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Overdeities/Greater Gods

Arceus, the Most Powerful Pokémon (the Alpha Pokémon)

     Great A'Tuin 
Great A'Tuin, God(dess?) of Landmass-bearing Sea Creatures

     Leto Atreides II 
Leto Atreides II, God of Prescience, Memory, Religious Manipulation, Sand Worms, and Long-Term Planning, (Master of Fate, Pawn of Fate, Shai-Hulud, Shaitan, the Worm Who Is God, the God-Emperor, the Divided God, the Tyrant)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Atreides Hawk.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Omniscience Morality License by the time of his ascension to God-Emperor
  • Portfolio: Psychic Powers, Genetic Memory, Ancient Conspiracy, Sending in the Clones, Half Human Hybrids and of course, Sand Worms.
  • Domains: Time, Space, Ecology, Religion, Memory, Oppression.
  • Followers: The Zensunni fanatic Fremen, his all-female Fish Speaker army, the Sand Worms of Saturn
  • Although he now has a place in the House of Beasts due to his new rule over Sand Worms (the original story he came from having codified and named the trope "Sand Worm"), he normally can't be found in this house. Instead, he can normally be found in the House of Mentalism, where's actually the head of the House.
  • Anyone else other than Tzeentch who thinks they head the Mentalism faction does not. Leto II sees all and rules all through his exclusive control of the Spice Melange, key to raising human awareness, and through his perfect prescient vision. He also possesses the heightened senses and physical abilities of a Sand Worm.
  • He is also currently in a heated legal battle with the Imperium of Man over who exactly owns the copyright to the title "God-Emperor". Given that the Imperium's idea of legal proceedings in this area involves chainswords and flamethrowers, the case is progressing somewhat slowly. The God-Emperor himself, though, doesn't really care.

    Lord Helix 
The Helix Fossil/"Lord Helix", God of Reborn Fossilized Creatures, Patron of Anarchy As Chaos (Omanyte (formerly), Omastar, The Old One, O Mastar, Our Mastar, Lard Helix)
  • Greater God
  • Theme Music: Praise The Helix
  • Chaotic Good (according to followers. Detractors suggest Chaotic Evil, or something more sinister still. In reality, probably Chaotic Neutral.)
  • Symbol: The Helix Fossil
  • Portfolio: Random Number God, Not So Extinct, Ammonites, inanimate objects treated as a source of guidance, cults centered on inanimate objects, water attacks, Elder Gods, physically manifested deities
  • Domains: Water, Rock, Divinity, Anarchy, Chaos
  • Followers: "The Mob", Genesect, all the other Fossils from the other generations (except Kabutops and possibly Aerodactyl), Hydron, all revived dinosaurs, Red
  • Allies: Pikachu, the Kraken, Arceus, Flareon
  • Enemies: The Dome Fossil/Kabutops. All Lawful Evil deities (particularly Nikolai Bulygin). Wary of anything with a Lawful alignment, including Good and Neutral.
  • His ascension began when the Hive Mind that controls Red began to obsessively check his bag for advice in battle. Since, he has gained an inordinate number of followers (over 75000!) which has catapulted his Divine Rank through the stratosphere.
    • Thanks to scientists in Cinnabar Island, it was finally revived into a proper Omanyte and started showing its might in battle, which was been glorious.
    • He later evolved into a Omastar, making him even stronger. Under his guidance, the Mob was able to guide Red on his journey to become the Champion of Kanto in just a bit over two weeks, something which most gods were certain would be impossible.
  • His Son is Pidgeot, or, as he is known to Helix Fossil's followers, Bird Jesus. Whenever Pidgeot's existence is threatened by the PC, all of his followers cry out for fear of losing their Savior.
  • Had a remarkably unschismed religious base until The Eevee appeared. This act of allowing the Eevee onto the team caused many to turn on each other, and some to renounce the faith altogether. However, as much trouble Eevee brought, the Mob and Lord Helix eventually forgave him after realizing a certain event wasn't his fault.
    • He has an enemy in the form of The Dome Fossil and its own Avatar, Kabuto/Kabutops - who has its own religious base. Supporters of Helix will claim that the Faith of the Dome is tyrannical and unfriendly, at which Dome followers retort that Helixists cannot cooperate to save their life and are too uncompromising. Though neither will admit it, both religions make valid points, and even the supporters of Helix have been known to turn to Democracy, thought to be affiliated with the Dome, in times of great need (though some extremists staunchly denounce this practice).
    • Not to mention that the ways of Helix are all too often exploited by certain unsavory individuals who will use the absolute freedom provided to each and every individual to maliciously sabotage any collective effort For the Evulz.
  • Now offers advice to those who need it.
  • Unfortunately, Lord Helix will not be able to assist the Mob as they guide AJDNNW on his own path. Some followers are concerned that this may lower the amount of his faithful and cause him to fade into obscurity. Considering that the current motto is "No Gods, no Kings, only Mon", and that it's entirely possible that this run may end in defeating Red and his team - including Lord Helix - their fears may be warranted.
    • When AJ reached Red and defeated Lord Helix for the first time before he got defeated, he started a seven day countdown to destruction to wipe down his mortal realm and possibly destroy part of the Pantheon. During the same event he demonstrated the ability to wipe every last shred of sanity from someone's mind. Fortunately, AJ was able to take down Red's entire team before it would happen, stopping the countdown and possibly removing Lord Helix from the mortal realm. Since the motives of the deity are inscrutable, there is much debate as to whether Lord Helix has proven himself to be evil, or whether this was all part of an elaborate gambit requiring his mortal incarnation's death.

    The Tyranids 
The Tyranid Hive Fleets, The Horde of Alien Locusts (The Great Devourer)
  • Theme Song: Xeno Presence
  • Collectively, Greater Deities
  • Symbol: The Tyranid insigina
  • Alignment: Neutral Hungry
  • Portfolio: Alien Kudzu, Bug Wars, Combat Tentacles, Extreme Omnivores, Healing Factor, Hive Minds, Living Ships, Living Weapons, Lots and LOTS of Teeth, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Organic Technology, Psychic Static, Tyranoform, Endless Numbers, 'Nid Rush
  • Domains: Space, Hunger, Swarms
  • While they are considered part of the Pantheon, they are, thankfully, locked outside of it and are not to be let in unless it is an extremely dire situation.
    • One of those times was for the punishment and disgrace of Elmyra. There was much lulz among the Houses of Beasts and Nature that day.
      • Of course, the side of the story you don't hear is that, while the Houses of Beasts and Nature were rejoicing over Elmyra's punishment, several powerful space-faring Gods were out fighting the Hive Fleets to keep them away from the pantheon (or at least to keep more 'Nids from pouring in. Where do you think the Swarmlord used for Elmyra's punishment came from?) long enough for the Houses of Magic and Craft to construct a new seal that would banish the 'Nids again. Needless to say, conditions for the breaking of the seal have been increased.
      • There is now consideration of breaking the seal yet again as part of "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • The place that holds the Tyranid seal is a temple devoted to them that is located deep in the jungles of this very house. Said temple is guarded by a magically bound Carnifex who has been lovingly named "Cuddlefex" by some of the more intelligent members of the Bestiary.
  • For some strange reason, some of their Genestealers have developed an obsession with taking people's pants, leaving their victims embarrassed but generally unharmed.

ZeedMillenniummon, the Most Powerful Digimon
  • Possible Overdeity
  • Symbol: Moon Milleniummon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Genius Planner, Millennium Bug, Ultimate Digimon
  • Allies: Grandfather Paradox (unintentionally on his part)
  • Enemies: Almost everyone in the Pantheon, Omnimon
  • Followers: Chimeramon, Machinedramon
  • ZeedMillenniummon materialised itself into the Pantheon not long after Arceus ascended. In sense, you could say that ZeedMillenniummon is Satan what Arceus is to God.
  • To give an idea how powerful it is, those bands of code around ZeedMillenniummon are Power Limiters. They really don't help restraint its powers that much.

Intermediate Gods

The Kraken, God of Cephalopods (Horror of the Deep, The Bane of Sailors, The Nightmare of Pirates, The Slayer of the Navy, The Terror of Fishermen. The Destroyer of Ships, Sea-Mist, Hafgufa, Microcosmus marinus, The Crab Fish.)
  • Theme song: "Unleash The Kraken!"
  • Intermediate God that borders on Greater God.
  • Symbol: A ship covered in tentacles.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Large extremities, Rows of sharp teeth and beaks, Serving as the muscle of a higher power, horrors of the sea.
  • Domains: Seas, Octopi, Horror.
  • Followers: Squidward, the giant cuttlefish, giant squids, and many, MANY creatures from animated pornography.
  • Allies: Davy Jones,Cthulu, Ika Musume, Yagyuu.
  • Enemies: Jack Sparrow, whales (Moby Dick in particular), pirates, the navy, fishermen, scuba diving bounty hunters with steam-punk hairdos, Miki Aono, Ness , and pretty much anything else that dares to go inside the ocean.
  • Is aware of what some of his more... passionate followers are up to. He also knows why most of them don't dare to go to the oceans: They know that The Kraken is waiting for them...
  • Is able to drown any ship that the Gods build in mere seconds.
  • Since he works as the pet and favorite weapon of Davy Jones, most Gods know not to get on his master's bad side if the Kraken Hammer is nearby.
  • Because of the fact that he is larger than an island, he is even feared by Bruce, The God of Sharks, to the point where Bruce will flee at the mere knowledge that he MIGHT be heading his direction. However, The Kraken dreads the day when Moby Dick, one of the few sea creatures able to stand a chance against him, will rise to godhood.
  • His rumored temple is said to be at the very bottom of the ocean, in an area even harder to find than Atlantis. So far, only a handful of Gods knows where it is.
  • There is dispute whether the Kraken's name is pronounced "Kraa-ken", with a short "a", or "Kray-ken", with a long "a". So far, the Kraken itself has refused to comment, but one pirate has expressed the opinion that "It's a mythological creature. I can call it what I want."
  • Occasionally, the Kraken manifests itself as a reptilian creature rather than a cephalopod. In this form, it once served the god Zeus until a nasty encounter with the hero Perseus turned it to stone for a while. Davy Jones rescued the Kraken from this fate, and they've been on great terms ever since.
    • Another form gives him vocal chords, a more developed brain, and worst of all, land-treading legs. For reasons unknown, however, he hasn't used this form in the pantheon...yet...
  • To this day, the gods are still arguing if he is Greek, Caribbean or Norwegian.
  • Is thoroughly feared by Miki Aono; merely 'seeing' it reduces her to a hysterical wreck. The Kraken isn't sentient enough to comprehend it (or care).
    • Those few gods who are aware of the Kraken's (as-yet unused) amphibious and sentient Newerth form pray it never takes that form, for if it does, it may find out about Miki's fear and see her as easy prey...
  • He is currently part of the Deep Blue Trio, a group of divine beasts who spreads fear across the waters of the Pantheon. The Kraken's domain is the Seas.

    Moby Dick 
Moby-Dick, God of Whales (The White Whale)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white fin with spears in it.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Domains: The Sea, Whales, Destruction
  • Followers: Monstro, Drowned Wednesday
  • Allies: Aquaman.
  • Enemies: The Kraken, Bruce, fishermen, Captain Ahab, other whale hunters, Ika Musume.
  • Ever since Moby Dick ascended into the waters of the Pantheon, he has been in almost constant conflict with The Kraken, considering how he keeps eating his 8-limbed followers. Even though their fights are always even with combatants leaving with scars, Moby always manages to tear off many of The Kraken's tentacles.
  • Those who are out to hunt whales always stay clear out of his waters, considering that he has grown even larger because of his godhood.
  • Despite his incredible strength, he has two massive weaknesses: beaches and tides. Once he gets beached, it will require the strongest gods in the Pantheon in order to get him back in the water.
  • It has been proven that he has swallowed entire warships, along with the crews commanding them. Rumor has it that they are still inside of him, living with the massive schools of fish that he swallows when he gets hungry.

    Shen Gaoren 
Shen Gaoren, God of Giant Crabs
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its Lao-Shan Lung skull shell.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Giant Hermit Crabs, Walking through fortresses, Skulls for a shell
  • Followers: The rest of the Carapaceons.
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Hunters, Ika Musume.
  • Is regularly guided away from any artificial constructs, especially the House of Craft, as it can never seem to stop trying to walk through them.
  • Ika Musume constantly attacks Shen Gaoren to make a feast out of it. Being oblivious as it is, Shen Gaoren never notices Ika and every attempt ends up with her under its foot or blasted with acid.
  • Even though the Hunters are capable of felling Shen Gaoren on their own, others have theorized on more efficient methods of disposing it. However, Shen Gaoren's extreme height and disproportionate body structure have prevailed over some of these methods.
    • Many say the best method is to flip it on its back and hit its weak point for massive damage. But since Shen Gaoren's body is round, most, if not, all attempts of getting it to stay on its back have been unsuccessful.
    • Surprisingly, Shanoa of all people suggested dropping a giant elevator on it. The only problem is finding an elevator tall enough to tower over Shen Gaoren.
  • Kaneo Takarada has considered remodeling his crab mech after Shen Gaoren.

Ungoliant, Goddess of Abominations in Animals' Image
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A black spider.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Abominable Beasts, Casting a Shadow, Having Lots of Monstrous Kids, Trying to Eat her Boss
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Death, Spider
  • Allies: The Golden Spider, Kurama
  • Followers: The Beast, The Bijuu, Mogget, the Disreputable Dog
  • Enemies: Melkor, Eru
  • High Priest: Coyote
  • Ascended by entering the House of Beasts and attempting to eat everything inside, and was only stopped by Steve Irwin, who reluctantly permitted her to roam free in the House, so long as she restricted her feeding to the Tyranids, the Wig-wigs and the life forms in the Catachan Devil. Her main claim to fame earned her a spot in the House of Otherness as well, although the much more powerful entities surrounding her keep her in line there.
  • One of her followers, Kurama, recently ascended as the God of Kitsune. When questioned about her thoughts on this, Ungoliant stated that she "had no quarrel with the fox, so long as his flavor remains unpleasant." Kurama was not altogether reassured, and keeps a respectable distance from Ungoliant at all times.
  • When the Wig-wigs entered came close to eating them all but there were too many.
  • Also has a spot in the house of Otherness

Lesser Gods

Bruce, God of Sharks (Jaws)

    Garfield Logan/Beast Boy 
Garfield Logan, God of Animorphism (Beast Boy Changeling, Grass Stain, Gar. B.B.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A circle with different animals inside.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beware The Nice Silly One, Nice Guy, Adorkable, Butt Monkey, Plucky Comic Relief, Keet, The Heart, I Just Want to Be Special, Let's Get Dangerous, Cute Monster Boy, Idiot But Really a Badass, Ascended Fanboy.
  • Domains: Animals, Justice, Jokes,
  • Allies:
  • Just Friends (Maybe): Raven.
  • Enemies: Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, The Joker, Team Rocket.
  • Opposes: Count Logan.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after leading a rag tag-team of Titans who were not captured by the Brotherhood Of Evil and showing actual leadership skills.
  • Even though Gar is mostly seen as a laidback person by most of the Pantheons, he is actually a very capable person when he gets serious in a fight. He is especially dangerous when he get mad enough.
  • Once fought Deathstroke one on one and actually had the advantage.
  • Gar's animal transformations aren't just limited to Earth-based animals or dinosaurs and he can actually transform into mythical animals and alien beasts. He can even transform into a Pokémon.
    • Because of the aforementioned Pokémon transformation, he was captured by Team Rocket, mistaking him for a rare colored Pokémon. Fortunately, he was rescued by Greninja and blasted Team Rocket away.
  • Once had his shampoo bottle replaced with red dye by Victor Stone. He chased after his friend for "ruining" his beautiful green fur.
  • While he never noticed it before when they were both mortal, Gar can't help but ogle at Raven's legs. Was once caught by Raven when he transformed into a dog and "wolf whistled" at her. He was expecting a swat in the head, but to his surprise, he actually saw a small smile on her face.
  • Has been seen hanging around with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While Leo, Donny, and Mikey don't mind him, Raph is mostly annoyed by him because it feels like there are two Michelangelos now.
  • Became outraged when he found out the identity of Count Logan was an alternate version of himself who betrayed his friends just because they had happier lives then him.
    • The reveal that not only had Count Logan killed innocent people, but he had also destroyed Tamaran to spite his versions of Starfire and Robin has not helped his increased anger.
  • Became instant friends with Teddie, finding his bear puns hilarious. The two have joined forces to try and make both Raven and Yukiko laugh. Emphasis on the try part.
  • Has a seat in The House of Shapes.

Greninja, God of Batracians (The Ninja Pokémon, Master of Stealth)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Water Shuriken
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being both water and dark type, using water to create weaponry, having the Protean Ability, using the Substitute move, due to being a Ninja Frog, tongues that double as scarves
  • Domains: Water, Ninjas, Frogs
  • Allies: Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Lucario, Chesnaught, Aegislash, Ryu Hayabusa, Misty, Calem, Serena, Asuka
  • Enemies: Crazy Frog, Lysandre
  • Direct Rival: Kaede Nagase (due to her fear of frogs)
  • Opposed By: Cirno, Mewtwo
  • Ascended by defeating Wart, the previous god, with a Water Shuriken to the face, and being handpicked to represent the Generation VI Pokemon line for the 4th Smash Bros. Tournament. Mewtwo wasn't happy to find out that he was once again overruled, especially when he saw Greninja's announcement for said tournament.
  • Cirno hates his guts, as he's preventing her from freezing frogs (her favorite hobby). The two have an on-and-off again fight with Greninja, being a ninja, teleporting and escaping her every time, with the additional advantage of naturally resisting ice. Cirno is training herself to learn Freeze Dry and see how he likes it.
  • Despite being a frog, Greninja's weak against Bug-type Pokemon. Thus he stays away from Lord Tommyrod and all other insects. This made him good friends with Misty due to him being a water type and also one who doesn't like bugs.
  • Has been evading Kaede ever since he ascended, since her fear of frogs tend to augment her ninja skills on occasion.
  • No comment has been made at this time if there's any connection between Greninja, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Due to his friendship with Misty, Greninja was asked to help her save Ash from the clutches of the "Friendship Asylum". Since Greninja is a Water/Dark type, the darkness of the asylum shouldn't affect him at all, though Meowth (due to hearing that Riku, who's immune to darkness, was still corrupted) highly doubts this. The rescue was successful, thanks to Greninja sneaking a Key Stone into Neku Sakuraba's hand to trigger Lucario's Mega Evolution, allowing him to block Ash's Aura Sphere.

    Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine 
Inori Yamabuki, Goddess of Animal Speak (Cure Pine, Buki, Angel Pine)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Song: Heart Dictionary or No Believe No Live
  • Symbol: The yellow Pickrun, Kirun, atop of the Pine Flute. With word bubble "Believe!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Japanese Christian, Shrinking Violet, Animal Speaks, Fear of Ferrets (For a few moment), Having lots of "Believes", Looking Damn Fine On Regal Dresses, Veterinarian In-Training.
  • Domains: Magic, Animals, Belief.
  • Allies: Steve Irwin, every Pretty Cure in the Pantheon, especially Love Momozono, Miki Aono and Setsuna Higashi), Usagi Tsukino, Madoka Kaname, Kyoko Sakura, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, The Magic Knights, Pikachu, Cairne and Baine Bloodhoof, the Toku Base residents, PaRappa The Rapper, Penny. Anne Marie, Sobek, Tyrantrum, Satori Komeiji
  • Enemies: The Chaos Gods, Bernkastel Lambadelta, Kane, Light Yagami, Kefka Palazzo, Nyarlathotep, M.Bison, Calypso,
  • High Priestess: Eliza Thornberry
  • Due to their similarities, Inori has found a good friend with Kyoko Sakura due to their similarities of their belief in prayer. Because of this, she's one of the few Gods Kyoko has a soft spot for.
  • Even if she's kind of alone amongst the Fresh Precures, Buki believes that the rest of her friends will come over. Until the day comes, she is very content with the other Precures around. Also due to 'believing' a lot, she got along well with PaRappa The Rapper. Him dancing around like how she did is just icing the cake, really.
  • Helps other humans understand various animals. She never makes eye contact with The Rabbit of Caerbannog, whom she describes as 'filled with nothing but killing impulses it scares her'.
  • Despite her Goddess status, not saint, she still visits the Toku Base, in particular to meet Kakeru Shishi or Cole Evans to improve her veterinarian skills.
  • Her animal-speak and veteranian skills made a lot of animals flock on her on the basis that they have been victims of 'abuse' by Elmyra Duff. Thankfully, Buki is pretty much Elmyra's reverse, so she's been spending her time undoing the damages to the animals Elmyra caused.
  • She used to dislike ferrets, but now is okay with them. But recently, she has a bit of an aversion to crocodiles. After Buki paid a visit to Gustave's house, trying to understand it better, she was frozen in fear with just how much death impulses the croc had and 'animal-talking' with him always end up in dialogues of how much Gustave wants to eat Buki and hear her screaming for help in fear. She tries her best to tend to any normal crocodiles, but her encounter with Gustave scarred her for life.
    • Thankfully, she was later rescued and received an apology from Gustave's boss, Sobek, who has promised that it won't happen again and thanked her for treating the other crocodiles well whenever any of them got sent to her house. At the very least, Buki has been healing her aversion to crocodiles thanks to Sobek.

Reuniclus, God of Mega-Microbes (The Multiplying Pokémon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A green blob with an embryo and other objects inside it (basically itself)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Psychic Powers, Mighty Glacier, Potential Homunculi, Surprisingly Cute Creatures, Mindlink Mates.
  • Domains: Psychic, Odd Creatures
  • Allies: Ness, Usagi, Luke Skywalker
  • Enemies: The Ghosts in the House of Otherness, Giygas, Lucy
  • Followers: The Amoeba Gang.
  • Reuniclus is an odd creature, looking like an embryo or a homunculus inside some sort of green jelly. It can potentially live anywhere.
  • It has incredible psychic powers, being able to control its arms to crush even boulders and use other powerful psychic attacks. Combined with the jelly being durable and it being able to repel hazardous elements, Reuniclus is as cute as it is deadly.
    • Due to these powers, it has become allies with Ness. However, after this chance encounter, it discovered both Giygas (Who stirred up some Primal Fear surrounding his body shape...or lack of it), and Lucy (Who just plains scares him.) For these reasons, he flees in the midsts of them.
  • Whenever a Reuniclus holds hands with another of it's species, their minds become linked, increasing their psychic power. For this reason, it has become both allies with Luke Skywaker, (Who had a similar relationship with a woman named Mara Jade,) and the favorite Pokemon of Usagi "Serena" Tsukino. For this reason, Reuniclus is another that has joined the Great Upheaval.
  • Also present in House of Otherness. Or maybe that is a different Reuniclus. No one is sure about that.
    • Considering they have the same allies and enemies now, nope, not the case. It's a general misconception, however.
  • Stays far away from the Ghosts sub-house as he's weak to Ghost type attacks.

    Ricotta Elmar 
Ricotta Elmar, Goddess of Animals That Look Incredibly Human (Rico)

Sakaki, Goddess of Cat Lovers
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Maya, her pet Iriomote Cat.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Profile: Kind Hearted Cat Lover, Huge School Girl, finally getting a cat to respect her.
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Healing, Nature, Protection.
  • Allies: Chiyo, Osaka, Yukari, Chiyo's Father, Steve Irwin, Mufasa, Yutaka Kobayakawa, Red XIII, is on good terms with Yotsuba
  • Enemies: Greebo (because he reminds her of that cat that would torment her) Omega, anyone who encourages cruelty to cats.
  • The day Sakaki ascended was the day that cats finally figured out that she is their friend. She cried Tears of Joy from that act of kindness. Is very protective of Chiyo, who she sees as like a little sister.
  • Has an understandably tense relationship with Jerry. The two have an uneasy truce due to the fact that because of his Karmic Trickster nature, Jerry usually only inflicts his wrath on a cat after being provoked first. But, like many cat lovers, Sakaki's sympathies are usually with Tom when the two of them clash.

Viral, God of Beast Folk


Blooper, God of Squids

     Catachan Devil 
The Catachan Devil, Death World Incarnate
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Open mouth with many, many teeth
  • Alignment: Chaotic Hungry
  • Portfolio: Death World, Everything Trying to Kill You, Killer Rabbit, Mordor
  • Domains: Hunger, Strength, Death, Suffering
  • The Imperium deities don't want to be anywhere near the Catachan Devil, but appreciate its value.
  • One stretch of the House of Nature that visitors seldom see is the domain of the Catachan Devil, and with good reason. While the Catachan Devil's domain is as bountiful and full of life as any other domain, it is also full of death, and the Chtorr, Orks, Catachan Jungle Fighters, Taxxons and Krogan inhabiting the region are the only intelligent forms of life to be seen. Everything else is killing something, about to be killed, or dead. Unspeakably lethal plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and unclasified lifeforms abound here; to enter the region is certain death for most and highly probable death for the rest. The Catachan Devil is merely the apex predator, and as such has taken it upon itself to defend the region from the delicious other realms on the pantheon level.
  • The Catachan Devil and its realm are typically not spoken of by the other members of the House-the good deities find the very existence of the Catachan Devil and what it represents to be an uncomfortable aspect of nature, and the evil deities find the Catachan Devil far too unreliable and hungry to deal with on an official level. It is only by a joint effort of the rest of the House that the the Death World realm and its overlord is kept in check.
  • Well liked by the Houses of War and Weapons, however, as the Catachan Devil's realm is an excellent place to train and test their troops in live, dangerous combat: even the 501st admits that against the Death World, their odds are even at best.

The Pikmin, Tiny Gods of Plant-Animal Hybrids, The Army of Strength in Numbers
  • Very Minor deities
  • Symbol: A small white flower
  • Alignment: True Neutral on their own, but they will follow whoever plucks them.
  • Portfolio: Zerg Rushing, Lilliputian Warriors, Often Too Dumb To Live, War for Fun and Profit.
  • Domains: Ant people, Plant-Animal Hybrids, Strength in Numbers
  • Followers: They don't have followers, but have a lot of leaders.
  • Upon ascension, they've managed to infest every household. There are now billions of them all over the place. A few enterprising Gods and Goddess managed to put them to good use and get them to do grunt work and menial tasks. Most others are annoyed at them.
  • Being so small and having very few survival skills, the Pikmin can easily be killed by a lot of things. The most common way for Pikmin to die in the houses is to be stepped on by other gods and goddesses. Great care must be taken when you are around Pikmin, or you'll be forced to listen to their plaintive death cries if you accidentally step on a few. Pikmin don't have graves you know.
  • And God (well, one of them) help you if you listen to Ai No Uta. After hearing that, you'll never kill a Pikmin again. Or at least try not to.
  • If you see any objects in any household that appear to be moving on their own, it might be the Pikmin moving them around for some reason.
  • It is possible that enough of them can take on any deity in any household. Yes, even Mr. Rogers himself, though just trying to imagine just how many it would take would be a mind-shattering task.
  • Chuggaaconroy stays far away from them as possible, due to the fact that other gods will make multiple references about "Steve the Trooper" or anything related to them. It doesn't help that he notes that he wanted to change his name (Emile) to Steve when he was younger.
    • Odds are if you hear Chugga's ever-iconic scream and he's not recording or playing with friends, a red leaf pikmin somehow snuck into his room.
  • They are the main food source for Durant, which is unfortunate for Pikmin, as Durant are resilient to almost anything what Pikmin can do to them and even a swarm can't do much for a group of them. Fortunately for them, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna is their main protector against them, as she can dispatch them with danmaku.

    Iwashiro Tesshou 
Iwashiro Tesshou, God of Kindly Veterinarians
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: His goggles; the R.E.D.symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Kindly Vet who is a Friend to All Children and Living Things; Has a Perfect Pitch; A Skilled Surgeon who is Awesome by Analysis and Passionate Determination despite being an Idiot Hero; Named his pet nurse-dog, Dog
  • Domains: Vets, Keen Sense of Hearing, Passionate Idiot Heroes
  • Followers: His friends and allies from R.E.D. and Meiou University, as well as the people and animals that he had helped, with Dog as his herald (on the other hand, he is still scared witless of Tsukasa Ryoutou); Any vet who wishes to save lives, even the smallest of animals
  • Allies: Many of the Good Aligned Gods, especially in the Houses of Beasts, Nature, Friendship, Family and even Knowledge
  • Opposes: Anyone who takes advantage of the misfortune of others, be it human or animal
  • The Gods in the House of Knowledge noted that they lacked a suitable representative of veterinary knowledge despite having a God of Medicine (a.k.a. Dr. Gregory House), and Tony Tony Chopper who can speak to animals. While they were discussing about electing a god of veterinary with the Houses of Nature and Beasts, which was a given as the two houses would need a good vet for the animals that live in there, Steve Irwin remembered that he had met a vet from the R.E.D. before his own ascension and thus decided to contact them to recommend a vet for ascension. Seeing no harm in it, the other gods agreed to it.
  • When the vet failed to appear at the scheduled time, the gods got frustrated and assumed that no one would come for the ascension. They got a pleasant surprise when they realised that the representative vet from R.E.D., Iwashiro Tesshou, had actually arrived earlier than expected but had ended up spending most of his time in the House of Beasts to treat the sick animals there alongside with Fluttershy who quickly accepted him as a friend. After witnessing his dedication and skills first hand, despite his book dumb, the gods quickly decided to make him the official vet-deity of the pantheon.
  • Although Tesshou was originally supposed to be placed in the House of Knowledge, it was decided that he would be placed in the House of Beasts instead. The reason is twofold:
    • Firstly Tesshou's major characteristic is his determination to help sick and injured animals, not his "encyclopaedic" knowledge of veterinary. Nevertheless, he is known to do a lot of studying so that he can better help his patients hence granting him an honorary place in the House of Knowledge.
    • In addition, being placed in the House of Beasts would allow Tesshou to respond more quickly to give treatment to his patients, something which Tesshou is happy to accept.
  • Given his position as a vet, Tesshou is given a considerable amount of respect, or at least tolerance, by even some of the more aggressive animals in the House of Beasts (few would want to harm one's own well-meaning doctor/vet after all). He also visits the House of Technology on occasion given his skills in modifying motorcycles.
  • As Tesshou has a bad habit of overworking himself, Tony Tony Chopper and Fluttershy volunteered to give him a helping hand so that he can get some rest. Sakaki, who aspires to become a vet, was more than happy to accept him as her veterinary teacher.

Wig-Wigs, The Swarm Unstoppable
The end of evolution.
  • One alone is not even a demigod. Together... they can overwhelm many a god.
  • Symbol: their hair
  • Alignment: Chaotic Hungry
  • Profile: false cuteness, Meaningful Names (that fail to convey the most important thing), endless swarms, strength in numbers
  • Domains: Gluttony, Viciousness Swarm, Terror, Deceptive Cuteness
  • Followers (really competitors): Tribbles, Parasprites, Zerg
  • Ally/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (No one really knows which): The Terraformars
  • Enemies: almost every living thing, The Human Torch.
  • The day the Wig-Wigs were deified was a gloomy one for the Pantheon. The deadly critters devoured pretty much everything that was alive in it before attacking the Gods themselves. Every God able to fight was mobilized, and together they managed to confine the Wig-Wigs to a single area where they were locked up and restrained. Palpatine insisted that the keys should be entrusted to him. One can only wonder why.
    • They hate one particular deity: The Human Torch. Just going near him will kill them instantly.
  • Recently, they seem to be fond of the recently ascended Terraformars. The pantheon fears the day these two species will team up. Tzeentch is in the process of planning this moment right now.