Magma Man

Of course, there can be Magma-Women, too!

"Fools dig for water, corpses, or gold. The earth's real treasure is far deeper."

A character who has power over all things igneous: magma, lava, and hot rocks. They can either liquefy ordinary rocks, control the flows of a perpetually active volcano, or simply manifest the hot heavy stuff ex nihilo. Could be considered a combination of Dishing Out Dirt and Playing with Fire; such a character might possess these powers separately as well.

A Sub-Trope of Lava Adds Awesome.

The trope is named after the boss from Mega Man 9.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Admiral Akainu from One Piece possesses a Devil Fruit called the Magma Magma Fruit. It grants him the ability to control, generate, and become magma. By becoming magma, as with all Logias, he achieves Nigh-Invulnerability, as conventional attacks will simply be absorbed into or pass through his magma-fied body, allowing him to reform his body effortlessly.
  • The Lava Release in Naruto is a Kekkei Genkai created by combining Fire and Earth chakra. Mei Terumi (the fifth Mizukage), Kurotsuchi (the granddaughter of the Third Tsuchikage), and Dodai (an elder shinobi from the Cloud Village) were all born with it, and Roshi has it by virtue of Son Goku (the Four-Tailed Monkey) sealed inside of him. Naruto later gains it himself after absorbing Son Goku's chakra along with those of the other Tailed Beasts. Besides magma, it's also shown to include control of quicklime and, in Dodai's case, rubber (or at least lava that he can make very rubber-like).
  • A character in The Law of Ueki converted tomatoes to magma.
  • In Mahou Sensei Negima!, Fate Averruncus' strongest spell, Terra Findens, causes a huge explosion of lava. It's powerful enough to match Negi's Khilipl Astrape.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid has Volcanic Blaze, a powerful, ranged, eruption spell that comes out from the ground that the target is standing on. Harry/Halley Tribeca developed it as a secret trump card to use against Victoria or Sieglinde, but she was forced to use it against Rio when Rio managed to back her into a corner.
  • Takeru from Snow White and Seven Dwarfs is capable of generating heat and magma with his right arm, typically resulting in Stuff Blowing Up.
  • ''Yu-Gi-Oh! GX': The Triple Contact Fusion of Elemental HERO Neos, Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab and Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is Elemental HERO Magma Neos. He can charge a meteor-like magma ball with his left hand and throw it.
  • Saint Seiya the Asgard Arc has Hagen, a God Warrior with both magma powers.

    Comic Books 
  • Magma from New Mutants, who also has the full range of fire powers at her disposal. She can create earthquakes too, but this is simply the logical side effect of bringing magma to the surface. Interestingly, Professor X once noted that training her is extremely difficult due to the inevitable property damage her powers cause.
  • Volcana from the Marvel Universe. Also in her name.
  • Long before any of the above appeared, the subterranean Lava Men attacked The Mighty Thor.
  • Spider-Man had a villain called the Molten Man. He is mostly-reformed these days and has helped Spidey out a few times.
  • The Red Volcano ("brother" of the Red Tornado) from The DCU controls both unheated earth and rock and molten magma.
  • A race of lava creatures live deep under the Earth's surface in The Savage Dragon. One was even a member of the super villain army, Vicious Circle.
  • Wild CA Ts antagonist Slag, a member of the Troika.

     Fan Fiction  


    Live-Action TV 

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons has Magma Paraelementals. The Para-elemental Plane of Magma in Dungeons and Dragons 1st and 2nd Edition is at the intersection of the planes of Earth and Fire. 3.5 has magmins, a type of humanoid elemental made out of magma. The 4th Edition Monster Manual has an entire section devoted to lava monsters, including a fifteen-foot-high lava strider/spider. 4th edition also has the Stonefire Rager Paragon Path for barbarians.
  • Chaotic
    • Magmon's home is a lake sized Lava Pit.
    • This is made more apparent and cooler looking in the animated series that focuses around the card game.
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • As the page quote shows, when the color Red's take on wizardry isn't being represented with pyromancers, it instead uses lavamancers.
    • The Vulshok of Mirrodin can range from simple Volcanic Veins up to this. The Flamekin of Lorwyn are similar, but more pure flame.
    • The Planeswalker Nahiri, aka The Lithomancer, is a rare White aligned example (lava is usually Red's domain), melting rocks to forge weapons from the metal within.

    Video Games 
  • 'Splosion Man, now with Ms. 'Splosion Man.
  • Firelord from Warcraft III spawn lava monsters and have Volcano as an ultimate spell.
    • Shaman in World of Warcraft are capable of using some lava and magma-based attacks as well.
    • And of course there is Ragnaros - a giant elemental Firelord made of fire, being summoned into Azeroth through pool of magma and having some appropriate attacks.
    • Neltharion, aka Deathwing, was changed into a Magma Dragon due to the powers of the Demon Soul. His interior is white-hot magma which threatens to blow him apart, causing him to cover himself with special armor that helps contain his incalculable power. As shown in the Cataclysm cinematic, he constantly oozes lava from the cracks in his skin and seams of his armor.
    • A rare-spawn beast that came with Cataclysm is Terrorpene, a turtle that lives in lava and looks like a living volcano. As a mob he has a powerful Fire Beam that does a lot of damage. He can also be tamed by Hunters.
  • Magmites from City of Heroes.
  • Allison "Magma" in X-Men Legends.
  • Magma Man from Mega Man 9 is the Trope Namer. His weapon is the Magma Bazooka. Despite the name he's more of a standard fire-based villain than a fire/earth combo, and his Bazooka shoots run-of-the-mill fireballs (though quite powerful fireballs at that).
  • Mega Man X 4 has Magma Dragoon, who also used fire.
  • Mars Adepts and Venus Adepts in Golden Sun have access to the Volcano and Gaia Psynergy series respectively. The Samurai class family, which has aspects of multiple elements but takes some micromanaging to get into, gets the Lava Shower series. However, you're most likely to see Volcano-series Psynergy in action in the first two games, because the main antagonists are from the aptly-named Mars Clan.
  • Dwarf Fortresss Magma Men. And Fire Men. And Fire Imps. And dwarfs themselves are very capable of building a giant cannon that shoots a spray of magma. Or simply flood the outside world (or their own fortress) with the stuff. Notably, the Required Secondary Powers to let such creatures live in magma but also survive coming out of it to menace your dwarves means they don't need to breathe and (for Fire Men and Magma Men) can emit heat without changing their own temperature, meaning putting them in water will do nothing but boil it.
  • Obsidius, a monster created for Godzilla Unleashed, is a creature born of rock and magma given life by space crystals. His breath weapon is a stream of lava fired from his mouth, and he is immune to the lava in Seattle and resistant to fire-based weapons.
  • The Pokémon attacks Eruption, Lava Plume, Magma Storm and Earth Power: Three are Fire-type attacks; one is Ground-type.
    • The Pokémon Magmar is vaguely man-shaped, and is made of fire and magma.
    • The Pokémon Camerupt is a camel with two volcanoes as its humps. Needless to say, it can learn all three mentioned attacks.
    • Heatran, a salamander-like being made of steel and lava. It too can use all three moves (albeit unlike with Camerupt, Eruption is a special event move only for this Pokémon), and has the signature move "Magma Storm".
    • Groudon has this theme going on as well, even though it's normally a pure Ground-type (It gains a fire typing when it undergoes primal reversion). It's associated with land and the expansion of continents, thus, volcanic eruptions (its starting moveset when you capture it includes Eruption).
    • Magcargo might be the best example - being of the Fire/Rock typing, it's a snail made of magma.
  • In some of the Ratchet & Clank games, one of the weapons is a Lava Gun. However, when upgraded it becomes a Meteor Gun or in some games a Liquid Nitrogen Gun.
  • In Dissidia: Final Fantasy and its prequen Dissidia 012, Chaos and his One-Winged Angel form Feral Chaos use a lot of fire attacks with a visual theme closer to lava and magma than the fire attacks of other characters, such as fireballs that appear to be meteors wreathed in flame, and summoning plumes of fire from the ground.
  • Mortal Kombat
    • Hotaru, the Mortal Kombat universe's resident Lawful Stupid, has this power.
    • Upon his return in Mortal Kombat X, Tremor is able to shoot molten rock in his Metallic variation.
  • A few such enemies can be encountered in Fire Mountain in MOTHER 3, such as Magman (a sentient mini-volcano that can generate Pyreflies), and Mrs. Lava (a blob of lava that looks like an old woman, and has high-level fire attacks).
  • In one section of Dragon's Lair, these appear as enemies. They will turn you into one of them by tackling you.
  • Spire from Metroid Prime Hunters. His body is made of stone, and his signature weapon is the Magmaul, a gun which fires blasts of magma.
  • The Gohma from Asura's Wrath are monsters made out of magma and rock. It's because they are the antibodies of the world and are lead by the will of the planet, Gohma Vlitra.
  • Dark Souls has a few powerful fire based abilities, aptly named pyromancy, and chaos pyromancy in particular causes pools of lava should they impact solid ground. Played straight, however, with the magma giant Ceaseless Discharge, who constantly oozes lava from his open wounds.
  • The Volcania boss in The Adventures Of Rad Gravity.
  • King Onyx from Odin Sphere normally appears as a red-skinned, white haired humanoid, but his true form is a massive minotaur made of lava.
  • The denizens of the planet Firim from Meteos can control the fiery planet's deep lava flows at will.
  • One team attack in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin summons a volcano that shoots lava at the enemies.
  • One monster in Undertale, Vulkin, is a miniature volcano with legs. It wants to be a Helpful Mook, but sadly its belief that its magma has healing properties is entirely unfounded.
  • The Gularth in Xenoblade Chronicles X are walking titans made of lava and rock that use powerful fire-based attacks and are exclusive to Cauldros. To a lesser extent, the Millesaurs can be seen as walking volcanoes due to the large volcano-shaped port on their back, the obsidian-based materials they drop, and because some of their attacks launch blobs of fiery material.
  • War of the Monsters has Magmo, a four-armed being created out of magma and rock and utilizes both in its attacks.
  • The Stage 5 boss in Axelay.

  • Gormiti has an entire faction dedicated to this, with more figures than any single other faction.


    Web Originals 
  • While Let's Play-ing Sonic Unleashed, the LPers jokingly reason that:
    1. Sonic's werehog form and stretchy arms are a result of him absorbing some of Dark Gaia's power.
    2. Dark Gaia lives under the Earth, where there is magma.
    3. Magma, a viscous fluid, is stretchy.
    4. Therefore, Sonic the Werehog is made of magma.
  • In the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, there's Magma, Lava, Volcano, Volcania, Kilauea (an incarnation of the Hawai'ian goddes who fights crime and protects the people of Hawai'i., Kazan ("Volcano" in Japanese), Magma Man, and Krakatoa.
  • In New Vindicators, misguided teen villain turned hero Felsic has the power to turn into a magma form.
  • Phoenixfire of the Whateley Universe. And her mom. And they can both form a huge sword of the stuff.

    Western Animation 

Alternative Title(s): A Magma Man, Magma Cum Laude