dance Revolution), Ventus, Mickey Mouse
  • Enemies: Kyubey, YHVH, Vanitas
  • The real reason that The Saiyain race was exterminated? King Vegeta did not give Beerus a sumptuous enough banquet, even when King Vegeta let him use his head as stepping stone while he was eating, so he ordered Freeza to destroy Planet Vegeta because he couldn't be bothered to do it himself. Damn.
  • Ever wonder why Lord King Kai lives on such a small planet? Beerus and King Kai played a car racing video game together and Beerus lost, and being the sort of person he is, he destroyed the planet in fit of rage at losing. King Kai then took a large leftover fragment, whittled it down to a sphere, and built a road on it so that he could have fun driving there. This became King Kai's current planet. Beerus has since been advised by many to NEVER play Call of Duty.
  • The Joker is very fond of Beerus due to his compulsively destructive behaviour. However, Beerus is not too fond of The Joker because he doesn't think clowns are funny.
  • There are twelve universes each of which have a God of Destruction, Beerus attendant Whis oversees and trains the successive Gods of Destruction of the Seventh Universe, and he asks Goku if he would like to be the next God of Destruction after Beerus dies, but Goku turned him down.
  • Beerus is very confused as to why he has been considered evil by others in the House when it is his job, and on top of that an important one, to destroy planets, as it maintains balance and equilibrium in the universe because new planets will just be created, by the Gods/Goddess’ Of Creation, as replacement for the planets that are destroyed.
  • Once you get to know him, Beerus is a polite, friendly and likable Man Child who can quickly become friends with you, and acts like the lazy, affectionate, fun loving overgrown cat that readily joins in the food, song, laughter and dance (yes, he lets loose some truly funky breakdance moves) instead of the God that he should be.
  • As a matter of fact, much to the shock of the rest of The Pantheon, he gets along famously with the kind-hearted Kaname Madoka herself. Madoka's Herculean feat of not only destroying an entire universe wracked by grief and despair, but rebuilding a kinder and gentler place over it quite certifiably earned Beerus' respect; Not to mention the fact that he really enjoys the affectionate chin-scratches that Madoka readily gives him and the delicious Afternoon-Tea Parties her mentor Tomoe Mami holds every Thursday Afternoon.
    • At one particular Tea Party, he has struck off a Friendly Rivalry with Kyouko Sakura, who swears will not stop practicing until she can beat his funky breakdance-moves in Dance Dance Revolution.
    • Was, quite frankly, speechless at Ventus's own breakdancing. Not so much the moves, good as they are, but the fact he can use it to heal himself.
  • Be careful around this friendly, polite and fun-loving Deity. Like all cats, Beerus is prone to mercurial temperaments and violent mood-swings that can be set off by the pettiest of reasons; do remember he is the same God who used King Vegeta's head as a footstool in front of his own son Prince Vegeta while making him treat him to an Eight-Course Banquet, and that was when he was in a good mood...
  • He is so immature he needs Whis to remind him about waking up in the morning, good manners and brushing his teeth before going to sleep.
  • Every other God in the Dragon Ball universe fears him. Even Shenron fears Beerus.
  • Beerus is no longer invited to dinner parties with other Gods in the house due to creating a ruckus at last party he was invited to due to no pudding being available.
  • Beerus absolutely detests the little bitch known as Kyubey. Not only does it insist on preserving a universe of sadness by destroying hope and creating despair; but more importantly, it made his beloved friend Madoka cry. To his frustration, no matter how many of the little fuckers he vaporizes, there will ALWAYS be more of them.
    • His anger towards Kyubey pales in comparison to his fury towards YHVH and his plot to kill Madoka. This plot triggered his involvement in The Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • His fury towards Vanitas on learning of his plot to Join with Madoka to forge the χ-blade, possibly causing a universal apocalypse., was so great, that Whis had to calm him down. Even though Madoka isn't Vanitas's true target...
  • His power surpasses the likes of Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu. He usually uses his power to destroy planets, and he is strong enough to destroy the Earth's Solar System or even the entire galaxy. It's even being speculated that Beerus is the strongest being in the history of the Dragon Ball Universe. However, this is disproved when Beerus reveals that his martial arts master, Whis, is greatly stronger than him.
    • Asura's expressed interest in challenging Whis. The entire pantheon is terrified of the collateral damage such a battle would cause.
  • His reputation has become more feared (among those who are aligned with Good) and admired (among those are aligned with Evil and Chaos) when it was revealed that Beerus sealed one of the Supreme Kais (who are essentially Gods of the Dragon Ball universe) in a sword after the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction got into an argument over some trifling thing. Beerus viewed sealing one of the Supreme Kai's in a sword as an "appropriate" form of retribution as supposed to destroying the Sacred World of the Kais, which he originally thought of doing.
    • This revelation has also frightened many within in the House of Magic as this feat makes it seem as though he could also be an extremely powerful wizard or magician of some sort if he was able to perform a sealing spell on a God so effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Beerus is absolutely HATED by many in the House of Beasts after they found out he wiped out the fucking dinosaurs because one of them acted rudely to him during one of his trips to Earth millions of years ago.
  • Because he is capricious, he destroys even important planets without a second thought.
  • When he finds it bothersome, he lets someone else act as an agent of destruction.
    • The Joker has constantly voiced himself for nomination of this position as he has stated several times that he is an agent of chaos.
    • Alexstrasza has also applied for the position as well. Her argument being that she can do the job best if "a scalpel" approach is more effective than "a sledgehammer" approach. That and the breath of her flight also being capable of enhancing renewal being efficient.
  • While he is awake, tense days for the Supreme Kai's continue, as not even they know how many planets will be sacrificed.
  • Wonder why he and Deadpool don't hang out? EVERYONE has had to keep him away from the god. Just IMAGINE what would happen if the merc got on his nerves? It certainly wouldn't be hard to do.
  • He doesn't know what to think of the Furry Fandom. He either likes it or hates it, given the circumstances. If you want to please him, show him 'Dreamkeepers'. If you want to anger him, just show him Rule 34 artwork of him. BAD artwork, mind you.
  • This can be up for debate, but at one point, he tried to hit on Nicole Watterson during a trip to her world. Needless to say, it didn't work and the only reason that world is still alive is that Nicole proved to be a worthy opponent. That, and Whis put the god in his place. He still managed to have a good game with Gumball and Darwin.
  • His brother, Champa, is the God of Destruction of Universe 6. He rarely visits though.
  • There is only one known person Beerus (and Champa) fear, their boss Zeno. The entire pantheon was in shock when he saw him fearfully and humbly bowing to him. Considerng that Zeno is the ruler of their multiverse and is capable of destorying all 12 universes without effort, it was understood why.
    • Especially when it was discovered there were once 18 universes... before Zeno destroyed them.

     Eliphas (Yugioh ZEXAL) 
Eliphas, God of Knight Templars (The Radiant)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: New Orders 13: Etherical Amon.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil -> Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wanting to Rank Up the chosen of the Astral World Methods be damned (Until his defeat... somewhat), Deconstructed Purity, The will of the Astral World, Order not being Good but still Somewhat Morally better than Chaos, Shining Draw whenever he feels like it, Angelic Transformations, Heroic Sacrifices, Egyptian Motifs
  • Domains: Law, Order, Light, Decay (formerly), Space, Ranks, Purity, Extremism.
  • Herald: Astral
  • High Priests: The Royal Knights
  • Followers: Dartz, Paradox, The Yliaster, Aporia, Z-ONE, Lucemon, SEELE, Yomotsu Hirasaka, Danzo, Helios, Hotaru, SoulCalibur, The Forever Knights, Jet
  • Allies: Eiki Shiki, Saiou "Sartorius" Takuma, Madoka Kaname, Oriko Mikuni
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yuma Tsukumo, Rei Shingetsu, Shark
  • Enemies: YHVH, Metatron, Lucifer, Homura Akemi and practically anyone from the Grand United Alliance of Chaos (except maybe Asura), Sora Shiun'in, Judai "Jaden" Yuki, Sho Marufuji, Yusei Fudo, Yubel, Bruno/Johnny, Aichi Sendou, Shobu Kirifuda, Koichi Kimura, the Trollkaiger, Light Yagami, The OTHER Eliphas
  • Opposes: Chaos (naturally and obviously).
  • Conflicting Opinions: The Incubators
  • He was ascended to replace Altena under the request of Yuma Tsukumo and Eiki Shiki to be able to reform the GUAL. They actually had a good case for this, with Eliphas being from the Astral World, under threat from the attacks of the Barians. The Astral World and the Barian World were once one realm, but its inhabitants separated the two in an attempt to remove chaos from their world so that they could achieve Rank-Up. However, removing chaos has only led the Astral World to stagnate and decay, with its citizens falling prey to diseases and despair. In the aim of saving Astral World he was willing to allow the Human World to be destroyed, and would have Mind Raped his own herald Astral in further service of that goal if Yuma hadn't kicked his butt.
  • After his ascension, he tried to ally himself with YHVH and the GUAL due to sharing the same wish for a perfect world. Many feared he would go back to do similar stuff in the Pantheon as he did in the Astral World but Eliphas has started to work with Eiki Shiki to turn back the GUAL into its former Pure Law glory instead of the corrupted variant they both found. Also, because hey, he does owe Yuma for saving the Astral World.
    • Though he blames Lucifer and believes he was somehow responsible for this because in his mind, corruption=chaos and chaos=evil. Eiki had to metaphorically (and some say that even literally) pull his ear and scold him for this ridiculous leap in logic.
  • He rarely exits neither the Astral World nor his temple unless it's a very extraordinary situation. He prefers sending his herald Astral if something needs to be done. Eiki Shiki thinks that this is for the better, as Eliphas' Lawful Evil/Neutral and Astral's Lawful Good balance each other and this is what the Yamaxanadu was what she was planning to do with YHVH.
    • This has made Astral and Metatron acquaintances but Astral does think that he and his Master could be a lot less extreme. He gets along a little bit better with Mastema, but the Angel of Hostility can be an asshole half of the time.
  • Has started to oppose the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. While he agrees that they are not as abominable as the Barian World influenced by Don Thousand, he still thinks that a pure world can only be attained by eliminating chaos. Lucifer replied to him that his wish of evolution is a Chaotic one in nature, and as nasty as Don Thousand was, Eliphas was/is deluding himself if he believed no one would complain at his tyranny. Or for that manner, that change could be achieved without the intervention of chaos.
    • Though he doesn't seem like opposing Asura. Possibly because Yuma asked not to, or simply because he is smart enough to not even bother.
  • He also respects a little the Hope Bringers in the Pantheon, especially Madoka Kaname for ascending and attempting to work with the Incubators (as much as that backfired) and Kouta Kazuraba for more-or-less and his devotion to ideals. (Then again, being beaten by an untransformed Hope Bringer would make anyone respect them...)
    • However, Eliphas is deathly afraid of Flynn and avoids him like the plague after hearing what he did to Ancient of Days.
  • Absolutely hates the Trollkaigers, as not only it was one like them that temporarily corrupted his herald, they have started to annoy him due to that defeat he had and since the one who defeated him is considered a moron, they say he's a moron by proxy. He has a No Trolls Allowed! poster outside his temple ever since and is planning to make the order on the House of Commerce the standard for the rest of the Pantheon. It's not hard for most of the deities to agree on this one.
  • Does not know what to make of the Incubators. He thinks he would have employed them back in the bad days of his world so that they could have that decay and despair that was unnecessary for the Astral World, but now that his world was rewritten, he has no need for that. He does think that the Pantheon and Homura have been a bit too harsh on them as they were doing what they were doing for a good cause.
  • Does not like Light Yagami. Eliphas thinks he could have been such a prospective chosen one for rank up and the cause of purity, but he has been too consumed by his ego to be that. Shame, as he said.
  • Has been trying to snap Sartorius out of his brainwashing as the first step towards a perfect GUAL. It would be better if he was conscious while he preaches about the Light, as he believes it to be.
    • He earned the ire of one Judai Yuki by doing this because he wanted to help his friend to be outside the influence of the Great Will. The feeling is mutual since he feels that the humanoid duelist's ability to have lucky draws that aren't a Shining Draw must be somehow related to the Chaos Barian Draws he despises so much.
    • Yusei Fudo also hates him for being similar to Paradox, Yliaster/Aporia and Z-ONE. He simply shrugged this time.
  • May YHVH have mercy on thy soul, because Eliphas will not have any if thou even suggest he could ever be... *UGH* Chaotic! - Eliphas 13:13
    • . ..Not that it helps since most of the Chaos Marines like to annoy him by quoting lines from the Chaos Lord Eliphas the Inheritor in front of him the few times he is around the Pantheon. To which he always responds by zapping those Chaotic fouls.
      • Then they started to delegate this to Astral. Eliphas almost smote his herald before Yuma stopped him. He has ever since banned him from going anywhere near them anymore. Which technically speaking, he already banned him to... He simply was more lenient with him about that.
  • While he hates Lucifer for being Chaos Incarnate, there's someone else he hates even more: Homura Akemi. Hates, hates, hates, hates, hates her. Hates her guts. Hates how "damned" (aka selfish and driven by desire) she is. Hates how she cheated her way into "rank up" by stealing the powers of a worthy ascended one.

Greater Gods

Bizarro, God of Oddball Doppelgangers and Patron Saint of the Bizarro Universe (B-0, Kent Clark)

     Reinforce Eins 
Reinforce Eins, The Goddess Who Wasn't Really Evil (Eins, The Will of the Book of Darkness, Kurohane, The Tome of the Night Sky)

Yasha, God of Tragic Villainy (Vajra Yasha, Yasha of The Seven Deities (Formerly))

Intermediate Gods

Egil, God of Well-Intentioned Antagonism (Leader of Mechonis, Aegir)

     Lord Varys 
Lord Varys, God of Knowledge Brokers and Master of Whisperers to the Council of Shadows (The Spider, The Eunuch)

     Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu (Shin) 
Takatora Kureshima, God of Token Good Teammates (Kamen Rider Zangetsu, New Generation Rider Zangetsu Shin, The White Armored Rider)
Kamen Rider Zangetsu 
Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin 
  • Intermediate God as Zangetsu Shin, Lesser God as Zangetsu
  • Symbol: The Zangetsu symbol, the Yggdrasill Corporation Logo, and his two Melon Lockseeds.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral at first, revealed to be Lawful Good all along
  • Portfolio: Token Good Teammates, Showing One's True Personalities, Big Brother Instinct, Badasses in Cool Suits, Corporate Samurais, Every Scar Has a Story, Those Who Revealed to be Truly Good, Relying on Evil People, Being the Last New Generation Rider on Earth.
  • Domains: Law, Authority, Good.
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Allies: Mitsuzane Kureshima (his brother - former enemy), Kiritsugu Emiya, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Zhang Xingcai, Setsuna Higashi, Elizabeth Mably, Reinforce Eins, Nana, Kouta Kazuraba, Princess Peach (long story), Shino Asada, Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami.
  • Enemies: Those who want to mess with him, the Demonic Legion, YHVH, Lucifer, Sou Fueki, Ryoma Sengoku, Lock Dealer Sid, Shogo Makishima, Seth Rollins.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Matt Hardy, Elena, Dudley, Wreck-it Ralph, Makoto Kenzaki and pretty much every god who was affected with "Project: Alternate Gentaro" (all one-sided on their part, not his), Yoko Minato (still remembers that one day she betrayed him).
  • Responsible for revealing the Awful Truth to Kouta about Yuya's final fate, said fate involves turning into an Inves and then killed off by accident.
  • Attempted to tell his brother Mitsuzane to reveal the truth about the Helheim Forest, not knowing that Micchy's on the dark side. That is... until The Shield knocked some sense into him.
    • His Selective Obliviousness is almost on par with Terra's seeing as he didn't even realize how his inner circle is gunning to kill him, nor did he realize how his little brother has caused "Project: Alternate Gentaro". Everyone under Teeth-Clenched Teamwork has decided to give him a lesson on "Trust 101" due to him just choosing to ignore the tragedy that has befallen the Pantheon.
  • Has a disdain for both YHVH and Lucifer... ironically, he's of the same Lawful spectrum as the former.
  • Looked in absolute horror when he finally learned what his brother caused to Gentaro, or rather "Alternate Gentaro". Part of him was mortified in how Alternate Gentaro went about gutting Micchy, the other half ashamed that he never realized how dark and sinister his brother could truly be. Has allied with the Shield to take him down...but not before getting a huge earful from many gods who hated Mitsuzane's guts ranging from Matt Hardy (being already irked on Ryugen being purple grape based but then the backstabbing on Kota and Jeff becoming Willow made it more personal), Elena (for Mitsuzane's words to make Gentaro—a really good friend of hers—to be sent into despair), Dudley (for causing his good friend Elena to become unladylike and for not noticing such tragedy isn't like a gentleman to do) and The Shield (they are disgusted by Mitsuzane's tactics in general). Let's just say that Takatora is being kept on a leash until Alternate Gentaro is captured.
    • And then Alternate!Gentaro came for Takatora, who 'thanked' the older Kureshima brother by sending a brainwashed Eric Draven to place a powerful Mind Rape that invoked all of the suffering the original Gentaro felt in his descent into madness. The incident caused many of the gods who were angry at him to feel sorry, and he was sent into The Friendship Asylum to heal.
      • Has successfully escaped the asylum due to the help of Voltaire and Artix von Krieger, but he is unable to fight as he still believes that he has caused most of this to happen. A good slap to the face by Ratchet seemed to have helped, but it's not known for sure. However, Takatora was later crushed to death by the Iron Giant during its rampage; he, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Crash McLarson, the Iron Giant, and Sora are the only gods known to have died during "Project: Alternate Gentaro".
      • Of course, Takatora was later revived with a Life spell by Princess Peach. Takatora expected her to scold him, too... but Peach understood what he was going through and looked after him until Takatora was operated on by Black Jack. Afterwards, several other gods, including Riku, began to forgive Takatora.
      • Some say he attempted to deal with his brother himself as Zangetsu vs. Zangetsu Shin, but was ultimately knocked out into the ocean. Apparently, if he didn't hesitate from all their good memories together, he would have won. Kouta claims to have healed some potential brain damage so he could help Micchy, who was now an empty shell by then. Of course, there's no other proof on wether or not this happened around here.
  • He's the man-crush of Oren Pierre Alfonzo, whom he saves his life in the Helheim Forest incident after fighting with several Inves. Oren pretty much thanked him for that.

    Taylor Hebert 
Taylor Hebert, Goddess Avatar of Those Trapped in Villainy and Multitasking (Skitter, Weaver, Khepri)
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess as Khepri
  • Symbol: A spider with a crown. The name of this symbol is a secret except to the highest levels of her church. It's the Queen Administrator, a representation of her power source
  • Alignment: Wants desperately to be Chaotic Good, circumstances and her pragmatism usually cause her to fluctuate between that alignment and Lawful Evil. Chaotic Neutral as Khepri, as her passenger doesn't realize there is such a thing as "other lifeforms that aren't threats if I don't control them".
  • Portfolio: Terrible fortunes and necessity forcing amoral actions, Sucessfully juggling dozens of things at once, Trying to act merciful and heroic despite nature of power more easily used as a weapon, Insect swarms, Being consistently more competent than people assume due to cleverness with powers, Utter practicality, Sheer refusal to give up, Horrible bug-related deaths, Chronic depression due to horrible peers.
  • Domains: Animal (insect), Cunning, Intellect, Self-Sacrifice.
  • Followers: The Undersiders, much of Earth Bet, a whole gaggle of Benevolent Boss Anti Villains
  • Allies: Most of the Anti Villains in the House of Villains (who honestly believe that she was missorted and belongs with them given her...unique appreciation for disabling people), Magneto, Eren Yaeger, Mr. Freeze, Guts, Beerus (who understands what it means to be the person who oversees the nasty-but-necessary), Kirigutsu Emiya (initially was an enemy, but Contessa stepped in and showed him the history of Earth Bet as well as Taylor's own. He's since done a complete 180 and now regards her as something of an apprentice).
  • Rivals: Most of the House of Heroes, who recognize both her virtues and less-than-admirable tactics. Cosmos is trying to get her to hang up her constant war footing, but, unfortunately, she's been burned by supposed Big Good females in the past.
  • Enemies: She absolutely despises the Grand United Alliance of Law and YHVH, as they remind her of everything she despises about authority figures (technically this would put her in Lucifer's camp, but she's ambivalent about his anarchy). She's also not a fan of the Joker, Monokuma, or the White either, and the feeling is mutual due to an...incident; See below.
  • Very Complicated Relationship With: Amy Dallon, due to their shared role in creating Khepri.
  • Ascended on behalf of representatives of the House of Ambiguity when they realized she beat a planet-destroying Eldritch Abomination through psychological warfare. Was initially believed to be dead, hence why her ascension took so long as they kept looking in the afterlife. Upon being informed of her title, she is reported to have had no reaction, apart from "Okay. I'm used to it." Nobody's quite sure if she's happy she's able to be important again or upset that she's been forced back into a role she hates.
  • Was once made a target of the Joker, Monokuma's mastermind, and the White for driving into nihilistic rage towards existence, mistaking her bitter acceptance of her role and pragmatism for suppressed homicidal rage. While they did manage to reawaken Khepri by pretending to kill her father, they also discovered the hard way that Taylor doesn't blame other people for the misery in her life, and were entirely the focus of her vengeful fury and Mind Control powers. It took the White months to reconstitute, Junko was blinded and unable to enjoy it as Taylor ensured she would be in too much pain to really experience despair, and Joker got a face full of his own gas, though he managed to be brought back by Harley before brain death. Initially, it appeared they won anyway as Taylor's passenger began to eat her brain again, but as a deity Taylor's mind has enough existence away from her meat brain that Danny calling to her was able to be mentally registered and she forced it back. To add insult to injury, as far as anyone can tell the Queen Administrator still doesn't affect Taylor's mind any more than it normally does - quite humiliating for all the conspirators.
  • Amy Dallon's recent ascension to the Pantheon have made matters very awkward between the two. Taylor would like to be friends, but Amy's still a bit nervous around her as a result of the whole deal of transforming Taylor into Khepri and later being brainwashed by her into helping to fight Scion. However, necessity has required the two girls to team up to take on villainous threats that spring up in the Pantheon from time to time.
  • It is believed the words "Meh, I can take her", or some other version in reference to her, even thought, makes that person fated to be utterly defeated by her.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Combat.

     Vayne Carudas Solidor 
Vayne Carudas Solidor, God of Evil Virtues (The Emperor of the Archadian Empire, The Dynast King, Vayne Novus, The Undying)
  • Theme Song: Theme of The Empire, Battle for Freedom
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as The Undying)
  • Symbol: His Sky Fortress "The Bahamut"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Anti-Villain, Authority Equals Asskicking, Bare-Fisted Monk, The Chessmaster, The Conqueror, Cultured Badass, His Sephira swords, Kung-Fu Wizard, Nay-Theist, Utopia Justifies the Means
  • Domains: Virtues, Conquering, Speeches, Fighting, Freedom, Kingship
  • Allies: Gaius Van Baelsar, Funny Valentine, Corypheus, Nikolai Bulygin, The Illusive Man, Victor Von Doom, Golbez, Mateus Palamecia, CLU, Solidus Snake, Cao Cao
  • Rivals: Shao Kahn, Alexander The Great, Garland
  • Enemies: Ashe Dalmasca, Gabranth, Balthier, Penelo, Squall Leonhart, Artorias, Lightning Farron, Hawke, Odin, YHVH, Sora, Gilgamesh, Arturia, Ashe
  • Seeks to overthrow the Main House and give himself the Title of "Dynast King". At first it seemed to be a purely villainous goal and he has not denied it. But he has upheld his own virtues of Honor, Love and Determination to be able to do what he believes to be the right thing to do to free the Pantheon from "The Tyranny of The Gods".
  • Tried to win people over to his side with a speech similar to this one. So far it seems that his Enemies had to go out of their way to convince others that he was villainous.
  • He has shown a large distaste for YHVH, his angels, and anyone similar to him as his goal is in his words:
    "The Pantheon will know a new Dynast King, and Man will keep his own history! The tyranny of the Gods is ended! We shall be their puppets no more! The freedom for which we have longed is at hand!”
  • Though on the same token he does not wish to join any of the other alliances as to him "Good" is limiting, "Evil" just for the sake of it is worthless and "Chaos" is not what he is after.
  • He has allied with Valentine and Bulygin though he has tried to convince them to break away from The Great Will, time will tell what becomes of it.
  • Has shown hatred for those that opposed him in his Realm and has since plotted for their destruction.
    “Your lives are forfeit, and your insurgence along with them. This Pantheon will again know order. For good and all, I shall put your futile attempts at rebellion to an end.”
  • While he and Gilgamesh have similar goals in mind, he believes that the so-called King of Heroes has failed to serve his people well and sees him as a petulant child throwing his toys around when he has a tantrum.
  • Has allied with The Illusive Man and Solidus Snake as he agrees that only Humanity should be in charge of its own Freedom and Destiny.
  • His temple has been relocated at his Sky Fortress and with the help of his allies he can now become "The Undying" at Will there. It provides him with the power to destroy those that would dare to invade.
  • Despite his hatred for most Gods, he has treated those that honestly want to help humanity with Respect after his dealing with Venat. Though it will not stop his attempt to conquer their realms, he attempts to have them come to his side first rather than be flat out hostile.
  • Due to both sharing the same name and he not seeing her as able to do what is necessary he has shown dislike for Ashe.
    "Such a woman is not fit to bear the burden of Rule. Weep for Freljord if you defy my Reign, for She will be lost."
  • Shares similar sentiments for Arturia Pendragon. He often questions her ability to deal with Her Subjects, if she dealt with them as he would then her tragedies would not have befallen her. When questioned on this he gave one response.
    "What am I to do with those who would oppose me...but show them death?"

Zaheer, God of Enlightened Antagonists

Lesser Gods

Bass, God of Motive-Driven Enforcers (Forte, SWN-001, Slasher, bASS)